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Avid reader & reccer in ALL THE FANDOMS. Seriously. There are a lot of them

I also write fic, mostly in HP.

All of my recs are on my dreamwidth
I also post recs and pretty things on tumblr

Transformative Works Policy:
Remixing: Anything less than 5k you are more than welcome to remix, I just ask that you send me a link so that I can admire! Anything longer, please shoot me a PM to ask.
Podficcing/Fanart: Anything goes! But again, please let me know before hand, and send me a link to the finished product, so I can properly flail. :D
Translations: You're welcome to translate any of my fics into any language, unless there is already an existing translation for that fic/language. I do request that translations be exclusively hosted on AO3. I do not feel comfortable with my works, or translations of my work, being hosted on other sites, though of course you are welcome to promote and link to the AO3 translation on other sites. Please do use the related works function of AO3 so that people can easily find your work!

Concrit: If you find any typos in my stuff, please let me know! Most of my work is beta'd, but sometimes things fall through the cracks, and I'd love to fix mistakes sooner rather than later! I also welcome constructive criticism on my writing, provided that it's polite and coming from a genuine place of helping me to improve my work. I do ask, however, that you send me a message privately, either through DW or tumblr, as I don't think AO3 comments are an appropriate place for concrit. Thanks!

FYI, I don't know why you would want to, but just in case, I do not give my consent for my work to be shared on GoodReads. Ever.