little bit of truth.

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feistycadavers, tgrsndshrks
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marina. 26. they/she.
marilyn manson & slipknot, mostly.

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my username/pseud used to be tgrsndshrks

zine writer, published poet, took 3 years of a university level creative writing class in high school taught by an amazon bestselling author, had my zine bought & posted on ig by tim skold himself which is not an endorsement but i'm counting it as an accomplishment anyway

please contact me for permissions if you want to translate or podfic my work. as a blanket statement, fic recs are much appreciated and fan works (fanart, playlists, remixes, recursive fic, sequels/shared universe fic, gifsets/aesthetic posts, etc) are always allowed and welcomed with no need to ask permission! just let me know so i can link them in the fic's author's note and because i wanna see em!!

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all writing posted on this account is fiction. i claim no legal rights for characters, only for the prose itself. all characters portrayed in the works on this account are fictionalized versions of public personas. i make no claim that these are portrayals of real people. i do not make any money from the writing and posting of these works.