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Harry Potter and the Prophecy of Esclaria

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*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *


Harry Potter watched as the clock on his bedside table struck midnight. Seventeen didn’t feel any different than sixteen or even fifteen, but the knowledge that he was now capable of leaving his uncle’s house and never returning, made the raven haired youth almost giddy with excitement.

Hedwig chirped from across the room and Harry turned to look at the snowy white owl that wanted desperately to escape the small cage she was forced to stay in while not delivering letters.

“I know girl, we’ll leave tomorrow. Promise.” Harry didn’t care that anyone else would have thought him mental for talking to an owl, he knew the bird could understand him.

With another chirp Hedwig calmed down and started preening her feathers as if she didn’t have a care in the world. Harry watched his strange bird for a few more moments until a loud tapping sound came from his closed window.

He immediately jumped from his bed and slid open the thin piece of glass, allowing the small swarm of owls to fly into his room. A few he recognized, Ron’s, Hermione’s, and a few others belonging to his other friends at Hogwarts, but most were owls he’d never seen before in his life.

The unknown birds immediately flew away after dropping their letters and packages while the others waited for their customary treats before also departing.

Harry gently closed the window, not wanting to make too big of a noise in fear of waking his uncle Vernon, and turned back toward his bed where a large pile of mail was waiting for him.

“Do you have any friends that I should know about?” He asked Hedwig, who didn’t seen at all disturbed by the strange owls that had just been in the room. She merely hooted and gave him a look that obviously meant she thought he was off his rocker.

“Maybe I am,” he admitted and carefully sat on the bed as if he expected the letters to jump up and bite him. “Who do you assume sent me these?” He motioned to the unmarked packages and scrolls of parchment, but once again only received a hoot in reply.

“You’re a load of help. I hope you know that.” Harry said sarcastically as he reached for a letter with Hermione’s writing on the front.


He rolled his eyes at the sound and started to read the letters in front of him.


The letters from Ron, Hermione, Remus, and Sirius were exactly what he was expecting. Ron went on and on about Harry’s relatives and Quidditch, Herminone spoke only of the extra classes needed for his NEWT’s, while his godfathers wrote to him about how excited they were to see him after the months of forced separation.

With a smile the boy placed the messages in his desk drawer and took a deep breath before looking down at the pile of unread mail.

After casting a spell to check for harmful hexes or curses (something he learned with his time spent with Moody) he picked up the nearest package and turned it around several times in his hands before building up the courage to tear the brown paper away. Harry hadn’t expected a note to come flying out of the parcel like a rocket and it took a lot for him to keep from screaming like a girl.

“Bloody hell, Hedwig, did you see that? He could have sworn he saw the owl nod in confirmation as the piece of paper gently floated down to land in his lap.

Dear Mr. Potter,
We at Gringotts bank are proud to inform you that due to your coming of age, you have been granted access to all Potter vaults and funds. All keys have been delievered to you along with this message.
Happy Birthday,
Goblins of Gringotts.

Harry found himself rereading the letter more times than he could count, he had always assumed that the one vault Hagrid had shown him when he was eleven was the only one his family kept. His curiousity got the better of him and within seconds of reading the note for the millionth and third time, he opened the black box the note had come with, revealing dozens of small, silver keys that poured out over his bed.

“Wow,” said Harry to no one in particular. “I may not be smart or handsome but at least I’m rich.” His owl made a chirping sound from her cage and Harry didn’t know whether it was in denial of his statement or agreement; knowing Hedwig, it was probably the latter.

After the first letter, Harry was much more enthusiastic about the pile in front of him and started sorting through it. Most of the pieces of parchment were simply more notices from someone or another, one from the ministry stating that he was now old enough to perform magic whenever he wanted, another saying he required an aparation license –which he could now receive- before attempting such a feat.

There was only one that even came remotely close to the Gringotts letter in terms of reaction and that was one of the many he received from the ministry.

Mr. Potter,
In account of you coming of age the Ministry of Magic has added you to the list of part creature witches and wizards You will still be allowed to attend Hogwarts school this fall, though all students, parents, and staff will be made aware of your new magical status.

You must also wear this ring as part of the creature containment act of 1432, it has been delivered with this notice. It will track your movements and alert all magical person if you decide to travel to a highly populated area.

Thank you for your understanding,
Kingsley Shacklebolt
Minister of Magic.

A gold ring with a cresent moon carved into its face was stuck to the parchment with a very mild sticking charm, allowing it to fall into Harry’s hand the moment he touched it.

“What do you know of this?” He asked as he held up the ring for the owl to see. The white bird merely continued to stare at him and he took that as a “Harry, I’m a owl.”

“Would Hermione know?” Hedwig hooted and flapped her wings repeatedly and he smiled at the smart animal.

“Should I wear this? The ministry said so.” Harry didn’t wait for an answer before slipping the ring onto his right index finger. It immediately resized and he watched in amazement as the moon went through the lunar cycle as if on some type of timer.

“Wicked.” Harry said just moments before he was enveloped in white hot, searing pain.

Draco Malfoy sat up in bed, breathing hard and trying to keep from screaming at the pain radiating from his chest. The blonde’s skin was soaked in sweat and his platinum colored hair was sticking up in all directions in a way he would never have tolerated if awake.

“Mate.” He breathed and lowered himself back onto the bed. He would need his sleep come morning.

Lucius Malfoy was busy working on his many investments, adding more money to some and pulling completely out of others, when he suddenly felt as though flames had engulfed his heart. He had never felt this kind of pain before and knew instantly knew what it meant.

“Mate,” He gasped and immediately started writing a letter to the center of creature inheritance sector of the ministry.

Severus Snape was in the middle of brewing a batch of pepper-up potion for the infirmary when he suddenly fell to the floor, an overwhelming burning sensation coming from the left side of his neck. The bite there hadn’t hurt since the attack and it took only a moment for him to come to a realization.

“Mate.” He whispered and pulled himself up in order to complete the potion. The last thing he wanted was to prepare a second batch.

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Author's notes: Harry Potter has come into his creature inheritance, but as we all know, the great Harry Potter can never be normal, especially since he doesn't have one mate but three.

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

Harry awoke to an incredibly painful headache and couldn’t find the power to actually sit up so instead simply rolled to the side, causing even more pain when he rolled on top of his arm… no, his leg… what the hell was that? The raven haired boy quickly opened his eyes and looked down at the limb he had harmed, only instead of seeing the golden hue of his skin; he saw the bright green of what looked like… feathers?

“Oh, that’s normal.” He groaned as he sat up, checking the clock as he did so and noticing that he had only been asleep for about a half an hour. “Okay, what happened?” With another groan, the teenager stood up and started to take inventory of all body parts, concluding that yes, he had two arms, two legs, and two lime green wings sprouting out from between his shoulder blades.

“This should probably freak me out, shouldn’t it?” Harry asked the snowy owl that was looking at him with slightly wider eyes. Harry knew his reaction to the new appendages weren’t what one would call “normal,” but figured that he’d start cursing, screaming, and crying in about an hour. Right now, he was simply too tired to care.

The young man stood in the middle of his small room for another minute or so, unsure of whether he wanted to crawl into bed in order to get a few more hours of sleep or if he wanted to fly to the Borrow before his “family” had the chance to wake up and make his last few minutes under this roof a living nightmare.

“Yeah, I’m leaving,” Harry sighed and started piling all of the letters and packages into his trunk, making sure to place a set of clothes on his bed before hand.

After the room was void of anything even remotely belonging him, Harry picked up the clothes and walked down the hall to the bathroom, making sure to keep quiet and to step over the creaky floor boards. Once the door was closed, the teen pulled his t-shirt over his head, flinching slightly when the movement caused the fabric to tug harshly at his left wing, before pulling on the new one, which thankfully went on smoothly, with his wings reflexively folding close to his body. The pants went on next and then Harry spun around to face the mirror in order to brush his teeth and fail miserably at trying to tame his wild hair.

It took every ounce of strength and a sharp bite to the tongue to keep from screaming as his eyes landed on his own reflection. His hair, which had always been a dark brown, just a few shades away from black, had grown darker. So dark in fact that Harry knew in the right light it’d look blue or even green. Then, there was the whole matter of his eyes, his mother’s eyes as many pointed out to him, they had always been bright green –Avada Kedavra green- but where now lilac purple. Not joking, fucking purple.

The sudden change in his appearance sparked something in Harry and at that same moment, he realized something that hadn’t crossed his mind while he read the letter from the ministry. He wasn’t completely human.

The room suddenly felt very small, the air seemed to disappear, and everything seemed to be tilted at a forty-five degree angle. He wasn’t human. With a glance down at the ring still on his finger, it hit him.

He was a werewolf! Wait, no, werewolves didn’t have wings.

He was a vampire! Harry immediately smiled into the mirror and sighed in relief when he saw that his canines weren’t pointed, as they would be for all new born vampires.

He was a veela! No, those were blonde.

What the hell was he?!

The realization that he was some strange creature only made all of Harry’s new attributes even more startling. What had wings, purple eyes, and raven black hair? Nothing he had learned about at school, that was for sure.

With the question of what he was still on his mind, Harry walked back to his room and without saying anything to Hedwig, shrunk his trunk, placed it in his pocket, and grabbed his broom before opening the latch on the bird’s cage, allowing her to fly out before shrinking the cage as well.

With everything he needed, now in his pocket or in his hands, Harry walked out the door of his bedroom without a single glance backwards. He was leaving, finally and truly leaving.

Lucius Malfoy was unfortunately unable to sleep, so he did what he always did when he was frustrated and tired, he stormed through his manor, yelling at anyone or anything that dared stand in his way.

He knew what was forcing him awake, thoughts of his mate kept drifting through the blonde man’s mind. Would she be tall or short? Would she have light hair or dark? Would it even be a she? Honestly, Lucius wasn’t too worried about the last question, it wouldn’t matter either way, but it called to something inside of him that was still six years old and wanted to know what his presents were before his actual birthday. He was curious.

Even as he thought about the young woman (or man) that would soon be graced with him as a mate, Lucius couldn’t help but remember his wife Narcissa, the woman who may not have been his mate but had given him quite possibly the most amazing child a man could ask for. Was he doing her memory justice by moving on only three months after the final battle in which she was killed? It didn’t matter whether he was or not, he couldn’t fight this or control it, he could only live with it and with that mini-monologue in his head, he started down the hallway that led to the east wing of the manner.

It was there that Lucius suddenly felt as if someone had wrapped a rope around his neck and was pulling him forward by it. His mate was close, very close if his reaction was anything to go by.

The blonde had a defined spring in his step as he practically ran down the hallway, not even noticing that he was drawing closer and closer to his son’s room.

Finally, after what felt like a year, though was probably more like three minutes, Lucius arrived outside the emerald colored door with a serpent shaped into a “D” charmed onto the outside. His mate was behind that door, his son’s door, his son who was young and beautiful and had more than likely seduced the young woman to his bed. With a shaky hand caused by mostly anger and just a tad of fear, Lucius knocked several times on the hard wood.

The seconds ticked by and after several of them, he heard Draco’s voice from within his room. “Hang on ‘sec.” The boy mumbled and there were several loud bumps and thuds that obviously meant he had tripped over something in the near darkness before the door swung open, revealing a disheveled young man, with crust in his eyes, and drool on the side of his mouth. He was a mess, but to Lucius he was quite possibly the most beautiful man in the world.

“Mate.” They breathed at the same time and without any warning whatsoever, their lips met, tongues shoving deeply into mouths and teeth biting sharply on bottom lips.

Lucius could never describe the feeling of “rightness” he had at that moment. It was like coming home after years of being at war, and it didn’t matter that it was his son, his own flesh and blood, that he held in his arms, he wanted him, he wanted him like a fat child wanted chocolate.

With a deep moan at the feeling of slightly smaller hands working themselves into his long, blonde hair, Lucius stepped forward, smiling into the deliciously wild kiss when Draco immediately stepped back. This process continued until the couple was fully in the room and with a solid kick to the door behind him, Lucius was left in the dark with his mate. Wicked, wicked ideas playing in his mind.

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Author's notes: Harry Potter has come into his creature inheritance, but as we all know, the great Harry Potter can never be normal, he couldn't be a vampire, or a werewolf, no, he had to be an Alchai, a creature that doesn't have one mate, but three.

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

This is my first attempt at anything sexual, so I hope it came out okay. Helpful criticism is appreciated. Well.... here it is

“Oh, Merlin,” thought Harry as he flew through the warm July air, the notice-me-not charm keeping muggles from looking up and receiving quite the shock.

It felt as if it had been ages since the wizard had felt the wind blowing around him and the comforting pressure caused by the speed at which his Firebolt was known to travel, and for a half a moment Harry wondered what it would be like to never go back down, to never have to actually land, and be able to fly forever. It was a wonderful thought, but it was nothing more than a dream. Well, maybe not, he did have wings now.

Harry was pulled out of the fantasy in which he was able to fly without the constrictions of the piece of wood below him as he spotted the Burrow in the distance. The sun was just starting to rise and the young man had never seen anything as magnificent as the crooked building awash with bright orange light.

Slowly, he descended and noticed the contradicting emotions he felt as he did so. On one hand he wanted to see the only people he had really thought of as family, but he also wanted to continue flying, the pain in his bum not influencing this want in anyway. Though Harry mentally debated on what to do, the teen already knew that he’d land, he had to talk to Hermione about the whole creature thing, and he was really hungry.

So, with a heavy heart and an empty stomach, Harry landed smoothly in the garden before being tackled by two tall red heads.

“Harry mate-“ started Fred as the twins managed to get a good look at their brunette friend.

“-you look different.” George finished and the two looked at each other for a moment before inspecting their honorary brother for any other changes.

“Short?” Fred asked as he scanned the teen up and down a few times.

“Check.” George answered after lying beside Harry in order to see if their heights were still dramatically different… they were.

“Sickly looking?”


“Tired?” The twins smiled to each other, their classic smiles that meant they were obviously having some kind of twin moment that no one else would be able to understand.

“Check.” They said at the same time and each held out a hand, which Harry grasped in order to help him to his feet.

“I missed you guys.” The shorter man laughed as he was immediately picked up, placed on their shoulders, and carried through the garden and into the house. This is where he was met by the Weasley clan and Hermione, who were all sitting down to breakfast.

“Place him here boys,” Mrs. Weasley ordered while pointing to a chair between Ron and herself, seemingly unworried by the fact two of her sons were carrying another. “I’m not letting you up until you finish all of this.” She said to Harry as he was placed in the chair and a huge plate of steaming food flew across the table before settling in front of him.

“Yes, Mrs. Weasley.” Harry laughed and scooped a large spoonful of eggs into his mouth.

Draco was in a mild state of amazement. His father was kissing him, really kissing him. Not the simple kiss on the forehead he used to receive when he was younger, but actual kisses that one would bestow upon a lover.
The young blonde was content to simply kiss his mate for as long as they both lived but the moment Lucius closed his bedroom door, leaving them both in complete darkness, he realized how much he wanted more than lip contact.

Draco’s hands gripped the blonde strands tighter as his father started backing them up in the direction of his large bed. Even as they walked, their kiss continued, if anything it grew even more frantic, Lucius’ hands roaming over every inch of his son’s body he could reach before finally settling on his arse, causing Draco to let out a needy moan which only made Lucius squeeze the muscled cheeks tighter.

“H-how?” The younger man asked as he tore his mouth away from his father’s, who immediately started to kiss his way down Draco’s neck. “Inheritance. Two months. Why now?” Oh Merlin, the tongue that joined the lips on his throat forced another moan from the teenager.

“Another.” Lucius answered simply and pushed Draco back onto the bed behind him. The younger blonde mourned the loss of contact and he looked frantically around the room for the other man as he scooted up the bed, but saw nothing but black.

Suddenly, the lights brightened just enough for Draco to see his father on the left side of the bed, placing his wand on the nightstand next to his own.

“A-another what?” Draco asked and his mouth immediately went dry as Lucius slowly started to unbutton his shirt, the sight causing the young man’s cock to become even harder in his soft sleep pants, making the fabric tent even more noticeably… if that was even possible.

Lucius smiled at his son’s reaction and carelessly threw the shirt onto the floor before joining him on the bed. “Another mate.” He answered and started attacking the pale chest below him with licks and nips, loving the small mewling sounds coming from his new lover. Draco was never wearing a shirt to bed if he had anything to say about it.

“A-a t-third?” Draco asked and instead of answering, Lucius took his left nipple into his mouth, causing the adolescent to scream in pleasure and for his hands to once again comb through his father’s hair in order to keep him in place.

“Apparently,” Lucius murmured and bit the nub in his mouth gently before moving his mouth downwards over the ridges of Draco’s stomach, earning him more of those delectable moans and whimpers that he knew he would soon be addicted to.

Draco had so many questions about what this whole two mates thing could mean but with his father’s mouth now surrounding his belly button, the older man’s tongue flicking in and out, mimicking the act Draco hoped to Merlin would follow, and his mind couldn’t seem to form the words necessary to ask them.

“Oh, God.” Draco screamed as Lucius’ long, graceful fingers pulled down the soft fleece of his pants, which was the only barrier between his cock and the cool air. Those same fingers then wrapped around the erection, slowly stroking it as Lucius’ mouth gradually worked its way from Draco’s abdomen to the sensitive skin of the teen’s groin.

Draco’s hands gripped his father’s head even tighter and without having to beg or plead, the older man worked his way up his son’s prick, kissing and licking every perfect inch until he reached the plump, mushroom shaped head. Lucius carefully looked up to see the teen’s head thrown back, the moans making the bared throat vibrate and constrict. There was the overwhelming need in Lucius to crawl back up the smooth expanse of skin and bite that perfect neck but he wanted the warm organ below his lips even more and while still looking up to gauge his son’s reaction, he engulfed the head of Draco’s cock and smiled when the teen arched his back and screamed so loud that anything left sleeping in the manner would have certainly awoken.

Draco had never felt anything as good as his father’s mouth around his prick, sucking gently and humming, causing him to cry out and fist the blonde hair tighter and tighter, but was careful not to use too much pressure. He wanted to give up all control to this man, but damn was it hard.

“More,” he groaned, unaware of what he really wanted except for… more. Thankfully, his father did and removed his mouth from his cock just long enough to ask, “lube?”

’Good idea’ thought Draco and he reluctantly removed his left hand from the mass of blonde hair in order to reach over to the side table, open the small drawer, and pull out the small bottle.

“Here,” he breathed and gently handed the tube to his father who hummed his thanks around his mouthful causing Draco to thrust up into the warm, moist, and now vibrating cavern. Lucius must not have agreed with this because one of his hands immediately gripped his son’s hip to keep the movement from happening again while his other hand popped the cap off the bottle of lube before squirting out a small puddle of the goop onto Draco’s thigh.

At first the act confused Draco but then his father ran his index finger through the lube, gathering most of it before moving the digit to his arse, sliding it between the twin cheeks without paying any special attention to the teen’s entrance, making the brief contact even more pleasurable and causing Draco to moan. The loudest, deepest, and most erotic moan that Lucius had ever heard.

“Please,” the young man begged and was reward with a finger, that oh so amazing finger rubbing gently at his anus, turning his legs to jelly and making the room feel ten degrees warmer, instantly. “Yes,” he hissed as that wonderful finger pressed into his opening, bypassing the slow intrusion and instead thrusting in to the third knuckle. Slowly that finger worked its way in and out of Draco’s body and the young blonde nearly sobbed at the sensations coursing through his body.

“More,” he breathed and gasped when his order was immediately carried out, a second finger sliding in beside the first as Lucius suddenly swallowed around his son’s cock, the act causing Draco to whimper shamelessly.

Lucius bobbed his head up and down his son’s length, enjoying every sound that met his ears and every twitch of the muscles beneath his hand. When he felt the younger Malfoy was ready, he added a third finger, this caused Draco to let out a low, pained groan, but thankfully he didn’t ask to stop and nearly leapt from the bed when his father’s fingers brushed over the wonderful little gland that made his spine pulse with pleasure.

“Now,” Draco commanded with a gentle tug at the long blonde hair in his hands, giving his father to release his cock with a wet pop.

“Are you sure?” asked Lucius and one glance at his son’s silvery eyes told him what he wanted to know.

“Yes… god just please.” The older man smirked as he pulled his fingers from his son’s arse and slowly crawled up his body to place a gentle kiss on the teen’s slightly swollen lips.

“You don’t need to beg,” he whispered, one hand brushing a stray hair from the Draco’s face as the other directed his cock to the small opening. With one look into the silver pools below him, Lucius pushed gently and nearly screamed when the head entered the extreme heat of the boy’s body.

When did he take his pants off?” The adolescent thought, but didn’t have time to think about that before his father stopped moving, not pushing forward or pulling back. There was definitely something wrong with this picture and he was going to rectify it.
Draco whimpered and tried to scoot down to impale himself further but was stopped by Lucius’ hand coming down softly on the skin of his hip. “Stop that, and wrap your legs around my waist.” He instructed and before his son could argue with him, he thrust completely into the boy, causing his legs to immediately wrap around his waist and for him to stop his infernal movements.

“Merlin,” Draco breathed as Lucius slowly slid out of his body before thrusting forcefully back inside. This process continued, the slow leisurely pace that while making Draco writhe and moan, it wasn’t quite giving him what his veela side wanted.

“Harder, faster, oh please.” The young teen pleaded and was relieved when his mate gave him what he asked for. Fucking him harder and faster, each thrust seeming to rub against his prostate while his cock rubbed against his father’s stomach, both movements causing delicious pleasure that rocketed through him in waves of sensation.

“Oh, Merlin,” Draco screamed when Lucius suddenly bent down and started to cover his neck in licks and kisses, offering his own neck for his son to copy his actions, the teen immediately complied and attacked the pale throat in front of him.

It soon became too much, the slight burn in his arse that he had grown to love after years of experimentation, the pulsing pleasure of the movement against his prostate, his father’s mouth covering his neck, and the taste of that same man on his own tongue. With the name, “Lucius,” escaping his parted lips in a long, drawn out scream, Draco came. Hot, spurts of creamy liquid filling the space between them, causing his father’s thrust to become erratic and for his breathing to become even more labored against his son’s neck.

“Mine,” Draco whispered and as if running on instinct, the younger mate lifted his head from the pillow and bit into Lucius’ throat. The older man suddenly cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as he came deep within his own flesh and blood, biting down on Draco’s neck and muttering the same endearment.


“So about this third,” The teen started after both men had caught their breath. Lucius lay on his back, staring up at the ceiling as if he couldn’t quite believe what had happened, and Draco still had those irritating questions on his mind and he saw no reason not to roll over onto his side and ask them. “Do you think it’ll be another male or a female? Will they be a veela or vampire, or do the gods hate us enough to pair us with a werewolf?”

“Draco,” Lucius moaned and wrapped his arms around the smaller man who immediately curled up against his chest. “It’s called afterglow, and you, my mate, are ruining it with your inane questions.” He rubbed his cheek against Draco’s soft blonde hair and felt more at peace then he had in a long time.

“But, aren’t you curious?” His son asked and he had to hang onto the boy to keep him from squirming away from him.

“Yes, but I’m happy with what I have right here. Even if I never find this mystery person, I’d still be the luckiest man alive.” The veela said honestly, knowing full well that while he may be content with Draco and Draco with him, without their third their lives would never be complete, but not willing to ruin this moment with his mate.

“What will they say about us?” Draco asked carefully, hoping his father would know what he meant without having to explain further.

“Some may look down upon are bond,” Lucius sighed as he squeezed the boy tighter, “but we’re veela mates, no one can separate us without taking a one way trip to Azkaban.” Hogwarts immediately came to the older man’s mind but pushed it away, knowing he’d find some way to accompany his mate, not even Dumbledore could deny him that.

“Good. I love you, father.”

“I love you too, Dragon.”

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Author's notes: Harry Potter has come into his creature inheritance, but as we all know, the great Harry Potter can never be normal, he couldn't be a vampire, or a werewolf, no, he had to be an Alchai, a creature that doesn't have one mate, but three.

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

Alchai (Al - ch - eye)


Harry thought himself a genius, he had made it through breakfast without alerting anyone to his new found... weirdness. No one asked about his strange colored eyes, no one mentioned that he was fidgeting in his seat due to his amazingly itchy wings, and no one but the twins looked at him strangely due to his new appearance.

"Well, that was amazing, Mrs. Weasley." Harry helped the red headed woman place the dishes in the sink where a scrub brush instantly started washing off the dried eggs and bacon grease from the plates.

"Thank you, dear. It's nice to cook for someone who appreciates it for a change." She gave a pointed look to Ron who was standing near the door and he simply threw his hands in the air and walked back into the living room. "Why don't you go catch up, I'll finish up in here." Mrs. Weasley patted Harry on the cheek and he immediately did as she asked; leaving the woman to finish cleaning up without him.

Harry entered the comfortable living room to find most of the Weasley clan gathered around the small coffee table, the twins demestrating some new invention. The only person that didn't look at all impressed was Hermione, who was sitting next to Ron with a slightly bored expression on her face. When the girl saw her friend walk in, she pulled her boyfriend up by the arm and ushered him out of the room. Incrediably, no one even noticed that the couple had left and instead wathed avidly as Fred turned a deep shade of purple after placing an equally purple wing on his head.

"Lets go upstairs. You can tell us all about your summer." Hermione didn't wait for an answer before grabbing Harry by the arm in a hold that was identical to the one she had Ron in, and dragging both boys up the stairs, not stopping until they were in Ron's bright orange bedroom with the door closed firmly behind them.

"Why didn't you tell us, Harry?" His arm was released just moments before he was attacked with a question that made absolutely no sense to him.

"Tell you what?" Harry asked, completely confounded by Hermione's sudden change in mood.

"Why didn't you tell us you where an Alchai?" The girl's brown eyes were blazing in anger and Harry had never feared anyone like he did this woman. "Did you think we were stupid? That we wouldn't notice how you've changed? How could you hide this from us, Harry?" Okay, well someone was having a mental break down.

"Mione, what are you talking about? I just woke up like this." Harry glanced at Ron but the other man was simply staring at his girlfriend as if he couldn't beleive that he had gotten himself in to. All in all, he was absolutely no help.

"What? You-you didn't know?" Hermione sounded as confused as he felt, her voice soft and lost sounding. "But-but the ministry should have-have.... you really didn't know?" The room suddenly became very uncomfortable, but Ron seemed to be the only one who didn't feel the effects.

"Know what? Hermione, you're making my head hurt." That wasn't a very difficult task but thankfully the girl realized that Harry truly had no idea what she was talking about.

"This doesn't make any sense." She whispered to herself in the same tone she used when critiquing her graded tests and essays. "You did get a letter from the Ministry, right?" Harry nodded and before she could say anything, she was off again. "What did it say?"

"Er... just that I was part creature- whatever that means- and they sent me this." He raised his hand to show the ring and for the first time since they walked into the room, Ron looked up at him.

"Hey, mate. What's that?" He pointed to Harry's hand which Hermione had grabbed and was now staring at as if she thought his hand was going to be on one exam or another.

"It's a tracking ring." Hermione answered. "The letter didn't say anything else?"

"No. Now can you please tell me what you were talking about earlier. Do you know what I am?" Well, that wasn't a sentence Harry had thought he'd ever say in this lifetime.

"Of course. You're an Alchai, anyone with eyes can see that. Just look at yourself, your eyes, hair, skin, limbs, and everything else are textbook Alchai traits. And you both would know this if you actually completed your summer reading list." Ron's look was simply hilarious. He hadn't been expecting the girl to suddenly turn on him and it was blantenly obvious.

"How did I get involved in this?! I was just standing here and then bam I'm getting yelled at." The guy kind of did deserve it after sitting there and drooling like an idiot.

"That's not the point, Ronald!" Hermione shrieked, "Harry is an Alchai. Focus." The dark haired teenager couldn't help but smile, Oh Merlin he missed them.

"You're the one that brought it up! Blasted reading list." Ron mummbled the last part but that didn't stop Hermione from turning to him with fire in her eyes. Harry knew that unless he stepped in, this could get very ugly, very fast.

"Alright, let's all calm down." He said soothingly. "Hermione, Ron and I didn't read the books on the list; you'll have to tell us what an Alchai is." The girl calmly brush a few stray hairs behind her ear and turned to Harry with a sweet smile that was a complete change from the glare she had on a moment ago.

"Okay, but you're both reading the book after this. I'm not doing all the work." Harry and Ron couldn't agree fast enough.

Severus Snape was brewing a burn salve that he hoped would cure the ach in his neck. Nothing else had helped and he was growing more annoyed by the second. He had been fine after the attack, there were a few.... side effects, but no pain once he awoke from the coma. Why was it hurting now? What had changed in the two months since that stupid snake decided it wanted a snack?

As predicted, the salve did nothing but stink up his lab and with a curse and a flick on his wand he vanished the failure of a potion and went about cleaning the cauldron. Severus tightened his grip on the scrub brush and was just about to direct it under the rim of the cast iron cauldron when the sound of someone stepping out of his fireplace met his ears and the pain in his neck suddenly lessened.

"Sev?" He knew that voice and slowly turned to look at the blonde teenager that had just entered his private rooms. "F-father wanted me to give this to you." Draco held up an emerald green envelope but his eyes were focused on his professor.

Neither man moved, their eyes connecting from across the room and freezing each of them in their tracks. Severus had no idea what was wrong with him, images were flashing before his eyes, images that were highly inappropriate and staring a one Draco Malfoy, his student.

"Thank you." It took everything Severus had to take those four steps in the blonde's direction and take the letter from the boy's hand. "My gods you smell good." The envelope dropped to the floor as the dark haired man wrapped his arms around Draco's waist and pressed his face against his neck.

"Mate." The boy whispered and tangled his fingers in Severus' dark, greasy hair before pulling his head up in order to look into the man's onyx eyes. "Father was right." With no other explaination, Draco covered Severus' mouth with his own.

Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

Harry fidgeted nervously on Ron's bed as he waited for Hermione to begin speaking. The witch was taking her sweet time as she pulled a thick, leather bound book from her shoulder bag which just happened to be in Ron's room. Hmmm.... not very sneaky were they?

But what he couldn't understand was why she needed the book at all; the girl had probably memorized the entire thing by now. "Okay, Harry, I'll tell you the basics but then you have to read the rest. Understood?" Harry knew better than to argue and nodded at his scary female friend, who immediately turned to her boyfriend. "The same goes for you, too." Ron nodded hesitantly which caused Hermione to smile and crack open the book as if she was actually going to read it.

"Well, an Alchai is a creature that was once thought as mythical. They are extremely powerful, and had to be, because they lived in the land of Esclaria, a place where any weakness could get you killed. The Alchai grew wings that allowed them to escape predators, their violet eyes enabled them to see extraordinarily well at night. But because of their abilities and power, the needed mates to help them control it." That's where Harry had to speak up, he couldn't help himself.

"Wait, mates," it wasn't the mate part that had caught him off guard, every magical creature had one, it was the fact the word was plural that bothered him.

"If you're not going to let me speak, then you can just read it yourself!" The girl screamed hysterically and threw the large book at him. The thing was heavy and he knew his arm was going to bruise where it hit.

"Hermione wait!" It was too late, the girl had left the room, leaving Ron and Harry sitting in complete silence and staring at the door. "Your girlfriend's gone mental." He told his friend and rubbed his arm absent mindedly.

"I don't know what's wrong with her, she's been like this since she got here and every time I try to talk to her about it, she starts crying." Ron had his head in his hands and looked utterly pathetic.

"Well.... er.... maybe you should go make sure she's okay." Harry really didn't care what the red head did but he wanted to read and having a venting Ron here would only lead to trouble.

"Yeah, I should. Thanks mate." Ron slowly stood up and exited the room, after a few seconds and believing he wouldn't come back, Harry opened the book and began to read.

Severus' eyes widened comically, the moment he felt his godson kiss him. He had no idea what was happening, one moment he was trying to think of a potion that would cure some of the pain in his neck and the next, he was being kissed by a beautiful blonde man.... who just happened to be his best friend's son and his student.

"Draco-" Snape pulled away from the young man only to have those delectable lips attack his throat. "Draconis Lucius Malfoy." That stopped him. The blonde instantly stopped his ministrations and looked up at the potion's master, a glint his silvery eyes.

"Severus Tobias Snape." He countered and with a smirk began sucking on the older man's neck. "Now that we know each other-"

"Do not even consider finishing that sentence, Mr. Malfoy." Snape had no idea what was going on and it was taking everything he had not to yell at the blonde and push him away. If it was anyone else, he would have… but this was Draco.

Draco immediately reared back, an expression on his face that made Severus feel as though he'd hit him. "What's the matter?" Those silvery grey eyes were looking up at him, slightly wet from the boy's tears that had thankfully not begin to fall. "Aren't you happy?" Oh god, Draco's voice was cracking, he was going to cry, cue water works.

"There is no need to become overly emotional, Mr. Malfoy." That only seemed to make it worse, instead of being sad, Draco suddenly began irrationally enraged.

"NO NEED TO BECOME EMOTIONAL?! MY MATE'S REJECTING ME! I THINK IT'S A NORMAL REACTION TO BE A TAD UPSET!" The boy's eyes blazed with fury and items were starting to fall of the shelves, Severus knew from experience that he was not in a very good situation.

"Draco!" He said sternly, causing the young blonde to cease his annoying monologue.

"What?" It was said so coldly that the professor instantly reared back and stared down at the boy in astonishment.

"I am not rejecting you. I just ask that you answer my questions before we become engaged in other activities." As it was, Severus was already forcing himself to remain focused, while he wanted nothing more than to toss the blonde onto the nearest bed (or flat surface) and have his way with him. But there were certain things that needed to be worked out before hand.

"Oh," The young man was slightly taken back by the brunette's statement but after a moment of hesitation, smirked slyly and whispered so softly that Severus just barely heard him. "Then ask them." There was a flash of pink as Draco licked his bottom lip and Snape didn't know if he wanted to slap the boy upside the head for not paying attention or devour him for being so damn irresistible

"What did you mean when you said your father was right? People do not usually mention their parents before initiating such an act as you did." Draco blushed at that but didn't look away from Severus' onyx eyes.

"Last night, father came to me and I discovered he was my mate. When I asked why we had both just then realized it, he informed me that we had another mate, you apparently." That said, the blonde leaned forward and attached his mouth to the taller man's neck.

"Wait," Severus pushed the boy away softly and looked down at him, his face contorting into a look of absolute rage. "Did that bastard touch you?"

"All over. He may have missed my left pinkie toe, but I can't be certain." Severus saw red, there was only one thing on his mind, ripping Lucius Malfoy limb from limb.

"I'll kill that sick pervert." He took a step in the direction of the fireplace, intent on using it to get to his best friend's manor; but before he could move any closer, Draco had gripped both his arms and was looking around the room frantically.

"Severus, no, he's our mate, he's allowed to touch me." The blonde's eyes finally landed on the letter laying on the ground and immediately bent to pick it up, nearly falling over when the potion's master tried to storm past him. "Wait, Sev, just hold on." Draco was trying to block the taller man with his body while working the emerald envelope open. It was an extremely difficult task but he managed to complete it and hold the now revealed letter in his professor's face.

Severus instantly calmed down and Draco watched as his eyes rolled back in his head. "Mate." He murmured and pressed his large nose forcefully against the paper.

"Yeah, he's our mate, you can't kill him." The blonde said as he moved the now whimpering brunette away from the fireplace.

"Never," Snape moaned and as if the thought had just occurred to him, he moved the letter to beside Draco's neck before leaning down and pressing his nose against both skin and paper. "Mates" he purred and it took everything in Draco's power not to laugh at his dark haired elder.

"Yes, now we're going to bed." He tried to push Severus toward the bedroom which he knew was in the back of the chambers, but the man was having none of it.

"Need, Lucius." He slurred and Draco couldn't control the laugh that tore itself from his throat. His professor was actually drunk on lust.

"He's working, we'll go see him after we've mated, come on." Draco finally managed to move the other man and started pushing him back toward the open door of his bedroom.

"'kay Draco." Severus was much easier to maneuver when he contributed, and after a few moments of crashing into walls, Draco managed to toss the taller man onto the large bed.

The blonde wasted absolutely no time, ridding himself of his clothes and standing in front of his mate with an amused smile on his face. Severus was torn between watching the young man undress and inhaling the delicious sent of the other man who was currently unavailable to him; and had decided that if he moved his head fast enough he could do both without blocking his view with the paper. To put it simply, he looked like a dog training his gaze on a fast moving ball.... shaking his head back and forth repeatedly.

"Here," Draco said and walked over to the bed, laying himself atop the older man before taking the piece of parchment from Severus and rubbing it on the juncture of his unmarked shoulder and neck. Slowly, the boy dropped the item off the side of the mattress and leaned down, the smell of both him and Lucius, causing the brunette to moan and sink his now elongated fangs into the boy's neck.

"Merlin, Severus." The feeling of his mate drinking his blood, his life force, was far more arousing than he would have imagined. It felt as though every nerve in his young body was on fire, he wanted to push the vampire away yet pull him closer, he decided to go with the latter.

"My gods," Draco tangled his fingers in the man's hair and pulled his head closer while grinding his hips against Severus'. Merlin, it was amazing, the slight sting of the needle like teeth, the rush of adrenaline from knowing he could easily be sucked dry by this man, and the knowledge that his magic was blending with the other mans, Draco could only think of one thing better.

"Okay, stop." He breathed and only had to pull once at the man's hair to get him to detach his mouth from Draco's neck. "I'm lightheaded and you're overdressed," he murmured as he began undoing the buttons on the man's robe, trying desperately not to look at Severus' face as the man slowly licked his lips, making sure he collected every drop of his mate's blood.

Draco had only undone three of the million buttons before Snape became agitated that the boy's focus was directed toward his clothing and decided to help by grabbing his wand from his sleeve and giving it a simple swish, vanishing his clothes in an instant, leaving him completely bare against his mate.

"Much better," Draco moaned and began licking, kissing, and sucking on every inch of skin he could reach. Severus allowed the adolescent his exploration for a few moments before pulling him up and nuzzling his face into the blonde's neck. Gods, the man smelled like Heaven.

"Sev," the vampire continued his self appointed task of marking the young man with as many love bites as possible. "Severus," it wasn't his name, so much as the gentle tapping on the back of his skull, that caused the man to look up into the silver eyes of his mate.


"Scoot up, and where's your lube?" Severus didn't know whether or not he liked his godson calling the shots, but it only took a whiff of that amazing smell coming from his neck, the mix of Draco, his blood, and his father, to make him realize that at that moment, he really didn't care what the blonde did or said.

"Here," The brunette moved back until he was sitting up against his back headboard and removed the jar of lubricant from under one of his pillows, causing Draco to smirk in amusement.

"Convenient," he drawled and Sev only had to give him a blood curdling glare to stop his line of thought. "Well it is," He muttered and moved to straddle the older man's lap, reaching down with his free hand to stroke his mate's erection, causing a moan to be ripped from his throat.

"Is this for me?" The blonde asked sweetly, moving his finger lightly over the deep purple head. He gave one last, feather light caress to the member before unscrewing the top of the jar, and spreading some of the slippery substance onto two of his fingers. "You make this yourself." It wasn't a question and Sev didn't answer, merely watched as the blonde reached behind himself and began smearing the lube in and around his entrance.

Severus wished desperately that he had a difference vantage point of which to see the picture that he knew Draco would have made, but before he could voice this, the blonde was smearing more lubricant on his cock and oh Merlin did that soft, manicured hand feel absolutely wonderful.

Within a matter of moments, Draco stopped stroking the brunette's prick and held it steady as he positioned himself above it.

"Wait," Severus stopped Draco from impaling himself on his length, with a hand on his hip. "You're going to hurt yourself." The blonde couldn't possibly be stretched enough, and he refused to waste good healing potions when the injury could easily be avoided.

"Nonsense, father made sure to stretch me thoroughly before he had to go to work, I'll be fine." With that, he slowly sunk down on Severus' prick and clutched desperately at the man's shoulders as waves of pleasure washed over him.

"Merlin," Severus and Draco hissed at the same time as the blonde slowly began raise himself up before dropping back down, his arms wrapping around Severus' neck as the other man leaned down to press his face against the teenager's shoulder.

Draco was soon bouncing rapidly on his potions professor's lap and neither could contain the assortment of moans, groans, and mewls that filled the room. Every movement brought them closer and closer to the edge and while both men wanted to make this last, they didn't slow down, just kept sprinting toward the finish line.

"Gods Sev, I'm close," the blonde moaned and that planted the thought in Severus' head, he wrapped his hand around the untouched prick of his lover and stroked it once, causing Draco to cry out and for sticky warmth to spill in the brunette's hand. The teenager's cry of pleasure and the squeezing muscles around Sev's cock that sent him spiraling head first into his climax.

"Mine!" He groaned and once again sank his fangs into the perfect column of flesh before him.

"Yes," Draco whispered sleepily. "Mine." With that, he bit down lightly on Severus' shoulder before falling into peaceful sleep with his mate still inside of him.


Author’s Note:

I know you’re wondering why Severus could possibly be a vampire after being bit by a snake. You’ll find out later. I’m not crazy… though Hermione may be. Did you see her in this chapter?

The reason Sev wasn’t himself after he smelled Lucius on that letter (which you will hear about later) is because he was suddenly overwhelmed with twice the need, twice the lust, and everything else Draco and Lucius were feeling in chapter three.

Anything else that needs explaining for you, you can ask in a review and I’ll answer.

Oh and another thing, while Draco, Lucius, and Severus are going to bond within the next chapter or the next, there won’t be a lot of detail, but don’t worry, they’ll be plenty of smut, I’m just going to work on progressing the story further for the next few chapters. More Harry since it is his story after all.

Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

Harry stared down at the table of contents in the front of the book Hermione had attacked him with and very nearly snapped it closed without reading a singel line. The thing was huge, it had sections for everything from history to mating, and Harry didn't know where in the world to start.

After several minutes of simply staring, the young man decided to bite the bullet and to start at the begining, to read about the history of his... people.

Most of the chapter was boring, as in "I'd rather stab out my eye then read it" boring. It talked about how for centuries the winged people of Esclaria were as much a myth as a pink unicorn, but then in 1167, the first Alchai stepped forward, since then only a hundred and four known Alchai have been recorded.

Due to this, the history chapter was rather short and before he knew it, the dark haired wizard was reading about the differences between Alchai and human wizards, believe it or not, there were quite a few.

Alchai may look like humans, but they are far from the same. Alchai are a winged humanoid creature, orginally from the land of Esclaria, and once thought to be myths. They are faster, stronger, and able to process information at a much more efficently then the average wizard. Alchai more often then not have dark hair, lavendar to violet eyes, and wings which can be any color and shade under the rainbow. They have three mates, which may be all male, all female, or a mix of the two.

The section continued on, describing many of the physical and mental changes and differences Harry would now have to deal with, and while he did skim over the chapter, his interest had been peaked and immediately after deciding nothing of interest could still be found in the current area of the book, he turned to the back, to the section that read, "Alchai and Their Mating Habits."


Harry half wished someone would oblivate him; he was lying on the bed that often became his when he stayed here and staring up at the cieling. Everything he thought he knew about future spouses, kids, and even sex had been changed.

Alchai or half Alchai with the dominant gene do not concieve through intercourse, but by magic. Unlike many other humanoid magical creatures, anti-concievment charms or potions are not necessary during sexual acts after the original bonding; though these will need to be used any time all four mates preform magic at the same time and place.

Whether by accident or preplanned, an Alchai pregancy is a miracle to behold. Both Men and woman are able to carry the child and the magic itself will chose which member of the mated group is most suited for carrying the offspring. The gestation period for these creatures is aproximately four months, the child will feed off of the magical energys of the parents and grow much faster then the average fetus.

There was another book title on the last page of the chapter and Harry had scribbled it down on a scratch piece of parchment, which was now clutched tightly in his left hand.

"Harry," Ron suddenly walked into the room and noticed his friend lying on the bed and looking as though his life was over. "Did you read that book?"

"Some of it." Harry answered without looking at him.

"Well, why don't you come down to dinner? You can talk to Hermione about it later, now that she's calmed down some." Food was the last thing on Harry's mind right now but he knew if he refused, Mrs. Weasley would simply come up here herself and drag him down by his ear. That wasn't something he felt up to right now, so he nodded to the red head and slowly sat up, shoving the parchment into his pocket and trying to flaten his hair down with his left hand.

"What are we having?" The question was said in the most cheerful tone Harry could muster and thankfully, Ron seemed to buy it.

"Roast beef." Ron answered and led his friend down the hall, talking animatedly about his conversation with Hermione only minutes before as if Harry actually cared.

Lucius was filling out the first of many forms needed to take over a small shop on Daigon Alley, it wasn't his usual cup of tea but he had a buyer and fifteen thousand galleons for filling out some paperwork was just too good of an oppertunity to pass up. Just as he came to the final dotted line, a soft tapping at his study window brought his attention to tawny colored owl carrying an official looking envelope.

The man calmly stood up from his desk and opened the window, allowing the bird to fly in and land on his outstretched arm. He took the creme envelope from it's beak before handing it a treat from the small jar on the window sill. "Thank you." Lucius stroked the owl just once before it flew off, leaving him holding the piece of information he had been waiting for.

Though, before he could read it, the flames in his fire place turned a bright shade of green and his boy stepped out.

"Hello, father," Draco greeted as he wipped the sut from his robes, "you'll never guess what ha-"

Lucius didn't hear the rest of his son's sentence before he launched himself at him, dropping his envelope, and not noticing that it had slid underneath his desk, in the process.

"Where are they?" He asked, taking deep whifs of the pale blonde locks atop the younger man's head.

"He's coming," Draco whispered just as Severus Snape stepped through his fireplace.

"Merlin," the brunette moaned and joined in the three way hug and sniff fest.

"But," Lucius breathed as he tore himself away from his mates. "This isn't right. Draco, out third mate had to be younger than you, that's why were didn't notice that we were mates on your birthday. We wouldn't until we were all over seventeen."

"It appears," Severus said in the black satin voice of his that made Lucius and Draco moan simontaneously. "That we have an Alchai on our hands."

Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

Nearly a month past and Harry had learned more about himself then he ever really wanted to know. He learned how to change the color of his eyes so that they were once again a bright, emerald green. He learned that his wings really could lift him into the air and keep him there for hours at a time. He learned that the Weasly's were the best family on the planet after he told them about his inheritance; Mr. and Mrs. Weasly had hugged him so tightly he thought he was going to pass out, Fred and George hounded him constantly about how this explained why he was so good at quiditch and that it should be against the rules for him to play, (strangely it wasn't and both the school and the professonial leagues couldn't keep him from particpating due to his heritage alone) the only red head that wasn't happy was Ginny, who never ceased to mention how unfair it was that she wasn't one of Harry's mates.

In that month, Hermione had become harder and harder to be around, one moment she was the lovable girl that he'd befriended in first year, then the next she was this evil banshee that wanted to rip his arm off and beat him with it. The only person that had it worse than Harry was Ron who seemed to be at the top of her torture list.

Currently, Harry was lying in bed and reading one of the several books he had ordered, this one titled "So you're an Alchai. What the seventeen year old Alchai needs to know," long title, fairly short book.

Now that you've come into your inheritance it is extremely important for you to be around as many people as possible in order to improve the chances of finding your mates. It is uncertain of how you will recognize them, but reports show that you will and that refusing these mates will be impossible. But never fear, all mates are perfect for each other, you'll have a hard time finding anything worth refusing anyway.

"Harry, are you decent?" That was Hermione's voice from the other side of the door, and without waiting for an answer the woman stepped in.

"Why, yes, Hermione all my bits are covered, thank you for being so considerate." That was stunt Ginny would pull and Harry would never imagine his bushy haired friend doing such a thing.

"Oh, sod off." She hissed and held out an instantly recognizable envelope. "Our Hogwarts letters came today. Mrs. Weasly told me to let you know we'll be leaving for Diagon Alley in about an hour. You can get some more books while we're there." With that, the girl turned and stormed away, leaving the letter to slowly fall into Harry's lap. What is with that girl? He asked himself and tore open the cream colored envelope.

There were two sheets of parchment that Harry uncovered, the first was the usual hogwarts letter from the looks of it, detailing any new teaching staff or any other new information that students would need to know before the welcoming feast. The second peice of parchment however was a list of supplies needed for the upcoming year, Harry immediately started reading this one, scanning over each new book and smirking when he noticed that he had read a few of the defense against the dark arts books over the summer in an attempt to understand how he could have gone from a normal wizard with normal wizard parents to.... a rare magical creature. So far his search had been fruitless.

"I can't believe it!" Shouted Ron as he barged into the room, reading what looked like that first letter Harry had skipped over. "I can't believe that bloody sod is going to be a professor!" The red head was stomping around the room in a fit of rage and Harry barely managed to contain his laughter at how similar his two friends were.

"Who's going to be teaching?" Harry asked as he leaned down to tie his sneakers; when he looked back up, Ron had stopped pacing and was standing still, anger coming off of him in waves. Oh, bloody hell the man was going to explode.

"Malfoy," He hissed menacingly and began stomping again. "How could Dumbledore hire Lucius Malfoy to teach us Defense Against the Dark Arts? Harry, he is going to kill you!" Alright, he'd heard enough, time to smack some sense into the taller boy.

"Ron!" Harry shouted and grabbed the man by the shoulder. "Calm down." Ron slowly did what his friend asked and when Harry felt it was safe to continue he did. "The man knows a lot about how to protect himself against the dark arts, I think he'll make a good professor, better that most of the others we've had." He turned away to grab his supply list and when his gaze landed on Ron once again, this friend was continuing to read, cursing under his breath which made Harry laugh softly as he walked toward the door.

"Wait, Harry." The dark haired teen spun around to face the red head and saw that he was extremely pale and looked as though he'd seen a ghost. "L-look at this." The parchment was held out and Harry immediately grabbed it and brought it up to his face to read it. He didn't see anything that would warrant such a reaction until he got to the bottom of the page.


Hannah Abbott - 1/8 Elf
Neville Longbottom- 1/10 Dwarf
Draco Malfoy- Full Veela
Lucius Malfoy- Full Veela
Harry Potter-Alchai
Severus Snape -Full Vampire

"Well, we knew we wouldn't be able to hide it forever," Harry said calmly, scaring even himself by that reaction. He should have been screaming or cursing something, but no, he was calmly handing the paper back to an extremely confused Ron as if he hadn't just realized the entire wizarding world now knew about his....change.

"Aren't you upset?" The red head was staring at him with a slightly lost expression on his face. "Your secret's out."

"I think I sub-conciously knew this would happen," Harry replied as he double checked that he had his wand, bank key, and supplies list. "Now let's not worry about it. Your mom is probably three seconds away from storming up here and levitating us down, so we better get going."

