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You have blanket permission to remix/podfic/translate and otherwise adapt my works except for the following exceptions:
1. You may not post the full unaltered (or not-substantially-altered) text of any of my works on another site;
2. You may not distribute my work in non-fannish spaces;
3. You may not make a profit off of my work in any way
(Such as, but not limited to, using it in a monetized YouTube video, a podcast with sponsors, for an article on an ad-supported site, or Patreon-only accessible content).
4. You may not reuse my work if your name is Aja Romano.
In the above cases, you must request formal, written permission from me to reuse my work.

Otherwise, if it's an unmonetized adaptation/remix/translation/podfic/etc., there's no need to ask for permission, but a link when you post it is nice!