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Heey, Island-Girl97 here. I'm a happy, energetic girl that loves music and horses :D

Umm... what to tell, what to tell?

I live on a Island in Sweden, I have 1 pet rabbit and 2 horses that I love more than anything. I'm kind of a Tomboy Girl, I was more like a Girl when I was younger, but not anymore ^^

Oh! Give me a Toffifee (a kind of candy. A hazelnut in caramel with creamy nougat and chocolate.) and you're my new best friend, I LOVE those...

I love the colours Yellow, Dark Purple, different kinds of Blue(mostly dark-blue) and silver.

If I had to choose 3 favorits bands or artists it would be: Rise Against, Iron Maiden and Nightwish. I like a lots of bands but this is my favorits ;)


What I'm writing about right now is Rise of the Guardians, I love the movie and I practically fell in love with Jack Frost, (I mean, who don't?) and I skip:

Jack Frost/Bunny (most if both is human, I won't write when they're Spirits. The rabbit/boy thing is a little weird)

Jack Frost/Jamie Bennet

North/Tooth (mostly in the background, not my head couple)


I'll write some crossovers to,like;

Rise of the Guardians/ How to Train Your Dragon

Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons.

The only couple I skip there is Hiccup/Jack Frost


So this is a little about me and my Fics, I hope you will enjoy them, I'll try my best to make them as good as possible :)

English ain't my mother language, so if some grammar is wrong I blame that, but I'd love if you let me knew of the errors I make ^^