"Yeah," Harry turned and exited the room with Ron right behind him. "But just so we're clear, you're not upset?" The brunette clenched his jaw and took several deep breaths as he was walking down the stairs before answering.

"For the last time, Ron. I. Am. Not. Upset."

"Oh, did you read the letter dear?" Mrs. Weasly suddenly appeared the moment the two boys were downstairs, scaring the hell out of Harry and causing Ron to laugh at his expense.

"Yes, and as I was just telling Ron, I'm absolutely fine." The dark haired wizard looked around the woman and saw that Hermione and Ginny were each taking a hand of floo powder.

"As you should be, now do you have everything?" Mrs. Weasley looked him up and down as if she could actually see what was in his pockets.

"Good, good. You and Ron can floo down to Diagon Alley after the girls, I'll be right behind you." Harry and Ron were then pushed toward the fireplace just as Hermione disappeared in a flash of green, Ginny following close behind.

"You can go first." Harry told Ron, he was never very good at using the floo and knew that if Ron was there that the taller and stronger boy would be able to catch him before he managed to make a total fool of himself.

"Alright, see you on the other side, mate."

"Don't call me that." Harry said automatically while his friend had his hand in the powder jar.

"What?" Ron spun around to face the brunette, confusion written clearly on his face.

"Don't call me, mate. It makes me uncomfortable." That was the simple explanation, in reality it made him feel guilty, shameful, and overall disgusting, almost like he was cheating on his mates even though he had no idea who they were.

"Sorry." Ron turned back to the fireplace and after tossing in his floo powder and calling out his destination, he was gone.

Then it was Harry's turn. The boy slowly walked over to the floo and fought back the urge to run in the opposite direction, he could already tell this wasn't going to end well. With a deep breath, he took a handful of the powder and stepped into the tall fireplace, Oh, Merlin he thought and shouted out Diagon Alley before being transported to his location.

Draco Malfoy had never felt so relaxed in his life. He was lying in his sitting room, his feet resting on the lap of his father and his head was placed on the thigh of his potions professor. Long potion stained fingers were combing through his hair and the crackling of the fire in the fireplace was wrapping him in a warmth that was slowly lulling him to sleep.

"Master Draco." A house-elf suddenly popped into the room and Draco groaned against his mate's clothed thigh.

"Yes, Tizzy?" He hissed and Lucius pinched his left pinkie toe, causing the boy to yelp and glare down at his father who merely continued to read the prophet as though nothing was wrong.

"Master Draco has recieved his Hogwarts letter. Tizzy is sorry for disturbing you master." The elf pulled a pristine envelope from the folds of her pillow case used as dress and held out for Draco to take, but before he could, Severus leaned forward and removed it form the house elf's hands.

"You're excused," he told her in that wonderfully smooth voice that made both Lucius and Draco shiver.

"It seems we'll have to travel to Diagon Alley later to pick up the brat's school supplies." Severus said to Lucius and smirked when a sharp bite was delievered to his leg.

"Do we have to?" Draco whined once he released his mate. "I'm tired, I thought we were going to relax today." The boy cuddled even closer to the two older men in hopes he could pull of his "I'm too cute to argue with" routine. Sadly, that had lost it's effectiveness when he turned eight.

"Blame your father for keeping you up all night, if you're tired. We're still going shopping." Without any other warning, Severus stood up, dumping the blonde boy onto the floor.

"Now that wasn't very nice." Lucius told the vampire with a smirk tugging at the side of his mouth. "Amusing though." He helped his son up off the floor and gave him short, sweet kiss that immediately perked up the teenager. "Go get dressed." He ordered, his lips just a centimeter away from Draco's and amazingly, the boy pulled away and headed toward his bedroom to do as he was asked.

"Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" Severus deadpanned in a failed attempt at humor.

"A very, very bad witch." Lucius replied and tangled his fingers in greasy black locks before slanting his mouth over the younger man's.

Harry had never been used to people staring at him and the way everyone stared, pointed, and whispered as he passed by made him realize, he never would. At first, he had simply thought he was paranoid, there was no way all of these people could know about him, it had only just been announced in the Hogwarts letters. Though after well over an hour of the treatment he had turned on Hermione and asked if there was an "I'm an Alchai" sign hanging around his neck. The girl had only shook her head and smiled as she pointed above him, where the word "Alchai" was blinking in bright red letters. Damn the ministry.

Now, the group of Weasly's and tag-a-longs were waiting in line at Florish and Bolts after picking out the needed and in Harry's and Hermione's case, not so needed books. Sadly, standing still wasn't the best idea he had ever had and Harry soon found that his celebrity had not been tarnished by his heritage. Girls (and boys) by the handful, threw themselves at him, taking a quick picture and running away before Hermione or Mrs. Weasley could talk some sense into them.

"Potter!" Not now, not now, you leave the house once and you're hounded by school yard bullies, isn't wonderful how life works?

"What Mal- Merlin." Harry turned to face the ferret faced twerp only to find himself face to face with the most beautiful person he had ever seen. This person looked like Draco Malfoy, but it wasn't, it couldn't be. Draco was pointy faced, this man had amazing bone structure, Malfoy was skinny, the person in front of him was lithe, Draco's eyes were grey, this man's were silver, Draco Malfoy was digusting, but Harry's mate was the most incredible male to ever walk the face of the earth.

"Severus, Father!" Oh, that voice, a voice angels would envy.

Harry's eyes were trained on his mate who was standing on the other side of the room, and he didn't notice his friends and family shaking him and trying to get his attention. Then suddenly, two more extraordinarily beautiful people stood on either side of Draco, his other mates. The three men were speaking animatedly and Harry was far too dazed to make out what they were saying.

"Mr.Potter." Oh Merlin, Severus' voice had always been amazing, scary actually, but now it was the most arousing sound in the world. And those eyes that were now trained on him, so deep and dark, Merlin he was beautiful, completely different than Draco yet so very much alike. This wasn't the Snape he'd dealt with in potions class, this was Severus, the tall dark and handsome man he wanted to spend as much time as possible.... getting to know.

"Harry," Holy, similar. His third mate had the same features as Draco did, same hair, same eyes, same ghoustly pale skin tone, but he was older, taller, and more musclar. Lucius was just as beautiful as his son, if not more so and Harry was in a mild state of amazement. How could he get so lucky to have three of the most beautiful men on the planet as his mates, as the people he would spend the rest of his life with?

"Harry?" Hermione's voice penetrated his dazed thoughts and Harry only had one answer for the woman.

"Mates." The sound of his own voice brought Harry back to reality and he realized that everyone in the shop was staring at him strangely; everyone but his mates who seemed about four seconds away from fucking him on the hard wood floor.

"No," It was said mostly to himself, and Harry ran a hand through his black hair before placing the books in his arms on the table to his right. "No, no, no, no." His breathing was coming in short, shallow breaths as he tried to a keep a tight reign on his emotions and desires. A part of him wanted to walk the few feet to his mates and allow them to do things to him that would probably get them all locked up, another part, wanted him to run; run as fast as he could for as long as he could. The second part won.

Harry ran out of the book store as if the devil himself was on his tail, he ran through crowds peering into shop windows, through familes trying to decide on which of the several shops to enter first, he ran until he felt the unmistakable tingle of a charm being cast on him and his legs stopped moving of their own accord. Darn Hermione and her cool charms Harry hadn't even heard of.

"Harry, are you okay?" Hermione wrapped her arms around the dark haired wizard and while it was only his feet that were now cemented to the ground, he didn't move to hug her back.

"Why them Mione?" Harry asked after several long moments. "My mates could have been anyone in the world, why them?" His arms felt like lead as they wrapped around his friend.

"I don't know, Harry. I don't know."

Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

The next three days were pure torture, Lucius, Draco, and Severus barely left Lucius' large suit since coming back from Diagon Alley, due to a mysterious illness not even Severus' potions could cure. They didn't talk except for the occasional, "your feet are cold," and they didn't eat except for the small meal the house elves never failed to bring them (even after being threatened to live out their days in the Malfoy dungeons.)

None of the trio knew how their other mate faired, but since they recieved no worried floo calls from red heads, or letters delievered by idiotic owls, they assumed Harry was doing better than they were.

The morning of September first, didn't come fast enough, Lucius and Severus were up at the crack of dawn, fighting through the all over pain that Draco knew they were plagued with. Now, it wasn't the early rising that annoyed the hell out of the young man, it was the fact that both of his mates seemed to believe that their teaching responsibilities began the moment they opened their eyes and were now forcing Draco to get up and get ready to leave.

"Sev," Draco whined, "why do I have to be awake at this ghastly hour?" Severus didn't answer him and simply continued buttoning his waist coat. "Fine!" Draco found that raising his voice wasn't a good idea, it caused pressure to build up behind his skill and he thought for sure his eyes would pop out of their sockets. From the looks of his mates' faces, they had the same reaction.

"Just put on your robes before we decide to make you take the train like those filthy urchins." Lucius came up behind Draco and grabbed a fistful of his hair before none too gently, pushing him toward the closet on the far side of the bedroom that the boy had claimed as his.

"Sorry, Father." Draco said unapolgenically and gave both men a smirk over his shoulder before disappearing into the smaller room.

"I hate it when he calls you that." Severus didn't look up from his buttoning, he had moved from his waistcoat to his robes and it was blatanly obvious to Lucius that the man was simply trying to buy time since a flick of a wand could have him dressed in moments.


"Yes, I have no qualms with being mated to the two of you, though I destest being reminded constantly of your relation." Lucius carefully reached out to his mate and combed his fingers through the dark hair.

"We've gone seventeen years with him calling me "father," breaking the habit will not happen over night." It was something the two blonde men had been trying to work on, for the most part Draco was pretty good at remembering to use his given name but he did slip from time to time

"I understand, but that does not erase my dislike for it." Severus mumered and leaned back against Lucius, practically purring at the feeling of those soft, manicured fingers massaging his scalp.

"Isn't that cute." Draco stepped out of the closet, looking as perfect as he always did; every hair was in place, not a wrinkle in sight, and a smudge to be seen. Absolutely perfect. "Now, let's go." The boy was obviously excited to leave now that he was wide awake and dressed in more than the green pajama bottoms he had on earlier. Draco walked over to his mates and once he was close enough, Lucius raised his cane and softly taped him in the side of the head.

"Patience." He said simply and untangled his fingers from Severus' hair and straightened himself, making sure he was as presentable as his son. Lucius Malfoy couldn't be upstaged, now could he? "We leave when we all agree to."

"Which will be -when?" Draco asked with a huff, causing the two older men to smirk in amusement.

"Immediately if Lucius can pull himself away from the mirror." The man's cane was raised, and it's owner walloped Severus in the head with it. "That was unneccesarily." The vampire drawled as he kept himself from reaching up and rubbing his sore head.

"Taking pride in one's appearance is not something to be mocked for." One last tug at his robes and Lucius was ready. "Now, Draco, please lead the way to the floo." The words had just barely left his mouth before the young man was storming out of the room, obviously expecting his mates to follow him.

"What are we going to do with him?" Severus asked as he and Lucius followed the boy out of the room and down the lavish hallway.

"The only thing we can do, bugger him senseless." Well, that was an idea.


"This is ours?" Draco asked, mildly amazed at the set of rooms he was now standing in, his mates by his side. While the suite wasn't nearly as nice as the manor, it was levels above the dorms he had stayed in every other year at Hogwarts. The main room had a large fireplace,(which the trio had just stepped out of) couches that looked soft enough to suck you in, a desk that could be used for homework or grading, and oh Merlin, there was a window! A real window; not one of those spelled ones that were sprinkled throughout the dungeons, a window that actually looked outside.

"Yes, why don't you look around while Severus and I go down to the headmaster's office and inform him that we've arrived." Lucius could tell Draco was trying unbelieveably hard not to squeal like a hufflepuff and knew that once he and Severus were out of the room, Draco would let loose and begin jumping on the beds and riffling through things that didn't belong to him.

"Alright, can I move things around?" Severus' eyes immediately widened and he gave Lucius a look that obviously meant that he thought letting Draco redecorate was a very bad idea.

"Sure, the password is "Emerald" in case you leave and need to come back in." Lucius tried not to flinch as the potion master's hand tightened around his forearm. "Be careful." He kissed the top of Draco's platnium blonde head before turning and exiting the room, his dark haired mate crushing the bones in his arm.

Draco chuckled at the two men once the door was closed and began wandering around the apartment. He soon discovered that there were only two bedrooms, one was average sized with a desk, closet, attached bathroom, and a scarlet covered single bed. The other was huge, four desks, four walk-in closets, a bathroom that was twice the size of the dorm room Draco had lived in for six years, and a bed that dwarfed all other beds. It could fit five or six people easily and it put many dirty thoughts in the poor boy's head.

In an attempt to think of something other than a certain piece of furniture, Draco went to check out the other rooms. Finding a large study which would undoubtably come in handy for the two professors, a door that led to the school's library, and another that let out near the great hall. This was way better than the dorm and with a loud, undignified squeal, he began changing everything he could cast a spell on.

Harry sat on the Hogwarts Express, laughing uncontrollably at the joke Neville was telling, "and then he said 'that's not a horse, that's my wife'!" The compartment was filled with laughter as Ron and Hermione finally caught on.

"Merlin, Nev!" Ron said as he wiped tears from his eyes. "Where did you hear that?"

"My Gram's friend told it, I thought it was pretty good." One look at the hysterical trio told Neville that he wasn't the only one. "But the real reason I came by Harry was to see if the rumor's were true." That managed to cast the entire room into silence.

"W-what rumors?" Harry asked, already knowing what his friend was referring to but unwilling to actually awcknowledge the fact that piece of personal information had spread so far.

"Are you really mated to the Malfoys and Snape?" Noticing Harry was uncomfortable Neville immediately tried to back pedal. "I mean, you don't have to tell me. I just thought-"

"Don't worry about it, and yeah, they're my mates. But nothing's happened, or will if I have anything to say about it." He didn't care how beautiful they were, or how good they smelled, or how hard he was becoming just by thinking about them. Harry would not bond with the three men that topped the list of "Harry Haters" now that Voldemort was gone.

"How are you going to pull that off?" The larger boy asked as he turned to face Harry. "I read that it's supposed to be rather painful, especially for Alchai, since they have three mates and everything."

"Well, I'm not in any pain so-"

"Yes, Harry and that concerns me." Hermione spoke up, cutting the green eyed boy off without a second thought. "What is your body doing to itself to keep the pain buried." Did the girl never let up? She had been going on and on about this for days and every time she opened her mouth, Harry just blocked more and more out.

"Nothing, 'Mione my Alchai side knows that Malfoy, Snape, and Malfoy part II, hate me, and is happy that I haven't subjected myself to mental torture for the rest of my life." It made sense if you thought about it. Really, it did.

"Actually, it probably has something to do with your magic level." Ron said and when everyone turned to look at him, he nervously continued. "I mean, you hear about it all the time, wizards are saved by their own magic, it heals them and takes away pain, like adrenaline, for a time." That was actually well thought out and plausable; someone had been reading.

"That might be it." Hermione told her boyfriend with a huge smile spread across her face. "When did you think of this?"

"It doesn't matter! That's not what's happening, I'm not in pain because I'm not supposed to be, because nature was wrong. Alright?" Harry had a slightly wild look in his eye and everyone nodded in order to calm the boy down.

" have any of you seen Malfoy?"

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*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

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"That is just disgusting." Harry spat for the millionth time since he and his friends had sat down in the great hall. The first years were still being sorted, but the dark haired teen couldn't look away from the disturbing scene taking place behind them.

Draco Malfoy was sitting with his father and Snape at the teacher's table, but that wasn't what made Harry's stomach turn, no, it was the fact that the three men were whispering to each other, and using any excuse they could come up with to touch.

"Yes, you've said that." Hermione sighed, but clapped along with everyone else when a shady looking boy was placed in Slytherin.

"I just don't understand, why no one cares. They're father and son for crying out loud. And look! Did you see that look? They're obviously undressing each other with their eyes. It's disturbing." Harry discreetly pointed toward the trio but Hermione and Ron didn't even bother looking.

"They're mates Harry, it's not like they can help who they bond with. It's kind of sweet if you think about it." Ron smartly said nothing in reply to his girlfriend's statement, but Harry on the other hand, had to open his big mouth.

"SWEET? You think they're sweet? You. Think. The. Malfoys. And. Snape. Are. Sweet?!" The emerald eyed boy looked up at the people in question and shuddered. Hermione had obviously gone mental.

"That is what I said." The girl didn't even look at him, she simply kept her eyes on Dumbledore as he began his beginning of term speech.

"How?" Harry was leaning across the table as if he thought the closer he was, the sooner his friend would give him an answer.

"I think it's sweet that they accepted each other even though there's an age difference between Malfoy and Snape and Malfoy Jr. I also think the fact that they're willing to work through the relation between the Malfoys, is romantic and sweet. Now, shut up." The last part was snapped out in such a way that Harry immediately sat back, and nodded. There was no way he was giving Hermione an excuse to castrate him.

"Fine." Harry whispered and turned his attention to the headmaster, trying desperately to keep from looking at the mated trio behind him.


"Divination, first thing tomorrow." Ron moaned as he, Harry, and Hermione walked down the hallway, heading for Gryffindor Tower. "What in the name of Merlin did we do to deserve that?" The red head was throwing his arms around animatedly and both Harry and Hermione were forced to duck and dodge to keep from being hit.

"Well, I'm more concerned about the double potions AFTER divination." Harry sighed with a glance down at the cursed schedule he held in his hand.

"Oh, that's just you and 'Mione, mate."

"Don't call me that." The comeback was snapped out based on instinct and Harry immediately gave Ron an apologenic look. "Sorry." He mumbled.

"Hey, don't worry about it. My ba-"

"Potter!" Oh no, not him, not that wonderful amazing man.

"What Malfoy?" Harry and his friends turned to face the Slytherin student as he gracefully walked over to them, his mouth twisted into his famous smirk. Malfoy didn't say a word and instead of stopping at a respectable distance from the golden trio, he kept walking.

"I need your help, Potter." Draco placed one hand on Harry's chest and pushed him until the dark haired Alchai was pressed up against the stone wall, only centimeters seperating them.

"Get away from me!" Harry exclaimed and tried to push his mate away only to have Malfoy's mouth swoop down to cover his own.

What little will power Harry had snapped the moment the blonde veela kissed him, he tangled his fingers in Draco's soft hair and pulled his head closer, kissing the man back passionately. Harry moaned as his mouth was invaded by his mate's tongue, which mapped out the cavern expertly, causing him to grind his growing erection into Draco's thigh.

As suddenly as it began, the kiss was forcefully ended when the veela pulled away, his smirk even more pronounced now and bordering on a real smile. "Oh, the headmaster wants to speak with you. The password is 'sugar quills'." With that, the man turned and walked away, a bounce to his step.

"Bloody hell, what was that?" Ron asked and Harry was brought back to the real world to see his red headed friend looking absolutely tramuatized and Hermione with a far away look in her eye.

"I have no idea." He replied honestly, his mind reeling with thoughts ranging from "I'll kill the ferret" to "Merlin, let him turn around and do that again". It was then that Harry realized what Malfoy had told him. "Hey, guys, Dumbledore wants me. I'll see you later." The teen patted Hermione's shoulder lightly before turning and walking down the same hallway that Draco had disappeared down.

Harry hesitantly knocked on Dumbledore's office door, shifting from foot to foot in a fit of nerves. "Come in." He heard from the other side and took a deep breath before stepping inside.

"Oh no," He said and turned to walk back out, only to have a hand wrap around his arm and pull him further into the office where both the Malfoys were sitting comfortably... in one chair.

"Snape, let me go. Damn it, let me go!" Harry's arm was immediately released and the boy went tumbling to the ground. "Ow." He moaned as he stood up and walked over to the chair furthest away from his mates, who were starting to smell really good.

"Harry, I'm sure by now you've realized why I've called you here." Dumbledore said, his blue eyes sparkling annoyingly behind his half moon spectacles.

"No, I actually have no idea why I'm here." Snape opened his mouth to say something in reply to that statement but Harry cut him off before he could continue. "And before you say it, no, it's not because I'm a dimwit." Silence.

"Mister Potter, please show Professor Snape some respect." The headmaster said warningly, causing Harry to scoff, cross his arms, and sink down into his chair. Once the teenager was quiet and seemingly willing to listen, Dumbledore continued, shooting the three Slytherins a look that obviously meant he would handle this without their "help."

"Harry, it has recently come to my attention that these men," he motioned toward the three men to his left who looked just moments away from attacking him.... and not in a physical way. "Are your mates." NO! He was going to medle, Harry just knew it.

"Now, I understand that you have yet to consumate this bond," never let that man never use that word again, "but I feel it would be in the best interests of all involved if you, Severus, Lucius, and Draco stayed in a family suite for the rest of the school year." Harry's eyes widened in a mixture of surprise and disbelief, he couldn't be serious. "Lemon Drop?"

"NO!" His mates flinched at his shout, but Dumbledore didn't even flinch, simply replaced the bowl of yellow tinted sweets back on the desk.

"There is no need to scream, Mr. Potter, a polite refusal would sufice." Lucius said with a small smile that effectively snapped Harry's last nerve.

"No, I do not want a lemon drop! No, I am not staying with them! And no, I am NOT okay." Small objects began rolling off the headmaster's desk and Snape was forced to dig his finger nails into his palms to keep from strangling the overly emotional boy.

"Harry, calm down, my boy." Dumbledore suggested gently and Harry slowly did as he asked, tearing his gaze away from the three men on the other side of the room and focusing it on the man he had grown to think of as a grandfather. "There, " the older man said, "now Harry, I know you're upset," scoff, "but I'm afraid that you can not stay in Gryffindor Tower-"

"Fine, let me stay somewhere else! I can sleep in the Great Hall with a cot and a quilt." It'd get tricky when students started coming down for breakfast, but this was Hogwarts, they could figure something out.

"You can not stay in Gryffindor Tower," the headmaster continued as if Harry hadn't intterupted, "Because you are technically considered a professor's spouse and while I have no qualms about giving you you're own room or allowing you into the dorm, the board of governers would not accept it. Now, you must either stay with your 'spouses' or leave the school." The room became extremely still, as if no one dared to move an inch or even breathe. Harry could feel his mates' eyes on him, but he forced himself to continue staring at the headmaster.

"Well.... I heard Dumstrang was pretty good, do you think they're still accepting students?"

"HARRY!" The word was just barely growled out before Harry felt a fist connect with his jaw.

"Ow!" He snapped and turned to look at Draco, who was being restrained by a very upset Snape. "What the hell was that for?" Harry lifted a hand to feel the burning spot on his cheek and hissed in pain, yeah, that was going to bruise.

"Don't you dare leave us." The boy was trying desperately to get out of his mate's grasp, but the older man over powered him easily and he was unable to physically attack the alchai.

"You don't control me, Malfoy. I'll do whatever I damn well please." Harry had been too focused on the younger blonde that he didn't notice the man's father approaching him until a hand was fisted in his robes and he was hanging several inches above the ground.

"Listen to me very carefully, Mr.Potter." Lucius growled. "I have been waiting twenty years to find my mate, or in this case, mates. Do not think I am above locking you in a closet to keep you with me." There was fire in those silver eyes, and there was no doubt in Harry's mind that the man meant what he said.

"Boys." Professor Dumbledore said sternly, "please release one another." Harry, was slowly placed back on his feet, and Snape allowed Draco to scramble back to his chair. "Now, Harry, Dumstrang, if you decide to attend will not allow you entry until next term." There was a low inhuman sound, from his left and Harry looked over to see Snape growling/hissing at the headmaster, his fangs extended and lips pulled back in a snarl.

"Severus, control yourself." Dumbledore said lowely and Lucius walked over to wrap his arms around the taller man, calming him considerably.

"As I was saying, Harry, while you may attend, Drumstrang is not a safe place for anyone, even without a war going on. Now, wards can be placed on your room here and no one will be allowed entrance without your permission; this arrangement does not need to be as torturous as you're making it seem. You're friends are here, you know all of the professors, and it is your home. Do you really want to give that up, over living arrangements?" Honestly, he didn't and after several deep breaths and a few moments of just thinking, Harry realized that maybe he was over reacting. Maybe.

"Fine." Harry mumbled, "but those better be some strong wards."


I know, it's not good. I know this! It doesn't flow right. I am also aware of the fact that Draco is crazy, he's kissing and then hitting people, the boy has lost his mind.

Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

The walk toward this mysterious family suite was strange and uncomfortable. Harry had a Malfoy on either side and Snape was leading the way, his robes billowing out behind him. Draco was on his right and every few seconds he would glance at him and open his mouth as if to say something, only to snap it closed and glare at the floor as if it was the source of his dilema.

"Potter." The boy said finally turning to look at Harry. "I-I" Draco took a deep breath and started over. "I'm sorry." As though a weight had been lifted off his shoulders, Malfoy sighed and relaxed into the easy stroll.

"For hitting me?" Harry asked, honestly confused, the slytherin had cast more spells, hexes, jinxes and charms on him then he could count; now all of the sudden he was apologizing for hitting him?

"No, I'd do it again if the situation was repeated. I'm sorry for hurting you, you're my mate I shouldn't cause you pain." Merlin, it was like just saying those words were a struggle. Malfoy wouldn't look at him and was grinding his teeth together in way that made it extremely difficult to understand him.

"Just say you forgive him so he can sleep tonight." Snape shot over his shoulder and disappeared around a corner.

"I forgive you, I guess. Just...don't do it again?" Harry had no idea what he was supposed to say to the boy who apologized for hitting him, yet not for hitting him, but for the pain the hitting caused.

The rest of the walk was silent, Harry tried desperately to remember the way, but there were far too many twists and turns for him to even hope to memerize. The only thing he did know, was that they were somewhere on the sixth floor and that students obviously didn't come this way.

"Emerald," Snape said a few feet ahead of them and a portrait swung open, allowing the dark man entrance into the room.

"Draco redecorated earlier, he did a fair job, but you're more than willing to change anything." Lucius promised and stopped outside the door, gesturing for the two younger men to walk in first.

Harry hesitantly stepped into what would become his new "home" for the school year and found that while a proud slytherin had decorated it, the main room wasn't anything like he expected. Instead of a mesh of green and silver, Harry found a soothing living room filled tans, whites, and blacks. It was a place that he could imagine relaxing in, doing homework, and if the apocolapse came early, spending time with his mates in.

"Not bad, Malfoy." He said and the blonde preened under the praise that was given to him. Lucius chuckled at his son's antics and taped him in the side of the head in a move that seemed more loving then violent.

"Drink this, Potter." A dark green potion was thrust in Harry's direction and the boy jumped at the sudden appearance of the potions master. "It'll keep your jaw from bruising." Harry uncorked the vial and while he didn't think his mate would posion him, hesitated before downing the foul liquid.

"Thanks." Harry handed the man the container and he turned before storming away.

"Harry, your room is through there, I couldn't get through to look at the bathroom, so you'll have to change anything yourself." Draco had just barely pointed toward a door on the right, before Harry was opening it and peering inside.

Holy Gryffindor. The room was like a minaturized version of the Gryffindor common room, all crimson and gold, a complete eye-sore to tell you the truth, but it was familar and if his mate was anyone else, Harry would have thanked him.

"Better than expected." The boy said over his shoulder and stepped fully into the room, slaming the door closed behind him.

"Has he even heard of manners?" Draco asked as Severus came back into the room. "I mean is it so hard to say 'thank you Malfoy'? Arse." He plopped down onto one of the leather couches before getting a lap full of vampire. "You're sitting on me." He mentioned, but the man was facing the opposite direction and began speaking to Lucius.

"I discovered a very interesting charm today." Severus said, smirking as his cushion began wiggling in an attempt to free himself.

"Oh?" Lucius was trying extremely hard not to laugh at his lovers, Sev seemed totally relaxed in his position and Draco was making chocking/dying sounds as he struggled to lift the older man off of him.

"Yes, its a version of the Sonorus spell. It amplifies all sounds within a room, and can be directed toward a specific listener." He couldn't help it, Sev's eyebrow wiggle, paired with Draco's smirk, and an a very vivid mental image caused Lucius to begin laughing hysterically.

"And where, may I ask, did you find this spell?"

"In 'A 1001 charms to annoy your parents with'." Severus answered and Draco's eyes widened remarkably. "Which I found in Dragon's trunk."

"You noisy bat!" The boy laughed and managed to wiggle out from underneath his mate. "Stay out of my things!"

"What were you planning to do with this charm?" Lucius asked, completely ignoring his son, who was glaring jokingly at Severus.

"Well, Potter was very rude to young Draco. I believe he needs to be punished."

"I agree with that. Also, we did promise the young one a special night." Lucius had never seen Draco look so excited, he seemed only moments away from spontaniously combusting.

"Really?" Lucius nodded and Draco practically squealed. "Really?" This time the question was directed toward Severus who also nodded, causing the young veela to smile widely and turn toward their bedroom, pulling his shirt and throwing it to the side as he walked.

"He's going to hurt himself." Severus laughed as he picked up the discarded piece of clothing.

"Draco will be fine, the bed is soft after all." There was a banging noise from inside the bedroom and Lucius gave his mate an exasperated look before going in to investigate.

"What are you -Merlin." Draco was lying in the middle of the orgy-sized bed, a jar of lubricant in one hand, and his pretty cock in the other.

"Are you two going to join me or just stand there and watch. Oh, that can be hot." The boy's hand slid up and down his shaft, gathering the small amount of precome to ease the way.

"You," Severus growled from behind Lucius just moments before he gently pushed the blonde man out of the way in order to move toward Draco. "Went from zero to leaking in under a minute." The brunette leaned down and claimed the boy's mouth in a kiss, thrusting his tongue into the veela's mouth and tangling a hand in his hair.

"I'm seventeen." Draco breathed when Severus pulled away to begin undressing.

"No, you're a slut." Lucius corrected as he spelled his clothes off and crawled up the bed toward his son who looked insulted for a moment before smiling wickedly and shrugging.

"True." Then the blondes met and Lucius straddled his son's thighs before bending his head to kiss the younger man. Draco made the most delicious moans and Lucius swallowed every one, his hand reaching for the other veela's cock to pull even more of those sounds from him.

"Do you have any idea what the two of you look like?" Severus asked as he joined the couple on the bed after casting locking spells on the door and the amplfying charm that would drive their fourth mate crazy.

"Incredible." Draco offered as the vampire began kissing down his chest, ripping a mewl from his lips as he began sucking on a nipple.

"Always." The brunette whispered before biting the nub in his mouth gently and rolling Lucius off his son so that he was sitting up against the head board. With no other warning, Severus leaned down and swallowed the blonde's cock down to the root.

"Looks like someone -oh- is eager -Merlin Sev!" The vampire's head was bobbing up and down at a speed that wasn't humanly possible. Draco was so entranced by the scene in front of him that he forgot what his part was until Lucius placed the forgotten jar of lube in his hand and motioned for him to get going.

Lucius watched as his son scrambled across the bed and kneeled behind Severus, who immediately rose up to his elbows and knees, giving the boy a view that had him biting his lip and groaning.

"Is he hard?" The older blonde asked and Draco reached around Severus to grip the man's cock which was indeed fully erect and pulsing in his hand.

"Very," He drawled and moved his hand to the brunette's arse, caressing the cheeks lightly before pulling them apart and lowering his head to run his tongue over the pink pucker.

"Gods," Sev breathed, thrusting his hips back to get more of that wonderfuly tongue, while continuing his minstrations on Lucius' cock.

Draco clumsily lubed up one of his fingers and began pressing it into his dark haired lover while continuing to lick the skin around the opening. The intrusion only fueled Severus' movements and he immediately began fucking himself on the digit. "More," the man ordered, causing Lucius to cry out and tangle his fingers in Severus' dark hair.

The young veela complied with the potions master and inserted a second finger into the man before curling them ever so slightly until..."Oh!" He found Sev's prostate. "God's Draco, please." What he was begging for, Draco had no idea, he just continued stretching him, scissoring his fingers and casusing Severus to moan even louder as he pushed his hips back and repeated his plea of "Please." Slowly a third finger was added, and Sev very nearly screamed around Lucius' cock.

Draco didn't stop moving his fingers in and out of Severus until his father spoke up, "Draco, he's stretched enough, you're not going to hurt him."

"Gods, no." The vampire agreed and wiggled his bum enticingly.

The young man rose up to his knees and took several deep, calming breaths before gripping his cock and lining it up with Sev's opening. "Draco." He looked up and his eyes met his father's as he slowly pushed into his lover.

"Oh, ahh, tight." He moaned, and bit his lower lip as he sank into Severus' heat, his gaze never leaving Lucius'.

"Wait for a few moments." Lucius instructed, thrusting shallowly into Sev's mouth, his eyes drifting closed as pleasure overwhelmed him. "Once you've pulled yourself together move slowly, get the feel of him before settling into a pace-AHH-that pleases you both." The sound of the older man instructing him on how to fuck their mate was quite possibly the most arousing thing he had ever heard.

Draco did as he was told, slowly sliding in and out of the brunette until he got use to those tight internal muscles gripping his cock before giving into Severus' begging of "Harder" and "Faster." Lucius was moaning loudly, every shout from the vampire causing the wet cavern around his prick to vibrate wonderously.

The young blonde tightened his grip on the potion master's hip as he slowly reached around and took the man's cock in his hand, stroking it in time with his thrust. Suddenly, a shout not belonging to either Draco or Severus rang out and the younger of the three looked up to see Lucius still as he came in the brunette's mouth.

"Merlin, Sev." He breathed and sloppily petted the man's head as he licked him clean. Severus pressed his forehead against Lucius' thigh as Draco pounded into him, forcing him forward with every thrust.

"AHHH-Close!" He screamed as his younger mate brushed against his prostate at the same moment, his thumb rubbed the head of his cock. "So close, Draco." The blonde could only grunt in reply.

After a few more thrusts, Severus cried out as he spilt his seed into his young lover's hand, his passage tightening around Draco, causing him to scream loud enough to wake the dead before coming deep within the vampire.

"Merlin," Draco groaned as he collapsed on top of his mates before being rolled over to the side. "That was-"

"Yeah," Severus agreed, causing Lucius to chuckle as he pulled both men closer to him.

"Do you think that spell worked?" He asked and before either of the other two men could answer, Harry's voice drifted into the room.

"Yes it worked you sick bastards!" The man sounded extremely upset... a little too upset.

"Sounds like someone's fustrated." Draco joked as he curled himself around Lucius, burying his head between his mate's neck and shoulder, his platnium blonde hair covering his face like a curtain.

"I'm not fustrated!" Harry's exclaimation only cemented Draco's statement.

"Definitely fustrated." Severus agreed and ended the charm , giving them once again their privacy.

Harry looked around his new room and noticed that all of his belongings had been brought up. His trunk was sitting next to the foot of the bed, his clothes were hanging in the closet and Hedwig was sitting on his window sill.

"Hey, girl." Harry said and reached up to pet the snowy owl. "I haven't seen you for awhile, what have you been up too?" The bird cocked her head to the side and hooted. "Sounds like fun, wish I could have joined you, it's been kind of hectic this summer; but next year, it's you and me."


"That's my girl. Would you mind sending a note up to Ron and Hermione? I really don't feel like getting lost tonight." Hedwig nodded and Harry quickly scribbled down an explanation of what was going on and a promise to tell the couple more tomorrow. Once the note was finished, he handed it over to the owl who immediately took it and flew off.

Harry was still watching his girl fly away when Severus' voice met his ears, "Do you have any idea what the two of you look like?" What? He turned around to find that he was alone in the room. How was that possible? It sounded like his mate had spoken directly into his ear.


"Always." Where in the world were those voices coming from? Oh, Merlin, it wasn't just voices. He heard a loud moan and shivered, someone was having a good time.

"Looks like someone -oh- is eager -Merlin Sev!" Gods, they were having sex. People didn't make those sounds unless they were doing... it; but why was it so damn loud? Not even covering his ears muffled the sound.

"God's Draco, please!" Okay, he did not want to hear this. Harry stormed out of his room and instead of heading toward the suite entrance, he started opening the other doors, there had to be a room he could stay in that would muffle this.

"Draco, he's stretched enough, you're not going to hurt him." Wait, Malfoy topped? Who'd a thunk it. Oh, this was good. Harry opened one of the doors to see the Hogwarts Library. That had to be out of hearing range.

It wasn't, the boy-who-lived was now standing in an entirely different part of the castle and he still had moans, groans, and.... was Snape begging.... in his ear. It's a spell, that was the only explanation. His mates had cast a spell that forced him to listen as they fucked each other. Who did that?

Sadistic Slytherins. That's who.

"Faster, please Draco, faster." He was going to read, or find books to read later, hopefully keeping busy would kill his damn hard on.... which he was not getting due to the sounds he was hearing!


Magical creature section. Magical creature section. Here we go. Harry pulled out a few books, some on veela, others on vampires, and even a couple on creature mates. He would be informed, no more surprises for Harry Potter.

"So close, Draco."

The alchai shuddered in part disgust and part arousal... I mean extreme disgust, at the sound of his most hated professor so close to... that. It was then that he decided to leave, the books cradled against his chest as he stepped back through the reappearing door and entered the living room.

"Do you think that spell worked?"

"Yes it worked you sick bastards!" Harry shouted as he made it back to his own room and placed his load of literature on his new desk.

"Sounds like someone's fustrated."

"I'm not fustrated!" He exclaimed and marched into the bathroom, planning on taking a shower to get the... ick.... off of him. He was not going to wank, he was absolutely NOT GOING TO WANK.

"Definitely fustrated." Harry heard and he groaned before pulling off his shirt and starting to undress. He'd get them back for this, if it was the last thing he'd do.

Damn, sadistic Slytherins.

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Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

The next morning found Harry in the Great Hall, he had just finished telling his two best friends what had happened the night before and Ron and Hermione were still staring at him in a mix of shock and disbelief, several moments later.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Harry. If I'd had known, I would have told you." Hermione said refering to his forced change of resitence before advertin her gaze to her lap and looking as though she felt his entire situation was her fault. "We could have figured something out."

Harry carefully leaned forward, making sure to remain out of the pile of scrambled eggs in front of him, and caught Hermione's eye before speaking to her. "Don't worry about it, Mione. There's nothing you could-" Something in Harry's statement set the girl off and she snapped her head up angrily, causing Harry to reel back.

"I could have done more research. You don't deserve what they did to you, Harry, it was cruel and completely uncalled for." More reasearch? Was that even physically possible?

"But they DID do it, all I can do now is try to get them back." Harry already had a few plans on how to do that, each one more cruel and unusual than the last.

"Just don't let this turn into some big battle, Harry. You need to learn to get along with them." Why? Battles sounded fun right now, dye some teaching robes pink, charm quills to sing every inapropriate thought, sounds like a blast right?

"Like that'll happen." Ron, who had been silent thus far, said. "Now, what you have to do is-" He had leaned forward to whisper something to Harry only to be pulled back by his collar and get a ear full of girlfriend.


"What?" It was obvious that the red head had no idea what Hermione was on going on about.

"Don't encourage him."

"But Mione."

"Ron." The look Hermione gave the boy would have been hilarious if she wasn't really prepared to rip his head off and feed it to a dragon.

"Fine," Ron turned to Harry and sighed, "Harry, you should talk about your feelings and try to work through your problems with your mates." The man took a bite of his toast before asking Hermione. "Better?"

"You're not funny." He seethed and Harry suddenly felt very bad for his long time friend. Hermione was going to kill him, that much was perfectly obvious.

"Okay! I've heard enough! Ron, we need to get to class. Hermione, I'll see you in potions, save me a seat." With that, Harry stood up and marched out of the Great Hall, carefully avioding the other students leaving as well.

"Wait up!" He heard Ron call as he reached the staircase, and slowed down enough for the taller man to reach him. "Hey, I'm sorry, m-Harry. Herm and I just got a little caught up."

"I uderstand that. I just hate seeing the two of you fight, even those little tiffs get to me." Ron's face instantly lit up as though his mother had forgotten to send him a Weasley jumper for Christmas.

"Aww!" Harry instantly had an arm slung around his shoulders and knew where this conversation was going. "Don't worry, honey, mummy and daddy will always love you."


How could that woman find ANOTHER way for him to die? This time Professor Sybil had informed him in that creepy voice of hers that he would be attacked by a unicorn and would not survive the encounter. Merlin, the woman was nuts, why had he agreed to take her class?

Harry thought of this as he walked through the door of potions class before immediately noticing that there was a strange man sitting in the corner and glaring at him evilly. But on a completely different note, Hermione had indeed saved him a seat and was nowing waving him over.

"How'd it go?" She asked the moment Harry sat down and before he could answer, Snape stormed into the room in his usal dramatic fashion and looked over the class as if trying to decide who to kill first. Really, that's what he looked like, the man was obviously pissed off.

"Granger, Malfoy, switch." He ordered and when the two students remained seated added. "Now!" Hermione jumped at the sound and immediately began gathering her things as quickly as possible before giving Harry an apologetic look and walking past Malfoy in order to get to the work station Zabini was seated at.

"Argh," Harry moaned when the blonde boy sat down beside him and began making himself comfortable.

"The instructions for today's assignment is on the board, you have until the end of class to brew it. Failure to do so will not be tolerated." With that, Snape sat at his desk and began reading an impossibly thick book that looked like something Hermione would pick out for a "little light reading."

"What are you moaning about, Potter?" Malfoy asked when Harry repeated the sound when the blonde was forced to move closer to get a view of their cauldron.

"What do you think, Malfoy?" Harry snapped and gave the other boy a glare as he added the sliced ginger root to the dragon's blood base.

"Just stir and talk to me when you can act civil." Draco responded without looking up from his preparation of their ingredients. How he got the easy job, Harry will never know.

"Civil?" The teen asked, unsure if whether Malfoy was joking or not. Did he honestly expect Harry to be civil after that stunt he pulled?

"Yes, polite, kind, understand now?" Harry would have told the veela exactly how well he understood, but before he could open his mouth Snape was standing in front of him and was looking at thier potion as if it was scum on the bottom of his shoe.

"Counter-clockwise, Mr.Potter is to the left." It was then that Harry noticed that he had been stiring in the wrong direction. "Which is that way." Snape pointed to the left as though he thought Harry was too stupid to know the difference between the two directions. "Five points from Gryffindor for not following directions."

"Bastard." Harry whispered to himself as the professor walked away, sadly, he had forgotten that the man was a vampire and had better hearing then the average human.

"Ten points for language, and before you open your mouth, consider the consequences and whether or not your house can afford it." Snape said without turning to face the green eyed boy.

Harry ground his teeth together and allowed Malfoy to drop in a few ingredients, one reversing the damage the incorrect stiring had caused.

The rest of the class went pretty smoothly, Harry made sure to follow the instructions on the board and if he kept his eyes on the purple potion in front of him, he didn't even need to look at Malfoy. But as well as it went, he was still glad to hear Snape say, "Bottle your potions and bring them forward. Leave after cleaning your stations." Which was the only good thing to ever leave that man's mouth.

Harry, like the other students quickly cleared the work table and slung his bag over his shoulder before grabbing the vial that contain his and Malfoy's potion and walking up to the potions master's desk. He placed the assignment next to the identical others without looking at Snape and practically ran from the room in order to avoid his mates and to catch up with Hermione who was already down the hallway and heading for Transfiguration.

"Who was that guy, in there?" He asked as he slowed to a walk beside his friend. "He just sat there and took notes." The man had been pretty unnoticeable once class had started, but that look he had given Harry was still imprinted in his mind. It wasn't a kind look.

"He's from the ministry, here to make sure Snape treats you and Malfoy fairly. Probably why he made the two of you sit together, it'll be less of hassle for him just to hand over one set of assignments to be looked over than two." Hermione answered as they turned down a hallway and made their way to the familar classroom.

"Makes sense I assume. Do you think he'll be here all year?" The duo walked past professor McGonagall and took their seats next to Ron.

"Probably not, just until he realizes that Snape won't grade you defferently just because you're his mates."

"What are you two going on about?" Ron asked and Harry went about telling him about the ministry official that had sat in on their potions lesson; only pausing when Draco strolled in along with his two over sized Goons and Zabini.

"Okay, quiet." The room became silent as Professor McGonagall walked into the room. No one daring to cross the woman. "Today we will be transfiguring simple small objects into more complicated flowers." The professor taped a feather with her wand and said clearly for the whole room to hear, "Transmuto Flos." Instantly, a lilly was sitting on her desk and with a simple wand wave, the feather reappeared.

"The type of flower is determined by the cator's wish, merely think of what species you desire and it should appear. Now, please begin." Even though the stern look never left the woman's face, Harry knew that she had purposally given them an easy assignment, strange, but not impossible, it was the first day after all.

Harry easily transfigured a crystal vase from one of the feathers and went about turning the rest into a boquet of flowers. The moment Ron and Hermione left to work together in the corner of the room Malfoy sat down at the empty desk to his left and held out a red rose for him to take. "Hey Potter." Harry ignored the plant and the boy and continued on in his task for several moments before finally speaking.

"Can't you just leave me alone?" The rose was now right in front of his face and he growled before snatching it and stuffing it into the vase along with ones he'd created.

"What's got you all worked up? I try to be all sweet and romantic and I nearly get my head bitten off." Harry ignored him, forcing himself from snapping somethng out about how an easily transfigured plant wasn't what he'd call "romantic" or "sweet" for that matter.

"Is this about last night?" Malfoy asked and Harry could do nothing but scoff. Apparently the boy was a little slow on the update. "How am I supposed to know what's wrong if you don't talk to me?" Draco had moved from his seat and was now bent over Harry's desk, forcing the brunnette to look at him.

"You want me to talk?" He hissed. "Fine, I'm pissed that you and your... whatever you call them decided to act like a bunch of first years last night and pull a damn prank on me my first night in a brand new, unknown place. On second thought, no, I'm totally overreacting." Harry moved to stand up only to have Malfoy push him back down in a show of either amazing strength on his part or weakness on Harry's.

"Wait." Those liquid silver eyes were blazing but Harry couldn't find the will to look away. "We didn't mean to upset you." There, he found it. The teen, pushed away from his desk and glared at the blonde was unfortunate enough to have as a mate.

"You broadcasted the sound of your disgusting act into my ear!" He whispered so that no one would hear the conversation. "Did you honestly think that I'd be okay with it? Did you think I wouldn't feel absolutely filthy? Really?" For the first time since Harry had known him, Draco looked absolutely confused and hurt.

"It was a joke." The words came out in what sounded like a whimper and they only fueled Harry's anger.

"Does it look like I'm laughing?" He seethed and Malfoy noticeably flinched before walking around to sit in the abandoned chair.

"The charm was just meant to make you fustrated and wish you were with us. It was all in good fun. We didn't mean to hurt you."

"That's what they all say, Malfoy." Harry snapped and stood from desk before heading toward the door the exit just as Mcgonagall said, "Class Dismissed."


I know the classes aren't that detailed, I don't have the patience to sit and type about every little detail of potions class, and divination didn't have an important purpose in this chapter so I basically left it out.

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*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

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Draco spent the rest of the day thinking about what his mate had said. He didn't talk to anyone at lunch, only barely glancing up at Lucius and Severus at the teacher's table; and didn't intervene when Blaise and Pansy began arguing over some Ravenclaw boy, which normally would have sent him on a hexing spree.

Harry was upset and hurt, over something he did. It didn't matter that it was Severus' idea, Draco agreed with it for the same reason the other man thought of it. It was a Slytherin thing, something he thought the snake-like lion would understand. Apparently he hadn't.

You see, in the dungeons it was tradition for the older years to pull pranks on the first years, nothing that would harm them of course, only annoy or amuse them. It was their way of saying "we accept you" and more often then not, Slytherins would continueing pranking members of their own house in order to say "I love you but I'm not mushy enough to actually admit it." It was a sign of respect, friendship, and Harry had taken it as the complete opposite.

He walked through the front entrance of their suite and noticed his father standing beside the oak desk in the living room and rifling through a box. Lucius looked up as he entered and the man's silver eyes immediately lit up.

"Dragon, come look at this." He waved the boy over and motioned to an envelope he held in his hand. "Remember that letter I sent requesting the name of the person that came into their inheritance on July 31st?" Draco did, and nodded as he come to stand beside his taller mate.

"Yes, I thought they refused to give you anything." He had always assumed that since Lucius never told him who they were looking for, that the ministry had decided to simply ignore his request and up until now, he hadn't been told any different.

"No, I got a response that night we mated with Sev, I just never opened it." The man went about pulling out the folded piece of parchment from the envelope and Draco tried to get a better look only to have his father pull it away. "Well, the house elves put all the unopened mail in his box and when I came down I started to look through it. Now, look at this, wouldn't that have made our lives easier." Lucius unfolded the parchment and held it up for Draco to see the two words scrawled there. "Harry Potter"

"Uh-huh," the young veela said, the name bringing back the memory of Harry telling him how he interpreted their prank.

"What's wrong? Don't say 'nothing'." Lucius asked, carefully raising his son's face to look him in the eye.

"I spoke with Harry in transfiguration today."


"And he was really hurt by what we did last night." The words caused Lucius to frown and look at him as if he thought the boy was lying to him.

"Why? He wanted to join in but couldn't break the wards?" Draco just stared at the older blonde, not understanding how someone so intelligent could be so slow.

"No, he said it made him feel disgusting... he was really upset." Recognizition shone in the professor's mercury eyes and Draco sighed in relief. Finally.

"But, you did tell him we didn't mean anything by it, right?" Lucius slowly lowered himself into a leather recliner and took Draco's hand before pulling him down to sit on his lap. The young man rolled his eyes, but let himself be positioned until he was straddling his father's thighs and gazing at his perfect face.

"Of course I did, but, I think that just made everything worse." Draco said, recalling the way Harry just seemed to snap the moment he told him it was all a joke. That definitely didn't make things better.

"Well.... we can't tell Severus." No Duh. "He'll blame himself and that'll be completely counterproductive." The older man began running his fingers through Draco's hair in a comforting gesture that wasn't lost on the veela.

"And you do know what we have to do something about this, right?" Duh, times two. "The last thing we want is to let Harry think we purposely went out of our way to hurt him. He's hard enough to get along with as is." From the way the man was speaking, Draco knew that he had a plan forming in that beatifully devious head of his.

"What have you got in mind?" The teen asked as he leaned forward to kiss the spot right behind his father's ear that never failed to make him shiver.

"I'm not... oh.... sure yet, but it'll have to be something Gryffindor. Apparently he doesn't appreciate our way." His hands tightened thier hold on Draco's hair and pulled his head closer, silently urging him on in his quest to taste every inch of his father's neck.

"We're going to hate ourselves later, aren't we?" Draco asked, the thought not making him nearly as ill as it normally would have.

