Journey of a Nephalem

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Tormented by his own mind over a Bond that could and would change his life, it takes being broken down little by little by the love of his Demon for Khun to accept that maybe, just maybe, he could have forever with the man he's loved for so long.

During a full winter where they developed their relationship, Bam noticed all the changes caused by their Bonding in Khun's body. The Angel side of him, which is at its very core Creation where his Demon is Destruction, has taken the wish they didn't know they had and put it on the table. While they don't take the option right away, they realize it could be so much more than just a dream and a hope of 'maybe someday'.

((more tbd, but it def results in a Family for KhunBam. See Notes.))


What started out as a concept for a 1-shot has developed into so much more than I ever could have expected.

While for a lot of people ABO is something they're familiar with, Mpreg really sets some people off. So that is a tag I want you to be aware of in the future.
*It is a conversation in the second installment, but not acted upon, for those who don't mind it mentioned but not described in detail. There will also be Breaks for anyone who wants to skip over it and get to the spicy goodness of a breeding kink.
*The third installment will more than likely be even longer as I dive into the concept of Khun going through Mpreg. That will be read at your own risk and I will have comments moderated, which I have never, ever done before.

Fourth installment, if my inspiration carries me that far, will be Family.


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