Joined for reading. Stayed for writing.

My pseuds:
I joined on:
I live in:
Nowhere where I want to be, currently.


I’m both a creator of worlds of my own and from fandom. Though, through attempts to start a book I had never got to even publish them.

This is online, so I will be sharing my fan stories. I write what I’m comfortable with, and build worlds through my fanon.

All ideas and people are welcome! I’ll listen to all topics, no matter how inappropriate or far out. The only thing I don't let slide is disrespecting another's opinion/choices. I will (kindly) strangle someone (with friendship) if there is no respect for conflicting ideas and beliefs.


At this current moment, all stories are being storyboarded. There will be a list of my stories or a posting schedule here when they are ready.

All stories are pre-written. No/little plot altering changes after planning. Don’t beg for a certain outcome, though tell me if I misrepresent a topic. Theories are welcomed, and I enjoy and encourage them.


Possible fandoms: (3) Undertale, (4) My hero Academia, HTTYD, (2) Miraculous Ladybug, (2) Voltron, TBD.
(Reader inserts, cannon-divergences, ships galore, fluff, real-world topics, jokes n' japes, etc.)
(No R18, not even light smut/lemon/lime)
(Maybe reference/innuendo tho)