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Yes, the series is still being worked on and no, it hasn’t been updated for a good long while. Even while I’ve posted other things.

To make a long story short, the last story (not the future fic one but the actual last one in the continuous order) was written while I was in the middle of some really traumatic real life stuff. And writing it helped at the time as a distraction. But working on the next story... was super major hard because it constantly reminded me of the other things. And I’d originally planned to have a bit more angst in the next story and... I just so did not want to go there. Real life has enough angst, the story didn’t need any more. But the angst point was also a major plot point that would move the series on to the final completion. Darn it. Argh. But earlier this year while I was watching Wonder Woman for the third time, I actually figured out a way around that. Yay. ^^

So the files got opened up again and it is being worked on again with a happier attitude. But I also have the other fics I’m doing too, and I sort of... rotate around with them. And try and squeeze writing in where I can between real life busy-ness. It’s a lot easier to write a story with a shorter beginning to end point while I’m fresh with it, then working on another series 20+k fic (more, oh lord, it’s going to be more...) with another two to three to go after that.

And see, that’s my long story short and it’s not so short after all. That’s what keeps happening with the darn fic! Lol. But yes, it’s still in the active pile and I am still working on it and I do plan on finishing this series.

Really. :)

(I’m Tallihensia on tumblr too, if you want to ask me about anything in particular with any story or status.)

This story has snowballed.

It's not exactly a "series". Or rather, it wasn't.

It started with a single gift story that was supposed to be complete and whole on its own. And then people demanded to know what happened next. So I wrote a sequel.

The sequel was whole and complete and that was that. Except I'd kind of left it in an angsty place, so I decided to write just one more story to leave it happier. And I did that... but that didn't stop the demands; if anything it increased them.

So I have given in, and this is now an actual series, a real, genuine Work In Progress (which I'd sworn to myself I'd never do again ;p). I'm trying really hard, though, to keep each story in the series an actual story that has its own internal plot to be resolved inside that story, as well as contributing to the overall plot arc of the series. Hopefully this is working, though I know it's hard to wait for the next one too.

Please enjoy what there is, and be assured, I *am* working on the next one(s).


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