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    13 Dec 2020

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    If you love camp buddy, you gotta read this author. They have a gift to capture the atmosphere and Characters of the game. Lots of humor, love, sexy moments and angst! I particularly rec this series, It takes place after Hiro Bad Route but the characters in it grow, fight and reconcile.

    The pairing of Hiro/Yoichi is really well written and so so fun and full of warm.

    This series is really full of hearts and I can't recommend it enough.

  2. Rec *


    Marinus "Xiang" Dupain Cheung just wanted to go to school and keep his head down, design clothes, and bake cookies. Instead, he finds himself jumping across rooftops, defeating supervillains and partnered up with a cat who has the ability to destroy anything he touches. What a first day of school.

    Adrien Agreste just wants friends and the freedom to live his life outside of his father's influence. He's all too eager to become a hero of justice and defend the people of Paris. Gaining a handsome ladybug-themed partner who embodies said ideal is just a bonus.


    13 Nov 2020

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    If you're a fan of Miraculous Ladybug, you must read this fic! It is one of the best fics in this fandom, best fic I have read period. That's why I decided to make a bookmark for the first time so that more people give it a try!

    So here's what I think about it: It is an Alternate Universe to ML canon, where Marinette here is a boy Marin. Each chapter correspond to one episode of the series (check out the title of each chapter, they are good) where the author put his own spin in it. It's one of the best A.U I read because one of the best part is comparing Marin to Marinette, He's not a carbon copy of Marinette (quite the contrary) but you feel that they are the same character deep down (Think Peter Parker in "Into the Spiderverse"). And you see how his personality and choices affect the outcome of each chapter and all his relationships .

    Another good thing about this fic is the continuity, The author does a great job ironing the continuity in their fic, and everything that happens is logical and will not be dismissed. The same for the characters, Every character is In-Character (even Marin, even though is a gender bend/Original character) and show potential and growth (good and bad). I also love what he did to the episode "Chat Blanc" so Satisfying!

    And last but certainly not least, the Lovesquare! Best love square ever! I never read a fic where I have seen so much care and devotion to develop the two main characters across all their identities. For exemple, a development in Ladrien side will have consequences in Adrinette, etc... I never seen that before. The fic is also quite romantic, not too much, touch by touch but it"s so satisfying.

    No work is perfect so I will also tell you its biggest flaws, so you can go in this fic with an open heart.

    The biggest flaw for me, is that it's not beta read. So you see from time to time, they are a mix up of words, and you have to think what the word the author wanted to say. Not really bothering, but I sometimes have to stop to think one or two seconds.

    Another one is that some chapters (the minority of them) feel like fillers, a rewrite of the episode, Personally I don't think so when I read them, because Marin and his entourage don't react the same for me as Marinette and her entourage.

    Those are really the two biggest drawbacks for me. The rest is pure joy=)

    So to recap:
    -Marin. You're going to fall in love with him as I did!
    -The continuity, Aventure and Romance.
    -The best lovesquare fic you will read.
    -No beta read, so some mix up with the words.
    -Some chapters feel like fillers. Personally,I don't really think so, but It's there.

    If you want Romance, Aventure, Originality, Continuity Mystery, Fluff and Angst, it's all here!
    It's one of the best fics in the ML fandom, and I really want people to discover it and fell in love with it like I did.
    A big thank you to the author for writing this and a good day to everyone!