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Tony Stark walked into his bedroom with a sigh. He had a tired smile on his face, yet it was filled with love and sincerity. He still couldn’t believe the family he finally made. It was perfect, and all just for him.

The world may hate him, but nothing on this earth would tear them apart- not again anyways.

His eyes looked over to the shelf, locking in with a small USB drive. He slowly walked es up to it and grabbed it gently.

He hasn’t updated this drive in a while- heck it went into a drive due to what’s happened over the months- he didn’t want to risk anything happening to his severs... he couldn’t afford to loose this.

The man walked over to the laptop and plugged it in, seeing the audio recordings download...
He clicked the play button.

September 26: 2016


This series will be about how the relationship of Peter and Tony Stark formed through the end of Homecoming, to FFH. Prob more to come in the future

They'll be characters you don't see in the MCU, they'll be crossovers, popular family tropes, etc. This series is my take on how things went for them through 2016-2018, and it will include MANY overused and MANY popular tropes of the duo. I plan to include as much as I can.

It will also explain how Tony was able to find out how time travel works in less than a day. This is a big thing in my story- which causes the major tropes in the story.

So please- if you want to hear a take on how the boys handled themselves throughout the years that we missed. By all means- please do continue reading :)


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