"Absolutely." Lucius smirked before lifting the boy's head to kiss him properly.

Severus stepped into the living room, intent on relaxing after a long day of dealing with blubbering idiots and Ministry workers, only to find his two blonde mates snogging heavilly in a chair in the back of the room. "Are you two completely adverse to breathing?" He asked after several minutes of watching (intently) and noticing that neither man had taken a break to breathe.

"Who needs air when they've got Fath-Luc?" Draco asked over his shoulder before attacking the older man's neck and the small portion of chest exposed.

"Just keep the noise down." Severus ordered as he sat down on the couch and summoned his book from the office. He had barely gotten the cover open before being intterupted.

"Jealous?" Lucius' voice asked. "You could always join us you know. I'm sure Draco wouldn't mind."

"Of course I wouldn't. Come on, Sev, Harry's not here, we could christen the living room." Severus tried really hard to read, really he did, but those little moans the couple were making drew his attention and he couldn't help but turn his head to get a view of his mates.

Draco was stradling his father, his hands tangled in long platnium hair, and kissing him desperately. Lucius wasn't much better, thrusting up against the boy, and his hands hidden from view under Draco's shirt. Gods, they were beautiful together.

"As tempting as that offer is," Severus said as coolly as he could manage. "I have some reading I wish to do." He snapped gaze away from his mates and looked down at the tome on his lap which was now opened to the page he had left off on.

"You're going to pass on fucking us, so you can read?" asked Draco, obviously insulted that the potions master would pick a book over him and his father.

"The poor man has been breathing in those potions fumes all day, I think he's dilarious." There was a startled moan/cry from Draco and without even needing to turn to his lovers, Severus knew Lucius had pinched one of his nipples, rather hard if that mewling after sound was anything to go by.

"I'm laughing on the inside, really." He deadpanned and finally found the paragraph he needed.

"Well, if you're going to ignore us for a book, then at least inform us of what has grasped your attention so throughly." More moans and groans were heard and Severus was forced to bite his lower lip to keep from throwing the book away and joining the couple.

"'Alchai, Everything You Need to Know About Your New Mate' a necessary peice of literature, I assure you." He answered and continued to read about the mating habits of his... Harry.

"I'm sure, but is it.... yes, right there.... really worth skipping out on us?" Don't look, Severus Snape, you will not look at the two amazingly sexy men engaging in foreplay five feet away, you will NOT. It was only his amazing will power that kept his eyes on the parchment in front of him.

"I am not 'skipping out on you' I merely feel that discovering our mate's traits will be in all of our best interest."

"Of course," Lucius agreed, "though we won't be holding back for your benifet, I'd move to the office if I wanted to actually get some work done." That was a good idea, and Severus would have done what the man suggested... if he could walk right now.

"I'm fine where I am." He lied, finally giving up on trying to read and simply staring at the words on the page in front of him.

"Oh, someone's excited." Draco laughed. "But seriously, father-" Sev flinched at the cursed word, "-and I were discussing Harry earlier and we both feel that we should change our method of persuasion, he is a Gryffindor after all." Severus chanced a look over at the blondes to see that they had stopped gropping each other and that Draco had turned around to face him. Apparently, this really was serious.

"I agree with that. I do not feel our previous attempt at persuasion went over well. Mister Potter seemed unusually hostile today." The two veela looked shocked for half a moment before they expertly masked their reactions. Did they really think he wouldn't notice their mate's reactions? He wasn't an idiot, and as disturbingly sweet as it was for them to try to protect him from the big bad truth, he realized he messed up. It was rare, not impossible. "Now, I am going somewhere quiet, continue on with your activities."

"Spoils all the fun, he does." Lucius commented as Severus stood up and began walking to the office, where he would be able to put up a few silencing charms to actually get some peace.

"That's our Severus," There was a loud moan from Lucius as Draco began sucking on his pulse point and the vampire couldn't help but smile. "Our Severus," he liked the sound of that.


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*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

A week later Harry had calmed considerably. He was still living with his mates and had not found away around that as of yet, but thankfully, the incident of... that night hadn't reoccured, actually, the three men had been pretty considerate. They managed to leave him alone, without actually ignoring him, and Snape had even gone so far as to help him with a difficult potion's question.

It was during this time that Harry came to accept (not like, definitely not like) his situation. He acceted that he had three mates, that they happened to be Harry Haters, and that they smelled really good first thing in the morning. He had also read the books he had barrowed (stolen) from the library and discovered lots of interesting pieces of information. Harry learned that veelas often became violent in stressful situations (don't stress Draco out or he'll hit you), that vampires are extremely protective of their mates, and more that would take forever to explain.

But above all, in the last week, Harry had been scheming. Thinking up new and exciting pranks that while wouldn't make up for what they did, was definitely a start. This, was what he was thinking about as he walked towards the quidditch pitch for Gryffindor tryouts.

"Harry." Hermione suddenly appeared, causing the alchai to jump and just barely hold back a girlish scream. "I wanted to catch you before you got too busy." The girl was out of breath and was sucking in oxygen desperately, meaning she had obviously ran all the way here, probably from the library.

"What's the matter?" He asked, leading his friend toward the bench for her to sit on.

"I just wanted you to reconsider your plans for tomorrow." Not this again. Hermione had been constantly nagging him for days about his prank. She thought it was vastly immature, especially since he had indeed said that his mates had started acting better and that he was actually starting to tolerate them.

"Mione, I'm going through with it, no matter what you say. Thank you for caring about me, but I've spent way too much time and energy in planning this and setting everything up to just scrap it." Apparently that was the wrong thing to say because the woman immediately stood up and glared at him in a way that had his life flashing before his eyes.

"Harry, you've come too far to throw it all away over a stupid prank. What's more important, this hi-jinks or the rest of your life?" Harry rolled his eyes at his friend which earned him a rather hard smack to the back of the head. "I'm being serious Harry."

"I know Hermione, but you weren't there, you have no idea what I felt after that. I can't just let them get away with that." He had felt scumy for days after the fact, and potions and defense had been extremely uncomfortable. With two of his mates there, even if they were respectable and kind of nice... or as nice as Severus was capable of being.


"Harry! Come on, we don't have all day!" Ron yelled from the pitch. He was surrounded by a bunch of hopeful Gryffindors hoping to make the team and it was then that Harry realized why he was standing here, and it wasn't to argue with Hermione.

"Sorry, I have to go. I'll see you later though. Have fun studying." He kissed her lightly on the cheek and quickly ran away, his firebolt in hand, before she could start berating him.

"Harry!" The girl hissed but he was already with his team and possible future team members to answer.

"Alright!" Harry said over the excited chatter of the newbies. "We're looking for two chasers and a beater for the next season. Now I want my beaters over here," he pointed to a spot on his left and a small group broke away from the larger crowd to move to where he'd indicated. "And the chasers stay where you are."

"Okay, one section at a time are going to go up and the current team members are going to put you through your paces. We'll call back the players we think were the best of the bunch and pick from those for who'll be on the team. Simple right? Any questions?" A couple of hands were raised, their owners clearly confused over something he said.

"Good. Now chasers, you're up." The team and the hopefulls took of into the air and while they organized themselves, Harry made his way to the bleachers before sitting down. The new view perfect for watching the players without him having to worry about flying himself.

"Looks like you've got a pretty good crop this year." Malfoy, who Harry knew hadn't been anywhere to be seen two seconds ago, said as he sat down beside him.

"Yeah." The brunette kept his eyes on the people in the air, watching intently as they passed a quaffle back and forth, and mentally crossing the ones who nearly fell off their brooms when the ball was tossed to them off the list of call backs.

"Are you still mad at us?" Malfoy slid a little closer and Harry had to bite back a moan. Merlin, the veela smelt incredible, like vanilla and... Draco.

"Yeah." Jamison actually did fall of his broom, thankfully he was close enough to the ground that he just laughed and got back up. Mental Note: Do not allow Jamison on team.

"Can you say anything but 'yeah'?"

"Yeah." For the first time since Malfoy sat down, Harry turned his head to look at him. Secure in knowing who he'd call back tomorrow and who should never be allowed on a broomstick again.

Malfoy looked slightly agitated and the pout to his mouth made him seem even more kissable than normal. NO. Bad Harry, Malfoy is not kissable. He is barely tolerable. Stay focused. Strangely, his rant did little to keep him from wanting to lean over and kiss the other teen. Take that petruding lower lip between his own...

"Stop that!"

"Or what?" Harry smirked at his glowering mate, hoping his internal turmoil didn't show in his voice.

"Or this." Malfoy suddenly looped his arm around Harry's neck, pulling him down before rubbing his fist over the brunette's raven head. The alchai was torn between moaning at the close contact he had with his mate and fighting to get away.

"Okay, okay, I'll stop!" He cried and immediately began laughing along with Malfoy when he was released.

"Now," the blonde said after both he and Harry and calmed down considerably. "I'll ask again. Are you still made at us?" In all honesty, he wasn't.

"Yeah- I mean YES!"

"What can I do to make it up to you?" Images of Draco kissing him, touching him, and basically doing whatever he wanted to do to him, in order to "make it up" flashed through his mind, but Harry forced his thoughts in a different direction

"Explain to me why you did and I'll CONSIDER letting you off the hook." Those silver eyes sparkled with mischeif and Harry immediatley added. "But only because being angry is a very tiring process." And because he had a plan for the next day.

"It's because we're hot."


"Don't deny it!" A manicured hand rested on Harry's shoulder and all his will to fight with the blonde instantly fleed.

"Fine! Beaters your turn!" He called when he noticed that the group in the air was starting to descend, the loud noise causing Malfoy to jump, and coincidentally move closer to Harry. "Now get to explaining." Thankfully, the blonde remained where he had landed, allowing the alchai to bask in the feel on his mate's thigh pressed against his and in the smell of the man that turned him into goo.

"You'll have to kiss me, first." The blonde smirked, leaning over until there was only inches seperating them, silver eyes looking into green, and oh Merlin how he wanted to close the distance between their lips and kiss the boy.

"Don't make me smack you, Malfoy." Harry hissed playfully and reluctantly pulled away, leaving Malfoy to lean back against the bleacher seat behind them.

"Alright." Draco sighed as he looked over at the beaters, trying to hit bludgers with a bat, causing Harry to look that way as well. His gaze remained on them, even as his mate began speaking. "Pranking people is a Slytherin thing." Really? Harry scoffed, he had no idea.

"Shush. We don't just mess with Gryffindorks, we also prank each other." He turned to look at the blonde, a look of pure disbelief on his face that made Malfoy smirk in amusement. "No, I'm not joking so don't argue with me. Anyway, these pranks aren't anything that could hurt them of course, just make them laugh. They're supposed to be an act of friendship, and THAT'S how we meant... you know, that night to be. Funny and maybe a tad fustrating." Malfoy smiled for a moment before looking Harry directly into the eye and continuing. "But we never wanted to make you feel as though we don't care about you or that you weren't worth properly seducing."

A hand was placed on Harry's thigh and he couldn't help but shiver. His mates wanted to seduce him? A few days ago, that realization would have had him running to Dumstrang, but now, he kind of liked the idea of it.

"Harry!" Damn it. He turned to see Ron standing in front of the stand, waving him down enthusastically.

"Um... you guys can make a decision without me, right?" Harry asked, giving the red head a pleading look. He didn't want to leave Draco, and he didn't want the blonde's hand to stop touching him.

"Quidditch captain of the year: Harry Potter." Malfoy whispered, his breath tickling Harry's ear.

"Shut up."

"Sure, you can decide between the ones we pick." Merlin bless that man.

"Thanks Ron."

"No problem." He gave one last wave before running off to join the rest of the red and gold team members. Harry watched the small group go, wondering who they were talking about and whether or not they saw the same things he had.

"You love me!" Malfoy's exclaimation brought him out of his thoughts and he turned to see the blonde looking a little too happy with himself.


"You want to spend time with me." Oh, the blowing off Ron thing was what Malfoy was going on about.

"I want to spend time with mate, who just happens to be you." The hand that still rested on Harry's thigh, squeezed ever so slightly and Malfoy leaned forward, his pale blonde hair tickling the side of the brunette's face.

"What about all of them?" He asked, flicking his tongue out to lick the shell of Harry's hear.

"What?" Oh Merlin, Malfoy nipped the lope and the alchai turned into a puddle of Harry Goo.

"Sev'rus and Father are in the suite, probably reading.... do you want to come back with me? Spend some time with all of us?" Well, that was one way to kill an erection. Harry gently pushed the blonde away from him, ignoring the disappointed whine that he made as he did so.

"Look, Malfoy-"

"Call me Draco, please?"

"Okay, Draco," It was kind of sad how happy that one word made the blonde, causing a smile to spread across his face and for his eyes to sparkle cheerfully. "I really don't think that's a good idea."

"Oh, I get it." What did he get? There was nothing to "get", he just made a statement. "It's the three mates thing that's freaking you out." Okay, so maybe he got it.

"Well, I always imagined myself with ONE wife and two kids you know." Harry hadn't even realized what his problem with the situation was until he had said it out loud. He thought it was who his mates were, but it wasn't! It was the fact that this was just one more way he was strange and different... not normal.

"Yeah, and I imagined myself as Emperor Draco, ruler of the world; but I grew up and realized that was, never going to happen." Malfoy laughed and when he noticed that Harry didn't find his joke as amusing as he did, changed the subject like a good little snake. " are you going to do the whole 'one at a time' thing? I get you Mondays and Wednesdays; Sev, Tuesday and Fridays; Father, Thursdays and Saturdays; and Sunday can be your day off?" Well, now it just sounds stupid.

Harry, feeling strangely outgoing, leaned forward until his face was just centimeters away from Draco's. "I was kind of hoping to have random little moments like this." He moved to kiss the blonde man, wanting more than anything to feel those lips on his own, only instead of silky skin, he felt air. His mate had actually pulled away from him! After all those little touches, Draco didn't kiss him. Tease.

"Okay, well, I've got to go and you have a team to put to together." Excuses, excuses. Harry kept his gaze on Malfoy's eyes, but the Slytherin managed to give a look of cool indefference, one of the many ways snakes and lions were different. He could read a member of his own house like a book.

"Draco, wait." He grabbed the veela's hand as he tried to stand up and pulled him back down.

"Yes?" The word was asked so quickly that even a moron would know that the boy was trying to leave. That realization did weird things to the pit of Harry's stomach.

"Even though I've decided to forgive what you all did, that doesn't mean I can forget it."

"What are you going on about?" The brunette leaned toward his mate until his mouth was beside his ear.

"Prepare for war, Draco." He pulled back and smiled cheerfully before standing up. "I'll see you later." Then, Harry just walked away, leaving a very confused Malfoy in his wake.


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Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

The day had finally come, three of the most hated Slytherins were about to be pranked, meaning the entire Gryffindor table was gitty with excitment. Students were whispering, bouncing, a few were even taking bets, but all had their eyes firmly glued to the teachers table, where Draco, Malfoy, and Snape were sitting, enjoying their breakfast and talking about something that was impossible to overhear.

"Has it happened yet?" Seamus asked as he and Dean ran into the Great Hall, coming to a stop in front of Harry and Ron, Hermione having refused to participate in this childish endeaver.

"Does it look like it's happened?" Harry pointed to the three Slytherins who looked still looked as they always did. He didn't give his friends a second look and simply kept his gaze focused on the water goblets in front of his two mates. Come on, come on

"No," Dean said with a sigh, "are you sure this is going to work, Harry?" The boy was stupid enough to step into Ron's line of sight and the red head went off. Talking was one thing, blocking his view of this wonderful event was another.

"Yes, he's sure, now move!" Harry had never seen his friend look so scary, apparently Seamus and Dean hadn't either because they immediately scampered off to find seats for the show.

The next few minutes were spent in near silence for the two-thirds of the golden trio, both watching intently for a sign that the house elves were doing what they were supposed to. Then it happened, so fast that no one would have noticed if they hadn't been looking for it. Each of the three water glasses disappeared for less than a millisend before being replaced by identical ones. It happened so fast, that if you blinked you would have literally missed it.

"In three... two... one," Harry counted down before the water inside the goblets sprayed the three Slytherins, soaking each of the intended targets.

The Great Hall exploded with laughter, students were banging the tables with their fist, holding their sides, and some were even crying with the force of their laughing. Even the teachers were trying to hide their smiles behind their hands, Dumbledor included. After several seconds of sitting there and sputtering, a soaking wet Draco Malfoy, his hair plastered to his head, and his robes sticking to his body, stood up and glared across the room at Harry.

"Real Funny!" He called over the laughing, "We're all wet." Do it, come on, do it. You know you want to Draco. As if the blonde could actually hear him, Draco pulled out his wand and muttered a quick drying charm on both his mates and himself.

The laughing only got louder as the three Slytherins immediately turned red and gold from head to toe. Everything from their hair to their shoes and robes where now decorated in vertical stipes of the Gryffindor house colors.

"Potter!" Snape roared as he pushed away from the table and began to walk toward the Gryffindor table.

"Well, that's my cue. See you guys later." He told Neville and Ron and quickly ran from the Great Hall before the potion's master could throttle him.


All day, people came up to him and told him "good job" or patted him on the shoulder or simply gave him a grin. No one knew why Harry had the sudden need to prank his mates, but they certainly enjoyed the effects.

Just as Harry was heading for his last class of the day, DADA, when Draco ran up beside him and ordered, "Take this spell off, Potter!" Harry just ignored him, knowing that if he so much as looked at the taller boy, that he'd begin laughing hysterically...again.

"Why?" The brunette asked instead, rounding a corner and diverting his eyes when they almost slid over Draco.

"I'm striped."

"Vertically striped," Harry corrected with a chuckle, "it's very sliming."

"Potter, take this spell off or so help me I' something cruel to you." The duo neared a small group of Ravenclaws standing in the center of the hallway and Harry noticed with amusement that they parted like the red sea once they saw the angry look on Draco's face. Not that he blamed them, the blonde probably would have hexed anyone that got in his way with the mood he was in.

"It's on a timer," the dark haired teen said honestly. "In six hours you'll be back to your blonde, pale self, but I can't do anything before that." That was obviously not what Draco wanted to hear and Harry could practically hear the blonde fuming beside him.

"Well, father and Sev are going to kill you... if I don't first." He growled, but the alchai knew that neither of his mates would hurt him, they couldn't, just like he couldn't hurt them.

"I'm shaking in my boots, Draco." Harry laughed and opened the door to the DADA room, gesturing for the blonde to enter first. "Age before beauty." The joke earned him a slap in the back of the head as Draco walked through the doorway.

The class suddenly became eerily silent as Harry walked in, everyone shifting their gazes from Draco, to Professor Malfoy, and finally to the boy-who-lived. Harry, walked toward his desk and sat down beside Hermione who gave him a glare that has been historically known to turn people to stone.

"Today, you will be pairing up and practicing the shield shells we've been discussing. Inter-house couples please, and mister Pitter, since there seems to be and odd number of students, you will be working with me." Lucius said and Ron gave Harry an apologetic look as he was pulled to the back of the room by an irrated Zabini. Draco offered a hand to Hermione, who after hesitanting for only a moment, took it and followed the blonde to a cleared section of the classroom.

Harry remained seated as long as possible and when everyone else was already practicing, he slowly dragged himself over to his eldest mate. "I must admit, this morning was an excellent display of spellwork on your part, Harry." The red and gold professor said as Harry came to stand in front of him.

"Um... Thank you?" Harry asked, unsure of what he should say.

"You're welcome," Lucius fired of a spell without warning and the alchai instictively cast a shield spell to block it. This pattern continued for several minutes until the blonde man spoke up once again. "Though, you will be serving detention with Professor Snape on Saturday night. I believe he has a new shipment of lacewing flies that need to be dewinged."

That, threw Harry off and one of Lucius' spells finally hit the youth, causing him to become striped in geen and silver. "While using the spell in the water and delaying the effects until a drying charm was used was impressive, the spell in and of itself is not difficult to cast or to find." Harry barely heard the words his mate was saying over Draco's laughter and comments of, "payback's a bitch."

"Of course," He ground out, staring at his now Slytherin colored robes in defeat. It served him right for trying to out do a snake.

"You are all dismissed, be prepared for a practical examination, next week." Lucius said to the class and the students immediately began filing out of the room, Ron and Hermione both leading the group, most likely anxious to leave after their time with the two Slytherins.

"Harry, can you stay behind, please?"

"Sure," He waited for class to empty before walking over to his mate's desk. "Was there something you needed Professor?" The blonde flinched at the formal title and reached up to push a few strands of crimsion hair out of his face in a nervous gesture.

"Call me, Lucius outside of class. Please." Lucius took a few steps closer to Harry and the boy was hit with the man's smell, lavender and something unique to the man himself. It was as intoxicating as Draco's scent and Harry found himself moving closer to his mate, only stopping when there were a few feet between them.

"You haven't been spending a lot of time in the suite so I haven't had the chance to say 'I'm sorry' for what we did to you." Oh Merlin, not again, he'd had enough apologies from the mini-Malfoy, he didn't need them from Lucius too.

"Don't worry about it. Really, it just freaked me out. Threw me into the deep end before I knew how to swim. I'm over it." Hard to believe after the hell he'd put his friends and himself through, but it was the truth.

"Draco informed me of such, but I still wanted to say it. He also mentioned that the three mates thing bothered you," Harry winced, that was supposed to be private. Damn pretty blonde boys that can't keep their mouths shut. "Which is completely understandable." Lucius added at the teen's look. "And that you wanted to get to know us seperately before you had to deal with the foursome concept."

What was he thinking? The older man was definitely planning something and Harry was almost afraid to ask what that thing was. "And?"

"And I was wondering if you would accompany me to Hogsmead Saturday afternoon. Before your detention of couse." Of course, Harry thought grimly.

For many moments, Harry just stared at his mate, unsure of how he should respond. A month ago he would have screamed at and hexed the other man; a week ago he would have angrily declined and stormed away. Hell, a day ago he would have thought the blonde was crazy for even asking him to do something so normal and trivial as go on a date with him. But now, standing next to the tall male, smelling his wonderful smell, and taking in his beautiful (if bright) appearance, he could find no reason to refuse him.

"Sure," Harry said and watched in amusement as Lucius' now golden eyes widened in surprise.



Lucius was obviously trying to keep himself from jumping around and acting like a teenage girl, but a wide smile broke through his Malfoy mask. "Okay then, I'll see you later, right? You are going to be in the suite BEFORE curfew, correct?" The older veela made it seem like Harry's absence was a big dispostion on his part and the brunette couldn't help but laugh.

"Yes, no more late night prank planning in the Gryffindor common room. Promise." He agreed and took one more deep breath, inhaling Lucius' scent, before walking out of the room.


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Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

Harry walked through the front door of the suite and was welcomed with by a sight that he could honestly say, he never expected. Three, red and gold figures were moving against each other in what was obviously a sexual encounter. The sight should have caused him to scream and run as fast as he could in the opposite direction, but instead he laughed. Hysterically.

The trio didn't look like three men having sex, they looked like a big pile of Gryffindor, it was hard to tell who was who and what was what. It was all just a clump of crimson and gold.

"Oh, Merlin." Harry managed to say through his laughter, causing Snape.... was it Snape.... yeah that was him.... to look in his direction.

"Something amusing, Harry?" That was the man's black satin voice that struck fear in poor unexpecting Gryffindors, but it did nothing but make Harry laugh harder, his body shaking as he did so.

They were all striped, individually it was funny, but all of them together, moving, and making those erotic noises that sounded completely out of place, that was hysterical. Nothing, as in NOTHING could be more amusing then the display Harry was now a witness to.

"Yeah," One last wheeze/cough/laugh and the Slytherin striped teen made his way to his bedroom, glancing once more at his mates before disappearing behind the closed door.

The red and gold decor inside the room, only reminded Harry of the act going on outside, and he continued to laugh until his side hurt as he looked for the book he had put down earlier that morning before class. He was forced to riffle through every drawer and look under every piece of parchment in his search before finding the tome under his crimson pillow. Figures, it's always the last place you look.

This book was the last of the few he had "barrowed" from the library, simply entitled "Veela Mates". After finding it, Harry made himself comfortable on the bed, sitting against the headboard and piling pillows up behind him. Then he began flipping through the pages, looking for the chapter he'd ended on that morning.

"Incestuous Mating Relationships." The section had drawn his attention from the beginning, though he'd forced himself to read the chapters before it, since the book held a lot of useful information.

Draco and Lucius' relationship was still hard for Harry to understand, he knew that fighting against the pull of a mate was difficult, probably impossible for people that didn't have a Voldemort induced power boost, but how could father and son be okay with this? If it were him and his child, he'd find someway to get out of this, he wouldn't placidly accept that he had to bugger his own flesh and blood. From what little he knew, Lucius hadn't done that, and Draco didn't want him to.

So, with that thought still in his mind, Harry began reading.

Veela, are very powerful creatures, and need magic in their lives constantly. Their bodies live and function due to their magic, without it, a veela would die rather quickly. This explains why these creatures more often then not mate with either very powerful witches and wizards or other Veela.

It is not unheard of for these magical creatures to mate within their own families, Veela being rare and almost as hard to come by as a witch or wizard powerful enough to mate with. Magic as you know, flows through and builds up in blood lines, the older the family, the more magic is has acumilated. Since veela need mates that are as powerful as they are, a son, daughter, father, mother, cousin, or any other family member would have identical power levels due to magic inheritance laws.

This makes mating within families a rather common practice among veela, and because of this, more information has been made available.

Many veelas within an incestuous relationship explain that it can be very confusing. They still feel the family bond and love on some level, but also feel romantically for their mate. An example would be a mother still feeling maternal for her son who is also her mate, and may even keep in the mentality that he is her child some of the time. But she also feels romantically for him, wanting things a woman should and would want from her mate. These types of mixed feelings are as difficult to describe as they are to experience.

Veela, as a species have a need to reproduce, this does not change when the mated couple are members of the same family. If nothing else, the need increases, their veela sides wanting to create a powerful and magically gifted child. Luckily, it has been found that children born to these unions never have gentetic abnormalalities, the offspring having been created with the use of magic.

There was more on the page, but before Harry could get to it, a loud knock came from outside his door.

"Come in!" He called as he hastily shoved the book back under his pillow and sat up straighter. Draco hesitantly opened his door and poked his blonde head inside, when he noticed that Harry wasn't waiting to hit him over the head with something heavy, he walked fully inside the room before jumping on Harry's bed and getting comfortable on his stomach, his chin on top of Harry's knee to look at the boys face.

"Hey, father and Sev sent me in, apparently they think you'd appreciate my adorable face to their ugly mugs." As if the two men had been waiting for Draco to say that, they poked their heads into the room as far as the wards allowed from opposite sides of the doorway.

"We didn't say that." Lucius said, "he was the first one dressed so we asked him to come check on you." Why would they need to check on him.... oh, yeah.

"Strangely, I'm fine. I find it more amusing then anything. Probably because I wasn't forced to witness any details, you were just a big mash of red and gold." He had to bite his lip to keep from laughing at the memory.

"Well, Harry," Snape manged to make his given name seem just as formal as his last. "We didn't feel the need to allow a teenager's poorly thought out prank keep us from following our normal routine." The black haired head disappeared from the doorway leaving just Lucius staring after the other man.

"Yes, I'm sure you all have sex in the living room rountinely!" Harry called after Snape, and even though he didn't response he knew the man heard him.

"We do, everyday at seven o'clock, you'd know that if you weren't so busy prank planning, the last week. And you are more than welcome to join us." Lucius gave Harry one last smirk, before he too disappeared. For several moments it was silent in the bedroom, Draco looking up at Harry and Harry looking down at Draco.

"What's going on, Saturday? Lucius came in all giddy after his talk with you, mumbling something about it." Even though the blonde managed to look calm and only mildly interested, Harry saw for just a split second, how curious the veela was.

"Giddy?" Harry asked, the mere thought of Lucius and that word being related causing the teen to smile.

"Yeah, smiling, walking without the cane. Hell, the man was practically skipping." Lucius Skipping. Harry couldn't help but chuckle at the mental image that created. "I'm not kidding." Draco said with a glare. Who said they thought he was?

"Fine. Did you ask him about this giddiness?" You have no idea how hard that was to say with a straight face.

"We were a little preoccupied."

"We're going on a date." The words had just barely left his mouth before Draco sat up and looked over at Harry as if he thought he'd taken the wrong combination of potions.

"A date?" It sounded weird when his mate said it, more childish somehow.


"Merlin, you two are weird."


After explaining to Ron for the hundrendth time what he meant by "date" Harry headed toward the small ice cream shop that Snape had told him Lucius would be waiting at. Once arriving at said location, Harry mentally cursed the potions master, he had told him the wrong place.

That no good, evil, greasy, dungeon bat of a git.

Harry had more insults for the older man, but just then, Lucius appeared holding two ice cream cones. Okay, Snape isn't that greasy.

"Hey, sorry I'm late, Ron was being annoying." Harry said as he trotted over to the blonde.

"No problem, strawberry alright?" Lucius held out a cone topped with bright pink ice cream and Harry gratefully took it before following the man as he bagan walking down the street.

"Thanks, it's my favorite." He took one lick of his treat and very nearly moaned in delight. It was good, and after a few more licks, the teen started to notice that the ice cream wasn't disappearing or melting for that matter. Oh, how he loved magic.

"It's Draco's as well." The man slowed down enough for Harry to walk beside him easily while eating his frozen piece of heaven. "So, how are classes going?" At the question, he looked over to see that Lucius was delicately licking his chocolate flavored ice cream in a way that should have been illegal. That pink tongue darted out to collect the desert before disappearing back into the blonde's mouth, and Harry shook his a couple of times to try to redirect his blood flow to his brain.

"Um.... Fine. I haven't blown up any cauldrons in potions, so I take that as a small miracle."

"Yes, the entire castle thanks you. An angry Sev'rus is not something one wishes to deal with." Lucius led them toward a bench on the side of the small street and Harry gratefully sat down, walking was starting to become extremely uncomfortable.

"I can imagine." A smudge of chocolate appeared on Lucius' chin and Harry found himself leaning forward as if to lick it off, just barely catching himself in time. Sadly, the move wasn't missed on the older man and he smirked knowingly before holding his ice cream out to Harry while wipping his chin with a paper napkin.

"There are easier ways to get a taste." Harry had never blushed as much as he did at that one statement and using his discomfort against im, Lucius drew the cone back to his mouth and gave it a long, drawn out lick. That evil, sadistic man.

"Alright, let's change the subject!"

"Why? I like this one." Another long lick and Harry's cock twitched in anticpation. His discomfort must have shown on his face because Lucius' eyes lit up playfully as he gave one last lick to his desert. "You have a quidditch game tomorrow against Slytherin, is your team up for it?" Thank Merlin! The man finally stopped his indecent ministartions on the ice cream and was now waiting patiently for Harry to answer.

"Probably not." He answered honestly. "I mean, I had the same problem last year, so I should be used to it, but almost everyone seems to think I'm going to save them. Like, it doesn't matter what they do, as long as I catch the snitch, it's okay." He didn't care that he was ranting, he hadn't been able to talk about this with anyone and damit, he was pissed.

"Because you always do," Lucius said, effectively confusing the hell out of Harry.

"Always do what?"

"Always catch the snitch. Every time, every game, you catch it, the only time you didn't was what.... three years ago with Diggory?" Was he inplying that Harry shouldn't do everything in his power to help his team win? Just let Draco catch the snitch? Let Slytherin....oh, nice try.

"You're just saying that so your house team wins!" He exclaimed, more amused then upset. "Very clever, but it's not going to work." Harry took an angry bite out of his ice cream cone and bit back tears as he suddenly experienced massive brain freeze.

"Are you okay?" Lucius placed his hand on the back of Harr's neck and rubbed gently in a comforting gesture that warmed Harry's heart, if not his brain.

"Fine." He answered, and sadly, the blonde took his hand away. In order to hide how much that bothered him, Harry directed his attention to the ice cream cone in front of him.

"Good. Harry, I wasn't trying to make you throw the game tomorrow, I was simply saying that you should scare your team a little. Make it seem as though you're not going to catch the snitch, but manage to do it in the end, then tell them how hard it was and say you might not be able to next time." That.... was a very Slytherin idea. It was munipulative... and could actually work. "Besides, just because you catch a little gold ball, does not mean your team will win."

"True, and thanks. I might do what you suggested, it's a rather good idea, something I'd never think of."

"Because you're a Gryffindor and have no use for the word subtlity." Lucius leaned over Harry and with his gaze locked onto the teens, took a long lick of his strawberry ice cream.

"Oh, you're the master of subtle." Harry said sarcastically as his mate straightened up. "And didn't we change the subject?"

"We did. I changed it back." The blonde shrugged coolly and Harry rolled his eyes before taking his own lick of his own dessert, some how managing to get a dallop of strawberry on his cheek, which Lucius immediately licked off. Was this man trying to kill him?

He turned to his mate and saw a look of pure longing on the aging face, and like he had with Draco, he wanted to kiss the man more than anything. Wanted to press his mouth against his mate's and not break away until he absolutely had to breathe. Apparently father and son had even more in common then Harry originally thought, because Lucius suddenly stood up, effectively ruining what mood was there was, and cast a tempus charm.

"You have to leave." The veela said, motioning toward the time that was now hovering in the air. "Not even I could save you from Severus if you're late." He reached forward and took the ice cream from Harry before pointing toward the castle which could be seen in the distance. "Get going."

"Fucking Tease." He hissed to himself, but Lucius' veela hearing allowed him to hear his statement.

"You know you love it, Harry."

"Ha! Sure!" Slytherins weren't the only ones that could use sarcasm.

With that, Harry began walking toward Hogwarts and ultimately, detention with his once hated potions professor.

Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

Harry knew he was in for it as he knocked on Snape's classroom door, he knew he was going to die, he just hoped the vampire could make it interesting because a "potions accident" really didn't seem like the best way to go.

"Come in." Strange, the voice on the other side of the door didn't sound upset or angry, it sounded calm, uncaring. Maybe, he'd live to see tomorrow afterall. "You're late." Was the first thing he heard when he stepped into the room to find Snape standing at his desk and stirring a bubbling cauldron.

"Sorry, things ran late." There was no need for Harry to give the other man any more information, Snape didn't care where he was or what he had been doing.

"The flies are on that desk," The vampire nodded toward the work table directly in front of him. "Remove the wings by hand and place them in the jar, the bodies should be placed in the other. It is a simple task, Mister Potter, I feel you can handle it without incident." Snape didn't even look up as Harry slowly made his way to the desk, as if he was trying his best to ignore the teen.

Nothing was said for nearly a half an hour, Harry mechanically did the work he was assigned. The lacewing flies had been frozen before hand, most likely by Snape when he had a lapse in evilness, which made removing the wings easy and kept the internal fluids from flowing from the small wounds.

In that time, the room had begun to heat up, something completely unexpected in the dungeons, which always managed to be cooler than than the rest of the castle. Harry had taken off his outer robes, leaving him in a pair of trousers and a button up shirt with the first few buttons undone and the sleeves rolled up. Snape was dressed in much the same way, his robes tossed over his desk and the first three buttons on his shirt unbuttoned, the only difference was the potions master only had one sleeve rolled up to his elbow, the other was left the way it was, with Snape constantly pulling at the end as if he wanted to move it up but something was holding him back.

"Good Merlin, man!" Harry finally yelled, causing his mate to jump slightly before glaring at the boy. "Just roll the damn sleeve up! We all know you were a death eater! I've seen the dark mark before! I don't care!" You have no idea how good it felt to scream at the greasy git, it didn't matter that he looked five seconds away from Avada Kedavra-ing him.

"Mister Potter, I must warn you that another outburst such as that and you will be coming to know Filch rather well." Even as he said that, the man rolled up his sleeve, causing Harry to smirk victoriously.

Once again, the duo lapsed into silence, Harry doing his work, and Snape doing his. Nothing was said, but the green-eyed teen found himself watching the professor as he chopped ingredients and stirred the mixture. He watched as greasy, black hair fell into the man's pale face, he watched an elegant hand come to move that hair behind his ear, he watched the man's chest slowly rise and fall as he took even, deep breaths, and as he watched he found himself becoming aroused at the sight of his mate. His beautiful, graceful, evil, cruel, mate.

After realizing his reaction to the man, Harry turned back to his work, finishing the duty of dismembering innocent insects within minutes. "Professor?" He asked, glad that his voice didn't reveal the inner turmoil he was feeling.


"I'm finished." The two jars were filled with wings and bodies and Harry gently placed them on the desk to his left, he had no wish to stare at dead bugs.

"Then you can sit there and stare at the wall for the next hour." Snape growled without looking up from the now purple potion.

"So.... what are you making?" Yes, it was a stupid question, but did the vampire honestly expect Harry to sit there quietly?

"A contraceptive potion." Snape answered automatically, seemingly surprising even himself with the statement. He looked over at Harry and when he noticed the look of pure confusion on his face, continued with a sigh. "Until you fully bond with us, Mister Potter, concieving through intercourse is a very real possibility. Since neither of us what another brat to take care of, we take this once a week." HEY! Was he implying Harry was a brat? That's what it sounded like.

"Oh." The alchai mumbled and Snape went back to his potion making. "So... I've been meaning to ask-"

"Just spit it out, Potter."

"How are you a vampire?" Harry had been recieving Hogwarts Letters since he was eleven and he'd never seen anything pretaining to Snape's being a vampire. Though, rumors had been circulating through the castle for years.

"I'm afraid I do not speak dimwit, please expand."

"I've never heard anything about you being a vampire until this year, last I heard, vampires were born, not created." That was just one of the many misconceptions muggle films and literature had caused.

"That is a long story, Mister Potter."

"I have an hour."

"Fine, I assume Lucius or Draco will tell you anyway if I do not." Snape sighed, now glaring at the potion as if it was its fault he was in the position. "I have always been part vampire, I believe one seventeenth. Not enough to have me be registered as a threat to the ministry or the school, thus why no one knew of it. Then, during the final battle, I was biten by that disgrace of a reptile and would have died. But, the small amount of vampire blood I had healed me, expelled the poison from my body, though, instead of stopping, the blood cells kept destorying and replacing, there was nothing anyone could do and within a few painful days I was the blood sucking potions master, students have been talking about for years."

That wasn't what Harry was expecting and he replied in the only way he could; with an "oh."

"Is that all you are capable of saying after I've told you a very personal story, simply because you asked?"

"If I said anything else you probably would have called me a simpleton and shot me a glare. I feel a question and a disapproving tone is more welcoming." Oh Merlin! Did you hear that! HE sounded like Snape! Apparently being around the man had already started to affect him.

Snape didn't say anything to that and he and Harry found themselves welcoming the silence that had become standard for them. The only sound in the room was the bubbling of the potion in the cauldron and their breathing until a loud knock came from the outside office door.

"Stay here, I'll be but a moment." The professor cast a stasis spell on his creation and walked through the connecting door from the classroom to his office before granting the unknown person enterance. Harry, forever the curious Gryffindor, didn't stay in his seat as he was told and slowly crept over to the closed door, pressing his ear against the wood and mentally cheering for his luck upon discovering that Snape hadn't cast a silencing spell.

"Miss Anderson," Snape's voice said as the sound of the door being closed, met Harry's ears. "For what do I owe this pleasure?"

"I-I," The squeaky voice of the Slytherin girl whimpered. "For the same reason as last time." There was the sound of someone moving about the room and the slide of a drawer as it was pulled open, it's contents rolling around and clanking against each other. It sounded like potion vials to Harry but it could have been anything.

"Here, take this. It should help with the bruising." Bruising? Was the girl hurt? Why did she come to Snape instead of going to the hospital wing?

"Thank you sir." There was a choked cough as the girl swallowed the potion and then silence for several moments. As though neither party knew what to do next.

"Do you wish to tell me what happened this time?" Snape finally asked and Amelia Anderson must have shaken her head because he added a time later. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, sir. They're-They're just not nice girls." She sounded on the verge of tears and Harry mentally chanted for her not to cry. Snape wasn't the kind of person he could see knowing what to do with a sobbing female.

As though the woman had heard the boy's thoughts, she let out a small stiffle. You know the one, the one that means she didn't want to start bawling and if she didn't take several deep breaths, she would.

"I know, shhhh, I know." What! Snape was actually... comforting her? The man was muttering something Harry couldn't even hope to understand, but his tone was one that a person used to soothe friends and loved ones after a tramautic experience. It wasn't a tone, anyone would have thought the potion's professor was capable of using.

"I-I should be getting back."

"Miss Anderson, just say the word and the headmaster will hear about this. The one's responsible will be expelled." It was obvious that Snape wanted to floo Dumbledor at that very moment and inform him of what was happening, but wouldn't dare do so unless the girl agreed to it.

"No. Thank you, Professor. But-"

"I understand." The man interupted. "If you change your mind, I'm here." One last sniffle and then footsteps were heard and a door swung open and then was gently closed. At the sound, Harry immediately made his way back to his seat, not wanting to be caught by the door once Severus came back.

He must have been the luckest boy alive because the moment he sat down, Snape came storming into the room in the dramatic fashion that he was known for. "Overhear an interesting conversation, Mister Potter?" Harry's life flashed before his eyes as the potions master came to stand before him.

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Oh, then why are you sitting at a different desk then the one I assigned to you?" Damn, its always the small things that come back to bite you.

"I got up and moved." Harry stood up from his seat and looked up confidently into those onyx colored eyes.

"I'm sure. If any of your little Gryffindor friends find out about that poor girl.... I swear I'll find a way to kill you."Anyone else would have been scared, should have been scared; but Harry was calm if not a tad bit aroused.

"If you didn't want anyone to listen in then you should have used a silencing charm, you'd think spying for twenty years would teach you that."

"Why you insolent little br-" Harry did the only thing he could think of to shut the older man up, he kissed him. Just reached up and tugged Snape's head down and covered the man's mouth with his own. Harry had just lost himself in the bliss of Severus' thin, dry lips pressing against his, when he was forcefully pushed away.

"What are you doing?" Snape's voice was deep, dark, and had a threatening quality that made Harry shiver.

"Kissing you." He answered simply and tangled his hand in Severus' hair before pulling the man's head back down, capturing the man's bottom lip between his own and nipping gently.

"Why?" Harry was shoved back and fell into his chair. "What sort of delusions are festering in your pea sized brain that make you think you can do something like that?" Snape was glowering down at the boy, anger rolling off him in waves. Harry should have been running for his life, but instead, he found himself standing up and walking around the desk to face the man without a barrier between them.

"Over the last three days, I have been effeicently teased by both Malfoys. Just when I think they're going to kiss me, they walk away, I wanted to kiss you and Merlin knows you weren't going to intiate anything, so I took what I wanted. Know, stop acting like I've assulted you and kiss me." He was tired of playing Hufflepuff, where had it gotten him? He'd gotten stubbed by two of the three men that were supposed to be unconditionally attracted to him.

For several moments, nothing happened and Harry was just beginning to rethink his mini-rant when he was forcefully pushed up against the stone wall and a warm mouth was pressed against his own. A surprised gasp escaped Harry at the feeling of being pressed against the wall, and ever the Slytherin, Snape used the oppertunity to slip his tongue into the young man's mouth, causing him to moan appreciatively and tangle his hands in Severus' dark hair.

Harry kissed his mate wildly, sliding his tongue against Snape's until the man drew it into his own mouth, allowing the teen to explore. The older man tasted like tea and chocolate, most likely left over from dinner, and Harry couldn't get enough, running his tongue over the man's teeth and the inside of his cheeks, trying to get as much as that flavor as possible. While, his hands were occupied, buried in Severus' hair as it were, his mates were free to travel over his body. Running over his chest and stomach, before coming to rest on the boy's waist.

Just as suddenly as the kiss began, it ended. Snape pulling away, his breath coming in short gasps as he stared down at Harry in a mix of lust some other emotion the teen couldn't name. "I think you better leave." He said harshly before walking back over to his potion.

"Leave?" Harry asked, honestly confused as to why the man who was just kissing him passionately, suddenly wanted him to leave.

"Yes, I have much to do and you are a distraction."


"I said, leave Harry." Snape pointed to the door and after a few seconds of just staring at the man, Harry left, tears building up in the corners of his eyes.

Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

Draco and Lucius were sitting in the living room, the younger of the two wizards had his eyes closed and was taking slow deep breaths as he tried to change from his human form to his animal one. So far, he'd only manged to fall asleep and have to be woken up by his father.

"This isn't working." He complained just as a very upset Harry Potter stormed into the room, his hands pulling at his hair as he mumbled something impossible to understand. "Harry?" He asked and the boy didn't even act as though he heard him, just kept pacing back and forth across the room. Draco gave his father a questioning look and both men silently agreed that something was wrong.

"Harry!" Lucius called, standing up from his seated position along with his son. "Harry!" He yelled again when his mate seemed absolutely oblivious to the blonde.

"Mate?" Draco slowly shuffled toward the distraught teen after noticing that Harry twitched at the word and seemed to hear him, but was too overwhelmed in whatever was disturbing him to pay attention. "Harry, mate." Harry's hands were swinging wildly, as though arguing with someone that wasn't there and Draco was forced to duck and dodge them as he got closwer to his mate.

"Harry!" The young blonde wizard wrapped his arms around the boy, securing his arms and causing him to thrash wildly, knocking them both off balance. "Father!" He screamed "Going down!" Lucius quickly cast a cushioning charm on the floor just in time for his mates to hit it, boucing slightly in reaction to the spell.

The moment the teens were horizontal, Draco forced Harry onto his back with his arms by his side and sat on his stomach with his tighs securing the alchai's arms to keep him from harming Draco or himself. Once the blonde was in position, Harry began to calm down and stopped his struggling.

"Draco?" The brunette asked, his eyes focusing on the man on top of him. "Why are you sitting on me?"

"We believe you're off your rocker." Lucius explained from beside them and Draco watched as the dark haired teen nodded as though that was an appropriate explaination.

"That's what Hedwig said."

"Really?" Draco ventured to ask and Harry raised a single eyebrow in a very Slytherin gesture.

"No! I'm not mental! So get your arse off of me." There was the Harry they all knew and tolerated.

The blonde veela slowly stood up and offered his hand to his mate who gripped it, allowing Draco to help him to his feet. Once standing up right, both blondes led Harry to the couch and all but forced the teen to sit on it. "Do you want to tell us what happened?" Lucius asked the moment he sat down in the chair across from Draco and Harry.

"Well, I was angry. I mean, really angry, you know? So hurt and frustrated AND angry that all I wanted to do was hit something. I remember walking toward the suite, replaying.... what happened in detention and then he was sitting on me. That's it." Draco stared at his mate, understanding what he said, but also confused beyond measure. He knew how it felt to be that angry, but what could Severus do to cause the emotion? The two men were mates, they couldn't have purposely hurt each other.

"What did he do?" The young blonde growled, scooting toward his mate to bury his head in the juncture between the man's neck and shoulder, leting the brunette's scent wash over and calm him.


"Don't you dare say nothing!" Before Harry could even look in the older man's direction, he was squeezing himself between the dark haired alchai and the couch arm before copying his blonde mate's actions on the opposite side of Harry's neck.

"I-What are you two doing?" He tried to sound unhappy with the position he was in, but the feeling of two of his mates so close to him, made that impossible.

"Comforting." Draco breathed against Harry's neck and began laying small butterfly kisses on the skin in front of him.


"You're hurt." Lucius too began nipping and kissing his throat and Harry found his eyes rolling back in his head as he experienced the pleasure of both mouths on him.

"Not physically." He choked out pitifully and he could feel his blonde mates smirking evilly against his neck.

"It doesn't matter. Now tell us what Severus did to you, before I march down to the dungeons and ask him." There was no doubt in Harry's mind that Lucius would do just that and with a groan he began retelling the events that led him to this situation.

"....Then he pulled away and told me to leave." Harry finished and noticed that both of his mates had stopped nuzzling him and were staring at the brunette as if he was the biggest idiot to ever walk the earth.

"Was he brewing a potion?" Draco asked knowingly and when Harry nodded in confirmation, the blonde looked at his father who continued to questioning.

"Did he say you were a disruption, distraction, or a pain in the arse?" Those silver eyes were sparkling with glee and Harry was confused as to why the man that was just comforting him was now joying his retelling of the painful experience.

"Yes, he called me a distraction and basically ordered me to get out." The strangest thing happened after he admitted that. His mates laughed! Full out, hysterically laughed!

"You idiot Gryffindor." Draco chuckled and began to kiss Harry's neck once again, leaving the older of the three to explain Severus' behavior.

"Harry, what you witnessed was Severus' way of saying 'I'm too busy to bend you over my desk, right now'." The boy just gave his mate a confused look, hoping he'd explain more, because right now, he had no idea how those words were supposed to make him feel better.

"He likes you," Lucius explained and laughed at the disbelief that crossed the young man's face. "Probably more than likes you actually. He asked you to leave because he had work to do and it wouldn't get done if he let himself do what he wanted to do to you. He's said the same thing to both myself and Draco on more than one occasion. I'm more than sure that he meant no harm by the request."

"Oh, so he wanted to have....with...." Harry trailed off, knowing Lucius would get what he meant.

"Yes." Harry paled noticeably and felt as though he was going to faint. He knew Severus, and the Malfoys for that matter, wanted more than he was willing to give but hearing it be confirmed so calmly... suffice to say it got to him a little. "He wouldn't have forced you, so stop looking absolutely terrified." As if some unspoken signal had passed between both veela, Lucius ducked his head down and took over Draco's kissing of his neck as the boy continued his father's explaining.

"Severus wanted you, can you imagine paying attention to something boring yet important with the cause of your lust sitting five feet away? He wasn't angry, Harry, quite the opposite in fact. " Draco smirked down at his mate and slowly moved to stradle him, causing a gasp to escape his throat followed by a long, drawn out moan when Lucius licked the shell of his ear before biting the lobe harshly. Who knew a bit of pain could feel so good?

"Now Harry, I'm a little hurt."

"Why? Gods...right there," Harry said, turning his head to the side to allow Lucius better access to his neck and more importantly the spot on the lower part of his neck that was practically his shoulder.

"You've kissed Severus but haven't extended the same privledge to father and I." Was this man crazy? He'd tried to kiss Draco a few days ago, and his father licked him! If they wanted to kiss him, they could have.

"I tried to.... Merlin..... but you didn't let me." He said, remembering the time at the quidditch pitch.

"I had things to do, you should have tried sooner!" Draco actually sounded upset with Harry, as if it this was all this fault. The last time he checked, it took two people to snog, or one person and a pillow but that's just pathetic.

"YOU could have kissed ME!" He exclaimed and groaned when Lucius stopped attacking his neck.

"No, he couldn't have." The man said matter of factly. "The three of us made a plan or a deal or whatever your Gryffindorick mind wants to call it. We decided that we wouldn't kiss you until you kissed us."

