Life With Papa!Sebastian and Little!Ciel

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This will be a series of oneshots and chapters that will go in a chronological order, unless I state otherwise.

I also set the first fic in the year 2014, and made Ciel's birth year the same as mine so it would make things easier for me to write. :3

Reminder: If age regression is something that doesn't interest you, or something that makes you uncomfortable, please don't be a dick to any that uses it as a coping mechanism or just does it for fun. Nobody needs hate or judgment for doing something that makes them happy. It doesn't effort you, nor is it anything wrong or harmful, it's just people being themselves and enjoying life in a different way than you.


I couldn't fit the full description above, so I'm putting it here and will put the notes above instead.

Just four weeks after being classified as a little, and finally allowing himself to let go of all the negative things he'd thought about himself for the past three years, Ciel Phantomhive's life takes a sudden and tragic turn; while his parents, Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive, were driving home from a celebratory dinner party for Vincent's newest (and biggest) toy being released into Funtom's shops, their car was struck by a drunk driver.

After their sudden death, Sebastian Michaelis, Ciel's carenanny (a caregiver who works as a nanny for littles or suspected littles) since the age of six (when his parents started noticing signs of him possibly being a little) was given full caregiver custody over Ciel. Usually littles that were still minors either stood with their parents (along with a carenanny or caregiver family member around to help) until they were of age to be asigned a caregiver, or like someone in Ciel's situation, they were to be put into the custody of a caregiver that was in their family (although, in this case the only caregiver in Ciel's family was his cousin Elizabeth, but the girl was only a year older than Ciel, so that was a no go); otherwise, the only other option would be to put them in a littles' orphanage until the were old enough to be asigned a caregiver. But lucky for Ciel, because his parents knew Sebastian for almost seven years, they trusted him to be their little boy's caregiver and guardian. So long as Ciel gave the okay, as well. Which he did, of course. He loved Sebastian, he thought the man was the best caregiver there ever was!

And so, after a week of paperwork and evaluations, Sebastian was officially Ciel's legal guardian and caregiver.


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