Hi I'm Cassiopeia, but I prefer to be called Cassie :) And no it's not my real name, but one can dream...

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I'm from Poland, from Częstochowa to be more exact.
I love everything what's dark, mysterious and cute (and most of the things I call cute others call scary, so yeah). What can I say? I'm strange, or so my friend told me.
I'm rather nice, well unless someone is rude, then I'm merciless. But I should warn you: I have a sarcastic sense of humor. I prefer contacts in the network than in reality, they are not as tiring.

My favorite pairings are: Sirius/Remus (My first OTP.), Nicercy (I object to pairing Nico with anyone other than Percy. They just belong together!), Caspian/Peter, WinterIron (A little complicated relationship, but worth noting.), KuroFai (It should be canon!)...
I hate with passion: Sirius/James and Solangelo (So for several years, you do everything to keep someone alive, and just like that you forgot about your feelings and fall in love with someone else? It's so forced and artificial!)

My main tumblr account: https://cassiopeiaerinblack.tumblr.com/
If you like ships with Tony Stark, check out my second tumblr account: https://incorrecttonyxeveryonequotes.tumblr.com/