"WHAT!" That was just.... stupid. What if he hadn't gotten the courage to do so? Would he have spent a year dreaming about those perfect lips, until they finally decided to tell him?

Draco and Lucius didn't even have the decentcy to look ashamed, they put him through three days of longing and they just sat there and smirked. "We wanted to make sure you really wanted us; instead of just going along with what we wanted." Draco explained and gave Harry a look that obviously meant he wanted the teen to show him just how much he wanted the veela.

"That's.... that's...." He couldn't think of a word to describe what he thought about that piece of information. "Sweet." He finally decided and knew instantly that his choice was a good one.

"Not really, it was meant to keep you from changing your mind later and saying we forced you into anything. If you want to do something, you have to tell us it's okay first. Now, I've been sitting in your lap for Merlin knows how long, are you going to do anything about it?" Draco was pouting, and Merlin he must have been the only seventeen year old that could pull it off.

"I... um..."

"Alright, first, lean forward." Lucius instructing, gently pushing Harry's head closer to his sons. "Open your mouth a little bit, you're not kissing your mother." The brunette couldn't help but chuckle as he parted his lips slightly as instructed. "Now, take Draco's bottom lip between your own. He'll take your top lip between his." Harry wanted to laugh at the situation, he had one mate in his lap just waiting to be ravished and another coaching him on how to do the ravishing.

He did as Lucius told him and kissed Draco lightly, already wanting to moan at the pleasure and relief the feeling of the blonde's lips on his brought. "Draco's going to lick your lip, Harry." The older man said into the brunette's ear and as if on que the blonde in his lap did just as he was told. Sending shivers down Harry's spine in anticipation, he knew what came next, but like a good student, he waited for the professor to tell him the next set of instructions.

"Open your mouth a tad wider, he's going to slip his tongue in." Just as Draco did that, he reached over and slapped his hand over his father's mouth.

"Shut up," He mummered and went about kissing Harry senseless with out a narrative. Harry wanted to laugh at the two men, but the thought was immediately put out of his mind when two hands found themselves in his hair and a pair of lips began ravishing his neck. He moaned, he absolutely couldn't help it.

Draco's tongue twisted and turned in Harry's mouth, wrestling his mate's before stroking it almost soothingly. "Gods," The alchai moaned as he broke away from Draco, throwing his head back watonly as the teen in his lap began grinding his arousal in to Harry's own, and Lucius found that extremely sensitive spot on his shoulder.

"No, we're mortal." Draco smirked as he leaned down to begin nibbling on the other side of Harry's neck, while continuing to move against him.

"Very.... funny." He couldn't take it anymore, the sensations were just too much and in an attempt to lessen them, Harry tangled his fingers in Lucius' long blonde hair and brought the man's head away from his neck and pressed his mouth against the older man's.

That was a stupid idea, Harry had forgotten to take into consideration how well Lucius Malfoy kissed.

Merlin, he was amazing, the blonde took control of the kiss, forcing Harry's mouth open and plunging his tongue inside, their teeth clanked against each other, and Lucius purposely nipped at his lips before soothing the harsh sting with his tongue. Merlin, the man was incredible. The teen let out a long, strangled moan which had his mate smirking into the kiss.

"Not bad, Mister Potter, though practice wouldn't go unappreciated." Lucius breathed as he pulled away to stare down at Harry, his silver eyes sparkling in a mix of joy and obvious lust. "Prehaps even a demostration." Draco heard his father's statement and immediately straightened up before leaning to the side in order to capture the man's lips with his own, all the while, continuing to move his hips erratically against Harry's.

He had never seen anything as incredibly arousing as the sight of the Malfoy men kissing each other just inches away from his face. They obviously knew each other, and knew what the other liked, every movement of a hand or nip at a lip, causing one or the other to moan watonly. Their lips mashed together harshly, all ready causing them to swell; hands were tangled in hair and unbuttoning shirts; and a pink tongue could be seen every so often moving from one mouth to the other.

Harry could have come from the sight alone, but that combined with the pleasure of Draco's cloth covered erection rubbing against his own and the sounds the two men were making, was just too much for a hormonal teenage boy to hadle. Within moments a tingling at the base of Harry's spine told him he was close, gods so close....

"Stop." The word was barely whispered but his mates heard it an immediately leaped from the couch, Lucius stumbling ungracedully in an attempt to stay vertical and Draco failing to do so completely as he lay on his back at Harry's feet.

"What's the matter, did we hurt you? Are you okay?" The older of the two men began looking Harry over as if he could find the cause of his hesitation.

"No, I'm fine. I just- I can't do this." Harry stood up, making sure to avoid Draco who was trying to get to his feet, but failing due to the hard on between his legs.

"Did we do something?" The blonde teen asked as he finally managed to stand. "You seemed okay a minute ago." Draco looked obviously confused, and Harry wished he could explain what he was feeling in a way the veela would understand.

"I know and I'm sorry but...." He couldn't find the right words, but thankfully, Lucius seemed to understand what he was talking about.

"You're just not ready mentally." Exactly! How is it that this man could describe it better than he could? "We understand, Harry."

"Thanks." The room was silent for several long seconds before Harry added, "I'll just go to my room then." What was he supposed to say to the two men that he almost got off with?

"Yeah, we should both get to bed early, quidditch game tomorrow. Prepare to lose, Potter." Draco kissed Harry softly on the cheek, and smirked evilly at the blush that spread across the other teen's face.

"In your dreams, Malfoy." He said after Lucius also pressed his lips lightly against the skin of his cheek. Harry gave his mates one last glance before turning to walk toward his bedroom, already knowing that he was in for a night with only his right hand for company.

Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

Harry had never been so bored in his entire life. He'd been sitting on his brom and watching the snitch zoom across the sky for Merlin knows how long. Now, normally he would have taken off after the tiny golden ball and most likely would have caught it, but instead he was taking Lucius' advice. He was going to make it seem like he was having a tougher time than normal, and let's just say, it was harder than he thought it would be.

He knew Draco was amazing on a broom, the blonde could fly like no one else he'd ever known, but very rarely did he ever actually spot the snitch first, and now, without Harry to pointing it out to him, the boy spent his time scanning the pitch while his target fluttered around his head.

The score was 80 to 10, Slytherin was in the lead, which wasn't that surprising since the only compentant player seemed to be Ron, who as much as he tried couldn't fend off every single Slytherin chaser at the same time. It was impossible.

The Gryffindor team was rather.... they were terrible, there's no nice way to say that. It wasn't that they didn't have good players, they did, each one was great individually, but for some reason, the moment they had to play as a team, they decided to forget how to ride a broom or weild a beater's bat as the present case was. The team's beaters only did what was required, keeping the havoc causing balls from killing the other crimson and gold players, but they didn't try to help their teammates by making flying easier either, forcing the chasers to zig zag around the bludgers that came their way.

All things considered, things could have been worse. He could have been fighting with Malfoy- or Draco as he now called him, his teammates could be lying in the infirmary, hell, he could have been lying in the infirmary knowing his luck.

As Harry sat there, a good hundred feet in the air, he let his mind wander, probably not the smartest idea in the world, but hey, he was bored.
He thought about the heartfelt apology he had gotten from Snape this morning. Okay, maybe it was more of a snapped out "I'm sorry you're an idiot, Potter" but he knew it was said with tolerance.

He thought about how cute Draco looked with that scowl on his face as he swung his head back and forth looking for the snitch which was hoovering about two inches above his left shoulder.

He thought about whether or not Lucius was looking up from his seat in the stands and checking out his arse. Knowing the blonde, he probably was. That piece of information had him wiggling on his broom, trying to keep from looking down to confirm his suspicions.

Finally, after what felt like hours and was most likely only seconds, Harry looked down at the green and silver stands to see.... oh those bastards.

Severus and Lucius were sitting in the far corner of the stands, the other handful of spectators were in the front, leaving a wide girth between the two parties. But instead of watching Harry and Draco play (or checking out their arses) the two mates were snogging heavily.

He couldn't believe the two men would do such a thing in public, something chaste he could understand, they were mates afterall, but they were practically fucking each other with students and teachers a mere few feet. Harry enjoyed the sight, but didn't want anyone else to.

The Gryffindor seeker shot a look over to Draco who had also noticed his mates' behavior, but instead of being upset by the public display, he just gave Harry a smirk and an eye roll before returning to his search for the ball that was buzzing around his shoe.

Harry snorted at Draco's amazing seeker abilities and returned his gaze to the two older men watching avidly as the two moved against each other like two teenagers. Lucius had one hand wraped around his cane (the one he uses to walk, you perverts), another gripping Severus' waist as he plunged his tongue repeatedly into the man's mouth. Gods.....

Suddenly he heard a frantic Draco call out, "Harry!" The brunette tore his eyes away from the couple and turned to face his fellow seeker when a bludger plowed into his stomach.

He had no time to brace himself, and understandably, went flying.

Harry could feel himself falling, but the unimaginable pain in his stomach clouded his mind, and it wasn't until he was half way to the ground that he remembered he had wings and unfurled them. Harry had predicted that if he were to try to spread his wings with clothes on, that they'd get tangled; he had never been so unhappy to be right.

I'm going to die

Finally, they were free, his wings were spread as wide as they could go, but Harry knew that it was too late, the ground was racing to meet him and before he could even give one flap of his wings, he felt the unforgiving hardness of the ground as it met his body. Then everything went black.

Draco saw the bludger as it sailed toward a distracted Harry, he also saw the idiot Gryffindor that had allowed it past him. He had done the only thing he was able to, screamed out as loud as he could, "Harry!" He'd gotten the teen's attention, but it was too late, the speeding ball hit Harry directly in the stomach and he went tumbling off his broom.

The blonde watched, too frozen with fear to actually do anything, as part of his soul fell to earth. Harry tried to save himself, that much was obvious to everyone watching the frightening scene. He unfurled his wings after untangling them from the quidditch robes, but only had time to slightly slow his speed before he hit the ground.

The moment, his mate's limp body landed, his wings lying at strange angles and a pool of blood beginning to from under his head. Draco was speeding his direction, flying downward at nearly a ninety degree angle and stopping a few feet away from his broken mate as Madam Promfrey crouched down beside him.

The woman reached out, to obviously check if Harry was breathing or not, but before her hand could come in contact with the brunette, she was thrown backward by a mysterious force. Draco didn't care what it was, and ran toward Harry, kneeling beside his mate as tears began streaming down his face.

"Please, be okay." He whimpered and leaned forward to place his head on his mate's chest. He wasn't tossed away and was relieved beyound measure to hear the steady thump of Harry's heart and feel the soft puffs of air the teen exhaled smoothly.

"Is he alive, Mister Malfoy?" Promfrey asked and Draco nodded several times, not bearing to tear his gaze away from his mate in fear that he'd suddenly disappear. "Thank Merlin, do you think you can get him to the infirmary?"

"Y-yes." He carefully slid his arms under Harry and lifted him up, amazed at how light the young man was.

"Careful now, and hurry." The woman placed an hand on his back and began to lead him forward, pushing slightly as if to force him to move faster.

"Gods, Draco please tell me he's okay. Please." Draco had never seen his father run, it was difficult with the can he was forced to walk with, but there was a first thing for everything. Both he and Severus were sprinting the final distance to their mates and Draco was torn between slowing down for them to catch up and going even faster to get Harry to the hospital as soon as possible.

"Of course he's not okay!" Draco hissed, tightening his hold on the boy in his arms. "But he's alive and breathing. I assume that's what you wanted to know." He wanted to start crying again, but he forced himself to remain calm as he weaved through the corridors with two of his mate's behind him.

No one spoke for the rest of the short walk, but the moment he stepped through the doors to the hospital wing, the nurse was shouting out orders. "Mister Malfoy place him on this bed here! Severus, get me a blood replenishing potion, a bottle of bone-mend, and a package of banages!" The potion's professor immediately sped off to do as he was told as the nurse tried unsuccessfully to cast a diagnostic spell.

"Fizzle sticks." Promfrey hissed and Draco immediately felt the blood drain from his face. What was wrong?


"Yes?" The man was standing at attention and waiting to do anything he could do to help.

"I need you to cast the following spells on Mister Potter..." Draco didn't pay attention to what his father and the nurse did, and only asked questions when he felt something wasn't right with the colors that were surrounding his mate.

The moment Lucius finished with the spells, Severus came in carrying the items they needed, and set them down on a small table near the foot of the bed. Without asking what to do, the vampire took the blood replenishing potion and poured it into Harry's mouth, rubbing his throat to force him to swallow it.

The bone mend potion went down the same way and then Madame Promfrey was ordering Lucius and Severus to spread Harry's beautiful bright green wings out on either side of him and to wrap certain areas with bandages to keep the bones in line for them to heal properly. Draco tried to find something to do to help, but when he asked, the nurse just told him to wait and that was quite possibly the hardest thing he had ever done.

"He'll be okay. Right, Poppy?" Severus asked once Harry was situated with a cocktail of potions including some to stop bleeding, and another to help with bruising; well wrapped wings; and clean bedsheets that no longer had large blood stains on them.

"I see no reason, why he wouldn't be." She answered and Draco's face nearly cracked due to the huge smile spread across it. "He'll remain asleep for a few days, that's a good thing. Let him heal. After he wakes up, I'll keep him for a week of monitoring, just to make sure everything's okay after that kind of fall. But overall, he's a very lucky young man." He heard what Madam Promfrey said, but he really wasn't listening. Harry was going to be okay.

"Why couldn't you touch him?" Draco asked, interupting whatever the nurse and his older mates were talking about.

"Excuse me?"

"On the pitch, you tried to touch him and you couldn't, and then you're spells didn't work. Why?" He reached forward and took Harry's hand between his own and looked up at the medi-witch, waiting for her answer.

"I'm not entirely certain," she said, "I believe Mister Potter's magic was trying to protect him, only allowing his mates to touch him. Though, I'd check out a book from the library on the subject if I were you." The nurse then went about continuing the conversation she was having with Severus and Lucius. Draco blocked them out and focused on the pale, dark haired boy in front of him. He wanted to touch his mate and hand holding wasn't enough, so without looking over at the other people in the room he climbed onto the bed and wrapped himself around Harry's side, a difficult task with a giant wing in the way.

"I'll make sure you're not disturbed tonight, but tomorrow I'll have to start allowing his friends and other visitors in." Pomfrey said, most likely realizing that tearing Draco away from Harry was going to be an impossible task.

"Thank you, Poppy. We appreciate it." The nurse smiled at Severus' words and left the small room, closing the curtain behind her to give the men their privacy.

"Draco, he's going to be okay." Lucius said gently, enlarging the bed enough for both he and Severus to join their younger mates.

"I should have done something." The boy whispered. "I should have at least tried to save him. Why didn't I try to save him?" He buried his head in Harry's neck and inhaled the teen's scent to calm himself.

"You were scared, Draco. It's understandable that you didn't react, you couldn't have done anything anyway." He didn't answer Severus and just tightened his hold on Harry, as if to communicate how sorry he was to the unconcious alchai.


I couldn't find a potion that heals bones, so I made one up. And before anyone tells me skele-grow mends bones, it doesn't, it grows them, Hence the name.

Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

Harry slowly awoke to the feeling of a weight on his chest; he tried to reach up to push whatever it was off, but his hand came in contact with.... fur? His eyes snapped open and he immediately looked down to see a pure white cat curled into a ball on his chest. Now, Harry had nothing against cats, he's just never really came in contact with one that wasn't a half kneazle monstrosity.

"Hey there," He mummbled sleepily and patted the feline on it's head, causing it's silver eyes to close and for the animal to begin purring happily. It's kind of cute, he told himself and scratched the animal behind it's ears as his mind slowly cleared.

Once the sleep induced haze left his head, Harry realized that the cat wasn't his only company. Draco was curled around his left side and Severus was in the same position on his right, both men had one leg thrown over one of Harry's, an arm around his waist, and their bodies were mostly covered by the large wings that extended from Harry's back.

"Where's Lucius?" He asked aloud, noticing his missing mate and began looking around as if the man was hiding from him.


Harry's attention snapped down to the cat on his chest who was now looking at him with wide... grey eyes. Strange.

"Lucius?" He only felt mildly stupid for talking to an animal. This wasn't Hedwig, this was an unknown cat that had decided to sit on him.


"You're an animagus ?"


"And your animal form is a cat?" Not a snow leopard, or something equally deadly, no, Lucius Malfoy was a fluffy white house cat.


He gave Harry an evil look that replicated the one he had perfected in his human form, and it sent shivers down the teen's spine. Creepy.

"Can you change back? It's kind of hard to have a conversation with you like this." He wanted to know what was going on and he had a strange suspicion that he hadn't been Meowed.

With a shake of his head, Lucius answered with a long, drawn out, Meow

"Fine." Harry reached over to shake Severus awake, unfortunately before he could touch him, the man reached up and grabbed Harry's hand.

"I'm not asleep, Harry." He didn't open his eyes as he spoke almost as if continuing his sleeping charade.

"Good, then you can tell Lucius to change back and talk to me like a person." A rather loud and obviously fake snore came from Severus and while the cat looked amused, Harry wasn't. "That's not funny!" He said a little too loudly, alerting Madam Promfrey that he was awake.

"Oh, Harry dear." The nurse rushed in and looked him up and down before calling out. "You can come in now." The words were barely out of her mouth before a couple of familar faces began shuffling through the door.

"Harry." Sirius said with a huge grin spread across his face. "How are you feeling?" He, stepped away from the Remus and toward Harry which caused Lucius to hiss ferally and flaten his ears against his head.

"It's okay." Harry said and stroked the cat soothingly, causing him to slowly calm down, though his eyes never left Sirius. "When did you two get here?"

"About three days ago, Dumbledore floo'd over and told us you fell of your broom." Remus answered as he came to stand next to his lover. "I've never seen Padfoot so worried." Wait, three days? How long had he been sleeping?

"Because I haven't been." Harry heard Sirius admit and he barely took in the forlorn expression on his godfather's face before asking. "How long have I been here?"

"Five days," Severus answered, and a look down told Harry that the man had finally opened his eyes and had strangely not bolted from the alchai's side now that he no longer had the excuse of being asleep to fall back on.

Harry didn't say anything, and instead concentrated on petting Lucius. He remembered falling and had a vague memory of hitting the ground and the pain that caused, but it didn't feel like he'd missed five days of his life. If he had to guess, he'd say it only happened moments ago.

"Are you okay?" Remus asked gently and Harry snapped out of his thoughts to look over at his godfathers.

"I'm fine, just a little tired." He smiled widely to try to back up the lie, and both Sirius and Remus seemed to buy it. Unofortunately, his two awake mates didn't and Severus squeezed him tighter as Lucius dung his claws into his chest, deep enough to be noticed but not to hurt.

"Great! Because the minute Poppy lets you out of this place, we're taking you to Honeydukes and giving you the pick of the lot." Sirius' eyes were twinkling happily and Harry couldn't help but laugh at the childlike joy on the man's face.

"The last thing Harry needs is sugar." Severus told the room, "He already has a problem of sitting still in class." The man's breath was ghosting over his neck and every word he said sent shivers down Harry's spine.

"No one asked you Snivellus." Sirius' cruel comment had barely left his mouth before Harry's wing snapped down to smack him over the head. Waking up Draco and surprising everyone in the room.

"Harry!" His godfathers chided at the same and Severus scoffed into Harry's neck just as Lucius butted his head against the boy's chin before turning and ever so causually walking down the length of Harry's body. Once he was as far down as he could go, Lucius jumped to floor.

The moment the cat's paws left his leg, Harry was engulfed in white hot, searing pain that was reminscent of his seventeenth birthday. Understandably, he screamed, causing Madam Promfrey to run into the room.

"What happened?" She asked a now human Lucius.

"I don't know." He breathed and watched as his mate arched up in pain, his wings folding around his body as if to protect him. Draco and Severus were nuzzling Harry's neck in a comforting gesture most creatures had in common; while Sirius and Remus watched as their godson screamed in untold amounts of pain.

Madam Promfrey looked the alchai over and then turned her attention to Lucius, her eyes widened as though she had just realized something and gripped the blonde man's wrist before forcing him to lay his land on the boy, who immediately sighed and sank back into the bed.

"What does that mean?" asked Sirius and no one had an answer for him until Harry slowly opened his beautiful green eyes and turned toward the man.

"I haven't mated with them." He nodded to the three men surrounding him. "The only reason this hasn't happened before is because of my magic. I guess I used too much of it healing." With that said, he kissed Draco on the top of the head before falling asleep.

The room was eerily silent for several moments; everyone just staring at a sleeping Harry as if they thought he was suddenly going to wake up and proclaim it was all a joke.

"You haven't mated with him?" Remus suddenly asked, knowing how the need affected him when he met Sirius and the pain he suffered during the man's imprisionment.

"No, not fully." Severus answered and ran his hand through his young mate's dark hair, causing him to mewl cutely and turn his head in the vampire's direction.

Sirius and Remus shared an astonished look, not that they wanted their godson to be sexually active with three men that had hated him two months ago. "How?" Sirius asked, honestly surprised by the delay.

"I don't know," Draco replied, speaking up for the first time. "Sev, father, and I have been ill for the last two months, but Harry never seemed to be affected. I never really wondered why that was."

"He's always been powerful, I guess it was to be expected that something like this would happen to him." The men nodded at Lucius' statement and the room was silent for a while, no one speaking, the only sounds being Harry's even breathing and the occasional russle of feathers.

"What are we going to do?" Draco's voice seemed unnaturally loud following the quiet of a moment before.

Everyone knew in the back of their minds what Harry needed, but no one was willing to speak up and admit it. "It seems that there is only one thing you can do." Madam Promfrey, who everyone thought had left, said.

"No." The word doubled as a threat coming from Lucius, the look he gave the nurse and the rest of the room warning them not to repeat such nonsense again. "He's not ready. He made that perfectly clear, the day before the accident. I don't know about you, but I'm not going to make my mate feel violated just to take away pain that a simple touch can aleviate."

Before anyone else could say anything, Severus' told Harry's godfathers, "Go to the library at the earliest convience and bring us back any book on creature bonds and mating. There can not be only one solution to this problem." The two men nodded as they accepted Severus' assignment and Lucius smirked at his mate. He may have wanted the books, but he wanted time with Harry more; he was just -what do the muggles say- killing two stones with one bird.

"We'll go right now, but send someone to get us if he wakes up." Sirius said excitedly, reminding Lucius of a dog wanting desperately for it's master to take it for a walk.

"Surely you don't have to leave right this moment." Draco said, catching on rather quickly.

"The sooner we leave, the sooner we'll get back." With that, the black haired man took Remus' hand and began pulling him from the room.

Once they weremore t gone, the Slytherins had to do little han turn in the nurse's direction and she left, leaving them alone with their Harry once again.

Lucius transformed before once again making himself comfortable on his mate's chest, because while the bed could be enlarged, Harry couldn't be and there was only so much of the small body that one could curl around.

"You do know that the Weasel and the Mud Blood will be in here the moment they hear that he was awake, right?" Draco asked, reaching up to pet his father's head and scratch him behind his ears.

"We will deal with Harry's unsavory friends as they arrive. For now, we are free of two of them." Severus answered.


Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

The next time Harry awoke, he found himself in a very different situation. There was no cat on his chest, or men curled around his sides, all three of his mates were sitting on the bed and reading the same books he himself had just finished reading a few days ago. There was also a large pile of what he guessed was homework and he groaned at the fact he had amazing friends that would bring his work to him while he was in the hospital. Damn them.

"You know, I've read those books a million times, you may be better off just telling me what you're looking for." All three men jumped at the sudden noise that pentrated the silence and turned to Harry with smiles on their faces.

"Harry!" Draco called happily and began peppering the boy's face with light kisses, while they both laughed until their breath was coming in pained gasps. "You're awake." After stating the obvious, the blonde leaned down and finally placed his lips on Harry's for only a moment before pulling back and smiling down at his mate.

"I take it, you're excited?" Harry asked and ruffled the platnium hair on Draco's head. "Now, are you going to answer me? What are you looking for?"

"We are trying to discover more about your current condition and how to alleviate it in a way that everyone will be satisfied with." Snape once again began reading and one would think he was indifferent toward his mate waking up but the hand that began combing through Harry's hair told a different story.

"If that's the case," Harry leaned over Draco to reach the small table that had both more books and his homework assignments stacked on top, "then this is what you want." He picked up an old leather bound tome and returned to his comfortable resting position as he began leafing through the book, a specific chapter already in mind.

"Here you go." The book was plopped down in Severus' lap and he hesitantly picked it before reading aloud.

"A bond between creature mates is completely formed through the process of mating, though the bond begins on the youngest mate's seventeenth birthday.

"Mating most often occurs soon after the mates are introduced, the combination of both pain and need becoming unbearable in a very short period of time. The more powerful the individual is magically, the less they will be affected, their magic battling the effects of delayed mating, but even Merlin would not be able to hold out forever.

"Any sexual act where all involved orgasm at the touch of his/her mate is considered mating. Intercourse does not-" There was a lot more in that paragraph, but Lucius interupted Severus before he could finish reading.

"It just said right there, 'any sexual act' we don't have to actually..." He let his sentence trail off, knowing his mates did in fact have brains and didn't need him to spell it out.

"Some how, that didn't and still doesn't make me feel better." Harry had read that same passage almost two weeks ago and it still had the same effect on him. He didn't want to preform "sexual acts" with these men, who all he really knew about was that they were all amazing kissers. That wasn't something a person built a relationship on and if he was going to be with them for the rest of his life then a relationship was what he wanted.

"Come on, I could give you a hand job." Draco nearly begged into Harry's ear and the boy reeled back as if physically struck by the statement.


“Blowjob?” The blonde asked with a smirk.

“NO!!!!!” This time, Harry yelled his answer directly into Draco’s ear and when he felt the blonde had finally understood that he was serious, he turned to speak to his other mates. “I don’t know any of you.” He pointed at Snape, “You’re the Hogwarts Potions Master.” Then at Lucius, “You’re a former death eater and currently teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts.” And finally, at Draco. “And you’re the prat that’s been making my life miserable for years. That’s it, that’s all I know about any of you and until that changes, you’re not getting in my pants. Have I made myself clear?”

"Yes," Lucius mummbled in a very un-Malfoy like way and the other men nodded in confirmation that they understood what Harry had said.

"I enjoy the occasional muggle novel." Severus said after several moments of silence, drawing his mates attention to him.

"What?" Draco knew that about his mate, having seen the rather large bookshelf in the office dedicated to the books, but what he didn't know was why the man felt the need to randomly announce that fact.

"Harry just said he doesn't know us, I'm trying to retify that." The man's hand never stopped stroking Harry's hair and he had the overwhelming feeling of being cared for.

"That's kind of sweet." He said, "and it's a start, but I'll want to know more than your reading prefrence." Severus opened his mouth as if to sprout more admissions, but Hary dragged his head down and kissed him before he could say anything. "You don't have to get it out all at once."

"He just wants to get you into bed." Draco told him, and sent Severus a playful glare before turning his full attention to Harry. "I, on the other hand, want much more than that." He leaned over as though to kiss the brunette but instead licked the tip of his nose. Who does that?

"Such as?" Lucius laughed as he closed his book and turned on the bed to fully face his mates.

"Well, first off I want him to fuck me, then I want to suck him off, and then-"

"Draco!" Harry interupted, laughing so hard that he could barely breathe. ""He gasped, trying to calm himself down, but only managing to make his laughter sound as though he was crying.

"No," Severus denied, "he's just a slut." Draco's jaw dropped in mock surprise and Harry began laughing even harder, tears now streaming down his face.

"You say it as though it's a bad thing." The surprised look on the blonde's face turned into a sly smirk that had the dark haired teen shaking with the force of his laughter. If nothing else, then at least these men could amuse him.

"Stop, please... I can't breathe." He wheezed and Draco made a show of zipping his lips and sitting on his hands. After a few seconds, Harry finally got himself under control and managed to cease his laughing fit.

"Better?" Lucius asked smugly, and the green-eyed teen nodded as he gave an embarrased, "yeah."

"Well then, now that you're no longer a useless urchin, what do you propose we do about our current situation?" Who would have thought Severus was such a sweet talker?

"I think I've healed enough that you don't have to constantly keep touching me." Harry reached over, took Draco's hand and lifted it from his arm, causing his mates to gasp and for an overwhelming feeling of nuasuea to wash over him. It wasn't pleasant, but it was a hell of a lot better than the searing pain of last time. "See? A little ill, but I'm fine. Plus, I have some more recooperating to do so it can only get better right?" The three men who were breathing hard, looked just minutes away from having heart attacks, didn't look convinced of Harry's statement.

"That's just one of us," Lucius said and hestitantly stood up from the bed, causing Harry to suddenly feel light headed. Two of his mates not touching him was definitely worse then one, but it wasn't as bad as the stomach flu he had over the summer.

"Are you okay?" Draco made a move to touch him, but Harry waved him off.

"I'm fine. Severus, do you mind." He nodded toward the elegant, potion stained hand resting on his leg and the man slowly pulled it away, leaving Harry feelingdizzy and disoriented.

"It's not pleasant," he said, "but I'd rather go through it then the alternative." The words had barely left his mouth before all of his mates were back on the bed and touching him, soothing the pain and leaving Harry feeling safe and comfortable.

"I'm not sure if we should be relieved you're not going to be in too much pain or insulted." Draco mummbled and began nuzzling Harry's neck. "You'd rather be sick then mate with us."

"Trust me," the brunette breathed, "that's not the case. I'm just a Gryffindork, we don't have sex on the first date... or before it."

"So you want to date us?" Lucius asked and laid himself over Harry, covering the youth's body with his own to look him in the eye.

"Not.....Not necessarily, I just want to know you all. Draco, will you stop that!" It was hard to think with a beautiful blonde boy sucking on your neck.

"Stopping." He said and sat up, giving Severus a strange look just moments before the vampire took over where Draco left off on the other side of his neck.

"I bet you guys think you're hilarious."

"No, just slightly amusing," Lucius replied and moved in as if to kiss Harry, but before he could, someone cleared their throat and all four men jumped in surprise, turning to face a laughing Hermione and red faced Ron.

"My eyes! They burn!" Ron exclaimed sarcastically as he and Hermione walked into the small room. "But seriously, how you feeling, mate?" Harry had never seen the three Slytherins so angry, they looked just moments away from tearing the red head limb from limb.

"What did you say?" Severus growled, "Take it back! He's not yours!" He tried to stand up, most likely to send Ron to an early grave, but Harry pulled him back onto the bed and began soothingly running his fingers through the potions master's surprisingly soft hair.

"I'm sorry! I meant, Harry! How you feeling, Harry?" Ron said quickly, and while the Slytherins no longer looked willing to kill him, Harry knew they wouldn't forget or forgive his friend's slip of the tongue any time soon.

"Fine, Ron. Thanks for asking and Hermione, thanks for the homework. I appreciate it.... really, I'm not lying." Okay, he was and his fluffy haired friend seemed to know that but launched herself at him any way and gave both him and Lucius a hug since the man refused to move.

"Liar." She spat jokingly. "But you really don't have that much, half of it's Malfoy Jr.' s and most of the other half is potions; I'm sure you can find someone to help you with it." She smiled at Severus before pulling away and rejoining her boyfriend.

"You gave me homework?" Harry asked Severus, slightly hurt that the man would do such a thing. "I'm your mate and I'm lying in the hospital and you gave me homework!"

"Lucius and I have not left your side since the accident. The headmaster found substitutes for the time being, they're the ones that assigned the work. Not us." Severus said coolly and made Harry feel like a major prick, this man was just trying to be a good mate and he was getting yelled at for another person's acts.

"Sorry." He said and leaned over to kiss the man softly.

"EW! Okay, can you not do that with me standing here?" Harry turned to find Ron literally covering his eyes with his hand as if the sight of him kissing Snape would actually blind him.

"Oh, Ron, they're mates, it's not like they can help it." Hermione told him and managed to remove the red head's hand from his face.

"Exactly, Weasel, now is there a reason why you're ruining the view?"

"Draco." Harry warned and the blonde simply shurgged and gave him a dazzling smile.

"We just came to see our friend Malfoy. Wanted to make sure he hadn't become a veela snack." Ron stepped forward and looked down at the blonde as if just daring him to stand up and fight over something stupid.

"There is no reason for this; Draco, these are Harry's friends, treat them with respect; and Ronald, please excuse my son, he's a tad posessive." Lucius reached over and smacked the blonde boy upside the head jokingly.

"Could be worse I guess, he could not care at all."

"That's impossible, Ron, he's a veela, they're gentically programmed to care for their mates." Hermione corrected and Harry smiled widely, oh, how he missed those two.

"Calm down, woman! I didn't mean anything by it." Ron looked over at his friend and gave him a "help me, you wanker" expression.

"Herm, you can lecture him on veela's, vampires, and alchai later, but right now I deserve the attention." Severus snorted from beside him and Harry was tempted to flick him, yes, flick him.

"Sorry, Harry. So, how are doing? Sirius and Remus told us you were awake yesterday and about the needing touch thing. How are you taking it?" Hermione made it seem like he had some terminal disease and he didn't know whether to be upset or amused.

"I'm fine. We actually just found out that I don't need them touching me all the time, I feel a little sick if they don't, but I'm sure we'll be able to go on as normal." The girl didn't look nearly as happy as Harry thought she would, if anything her expression could be described as almost... sad.

"That's great and all, but you should really mate. Harry, you know how I hate to see you ill." And that was his problem, how?

"Mione, that's not really your decision." Poor Ron was just trying to stick up for his friend and got a glare from his girlfriend for it. "And why am I talking about this? The last thing I want to discuss, is my best ma-friend's sex life. Shutting up, now." The red head clenthed his jaw shut to keep himself from babbling.

"I appreciate the thought." Said Harry, "both of you, but this is what I've decided. I'm just not comfortable with anything more right now." Lucius looked up at him with a scowl, Severus mumbled something that sounded a lot like "brat" and Draco began kissing the alchai's neck as though the contact would change his mind. And if the blonde didn't move to a new spot soon, it would probably work.

"And I understand that but-" The woman began only to have Snape cut her off.

"Miss Granger, while I appreciate your concern for our mate, this is not your affair to medle in." The black satin of the older man's voice paired with the sensation of Draco's soft lips on his neck caused Harry to wimper pitifully.

"Hermione, it took you months before you were ready for... anything really. You have no right to tell Harry he shouldn't take that same time you did." Oh, the poor sod was going to die. Anyone who saw the look on his girlfriend's face would have no doubts about that. The woman looked at the red head as though she was going to dismember him and use the pieces for some top secret pagan ritual.

"Thanks -oh Merlin- Ron. I don't think -ohhh- Mione meant any harm." Harry just barely got the words out and his eyes were having an incredibly hard time staying open. Damn Draco and his torturous kissing technique!

"I didn't, I just want to see you happy and well."

"And we're thankfull for that Hermione." Lucius said with a nod in the girl's direction. "For we want the same." He leaned forward to place a kiss on Harry's forehead, pulling a mewl from the boy's throat and causing Severus to smirk evilly before diving down to pepper the oposite side of Harry's neck with small butterfly kisses.

"I know - ahhhhh- that was nice of you, Mione." The blonde had bit down on the juncture of Harry's neck and shoulder, causing him to call out. "Merlin Draco!" Why did he have to do that? Was he trying to embarrass Harry in front of his friends? Because at this point, he would never be able to speak to them with a straight face again.

"Alright, I think we're going to leave now." Harry had never heard such an amazing plan come from his red headed friend.

"That's a wise descion. Ronald." Lucius said with a chuckle as he took in the sight of two of his mates throughly ravishing the third.

Hermione reached into her robe pocket as though she had just remembered something and pulled out two potion vials filled with different colored liquids."Yeall, well, Madam Promfrey told me to give these to you to take. Harry!" Couldn't she see that Harry was obviously not listening? "Pay attention. Drink the potions before going to bed." It was no use, the boy was too preoccupied with the pleasure the two men were bestowing on him.

"I'll be sure he does." Lucius took the vials from the muggle-born and placed them on the table beside the bed.

"Thank you," she said and Ron quickly grabbed her hand before dragging her toward the opening in the curtains.

"Bye Herm -oh my gods- mione. Bye -epp- Ron!" Harry called after his friends and before they could leave, Hermion turned around and said, "Bye Harry! Have fun."

"But not too much." Ron added and then the couple was gone, leaving the four mates alone.
'Finally' thought Lucius before he leaned down to kiss the young brunette soundly.

A/N: I just got back from universal studios, this was my third time going since the opening of "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" and I feel absolutely rejuvinated. Anyone that's been there, hopefully knows what I'm talking about. It makes you feel magical, and surreal. It also gives me a lot of ideas for my fan fiction. Thought I'd mention it,

Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

Harry was still cooped up in the hospital wing three days later, even though he had argued time and time again that he was fine and could restart classes. Madam Promfrey had listened to his ranting for a whole three seconds before telling him that he would stay for as long as she saw fit and was not to complain about it for it would get him nowhere.

So, he spent his time completing the work Hermione brought, talking with Sirius and Remus, discussing random subjects with Severus and Lucius, and doing what he was right now. Arguing with Draco over quidditch.

"How in the name of Merlin can you possibly call the Chudley Cannons your favorite team? Are you mental, Potter?" Draco became the school boy rival Harry remembered whenever they argued, his Malfoy mask fell back into place, his silver eyes turned cold, and his signature smirk made an appearance. Strangely, this made him even more attractive in Harry's eyes, he was strong and powerful, and Merlin did he want to tackle the teen and kiss him

"Oh, at least the Cannons don't make up for their lack of flying skills with shear force." Harry snapped back and he heard Lucius and Severus sigh as they rearranged themselves, getting comfortable for the long drawn out argument to come.

"The Falmouth Falcons do whatever is necessary to win."

"And sending people to the hospital is necessary?"

"Quidittich is not a gentle sport, people get hurt." What did that have to do with anything?

"That doesn't mean they have to crush people's skulls in." It was said with much less venom than Harry had originally planned, mostly because Severus had decided to entertain himself with the skin behind his alchai's ear. Licking, kissing, and occasionally nipping at the sensitive area, while Lucius did the same to Draco.

Damn older men that didn't like quidittich and went to crazy lengths to keep their lover and soon to be lover from talking about it.

"Am I interrupting something?" The headmaster's voice cut through the lust hazed minds of the four mates, causing them to cease their current activities and for Lucius and Draco, who had their backs to the curtain opening, to turn around.

"No, of course not, Albus, have a seat," Severus stood up from his spot next to Harry, causing the teen to suddenly feel drained and tired, before greeting the headmaster and pulling a chair out from the table for him.

"Thank you, Severus. How are you feeling Harry?" Merlin, if he heard that sentence one more time he was going to hit something. He was fine! He'd been fine since he first woke up! Why did people constantly have to ask?

"Great and the moment I'm allowed out of here, I'll be feeling even better." Harry replied and Lucius none to gently elbowed him in the ribs.

"That's good to hear and I'm sure Poppy will release you once she feels you are well enough to be on your own." Dumbledore said with the ever present sparkle in his blue eyes. "Speaking of which, I was doing some research on your current situation." As though reminded of it, Severus sat back down on the large bed and gripped Harry's hand, waking the boy up and causing him to feel warm and safe.

"There's no need, professor, we decided to let things take their own course. Harry doesn't need our touch as often as he did a few days ago." Draco looked down at his younger mate fondly and ran his hand down the boy's arm, drawing out a sweet little sigh.

"I heard as much from Poppy, but it seems, during my search, I discovered something I think you should be aware of." Oh crud, he was going to die. The headmaster had that look on his face, the look he always had when he informed the order of a piece of devastating news.

"Harry, I made a promise to you last year not to keep anything from you for your own good." Albus continued and Harry nodded his head in confirmation when his mates immediately turned to look at him. "Well, it seems that in one of the documents I was reading, I found a reference to a prophecy-" NOT ANOTHER ONE! "- and upon reading it, I feel you should at least be aware of its existence."

The room was unnaturally silent; the men didn't say a word and seemed to be holding their breath, waiting for someone else to speak. That person just happened to be Lucius. "What does it say?" Harry was thankful the older man was capable of asking because quite frankly, he wasn't.

"I think Harry should hear this alone, if he chooses to tell you, then he may after we've discussed this."

"No," The alchai said quickly, fear of his mates leaving the room, already affecting him. He didn't want to hear this alone, he wanted these men with him, they knew him well enough to be able to comfort him if things went bad. The headmaster looked as though he was about to argue with the teen, but once he noticed how closely the three Slytherins were pressed against Harry, and the way their hands forcefully gripped whatever part of him they could manage as though they believed he'd be taken away from them, Dumbledore decided that it would be easier just to allow them to stay. "I want them here."

"Very well." Albus reached into the pocket of his bright purple and silver robes and pulled out a folded piece of parchment. "I took the liberty of writing this down, Sybil and I have been trying to decode it, but you may want Miss Granger to take a look at it as well." He held out the paper to Harry, who after managing to loosen Draco's hold, reached out and took it.

"What does it say?" asked Severus though his youngest mate was shaking too much to be able to unfold the parchment. Did you blame him? The last prophecy written about him involved a dark lord and killing, it was enough to scar a young wizard for life.

"Here," Lucius gently coaxed the prophecy away from his mate and unfolded it, before holding it out for all four of them to read.

In a time after sorrow
Four will be granted, what they most desire

But little do they know
In the land of Esclaria, things become dire

When four become five
Destinies will come to light

The destroyer of evil
Must prepare for his last fight

"That's.... really vague." Harry told Dumbledore, "It could be about anyone." And it could be, it didn't say who this destroyer of evil was, and for all he knew, there were hundreds of alchai, all of which have three mates, making them a foursome, AND who's to say this was even about an alchai anyway? It could be about four friends, four elephants, there were other explanations, one just happened to be that the headmaster was crazy.

"Not anyone, Harry. This prophecy was created before the time of Merlin, many people have tried to decode it and it is now widely accepted that the term "four" represents an alchai and his or her mates. Sybil and I have come to the conclusion that "the destroyer of evil" would be yourself." He heard what Dumbledore had said, really he had, but it still seemed like a shot in the dark to him. There was just nothing there that absolutely said, "Harry Potter." It was just a bunch of words that rhymed and sounded spooky if said in the right voice.

"'A time after sorrow' could refer to the present. One of the most devastating wars the wizarding world has ever known just ended in the past year. “Severus added and Harry's jaw dropped. Severus Snape was actually agreeing with this, encouraging the headmaster's madness, what kind of sick parallel universe had he been thrown into?

"You're both mental," Harry tried to stand up but was held down by his mates who vastly outnumbered him. "There's nothing there that could possibly make you think it's about me. Times of sorrow happen all the time, depending on where you live. Four could refer to anything on the planet, and everyone destroys evil at one time or another, either physically, mentally or emotionally." He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back against Draco, knowing he made the perfect picture of a spoilt brat, but didn't care.

"Before making such accusations, perhaps you'd like to have Miss Granger look at it, she's an incredibly smart witch, perhaps she will see something we didn't." Dumbledore stood from his seat and gave each member of the group a nod before walking toward the doorway. "I'll be sure to send your friends in as soon as classes let out." Then he was gone, leaving Harry and his mates to stare at the strange words on the piece of parchment.

"Harry," Draco's voice spoke comfortingly into his ear. "I don't think it was wise to discredit him so readily." Not him too. The one person he thought he could count on to be angsty and filled with denial, had suddenly turned on him.

"Are you reading the same thing I am?" After a few moments of elbowing and squirming around, Harry managed to get off the bed and stand in front of the Slytherins. "There's nothing there, nothing that ties me to this. Why is everyone trying to tell me differently?" Lucius reached out and gently took the boy's hand before pulling him down to sit in his lap. It should have made Harry feel childish, but it didn't, it gave him the feeling of being cherished and he liked it.

"We're not doing anything but telling you the facts." Lucius said directly into his ear, his breath causing Harry to shiver and for goose bumps to appear on his arms. "You are a very powerful wizard, Harry. Prophecies have been and will be written about you, it's just a fact."

"I'm not that powerful," he argued, "even if I was, that doesn't mean this was written about me. Like Dumbledore said, it was written before the time of Merlin, it could have already happened for all we know." No one looked convinced, and Harry sighed before slumping against Lucius, allowing the man's strong arms to wrap around him and pull him closer to his chest.

"Prophecies that have already occurred are impossible to record." Severus told him. "If this one had been fulfilled, Albus would not have been able to write it down." Well, they had an answer for everything, now didn't they?

"Fine," Harry huffed, "We'll just wait for Hermione, she'll say you're all crazy and we can go on with our lives. WHICH WILL HOPEFULLY INCLUDE GETTING OUT OF THE HOSPITAL!" The last part of his sentence was said rather loudly, and his mates each gave Harry and evil glare as Madam Promfrey called out from somewhere outside of the curtained room.

"A few more days, dear!"

"That's what you said a few days ago." He mumbled and Draco gently reached out to cup the younger man's face in his hands.

"Are you complaining about getting alone time with us?" The blonde asked and leaned forward to press his lips chastely against Harry's.


"Good, because we have an hour before Miss Granger arrives." Severus had just managed to finish his sentence before he was kissing Draco hungrily. One potion stained hand cupping the back of the blonde's head, keeping him in place for Severus to greedily ravish the boy's mouth.

"Merlin," Harry whispered. He'd seen the two men kiss of course, but not at the same level of passion they were now. Normally, that was saved for Harry, and it reminded him that these men weren't just interested in him; they wanted each other as well. Sometimes it was easy to forget that the world didn't revolve around you.

"They're beautiful together, aren't they?" Lucius asked softly and Harry could do nothing more than nod; beautiful didn't even begin to describe his mates. Draco was young, blonde, and attractive, while Severus was older, dark haired, and harsh, the contrast was striking to see by itself. Pair it with the soft mewls and groans the two men made as they kissed wildly, and you had an incredibly arousing combination.

"Aren't they?" The man behind him pressed, obviously wanting a verbal answer from Harry.

"Yes." Then Lucius was kissing him; the same dominating kiss that Severus was bestowing on Draco, and Harry could do nothing more than give him what he wanted. Not that he was complaining of course.


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Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

Harry held his breath as Hermione bent her head over the scrap of parchment that held the prophecy. As soon as classes had let out, both she and Ron had appeared in the infirmary and before either of them had a chance to even say “hi” Harry had held out the piece of paper and all but ordered Hermione to read it. Thankfully, she had a heart and didn’t hit him over the head. Like last time he ordered her to do something.

“It does sound a lot like you, Harry.” She said and Draco turned his head to the side and let out a “Ha!” in the face of green eyed man sitting beside him on the bed.

“But-“Hermione drawled, causing the blonde to pale and for Harry to perk up. “It’s really too vague to tell one way or the other.” Unable to help himself, Harry turned toward Draco and with a smirk said, “Ha, ha, HAAAA!” loud enough for everyone in the castle to hear. What? He may have been a tad…excited.

“In your opinion, Miss Granger,” Lucius gave his son and Harry a look that obviously meant he was not amused by their immature behavior before turning his attention to Hermione who seemed unable to decide what to do in this situation. “Do we have a reason to be worried?”

The only female in the room took a deep breath before answering, “I think… you have a reason to be observant. It might be about you, Harry, but it might not be. I’d say just watch out and if anything falls into place then you can be sure. But as it is, I can think of a thousand people that prophecy could pertain to.” Harry was tempted to do his happy dance; he was right! For the first time in his short life he was right about something that he actually wanted to be right about.

“So you want him to do nothing?” asked Ron, with a confused look on his face. Apparently he wasn’t as happy as friend about the whole finally being right thing.

“Exactly, if it’s meant to be then it’ll happen.” Hermione turned her head to stare out the person sized opening in the curtains and frowned as though she had just thought of something.

“Nicely said Miss Granger.” Severus told her and Harry couldn’t help but chuckle at the slight grimace that contorted his features when he was forced to compliment his mate’s best friend.

“Thanks.” The witch said distractedly and stood up before heading to the opening. “I need to speak with Madam Promfrey, you boys talk without me.” Hermione hadn’t even finished speaking before she was walking out of the room, something obviously on her mind.

Harry just stared after the woman for the longest time. It wasn’t until he heard Ron shuffling back and forth, unable to stay still with his potions professor, DADA professor, ex-worst enemy, and current best friend sitting in a bed together. Yeah, that would have been pretty uncomfortable.

“So…Ron, what’s been going on out there in the real world?” Harry asked, taking pity on the red head who looked moments away from having a mental breakdown.

“Well, nothing really, just classes and gossip.” He answered with a relieved look in his friend’s direction.

“Oh, what kind of gossip?” Draco was leaning over both Severus and Harry, and now had his head in Lucius’ lap as he tried to get as close as physically possible to Ron, while still touching Harry. It was enough to make even the evil Snape chuckle softly as the young veela.

The red head was slightly startled by Draco’s obvious interest in what he had said and gave a Harry a pleading look, which was ignored. “Just the usual,” Ron finally said and glared at his friend when he had the audacity to smirk, SMIRK, at him. “Lavender’s sleeping with Daniels in Ravenclaw; Parkinson got drunk at a Slytherin dorm party and flashed everyone in attendance. You know; normal stuff.”

Draco’s mouth was wide open as he stared at Ron in complete shock, from his position on the bed, Harry could just barely see the look on his mate’s face, but it still had him laughing hysterically and burying his head in Lucius’ shoulder as his entire body began shaking.

“Little Pansy?” The elder Malfoy asked in disbelief, paying no attention to the highly amused teen who was still vibrating with the force of his laughter.

“F-“ Draco began but glanced over at Severus before correcting himself. “Lucius, children grow up. Pansy’s not the same infant that used to come to the manor.”

“Most definitely not.” The vampire agreed and Harry could only imagine how much he knew about the pug faced girl. Poor man, he was probably scarred for life.

“Ron…” Harry gasped as he tried to calm himself down. Laughing was just one of those things that was incredibly hard to stop once you’ve started, and he may have been a bit mental, so that just made it even more difficult. “Why don’t you…..go….check on ‘Mione? Remus and Sirius will be here….soon.”

“Thanks m-my friend Harry.” Even though he had caught himself, Harry’s mates had obviously heard the slip up and gave Ron looks that were sharp enough to kill. “Well, I’ll just be going now.” The red head turned and practically ran from the room.

The moment the four men were alone, Draco sat up from his sprawled position and situated himself between Harry and Lucius, a devilish smirk on his perfect face. Someone was up to something. The thought had just barely passed through Harry’s head before his mate had leaned over and tried to kiss him. Tried, meaning the alchai hadn’t been expecting the move and may or may not have smacked Draco without thinking. Gotta love those reflexes.

“Ow!” The blonde screeched, his hand pressed the side of his head. “You hit me!”

