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iridescentjellyfish, poshegg, your friendly neighborhood plague
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The Valley of Rain and Misery


God hasn't killed me yet and that's everyone's problem but mine!

Yo, what's up. Call me Egg. I am a person who writes fanfictions that are mostly rated T since I never know where I'm going with them. I don't write filth, and while I prefer writing fluff I also like seeing people suffer from angst. My writing style is based mostly on dialogue, my crippling anxiety, selective perfectionism, and that time my English teacher told me you always have to start a new paragraph when a new character starts talking (a fact that caused me to have an existential crisis and re-evaluate my life choices)

I don't have anyone beta my works because in this house we die like men and totally not because I don't know anybody who would beta my fanfiction.

All you need to know about me has been already said, save for the fact that I would be the ideal theater kid if I didn't have crippling anxiety and stage fright.

Anyways I hope you think my works are semi-passable

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