These Violent Delights

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What does it mean to be human? What is "consciousness"? Who deserves self-determination, or is there even such a thing? Is a memory "real" if it never actually happened? Is personality "real" if it's programmed?

Rodney McKay, head of programming at Westworld, grapples with these questions as he falls in love with host John Sheppard. Sheppard, the sheriff of the town of Sweetwater, meanwhile, grapples with increasing awareness that something is seriously wrong with his world, with his own mind, or both.


A series of stories in an AU which is a fusion of Stargate Atlantis and Westworld (the recent TV series, not the 1973 movie). Basically I'm taking some of the SGA characters and putting them in the Westworld universe. No real knowledge of SGA is needed, though familiarity with the characters will provide context.

The only thing you need to know about Westworld is that it is a futuristic setting where a giant amusement park called Westworld is populated by advanced lifelike androids called "hosts," and guests come to the park to enjoy a fully immersive "wild west" experience where they can do whatever they want to the hosts (up to and including rape and murder) and the hosts, who cannot harm humans and are ignorant of the nature of their reality, are repaired, wiped of memories and sent back into the park to reenact the same scripts time and time again for new guests. For those who are interested, the official Westworld Season 1 Trailer (no spoilers). The show is so so good and has an amaaazing cast. Just sayin'.

I may borrow plot points from both fandoms but more from Westworld than SGA. There may be spoilers for any of SGA and for any of the Westworld seasons that have aired (currently 1-3). There will eventually be John/Rodney slash, but not for a while. Some of the dialogue is taken directly from Westworld. The series title is from Romeo and Juliet: "These violent delights have violent ends," a quote which is used extensively throughout Season 1 of Westworld.

Overall this series will be fairly dark, in keeping with the themes of Westworld, but keep in mind that I firmly believe in happy endings.

I am using the "choose not to warn" designation and I'm not tagging each individual part with dubcon, noncon, etc., but you should be aware that the entire series deals with issues of consent, and may be triggering.


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