“Sorry! Sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry. Sorry! I didn’t mean to, Merlin are you okay?” Harry felt sick, absolutely sick as he watched the boy rub his head while playfully glaring at Severus who was quite obviously forcing himself not to laugh.

“Yeah, fine.” Draco replied and after a moment of thought added, “But there is one way you could make it up to me if you want to be sure.” It didn’t take a genius to understand what the veela had in mind, his wiggling eye brows and lust filled gaze painted a pretty clear picture.

“No, you’re a pervert, and I wasn’t joking when I said my godfathers were coming down. The last thing I want is for them to walk in on me sno-studying extremely hard.” Harry watched wide-eyed as Sirius and Remus walked into the room, knowing smiles on their faces. Great, they had to pick the absolutely worst possible time to walk in.

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that. Though I’ve seen you sno-studying extremely hard before.” Sirius said with a huge grin that made Harry want to crawl under a rock and die of embarrassment.

“Oh look, he’s blushing.” Remus just had to mention and the three mates immediately turned to look at the poor brunette whose face was completely scarlet, from his chin to his lightning bolt scar.

“Can we please change the subject?” Harry asked and tried to burrow his head under a pillow only to have Lucius snatch it and place it on the other side of the bed. Oh, this meant war.

“No, I like that color on you.” Severus whispered and leant forward kiss Harry’s neck but the seeker saw it coming and quickly rolled away to get out of the bed. There may have been a tad….or a lot …. of nausea that followed, but at least he wasn’t being molested in front of his family. That would have made any conversation insanely uncomfortable.

“Okay, Sirius, Remus, how have you been?” The two men snickered at the Slytherin like glares they were receiving and Harry had no doubt in his mind that if he wasn’t here, then they’d be sticking their tongues out like first years. Who ever said maturity came with age had obviously been delusional.

“Fine, Dumbledore set us up in one of the suites and told us to stay for as long as we felt necessary.”

“Which means we’ve become your new personal stalkers,” Sirius added with a strange evil laugh that made him sound more mental than actually evil.

“Yes, because I don’t have enough of those.” Harry said jokingly and cautiously moved toward the bed. He wanted to be near his mates in order to feel better but he didn’t want to be snogged, grabbed, or wonderfully attacked. He just wanted to sit, not be molested….in front of family.

“No, but really.” Remus said with a glare of his own in Sirius’ direction. “We have nothing to do, and we haven’t really been able to spend any time with you, we figured staying here for a while would take care of both problems.” That did sound like a good idea.

“As long as you’re staying, perhaps, Black, you’d like to try to help Draco with his animagus transformation.” Lucius knew the perfect thing to say and Sirius’ eyes lit up like a five-year-old’s on Christmas morning. “It seems I’m not as much as a help as I like to believe.” Draco made a strange face that Harry took to mean that his father’s statement was correct, and he couldn’t help but laugh at it. That was hilarious.

“Sure! I’d love to help. Whatever I can do. I’ll do it.” The dark haired man seemed way too excited about that. He was jumping all around and acting more like a dog than anything else.

“Oh joy.” Severus said sarcastically and gave Sirius a look that sent a shiver down Harry’s spine. “If I find you on our sofa while you’re a flea infested canine, Black, I will not hesitate to hex you.” The potions master always looked stern but now he was downright scary.

“I don’t have fleas.” Sirius replied and his partner in both life and crime; promptly slapped him in the back of the head.

“Don’t argue with him.” That was good advice on Remus’ part.


“Don’t.” The two men stared at each other for several moments and Harry could tell that they were somehow having a silent conversation.

“You’re no fun.” Sirius complained but turned his attention to Draco, obviously dropping the argument. “So tell me cousin, have you found your inner animal yet?”

“No, I didn’t know you could before the completed transformation.” The blonde said with a tinge of curiosity in his voice. “And you didn’t mention it.” He turned toward Lucius who, while many others would have been intimidated by the young man, merely looked amused by his son’s expression.

“I have known your form since you were a child. If I tell you what it is, you will not want to finish your training.” Why would he say that? Did he know Draco at all? That little bit of information would do nothing but make the veela want to know even more.

“What is it?”

“Trust me, Draco, your father had told me and while your form will be useful, you will not immediately take to it.” Severus said and managed to include himself in the blonde’s circle of death, which Harry slowly inched out of. He didn’t know anything; there was no reason for him to receive the disturbing looks that Lucius and Severus were gifted with.


“You can’t tell me you know and then not give me anything else!” Harry had to agree with him there. That was just plain cruel.

“Very well.” Lucius stated and tightened his hand in his son’s blonde hair before pulling his head down until the adolescent’s ear was just an inch from his mouth; Severus did the same to Harry.

The two older men whispered to their captives and Harry instantly began laughing, just waiting for Draco’s reaction which didn’t disappoint. The young veela snapped his head up, breaking free of his father’s grip and just stared at his three mates, giving Harry a particularly nasty glare for laughing.

“I’m a what?” He seethed, and the anger coming off the man in waves only made Harry laugh even harder. Oh, this was good.



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Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

Harry very nearly screamed in excitement when he stepped through the doorway and entered his suite. It was nearly two weeks after he’d fallen off his broom, and he had never been so happy to be back in the rooms he shared with three incredible attractive Slytherins.

“Take this one every hour, these two once a day, and this one twice a week.” Severus told him for the SEVENTH time since they’d left the hospital wing, holding up each vial filled with colored substances in order.

“Severus, I got it. I’ll take my potions.” He once again reached for the vials only to have them jerked away before he could wrap his fingers around them.

Harry, Draco, and Lucius all gave the dungeon bat a glare and after several silent moments, Snape slowly handed the green-eyed boy his potions, wincing slightly as the teen un-elegantly stuffed them into his robe pockets.

“Forgive me if I don’t feel you’re capable of remembering something as simple as which potion to consume.” There was a softness to the Severus’ voice as he spoke, almost as if the man was insulting him out of habit instead of true necessity.

“I’m going to ignore you and go to my room now.” Harry pulled away from the three men who all had at least a hand on him and tried not to whimper at the headache that assaulted him.

“You’ll feel better if you lie down with us.” Draco said as he stepped forward and wrapped and arm around Harry’s waist, pulling him forward and causing the pain in the alchai’s head to immediately lessen.

“No, that’s okay.” He told the blonde and removed the boy’s arm. He’d spent way to long with them already, he glared at Ron. GLARED! Damn Slytherins were already rubbing off on him…and not the way they wanted to.

Lucius obviously didn’t accept that answer and reached out to tangle his fingers in Harry’s dark hair, using his grip to gently lead the boy forward until he was standing directly in front of him. “You will rest easier.” Harry didn’t know how long he just stood there, staring up into liquid mercury eyes, relishing in the feeling of his eldest mate so close to him, but when Snape made a very undignified noise, he remembered who he was and what he was supposed to be doing.

The teen backed away from the blonde, forcing himself not to run back to him and wrap himself around the man. “I’ve been around you three non-stop for weeks, I’d like some time alone now.” Don’t get him wrong, it wasn’t that he didn’t like spending time with his mates; he just wanted some Harry time that lasted longer than the time it took to use the restroom.

“Oh.” Draco mumbled before dropping his head and becoming extremely interested in his shoes.

“Don’t give me that look.” Harry told him. “That’s not what I meant and you know it. I just need some time alone.”

“And we understand that.” Severus cut in when Draco opened his mouth as if to protest.

“But it doesn’t mean we have to like it.” Lucius wrapped an arm around Severus’ waist and pulled the dark haired vampire against him before curling his other arm around his son’s head and covering his mouth with a pale hand when it seemed as though the boy was about to say something. “We don’t have to like it.” He repeated directly into Draco’s ear and after several seconds, Lucius released his grip on the younger blonde.

“Yeah, not like it….” Draco said slowly, a smirk spreading across his face. “Though now we can shag like rabbits without feeling guilty.” He turned toward two of his mates and gave them a look Harry was familiar with. He needed to leave or get an eyeful.

He didn’t move.

Severus leaned down until his lips were just barely hovering over the young Slytherin’s and breathed out a, “I believe the boy has a point.” Before lowering his mouth the last centimeter to cover his mate’s.

“Indeed.” Lucius began peppering his son’s jaw with light butterfly kisses that had Draco moaning….rather loudly, and Harry wanting desperately to join in. It was an amazing act of will power to remain standing on the other side of the room.

“Okay well, I’m leaving, now!” Yeah, off to take a nap and be plagued with dreams about where this scene will end up.

“Bye-aaahhh” Draco moaned and Harry nearly ran to his bedroom.

“Dobby?” He asked upon entering his room to see the crazily clothed house elf pulling the crimson sheets off his bed.

Dobby’s eyes widened to more than twice their size and he immediately stopped what he was doing before turning to face Harry, one hand rising up to grip tightly at a rabbit like ear. “I is sorry Master Harry Potter sir. Dobby was changing Master Harry’s bed linens, I was not knowing you be back. Dobby will be more careful next time Harry Potter sir.” The poor house elf immediately began making the bed, his hands a blur as he tucked in the corners of the scarlet and gold comforter.

“No, it’s okay, Dobby. You just surprised me is all, I’m not mad.” Harry said and Dobby turned to look up at him with big tennis ball eyes. “And you don’t have to worry about the bed, I’m about to take a nap and mess up the sheets anyway.” Before Harry could even finish his sentence, the elf dropped to the floor and wrapped his arms around the teen’s ankles.

“Thank you, master Harry Potter, sir. You is most kind.”

“Don’t mention it Dobby, why don’t you go see if any of the other house elves need any help.” And leave me alone, the boy thought but smiled down at the little creature nonetheless.

“Oh, that is being a good idea, sir. I do that right away.” Without a moment to spare, the elf disappeared with a pop and Harry was left in peace.

“Finally,” He mumbled and practically launched himself onto the bed, snuggling down under the blankets and taking in the fresh scent of his pillow before closing his eyes in hopes of drifting off in a few moments.

Twenty-five Minutes Later…

Harry rolled over onto his other side and groaned when it did nothing to make him more comfortable. He’d been lying there trying to sleep for what felt like hours and after only a few moments in the insane position he was, with arms and legs crossing strangely, Harry sat up and looked around his room, finding nothing to help him.

“Fine!” He yelled loud enough for everyone in the suite to hear him if silencing charms hadn’t been built into the walls of his room. “I’ll find something else to do.”

Something else ended up being sitting at his desk and staring off into his space, thinking of something to occupy his time with. Part of him, the part he liked to refer to as his “Harry side” wanted to go play quidittich, or read his DADA books, or continue his research on vampires, but the other part of him, the “alchai side” wanted to storm out of his bed room and curl up with the first of his mates he laid his eyes on.

Even if Harry decided to listen to his creature half (he wouldn’t of course) he knew each of them would be…busy with other things, and as much as the thought of jumping into the middle of their bed and joining in appealed to the violet eyed part of him; the normal part thought he was crazy for even thinking such things. Overall, it gave the teen a headache that dulled the empty sensation in his stomach that resulted from being away from his mates.

After an hour of fighting with himself; reading a sentence of each book before getting bored and tossing them onto his floor, causing Dobby to pop in and place them on the bookshelf before once again popping out; and pacing around his room like a caged animal, Harry decided that he was tired of being alone. Yes, after everything he had to go through to get away from his mates, he wanted to be back with them.

The dark haired teen didn’t hesitate as he stormed across his room and flung the door open, though he did stop dead in his tracks when he took in the sight that welcomed him.

Draco and Lucius were quite obviously….mating in the living room. Lucius was sitting on the sofa, his back to Harry as Draco bounced up and down on his lap, neither man seemed concerned by the door opening, or suddenly getting an audience.

“Hello, Harry.” The younger blonde said, opening one eye to glimpse at his other mate. “Have a nice- ohhhh there! – Nap?” The male teenager, being what he was….you know, a male teenager and alive, couldn’t help but react to the sight in front of him; his prick immediately hardening in the confines of his trousers.

“Yes.” Harry squeaked and Lucius let out a deep chuckle that did absolutely nothing to help his dark haired mate’s situation.

“Sev is in his study.”

“Spoilsport.” Draco added grumpily, just as Harry sprinted across the room in an attempt to leave before he did something he’d later regret. Damn, beautiful blondes that can’t keep it in their pants.

The moment he stepped through the study door, the alchai noticed Severus was calmly sitting behind a large oak desk in the center of the room and seemed to be grading work with his classic red ink. “Hello, Harry, I take it you have a good reason to disturb me.” He didn’t even look up! How in the name of Merlin could he know who it was?! “Your smell.” The professor answered and Harry just stared at him, too shocked to say or even think anything else.

“You were most likely wondering how I knew it was you standing there gaping at me, I merely answered your question before being forced to listen to you stumble over your words to ask it.” Oh, well that was just mean.

“Um…did you know Lucius and Draco are-“

“Yes.” Severus sighed as though he thought Harry was mentally challenged. “They are veela, it is a rare occurrence when they are not performing some type of sexual act.” The man just spoke about it like it was nothing, like it wasn’t even worth tearing your eyes away from a third year’s essay to discuss it.

“I never knew that about veela.” Harry said, mostly to himself. He’d read the library’s entire collection on the creatures (a whopping three books) but none of them mention this….strange….what? Compulsion? Libido? Need for sex? Something along those lines anyhow.

“Have you not the mental capacity to pick up a book?” Sev asked as though the mere thought disgusted him.

“Er...I read the ones at the library; I just haven’t had time to send away for any.” There was an irritated groan from the vampire as he slowly began straightening his papers, ink, and quill before placing them in a drawer and standing up.

The dark haired man walked with unnatural grace toward the bookshelf on the left wall of the study and quickly began pulling down books and lying them in a pile on the corner of the desk behind him. “I take it that your reading material on vampires has also been library supplied.” For the first time since Harry had come into the room, Severus looked at him long enough to arch an eyebrow and for the teen to nod in reply.

“Yeah, but this is Hogwarts, I thought that’d be enough.” Wrong thing to say, Severus, who had turned back to the shelf suddenly spun around and glared at his young mate with onyx colored eyes that seemed to bore into the other man’s very soul.

“This is a school, Harry.” Somehow, the potions professor managed to make his name sound even more formal than the “Mister Potter” he had lived with for six years. “What a Defense Against the Dark Arts student needs to know for a paper, differs from what a mate will need to be informed of concerning creatures.” Made sense if you thought about it. “Such as veela,” a large heavy book was slammed atop the rapidly growing pile, “and vampires,” then a second book was added noisily, causing Harry to jump at the sound.


“Yes, oh.” Severus shrunk the tower of books before holding them out to Harry for the boy to take. “I recommend you read these as soon as possible, I’m sure Miss Granger will be more than willing to help you with the larger words.” Even as the insult left the older man’s lips, his fingers tangled themselves in his mate’s silky hair, a comforting gesture that nearly caused Harry to purr.

“Now, I have work to do for my return to classes tomorrow, and you are a distraction.” The vampire leaned down and pressed his forehead against Harry’s his black eyes meeting green. “A good one, but a distraction nonetheless.”

Harry could only stare at his mate for several long moments before finally pressing his lips against Severus’. They hadn’t kissed without an audience for weeks (not that either of them minded) but it was certainly a different experience without two veela hanging off of them, hoping to get in on the action. Harry, very nearly sent them both spiraling to the ground when he wrapped an arm around Severus’ waist and moved forward to press them together, only to overestimate the distance and forcefully collide with his mate; but thanks to lightning fast reflexes, both men remained standing.

“You are a danger to all around you.” Sev said against Harry’s lips and the boy nodded enthusiastically before capturing his mate’s mouth once again and greedily accepting the tongue that requested access into his own mouth.

Time seemed to stop while the two brunettes held each other, kissing hungrily as though they might never see each other again, but Severus finally did come to his senses and realizing that he did have quite a bit of work to do, gently pushed Harry away, causing a very unhappy whimper to escape the teen.

“Go find your friends, when you come back we’ll continue this, hopefully with a few more participates.” Harry really didn’t know if he liked or disliked that idea, while he liked being alone with Severus, he also enjoyed it when all four of them were wrapped around each other.

“Okay.” He said finally and the older man quickly nipped at his alchai’s ear before pulling himself away. “I’ll see you later.” Harry forced himself to turn around and exit the room; the small books in his robe pocket a comforting weight. He’d come to learn over his hospital stay that Severus cared more about books than most people and allowing Harry to borrow some was like letting him babysit his children.

Upon entering the living room, he’d been prepared to walk in on the same scene that he had witnessed earlier, but that wasn’t the case. Lucius was sprawled out on the coffee table, his legs pushed up to his chest as Draco thrust repeatedly into him. The change in position startled Harry and he couldn’t help but freeze in his spot and stare at what he thought was a strange coupling. He knew Draco topped –at least occasionally- thanks to his mate’s poor attempt at a joke several weeks ago, what he didn’t know however that Lucius bottomed. It just…didn’t seem right, the tall, powerful man was always in control, and Harry thought he’d be that way in the bedroom as well. That’s what he gets for thinking.

Neither of veela seemed to notice the dark haired teen as he quickly left the suite.


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Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *


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“Veni, Vidi, Vici,” Harry said and the Fat Lady’s portrait smiled warmly and swung open, revealing the Gryffindor common room where all of his friends sat around a roaring fire, some studying like Hermione, others playing chess like Ron, and some whispering softly to each other like Ginny and Lavender.

“Harry!” Colin cried and if Seamus hadn’t gripped his wrist and forced him to sit, the alchai knew he’d been tackled by hundred and ten pounds of sixth year Gryffindor.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” Ron asked without taking his eyes off the chessboard as Harry stepped completely into the garishly decorated room and casually plopped himself down next to Hermione who gave him a glare when he accidentally bumped her textbook with his knee.

“Sorry.” Harry whispered and added for everyone to hear, “just wanted to come hang out before classes tomorrow.” That wasn’t a complete lie; he did want to see his friends, just because he was practically ordered to do so, didn’t change that.

“Speaking of that, do you think you can talk to Snape? Ask him to go easy on us?” Please! Who did Parvarti think he was? A miracle worker? Snape still insulted HIM; there was no way in Hell he was going to be able to keep him from doing the same to others.

“No.” Harry answered with a wide-eyed, open mouthed expression. “Do you know Severus? Good Merlin woman, if I tried to convince him of that, I’d end up back in the hospital wing.” Okay, maybe that was a stretch, Sev would never actually hurt him, but Harry knew that if he asked him about being well…nicer to the Gryffindors that his reaction would definitely not be something Harry would want to stand around and watch.

Pfft, The immature sound came from Ron who had turned around in his seat to face his friend. “Like he’d lay a finger on you, he and the Malfoys are like dogs with a bone when it comes to you. Not that I’m asking you to talk to him or anything.” Yeah, because he didn’t have potions.
“Change of subject!” Neville suddenly yelled and Harry gave him a nod and a smile in thanks.

“Thanks Nev.” Suddenly the books Sev had given him came to mind, “Oh, Herm, look at these.” Harry pulled the small stack out of his pocket and placed it on the table before enlarging the books.

“What have you got there?” Ginny, who had been sitting on Harry’s other side, asked while leaning forward to get a better look at the leather bound volumes.

“Sev gave me some books on veela and vampires, said the ones at the library weren’t good enough.” Hermione instantly perked up at that, slowly closing her own tomes before reaching for the book on the top of the pile.

“That was kind of him, read these first, I think they’ll be the most helpful.” This, is why Harry comes to Hermione, she goes through the mess that is his pile of books (or life) and tells him what to focus on.


“Subtle Harry, very subtle.” Ron mumbled and watched as his pawn destroyed Dean’s knight. “Haven’t your mates taught you anything?”

Nothing you’d want to know about, the dark haired teen thought and looked down at the books Hermione had practically assigned him.

I’m Mated to a Veela and….

As well as:

I’m Mated to a Vampire and…

Apparently, they were written by the same author and told what the mate to the creatures would need to know. One look at the first book’s table of contents and Harry knew his friend had been right in saying they’d be a big help.

Chapter 1: He/She is Pregnant

Hopefully, he wouldn’t be needing that chapter any time soon, though knowing there was accessible information on the topic was a relief since none of the other books he’d read so far said anything other than Veela’s could get pregnant and that it took a lot of magical strength from both parties to get them that way.

Chapter 2: He/She Won’t Let Me Out of His/Her Sight

Well, that hadn’t happened yet, and Harry really didn’t know if he was upset or thankful for that. He liked Draco and Lucius being protective of him, loved it actually, but he couldn’t imagine either man following him everywhere and not letting him do anything alone.

The rest of the chapters were basically the same, entire sections on things other books had only mentioned, never explained. The Vampire version was the same way and by gods, he’d kiss Hermione if she wasn’t dating his best friend, was his other best friend, and if he didn’t have three potentially dangerous mates that would do terrible things to the poor girl if they found out he was even thinking of doing that.

“Hey,” Harry snapped his head up and looked over at Hermione, a new thought suddenly making itself present. “Why did you run out of my room yesterday? I never got a chance to ask.” It had plagued him for hours after, and when neither she nor Ron returned, it only made him even more worried.

“Nothing. I’m sorry about that,” She immediately turned away from him but Harry could see the color drain out of her face, prompting the alchai to reach over and grip her hand.

“Are you okay?”

“Fine.” Harry opened his mouth to ask again, something about the way Hermione’s gaze flicked over to Ron who was sitting unnaturally still, made him uncomfortable. Something was wrong, and his friends wouldn’t tell him.

“It’s no use, I asked her like a thousand times when she got back with like an entire bag of potions, but she wouldn’t tell me either.” Ginny said to him and the glare she received from the other witch was enough to send a shiver up Harry’s spine.

“Ginny,” Hermione ground out and Harry instinctively leaned back on the couch, trying to disappear, “Why don’t you and Lavender go pick out your clothes for tomorrow.” Oh, looks like someone was being dismissed.

“We wear uniforms.”

“Go.” That one word said in the dark voice Hermione sometimes possessed when she got angry was enough to get Ginny and Lavender running toward the girl’s dormitory stairs. “So Harry, how have you been getting along with your mates?” The happy cheerful side of the alchai’s best friend suddenly made an appearance and Harry just stared at the woman for several long moments before deciding she hadn’t lost her mind.

“We’re fine. I’m really starting to get to know them, and as strange as it sounds, I have to give the credit for that to falling off my broom and nearly dying. I don’t know if I would have been able to just sit there and talk to them, you know?” Not that they did much talking, most conversations ended up leading to heavy snogging sessions, but those few times real things, real pieces of their lives slipped out amongst the flirting were like diamonds amongst dirt. He’d learned that Draco’s favorite subject was potions (big surprise), that Lucius had a weird fascination with anything cherry flavored, and that Severus, under his sarcastic exterior, actually liked to cuddle; to name a few of the strange facts he’d uncovered.

“I think that you would have done that anyway, the accident just gave you an excuse.” Hermione gave him a warm smile before turning her attention to the books that still lay on the table and re-stacking them. “Read this from the top down, the ones at the bottom you may be able to skip after you learn everything from the others.”

“What’s really going on, ‘Mione?” Harry knew more than “nothing” had gone on yesterday. Hermione wouldn’t look at him for more a few seconds before turning away and couldn’t seem to decide on a topic, obviously something was bothering her and she didn’t like hiding it. “Are you sick? Is Ron?”

“No, Harry, it’s nothing I sw-“

“It’s not ‘nothing’.” Harry said softly, leaning over to capture Hermione’s hand when she tried to reach for the books, probably to rearrange them.

“Just drop it, Harry!” The girl yelled, causing everyone in the common room to turn toward her and Harry. “Come on.” The hand under Harry’s suddenly gripped his and the teen was forcefully pulled to his feet as Hermione stood up.

The alchai could feel the eyes of the other Gryffindor’s following him as one of his best friends led him toward Ron who was grabbed by Hermione’s other hand and dragged along with Harry toward the stairs that led up to the boys dorm.

“Herm, what are you doing?” Harry asked as he nearly tripped for the third time.

“I am not going to have this conversation out there with the others.” Hermione replied just as they barged into the room Harry had shared with Ron and three other boys not even a year ago. Strangely, it looked exactly same, save one missing bed of course.

Hermione instantly released both boys the moment they entered the room and turned to close and lock the door before gently resting her forehead against the smooth wood and taking a deep shuddering breath.

“What’s going on?” One look at Ron told Harry that the red head knew exactly what was wrong with his girlfriend and the brunette really didn’t like his friends hiding something from him. “Come on guys, you know you can trust me. Whatever it is, I won’t tell anyone.”

“We know that,” Ron said slowly walking over to Hermione and laying a comforting hand on her shoulder and rubbing gently as she tried to pull herself together. “It’s just that we just found out yesterday and we don’t even completely know what hap-“

“I’m pregnant.” Hermione exclaimed and the room suddenly became very quiet.

“You-you’re....” The dark haired boy couldn’t think of anything to say, hell, he could barely breathe right then and was forced to grip a bed post to keep from passing out. His friend was preggers, she was going to have a baby, Hermione and….

“Is it Ron’s?” Please say yes, he begged Hermione who was staring down at him as though she wanted to ask if he was okay while hitting him over the head with a large textbook.

“Of course it is! What kind of girl do you think I am, Harry Potter?!” Harry shrunk back and pressed himself against a bed that he thought was Neville’s in order to get as far away as possible from the half human, half hormonal monster that was Hermione.

“S-sorry. Had to make sure.” Then it happened, a terrible, disgusting realization lodged itself in the teen’s mind. Ron and Herm were having baby which meant they’d had… “Oh the mental images!” Harry screamed and clutched his head jokingly as his boy mind decided to play out that disturbing thought.

“Hey! Is that all you have to say?” Asked Ron, “I’m about to become a dad and all you can think of is me and Mione together. That’s kind of perverted.” It’s not like Harry wanted to think of…that, he had three other people that could star in his sick porno fantasies without him wanting to oblivate himself.

“Sorry.” Harry shook his head a couple of times and let go off the post he was clinging to in order to walk over to the couple and lay a hand on each of their shoulders. “I’m happy for you guys. Now, this is the part where I ask how far along you are.” Well, he thought this was that part, he really didn’t know since this was the first time his best friend told him she was pregnant.

“A little over ten weeks.” He just stared at Hermione as if the woman was crazy.

“And you just found out yesterday?” Something wasn’t right here. “I thought girls missed….were supposed to miss….you know….” Harry couldn’t say it. He could die, slay dark lords, and associate with the top Harry haters, but for some reason he just couldn’t bring himself to say….well….you know.

“I’m not very regular.” Hermione said with a blush that resembled the ones now spreading across Ron and Harry’s faces.

“Ooooookkkayyyy, then. Way too much information.” Harry slowly backed away from his friends and gave Hermione a look that he hoped told her to keep any further facts about her….feminine qualities to herself. “So, can Madam Pomfrey tell if you’re having a girl or a boy? Or is it still too early for that?”

“She can, but we want to be surprised.” Ron replied as he subconsciously let his hand drift down to his girlfriend’s flat stomach, almost as though he was trying to protect both her and their child. It was disgustingly cute and sweet and made Harry want to “awww” loudly.

“Alright then fair enough. But, if you are having my first child born to a friend then I have to be the godfather, there is no getting around that.” He said seriously and Ron and Hermione nodded, smiling widely as Harry held up his hand and began listing conditions to their pregnancy and future child. “If it’s a boy you have to name it Harry, even if it’s just his middle name; and if it’s a girl you just have to name her-“

“Harriet?” Guessed Hermione with a smirk that made the men in the room shiver. Scary female.

“No! That’s just crazy! If it’s a girl you have to name her something cute like Ruby or Annabelle, or Zoey. Harriet? Do you want to scar your little princess for life?” Come on, ‘Mione, you have to think!

“Alright. I think I’ve got it all.” Ron said, “The godparents should be anyone but you, if the child’s a boy give him any name but Harry, and if it’s a girl name DO NOT give her a cute name.”

“You’re not funny.” Harry told him, but couldn’t seem to keep himself from laughing anyway.

The common room was empty as Harry tiptoed down the stairs later that night after he, Ron, and Hermione had finished talking of life after Hogwarts, serious baby names, and how to tell Mrs.Weasley without her taking control of…well, everything.

He quietly shrank the books that he had left on the table and placed them in his pocket again before padding softly over to exit, trying to keep from waking the students sleeping or doing whatever else they did in their beds at night.

Harry’s efforts were nearly ruined however when the door squeaked loudly as it opened and he winced at the noise before quickly shuffling out into the hallway, allowing the portrait to swing shut, leaving him in inky blackness.

Being an alchai, Harry had the ability to see in the dark, but before his eyes could adjust, he started walking down the corridor. Before he could get halfway though, the teen ran straight into a wall…. A warm, wonderful smelling, chuckling wall.

Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

“Why in such a hurry, Harry?” Lucius’ deep voice asked jokingly and the boy simply leaned against the unseen man until his eyes adjusted. Maybe it was weird, but he didn’t like talking to people he couldn’t see.

“Just trying to get back to the suite,” he answered finally and looked up at the smirking face of his mate. “But that doesn’t explain why you’re standing in the middle of the hallway. Preying on poor un-expecting students? I think Sev’s rubbed off on you.”

“I was coming to get you, the only students I want to prey on are yourself and Draco, and yes, he’s done that several times.”

“Oh.” Well, what else was he supposed to say?! Lucius had the uncanny ability to make anyone speechless and just because they were mates, didn’t mean Harry was immune to the man’s talent. “Why were you coming to get me?”

“What is this, twenty questions?” The veela gently wrapped a hand around his young mate’s arm and led him over to a small alcove that was popular among Gryffindor couples. You do not want to know how he learned about it. “You’ve been gone for hours and I wanted to see you. Does that answer your question?”

“Yeah, but….one more thing.” Harry couldn’t help but chuckle at the long, drawn out, sarcastic, groan that fell from Lucius’ lips.

“Last one!”

“Last one.” The teen confirmed and moved forward until he was pressed up against Lucius, “All you wanted to do was “see” me?”

“As a starting point, though if you’re offering-“Lucius leaned forward as if to kiss Harry and the boy expertly stepped back into the hallway and out of reach.

“I wasn’t, just wanted to make sure I heard you correctly.” He gave a large, impish grin before running down the hallway, a very frustrated veela on his heels.




“Aaaaahhhhhh!” Harry screamed as twin arms finally snaked around his waist when he stepped onto the sixth floor.

“Shhh. Do you want to wake the entire castle?” The arms tightened around him and Harry gladly melted into the embrace.

“Sorry.” The younger man whispered and turned around to face his captor. “You have to admit though, that was pretty funny.” Oh, Lucius did not look amused at all. Yeah, Harry probably should have remembered that the blonde was a veela and didn’t take teasing…. that kind of teasing well.

“Hilarious.” Lucius growled and before Harry could say “eep” he was forcefully pressed against the wall. Yep, really should have remembered the veela thing.

“You know, it was about time you did this, you’re the last of my mates that hasn’t pressed me up against a wall, kind of loses its novelty after a while though.” That earned Harry a raised eyebrow and a strange look that obviously meant that Lucius still didn’t find him amusing.

“You’re so weird.” The older man chuckled and gently lifted both of his mate’s legs, causing Harry to instinctively wrap them around Lucius’ waist.

“And you’re a dirty old man, Mister Malfoy.” Lucius must have agreed with this because he didn’t denied it, choosing instead to place wet, open mouthed kisses all along the curve of the younger wizard’s neck. “Definitely dirty.” Harry moaned, but tangled his fingers in his mate’s blonde hair to give him the leverage to press the other man’s head even closer to his throat.

When Lucius latched onto the sensitive skin just behind Harry’s left ear, the alchai knew that if he didn’t move that wonderful…amazing…oh…MOUTH then he’d have no choice but to bond with the blonde wizard, because as it was, he couldn’t seem to remember why that was a bad idea. Harry’s grip on the man’s hair allowed him to gently pull him away from his neck and divert that wicked mouth to brunette’s own.

Lucius’ kiss was always different than any other Harry had ever experienced, it was possessive like he was used to from each of his three more dominant mates, but it also a claiming kiss, one that marked him as Lucius’, and on some note, it was also punishing, bruising his lips deliciously as the blonde took what he wanted from Harry.

It couldn’t have been more perfect, his mate was kissing him, his back felt good against the stone wall of the corridor, and the friction of his groin rhythmically grinding against Lucius’ gave Harry just enough pleasure to make the teen moan into the kiss he was sharing with his mate, but not enough for him to worry about accidental bonding.

“Lucy!” The high-pitched squeal of a woman destroyed the moment; Harry pulled away from his mate and found himself staring into fear stricken grey eyes. “Lucius Malfoy!”

“Harry you have to listen to me.” Lucius placed the brunette back on the ground and cupped his face to force the teenager to look at him. “I want you to run back to the suite, tell Sev she got me. He’ll know what you’re talking about.” Harry was then pushed in the opposite direction of where the voice had come from. But instead of running like Luci….Lucy … obviously wanted, he stood his ground turning around just in time to see a tall blonde woman throw her arms around his mate like an old friend would.

“Anderson?” Harry asked, remembering the Slytherin a few years ahead of him from when she was a student at Hogwarts.

“Potter.” Then it happened, he was engulfed in a hug and surrounded by a woman that smelled exactly like Severus….well, potions ingredients anyway. “So, how is everyone? I’ve been so busy with Sev’s classes that I didn’t get a chance to see you guys in the hospital wing.”

“Fine. Severus as you know was extremely concerned for his class,” yeah, he mentioned a whole ONE time. “But upon hearing that you were taking it over, he was able to relax.” And tell hundreds of stories about the “brightest witch he’d ever had the pleasure of educating” thought Harry but stayed silent as the two Slytherins conversed.

“Awe, you’re too nice, Lucy.” There it was again, that strange nickname that would have ended anyone else’s life had they dared to speak it. “Hey, why don’t you take me to your rooms, I can chat up Sevie and Drakie Bear.” Oh Merlin, the woman was obviously suicidal.

“Oh, they’re sleeping.” Harry said, speaking up for the first time. He knew that if he let this girl into his suite that she’d never leave and would effectively talk his ear off.

“Tired them out did you?” Danni laughed, “And the two of you are still out her rutting like teenagers.” Oh my gods. Lucius, THE LUCIUS MALFOY actually blushed. His entire face turned a bright shade of red that had Harry biting his lip to keep from laughing.

“And you’re still as voyeuristic as ever.”

“It’s how I get my kicks.”

“I know,” Lucius said and Harry felt slightly left out by not knowing what was going on.

“Um…we should probably get back, Draco will have our heads if he wakes up and we’re not there.” The dark haired teen told his mate and grasped Lucius’ hand before pulling gently to get his point across. He wanted to leave, and if he just happened to get thoroughly snogged once he did.....

“Oh, don’t let me keep you. I’ll stop by the potion’s room tomorrow and give Sev and Dray a kiss, may even give you one Potter.” Danni reached forward and none to gently ruffled Harry’s hair, causing Lucius to chuckle and for the brunette to glare evilly at Anderson as she walked back down the hallway.

“If she touches any of you with her lips, I will kill her.” He said threateningly and his mate wrapped an arm around his shoulders before leading him toward their rooms.

“Someone’s jealous.” The words were said directly into Harry’s ear and he couldn’t escape the shiver that raced down his spine.

“I’m not jealous, I just don’t like the idea of someone kissing what’s mine.” Whoa, where did that come from? Lucius, Draco, and Sev were his mates sure, but they weren’t his by any means. “That’s not…I didn’t mean….sorry.”

“It’s your creature side coming out. Trust me, I take no offense, I often think of you and the others as ‘mine’ as well.”


“Yes, I’m quite fond of your possessive side, actually.” Harry felt an arm around his waist pull him toward the wall once again when they were just feet away from the entrance to their rooms. Only this time, instead of him being pressed against the stone, Lucius flattened himself against it and tugged Harry toward him, causing the youth to place his hands on either side of the blonde’s head to keep from forcefully bashing himself against the wall. “What are going to do with your new mind set, Harry?”

He had the feeling that Lucius wanted him to initiate something but after the last time he’d participated in a public show of affection, he wasn’t so keen to do it again.

“Come on; let’s go inside, you can get Severus or Draco to indulge you.” It wasn’t that he didn’t want to do…well whatever it was Lucius wanted him to do, he just didn’t want to do it out in the corridor and doing it inside where the others were, where they could watch them….or join in… Merlin, he wouldn’t be able to control himself and bonding would be inventible.

“Maybe I don’t want them.” He scoffed at that and tried to step back only to be pulled back up against the blonde’s body. “Maybe I want you.” Was he trying to kill him?

“Yeah, well, I’m going inside.” It took quite a bit of struggling for Harry to finally break away from Lucius but once he did, he said the password and stepped through the entrance unconcerned about the man he’d left in the hall until Lucius’ arm wrapped around his waist from behind, causing Harry to bite his lip to keep from screaming.

“Are you just playing hard to get or are you truly uncomfortable with the idea of doing more than kissing?” Really? He didn’t know. Sometimes he didn’t want to go further based on principal, other times he was just too overwhelmed with the knowledge that once he bonded with these men, he could never go back. Sometimes it was mental, other times physical.

“I don’t know.” Lucius immediately spun him around until Harry was facing him. He didn’t look angry, just honestly confused.

“You might want to find out.” Before Harry knew what was going on, the blonde leaned forward and covered the teen’s lips with his own.

Unlike every other kiss he’d ever received from the veela, this one was chaste and soft, filled with affection instead of lust.

“SEVERUS!” Draco’s voice suddenly screamed from his bedroom and whatever mood there was immediately dissipated. Way to go Draco.

“It’s late,” Lucius said, leaning his forehead against Harry’s, “go to bed.” He kissed his mate’s temple softly before pushing him toward his bedroom.

“Good night.” Harry told him just as Draco’s voice rang out. “HARDER! PLEASE! MERLIN!”

“Night Harry.”

Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

Harry was smiling at Draco’s antics as he stepped into his room and unceremoniously threw himself on his bed, where three new pillows were lying. They were light blue and stood out against the gold and crimson sheets. “Strange” thought Harry and picked up one of the insanely soft bundles before taking an experimental sniff and moaning in pleasure.

They were his mates’ pillows; the one now pressed to his face had the delightful scent of all three of his mates. Harry smiled into the material and laid down on the bed, fully clothed, and curled around all three of the pillows. “Merlin, I love Dobby.” He said softly before drifting off to sleep.

“You think you’re funny don’t you?” Lucius asked upon walking into his room to see Severus on the bed reading a book and Draco rolling around on the floor, holding his stomach as he laughed like a loon.

“S-s-sorry….I….couldn’t….help….it!” Draco continued laughing through his explanation and the elder veela looked over at Severus who simply shook his head before focusing on his novel. Apparently he’d be no help.

“I hope you are aware that I was only moments away from discovering how to make him ours?” That stopped Draco’s laughing and caused Sev to immediately close his book and sit up; obviously expecting to receive the entire story.

Lucius noticed how interested his mates were and just to make them suffer, began undressing for bed, refusing to say a word the entire time.

“Come on! You can’t say something like that then leave us hanging!” He gave his son a pointed look before slowly beginning to brush out his platinum hair.

“I can and I will, perhaps next time you two will think before pulling such a stunt.”

“I did nothing.” Severus denied and Lucius just glared at him while pulling on a pair of sleep pants and sitting on the bed, his back against the headboard.

“Yes, you did nothing to stop him. I’ve found a hand over Draco’s mouth often silences him.” He knew, he’d done it several times over the years; the boy had a severe problem with talking, laughing, scoffing, and just making verbal noises at inappropriate times.

“Just tell us, already. What happened?” Draco jumped up on the mattress and looked half his age as he bounced up and down excitedly. “Did he tell you he wanted you to fuck him but bolted when he heard me? Oh, I know, he was just about to reveal his inane fear of rejection when you-“

“Stop.” Lucius leaned forward and placed one hand over his son’s mouth and another on the back of his head. “Shhhh. Be. Quite.” The boy eagerly nodded and Lucius waited several seconds before releasing him.

“Alright then. It wasn’t anything as…imaginative as you mentioned, I just asked Harry if he was playing hard to get or if he was truly uncomfortable.” Severus had crawled over to his blonde mates and was currently curled around Draco and looking up at Lucius as though he’d strangle him if the man didn’t complete the story.

“He said I don’t know but I could practically hear the gears turning in that cute little head of his. If someone hadn’t decided to scream next to the door, I’m sure I would have gotten a better answer or better yet and explanation.” The room became extremely quite as Draco and Severus finally realized how badly they’d screwed up.

“So, are you guys going to tell anyone, or keep it a secret?” Harry asked Ron and Hermione the next morning at breakfast. “Because no offense or anything but I think people are going to find out something’s up when you start showing and if being, well, me as taught me anything is that if people are going to talk, you want to control what they say.” Harry reached for a piece of toast and calmly bit into it while watching his friends giving each other strange looks and signals.

“Probably keep it to ourselves for now, or at least until our parents know.” Hermione said and Harry completely understood, he could only imagine what Molly Weasley would do if she found about the pregnancy from someone else…it wasn’t a nice thought.

“Good call. I didn’t even think of that.” Ron scoffed at that but smiled nonetheless as he shoveled scrambled eggs into his mouth. “I’m sure you didn’t either.”

“But you see, I have Mione.” The woman in question just stared at the red head as he ate, completely oblivious to her until Harry let out a choked chuckle that alerted Ron to his girlfriend.

“I don’t know whether to be concerned or flattered.”

“fwabbered.” Harry leaned away from Ron as bits of food went flying from his mouth and focused his attention on the teacher’s table where all three of his mates were watching him intently, effectively causing him to feel slightly uncomfortable.

It was like the three men wanted to throw their plates away and have Harry for breakfast.

“Um…guys?” He had returned his focus to Ron and Hermione to see that the two were staring at each other like Molly and Arthur did when they thought no one was watching. Ew. “I’m going to head down to the dungeons.” The potions class would begin in a little under twenty minutes and it could never hurt to be a little early, especially if it meant he could get away from drooling mates and disgusting best friends.

“Okay, see you later, Harry.” Hermione whispered and continued gazing (yes, she was gazing) into Ron’s eyes. Yuck.


As expected the potion’s room was completely empty when Harry stepped into it. The cauldrons were sitting on the work tables, pristine and practically shinning from the cleaning they had gotten the night before by whichever poor soul had detention. Harry quickly walked toward his and Draco’s assigned area and placed his bag below his seat before sitting down and opening his potions book to the page he assumed they’d be using that day.

He’d barely had time to read the name of the potion before Draco waltzed in, his movements exaggerated as though he was putting on a show just for Harry. It was kind of cute actually.

“You’re here early,” the blonde commented as he gracefully perched himself on the seat next to his mate and opened his own book. “What’s next? Locusts?”

“Funny, really, I’m laughing on the inside.” He said unamused and reread the description of their project for the day before turning to Draco who had the same shocked look on his face that Harry knew had to be on his. “Does this really work?”

“Apparently, I don’t think Sev would have us make a potion if it didn’t.” The potion in question was named “Ativu” whatever that meant was a mystery but according to the book, the concoction was meant to reveal the soul mate of whoever drank it. Cool if you weren’t a veela, an alchai, or a vampire. “Should be interesting.”

“Definitely.” Students immediately began filing into the class and Harry watched Hermione float in, seeming incredibly happy and sporting that glow people often associated pregnant woman with as she sat down next to Blaise.

“What’s with Granger?”


“What’s with Hermione?” Harry opened his mouth to tell Draco about the newest Weasley but once he realized what he was about to do, snapped it closed fast enough to rattle his teeth.

“Um…I don’t think I can tell you.” It wasn’t that he didn’t trust his mate not to go running to the burrow with the information, just that he didn’t want to say something before his friends, you know, the ones actually having a baby, told him it was okay.

Before Draco could say anything to that, Severus stalked into the room, his robes billowing out behind him like they did every time he tried to make a threatening picture. It worked.

“Turn to page 498 and begin; your poor excuses for potions will be tested at the end of class.” Well if that wasn’t a set up for something bad to happen, Harry didn’t know what was.

“So, I’ll chop, you stir?” Draco asked and the brunette nodded while adjusting the heat of the flame under their cauldron filled with distilled water.

“Did your father tell you about Anderson?” Wow, he really shouldn’t have said that because the moment he did, Draco very nearly sliced his finger off, just barely managing to keep his knife steady.

“Danni? What about her?” Harry had never seen the boy so excited and his hand was nearly shaking when he tossed in a quarter of a cup of dried dragon’s blood followed immediately by cubed ginger.

“I guess she’s going to stop by and say ‘hello’ before she leaves.” Please let her change her mind and decide to vacate the castle as soon as possible. Please Merlin, please.

“Wicked.” Draco went back to his cutting but Harry noticed that between every slice, the blonde would discreetly look toward the door as if waiting for his friend to come in at any moment. “I haven’t seen her in months.”

“How do you know her anyway?” One stir to the right, two diagonal criss-crosses and seventeen stirs to the left passed before the veela answered as he tossed more colorful and rather disgusting smelling ingredients into the cauldron.

“She’s an old family friend. Mother and Father fought for years over me marrying her once I came of age.” Okay, slow down, back up and repeat that last part.

“Marrying her?” Oh that’s it, Harry might not have liked the woman to begin with but now….now he wanted nothing more than to throw her off the astronomy tower.

Whoa, where did that come from?

“Mother wasn’t a veela she didn’t understand the pull and thought Daniela would be a good wife. Father, as you can imagine, disagreed.” There must have been something on his face that reflected Harry’s thoughts of… well you know, throwing a certain blonde off tall towers, because Draco smiled slightly before kissing his cheek.

“Don’t worry, Potter, the only people I’m marrying are you, Father, and Severus, no females.” He gave and exaggerated shiver that had Harry chuckling as he stirred the now pink liquid in the cauldron.

“Something amusing you, Mister Potter?” Severus’ dark chocolate voice asked from right behind the boys and Harry bit his lip to keep from making a very undignified sound.

“No sir.” Merlin, the man’s warmth was right behind him, pressed up against his back as the professor peered over his student’s shoulder to get a look inside his cauldron.

“Then get back to work.” Harry shivered at the words whispered to him, Severus’ hot breath tickling his ear before a hand came up and carted its way through his hair in a gentle caress. Much to Harry’s disappointment, Sev moved away, his long fingers subtly stroking the back of Draco’s head before he continued on through the room, checking the other potions and making life saving adjustments as necessary.

“He loves you, you know.” Harry looked over at the blonde who had spoken, not quite able to form the words needed to ask what he wanted. “Severus, I mean; well, and father now that I think about it.”

“How-How do you know?” The brunette mentally cursed at the sound of his high pitched voice and hoped to Merlin Draco didn’t notice. As luck would have it, he did, and the smirk the boy sent in his direction was a testament to that.

“I just do.” Harry should have been a little overwhelmed by the information that two of the top Harry-Haters supposeably “loved” him but for some reason, he just felt…complete, right, like that’s the way it was meant to be. Strange, Harry, he told himself, very strange.

“And it’s just Lucius and Severus.” The blonde nodded in confirmation. “Not you?” Oh, the blush that spread across Draco’s face almost made the insanely embarrassing moment worth it. It was just…so un-Malfoy-like.

“Of course not, scarhead.” Upon hearing his old nickname, Harry admitted that he’d kind of missed it, not enough to ask Draco to call him that all the time, Merlin no, but enough that it brought a little smile to his face.


“It’s true!”

“Uh-huh.” The two boys exchanged half-hearted glares that immediately turned into smiles before returning to their work.



“Sevie Dear!” He knew that voice, oh did he know it.

Harry looked up from his cauldron to see an overly happy Danni Anderson hugging Severus who, while not returning the gesture, was not pushing her away like any other person that dared do something like hug him during a lesson. It actually made him look approachable and he couldn’t have that.

He continued stirring, having memorized the simple pattern, but didn’t look away from the two in the front of the class. After the threat she made yesterday about giving the man a kiss, Harry couldn’t be careful, less his mate be molested by evil blonde girls.

“You’re glaring.” Draco whispered to him and Harry only nodded, he knew what he was doing, he didn’t need to be told.

“I know, if her face gets too close to his I’ll have to kill her, even if she is your friend.”

“Father was right, you are possessive.”

“So you’d be fine if she kissed Sev?” Harry had never seen Draco look so deadly.

“If she did I’d kill her.” He couldn’t help but laugh at the glare the blonde was sending Anderson, almost as if he was already blaming her for what Harry had mentioned.

As fate would have it, the sound of Harry laughing was what brought Anderson’s attention to them. “Drakie Bear!”

Drakie Bear?

Danni then came sprinting across the room and wrapped her arms around a much happier Draco. Again, like with Sev, Harry couldn’t look away from the duo, he watched every touch and listened to every word said about classes, masteries, and other random topics. Nothing was going to get past him.

Just as Harry was beginning to relax, still listening to the two but splitting his attention between the two Slytherins and his potion, with which Danni was helping, he noticed Anderson going in for another hug. Those he could handle but when her lips got just a little too close to his mate’s beautiful blonde hair; he couldn’t control the growl that tore itself from his throat.

“Oh, I think wittle Potter is jealous, Dray.” The older woman released his mate which appeased his alchai side immensely but when she walked over to him, well, that just plain terrified the human in Harry. “Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you.” She hugged him! Actually hugged him like you would a friend you hadn’t seen in years! But, while it was mildly disturbing, his skin didn’t start to crawl until the woman placed a sarcastic kiss on the top of his head. Ugh.

Everything happened in slow motion after that, Draco looked absolutely murderous and made to pull Danni away from Harry, but Severus, with his Vampire speed, had gotten there first. Both he and the woman fell to the floor with the force of the potions master’s impact and Harry watched wide-eyed as Severus growled threateningly at his favorite student and hissed in warning.

No one in the room moved, the students stopped what they were doing and just stared at their professor, the man had always been so put together and stern, making this kind of behavior even more shocking.

“I’m sorry, Severus.” Danni whispered and the sound of her voice seemed to break both Draco and Sev out of whatever murderous trance they had been in.

“No, I must apologize, Miss Anderson.” Severus pushed himself up off the ground and held out a hand to help Danni stand as well. “That was completely uncalled for.”

“Not your fault.” The woman patted her friend’s shoulder comfortingly, “Take your boys outside and collect yourselves, I can handle this class.”

“Thank you.” Both Harry and Draco were grabbed by a pale elegant hand and gently pulled out of the classroom, the eyes of their friends watching as they left.

Once out in the hallway, Harry couldn’t help but say what he’d been dying to since he’d first seen Severus tackle Danni.

“I guess I’m not the only possessive one.”

Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

“No, but you are the most obvious…were the most obvious.” Draco said with a sideways look at Severus who looked a millisecond away from imploding. “Are you okay?”

