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snarry_fan7 is my LiveJournal/InsaneJournal/DreamWidth username.

I've been in fandom for well over a decade now and I read in all sorts of fandoms. If it's been written, then I've read it, as far as kinks/squicks go. I'm very unshockable. I currently read in Sherlock Holmes (ACD and BBC), Star Trek (TOS and AOS), Hannibal, Star Wars, The Witcher, Harry Potter (Snarry for the most part, but I'll read other pairings), Top Gear (UK) aka The Grand Tour RPS, Inspector Morse, Pirates of the Caribbean (Sparrington), Boku no Hero Academia, and a whole host of others. I do a tiny bit of writing when I have the time and maybe I'll occasionally post on here.

I can be found at if you're curious. I just reblog a lot of stuff on there (mostly Star Wars (Kylux), Hannibal Star Trek, and anything else which catches my eye; it's rather uneventful, to be honest).

Because people have been curious, my pseudonym, SolaScientia is Classical Latin for "only knowledge", sola means "only" and scientia "knowledge". My BA is in Classics, MA in Linguistics, and I'm an atheist.