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    Bird of Prey by jane_potter

    Fandoms: Batman (Movies - Nolan)

    This work isn't hosted on the Archive so this blurb might not be complete or accurate.

    10 Jan 2012


    Summary: Trapped in a grave of their own creation, Jim Gordon and Batman have precious few allies left as a new Mafia kingpin steps into Gotham. The two have no choice but to set in motion a harrowing undercover operation that will take Batman into the heart of Gotham's criminal underworld, where he must return to the roots of his early training in China, the hand of Jim Gordon's partnership his only anchor to sanity as Bruce delves deeper and deeper into the mob's hierarchy, one brutal job at a time. Guided by grey morals and centuries-old military philosophy, narrowly skirting legalities and deadly subterfuge, it is their last chance: to redeem Batman, to salvage their partnership, and-- maybe-- to tear away enough of Gotham's rot and corruption to finally allow sunlight into the city once more.


    10 Jan 2012

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    This may be my favorite Batman/Gordon fic of them all, but then I love long fics and there aren't that many (yet!) featuring this pairing. But this would be considered a good fic, no matter the pairing.

    After the events of The Dark Knight, Bruce decides to go undercover as a thug in order to take down the mob. His original plan was to go it alone, but when Gordon learns the plan he insists on being his contact. Gordon doesn't know Batman's identity, but he does interact with Bruce as a man who isn't in the Batsuit because he's disguised/disfigured himself (using Wayne tech of course). Meanwhile Alfred is far away convincing the world that Bruce Wayne is also far away.

    Things I love about the story: the slow build as far as the relationship developing between Gordon and Batman, realistic undercover work (and the toll it can take, the awful decisions one has to make), the spotlight on the extraordinary skills and intelligence of Wayne, well-defined supporting characters, Barbara Gordon is treated well (and not made a villain or a shrew as in some fics in this universe), and so much more (like the them against the world feel of it and the way Gordon slowly learns more and more about Batman/Wayne).

    This is a dark fic. There's violence (both graphic and non-graphic), strong language, illness, injuries, attempted rape (involving supporting characters), all sorts of trauma. Of course it's all very much part of the story and necessary to the story. And given the universe this fic is set in and the set-up for this tale, a dark fic is to be expected.

    I wasn't sure where to link to this story as it's available on Livejournal in chapters (and fortunately the author links to the next chapter at the end of each post and also there's a tag that includes them all), on fanfiction.net (or at least it was). It's also available as a PDF. And there's a rec in the LJ community epic-recs. The author is on AO3, but this fic isn't here yet.