“Fine.” The vampire had just barely hissed out the word before he nuzzled his face into the crook of Harry’s neck and made a little purring sound that caused both teenagers to bite their bottom lips to keep from laughing. “Don’t leave me.” Harry just barely heard the whispered sentence but the breath against his ear told him it wasn’t a figment of his imagination.

“Never.” The teen raised a hand and gently caressed the older man’s surprisingly soft hair. “I won’t leave you. I promise.” That only caused Severus to hug him tighter and pull Draco into the embrace.

For several moments, no one spoke, there was no need. Severus needed the reminder that his mates wouldn’t leave him, and Harry and Draco were more than happy to put his mind at rest.

“Thank you, for that.” The vampire straightened up and rearranged his robes so that they looked just as intimidating at before his impromptu hugging session. “I’m feeling much better, now.”

“I can imagine…um…do you need to…um….you know….?” Harry asked, knowing from the books that he’d read thanks to Severus that a vampire often needed to drink their mate’s blood in order to feel more secure in their bond. He imagined it was a lot like sex for a veela.

“If you’d be willing.” Even with that said, Snape moved closer to Harry, lowering his head to the teen’s neck and inhaling deeply.

“I am.”

“No!” Just before Severus could sink his now elongated fangs into the alchai’s throat, Draco grabbed him and pulled the older man away.

“What’s going on?” Harry was extremely confused by Draco’s actions, it was just blood and well…a man sucking it out of your jugular…what could possibly warrant that kind of reaction from the other boy?

“Harry, if he drinks from you, you’ll feel more pleasure than you can imagine, if you come, you’ll be bonded to Severus for life. The last time I checked, you didn’t want to do that, did you?” Severus didn’t look at all ashamed when Harry sent the man a glare. He knew! Snape knew what could have happened and still tried to bite him! Then again…Harry did kind of ask….but he knew!

“Thanks, Draco, I guess I still have more reading to do.” Was it just Harry or did it seem like he’d been reading for months yet still had no idea what was going on?

“Definitely. Ow! Warn a person!” Snape had…well…snapped and without giving any warning had attacked poor Draco’s neck, curling his arms around the blonde’s waist and growling low in his throat when his meal tried to pull away. “Fine…just…don’t make a mess….oh!” Draco’s head lulled to the side with his obvious pleasure and Harry couldn’t help but stare at the two men, completely intrigued by the small suckling sounds coming from Severus and the soft moans from Draco.

Strangely, this scene was probably the most arousing one he’d ever seen, even more so than the countless times he’d walked in on his mates in one of several different positions and pairings. The way Severus’ throat moved with every swallow, his lips pressed delicately against Draco’s neck; the blonde reaching up to pull his mate closer, letting out a small scream of pleasure when he complied. Yeah, now he knew why Draco stopped him from participating, though, he really didn’t know if he was thankful for that or not.

“Nuh…Ah…Okay, Sev…you’ve got to stop…I have classes soon…and I… don’t have spare clothes.” The veela moaned and tugged at the potions master’s dark hair, trying to get him to let go. Unfortunately, Severus only hissed threateningly and pulled the teen closer to him. “Sev…” Draco’s voice was soft and quiet; something Harry wasn’t used to hearing from the other teen.

“Stop it!” The alchai wrapped both arms around his dark haired mate’s middle and pulled him away from Draco, causing the vampire to collapse against him, his breath coming in shallow gasps.

“I’m…I’m sorry, Draco…I don’t know…”

“Hey,” Draco didn’t hesitate like Harry knew he himself would have if he’d been in the same position, and ran forward to cup his mate’s face in his hands. “It’s fine. I’m not even lightheaded; you just scared me for a moment. Calm. Down.” Severus carefully reached up and gripped the hands on his face while doing what the teen asked.

“I love you.” Harry could feel his eyes widen to ten times their average size. That was absolutely the last thing he expected the distraught yet slightly more put together man to say right then.

Draco smiled at his mate and kissed him lightly on his large nose. “I love you too. Feeling better now?”

Harry suddenly felt as though he was intruding on a private moment, the fact that both of these men were his mates, notwithstanding. So, in order to give the two at least a little privacy, he turned around until he was facing the stone wall and waited until the couple was finished.

“Why the hell are you all turned around?” Severus’ smooth voice asked and he just shrugged.

“I think he wants us to tell him.” Draco replied.

“Tell him what?”

Something was whispered between the two men and even with Harry’s enhanced senses he couldn’t make out a word of the conversation.

“Fine! You insufferable brat!” Apparently the vampire was feeling better. “Harry, Draco and I love you too.”

“I didn’t tell you to say that part!”

“Pay back my dear Dragon, is a bitch.” Harry, having immediately spun around the moment Severus admitted his feelings for him, watched as the couple glared at each other for several minutes. Neither moving nor backing down until Harry cleared his throat loudly, causing them to direct their attention back toward the green eyed teen that looked moments away from breaking down and laughing hysterically. You’d have thought Severus had unveiled one of Draco’s deep dark secrets with the way they were looking at each other.

“Would it help if I said I really like you both? I mean…really like you?” Draco placed both hands over his heart and mockingly swooned, falling backwards into Snape who glared at the blonde that now lay in his arms.

“My heart! I feel as though it is finally whole!” Harry and Severus just stared at the veela who was peeking at them from one eye. “How was that?”

“You’re so weird.”

“I know, but seriously, you don’t love us? I feel completely cheated. Sev, do you feel cheated? Cause I feel cheated. We are both completely and emotionally invested in this relationship and Harry just “likes” us.” In order to shut the crazy blonde up, Harry closed the short distance separating them and pulled the teen into a kiss.

Draco didn’t kiss back like Harry had expected, instead he pulled back and placed one hand on the brunette’s chest to keep him from moving forward. “This doesn’t mean the conversation is over.” What conversation? It was more like a rant, really.

“Of course not.” It’ll just give Harry some time to think about some things.

The hand on his chest suddenly gripped a handful of his robe and pulled him closer to his mate so that Draco could easily stand up and gently capture Harry’s lips with his own. The alchai had kissed his mate more times than he could count, but every time felt like the first, it was new and exciting.

Harry moaned into Draco’s mouth as he wrapped his arms around the boy’s waist and rubbed his clothed covered erection against the blonde’s thigh. “Merlin!” Severus having decided that he disliked being ignored, began licking, sucking on, nuzzling, and kissing Draco’s beautiful neck, forcing the most incredible noises and screams out of the blonde.

Knock knock

The noise was nothing worth stopping for, so the trio continued on, coming as close as possible to having sex while still clothed and standing in a public hallway.

Knock knock

“What is that?” Harry asked, tearing himself away from his mates to listen to the sound.

“Nothing of importance.” Severus rested a hand on the back of the boy’s head and kissed him roughly.

Knock knock

“Okay, what is the name of Merlin is that?” He forced himself away from Sev, just barely managing to escape without being pulled back by a pair of over excited hands.

“Sevie? Dray? Potter? I’m sending the class out. Put on your robes.” Danni’s strangely cheerful voice said from the other side of the potions classroom door, just moments before a rainbow of students came filing out, Severus and Draco having just enough time to get their hands out of trousers that didn’t belong to them.

Every person was a different color, really, it looked like the students had all been dyed pink, purple, blue, or any other color or shade you could imagine. “What happened?”

“Ativu allows the drinker and their soul mate’s auras to become visible, making the process of finding your soul match as simple as…matching colors.” Severus answered and Danni nodded enthusiastically.

“Yep, the whole school is going to be filled with multi-colored teenagers.” Oh, well that made things more…festive?

“Oh.” Said Draco and Harry simultaneously, just as a bright purple Hermione walked out of the room, a large smile on her face.

“Hey, are you ready to go? We have to meet Ron for DADA in ten minutes.” Harry didn’t miss the excitement in his friend’s voice. she obviously wanted to see what color her boyfriend was, if any. Perfectly understandable really.

“Yeah. Draco, do you want to walk with us?”

“No, I have other companions.” The blonde wrapped his arm around Blaise Zabini, who had just come to a stop beside him; the teen was dark blue and holding the hand of a similarly colored Pansy Parkinson. “I’ve got to hear about this.” Harry didn’t blame him, he’d want to know more too if his two best friends suddenly got toget-never mind.

“Okay, see you in class. Bye, Sev! Have fun with Danni.” The boy quickly pecked the older man on the cheek before whispering so only he could hear. “But not too much or I might have to kill her.” With that, he looped his arm through Hermione’s and let himself be quickly led down the hallway by an over excited pregnant woman.


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Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

“Harry! Hermione!” Ron called as the duo came into view. “What’s going on? Why is everyone a different color?” The used to be red head was now a bright purple and looked only moments away from passing out.

“Ron, it’s a potion we made in class, it’s supposed to help someone find their soul mate.” Hermione told her distraught boyfriend, who, thankfully seemed to calm down after her reassurance.

“And the different colors do this how?” Ron asked, eyeing the surrounding students that were quickly heading to their own classes, creating an interesting rainbow effect, even though only a small percentage of the students were actually colored.

“Well,” Harry finally spoke up and couldn’t quite manage to look at his purple friends. “According to Sev, apparently soul mates will turn the same color.” Both Ron and Hermione immediately moved closer together and held out their hands, side by side, to analyze their shade of purple.

“Bloody hell.” Ron whispered and Hermione only nodded before throwing herself at the man and littering his face with kisses.

“I do not need to see that!” Harry said loudly and the couple didn’t even seem to hear him as they continued…doing…absolutely disgusting things.

“Then don’t look.”

Knowing that having any type of conversation with his friends was now impossible, Harry sighed before allowing himself to be swept up in the current of students and headed toward DADA, already thinking of excuses to explain Ron and Hermione’s absence to Lucius.


At dinner later that night, the great hall was complete madness, every other student was glowing in a different color and even though most were seventh years, it didn’t take long for Harry to realize that even the other students, some as young as first years were surrounded by the colorful auras and were snuggled up to their older soul mates and getting to know each other.

Dumbledore made an announcement just before the food appeared on the tables, stating that all of the dorm room entrances would be locked to keep temptation at bay, something that had the entire hall groaning in disappointment. This included Ron and Hermione who, six hours after discovering they were meant to be together, had yet to stop snogging; something that explained why the seats next to the golden trio were empty.

“Er…Guys?” Harry said, hoping to get his friends’ attention, but sadly, all was in vain as the duo continued scarring the boy across from them, for life.

“Ron? Hermione? You do know you have to breathe, right?”

Nothing, not a sound out of the couple except for the expected ones of course.

“Leave them be.” A very familiar voice said from behind Harry and he smiled brightly as he tilted his head back to see his mate.

“Hey Lucius.” Not even that got his friends’ attention.

“Hello Harry, perhaps you should leave them to their…activities and come eat with Severus, Draco, and I.” He suggested and Harry very nearly jumped out of his seat and accepted the offer, but thankfully managed to control himself.

“I don’t know…” the teen drawled, spinning around to face his mate, “What’s in for me.” A kiss? Two? One of those lovely, elegant hands trailing up his back to his- Snap out of it, Harry.



“Hot dog! Count me in!” Harry said sarcastically and crossed his arms over his chest, clearly disappointed in what was being offered.

“Of course you could always stay here…” Lucius smirked and Harry knew he’d been outplayed. There was no way he was going to continue to sit here when he could go somewhere else, and unfortunately Lucius knew that.

“Fine, you gods awful man, I’ll come with you.”

“I knew you’d see it my way.” A pale arm wrapped around Harry’s shoulders as he was gently led toward the long table at the front of the room.

“Don’t make me slap you.” He hissed, but leaned into the blonde’s hold anyway, loving the feeling of safety and peace that enveloped him. Merlin, what he wouldn’t do to stay here forever.

“Love you, too.” A soft kiss was placed on top of his head and Harry sighed contently before deciding to keep his mouth closed and allow the older man to lead him to the table, where he then pulled out a chair next to Draco for Harry to take.


“So,” Draco started a few minutes later, breaking the silence that had formed between the four mates. “What is everyone doing this weekend?” Harry appreciated the attempt to start a conversation, and felt the question deserved an equally honest answer.

“Well, I was planning to go to the Halloween Ball,” He said and met the blonde teen’s eyes for only a moment before directing his attention back toward his mashed potatoes, “if I can find a date that is.”

“Bite your tongue! We’ll go with you.” Draco said, obviously displeased with the thought of Harry dancing, touching, and laughing with someone that wasn’t one of his mates.


“Of course, right?” The blonde pleaded and gave both his father and Sev his best “give me what I want because I’m adorable” look, which effectively cracked Lucius’ resolve.

“I have nothing pressing and would….love….to go to the ball with you Harry.” It didn’t take a genius to realize Lucius wasn’t “in love” with the thought of attending a get together that would consist of hundreds of children and teenagers getting drunk and causing more problems than they were worth.

“Unfortunately, I have potions to brew.” Severus said with a self-satisfied smile that obviously meant the man was proud of himself for coming up with such a fool-proof excuse.

“It’s Saturday!” Draco whined, causing Professor McGonagall, who had been sitting to his left to look at him strangely, though he didn’t seem to notice.

“Yes? And your point?”

“Severus,” Lucius said huskily and to Harry it seemed as though the potion’s master had a hard time forcing himself to eat as though nothing was amiss, his hand shaking slightly with his efforts. “Please come with us,” The blonde slowly leaned over to nuzzle the vampire’s neck and began kissing up the pale column until he reached a perfectly shaped ear which he took into his amazing mouth letting go only long enough to continue his argument. “I’ll help you on Sunday, in your lab, with all of those flat surfaces.”

When Draco whimpered, Harry knew Severus would be coming with him to the ball, the vampire’s, “fine then.” Was only a confirmation of that fact.

“Thank you, Sev.”

“Don’t thank me, you little urchin.” Severus grumbled without an ounce of malice, causing the entire head table (yes, everyone had been listening in on their conversation, nosey gits) to break out in a fit of laughter. “Harry,” he said darkly once everyone had calmed down. “I will make you pay for this.”

“Ooohhh, you’ll like that, Harry, I love it when he makes me pay.” Draco whispered in his ear causing the brunette to snicker rather loudly and every attempt he made to muffle the sound was useless with Severus’ vampiric hearing.

“I doubt Harry enjoys the same perversions you do.”

Draco’s jaw just fell open as he stared at his mate, a look of pure astonishment on his face, though Harry could tell he wasn’t the least bit hurt by the statement.

“Remind me to never let you near Danni again,” Lucius said to Severus, “You always act like an arsehole afterwards.”

“Yeah, Danni’s the problem.” Draco mumbled before whispering something that not even Harry could hear. It was obviously a spell because a moment later Severus’ hair turned a bright shade of bubble gum pink and since it was painless, the man just continued eating like nothing was wrong.


“What did you do to me, you little brat?!” Roared Severus after the four mates had entered their quarters. The potions master had gone to the loo and must have seen his reflection in the mirror because moments later he stormed out and cornered Draco who looked incredibly pleased with himself.

“Nothing. Why do you always blame me? Harry could have done it.” Why that little bastard!

“I blame you because you are an evil,” Draco smiled happily at the “compliment”, “manipulative, idiotic, little brat. Now, what did you do to me?”

“Will you calm down, Sev?” Asked Lucius as he gracefully perched himself on the edge of one of the many couches in the living/common room. “It’s a hair color charm, students learn it in their third years. It’ll wear off in a couple of hours. Next time you should watch what you say, especially to my son.” Severus noticeably cringed at the word “son” especially when Draco decided to curl up next to Lucius and lay his head in the man’s lap.

“I was joking! The little demon didn’t need to do this,” Severus pointed to his head, “in front of the entire school. Do you have any idea how long it will take to get my reputation back?”

“A day and a half?” Harry asked once he made himself comfortable in an armchair, one of the many places he’d caught the Malfoy’s having….very strange family time, but with just the right about of willpower, he managed not to squeal like a witch and run to a different seat.

“Exactly, a day and a half with students that don’t fear me!” Severus exclaimed before muttering darkly about needing a drink and storming over to the corner.

“If you’re going to act like this then get us all a round.” Draco all but ordered from his position and Harry was honestly surprised when the vampire did what he asked, bringing each of them a decanter of golden liquid, Harry’s was immediately sat on the table and wasn’t touched again.

“And how would you like me to act?” Severus slowly sat down where Draco’s legs were spread out and it was only the blonde’s Veela reflex’s that kept him from being sat on.

“Slightly more tolerable would be nice.” He said, now forced to sit like a normal person.

“Only slightly?”

“Marginally would be best, but I’m trying to be realistic here.”

“If that were the case then you’d realize that sadly, this is the only flavor of Severus, and we must adapt to it. No matter how bitter.” Harry, who’d been watching the exchange between his mates could no longer hold in the laughter that had been fighting to get out.

“You think this is amusing?” Severus asked and Harry nodded before scooting back in his seat when the vampire stood up, placing his drink next to Harry’s and marched over to him. “I’ll show you amusing.” He grumbled and easily picked Harry up out of the chair.

“Hey! Let me down!” He cried, not liking being manhandled in the least.

His mate didn’t do what he asked and instead carried him over to the couch were Draco and Lucius were sitting and gently set Harry next to the younger blonde before squeezing himself in next to him. “Wow, that was kind of anti-climatic.” Harry said conversationally just before Draco latched onto the sensitive spot right behind his left ear. “Will you stop that!”

“Make me.” Those amazing lips left Harry’s skin for a moment but returned with a vengeance, kissing everywhere that they could reach. And by gods did it feel amazing.

“Draco.” Lucius hissed and the mouth immediately retreated, pulling a disappointed groan from Harry.

“Fine, you’re absolutely no fun.”

“You can complain about that later, right now, I have a proposition for Harry.” Severus’ words gained Harry’s attention. He looked up into the dark eyes of his mate while pressing back against Draco, slightly afraid of what the older man had in mind.

“What kind of proposition?” Lucius asked.

“First of all, it isn’t for you so go brush your hair.” Severus said jokingly causing Draco to erupt in fits of laughter.

“Go brush your hair!” The blonde gasped, “that’s perfect. I’m stealing that one.” Lucius didn’t look nearly as amused as his son and just glared at Severus, promising large amounts of pain the moment they were alone.

“And Secondly,” Sev continued, placing a hand over Draco’s mouth to silence him before turning his attention back to Harry, who was understandably confused out of his mind. “I think we should play a game.” At first, Harry thought for sure Severus was joking, but several seconds later when the man had only raised an eyebrow in question, he realized that the vampire was serious. Severus Snape wanted to play a game.

“Um…sure?” What was he supposed to say to that?

“It’s a fairly common game; we’ll simply go down the line asking each other questions. Lucius will start and I will end. Is that to your satisfaction?” A pale arm slowly wrapped itself around Harry’s waist and pulled him against the other man.

“Yeah, but you can’t all gang up on me.”

“Oh, but we so wish to.” Draco purred and leaned into Harry, just barely brushing the teen’s lips with his own. “One on each side, one on top…or the bottom, I think you’d like us ganging up on you.” Well, when he said it like that, Harry couldn’t help but agree, it was like the blonde had him under some kind of trance.

“Draco Malfoy, do you want me to switch seats with you?” Lucius asked and the trance was broken as Draco immediately shook his head and leaned away from a slightly dazed Harry.

“I’ll be good.”

“Uh-huh, if you use your allure on that boy one more time, I will strangle you.” So, that’s what that was. Harry had heard of a Veela’s allure of course and had even seen the effects on Ron in fourth year, but he’d never been under the influence before and couldn’t decide if he liked it or not.

“Fine, ask your damn question.”

“Okay, Draco.” Lucius smirked evilly at the younger blonde’s moan of protest and Harry watched as his eyes lit up with a child-like joy. Obviously someone was liking this idea a little too much. “What is in your dresser drawer; the third one from the top with the lock on it?”

“Sev! Tell him I don’t have to answer that!” Draco cried out and pouted when Severus merely chuckled and motioned for him to answer. “But it’s private!”

“After what we’ve done, nothing is private. Besides, I’m sure Harry would like to know.” Actually, Harry could care less about what Draco had hidden away in a secret locked drawer, but the fact the blonde was trying so hard to conceal it made him curious; so he nodded in confirmation of Severus’ statement and tried not to look directly into Draco’s eyes since he had the feeling they could bore holes through his head at this point.

“Fine, but this doesn’t leave this room. Agreed?” He didn’t wait for an answer before taking a deep breath and continuing. “Adildolubeandacopyofwitchweekly.”

“Can you repeat that?” Harry asked and suddenly understood the pleasure Lucius and Severus took in torturing the veela, it was kinda fun.

“I hate you. I said, quite clearly mind you, that inside the drawer is a….” Draco ground his teeth together as if trying to keep from cursing someone and Harry couldn’t help but chuckle before being silenced by a pale, potion stained hand over his mouth. “Dildo, a bottle of lubricant, and a copy of Witch Weekly….Quidditch Edition of course.”

“Of course.” Lucius mocked and chuckled at the death glare he received in return. “Thank you for telling us, I’m sure that was hard on you.” The blonde really did try to be sincere but he just couldn’t manage it, and half of his sentence came out in a gasp as he laughed hysterically.

“I’m very disappointed in you, Draco.” Severus said, “Why not the Potions Masters of the World issue?” They had that?

“Well, if the men were half naked and gorgeous, then maybe that one would be in my lock drawer. Since it doesn’t, I think it’s time for my question.” Draco said in a no nonsense tone that caused Harry to chuckle. “Alright, Sevy wevy.-“

“Call me that again and see if you don’t sleep on the couch tonight.”

“Harry would let me bunk with him, and shut up, it’s my turn. Alright, Sev, what is the naughtiest thing you ever did in the potion’s classroom?” Draco asked and looked over at his mate with a truly interested look on his face that had Harry biting his lip to keep from laughing. Damn that boy had one thing on his mind.

“Fucked your father on my desk a few weeks ago.” Severus replied simply, not even hesitating before revealing that fact.

“Yes, and it was marvelous.” Lucius added and wrapped his arms around Draco when the teen just stared at Snape, his mouth wide open in shock.

“And you didn’t invite me?”

“You were in Charms with Harry.”

“During school hours too? You’re both terrible, terrible mates! I would have ditched if you’d asked! And how in the world did you both have a free period at the same time?”

“That’s for us to know and for you to fantasize about.” Lucius told him and tucked Draco’s blonde head under his chin before shifting into a more comfortable position on the couch.

“Damn you both,” he hissed evilly and turned to Harry with a sweet look on his usually smirking face. “Harry? Can I sleep with you tonight? I promise to stay on my side of the bed and not grope you unless I have a really good dream.”

“Er…” Harry was honestly taken back by that, no one had ever asked him if they could sleep with him before, and he had no way of knowing if Draco was joking or not. “No?”

“Then ask your damn question.” He pulled away from Harry and leaned back against Lucius, trying to look upset about the answer but failing desperately.

“Okay then, “ Harry should have been use to his mate’s slightly…eccentric behavior, but it still rattled him when his one time rival started joking and playing around with him, almost like he expected the teen to make a sudden change back to the ice prince he’d grown to hate. “Lucius-“ The man straightened up and lifted his head from atop Draco’s. “I’ve always wanted to know-“ Merlin, how did he say this without embarrassing himself or insulting his mate? “-why you married Narcissa if she wasn’t your mate?” Well there you go, straight and to the point.

“Actually, it was as you probably believe; an arranged marriage my parents and Narcissa’s contracted. If I didn’t find my mate before turning eighteen then we were to be bonded. Ironic really because out of my union with her, I created one of my mates.” Lucius nuzzled his face into Draco’s neck and gave the column a light nip before backing off and looking at Harry once again; silently asking if that had answered his question.

“Isn’t that weird? I mean, he’s your son. And Draco, Lucius is your father, how does that work?” He’d read a little about this type of union in the Veela books he’d read but they really didn’t go into detail, only explained that it could happen. And he’d been wanting to know more about how his blonde mates handled it for weeks now.

“You already asked your question.” Severus mumbled, but didn’t tell Lucius and Draco that they didn’t have to answer.

“It’s fine, Sev. This game is moronic; we’re allowed to break the rules.” Lucius said before a thoughtful look passed over his features. “Honestly Harry, being mated to Draco is one of the most confusing things I’ve ever had to go through. Part of me looks at him,” The man did just that and smiled down at the teen, “and I see the newborn infant that I held in my arms for the first time, or the five year old whizzing about the manor on his new toy broom; I see my son and the thought of doing half of the things I do to him, makes me sick inside. But as time had gone on, that side doesn’t reveal itself as often.

“Most of the time, I see Draco as a beautiful blonde minx, with the sex drive of a rabbit, a brain that absolutely astounds me, and a mouth that can cut as well as caress. He’s my lover and my mate first, my son second.”

“Yeah well, I’m completely different, probably because I’m a perv.” Draco said, totally ruining the sweet mood Lucius had created. “You see, I’ve had a crush on Fa-Lucius since I was ten,” Harry felt his eyes widen drastically at that statement. Ten? “I used to be so jealous of mother because she had him, I didn’t care that he was my father, if anything that only turned me on more. So, instead of being torn like he is, I think of Father as well…my dad and my mate at the same time and by gods is it hot. And for your information Sev, I don’t call him “Father” because I’m thinking of my daddy that gave me a stuffed dragon for my third birthday, I call him that because it turns me on. I think it has something to do with the “Forbidden Fruit” thing.”

“You are a perv.” Harry said once Draco finally decided to take a breath, but I guess you wouldn’t be as cute if you were normal. “And thank you both for telling me that.” He said to both veela, “I’ve been wanting to know for ages now.”

“No problem, I’m sure Severus has as well.” Lucius told him, “And don’t you dare deny it, you bat.”

Harry would never know if it was his instincts or just a strange coincidence, but both he and Draco slapped a hand over the other’s mouth at the same time, stifling their laughter. Weird.

“I was interested, but never found the right time to ask.”

“Since when do you need a right time to do anything?” Harry asked and his eyes widened at his own words before snatching Draco’s hand, and placing it against his mouth again. He did not just say that to Snape; by gods he was about to die! “Sorry.” He whispered and firmly pressed his mate’s stolen hand over his lips once more.

“Since I said so.” Severus replied, “Now, I believe it’s my turn to ask a question.” The man gave Harry his infamous smirk, the one that poor potion’s students saw just before earning a lifetime of detention with Filch. Oh Merlin. “Why, my dear little mate,” a hand began petting his raven locks, combing through the strands with ease, making Harry a little more confident that maybe, just maybe he would live to see tomorrow. “Do you refuse to mate with us?”


Minutes passed and Harry just sat there in Severus’ arms as he tried to formulate a response to the question. “What?” Wow, wasn’t he intelligent. “Why would ask that, I just told Lucius yesterday and I know he gossips like a teenage girl when it comes to you and Draco.”

“Even so, I feel there is more to it than you revealed previously.”


“Harry, you don’t have to answer, you can walk back to your room and go to sleep for all we care. But, I do think talking it out would be good for you.” Lucius told him sincerely and gently placed a hand on the teen’s shoulder. “Besides, “I don’t know” isn’t a satisfactory answer.”

Harry understood that his mates wanted to know why he was so reluctant, and he understood that it was in their right to know as well; but that didn’t make answering the question any easier. Especially since he honestly had no idea what was holding him back.

“Merlin.” He hissed and ran a hand through his hair, “I don’t know what to tell you all.”

“The truth would be a nice start.” Harry sent a glare to Draco who merely shrugged and smiled. “It would be.”

“Fine, the truth is, I really don’t know why I can’t bring myself to mate with you. I want you three so much, you have no idea what it does to me when I have to stop you and keep from going further than just kissing; it’s not necessarily the sex part that I feel hung up about. It’s just that I hated each of you more than anything, three months ago, and it scares me to know that I don’t anymore, I guess a part of me still thinks that I’m going to wake up one day and hate you all over again. I’m just scared that if I bond with you, I’ll be trapped, if my feelings do change, then I won’t be able to escape.”

“Do you honestly believe that?” Lucius asked and switched places with Draco so that he could embrace his young mate. “No, Harry, you like us now because of your creature side, it makes it impossible for us to hate each other.”

Why would he say that? Harry knew somewhere in the back of his mind that his mates only wanted him because of their instincts, but hearing Lucius say it was like a knife through the heart. “Oh, that makes me feel loads better!” He hissed and stood up, breaking free of his mate’s hold in the process. “Now you want me to lose my virginity to one of you, someone that only likes me based on some stupid instinct saying you have to!” As he was yelling, Harry was trying desperately not to cry, Merlin, how in the world had his life gotten so fucked up?

“Harry.” Severus was as cool and impassive as ever as he reached up and gently pulled the alchai down and settled him into the seat next to Sev and Lucius. “That’s not at all what Lucius meant. Each of us have instincts that draw us to you and you to us, they make it impossible for us to hate you, but they in no way create feeling and emotions. We like you because of our creature sides, but we love you because you’re Harry.”

“That’s kind of cute.”

“Not helping Draco.” Lucius said sternly and nuzzled his face into the side of Harry’s neck. “And as for not being able to “escape” if this turns bad –which it won’t- after we mate, you’ll have so much more freedom. You’ll be able to go off on your own for weeks at a time, unlike now, just a few seconds away from us causes you pain.” Harry opened his mouth to argue but Lucius gently kissed him, silencing any replies he may have voiced. “Don’t deny it, just because it’s dull now that your magic is replenishing doesn’t mean it’s not there.”

Harry was still slightly dazed by the kiss Lucius had given him and the information that had just flooded his mind had him staring into space as he tried to process everything.

“Are you okay, Harry?” Draco’s question awoke him from whatever trance he had been in and he nodded before standing up once again.

“Yeah, it’s just a lot to think about, you know? I think I’m going to sleep on it, try to make sense of everything.” He turned and headed to his bedroom, just barely hearing Sev’s, “Don’t hurt yourself,” before entering his bedroom and closing the door.


Impossible for us to hate each other.

After we mate, you’ll have so much more freedom.

We love you because you’re Harry.

We love you.

We love you.

Harry groaned and rolled over onto his other side, wrapping his limbs around the pillow that smelled like his mates as he tried to get comfortable. The bed was too hard, the pillow was a poor substitute when he’d just been with his mates, and his damn mind just wouldn’t shut off! He kept thinking about what Severus and Lucius had said and while his human mind was slowly coming to realize what everything meant for him in long run, his alchai side was comfortable with their explanations and wanted nothing more than to crawl into their bed and let his mates have their way with him.

“Aargh!” Harry let out a frustrated growl and rolled onto his back. “Can you sleep Hedwig?” He asked, looking straight up into the darkness that enveloped the room.


“Oh, sorry.”

Hoot, hoot

“Well, I don’t know what to do, I feel torn in so many directions and-“


“Yes, and I can’t sleep because my mind is just reeling and I’m so tired that any conclusion I come to now will be insane.”


“That’s just cruel, Hed. But what should I do?”

Hoot, hoot, hoot

“Thanks, girl.” Harry whispered and jumped out bed, heading for his mates’ room.

A/N: Sorry for taking so long to update, at least the chapter is sorta long (the longest so far) and Harry will lose his virginity within the next four (possibly five but most likely four) chapters.

For everyone that wants to know....

“Can you sleep Hedwig?”

Quite well when restless alchai aren’t keeping me awake

“Oh, sorry.”

You should be. But what’s bothering you, Harry?

“Well, I don’t know what to do, I feel torn in so many directions and-“

You decided to keep your beautiful and magnificent owl awake all night…ignore the irony

“Yes, and I can’t sleep because my mind is just reeling and I’m so tired that any conclusion I come to now will be insane.”

And this is different from every other conclusion of yours how?

“That’s just cruel, Hed. But what should I do?”

Do what you feel you have to.

“Thanks, girl.” Harry whispered and jumped out bed, heading for his mates’ room.

Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

“That was amazing.” Sirius laughed as he, Harry, and Remus walked down the corridor toward Harry’s suite. “Do you know how long it’s been since I went to a Hogwarts Halloween Ball?” The dark haired man was jumping around his companions, occasionally bumping into Harry or hanging off of Remus and making all of three of them laugh. “Twenty years! Two decades!” He exclaimed, causing the wings on the back of his dragon costume to flutter awkwardly. “I’m old.”

“You’re experienced.” Remus corrected and wrapped his unicorn front legs/arms around Sirius’ waist before kissing him lightly on the cheek.

“Oh! My eyes, they burn!” Harry immediately covered his eyes with his hands and turned away from the disturbing sight; he did not to see his godfather and honorary godfather doing…nasty, disgusting acts…like kissing.

“Shut up, Harry.” Sirius whined when Remus let him go and Harry took that as a sign that it was safe to open his eyes again.

“Be nice, Siri.”

“What if I’m not? Are you going to punish me?” Damn! Sirius and Remus had stopped walking, AGAIN, and where simply staring at each other, obviously communicating without words, thank Merlin for small miracles.

“Will both of you please keep your hands off each other for five minutes so I can get back to my rooms? Please?” Harry begged, and that seemed to bring the two men out of their trance. “It’s right down the hall, then you can shag in the alcove or something.” Please Merlin; just let him be behind closed doors before that happened.

“Fine, lead the way.” Remus motioned for him to go first, but Harry simply raised an eyebrow.

“I have ears too, you know.”

“We’ll be good.” Yeah, he’d believe that when he saw it…or didn’t see it. Remus and Sirius were just as bad as Lucius and Draco.

“Sure.” Harry diverted his attention away from his godfathers and quickly began walking down the corridor, heading for the portrait that guarded his suite, thankfully the two men following managed to control themselves.

“So, Harry; did you, Severus, Draco, and Lucius plan your costumes, or that just happen?” Sirius asked once he caught up with his godson. He motioned toward the yellow robe the teen was wearing and Harry chuckled, remembering his mates dressed as Hufflepuff students.

“No, I wanted to go as a Slytherin, but I figured they’d like that a little too much-“


“Uh-huh, so I figured I’d go as a Hufflepuff, but I had no idea they would do the same thing. Thought they’d rather stab their eyes out with their own wands than dress like that, even for a night.”

“Well, I thought it was adorable. My wittle Harry is all grown up and putting together group costumes with his evil Slytherin mates.” Sirius quickly reached over and pinched his godson’s cheek before he had the chance to yell at him or slap his hand away.

“I didn’t-“ Harry argued but Sirius just laughed hysterically. “Remus! Control him!”

“Nope, you can’t have it both ways Harry, either my hands stay on him or off him.”

“I am never spending alone time with either of you ever again!” It was an empty threat and everyone knew it, Harry really couldn’t blame his godfathers for their eccentric behavior, he was the same way when it came to his mates.

“But then we’d miss our little Harry.” Remus replied and hugged the teen from behind, placing his chin on top of his godson’s head. “Right Sirius?”

“Yep, sure would.”

Harry laughed at that and punched Sirius playfully in the arm. “Watch it, or I’ll sick Severus on you.” That might actually be entertaining…

“Oh, I’m shaking in my boots now, and it’s not like you’ve never seen two people kiss before Harry, deal with it.” Well, that may have been true, but it was entirely different when he saw his mates or friends sucking face compared to watching Sirius and Remus do it, they were family and it was disturbing.

“It’s completely different and you know it.” Harry replied; his eyes locked on the portrait guarding the entrance to his suite which was only a few yards away. Almost there.

“It’s not, you’re just a prude. Yep, Remus, I said it. Harry is a prude.”

“I’d rather be a prude than an overly hormonal monster that can’t control himself.” Harry said jokingly and laughed when Sirius clutched at his chest in mock pain.

“That hurts, Harry, and I thought you loved me.”

The trio finally made it to the portrait and the alchai had never been more thankful to see it. “Well that’s what you get for thinking.”


“So,” the teen started, ignoring Sirius’ cry, “do you two want to come in? We could talk, or something as long as you keep your hands off of each other.” Harry eyed his two godfathers who were standing a little too close for his comfort, and laughed when they immediately put distance between themselves. “I take that as you want to come in?”

“Of course!” Remus exclaimed, “Your mates have stolen you away from us-“

“And we haven’t seen you in days! Open the door brat we have catching up to do.” Sirius finished and Harry stared at him strangely for a moment before opening his mouth to speak the password; but just as the first syllable left his lips he realized something startling. Lucius, Draco, and Severus were most likely in the suite already…alone…and while he’d been all but forced to watch the threesome engage in certain activities, he sure as hell didn’t want his godfathers scarred for life.

“Um…actually, maybe you guys should turn around for a minute, I just want to make sure they’re not…you know…doing…stuff.”

Remus seemed to immediately understand what Harry was trying to say, but unfortunately Sirius had to ask questions.

“You mean….they...” Sirius waved his arms around in a pretty accurate imitation of a windmill and it was only Harry’s vast knowledge of the man’s strange behavior that allowed him to understand.

“Yes.” Harry replied.

“In the common room? Where anyone could walk in?”

“Unfortunately, now unless you want to get an eye full-” Harry gently pulled the door open an inch and laughed when both Remus and Sirius instantly spun around, turning their backs to any unsavory sights. “That’s what I thought.”

The teen hesitated for only a moment before pulling the portrait open and poking his head inside. He’d expected to see his mates…mating, reading, talking, fighting, or at least doing something; but the silent and empty room was the last thing he thought he’d find.

“Um…I guess they’re not here.” Harry called over his shoulder and stepped into the room, only to be nearly knocked over by Sirius as the man ran into the suite and began looking at everything like a kid in a candy store.

“Are you okay?” Remus asked, gripping his godson’s arm to keep him from falling over.

“Yeah, fine.”

“Good. Padfoot! Calm down!” Sirius, who had begun acting more like a dog than a wizard sat up from his position sprawled out on the sofa and gave Remus an apologetic smile before straightening his costume in an attempt to seem a little more civilized, which was pretty hard to do dressed as a lime green dragon.


“Uh-huh. So, Harry, this is really nice.” Remus motioned around the room as he joined Sirius on the couch, immediately plastering himself to the other man’s side. “Must have been a relief to get out of the dorms.”

“Not really, before, I was stuck in a room with four guys that snored; now I live with three men that do other obscene things.” Of course Harry’d never admit that he’d grown used to his mates’ constant sexual activities and actually preferred them to the fog horn-like snoring that kept him awake most nights in Gryffindor tower.

“How can you even compare the two?!” Asked Sirius as he jumped over Remus in order to sit next to Harry, “You have twenty-four access to porn and you don’t even get in trouble for watching it.” Remus gave his partner a look that sent shivers down Harry’s spine, but Sirius didn’t even seem to notice it, causing the wolf’s gaze to take on an even more murderous glint.

“Sirius?” At the sound of his name being said in Remus’ “pissed off voice,” Sirius jumped up and returned to his original seat on the other side of his wolf.

“Anyway.” Harry said in an attempt to lighten up the atmosphere in the room, “Yes, it’s kind of like my own personal porn collection, but it’s also pure torture.” He stopped for a moment, taking in the honestly confused faces of his godfathers before deciding to continue and explain the headache he’d been having for weeks now. “I mean the first time it happened it was a shock but as time went on and I saw them doing that every day, it started to…um…started to-“

“Arouse you.” Remus offered and Harry nodded meekly.

“Yeah, but I haven’t bonded with them yet and mentally I really want to but something else tells me I’m not ready so every time I see them it’s like being diabetic with a cookie shoved under your nose and not being able to eat it.” Harry threw himself across the laps of his godfathers and covered his face with his hands. “It’s torture!”

“What do you mean you haven’t bonded with them yet, Harry?!” Sirius exclaimed and suddenly stood up, causing Harry to roll off his lap and onto the floor. “You’ve known they’re your mates for three months! Do you have any idea how this can affect your magic? Harry, of all the stupid things-“ The man was suddenly silenced when Remus came up behind him and slapped his hand over his partner’s mouth.

Harry watched this entire scene from his position on the floor, completely astonished by Sirius’ reaction and confused as to what had caused it. He’d known just a few weeks ago that Harry hadn’t bonded yet, why would he flip now?

“I’m sorry Harry, Sirius and I thought this issue was resolved in the infirmary.”

“It’s not an ‘issue’ that can just be ‘resolved’ Remus.” Harry snapped and jumped to his feet in order to look the man in the eye.

At seeing his godson’s strong reaction, Remus sighed and slowly removed his hand from Sirius’ mouth, sending him glares that obviously meant he had to keep his mouth shut or Remus would do it for him.

“Alright, cub, what’s going on? Why are you putting off the bonding?” Harry focused his gaze on the carpeted floor of the living room and refused to say a word. There was no way in hell he was discussing sex with the two people he thought of as his fathers. Nope, not going to happen. The little bit of information he did give them earlier was more than enough, thank you very much.

“Oh please don’t tell me you’re embarrassed now!” Sirius exclaimed while trying to get a look at Harry’s red face. “We changed your diapers, you threw up on us; you can tell us anything. I promise we won’t laugh unless it’s really funny.” Oh, well now he felt better.

“That’s not going to happen. I told you too much already.” Harry whispered and let out a soft yelp as Remus wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled the teen down with him as he sat back down on the couch, forcing Harry onto his lap like a small child.

“Come on, Harry. Siri and I just want to help. If he laughs I’ll hit him.”


“You’d deserve it!”

Harry tried to stand up and get away from the two eccentric men that were still in their dragon and unicorn costumes, only to be pulled back down. “I don’t have to talk to you guys; I discussed this all with my mates yesterday.”

“And they helped you?” Remus asked, letting go of Harry so he could slid over to the seat next to him. “You feel better now?”

“Yeah, I mean, they told me more about what would happen after the bonding and everything but-“

“But what? Harry, if you need to talk to someone about what you’re feeling. It’s not good to keep it all bottled up. Let us help.” Sirius pressed. “What’s the worst that could happen?”

He did have a point, nothing bad would happen, the worst they could do was call him a girl and tell him to get over himself. “Fine, I don’t really know how to explain it, but, even though I really want to have…um…you know-“


“Yes. Even though I want to have that with them, and want to bond us together, something just doesn’t feel right.”

“And you didn’t tell Severus, Lucius, or even Draco this?” Remus asked softly, gently placing an arm around Harry’s shoulder and slapping his other hand over Sirius’ mouth to silence any comment the man might have made.

“No, they’d just laugh and call me a girl.” Even Harry had to admit that he was displaying a very girl-like behavior, most likely caused by spending far too much time with Hermione.

“I doubt it, and you’re not acting like a girl.”

“He is too!”

“No he’s not, Sirius, do you want me to hit you?” Remus held up the hand that now had a crescent shaped bite mark on the palm and raised a single eye brow as if daring his partner to say a single word about Harry acting like a girl just so he could hit him.


“I didn’t think so. Now Harry, you’re not acting like a girl, okay.” Harry nodded unenthusiastically and kept his eyes trained on his hands. It was nice of Remus to try to make him feel better but he wasn’t succeeding in his attempt. “A lot of people feel this way, sure most of the time it is women, but men can feel that way too, especially if the person or in this case people involved are important to them.”


“Sure it is, everyone’s nervous the first time, I’d imagine one would be even more so when their first time’s a foursome.” Remus explained, reminding Harry of a fact he really hadn’t thought too much about. A foursome, he was going to lose his virginity in a foursome.

“Well look what you did now, Remy! You broke him!” Sirius waved his hand in front of Harry’s face jokingly only to have it slapped away seconds later.

“Stop that! I’m fine you mutt!”

“I’m surrounded by idiots, I swear it’s a miracle I’m as put together as I am.” Remus sighed and none too gently pushed Sirius back down so that he could no longer bother Harry. “But I’m sure that’s all it is.” He continued, changing the subject back to the important one.

“What if it’s something more?” Harry tentatively asked. “What if it’s not just nerves?”

“Don’t even worry about that, Harry, it’s just ner-“

“What if it’s not?” The teen repeated. “What if I’m totally screwed up in the head, and that’s why I feel like this?”

Sirius and Remus stared at Harry as though he’d just told them he was pregnant with Voldemort’s demon spawn. “Oh pup!” Sirius cried and jumped over his mate and Harry in order to get to the teen’s opposite side. “You’re fine, I know I was giving you a hard time but that’s how I am. There’s nothing wrong with you other than a severe and I do mean severe case of nerves. It’s just like Remus said, this happens to everyone, hell it happened to ME and I don’t get nervous.”

“It happened to you?” Remus asked Sirius, honestly interested in what the other man had to say.

“Of course, why else do you think we waited three months after our first date to….do the deed?”

“I thought you were trying to be a gentleman!”

“Then you obviously didn’t know me very well!”

“Will you both just shut up, I thought we were talking about my problems, not your strange relationship issues.” Harry snapped when he could feel as well as see his godfathers glaring at each other over his head. Thankfully, his outburst managed to break both men out of whatever trance they were in, and they both looked down at him remorsefully.


“It’s okay, and after this I promise you can eat each other, fight for dominance, or do whatever else you weirdo’s do. But for now, how am I supposed to get over this being nervous thing? You can’t expect me to just bite and the bullet and ‘do it’.” The shear thought made shivers ascend Harry’s spine; Dear Merlin they can’t expect him to do that.

“No, of course not, cub.” Remus assured him, “But that doesn’t mean you can put off bonding with them either. You need to make yourself comfortable with the idea of really truly making love with them.” Oh, he was loads of help.

“And how do I do that?!” Harry groaned, “I know what I have to do, but I have no idea how to actually accomplish it! It’s not like I can just tell myself to be okay with bonding with them and it’ll just happen!”

“Hey, just calm down, there’s no need to get all upset.”

But Sirius-“

“Shh, okay, you’re right; you’re not going to get over it with shear will power. You need to do a couple of things, starting with telling your mates what you’re feeling. They’ll do everything they can to make you feel better and I know that you know that. Then, ease into the bonding, start with kissing, then touching, etc. until the last step to take is…you know.” Harry could only stare at his godfather, one eyebrow raised, silently asking the question that was twirling around his mind.

“It’ll work. It worked for Moony and I, but if it doesn’t, you have three mates that I’m sure can give you more ideas.”

“I’m sure they coul- What the hell!” Harry hollered as a loud bang came from behind his mates’ bedroom door, just moments before it cracked open and a snow white rabbit frantically hopped out, followed by a white cat and a black as night raven.

“Harry’s what’s going on?” Sirius asked as the raven landed on his head just moments before the rabbit threw itself onto Harry’s lap and the cat came to a stop by his feet, looking up with amused eyes at the rabbit.

“I have no idea.” He answered honestly, wrapping the poor rabbit in his arms in an attempt to keep the animal from shaking. “But, I do know that the cat is Lucius-“


“And the raven has got be Severus.” Instead of answering verbally, the bird began pecking wildly at Sirius’ head, causing loud thunk sounds to echo through the room. “Yep, definitely Severus.”

“OW! Get off of me you stupid bird!” Sirius tried to get Severus off of his head but only managed to make the man/bird even more angry and cause him to peck even faster.

“And this little guy.” Harry held the rabbit up so he could look into its cute little face. “Is Draco.”

“Right you are lover.” Draco replied, quickly turning back into his human self, immediately attacking Harry’s neck with licks and kisses that caught the teen completely off guard.

“Gah! Now I know why you’re a rabbit!” Harry hastily pushed Draco off of him and laughed when he fell on top of Lucius who had just turned back as well. “Severus!” He snapped after noticing that while two of his mates were human again, one was still having far too much fun torturing his godfather. “Get off of his head and turn back!”

“Oh, I do love it when you act like a top.” Draco whispered and tried to crawl back into Harry’s lap only to be pushed back off.

“Does no one notice that my godfathers are right here!” Harry pointed to Remus who was smiling like a demented loon and Sirius, who was rubbing his head and glaring at Severus who had finally decided to become human…vampire once again.
“I have, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind leaving.” Severus said, returning Sirius’ glare. “These are after all, our rooms.”

“But they’re also my guests and I gave them permission to be here.” Harry had perfected his “look” after observing his mates in the last few weeks and he turned it on Severus, watching as the vampire resisted for a few moments before sighing and letting out a gruff. “Fine then.”

“Actually Harry, Sirius and I should probably get going. We have-“ Remus snuck a glance at his mate, a wolfish grin pulling at the corners of his lips. “Things to do; and you have to have a long talk with your mates. Right?” Having heard Remus speaking to Harry, all three of the Slytherins immediately moved forward, surrounding their mate like a make-shift shield.

“Right. Thanks Remus, you too Sirius.” Harry said as he watched his godfathers leave the suite.

“Are you okay?” Severus whispered once the portrait door swung closed, leaning in close to Harry and sniffing around his neck, shoulders, and chest. “You smell fine.”

“Because I am, you big weirdo.” Harry laughed as he playfully pushed the vampire away from him. “I’m not hurt or anything, I just want to talk to you.”

“Okay, come here and tell Draco all about it.” The young veela threw himself onto the couch and held out his arms to Harry, obviously inviting the other boy to sit in his lap.

“Yeah, no.” Harry replied and gently pushed Severus down beside the too-horny-to-be-normal blonde before sitting down beside the vampire and pulling Lucius down to sit beside him. “I think this seating arrangement will ensure this conversation takes the least amount of time possible.”

“Oh really?” As if to spite him, Draco leaned over and licked a trail from the base of Severus’ neck which was just barely visible beneath his collar, to his ear, causing the vampire to let out a long drawn out moan.

“Can you act mature for like three minutes?! This is serious!” Draco immediately snapped back up.

“Now you’re worrying me. What’s going on?” Lucius asked softly and Harry felt fingertips on his shoulder for a fleeting moment before they disappeared.

“Nothing to worry about; honestly. I was just talking to Sirius and Remus and they all but forced me to…um….discuss my feelings with them about why I couldn’t bring myself to bond with you guys.” Harry said, his hands twisting around each other in his lap, and sweat forming on his brow. Merlin, this was going to be as hard as he imagined it to be.

“I thought we discussed this yesterday, you were concerned with what would happen after the event.” Severus said. “Is that still the case? Last night you seemed satisfied with our answers and understanding of what the bonding would do for you.” It was well hidden in that black satin voice, but Harry could just barely hear it. The twinge of confusion that was as rare as smile when the potions master was concerned.

“Er…that was part of it, but even now when I want to bond and do…other things with you, I still don’t, feel right about it. Like something is just holding me back. Remus and Sirius said it was because I was nervous and I think they…um…might be…you know…right.” For long agonizing seconds, the room remained silent and Harry could feel his heart trying to beat right out of his chest. He really shouldn’t have told them anything.

“Aw! That’s so cute!” Draco exclaimed, and plopped himself down on Harry’s lap. “But there’s no reason to be nervous, we’ll take good care of you. Promise.” The blonde leaned forward slightly and moved to kiss Harry only to have Lucius tangle a hand in his hair and pull Draco’s head back, forcing the teen to look at him.

“Harry has already made it clear that he doesn’t want your attentions. Stop. Now.” Lucius growled and harshly released his son’s hair, ripping out a few of those beautiful strands.

