My pseuds:
EscapistFiction317704, the-captains-ayebrows
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Somewhere in the vicinity of Dallas, Texas


Divorce attorney turned stay-at-home mom. The loves of my life are The Hubs and The Kiddo.
The secondary love of my life is escapist fiction. I read as much fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal/craziness as possible in the interludes when my child is sleeping. Sometimes late at night, I also get to watch some fantasy-driven TV on the DVR. Once Upon a Time is a current obsession.
In my former job, I literally wrote all day long (pleadings, briefs, miscellaneous legal stuff), and now I find I miss it - the writing, not so much the subject matter. So, now I've turned to fan fiction as an outlet. I will, of course, be splendiferous at this because... well... my mom thinks I'm funny.
I would love to hear from you, so never hesitate to message me! I'm on Tumblr at