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    This story was prompted by a very dear friend. Rhiannon, thank you for pushing me to get way out of my comfort zone, and for telling me I can also write and contribute to what I love so much and that is Fan Fiction. I’ve been an active member of AO3 for years. I can honestly say that over the past ten years fan fiction and fandom have probably saved my life. I won’t bore everyone with the gory details. 😊 Just knowing that there were other worlds out there that I loved and could escape to, and brilliant freelance authors offering up their vision of our shared communities kept me going. I love you all and have always greatly admired your bravery for putting your words out into the ether. I’ve always been an observer, and a reader of everyone else’s truth, commentary and/or brilliant imagining of the worlds that we love and create around us; Too scared and too humble to share with all of the brilliant writers. So as my first attempt at an actual posting on my internet home, I offer up…The Space Between Us. My favorite fandom is Harry Potter, and my OTP is Drarry. If this is not your thing, thanks for hanging with me so far, and catch ya on the flip side.

    The Prompt Was: Saying I love you, with no space left between