“I’m sorry.” Draco whispered and buried his face in Harry’s neck, letting out series of small chirps, that reminded Harry how closely related veela were to birds.

“It’s okay, I’m used to you by now. I think Lucius was more upset than I was.” Harry said and jumped slightly when Draco immediately extracted himself from the alchai and moved over to his father, emitting those same chirping sounds as he nuzzled the older man’s jaw, neck, and shoulder.

“Why is he doing that?” Even after all this time, Harry had never seen Draco behave the way he was now, it was like he was acting on some unknown instinct that he had no control over.

“The real question is why did I give you a small library of books if you weren’t going to read them?” Severus asked, his breath on Harry’s neck causing a slight shiver to race down the teen’s spine.

“It’s only been two days.” Harry defended without looking away from his two blonde mates. Draco was still kissing and licking every inch of Lucius’ skin that he could reach and making those little chirping sounds as Lucius gently combed his long fingers through Draco’s soft hair. “I haven’t had the chance to read all of them yet.”

“I expect them to have been finished by the end of next week.”

“Fine, just tell me what’s going on.” Harry was a whole three seconds away from strangling Severus and he was pretty sure he could manage it too since Lucius and Draco were in no shape to help their vampire mate if Harry decided to attack.

“Draco is apologizing.” Severus answered after several moments of silence that had led Harry to believe that the man was on to his plan.

“But-“ Harry jumped when Severus’ lips suddenly touched the sensitive spot right behind his left ear. “He’s apologized before and I’ve never seen him do that.” The potions master didn’t respond, apparently too preoccupied with kissing along Harry’s neck. “You know-oh-if you could-ah-answer me, I’d appr-oh Merlin- appreciate it.”

Severus groaned at Harry’s words and after a few more minutes, pulled away from him with a sigh. “When Lucius pulled Draco’s head back-” Without warning, fingers gripped Harry’s hair and pulled his head backward, tilting it just enough so he could see a smirking Severus behind him. “Like so, he asserted his dominance over Draco; since Draco’s veela is submissive, that side was triggered and instinct took over. Now he has to make it up to his dominate mates. First it was you, but you already told him it was okay, so he began working on Lucius. As you can see, the man’s using the situation to his advantage.”

“You are aware of the fact that I can hear you, correct?” Lucius asked and it took quite a bit of clever menuvering on Harry’s part to look over at the blonde, who had his eyes closed tightly as he let his son “apologize” all over his left shoulder.

“Sorry, you seemed a little distracted.” Harry said and managed to break away from Severus’ hold and move over a few inches, putting him right in the middle of the couch.

“I was simply asking a question, Harry, though if you want to apologize you’re more than welcome to join Draco in his efforts.” Speaking of Draco, the blonde was now making a strange half chirp half whine sound as he frantically moved against Lucius, obviously becoming desperate to get Lucius to forgive him. It was… kind of cute actually.

“No, no, that’s okay.” Harry said and kept his eyes focused on the two blondes beside him. “Um…are you going to stop him any time soon?” Draco had loosened Lucius’ yellow tie and begun to unbutton his crisp white shirt in order to get to even more skin.


“Well, I only asked because we were having an important conversation and now your letting your son suck on your neck. It’s kind of distracting.” Lucius let out an irritated growl that completely hit Harry by surprise and he immediately slid over to Severus to get as far away as possible from the older Veela.

“Fine. Draco, you’re forgiven.” As though a spell had ended, Draco sat up and slapped Lucius hard enough to make both Harry and Severus wince in imagined pain, and gave his father a look that could easily vaporize him if he looked directly into it.

“If you ever make me do that, for that long, over something so stupid again, I will castrate you.” Draco spat and leapt from Lucius’ lap to settle himself down in Severus’. “But, on another note. Harry’s a nervous little virgin, what are we supposed to do about this?”


Harry was interrupted before he could get his second word out by Lucius who was gently massaging his jaw where Draco had hit him. “Was it really necessary to hit me? This could bruise.”

“Use a glamour.” Draco said darkly, and Severus, who had tried so valiantly to keep from laughing, could no longer hold it in and buried his face in Draco’s shoulder as his body was wracked with sobs. Harry on the other hand couldn’t find the humor in the situation at all.

“Hey! Lucius, Draco hit you, get over it. Draco, you probably would have kissed him all over anyway, stop sulking. Both of you apologize with words so we can get back to what’s important. Me.”

“A little full of yourself aren’t you Potter?” Severus asked sarcastically, and harry didn’t even look at the man as he hit him playfully.

“Shut up, Severus. Now, Draco, Lucius, apologize to each other before I decide to go to my room and not talk to you for the rest of the weeken-“

“Sorry!” Both blondes called out simultaneously and Harry let out an amused scoff at the desperate looks on the men’s faces.

“Good, thank you. Now, back to our conversation.” It was then that Harry realized that now he actually had to continue talking about his girlish nervousness. Crap. “Well, Sirius said-“

“Merlin help us.” Severus whispered and Harry chose to ignore the vampire’s statement.

“That it might help if I kind of took everything one step at a time. You know, work my way up to “that”. But I don’t really know what those steps would be so-“

“Oh, that’s easy. There’s three steps, striping, preparation, and fucking. We can start on the first on right now.” Draco leaned over from his position on Severus’ lap and reached for Harry’s tie only to have Lucius slap his hand away.

“I’m sure those weren’t the ones his godfather was referring too.”

“Probably not, but they’re the most fun.” Severus and Harry both shared an exasperated look and the vampire brought his hand down over Draco’s mouth. “Hmmpph mmmppfff!” The blonde exclaimed and tried to pry Severus’ hand off of him, but he was no match against Severus’ vampire strength. “Pffmm!”

“Anyway…” Lucius said with a strange look at his son and mate. “Harry, the ‘process’ if you even want to go that route, would consist of whatever steps you wanted, it’s your body and we all want you to feel comfortable with whatever we do.”

“Thanks.” Harry was insanely glad that his mates understood, even Draco in his own strange way. It made him feel as though the last mental barrier he had put up to defend himself against his mates had finally come down, and with the truth out in the open he felt thousands of times more comfortable around them.

“There’s nothing to thank us for, really, it’s no different than what would have happened anyway. We wouldn’t have thrown you on the bed and had our way with you; we would have started with foreplay and went through these “steps” anyhow.” Severus told him while slowly taking his hand away from Draco’s mouth. “What you’re describing is the same thing only prolonged over an extended period of time.”

“When you say ‘an extended period of time’ what do you mean by that?” Draco asked, seeming to be truly interesting in the answer.

“That’s up to Harry.” Lucius replied with a look at the teen mentioned. “But I’m guessing weeks or even months.”

“Months!” Harry and Draco exclaimed and Harry’s face immediately turned a bright shade of red when all three of his mates turned to him in surprise.

“Then weeks.” Severus tested and Harry just became even brighter. “Well, since you obviously have an idea of the timeline you’d like to keep, why don’t you just inform the rest of us?”

“Um… I was actually thinking of maybe…a few days? Preferably before the end of the weekend.” Dumbledore had given all students and staff an extended weekend holiday that would last until Wednesday for the newly discovered soul mates to… “Get to know each other.”

“That could definitely work.” Draco said and tried to climb onto Harry’s lap only to be once again, pushed off. “Will you stop doing that!”

“No, I don’t want you on me. I’m exhausted, and I’m going to bed.” And he was, he’d danced for hours at the Halloween ball and bared his soul to five different people in the same night. He thought it was pretty understandable that he was a little tired.

“But-“ Draco whimpered as he pulled to his feet by Lucius.

“Tomorrow. Okay?” Harry stood from his position on the couch and tried not to look at the heartbroken blonde.

“Alright. But you are going to sleep with us again tonight, right?” Oh hell no.

“No way. Do you have any idea what I went through last night? I woke up seventeen times to things I don’t want to wake up to in the middle of the night. And I know for a fact one of you was groping me.” Yeah, Harry would much rather sleep in his own bed.

“It’s called cuddling.” Draco said.

“It’s called sexual harassment.” Harry argued and held up a hand to stop the blonde from replying. “It doesn’t matter. I’m going to my room. I’ll see you in the morning.” With that, Harry turned away from his mates and headed toward his bedroom, fighting with the little voice inside his head that told him to change direction and head toward the room he’d spent last night in.

“Well, goodnight then Harry.” Severus called just as he was about to disappear behind his door.

“Goodnight guys, see you tomorrow.”




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Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *


Harry groaned at Hedwig’s sound and rolled over in his bed, covering his ears with a thick pillow pulled over his head. “Shhh. I’m sleeping.”


The bloody owl hadn’t taken Harry’s hint so he pulled the blankets up and over his head in a vain attempt to block out the noise and get a few more minutes of sleep.


Harry’s last nerve finally snapped.

“WHAT?!” The teen screamed and sat straight up in bed, his gaze immediately falling on his snowy white owl that was paying rapt attention to the doorway; where Draco was standing, his face pressed against the invisible barrier that kept him from entering. It was actually pretty funny and Harry wished he had a camera to catalog the image, but alias, a pensive memory would have to do.

“Um… You can come in.” The words had just left his mouth before Draco fell onto the carpeted flooring of Harry’s bedroom. “You know, knocking usually gets my attention faster than annoying my owl.” Harry said as Draco picked himself up and began brushing the imaginary dust from his robes.

“I tried that but some people sleep like the dead. Nice night clothes by the way.” Harry immediately looked down at himself and blushed a bright shade of crimson while trying to pull the comforter up to cover his “Do you want to ride my broom” t-shirt.

“It was a Christmas present from- That doesn’t even matter, what do you want?” It had better be something good for the blonde to have woken him up this early in the bloody morning.

“Well,” Draco slowly sat down on Harry’s bed and rested a hand on the other teen’s leg, smirking knowingly when Harry pulled the limb away and shot his mate a glare. “I have a surprise for you-“

“WE have a surprise for you, Harry. WE!” Severus’ voice called from outside of the room and Harry scoffed at the eye roll the correction earned from Draco.

“Fine, we have a surprise for you out in the dinning room. You just have to get your fine arse out of bed and come see it.” Oh, he did not like this idea. Surprises didn’t seem to have the same meaning for Slytherins as it did for Gryffindors.

“You’re not going to hurt me are you?” Harry asked cautiously, but allowed Draco to grab his wrist and pull him off of the mattress anyway.

“Of course not.” The blonde replied quickly but then seemed to rethink the answer, “Well, not purposely.” This was not good.

Draco led Harry out of his room and the alchai couldn’t quite form the words needed to express what he was feeling when he saw that the living room had been transformed into a make-shift dinning room with a large table in the center, piled high with every breakfast food you could imagine.

“What?” Oh, that was an intelligent response.

“We made you breakfast, since we’re sweet like that.” Draco told him and gently pushed Harry toward the table and both Lucius and Severus with a hand on his lower back.


“Do you know any words containing more than a single syllable?” Severus asked sarcastically and pulled out a chair for Harry, which Draco immediately pushed the boy down into.

Just to spite him, Harry replied with a “yes.” The glare he received almost made him warm and fuzzy inside, apparently the potions master was growing on him. “But seriously, did you three really make all of this?” It was a lot of food and most likely took a long time to prepare, no offense to his mates, but they really didn’t seem like the type to slave over a hot stovetop.

“Of course, everything except the pancakes, Severus didn’t quite seem able to prepare them.” Lucius told him.

“Which is weird since he brews potions twenty-five hours a day.” Draco added and smiled lovingly at Severus as the man glared at him from across the table.

“Brewing potions and baking are two very different things, no matter how much they may seem to have in common; it does not guarantee that a person will be similarly skilled in both.”

“Well, I think it’s sweet that you tried and everything else looks amazing. Thanks. May I-?” Harry motioned to a large platter of scrambled eggs and Lucius immediately nodded.

“It’s why we made it, Harry, go ahead and eat, we were waiting for you.” Everyone at the table took that as a signal to dig in and the room was soon filled with the sounds of serving spoons scraping against plates and bowls. “Nice shirt by the way.”

Merlin. Harry looked down at the damn t-shirt he was wearing and nearly spilled his orange juice right down the front.

“Um-I-it’s not-oh- It was a gift.”


Lucius’ tone was light and highly amused, causing Harry’s face to turn bright crimson again and for him to try his best to hide behind his fork. It didn’t work very well.

“Since you’re already blushing like a newly debauched virgin-“ Thanks Sev, that helped his situation enormously, “Why don’t we discuss the subject behind this elaborate presentation.”

“Come on!” Draco exclaimed angrily. “We just started eating, do we have to do this now?”

“Do what?” Draco wasn’t easily angered, he seemed to turn everything he heard into some type of invitation for sex so hearing his mate obviously upset sent Harry on high alert.

“We just want to talk about something the three of us discussed last night after you went to bed.” Lucius explained calmly. “It’s not nearly as dramatic as Draco’s making it seem and there’s no need to talk about it right now, Severus.” The blonde turned his head to glare at said man but he just raised an eye brow and continued eating.

“Well, now you’ve perked my curiosity. What is it?” Harry asked, honestly confused as to what could possibly rile his mates up this much.

“Just eat Harry, we can talk about it later.” Draco mumbled and popped a plump strawberry into his mouth.

“No, just tell me. I’m a big boy, I can handle whatever it is.” Besides, how in the world could he eat while worrying about whatever his mates thought was important enough to get up at the crack of dawn and make breakfast for him in order to discuss it?

“Fine, the three of us came to the conclusion last night that perhaps you were too hasty in your decision to mate with us and that your time frame in which you wish to accomplish it may be improbable.” Severus answered when neither blonde looked willing to speak up. “We agree that it may be best for you to draw out the process of making you comfortable over a period of a couple of weeks.”

The room was plunged into silence, the only noise being the scrapping of Severus’ fork against his plate as he continued to eat, seemingly the only one unaffected by his words. At least Draco and Lucius had the decency to look a little ashamed for talking about something like this that was ultimately Harry’s decision, without him there.

“No.” Harry said coldly. “I want to mate with you and I want to do it by Wednesday.”

“But Harry-“

“No buts, Draco. This is for me to decide and I did; now it’s up to you three to act as my big strong mates and make it happen.” Harry crossed his arms over his chest and sat back in his chair, eyeing each and every one of his mates and non-verbally scolding them with what he hoped was an effective glare.

“Alright, Harry.” Lucius held his hand out to Severus who immediately placed three gold coins on the pale palm. “Then we have some work to do. Last night, while Severus was worrying about pressuring you, Draco and I-“ He paused for a moment to gently toss one of the galleons across the table to Draco and to pull a piece of parchment out of his robe pocket. “Created a list to keep us on track to completing your goal.” Wait just a second.

“You made a schedule?” Harry asked, feeling uncomfortable with the thought of his mates planning all of this out without him.

“No, we made a list. A schedule dictates how long an activity goes on for; a list on the other hand is just an order in which to do those activities. I promise it’s nothing sinister, Harry, just our way of ‘making it happen’ as you so eloquently put it.” Lucius replied.


“And for the record, I still feel we’re moving too fast. Harry if you were truly as nervous about this as you claimed last night then a few days wouldn’t be nearly long enough to overcome those feelings.” Severus cut in before Lucius could continue.

“And I told you what I wanted. Now, you may be right and it may take longer since I’m not going to push myself but I’m going to try my best to make this work and if you don’t stop thinking like that then Lucius and Draco can help me while you go torture puppies or whatever else you do.” Harry spooned a large amount of hash browns into his mouth and slowly chewed while watching Severus’ reaction.

“I would never harm a puppy, Potter. And there is no reason to be dramatic, I was just trying to help.” Severus said gruffly, but otherwise remained silent.

“And I appreciate that, I really do, but this is my decision and I’ve made it.” Harry replied, reaching across the table and softly resting his hand atop Severus’ and sending the man the small smile to show that he wasn’t angry and that he really did appreciate the older man’s thoughtfulness. Even if it was annoying.

“Anyway, onto more important things,” Said Draco, “like how I’m finally going to get you into bed.” Harry was sure that was meant to be a joke, but he glared at the blonde anyway. You think he would have learned by now that the teen didn’t appreciate his sense of humor. “Damn, every time I try to lighten the mood in this place someone ends up getting their panties in a wad. I should just stop talking altogether.”

“Yes!” Lucius cried, “After seventeen years, he finally understands!”

“That’s not funny.”

“I thought it was pretty damn hilarious.” Harry said with a chuckle, earning himself a glare from Draco, a smirk from Lucius, and an amused snort from Severus.

The rest of the meal was rather uneventful, conversation stayed on neutral topics of school, work, business investments and potion brewing. Of course, some of those topics were more interesting than others.

Once Harry had eaten his full and pushed his plate away to keep from loading it up with more of the delicious food and risk exploding from the shear amount of food he managed to stuff down his throat; and everyone else had eaten their fill, Draco stood and ran from the table and into his, Lucius, and Severus’ room.

“What’s wrong with him?” Harry asked but neither of his remaining mates had the chance to answer before Draco came back in, a large cardboard box levitating behind him. “Okay, now I’m scared, what’s in the box?” Draco just smirked evilly before clearing the table with a flick of his wand and placing the box on top of it.

“Draco?” Harry tried to stand up and look into the mysterious container, but Draco firmly pushed him back down into his chair before sitting his lap, completely eliminating any chance Harry had at sneaking a peak. “Come on, what’s in there?” He asked while struggling against mate, who really needed to lose a few pounds if he was going to insist on sitting on him.

“Should I tell him?” Draco asked sweetly as he reached behind himself to gently card his hand through Harry’s dark hair. “He’s kind of cute when he’s curious.”

“It’s the supplies Draco and I decided we might need today.” Lucius explained with a dark smile that sent chills down Harry’s spine. The blonde was definitely up to something and he wasn’t completely sure if that was a good thing or not.

“Alright then- Draco stop that!” The veela in Harry’s lap had suddenly decided that it would be a good idea to try to pull Harry’s shirt up, revealing just enough of the teen’s abdomen to rub his pale hands over the skin before Harry noticed and smacked his hands away. “Is there any way you can control yourself?”

“Nope.” Draco leaned in to kiss Harry, throwing off his balance just enough for Harry to dump the other boy onto the floor.

“As I was saying, what’s the first thing on that Fancy list of yours, Lucius?” Harry placed both feet on Draco’s chest and tried not to laugh when he didn’t even fight it and simply laid there as Harry’s foot rest.

“Yes, I too am curious as to what you and Draco could possibly think was the first step in acquiring a physical relationship.” Severus said and lifted a hand toward the large box in front of him in order to tip towards himself in order to see what was inside, only to have Lucius harshly slap his hand away. Apparently the brunette’s were to be kept in the dark.

“Well , first off, we have to go on a date. Which I think this-“ Lucius motioned toward the three mates around, and the one under the table. “Qualifies. We had a meal, we talked, and four jokes were told. That’s a date.”

“Wait, what?” How in the world could he have gone on a date and then not known about it? Next time, he wanted to be in the loop.

“Here,” Severus raised his want and transfigured Harry’s drinking glass into a vase filled with brightly colored flowers. “Now it’s a Gryffindor date.” He concluded and motioned for Lucius to continue, leaving Harry even more confused.

“Next is kissing and this step should go pretty quickly since Harry seems rather comfortable with that already.” Harry blushed a bright red at Lucius’ words and Draco jumped up from his position on the floor.

“Finally! Onto the good stuff.” Before Harry had time to react, Draco tackled him to the ground and when Harry let out a pained gasp as his head hit the hard wood floor, the blonde took advantage of it and sealed his mouth over his mate’s.

“Draco!” Lucius cried as Severus chuckled deeply, but neither men seemed to affect Draco much as he continued to kiss Harry, thrusting his tongue deep into the other boy’s mouth and moaning loudly when Harry began kissing back frantically.

Merlin did Harry love Draco’s kisses, he loved Lucius’ and Severus’ too, in different ways of course, but Draco’s were particularly enjoyable. All of his mates preferred to dominate a kiss, but with Draco it was more like he was trying to push Harry to his breaking point, trying to get him to take control and flip their positions, push Draco in the floor and take what he wanted. Harry decided to give Draco exactly what he was asking for.

The blonde’s body beneath his was incredible, he was settled between his mate’s thighs , his hands tangled in that silky white blonde hair, and his mouth was locked with Draco’s in a heated battle that neither wanted to win or lose. It was an unfortunate mishap that both boys actually had to breathe.

“You taste like strawberries.” Harry whispered against Draco’s lips, and moved in to kiss the veela again, but let out a yelp of surprise instead when he suddenly felt himself and Draco being levitated.

“We thought you’d like to grope each other on a more comfortable setting.” Lucius said as he and Severus levitated the boys over to the couch. Apparently the duo had turned the dinning room back into its original form without either Harry or Draco noticing.

“Thanks…” Harry mumbled sheepishly and turned a bright shade of red before sitting up to straddle Draco. “I guess we got carried away.” Lucius smirked from his position next to Severus and calmly stalked over to Harry, not giving the teen any other warning before gripping a handful of dark hair and forcing Harry’s lips to his.

“There is no need to apologize to me, especially not for kissing Draco.” The veela told him when he finally relinquished his claim on Harry’s mouth. “Now go back to what you were doing. I’m sure Sev and I can find something to entertain ourselves.” He ran an elegant hand down Severus’ chest and leaned in as if to kiss him only to run his tongue along the vampire’s jaw.

“Stay clothed! If I can’t get any, you can’t either!” Draco exclaimed and both Lucius and Severus chuckled darkly as Harry swooped in to shut the other teen up.

Draco tried to fight Harry for all second and half, mumbling half-hearted complaints before deciding that kissing his mate was more important than arguing over who was allowed to have sex. But, thankfully, both Lucius and Severus joined their younger mates on the enlarged sofa, entwining themselves around Harry and Draco and placing their mouths on any bare skin they could reach. Faces, necks, hands, and arms were all subject to their questing mouths and Harry was thankful that they stayed away from his bare feet.

The four of them must have laid on that couch for hours, coupling up into different pairings, moaning loudly when knowledgeable mates found sensitive spots, and trying desperately not to do anything that could make Harry feel uncomfortable, before Harry knew that he was ready for…well, more, since he had no idea what was on the damn Malfoys’ list, and pushed his hands against Severus’ chest to stop his mate plundering his mouth like a starving man searching for substance.

Severus immediately pulled back and looked down at his mate questioningly, hoping that he hadn’t done something wrong.

“It’s not you.” Harry reassured him and turned his head toward the snogging Malfoys who were trying to the best of their ability to have sex while completely clothed. With a wicked smirk, Harry reached out and with all of his superhuman strength, pushed the blondes off the edge of the couch.

Severus, the poor man, really did try not laugh.

“WHAT?!” Draco roared when he suddenly popped his head up, and Lucius’ hand slowly came up to cover his son’s mouth as he too sat up on the floor.

“What do you want, Harry?” The older blonde asked calmly, but Harry could still hear the edge of annoyance in his voice.

“Well… I was wondering what step three was on that fancy list of yours.” Draco’s face lit up in excitement and if his father didn’t have his hand covering his mouth, Harry knew the boy would be smiling like a loon.

“It’s actually very simple, Harry, the next step is touching.” Harry had no idea why that was even on the list, they touched all the time. He and Severus were touching right now for crying out loud!

“You mean like this?” Harry asked and poked Severus in the forehead, causing the man to growl and nip his mate’s finger gently.

“No, I’m sure he meant more deliberate and sexual touching. Correct Lucius?” When said blonde nodded, Severus turned back to Harry. “Stick your finger in my face again and I’ll use it in a potion.”

“Fine, but I’m still confused. I deliberately touch all of you all the time and I’m sure you interpret it as sexual.” Harry let his gaze fall on Draco who sputtered and held his hand to his chest innocently.

“Why are you looking at me for?”

“Anyway.” Lucius rolled his eyes at Draco, regretting taking his hand away from the teen’s mouth. “Harry, I’m referring to above the waist, skin to skin, touching.” The man slowly rested his hand on Harry’s stomach and ran it up his chest to Harry’s shoulder and back down. Oh. He meant…oh.

Lucius must have seen the understandment in Harry’s eyes because he immediately continued speaking. “Yes, Draco remembered that you’re back has been hurting you lately, so we’d like to give you a massage. After that, we’ll see how comfortable you are with us touching you while kissing then move on to exploring with mouths. If you want to move on, you have to initiate it.” Harry nodded, his mind immediately thinking of what it would feel like to have his mate’s fingers running over his back and chest, they felt so good in his hair, surely that would feel even better.

“Okay, Severus do you mind-“ Harry motioned toward the other man’s body lying atop his and Sev immediately stood up, allowing his mate to sit up and hesitantly grip the hem of his tee shirt. It was then that several thoughts scrolled through his mind at once.

What if they think I’m too ugly?

What if they think I’m too pale?

Too thin?


“Stop it!” Severus ordered, kissing Harry roughly. “You’re beautiful, anything under that shirt isn’t going to change that.” Another kiss punctuated his statement and Severus let Harry go, letting the teen decide what he wanted to do and when to do it.

“Girls are beautiful.” Harry said with a laugh as he regripped his shirt. “I’m ruggedly handsome.”

“Uh-huh.” Draco said unconvincingly. “Sure.”

Harry rolled his eyes at Draco’s attempt at sarcasm and took a deep calming breath. He wanted this, wanted what this would lead to, it was just a matter of actually doing it.

Then, as he held his breath, Harry pulled the shirt over his head.

Draco immediately let out a whimper and reached out a hand to touch him before Lucius smacked it away. “Gods you’re amazing.” Draco obviously hadn’t learned his lesson and once again reached out only to be stopped by his father.

“Go get the box, Draco.” He ordered and Draco mumbled something about annoying fathers, controlling mates, and a stupid box. “And you.” Lucius turned his attention back to Harry, his silver eyes glazed over in lust. “Lay down on your stomach, we’ll tell you what we’re doing.” Harry nodded and immediately did as he was asked, spreading his wings out to their full length and making himself comfortable.

It only took a few seconds for Draco to slide the large box over to Lucius and begin riffling through the contents, leaning over the top in order to keep Harry and Severus from seeing inside. Lucius, being the Slytherin that he is, used the position to his advantage, cocking his head to the side to get a better view of Draco’s bum. Severus was unfortunately too preoccupied with trying to sneak a peak inside of the box to notice the view.

“Stop staring at my arse, Lucius.” Draco called, his head buried deep in the box. Harry snickered at the raised eyebrow Lucius sent the arse in question, but continued to stare, not that Harry could blame him, Draco did have a rather shapely rear…

“Unless you plan to introduce a certain part of your atomy to it, you better stop staring too, Harry.” Draco gave a little wiggle that had Harry laughing hysterically, forcing the teen to turn his face into the cushions to muffle his laughter. “Found them!” Draco immediately stood up, forcing Lucius to straighten himself as well, and held up three glass vials.

“And they are?” Severus asked, his attention directed toward the potions and away from the mystery box.

“Massage oils, why do you always assume I’m up to something sinister?” The vials were handed over to Harry who had absolutely no idea what to do with them while Draco stared down Severus, obviously waiting for the man to answer him.

“Because I know you.”

Lucius watched the exchange with an amused smirk before gesturing to the oils Harry held in his hands, “Choose which one you prefer; then we can continue.” Draco and Severus immediately stopped their bickering at the sound of Lucius’ voice and turned to stare at Harry as he slowly uncorked the first vial of clear liquid and held it to his nose. It didn’t smell like anything and If he didn’t know any better, he’d swear it was water. The second potion was tinted purple and smelt like lavender, while the third was a pale red and gave off a rather powerful aroma of cherries. Three guesses who chose that one.

“Here.” Harry handed Lucius the purple oil and scoffed when the veela looked almost disappointed.

“Aww, don’t worry, you can use the cherry one as lube tonight.” Draco promised and catapulted himself onto the sofa next to Harry. “There’s no reason to look like someone snapped your wand.”

“Which one?” Lucius asked and Harry let out a startled gasp when the man straddled his bum. “Is this alright, Harry? I’m not too heavy am I?”

“No, you’re fine.” Lucius moved around on top of him, and Harry honestly tried not to moan when he felt his mate’s cloth covered erection rub against his arse. “Comfortable?” Harry questioned and turned to look at Draco and Severus who were both sitting beside him on the sofa, obviously waiting for instruction from Lucius.

“Very.” Lucius’ hand, cold and slippery from the oil, rested gently on his back. “Now, it’s your job to relax, don’t think about anything else other than how good this feels, okay?” Harry nodded in confirmation that he understood and Lucius placed his second hand on Harry’s back and began slowly rubbing them up and down, searching for tight and sore muscles to massage.

“Merlin!” Harry cried when Lucius found the spot on his lower back that had been plaguing him for days and began lightly running his hands over the area, and digging his thumbs into the muscle just enough to keep from hurting Harry, but yet still managing to soothe the ache that had been with him for ages. “You’ve done this before?” In retrospect, that was probably a rather stupid question to ask since one didn’t wake up one morning, instinctively knowing how to give a bloody amazing massage.

“Of course, Draco, take over this spot and make sure to use a tad more force than you would normally.” Harry watched as Draco shifted closer to him and replaced his father’s hands, he wasn’t as skilled as Lucius, but the movement felt amazing nonetheless; especially when Lucius once again began searching for sore spots.

It was when Lucius was caressing the area where his left wing met his back that Harry had a strange and completely off topic thought.

“When I first realized I had wings, I wasn’t freaked out at all, it was almost like something I was meant to have was suddenly given to me. I know that veela don’t get their wings until they’re fully bonded, but do you two have that same feeling? Like something’s missing?” Harry asked and Lucius must have given Severus a wordless signal because the potions master’s trained fingers sprawled across his skin, massaging the delicate area between his shoulder blades that Lucius had discovered.

“Yes and no, I suppose.” Lucius replied before Draco could do so. “I don’t miss them but I know I’m a veela and am supposed to have them. It’s not so much a feeling like you described but a piece of knowledge instead.”


“The only time I feel something isn’t right is when I’m flying on a broom.” Draco added. “Some mental part of me wants to jump off and fly under my own power; my body knows that I’m supposed to have them.”

Harry understood completely. He’d flown a total of three times since his birthday and it seemed that after those experiences something within him was completely opposed to brooms. He couldn’t even watch Filtch sweep the hallways without wanting to attack the man and his cleaning implement.

The foursome lapped into silence and it didn’t take long for Harry to feel his eyelids starting to droop. He was just so relaxed and the six hands on his back managed to soothe every one of the muscles he’d injured during quidittich and made him feel absolutely amazing.

“Fall asleep, Potter,” Severus said warningly, his dark soothing voice doing absolutely nothing to keep Harry awake. “And I will pluck every one of your feathers from your wings. Alchai feathers are extremely rare, I’m sure I could get a bundle for them on Knockturn Alley.”

It’s amazing what some people find funny.

Harry reached behind himself and reached out until he felt Severus’ large nose under his hand and then up into the man’s somewhat greasy hair. “What are you doing, Harry?” Sev asked, obviously amused by Harry’s antics.

“This.” Harry reared his hand back and slapped Severus hard upside the head.

Harry had never heard Lucius really laugh. Chuckle, sure, but never had he heard the full out, gasping for breath laugh that he was hearing now.

It made him want to hit Sev again if it made Lucius laugh like that.

“I fail to see the humor in this, Lucius.” Severus drawled and gently tugged on one of Harry’s feathers, earning himself a gentle smack.

Harry could almost feel the glare he was receiving and craned his neck back to look at the glowering Severus. “Hey,” He said softly and raised himself up on his elbows. “When you act like a prat, you get slapped. I’m sorry if you weren’t aware of the rules ahead of time.” Harry kissed Severus softly and tried to pull back only to have his head cradled between two potion stained hands and his mouth plundered thoroughly. Not that Harry was complaining.

“Harry, fold your wings in and flip over onto your back.” Lucius ordered gently, his breath tickling the side of Harry’s face. He didn’t even have time to process what his mate was saying before he instinctively did as he was asked.

Draco, Lucius, and Severus looked down at Harry as if they had no idea where to start and Harry blushed brightly at the unconcealed lust he could see in their stares. Draco was the first to dive in, his mouth latching onto Harry’s right shoulder, tearing a surprised moan from the alchai’s throat. The sound seemed to spur the others into action and Lucius leaned forward to kiss Harry deeply as Severus used his mouth to find the sensitive spot behind Harry’s left ear.

Harry gripped a handful of Lucius’ hair and rested his other hand on the small of the man’s back, letting out a groan in protest when he found soft fabric instead of warm skin. That just wouldn’t do and Harry gripped the man’s shirt with both hands and tried to pull the offending garment off of his mate, a difficult task to do when Lucius all but refused to help and Harry didn’t want to stop kissing the man for even a moment.

“Here,” After what felt like years, Lucius pulled away from Harry, who tried unsuccessfully not to voice his protest, and pulled the shirt over his head, revealing a pale, muscular torso littered with thin white scars that had Harry growling possessively, surprising all four of the men on the couch.

“Sorry.” Harry said and concentrated on Lucius’ chest, trying to ignore the knowing smiles his mates were sending his way. “I couldn’t help myself.” In a moment of courage, Harry leaned forward and pressed a kiss to one of the smaller scars on Lucius’ shoulder. “And who told you two to stop?” He asked and looked over at Draco and Severus, both of whom had stopped kissing Harry to watch his reaction.

“Someone’s bossy.” Draco laughed and kissed his father’s jaw. “And I don’t know about Sev but I-“ Harry was not going to sit there, shirtless and completely turned on, and listen to Draco talk, so he brought his hand to the back of the teen’s neck and dragged his face down toward his own, kissing the blonde soundly.

“Please shut up.”

“See? What did I say? Bossy.” Obviously letting Draco have control of his mouth was a bad idea, so Harry did the only thing a seventeen year old boy could do and resumed kissing him, effectively shutting the blonde up.

Severus scoffed at the display, but moved in to continue mapping out Harry’s neck and shoulders with his mouth, while Lucius rubbed his hands over Harry’s stomach and moved down a few inches to comfortably pepper kisses along the skin. The position put Lucius’ chest directly over Harry’s cock and the brunette moaned loudly when Lucius knowingly moved back and forth, causing just enough friction to have Harry craving more.

“Oh Merlin.” Harry gasped when Lucius dipped his tongue ever so slightly into his belly button, sending a wave of pleasure through the teen.

It was then that it happened, the worst thing that can possibly happen when you have three attractive men kissing you from all sides. Harry’s stomach growled. Honest to goodness, growled.

“Hungry?” Severus asked with a smile and Harry thanked the gods that at least one his mates could control themselves since Lucius and Draco were rolling around on the floor laughing their arses off. Bastards.

“No. I’m fine.” Harry’s stomach growled again and not even Severus could keep from laughing.

“Well I think it’s time for a lunch break, and no wonder,” Severus said motioning to the tempus charm that Lucius had cast and Harry saw that it had been more than seven hours since breakfast. “Let’s get some food in you and see what Draco and Lucius have planned for the rest of the night.”

But it’s only six o’clock. Harry wanted to complain, but the looks on his mates’ faces told him that he really didn’t have a choice in the matter.

Draco, having stopped laughing before he became hysterical, was once again digging in the box, but had kneeled down this time, keeping anyone from admiring his…assets and Harry sighed in disappointment before sitting up on the sofa. “Fine. How are we going to do this? Are you three going to cook me dinner too?”

“We tried to,” Severus replied.

“But your elf friend…Dopsy all but kicked us out of the kitchen. Apparently he didn’t appreciate us cooking two meals for you in one day, insisted he’d do it himself.” Lucius continued with a smirk that only seemed to fuel Severus’ glare.

“His name is Dobby.”

“Alright, Dobby then. He said to call him and he’d bring what he made.”

Harry nodded and opened his mouth to call for the house elf, but stopped when he noticed that Draco still had his head in the box. “What in the world are you looking for? That box can’t be that big.” Draco’s head snapped up and he smiled darkly. “It’s a surprise, we’ve been over this.”

“But-“ The veela didn’t let Harry finish his sentence before refocusing his attention to the task at hand. “Alright. Dobby?!” The coffee table immediately began expanding and plates upon plates of food appeared, covering every inch of the table surface. “Wow.”

Harry should have expected something like this from the eccentric elf, but Dobby had really out done himself now and Harry simply stared at the table, not quite believing that his friend had done all of this.

“I think that elf has a crush you.” Said Lucius, obviously amused by the shocked look on Harry’s face.

“It’s not-It’s not like that!” Harry argued and gently shoved the blonde. “He’s just thankful that I rescued him from YOU!”

“I found it!” Draco called out before Lucius had the chance to retaliate, and everyone turned their attention to the teen who was still on his knees next to the box and a large muggle television that looked at least four times larger than the box Draco had pulled it out of.

“How in the world-“

“Magic, Harry.” Severus whispered into his ear, pulling a soft whimper from Harry, who would later deny that it ever happened.

“Exactly! Now, hurry up and eat so we can watch the movie.” Draco held up a small box with a picture of a sinking boat on the front and waved it around as though he didn’t think his mates understood what he was talking about.

“How are you going to get the telly to work in the castle?” Harry asked as he began loading up his plate with food. “I thought the magic interfered with the signal or something.”

“Easy.” Draco held up a small black cube. “Magic-electric converter.”

“Of course.” Harry made himself comfortable on the sofa and was just about to begin eating when he noticed that he was the only one doing so. “Aren’t you guys hungry?”

“Not especially.” Said Lucius but cut himself a slice of cake anyway. “But if you want some company. I’m sure I could find room.”

“You two can do that. I’m going to try to set this thing up.” Draco motioned toward the telly and moved behind it to mess with the tangled jumble of cables and wires.

“Do you have instructions or anything?” Harry finally began eating and fully realized how hungry he really was.


“Then how-“

Severus placed a hand on Harry’s shoulder and shook his head, cutting off whatever Harry had planned to say.

“He’ll figure it out. You just have to worry about eating, we don’t want you passing out on us.”
“Fine. But if he get’s electrocuted, don’t expect me to levitate his fat arse to the hospital wing.” Harry said and continued eating his dinner, trying not to smile when Draco’s head immediately popped up from behind the television.

“You didn’t seem to have any complaints about my arse when you were drooling over it an hour ago.”

“Momentary lapse in judgment.” Harry replied, just barely keeping himself from laughing and choking on his chicken.

“Well, let’s just see if I let you near it again.” Draco disappeared behind the telly again and Severus let out a sigh before squeezing himself in between Harry and Lucius.

“Was that really necessary?”

“Of course, did you see his face?”



“Of course not, it’s plump.” Lucius joked and ducked when a stinging hex was sent over the television in his direction. “Come on, Draco, we’re only joking. We all know you have an amazing bum.” Lucius placed his empty plate on the table and curled up against Severus, lying his head on the other man’s shoulder.

“Really?” Draco asked as he popped up again.

“Yes. Now fix the muggle contraption so we can continue.” Sev ordered and the teen immediately went back to work. “And you-“ The vampire turned his attention over to Harry who still had more than half of his plate filled with food. “Eat. You’ll regret it later, I promise.”

“Yes, dad.” Harry smirked and narrowly evaded the hand that soared toward the back of his head.

Severus chuckled at Harry’s antics and wrapped an arm around him, pulling the smaller boy against him as he ate. The three mates sat like that, Harry and Lucius both leaning on Severus, for several minutes until Draco finally managed to get the television and VCR to work and started a movie he’d rented from a small town near Hogsmeade.


By the time the ending credits were rolling down the screen, Harry, who never thought he was overly emotional, found himself crying over a movie named after a boat. “Why didn’t he get on the raft?” Harry asked his mates who also had tears forming in the corners of their eyes. “He could have lived if he’d gotten on the raft, they could have been happy together.”

“Muggles are so stupid.” Draco cried and took a deep breath that seemed to clear him of any mushy, gooey, feelings. It seemed truly inhuman the way he went from crying to perfectly normal in a matter of milliseconds. It must have been a Malfoy thing. “But, on another note. Where are you sleeping tonight?” Sleeping?

“Why? I mean, it’s only ten o’clock and I only got one of you shirtless earlier.” Harry had been sitting in the middle of the mate pile and slowly moved one hand up Draco’s chest, leaving no doubt as to what Harry wanted.

“Weren’t you supposed to be a nervous virgin?” Draco laughed uncomfortably and gently removed Harry’s hand.

“Just because I’m nervous doesn’t mean I don’t want to touch you.” Harry told him and replaced his hand only to have it pushed away reluctantly.

“Harry, we’ve been up since 5:30 this morning. I’m tired, father’s tired, and Sev would be tired if he wasn’t a weirdo vampire. I assure you that my amazing body will be here in the morning. Now, do you want to sleep in our bed or yours?” Harry looked over at Lucius desperately, silently asking if the man could talk some sense into his son, but the veela just shook his head and let out an obviously fake yawn.

“But-! You guys have been trying to get in my pants for weeks now, but the minute I want to fool around, you’re tired!”

“I’m not.” Severus cut in before Harry could go into full on rant mode.

“Oh, forgot about that.” Harry said and pressed himself against Severus. “You two can sleep, I’m sure Sev can entertain me.”

“What!” Draco called from behind him and Harry smirked before leaning in and nuzzling the side of the vampire’s neck, a particularly sensitive spot for the man. “But-“

“Come on, Draco, let’s go to bed, didn’t you just say you were tired?” Lucius chuckled as he pulled Draco from the couch by the arm.

“No! I didn’t-“ Draco’s sentence was cut off by a huge yawn that took the teen completely by surprise.

“Come on.”

“Wait! If we’re going to bed, then they have to come too!” Harry looked up from Severus’ neck and sent a glare at his youngest mate. Just because the little brat wanted to sleep didn’t mean he had to ruin everybody else’s fun. “You can do whatever you want to do in bed, I’m a heavy sleeper so if you wake me up, obviously something important is going on.”

“And that matters because…” Severus asked, already standing up to move to the bedroom and taking Harry with him.

“Because I want to either watch or be a part of deflowering Harry, I don’t want to miss it just because he’s a horny teenager and I was a nice person to make breakfast. If you’re in bed then I’ll wake up and watch like a little voyeur and take pictures for our scrapbook.”

Harry had no idea if Draco was being serious or not since the blonde was indeed eccentric enough to do just as he said, but didn’t have time to worry too much about it before Severus decided that he was moving too slow and gently threw Harry over his shoulder, causing the teen to laugh hysterically, nearly to the point of tears.

“Let me down!” He gasped between fits of laughter and reached in front of him to try to grab onto Draco and Lucius but they evaded his touch and followed behind Severus at a safe distance. “Why do I keep you two around? You are absolutely no help at all!” While Harry was ranting about his mate’s aversion to saving him from Severus, said vampire had carried him into the room he shared with Draco and Lucius and had thrown Harry down onto the huge, soft, bed.

“Wow. This is…” Harry surveyed his surroundings for the first time with a light to see by and found that his mates’ bedroom was in proportion to the giant orgy sized bed he was currently lying on. There were two dressers on each side of the room, next to a separate closed door that most likely led to a closet; and a fifth door that more than likely led to a bathroom was on the left of the bed. It was simple and clean, almost to the level of a hotel room, except for the unkempt bed and personal items on three of the four dressers.

“…Nice.” He said finally and Draco smirked from his position by the door before flinging himself down beside Harry.

“Yep, decorated it myself. The chest and closet over there-“ He pointed toward the second dresser on the left side of the room. “Are yours. So you can start loading them up with your stuff whenever you feel comfortable.”

“Thanks Draco.” Harry propped himself up onto his elbows and kissed the blonde, smiling when the veela immediately took control and rolled himself on top of Harry. Within seconds of the kiss’ start, it ended when Draco let out a huge yawn that looked almost painful. “You really are tired aren’t you?” Draco nodded and yawn again before flopping himself over onto the mattress.

“Ye-“ Yawn. “-ah”

“Are you going to be able to sleep with Sev and I right here?” That had to be difficult; Harry couldn’t even imagine sleeping next to two people that were messing around.

“He’ll be fine.” Severus told him and gently lowered himself down on top of Harry. “You’d be amazed what he falls asleep to and stays asleep through.”

“Tell him about last week, Sev.” Lucius said as he walked out of one of the closets wearing nothing but a pair of sleep pants. Merlin, the man even made pajamas sexy.

“Don’t say a word!” Draco threatened and threw a hand over Severus’ mouth before he could speak. Unfortunately, his other arm couldn’t reach Lucius, so his father continued with the story.

“Well, Harry, when Draco said he was a heavy sleeper, he wasn’t exaggerating, so Sev and I wanted to test this out about a week ago.”

“Say anymore and I’ll hex you.” Draco pointed his wand at his father but Severus grabbed it and rolled away from both Harry and Draco, freeing his mouth to talk.

“Yes, and long story short, Draco didn’t wake up until he had a fist and two fingers shoved up his arse.” Severus continued and the mental image had Harry squirming on the bed.

“No, actually, when you’re sleeping your muscles are all relaxed so it really doesn’t hurt much- But that’s not the point!” Draco exclaimed, jumping from the bed to try to catch one his mates only to have them run away. “I felt violated when I woke up.”

Severus and Lucius suddenly stopped running from the teen and stared at him in disbelief.

“Alright!” Draco said, “so maybe I was more turned on than anything. That doesn’t mean I appreciated it. I mean, if you want to shove things up my bum, wake me up first!”

“You guys are so weird!” Harry cried and took one of the pillows from above him and placed it over his face, muffling his laughter as he laughed hysterically.

“I’ll show you weird.” Lucius’ voice had barely sounded in Harry’s ears before he felt a wet tongue lick the underside of his foot. The action only made Harry laugh harder.

“Look what you did now, father.” Draco pouted. “You broke him.”

Several hours later Harry awoke in the big comfortable bed he’d fallen asleep in, the thoughts from the previous night still fresh in his mind. Severus’ naked chest pressed against his as they kissed slowly, passionately, as though they had all the time in the world. Their groins lining up perfectly as they moved against each other, only stopping when Harry felt moments away from a panic attack and lying together, talking about stupid inane things like “Why did you let your hair grow out?” or “Why did you give me a ‘P’ on my potion’s essay last month?” And even though neither had gotten the release they craved, it was a perfect night, the only thing that could have made it better was if Draco and Lucius didn’t snore like freight trains.

As Harry remembered the previous night, he slowly became aware of his surrounds, and what had woken him up at…4:00 in the morning.

“Yes! Faster!” Draco moaned from somewhere behind Harry and his breath immediately caught in his throat. They were….in the same bed that he was lying in…a foot away…Merlin.

Now that he knew what was going on, he could feel the slow movement of the bed rocking back and forth, no wonder Draco wanted…whoever it was…to go faster. Harry was a virgin and even he knew the pace this person was keeping was insanely slow.

“Gods, please! This is torture! Just fuck me!”

“Keep your voice down, you’re going to wake Harry.” Lucius whispered harshly.

“Too late.” Harry replied quietly and all movement suddenly stopped and the room became incredibly silent.

“Damn. I’m sorry Harry, do you want us to leave? We will, we just didn’t know you were a light sleeper. Draco obviously over exaggerated.” Lucius apologized quickly and rested a warm hand on Harry’s unclothed shoulder.

“No, you can stay.” He had no idea what had possessed him to say that but the moment the words left his mouth, he knew he meant them. “I don’t-Oh my gods.” Harry flipped over onto his other side to face the veela but the scene he encountered was different from every other time Harry had seen his mate’s…mating.

Draco was sandwiched between Severus and Lucius, their position making it extremely obvious what was going on. “Are both of you-“ Harry motioned to his older mates and Draco immediately nodded in understanding.

“Yes.” He hissed. “And it feels so good, they just need to MOVE!” Draco pushed himself back and wiggled his bare arse suggestively. “Please?”

Severus and Lucius didn’t do as Draco asked and just continued staring at Harry, silently asking him the same question. “Please?”

“If I was bothered by it,” Harry said, “Then I would leave.” Scrounging up every ounce of courage he could find, Harry leaned over the few inches separating them and kissed Severus gently, smirking against the man’s mouth when the bed began rocking rapidly below him and loud moans suddenly met his ears.

Harry’s cock went from semi-hard to painfully erect within the confines of his sleep pants in a matter of moments and he let out a soft whimper has he rubbed himself against the bed.

“Merlin, Harry.” Draco moaned and Harry looked up to see the teen’s head thrown back in ecstasy. “Do you have any idea how amazing you look like that?” That drew everyone’s attention to Harry who was still thrusting his hips against the mattress. “If you need a hand-“ Draco held up the hand closest to Harry and wiggled his fingers. “I’m more than willing to assist you.” He reached toward Harry’s erection and Harry quickly moved his hips away.

“I’ve got it handled, thanks.”

Maybe it was weird that Harry could lie there and watch his mates fuck but still be uncomfortable with the thought of either of them touching him…there, but then again, when had anything about him ever been normal?


“Your-Oh Merlin THERE- loss.” Draco moaned and rested one hand on Severus’ chest and curled the opposite arm around Lucius’ neck, pulling the man’s head down to kiss him frantically.

After that, the only sounds that could be heard were the moans and groans coming from the trio (and occasionally Harry) and the unmistakable sound of flesh meeting flesh as the three men thrust against each other.

Gods, they were beautiful, Harry had never really watched them before. Sure he’d seen them fuck in an assortment of different pairings and positions, and on countless flat and semi-flat surfaces, but this was different. He didn’t have the overwhelming need to run away, cover his eyes, or squeal like a first year and hide behind a piece of furniture, he wanted to watch them, had to, actually, because for some reason he couldn’t pull his eyes away.

Harry had to do something, his hands were practically shaking with the need to touch his mates and his lips tingled as he craved to kiss one of them. He gently reached over and rested a hand on Draco’s pale thigh and attached his mouth to Severus’ since Draco and Lucius’ were otherwise engaged.

Severus attacked Harry’s mouth savagely, cradling his head in two potion stained hands as he plunged his tongue into Harry’s mouth over and over, mimicking the motion of his hips as he fucked Draco just as mercilessly. Harry was so lost in the sensation of kissing Severus and caressing Draco that he didn’t notice the blonde’s hand slowly making its way toward Harry’s sleep pants; after that hand had weaseled under the elastic waist band it wrapped itself around Harry’s erection and began stroking it in long, steady movements.

“Gods.” Harry moaned and pressed his face into Severus’ chest, gasping every time Draco dragged his thumb nail over the head of his- Merlin, Draco was…was…doing exactly what Harry had asked him not to.

“Draco-Draco-stop.” Harry said and tried to pull his hips away but Draco’s grip remained, keeping him from going too far. The pleasurable haze that Harry had found himself in only moments ago was now replaced by overwhelming panic.

“Shhh.” Lucius hissed, followed by a groan. “You’re thinking too much, just feel.” Draco’s hand stilled and Severus tilted Harry’s face up to kiss him gently.

