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An alternate universe set in modern Earth, in a version of Earth where a minority of the population are Force-sensitive. Familiarity with Star Wars canon is not required.

Fëanor is reborn in Iceland in 1984 as a Force-sensitive mortal named Sören Sigurdsson. Through a series of not-coincidences, he finds his way to Maglor, who has been wandering the Earth for thousands of years, and to his brother-lovers, Fingolfin and Finarfin who have also been reborn as Force-sensitive mortals. Other members of the House of Finwë have been reborn as mortal as well. Damned by the Valar for their passion and their pride, and having made other dangerous enemies, together they fight to reclaim their power, undo the Doom and find happiness together once and for all. But it is a hard fight. Fortunately, they have a certain violet-eyed god already in their corner...

Guest appearances from Vanimórë, Coldagnir, Edenel, and Harrison James.


The main multi-chapter narratives are the first few parts of the series. They are as follows:

Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time - Sören Sigurdsson and Nicolae Dooku, the reincarnated Fëanor and Fingolfin, meet and fall in love in London in 2017.

Chains of Eternity - After he has been happily married for several months, Sören's ex-lover "Alejandro" shows up to check on him, arriving with a mysterious companion, "Van". It turns out that there is more going on to their history than meets the eye, and Van has a very special gift for Sören and Dooku if they choose to accept.

Flames of Eternity - The Dagor Dagorath happens in the Prime universe and sends shockwaves into Sören's own, causing a series of events that require Sören, Dooku and Maglor to move from Iceland to Sydney on short notice. But when almost all hope seems lost, little does Sören know three important members of the family he once had are closer than he thinks...

Blood of Eternity ETA: 2020 - In Sydney, Sören and Vanimórë are reunited, but it is not a happy reunion; Vanimórë is haunted by the Prime universe Dagorath and whatever else happened while they were apart, and Sören must work diligently to bring him back from the edge. Sören is also threatened by Odin and the Valar, and as things escalate he learns how to fight dirty from the MI6 agent assigned to Sydney to protect Sören and his family. Sparks fly, and more secrets are unveiled, before Sören must put his fighting skills to the test for the first but what will not be the last time.

and other, future novel-length sequels to be announced.

The one-shots can be seen as optional reading but provide potentially useful bits of context, as well as "Easter eggs", etc.


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