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    Lotor is having a difficult time. After all, having an abusive mom and dad is tough. Especially when your parents are divorced, one's your high school principal, and the other is trying to get you with one of your best friends. Thankfully, he has his squad. And, sure, their friend group isn't anything super special, but they hold a place in his heart.

    Acxa is running an underground blackmail ring, but she's happily pining. Zethrid can be a little tough to deal with but would kill for her friends. Narti is recovering from the loss of her father and sight, desperately needing help with her life falling to pieces around her. Ezor is dealing with cat-calls, whistles, and too many sports to count, while Romell is trying to find her presumed-dead parents who went missing last spring, and Allura is just... Allura. Hounded by the media and her parents to do something great with her life while being stuck in the worst high school ever.

    So, yeah. Not the best place to be, but it all gets better when they're hanging out, going on vacation, or throwing water balloons at school bullies from a distance. Everything gets better when he's with them. Because, after all, Lotor's the one that brought them all together.