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  1. Truly incredible. The absolutely true nmtd-era fanon about Ben's parents being hella neglectful STILL punches me right in the feels. Your characterization of both Bea and Ben is SO perfect I love you so much. Banana milkshakes and Harry Potter arguments- gosh what vintage Nothing Much to Do fic tropes, I'm still crying. I miss nmtd so much! I miss the NMTD fandom so much! I'm so angry that the lolilo fandom turned into a bunch of jerks who couldn't see that Ben could be hurtING and hurtFUL both at the same time. I miss the good pure peaceful days of the NMTD fandom, before all the characters got so problematic and the Wasters of Potential's writing turned terrible. This is where my heart is, this right here, and I'm so enjoying coming back to it. I remember my LLFL ficlet for the Makeup prompt was a Meg and Ursula friendship fic, I miss them too. I miss that beautiful month when I spent every day writing and posting and reading NMTD fanfiction with a bunch of people as in love with this webseries as I was and am. Thank you for being part of some of my most beautiful fandom memories. <3

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