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The full collection of stories taking place in Gem Ascension's continuity: before, during, and after the main series. This is a combination of all stories from my Gem Ascension Saga and Stevidot Month 2019 series, plus any stories taking place in this continuity that won't be included in said collections.

Basic details: Peridot is the protagonist of this continuity; Steven is the deuteragonist. The primary series supplants all but the first few minutes of Change Your Mind and is canon divergent going forward from there. Affectionately called the "Bad Ending AU" by the author, but only when comparing the resolutions to CYM. It's not 100% dark, gritty, and edgy, but there are characters (major and minor) who permanently die and certain events massively shake up crucial story and environmental elements.

If you enjoy AUs that regularly give "Status Quo is God" the middle finger and have loads of worldbuilding, lore, and re-examinations on previous canon events, odds are you'll find this a fulfilling alternative to how Season 5 ends. Also offers fantastic insight on just how awful Homeworld life is for most gems.


This continuity actually started on January 20, 2019. The original Gem Ascension is not listed here due to its redundancy; Re:Ascension is the exact same story; just with shorter chapters and artwork. The original version of the story will be linked in Acts I & III.

Bottled Up is the only story in this continuity that can be read as a standalone, as it chronologically takes place before the main 3-act Gem Ascension story. However, it has been directly referenced in some of the post-GA stories, hence why it's officially part of this universe.

Given the large amount of time gaps following This is Who I Am, future stories most likely will take place either prior to or after Peri-dise: The Capitalist Anarchy. Stories following It's a Birthday, Yes It Is will only follow once Gypsum is dealt with and after Era 3's kick-off is officially covered. Our Tomorrow is an exception to the rule, being something of a direct sequel to to the aforementioned story due to being worked on during the week of GA Peridot's birthday (August 27th), as well as taking place during the same year as the SU Movie, which was also a few days away from premiering at the time of writing.

Despite the movie not being canon to this continuity, Spinel will appear in some capacity in the future.

Pre-Gem Ascension
Bottled Up (between "The Question" and "Made of Honor"; 1-3 weeks prior to GA Act I)

Gem Ascension (right after "Escapism"; supplants "Change Your Mind" - covers ~2 weeks total)
Act I (Duration: ~3 days)
Act II (Duration: 1 week)
Act III (Duration: 3 - 3.5 days)

Post-Gem Ascension
My Time is Now (~30 minutes to 1 hour post-GA Act III's final scene)
Plans Change (3-5 hours post-GA Act III)
This is Who I Am (4 days post-GA Act III; ends 3 days later)
Odds, Ends & Friends (1 day post-TIWIA Chapter 7)
Peri-dise: The Capitalist Anarchy (~1.5 months post-GA Act III)
It's a Birthday, Yes It Is (3.5-4 months post-GA Act III)
Our Tomorrow (1 year post-IABYII; 1 1/4 years post-GA Act III)


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