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New York City


Reader of many fandoms, writer of (so far) mostly Drarry fic. Terrible at summaries. He or she. Queer as the day is long. I can't resist song lyrics for titles and I don't care who tops. My pen name is from a Magnetic Fields song, not location, as if I could ever afford to live on the LES.

I treasure every comment, even if my nerves aren't settled enough to reply to them all. Thank you for reading my fic. <3 I’m on tumblr (mostly fandom and standard tumblr bs) and twitter (absolute irl hodgepodge, mostly baseball if I’m honest) and discord (on request.) All 18+ only please.

I do NOT allow reposting of my works. I do allow short excerpts (a few paragraphs or so, or a couple screenshots) for recs. Thank you for being respectful.

For translations, please contact me - I will likely say yes. Fanart and podfic is always welcome, no permission needed, as long as you let me know where it’s posted!