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Amy R, Brightknightie
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My Fandoms

I've participated in online Forever Knight fandom since "The Human Factor" aired in January '96, driving me into what were then the unfamiliar wilds of the Web to find someone with whom to discuss it.  I've been a happy guest in far-flung corners of fandom, but Forever Knight remains my fannish home.

(That said, yes! Other fandoms! Highlander, Young Blades, original Battlestar Galactica, Rurouni Kenshin, Sailor Moon, Robotech, Trek, Marvel, Buffyverse, Doctor Quinn, Rankin/Bass specials... more!)

My Fanfiction

Mainly, I write canon-driven gen that sides with heroes.  I often imitate episode structures, explore bereavement themes or fill canonical gaps.  I've archived my fanfiction on my own fansite (FK here, others here) since '99; I mirrored it to the AO3 in '11. It should not appear anywhere else (I know it does, but it shouldn't).

You're very welcome to link to my stories, but please do not lift them and place them elsewhere.  If you would like to execute a sequel, remix, podcast, etc., that's flattering, and I thank you, but if you would please discuss it with me first, I would appreciate it. (I don't like surprises.)

Contacting Me

I'm "Brightknightie" on LJ and DW as well as the AO3.  I still use the same personal email address that I've used on the FK email lists for over a decade.  I love to hear from readers — constructive criticism is welcome, honest! praise isn't bad, either — and while it sometimes takes a while, I reply to every comment I receive.

Writing for me in a ficathon?  Thanks!  I have a "Fanfiction Likes and Dislikes" post, in case that might be useful.

Thank you for your interest!

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