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    Kakariko City is a bustling coastal city, home to entrepreneurs, CEOs, local tech companies, artists, and every sort of person you could imagine, including criminals. The local criminal underground houses a considerable sum of criminals, and gang activity is simply a day-to-day occurrence.

    The most notorious of these gangs is a crew with nine known members called the Chain. The Chain is known by the public as the crew who consistently fails overly-elaborate heists on hilariously small targets. To the criminal underground, however, they are the most prominent enemy of the Yiga gang and the most dangerous crew on this side of Hyrule. Each member of the Chain is known to have their own unique set of skills, and when they choose to get along, those who get in their way know them to be an unstoppable force. Some even say they have connections to the mafia.

    What many don’t know is where these infamous criminals came from, so settle down, and I will tell you the tale of how this crew came to be.


    20 Sep 2020