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    A series of fluffy, little ficlets centred around the bond between the King of Camelot and his sorcerer. If I ever become a billionaire and am in a position to fund a remake of Merlin, this is exactly what their relationship will be like ;)

    It started out with what was supposed to a one-shot drabble inspired by a really cute tumblr post, but then there were requests to expand it and so many lovely comments (srsly, thank you guys 💕💕), and so now I'm working on a sequel.
    Keep in mind that the second part will be rated 'Mature' because there'll be some references to sexual things, but that it will be very fluffy all the same, and won't actually be about sex (for that you can look at some of my other fics which are about their relationship as well, but very much about sex).

    I'd like to say I'll definitely only make two parts, but clearly that didn't work the first time, so we'll see what happens, won't we ;)