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Hi there! If anyone wants to make anything for any of my fics: art, podfic, videos, or playlists (or anything else that I haven't listed here.) You have all of my permissions. I just ask that you send me an email or an ask to let me know!) And really THANK YOU!!!!

**Please do not repost my works on sites like fictionhunt, Wattpad, or the like. Thank you!

Quick note on tagging works :
I am one of those people who hate spoilers for fic, but I'm also in that tricky spot of not wanting to inadvertently trigger anyone who stumbles upon something I write. So, you have the option of always emailing me or sending me an ask if you're worried. I will put chapter notices at the bottom of each chapter, so those that want to have them can, and those that want to skip them can do that too. I will always tag for rape, dubcon, underage, or violence, per the Archive's rules. Pigs will be ice skating in hell before I kill off a major character, so no worries about that. (I am a fragile flower.) If I put a fic as Creator Chose Not To Warn it's because it's a WIP and I might not have all the tags written out yet. I usually go back and change them. Chapter notes at the bottom might not be all-inclusive, so fair warning... but I'm not doing this to fuck with anyone's head so if I goof, just let me know and I'll change it. :D