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Slow at writing, slow at editing, slow at posting. Currently on a 5+ year writing block, due to Life and The World At Large; of course this happened when I was just shy of triple-digit fic writing. But, as I've had gaps of years without writing before... we live in hope.

There are still a handful of short comment-box type fills (done prior to 2010: PWKM, B7, ACD, House) that you can find on my Dreamwidth, and a few short ficlets on tumblr that I never got around to bringing over here.

If you're interested in making remixes, podfics, translations, derivative works, etc based on my stuff, you have general permission to do so. You don't need to ask - just credit and provide a link eventually, so I can be suitably stunned and impressed by my turn of good luck.

I can be found in the usual places, do feel free to follow/subscribe/etc: tumblr / DW / twitter