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Hello, there! If you are here it's probably because you share my love for Drarry. Drarry completely changed my life and I'm happy to share with you this passion.

1. Please note: English isn't my native language. When I started writing I didn't know anyone and it was my very first time in fandom-- this means that my first few works aren't betaed and probably don't mirror the writer I'm today. Writing style changes and grows with you, but I'm leaving those works up as a symbol of where I started from, and my growth (I hope).

2. I do not accept concrit. While I'm writing I always ask my betas to be honest and brute with me; I can take criticism from them because they help me during my writing process. But when my story is finished and I post it, I've poured all my soul in it and I'd prefer not to see negative comments. If you don't like what you're reading, just stop, please.

3. I do not allow reposting. However, you're welcome to create podfics, fanarts, remixes, translations and any kind of art based on my fics/inspired by them. Just let me know and please link to my original work by using the "Related Work" function on AO3.

4. Top/Bottom: I don't have a preference. I write both Draco or Harry as top/bottom, I write them switching. I don't always tag it; I don't find it's a necessary addition to the story. However, I do tag it when it is an important detail to the story.

Thank you for reading and trusting me!!! I'll do my best to always reply to comments and be back to you all. You can find me on Tumblr, too: @drarryruinedme7. Email is: marchnogirl [at] gmail[dot]com.