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Mab, Queenie_Mab
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Oregon, USA
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I'm a writer, podficcer, alpha/beta reader, sometimes art dabbler, and cosplayer in the Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Magnus Chase, and Bungou Stray Dogs fandoms. Follow me on tumblr at mab-speaks for my fandom/personal mishmash or mabscribbles for my art blog.

You can also find me on livejournal as mab where I maintain my masterlist of fanworks. I also co-mod the community 2015 Harry Big Bang with Writcraft


***Transformative works statement***

Podficcers, artists, etc… feel free to make things inspired by my fic. I would like to know beforehand and get an email when done, so I can flail and squee. Translators, please be willing to contact me via email at Queeniemab34@gmail.com or by sending a request to my tumblr ask box.