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To quote the old fandom mantra I grew up with: don't like/don't read. I'll tag my work properly, I only ask that if something doesn't catch your fancy or bothers you that you just leave it alone. Don't be a butt.

I try my best to respond to comments, but I'm only human. Please don't feel put out if I don't respond to you directly! I do see and read every comment, and I can't express how much I enjoy hearing your thoughts on what I post. Thank you thank you thank you for taking the time to leave a note or clicking that little kudos button. <3

Just writing when I find enough energy. Words are hard but inspiration is unrelenting and sometimes I just need to tell a joke punchline through a short fic.

More of a visual artist! You can find me on tumblr/twitter/insta under the same username (BigMammaLlama5) as here!

Sorry, I do not take prompts, but I do enjoy playing with some of the ideas I get sent on tumblr as practice! Thanks for reading!