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Forty-something librarian, Final Fantasy fan, lover of fanworks! My primary fandoms are Final Fantasy (X/X-2, XII), MCU, Critical Role, and Dragon Age. Most of my work is now here. You can also find me on DW.

A note about my use of warnings: Because of the way AO3 defines "underage", many of my Final Fantasy stories are labeled "Choose not to warn"; however, all the characters in these stories are adults in the context of their fantasy worlds, so I don't consider it "underage" in the usual sense. I usually also choose not to warn for character death. Any other common triggers will likely be warned for, although I use "Choose not to warn" pretty liberally for borderline cases.

I welcome transformative works of anything and everything I've written, with the exception of any fic tagged as a remix. Art, remixes, sequels, podfic -- it's all fair game, no need to ask permission, although I'd love to see a link! If you post here, I'll almost certainly link back.