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My bingo square fics for the Gabriel SPN bingo 2019.


I am continuing the following fics in the next year or so. They all will be completed eventually.

1. Farmers Markets and First Dates
2. Vaycay! (It will be renamed as Every Mile is a Memory)
3. Mini Moose
4. Coffee Casanova
5. Soulmates With A Trickster
6. The Chocolatier and The Lawyer
7. Joyride to Love
8. Messenger Through Time
9. Feathers
10. T'ebaki
11. Pagan Deals.
12. Sam's Happiness

These ones I feel are complete.

1. Forgive and Forget
2. Good Times Outweighs the Bad
3. Pranks and Cranks
4. Birthday Cupcakes
5. You Are Not Useless
6. Samuel's Soul
7. The Archangel, The Spell and Sam
8. You Can't Make Fluff Without The Flu
9. The Shirt Thief
10. Why No One Tells Sam No
11. How To Apologize to A Moose (And Say You Love Him)
12. The Captain of the Great Ship Sabriel is Dean Winchester
13. Embarrassing Parents
14. Braided Love
15. Cookie Memories
16. Matchmakers In The Making
17. Wooden Crosses
18. Prank Wars
19. Native Tongue
20. Broken Together
21. The One Time He Did
22. Pour Some Sugar On Me

If anyone wants to adopt any of the above stories I want two things. 1. That you ask me first. And 2. Give credit where it's due.

These ones I continued and are complete.

1. How to Attract A Winchester: Angel Style
2. Of Bonds and Grooming
3. Death For Life

I hope you enjoy my stories. Have a good time reading them. Some might make you cry, others will make you laugh and some will make you go see that's so cute.


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