A Bundle of Dead Memes

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Jupiter, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy



Writer & Reader

My current fandom(s): Super Mario, Super Smash Bros., Minecraft

My dead fandom(s): Undertale MarrowInTheBone

Hello! I write and read fan fictions as a hobby, generally for Super Mario.

What kind of fan fictions do you write?: I write one-shots, ranging from fluff to angst. I usually write about friendship, family, etc., the content ratings usually range from G - T, and my word count average per work is approximately 1k. Most of my fan fictions are gen (no romantic relationships/little emphasis on romantic relationships), but I also write the occasional fan fiction that focuses on a ship. I have no main ships that I write for.

What fandoms do you write for?: I will mostly write fan fictions for what my current fandoms are. If I have an idea for a different fandom, I can write a fan fiction for it, but this will be rare. My dead fandoms listed above are fandoms I used to write for but no longer (currently) have an interest in.

Do you have any sort of schedule?: Nope! I often experience writers' block, so I post sporadically and whenever I'm able to finish a fan fiction that I feel is worth posting. If I ever post a multi-chapter fan fiction, it will most likely already be fully written and I will say what the schedule for posting the chapters are in said fan fiction.

Do you post original works/fan fictions anywhere else?: I also have an account over at with the same username.

Where is your profile picture from?: It is a picture taken from Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. If you perform certain actions in the gameplay, you can get Luigi to dab. :P

Thank you for visiting!