Beautiful Wreckage

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A post-canon series following the perspectives of both Beth and Rio as they sort through the wreckage of the past year.
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She shot him. He used her.
She's torn by guilt. He still cares.
Some believe that revenge is the best medicine.
Others believe forgiveness is.


The purpose of this series is not to fix the flaws of either of these beloved characters-- rather, each piece provides new perspective on the process of mending a rift caused by betrayal, and on how beneficial communication is in preserving a damaged and unhealthy relationship.
In my mind, Beth and Rio will always be, to a certain degree, an unadvised pairing. I don't wish to erase the flaws that the show writers have given these characters-- I want to delve further into them, explore them, and pick these characters apart so that when I write a possible approach to their reunion, I can better piece them back together again after having explored what makes them tick.
This series is intended to be much more soft and forgiving than how many other authors would choose to write these two, and that's because the season finale was truly heartbreaking. I wanted to create a diverging universe where others in the fandom could look to and see a happy ending that is painted in shades that are true to these characters, especially since the chance of a happy ending for them seems to be slim to none. Before canon allows these two to throttle each other or drift too far apart, I want to explore their dynamic despite whether it's realistic or not.
Series title comes from the poem "Beautiful Wreckage" by W.D. Ehrhart.


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