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Molly, Mollyamory
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Marvel Cinematic Universe, Supernatural, Supernatural RPS, Teen Wolf, White Collar (currently under protest), Justified, Doctor Who, Fringe, Vorkosigan, and pretty much any fandom I've written for as either Molly or Mollyamory or Merryish.

Blanket permission to do stuff
If anything I've written inspires you to create a remix, podfic, translation to a new language, or art of any kind, please feel free - I give blanket permission. You don't need to ask me if it's okay; it is okay! All I ask is that you credit the original work in your notes or with a linkback. If you'd like to let me know you've created something based on my work, please drop me a note on the work here at AO3 - that will always find me! :)