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    This series has 5 parts (so far). The first part is To A Better Future, Jeremy and Kol get sent into the past. Now they have to work together to survive and get home. Problems arise when the past versions of the Mikaelson's show up bring trouble with them. The second part Into The Future, is a short, prequel that tells just how it was the boys were sent into the past. Part three is Tomorrow Bound, the squeal to To A Better Future. It shows the consequences of the boys adventure to the past, plus some new enemies, it also allows Jeremy to explore his new feelings and friendships. Part four, Welcome To New Orleans, is the squeal to Tomorrow Bound, The Mikaelson's are drawn to New Orleans as the conflict there grows. Jeremy of course refuses to be left behind. Part five, Yesterday in Denver, is a short that gives a look at Kol and Jeremy's friendship before Jeremy knew who and what Kol was.

    Welcome To New Orleans is currently being written...


    24 Jun 2017