“He’ll stop before you come, Draco wouldn’t bind you to us without your permission.” Sev said and kissed Harry again, cutting off any reply the teen could come up with. Draco’s hand, meanwhile didn’t continue stroking him, the only movement was caused by Draco’s body moving forward and back against his mates.

“Please!” Harry whinned after several minutes when Draco didn’t seem at all inclined to continue stroking him. He was getting more friction from the damn bed!

“No.” Draco replied and leaned forward, pressing his chest to Severus’ and turning his face to the side so that his lips were a mere few inches away from Harry’s. “But if you want it that badly, you can always try to convince me.” Damn it.

Draco always did this, gave you just enough to make you want something, to make you crave it, and then takes it away, forcing you to plead, beg, or seduce him to acquire want you want most. It was devious, manipulative, Slytherin, and completely Draco.

Harry, tried to pull his hips away from Draco once again, but the blonde had a death grip on Harry’s cock, forcing Harry to do as Draco wanted if he wanted any relief.

“You bastard.” Harry snarled and slammed his mouth against Draco’s, ignoring the painful twang when their teeth clanked together.

“You love me.” Draco kissed Harry back desperately, using his spare hand to cradle the back of his partner’s head. Harry, wrapped both arms around Draco’s chest, Lucius’ hair brushing the backs of his knuckles as he did, causing the teen to moan when those soft strands caressed his hands in time with the movement of the bed, a second reminder of what Lucius and Severus were doing to the boy he was currently snogging.

With Harry’s hands finally on Draco, the blonde’s hand began to move. Slowly. In fact, it was only several moments later that Harry even noticed what his mate was doing, hardly telling the difference between the new movement and the one caused by Draco being fucked roughly by two men. Believe it or not, it’s kind of hard to keep your hand still through that.

“Merlin, faster.” Harry moaned, not paying any mind to the fact that no more than fifteen minutes ago, he was trying desperately to get away from that amazing hand.

Draco didn’t answer and simply leaned in to kiss Severus right in front of Harry.

“Draco.” Harry whined desperately and thrust his hips against the blonde’s hand trying to get more friction, trying to get…something. “Please-“

Lucius somehow managed to lean over Draco and capture Harry’s lips in a searing kiss that silenced any complaints he may have voiced.

Harry kissed Lucius back desperately, loving the pure taste of his mate and the feel of the man’s slightly chapped lips against his own. Harry was so distracted by the kiss and the activity all around him that he didn’t notice that Lucius had taken one of Harry’s hands and had begun moving it from Draco back to his chest, and then lower to the top of Draco’s thigh, a mere few inches away from the boy’s groan.

The lower Harry’s hand traveled, the faster Draco’s moved over his mate’s erection, which was something Harry definitely noticed.

“Gods.” Harry moaned in pleasure as Draco stroked him, and moved the hand still on Draco’s back to Lucius’ hair, tangling his fingers in the platinum locks and using his hold to kiss the man desperately.

The hand still on Draco’s thigh didn’t stay there long, Lucius slowly began moving it again, wrapping it around Draco’s cock as he kissed Harry, chuckling deeply when the teen pulled his hand away and placed it back on Draco’s thigh. But, he kept trying over and over, patiently coaxing Harry to grip Draco’s erection until the teen finally gave in and did just that, wrapping a hand around the base and moaning loudly when Draco began stroking even faster.

“Please, Harry.” Draco’s soft plead, bordering on a whimper, brought Harry’s attention to the blonde that was trying to thrust back against his older mates and forward into Harry’s hand at the same time. Something that obviously wasn’t working for him.

“Please please please please…Merlin, just move Harry or I swear I’ll- Ohh!”

Harry could do a lot of things, but denying his mate as he whimpered (no matter what Draco says, he was whimpering)and pleaded for something Harry could easily give him, was not one of them. He watched avidly as Draco threw his head back and moaned loudly as Harry began stroking the blonde’s cock, slowly learning and getting to know the feel of it in his hand.

Draco, being the amazing person that he sometimes allowed himself to be, followed Harry’s lead, stroking faster as he reached over to grip a handful of Harry’s shirt and pulled him into a sitting position in order to kiss him roughly. “So good, Harry.” The blonde whispered breathlessly and Harry was filled with a strange sense of…pride. He was doing this to Draco, he was turning the overly talkative teen into a whimpering pile of goo, and it made Harry feel powerful, completely over riding any doubts or fears he may have had just a few hours ago.

“I Love you.” Draco’s mercury eyes stared into Harry’s green ones and Harry knew without a doubt that this was one of the few moments where Draco was entirely sincere.


“Shut up.” Draco ordered and kissed Harry again, keeping him from speaking. “Gods!” The blonde screamed into Harry’s mouth when the other teen gently pressed his thumb nail into the slit of Draco’s cock. Something Harry knew he himself liked and had decided to see if Draco enjoyed it as well.

“Oh god, Harry. Stop.” Harry didn’t do as Draco asked, he kept stroking and exploring every inch of the cock in his hand, loving each moan that left his mate when this area was brushed over or that spot was scraped.

“Harry.” Severus said, obviously seeing something on Draco’s face that neither Harry or Lucius did. “Stop, Harry, you’ve got to stop right no-“

Before the vampire could finish, the cock in Harry’s hand twitched and pulsed as streams of warm liquid spilled over Harry’s hand at the same moment something in Harry…locked, snapped into place like the last piece of a puzzle.

As soon as the feeling washed over him, every muscle in Harry’s body tensed as he came with a scream, all over Draco’s hand and the inside of his sleep pants.

“Mine,” Harry whispered and nothing but Draco seemed to matter, not Severus and Lucius crying out as they came one after the other, or the sticky feeling of rapidly cooling come in his pants; nothing but Draco and the area of pale skin directly below his jaw on the right side. “Mine,” He repeated and pulled Draco down on top of him, not listening to whatever the blonde was saying as he sunk his teeth into the tender skin, moaning loudly as Draco broke free of his grasp only to bite down on Harry’s left shoulder, marking Harry as his.


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Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

“Merlin, what did I just do?” Harry asked as he stared up at the ceiling of his mates’ bedroom, just moments after bonding with and claiming Draco.

“If you don’t remember, I could always refresh your memory.” Draco replied as he rolled over on top of Harry before straddling him and smirking down at the mildly devastated teen. “But the short explanation is that I made you mine…or you made me yours, either way, we’re bonded now since you decided not to listen to me and stop like I told you to.” Draco didn’t seem too phased by the entire ordeal as he raised his come covered hand and began licking off the sticky substance, making little pleasure noises as he did.

“Hey!” Lucius exclaimed from Harry’s right and reached over to pry Draco’s hand from his mouth. “What have I taught you about sharing?” With that, Lucius wrapped his lips around Draco’s index finger and slowly slurped all of the come from it.

“Oh Merlin.” Harry moaned and covered his face with his hands. “I cannot believe you just did that.”

“Neither can I.” Severus said and Harry spread his fingers enough to view his mates only to close them again. The vampire had crawled over Harry and was sharing the last of the teen’s come with Lucius and Draco.


“If you wanted some, you only had to ask.” Draco laughed and pressed his lips against Harry’s, prying the teen’s mouth open just enough to plunge his tongue inside and share the taste of his own release.

“Mefrlin, geff oeff!” Harry pushed the blonde veela away from him and wiped his tongue against the bed sheets in an attempt to get the salty, bitter flavor out of his mouth. Who in the world would like that?

“Huh…it must be an acquired taste.”

“Must be.” Harry told Lucius with a glare and tried to push Draco off of him, but the blonde remained sitting on his stomach, his thighs on either side of Harry, keeping him in place. After several fruitless attempts to move the heavy teen, Harry finally decided to just give up and change the topic. “Fine, what do we do now? Am I bonded to all of you or just Draco? If it’s just Draco, do you two expect me to bond with you right now? Because I don’t think I can handle doing that again. I don’t even know how I let myself do it before, I just-“

Severus quickly swooped in and kissed Harry to keep him from hurting himself with all the questions. “We have all day, slow down, alright?” Harry nodded and Severus gave him one last peck before backing out of his personal space.

“Harry, right now we’re going to lie here, relax and enjoy the afterglow.” Lucius said, answering the alchai’s first question.

“And you’re only bonded to me, and I know for a fact that neither Lucius nor Severus expects you to bond with them right this second. Okay? Take a deep breath and relax for a minute, stop thinking, remember how could it felt to stop thinking and just feel?” Harry did remember what it was like, he also remembered that not thinking had ended with him being bonded to Draco…something he really couldn’t really see the down side to now that he thought about it.

“Fine, I’m relaxed.” Harry sighed and rested his head back onto the pillow and allowed his two older mates to surround him on either side and cuddle him close as Draco laid down on top of Harry and rested his head on the other teen’s chest.

“Good.” Severus whispered and clamped his mouth down over the mark on Harry’s right shoulder, sending waves of pleasure/pain through the alchai.

“How in the world am I supposed to relax with you doing that?” Harry asked and ignored the dirty looks Draco was sending Severus for covering his mating mark.

“Not.” The dark haired man said as he came up for air only to find a new spot on Harry’s chest. “My.” He moved down over the teen’s ribs, “Problem. Move Draco.” He ordered when he got to Harry’s stomach and noticed that he couldn’t reach skin with the blonde lying on top of his mate.

“Make me.” Draco smirked, that evil Slytherin smirk that instantly reminded Harry of the Draco Malfoy that the world saw, erasing the sweet, funny, and horny one Harry encountered on a daily basis.

Severus leaned up slightly and captured those smirking lips in a kiss and just moments after it started, Draco launched himself at the dark haired vampire, wrapping his arms around the other man’s neck and rolling them over to the other side of the bed.

“Well that kind of backfired didn’t it?” Harry asked softly and jumped when Lucius answered; his breath tickling Harry’s ear.

“Kind of, but now I have you all to myself.” Lucius said, sending shivers down Harry’s spine as he reached out and ran his fingers over Harry’s exposed chest, down to his stomach and back up again.


“And-“ Damn it, Harry cursed mentally when his voice cracked ever so slightly on the word. “And what are going to do to me?” Draco said Lucius and Severus wouldn’t expect him to bond with them right away, but the look in the blonde’s eyes told Harry an entirely different story.

“Whatever you want me to do.” Lucius replied and gently caressed Harry’s jaw. “I would never do anything you didn’t want me to do or gave me permission to do.”

“I never said you-“

“You were thinking it, Harry.” Lucius rolled himself on top of Harry, supporting most off his weight on his forearms that were placed on either side of Harry’s head, forcing him to look up at the veela. “Right after we told you to stop doing something so dangerous.”



“Shhh.” Lucius whispered and leaned down to press his mouth against Harry’s, cutting the teen off before he could say anything more.

Harry kissed his mate back enthusiastically, happy to be doing something he felt comfortable with, something he knew he was good at. Proof of just how skilled he really was pressed into his thigh, sending waves of panic through the teen, but when Lucius made no move to resolve his problem and simply kept kissing Harry, the panic attack slowly faded, leaving only mind numbing need.

“Please, Lucius.” Harry whispered, clutching at the blonde’s back and digging his finger nails into the soft skin. “I need-“

“I know.” The blonde replied, placing a hand over Harry’s tented pajama bottoms and rubbing him through the fabric softly. “Can I take these off?” He tugged at the flannel pants and Harry immediately froze, the pleasure fog once again receding and leaving Harry with a clear idea of what was happening.

“STOP IT!” Harry jumped as Lucius all but screamed those two words. “Harry, please, just relax, stop thinking so hard. This is all about feeling, about instinct, just let it happen.” Lucius didn’t kiss him this time, didn’t make him lose himself in the sensation, and didn’t force Harry’s brain to take a backseat to the purely instinctual need to mate.

“I-I-“ Harry couldn’t quite find the words he wanted. Did he want Lucius to take his pants off? Yes. Did he need it? Yes. Was he going to let himself allow Lucius to do it? Well, that was a question Harry couldn’t find the answer to.

“Severus, Draco.” Lucius said and Harry looked over to his left to see the vampire and veela wrapped around each other, completely naked, and watching Harry and Lucius avidly. “Distract him.” Before Harry could say, “No,” his two remaining mates were on either side of him. Severus immediately went for his mouth, kissing the teen soundly; and Draco went for his chest and neck, placing his mouth on every inch of skin he could reach.

Harry only fought the contact for a moment before giving in and losing himself in the feeling of Severus’ kisses and Draco’s touch; every rational thought falling to the back of his mind as he moaned and begged for more.

“Gods!” Harry cried out when his pants were suddenly pulled off of him, leaving his legs completely exposed. Part of him wanted to push his mates away and run from the room as fast as he could, but the other, more active part of him wanted to peal his boxers off as well and leave him completely naked to his mates’ gaze. Thankfully, neither side won out as the teen remained somewhat clothed as he kissed Severus and ran his fingers through Draco’s silky hair.

Moments after Harry’s pants were pulled off of him, Lucius’ mouth landed on the inside of the alchai’s thigh, incredibly close to his groin and causing Harry to arch up under the touch and let out a moan that couldn’t possibly be human. “Merlin! Lucius! Please, please, please!” He’d never felt anything like this, he’d never had a mouth so close to his cock and the moist heat on his thigh promised overwhelming pleasure if it just moved a few centimeters to the left.

“Please, what, Harry?” Lucius asked against the teen’s thigh, sending shivers down Harry’s spine.

“Please...your mouth...there.” Severus tried to kiss Harry again, but the alchai was breathing too hard, needed too much, and couldn’t even communicate what he wanted, let alone kiss a man.

“Where, Harry. Let me hear you say it.” Lucius said and Draco chuckled darkly at the whimper that escaped Harry instead of words.

“I-Gods!” Harry arched up under his mates’ touch, all three mouths torturing his skin making talking, thinking, and basically doing anything other than moaning pathetically, incredibly difficult.

And why would Lucius even want him to be thinking right now? Didn’t the man just yell at him five minutes ago for doing just that? But now that Harry was too lost to actually use his brain for anything other than moaning and pleading, the blonde wanted him to think! The damn veela needed to make up his mind already!

“Come on, Harry. Use your words. What do you want me to do?” Lucius, the bastard, licked a trail up one leg of Harry’s boxers, his tongue just barely missing Harry’s cock and balls.

“Need-“ The alchai whispered, and tangled his hands in Severus and Draco’s hair, pulling slightly in a silent plead for what he wanted. If Lucius wasn’t going to do it, then maybe one of his other mates would.

“What? Harry, I’m not going to do this without you verbally telling me it’s okay.”

The man was a former Death Eater! Where in the name of Merlin did he learn manners and morals?

“I need your mouth-“ Harry moaned desperately, “on my cock, PLEASE!” As soon as the words left his mouth, Harry wanted to take them back. The little voice in his head was telling him that this was a bad idea, but Harry pushed it back, concentrating more on the feeling of Lucius slowly pealing off his boxers, Draco paying close attention to his chest, making sure to kiss and suck every last inch of the tanned skin, and Severus’ mouth latching onto his ribcage, tracing each rib individually with his lips.

He wanted this, wanted more than he’d wanted almost anything else and there was no way he was going to let his overactive conscience keep him from doing it.

The first feeling of Lucius’ tongue confidently licking a trail up the underside of his newly exposed cock, had Harry gasping for breath and tightening his hold on the hair in his grasp with the need to hold on to something

“Merlin.” Harry dragged Draco’s mouth away from his left nipple and covered those soft lips with his own. Trying to communicate with his mate, just how good his father’s mouth felt on his cock; an experience that was made even more incredible when Lucius swallowed him down to the root and applied enough suction to make a vacuum blush.

Harry screamed into Draco’s mouth and the blonde chuckled as he moved away just enough to look down at his mate. “He’s pretty good at that, isn’t he?”

“Yes!” The brunette tried to kiss Draco, but didn’t even get close before throwing his head back against the pillows and moaning loudly. Gods, Lucius was amazing.

“He has lots of practice.” Severus said off handedly and Lucius mumbled something around Harry’s cock in his mouth, sending the sparks of pleasure through the teen. “I never said you were old. I said you’ve had lots of practice.”

“Imergfs thawe tsamwe fwang!” Lucius replied and it was a small miracle that Harry managed to keep from coming right then and there.

“No it’s not the same thing, if I wanted to say you were old, I would have said that. I said you had lots of practice, which only means you like to suck cock…a lot. Trust me, we already know that.”

“Will you two please shut up? I swear you’re like a couple of first years.” Draco snapped and went back to kissing a now laughing Harry.

Even during sex foreplay, his mates bickered!

“But Dwaco!” Lucius lifted his head from Harry’s groin and whinned in an impression of a child, sending Harry into peals of laughter and causing Draco to glare evilly at him.

“No buts; get back to what you were doing.”

The older Malfoy did just that and Harry screamed once again, digging his nails into Draco’s arms as his father restarted his task with a renewed vigor.

It only took a few moments of this new, faster, more eager pace, to have Harry on the edge; he could feel every muscle in body begin to tighten in preparation for an orgasm that would without a doubt, be one of the most intense ones he’d ever had.

Part of Harry wanted to cry out for Lucius to stop, to postpone this bonding for another time, but another, stronger, more instinctual part of Harry kept his mouth shut, only letting the occasional moan, groan, or cry of “Gods” out.

As if Draco knew exactly what kind of position Harry was in, he moved up and began nuzzling the mating mark he’d placed on Harry’s shoulder. ”Mine,” he whispered and bit down gently on the still sore mark.

“Yes!” He cried and arched up under his mates’ touch, “Lucius!” With that one word, Harry was coming, black spots exploding behind his eye lids…

Harry awoke to the sound of a pain filled scream that sounded just inches from his ear; the discomfort in his neck didn’t even register to him as he shot up in bed and turned to see Draco writhing against the bed sheets, the comforter tangling around his pale legs. Lucius and Severus were on either side of the teen and obviously whispering to him and trying to comfort the teen.

“What’s wrong with him?” Harry asked when he suddenly found himself sitting next to Lucius without any memory of when he had moved there.

“His wings are coming in; help us get him to roll over onto his stomach.” So that’s what they were trying to do, Harry thought as he watched his mates pushing Draco onto his side only to have the teen flop back down. “He needs to be on his stomach when his wings emerge or he’ll hurt himself.”

Harry didn’t need anything else before he began helping his mates, just barely flipping Draco onto his stomach before Severus quickly scrambled onto of his bum to keep the blonde from flipping over.

“Oh Merlin.” Harry could very clearly see the bones under Draco’s skin on his back moving and locking into place and suddenly understood why he was in so much pain. “You poor baby.” Harry whispered, knowing full well that he was never going to live it down, and spread out along side Draco and pressed his face into the blonde’s soft hair. “Shh, it’s okay Draco. It’s okay.”

“Oh god!” Lucius cried out, obviously terrified and Harry looked behind him to see that his oldest mate was as pale as snow and obviously in pain.

“Harry,” He looked up at Severus who immediately motioned for him to get closer. “Take my place; I have to go handle Lucius, alright?” Harry nodded quickly and did as Severus instructed.

The moment he was on top of Draco, Harry leaned forward and pressed his lips to the obviously painful spot in between the veela’s shoulder blades as his own wings wrapped around both of them, incasing both young wizards in a cocoon of lime green feathers.

As strange as it sounds, Harry wasn’t at all worried about Lucius, he knew that the man must have been in just as much pain as Draco, but for some reason, he only wanted to protect one of them. Maybe he should have read all of those books Severus gave him…

“Draco, you’re alright. It’s going to be over soon, okay? You’re going to be alright.”

“Harry.” Draco gritted out, “hurts.”

“I know.” Harry leaned forward, careful not to place any weight on Draco’s back, until his mouth was directly over Draco’s ear. “But when it’s all over you’re going to have your wings. You’re going to be able to fly without a broom, won’t that be nice?”


“Just relax, okay? And breathe, it’s going to be over soo-“Harry was cut off by a high pitched shriek from Draco, and thinking that he’d hurt him in some way, Harry immediately sat up and gasped at the two bones that had sprouted through the red and sore looking skin on Draco’s back.

“Shh.” Harry whispered and gently began rubbing his hands over Draco’s lower back, smiling slightly at the content sigh that left Draco’s mouth. “It’s almost over.” Harry watched in awe as Draco’s new wing bones grew right before his eyes until the entire frame of both wings were completed and skin and silvery feathers began to cover them.

“Oh gods,” Draco shivered as Harry ran his hands over the newly developed wings. “Are they finished?”

“Yes, and they’re as beautiful as you are.”

“I’m not beautiful, I’m ruggedly handsome.” Draco laughed and flexed his wings experimentally, flapping them gently within the confines of the small area that Harry had covered with his own wings.

“No. You’re beautiful, Draco.” Severus said loudly from outside the lime green cocoon and from Lucius’ overly amused chuckle, the older man had obviously finished growing his own wings and since Draco didn’t seem to be any more pain or need protecting, Harry slowly let down his make-shift shield and folded his wings against his back.

“And you’re- My gods.”

Harry followed Draco’s gaze and saw what had invoked such a reaction from him, Lucius was lying on his back with his wings half extended, his bright aquamarine wings that Harry honestly believed may have been the most magnificent pair he’d ever seen. Sorry Draco.

“-a git.” Draco continued with a pointed look at Severus, and then to Lucius said, “And you are absolutely the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen.” The blonde tried to crawl over to his mate but was held down by Harry’s weight. “Harry, not that I don’t want you on top of me, but unless you’re going to put that cock on my arse to good use, I’m going to have to ask you to get off of me.”

It was then that Harry first realized that his cock was nestled in between Draco’s arse cheeks, and immediately scrambled off of the other teen, apologizing over and over again until Draco kissed him roughly.

“If I was mad at you, you’d know it. I don’t mind your prick on my arse or any other part of my body in fact. Actually, if I don’t have your cock up my bum by tomorrow night, I think I’ll die of pure sexual frustration, so don’t apologize.”

There was nothing to really say to that so Harry just nodded and watched as Draco slowly crawled over him, under one of Lucius’ wings, and up to the man in question, his mouth immediately latching onto one of the mating marks on Lucius’ neck.

Watching the display made Harry instantly aware of the dull throb on his left shoulder and the front of his throat and Harry gently ran a finger over each of the new marks, loving the mix of pain and pleasure as he did.

He was mated.


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*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

Severus’, Harry’s Alchai told him as his fingers ran over the mark on the side of his neck, but the teen couldn’t for the life of him figure out how he had mated with the man…unless he had done a few naughty things to him while he was sleeping.

Severus must have realized Harry’s internal struggle and he leaned down to whisper, “It’s mine,” into Harry’s ear.

“I know, I just can’t remember how we…er…you know…mated.” Merlin. His face turned a bright shade of red at the knowing smirk that twisted at Severus’s lips and he suddenly wished he would have kept his mouth shut.

“Is that an invitation to remind you?” Sev asked, pressing himself against Harry and pressing his lips against the skin behind the teen’s ear. “Because I’ll be more than willing to show you.”


“For the love of- He was kissing you when you came earlier; since he was giving you pleasure when you orgasmed, the two of you were mated. Kind of a rip off, but that’s the way it works.” Lucius said before Harry could embarrass himself even more.

“Oh, that is kind of a rip off; you didn’t even get anything out of it.”

“No, Lucius has very talented hands.” Severus whispered and trailed his lips down Harry’s jawline to his neck where he stopped to suck lightly on his mark.

“So while he was…and you were…he was…you know?”

“Sadly, I know exactly what that meant, and yes.” Draco laughed as he cuddled up against Harry’s other side to suck lightly at his neck. “And that means that you managed to do everything you’d planned to do this weekend, you mated to all three of us.”

“So what do you want to do now?” Lucius finished and Harry was thankful the blonde didn’t decide to come over as well or the chances of any of them getting out of the bedroom anytime soon would be slim to none.

“Well, I hate to-oh gods- say it, but…I really need breakfast.” As if to testify to his truthfulness, a loud growl came from Harry’s stomach.

“So do I.” Draco agreed. “A big bowl of Harry.” With that, he quickly straddled his youngest mate and looked down at him with an expression that Harry knew meant the blonde was up to something sinister, which never seemed to end well for the Gryffindor.

“Draco, get your horny arse off of him!” At Lucius’ exclamation, Draco immediately slid off of Harry with a frown. “Good boy. Now Harry, we have a table reserved at The Three Broomsticks for the day. Draco and I thought you might like to get out of the suite for a while and see a few of your friends. If that sounds good to you, then get up, put some clothes one and we can head out, but we can also order breakfast in bed if you prefer.

“Breakfast in bed, breakfast in bed, breakfast in bed, breakfast in bed.” Draco whispered over and over again, causing Harry to laugh hysterically before announcing in a loud voice, “The Three Broomsticks!” which effectively shut Draco up and forced his face to fall into a frown.

“I swear if I stay in this bed much longer I’m going to get bed sores or something.” Harry moved away from Severus and crawled over to the edge of the bed, chuckling softly at the whispered, “Virgin,” from Draco.

“I wouldn’t be commenting on my sexual situation, if I were you, Draco. I’m sure I could find something…interesting to call you.”

An hour later, all four men had showered and washed and were walking through Hogsmead toward the restaurant.

Harry couldn’t help staring at his mates as he walked; with their clothes on, their hair brushed, and the “evil git” air they all seemed to give off while in public, they barely looked like the men he’d fallen into bed with the night before.

“What in the world are you staring at?” Draco finally asked after several minutes of Harry openly gazing at him. “I know I’m gorgeous but we’re in public, try to control yourself.”

“No, you guys just look different right now.”

“It’s the sunlight,” Lucius explained, “It makes us look paler than usual. Or is it these things?” He pointed above his head to the bright neon sign that said “Veela” in lime green letters and then to both Draco’s and Severus’.

“No, it’s the Slytherin…ness that you seem to give off only when there are other people around.”

“Well, we do have to keep up appearances.” Severus told him sarcastically and wrapped an arm gently around Harry’s shoulders, pulling the teen against him. “Forgive us; it’s a habit we’ve lived with for far too long.”

“I guess I could, but I might need a little motivation...” Harry smiled and tilted his head up ever so slightly to place a soft kiss on Severus’ lips. A kiss that was cut short when a group of third years started screaming in horror at the sight of their evil potions professor kissing their favorite hero.

“Oh shut up, you little urchins.” Draco hissed and the children immediately fled into Honeydukes.

“Was that really necessary?” Harry turned his head to ask, but stayed pressed against his vampire. “They were only third years and it’s not like they hexed us or something.”

“No, but they cut the show short and I like to watch, I’m a perv, I can admit that.”

That didn’t even deserve a reply and Harry rolled his eyes at his crazy mate before placing his head on Severus’ shoulder.

The rest of the short walk was spent in silence and once they arrived at The Three Broomsticks, Lucius quickly led them to a booth in the back that already had four mugs of butterbeer and menus lying on the tabletop.

Harry could definitely get used to this.

He detached himself from Severus and slid into the booth beside Draco, knowing before his bum touched the seat that this was a bad idea, but decided to give his mate the benefit of a doubt and hope that the blonde kept his hands to himself. Harry had every right to be suspicious because the moment he sat down, Draco placed a hand on his upper thigh, thankfully that hand remained there and didn’t move northward, but it still made him jump nonetheless. The alchai gave his mate a glare in warning, which was ignored, before turning his attention to the menu in front of him.

“Harry!” He looked up just in time to see Neville stand up from the table he was sharing with a still snogging Ron and Hermione as well as Luna, Lavender, and Seamus, who much to Harry’s relief, were merely talking happily.

“Hey, Nev.” Harry tried to stand up to meet his friend, but Draco’s hand clenched around his thigh, forcing him to remain seated and to wait for Neville to walk over him. “How are things in the tower after Friday?”

“Oh, fine I guess… uncomfortable.” Neville’s eyes suddenly strayed to Severus, Lucius, and Draco and Harry noticed his sudden change in demeanor. “Good afternoon, professors…you too Malfoy. Um…I’m going to go back to my table now-“

“Nev, they aren’t going to curse you.” Harry shot his mates all a glare and their eyes immediately locked onto the menus in front of them, completely ignoring Neville. “You’re my friend, don’t let these guys scare you off.” He slid closer to Draco and motioned for Neville to sit beside him but the teen quickly shook his head and denied the offer.

“Oh no, I’ve been sitting for far too long listening to Luna go on about Rawthaisparts. Do you have an idea what those are?” Harry shook his head and slid back over to his original seat. “Good, you don’t want to. But anyway, I can’t sit for another minute. I just wanted to come see how you were doing, I haven’t really gotten a chance to talk you for a while since-“Neville nodded toward Harry’s mates before continuing, “and Luna, so…um…”

Severus looked up at Neville, his hands folded neatly under his chin as he waited for his student to finish speaking, causing the boy to pale noticeably and for sweat to break out along his forehead. Harry probably shouldn’t have found that funny, but he couldn’t help chuckle at how uncomfortable his friend looked right then.

“You really didn’t think this through did you?” Harry asked and Neville immediately nodded, his gaze landing on Severus as if to make sure the man wasn’t about to stand up and strangle him, “don’t worry about it, I’ll come up to the tower one of these days and see how everyone’s doing. But until then, I have to know…” Harry looked over at the table Neville had come from, motioning toward Ron and Hermione who were both snogging heavily, “Have they stopped since I last saw them?”

“No.” The other Gryffindor replied and smiled brightly before gently patting Harry on the shoulder and walking back to his table where Luna was obviously trying to explain something (most likely Rawthaisparts) to Lavender and Seamus while Ron and Hermione were completely oblivious to what their friends were up to. It was kind of sickening really.

“Gryffindor’s are weird.” Lucius mumbled once Neville was out of earshot. “You are aware that you and Longbottom just had the saddest conversation that I’ve ever heard, correct?” Now that he thought about it, it was kind of sad.

“I almost feel ill just from watching it.” Draco agreed and before Harry could comment, Madam Rosmerta walked up to take their orders, effectively putting Harry on his best behavior.

“Now Lucius, Draco, don’t make fun of poor tactless Gryffindors, they simply can’t help being who they are, can they Harry.” Severus asked once the four men were left alone, and the teen glared at his mate’s smirk.

“True, we really can’t.” Harry began with a sigh. “Sometimes we just get these ideas and stick with them, no matter how ill thought out they are. It’s absolutely terrible.” He laid his head on Draco’s shoulder and tried his best to keep a sad look on his face while he wanted nothing more than to turn and ravish Draco’s neck. “Like right now for instance, I have this idea to just sleep in my bedroom alone from now on…”

“No!” Lucius’ hands shot across the table, just barely managing not to spill any of the drinks, and grabbed Harry’s hands. “I’m sorry, I’ll do whatever you want; just don’t leave our bed, please.”

“Hmmm. I don’t know, my feelings are kind of hurt…”

“He apologized, Potter, there’s no reason to keep him hanging.” Severus said and before Harry could reply, hot plates of food appeared on the table, causing Lucius to yelp and pull his hands back.

“I know he apologized…but he wasn’t the only one that hurt my feelings. Besides, the bed in my room is really comfortable and the colors make me feel like I’m back at the tower…yeah, I like sleeping in there.” Harry bit his lip to keep from laughing and turned his attention to his food which he immediately picked at with his fork, waiting for Severus and Draco to say something. Not that he’d really leave his mate’s bed, but it was a lot of fun to see them squirm.

After several moments of silence, Harry looked up from his plate to see both Severus and Draco eating as though there was nothing wrong while Lucius anxiously waited to hear Harry’s decision. “Draco, Severus, that was your cue. It’s just two words, “I’m sorry’.”

“For what?” Draco asked and Harry turned to glare at him only to find a smug expression on the other teen’s face as he slowly lifted a forkful of chocolate cake to his mouth.

“Oh, that’s how you want to play it, is it?” Draco and Severus remained silent and continued eating like nothing was amiss. “Fine. Lucius, I’m sure we can enlarge my bed enough for both of us to be comfortable, and of course you can use those hours between sunset and sunrise to molest me in any way you see fit.” Merlin, listen to him, he was turning into Draco! But as soon as the words left his mouth, Harry realized how much he really liked the idea of spending time with Lucius alone and the fact that Sev and Draco both seemed ready to pounce on him was just an added bonus. “Does that sound good to you?”

Harry took a sip of butterbeer to keep from laughing hysterically and noticed Lucius biting down on his fork to prevent the same thing.

“So, Lucius and Draco,” Harry started in an attempt to change the subject. “How are you two feeling? I mean, I saw what you guys had to go through last night…this morning…”

“I’m fine, I expected to be sore or something, but I feel perfect, better than I have in a long time actually.” Draco replied. “Father?”

“I agree with you. There’s no residual pain, but thank you Harry for asking.”

“It’s not like it took a great amount of effort or consideration.” Severus said and didn’t seem at all phased by the glares he received.

“Thank you anyway, Harry.” Lucius weaseled his hand around the plates crowding their table and gripped Harry’s hand, entangling their fingers together.

“Hey! No cutesy stuff at the table! What are you two? Gryffindors?” Draco asked as he tried to pry the two hands apart.

“Jealous, Draco?” Harry let the Gryffindor comment go, but the obsessive glint in his mate’s eye was too good to pass up. “Because if you asked, I’d be more than happy to hold your hand, too.” Before the blonde could argue or pull his hand away, Harry snatched it in his own and smiled as Draco tried desperately to free himself.

“Let me go, Potter.”

“Not a chance, Malfoy. Besides, I think you like it.”

“I do not!”

“It’s okay, Malfoys just like holding hands with Potters.” Harry said soothingly to Draco who looked ready to stab him with his fork. “Right Lucius?” The older man was once again trying not to laugh at his mates as he nodded.

“It’s much better than holding hands with Snapes.” Not even Lucius Malfoy could say that with a straight face and the entire table couldn’t help but laugh at the half glare, half smile that Severus sent the older veela.

“So Muggles have these quills that have ink inside of them?” Draco had been asking Harry questions for his Muggle Studies class for over an hour now, but each new piece of information seemed to amaze him.

“Yes, they’re called pens. They also have pencils, which are pieces of wood with graphite in them; the graphite is sharpened to a point for writing with.” Harry replied as the group neared the door to their chambers.

“You’re joking!”

“He’s not.” Severus said, “And weren’t you supposed to do your homework on your own?”

“Hey, if you can help him in potions then I think he can help me in Muggle Studies.” Draco snapped and moved his head closer to Harry’s in an attempt to make their conversation a little more private. “Damn bat. Don’t listen to him, tell me more about computers, those sound so cool.”

“I’d love to Draco.” Harry said and regretfully pulled away from the blonde, “but I have another engagement.” He quickly walked up to Lucius who had just opened the portrait to their rooms, and wrapped an arm around the man’s waist. “I’m feeling awfully tired after that big meal, would you care to take a nap with me?”

Lucius’ silver eyes widened and he gave a slow nod before Harry quickly led him inside.

“Hey!” Draco called out as Harry and Lucius were about to enter Harry’s bedroom. “What about Sev and I?” Even Severus looked slightly confused (which is something you don’t see every day) and Harry smirked at his two mates. “You know, Gryffindor’s really prefer to have sex with one person before moving on to three.” With that he closed the door, a wide grin spreading across his face at the outraged shouts of Draco and Severus.

“Did you really mean that?” Lucius asked, his breath hot against Harry’s ear, sending shivers down the teen’s spine.

“Why don’t you see for yourself?” Harry replied and all but tackled the veela onto the bed.

“Merlin! He’s not serious is he?” Draco asked Severus, his voice nearing hysterical. “He can’t have…not with father, not without us there…he can’t!” The blonde’s back hit the wall with a thump and he slowly slid down to the hardwood floor, his breath coming in quick gasps as he tried to keep himself together.

“He can do whatever he pleases, it’s his body.” Severus said, but he didn’t seem much more put together than Draco did and he joined the blonde on the floor, wrapping his arms around the distressed boy.

“But it’s Harry! He wouldn’t do that would he?”

“Gods LUCIUS!” Harry moaned loudly, causing Sev and Draco to flinch noticeably and hug each other tighter as they listened to the sound of Harry’s headboard hitting the wall and the moans, groans, and screams from the two men within.

It all sounded pretty convincing, but just as Draco was about to start pulling his hair out in a mix of distress and frustration, Severus’ vampire sense of smell, caught something a little off. If Lucius and Harry were really going at it as vigorously as it sounded, then the smell of sex would have filled the entire living chambers, but Severus couldn’t smell anything out of the usual.

“Draco.” Severus whispered and pointed to his nose, watching in amusement as Draco’s eyes darkened dramatically.

“I’ll kill them.”

“No you won’t.”

“I’ll try.”

Draco, who had only moments ago been on the verge of tears was now angrier than Severus had ever seen him, and he watched as Draco got up from his spot on the floor and banged his fist against the door. They only had to wait a few seconds before the door gently swung open, revealing Harry and Lucius jumping on the alchai’s bed and laughing hysterically.

“Not funny, Potter.” Draco seethed.

“It wasn’t supposed to be, it was payback, dearest Draco.” Harry said breathlessly and gracefully leapt down from the bed, landing on the floor like a wildcat.

“I thought being covered in Gryffindor colors was the end of your childish pranks.” Severus said, coming to stand next to Draco in the doorway, unable to enter Harry’s room unless the teen invited him in.

“You thought incorrectly. Now I’m going up to Gryffindor tower, have fun without me.” Harry gently placed a kiss on Draco’s pouting lips and then on Severus’ thin ones before quickly running to the front door of their chambers, leaving the three Slytherin alone.

Draco and Severus immediately sent glares at Lucius, but the blonde was curled up on Harry’s gaudy bed, fast asleep due to his exhausting earlier activities.

Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

December 17

Harry quickly adjusted to his newly mated status, taking advantage of his power boost and enjoying the fact that he could now live his life without being in constant pain, which was definitely a relief. He and his three mates hadn’t taken the last leap in their relationship since Harry still wasn’t comfortable with the thought of intercourse, but he participated in the sex lives of his mates, learning everything from how to give a blowjob to a footjob (Draco really was a pervert); it wasn’t perfect and he knew for a fact that all of them wanted more, but Harry (being the girl that Draco often accused him of being) wanted his first time to be special, not just some midnight fumble. So instead, he went along with whatever his mates did, even the somewhat…strange…things they came up with; just last week he found himself in Snape’s office playing out a long drawn out roleplaying scene that ended with Draco being fucked over the professor’s desk as Harry blew Lucius under his robes. Strange, hot of course, but very very strange.

Ron and Hermione finally came up for air and managed to tell their parents about the child they had created together, of course, the fact that Hermione was then five months pregnant and starting to show didn’t give them any other choice. Mrs. Weasley had all but demanded the young couple to let her watch the infant while they were in classes and she and Hermione were already planning out every single detail of the baby’s life up to his/her first birthday. But what else could one expect from Hermione?

Sirius and Remus stayed at Hogwarts for a few weeks after Halloween, but had to go back to the real world and the lives they had suddenly left to come visit Harry. But before they left, Sirius managed to coach Harry through his first animagus transformation, though his mates were still unaware of what creature Harry had turned into, and if the alchai had his way, it would stay like that; suddenly he felt guilty for laughing at Draco’s being a rabbit.

“So what are you getting them for Christmas?” Hermione asked when she noticed Harry staring longingly at his mates sitting at the head table. He tried to sit with his friends as much as possible, but gods was it torture to be away from those three beautiful men.

“I don’t know yet. I was hoping something would jump out at me during the Hogsmeade trip today, I already told them to stay in the castle and they wouldn’t like the consequences if I found out they left.”

“I have all of my shopping done, so if you need an extra hand I’ll be more than willing to help you, but I think Ron’s still obsessing over the perfect gift for me, so he’s pretty much useless.”

“Hey!” Ron exclaimed, food flying out of his mouth. “I love you, I’m just trying to find something amazing.” He’d been saying that for the last month so the words had lost their effectiveness on Hermione and she simply rolled her eyes the redhead before turning her attention back to Harry.

“Well, like I said, I’m more than happy to help with whatever you need.”

“Thanks, Herm, but I-“


Damn it! Soon after being mated, Harry and the others had realized that one of the many side effects of completing the bond was that all four of them were now able to communicate telepathically. Normally, this was a good thing, they could find each other anywhere, talk in classes without getting in trouble, and try to seduce one another in a room full of people, but Lucius had been using the ability to torture Harry. After the “jumping on the bed” incident, the evil blonde (Lucius’ new nickname) had decided that Harry owed him for his help since Draco and Severus were still harassing him over doing something so plebeian. Harry thought it had more to do with the fact that Lucius was an evil bastard…

”Yes, dearest?”

“My water glass is empty and I can’t quite reach the pitcher.”

Harry whirled around in his seat to glance up at a smirking Lucius with a water pitcher a mere few inches from his hand. Bastard. He pulled his wand out of its holster on his left forearm but before he could wave it, he was interrupted.

”No Wands.”


“Why what, Harry?” Asked Neville and everyone at the table turned to Harry, waiting for him to answer.

“Nothing. Be right back.” He scrambled off of the bench and made a beeline for the head table, relieved to notice that no one seemed surprised by this.

Harry quickly stepped up the three stairs to the table and with a glare firmly set in Lucius’ direction, he grasped the handle of the water pitcher and refilled the blonde’s goblet. “Happy now?” He asked sarcastically and took several steps back when Lucius leaned in to kiss him.

Harry could be evil too.

“Immensely.” The veela replied unhappily, as Harry walked around the table to Severus and kissed the man deeply before he could say a word. The kiss only lasted a few seconds before Harry moved on to Draco and gave the eager blonde the same treatment before smirking at his third mate and quickly walking back to the Gryffindor table.

“Come on.” He gently looped his arm around Hermione’s waist and led her away from her seat and toward the exit.

“Harry, what-“

“Just play along.” Harry told her and the couple continued walking in silence until they were several yards away from the hall entrance.

“What was that with Lucius?” Hermione asked as Harry took her shoulder bag from her and slung it across his body, ignoring her attempts to convince him that she was pregnant not terminally ill.

“A side effect of being in a relationship with Slytherins. You always have to find new ways of torturing each other to see which one is more evil.” Hermione suddenly stopped walking and pulled away from Harry. “What?”

“You’re not serious are you? Who in their right mind would want that?” The poor woman seemed completely horrified at the thought of anyone having the kind of relationship Harry had mentioned, but she was a Gryffindor and Harry couldn’t expect her to understand.

“I do. It’s…unconventional, but I like tormenting them and having them do the same to me, until none of us can take it anymore and just rip each other’s clothes off and-“

“Too much information!” Hermione cried and slapped a hand over her friend’s mouth. “I just think that if you really love them and if they really love you, then you would all show it more.”

“They do show it, maybe not the way you and Ron do, but I know they love me, if they didn’t, they would have crucioed me by now.” Harry replaced his arm around Hermione’s waist and gently led her down the hallway.

“That’s kind of sick, Harry.”

“Only ‘kind of’?”

“So where to first?” Hermione asked, reaching for her bad for the millionth time since they’d arrived in Hogsmeade. “Harry! I can’t buy anything if you have my bag!”

“Hey, I’ll give it back if you need it. But this thing is at least ten kilos and is the last thing you need to be carrying in your condition. And to answer your question, we should probably start in Honeydukes for Lucius and Draco.” Harry danced out of range of Hermione when the girl became frustrated with not being able to retrieve her bag and Harry knew he had only moments before she became hormonal and violent. Tip for those at home, don’t mess with pregnant women.

Without saying another word, Harry darted inside of the sweets shop and away from his friend.


Chocolate Frogs or Sugar Quills? Peppermint Toads or Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans? There were too many choices! Harry had been shopping for nearly half an hour and while he knew he wanted to get both Malfoys a wide selection of candy, he just couldn’t decide on what kind to buy and the huge store wasn’t helping at all.

“Anything I can help you with?” Harry jumped at the sound of Hermione’s voice coming from his left. He’d been so overwhelmed that he didn’t even notice her.

“Yes, actually.” Harry said as he turned to her. “I have no idea what I want to get them, other than a boatload of sugar.”

“Well I was over on aisle three and found this-“ Hermione held up a box with a plastic see through front and filled with different types of candy. “It’s called a Veela pack, they make them especially for veela with their tastes in mind. You can always add more with it, but I thought it would be a good starting point.”

“This is perfect, Hermione.” Harry said, noticing that many of the items in the box he had seen Draco or Lucius eating recently. He took two of the packs and placed them in his basket before hugging his friend and speeding off down the aisle, a clear idea in his head of what he wanted to get his veela.

Harry found what he was looking for and began piling packages of chocolate covered fruits and nuts, and a few of Draco and Lucius’ favorites into the basket, until the wicker was on the edge of exploding. He thought that should be enough, especially when he considered the other gifts he had planned and he called to Hermione who was aimless wandering around the store as he lugged the candy up the register where an extremely wide-eyed employee helped him dump the basket on the counter.

“Will this be all, sir?” The boy laughed and Harry nodded silently as he magically placed the items into a Honeydukes box and shrank it until it was the size of a deck of cards. “Your total is… one hundred seventy-seven galleons and four sickles.”

“You’re spending all that on candy?” Hermione asked as she walked up to stand next to Harry, “Lucius and Draco better appreciate it.”

“They will.” Harry replied and counted out the coins before sliding them over to the cashier. “Those two go nuts over sugar. “ The man handed him the box and Harry took it with a kind, “Thank you,” in return.

“That’s still a lot of money.” Harry shrugged off the comment and walked toward the door, Hermione following close behind as they weaved back and forth around the crowd. “So where to next in our journey to spend vast amounts of gold?”

“The apothecary, you know more about potions then I do, so I’ll probably need your help with that. But after, I have something I would like to do alone, so if you don’t mind you can go shop around.”

“And you’ll give me my bag?” The witch didn’t sound convinced since Harry still had a death hold on the leather strap.

“Your money bag, but this-“ Harry motioned to the large hobo bag he was carrying, “will stay with me. What in the world do you even have stuffed in here?” He made to open the top of the leather monstrosity, but Hermione slapped his hand away.


“Women.” Harry muttered under his breath.


The shop looked a lot like Severus’ classroom; it was cold, dark, creepy, and filled with things Harry couldn’t even begin to name. “What can I help you with?” The unfamiliar voice startled Harry as he snapped his attention to the aging man behind the counter.


“We’re here for professor Snape.” Hermione said before Harry could embarrass himself further. “I know he’s in here quite often, are you aware of anything that he might be needing?” Thank Merlin for Hermione.

“Christmas gift?” The man asked and both Harry and Hermione nodded. “Then you must be Severus’ mate, Harry. I’m Alex.” Alex held his hand out to Harry and the wizard tentatively shook it.

“Nice to meet you.”

“Likewise. Now Severus was just in here I would say two weeks ago, he was going on about being distracted by a Draco and breaking his diamond stirring rod.” Harry couldn’t help but chuckle, vividly remembering the event in question; all four of them had been in the potion’s lab, Severus was working on…something or another, Lucius and Harry were going over the latest DADA assignment, and Draco was being Draco, one minute he was working on homework, the next he was bored, and the next he was horny, and when Lucius and Harry had turned him down, he had walked up to Severus and had quite simply molested the poor man, causing him to drop his stirring rod and completely ruin the potion he was working on.

“He was in looking at our inventory but decided on a glass one instead because as you know they have similar properties, if not price.”

“Though diamond is a more powerful brewing tool.” Hermione pointed out and Alex nodded in agreement.

“Yes, but they weren’t in his budget, so he was forced to settle.”

“Well now he has me, Hermione, can you please find the best diamond stirring rod here? Don’t look at the price; it doesn’t matter.” Harry said and Hermione immediately nodded and walked over to one of the walls where a huge selection of instruments were hanging. “Thank you!” He called over and she smiled over her shoulder at him.

“It’s no problem Harry.”

Once Hermione was completely focused on her task, Harry turned his attention back to Alex. “Now that we have something he needs, have you noticed anything he wants? Anything he’s been eyeing or inquiring about?” The man seemed to honestly think over Harry’s question before walking out from behind the counter and motioning for Harry to follow him over to several cauldrons displayed on a table.

“I almost didn’t mention it, but I’d have to be without a mind not to notice the way Severus has been fawning over this.” He gently picked up an ebony cauldron that looked like nothing he had ever seen before. “Every time he comes in, he goes straight for it and runs his fingers over it like one would a long lost lover, I’ve known for months now that it’s meant to belong to him.”

Now, Harry wasn’t a potions master, but he knew enough to realize that this wasn’t just any cauldron, it didn’t look like the pewter ones they used in class, and definitely wasn’t a gold or silver like a few he’d seen in Severus’ private stores.

“What’s it made out of?” Harry reached out and ran a finger over the rim, the texture immediately telling him the material. “Some kind of bone?”


“Wow. What kind of potions would you use it for?” He’d never even heard of a cauldron made from thresal bone, let alone a potion that needed to be brewed in one.

“It can be used for any potion. You see-“ Alex replaced the cauldron and pointed to a pewter one. “A pewter is a fine cauldron, but it contaminates any potion it’s brewed in, which is only a problem with delicate elixirs and finicky potions that need to be brewed in gold or silver. Now, thresal bone, doesn’t leave a residue like other materials, it enhances any potion brewed in it, and lasts far longer than any other cauldron I could name.”

“He’s right, Harry, it’s an incredible cauldron and Severus would absolutely love it.” Hermione handed him the stirring rod she picked out and examined the thresal cauldron. “Honestly, if you’re looking for the best gift, this will be it.”

That’s how Harry spent four hundred galleons at an apothecary.

“Merlin that was incredible.” Lucius panted as the four men lay tangled together on the large bed. “You need to go shopping more often Harry.” The teen nodded mutely; still unable to speak as he recalled the way he had been all but tackled to the bed when he walked through the door after his shopping trip with Hermione. He definitely needed to go shopping more.

“What…brought that on?”

“I’m a horny teenage veela, must you really ask?” Draco questioned and Harry shrugged, the blonde made a good point.

“Guess noooootttt.” Harry yawned, the force of it surprising himself. “Sleepy.” He cuddled into Severus’ chest and yawned again, his eyes already drooping. .

“Then sleep.” Severus said and ran a hand through the young wizard’s hair, “we’ll be here when you wake up.”


“We love you Harry.” Draco and Lucius both leaned over and kissed the top of his head, followed by Severus who whispered the soft words into his ear.

“Love you, too.” Harry replied sleepily, his eyes widening at the words as they left his mouth for the first time.

“I knew it!” Draco exclaimed and the bed began bouncing as the blonde jumped around excitedly, but Harry was still too frozen to even move, let alone say anything.

He had never even thought about possibly loving his three mates, sure he liked them, liked spending time with them, but love? He’d never said that to anyone but his godfathers and Ron and Hermione, but they were family.

“I’ve got to go.” Harry said and immediately leapt from the bed before running toward the door, but before he made it, Lucius caught him around the waist.


“Hey, hey, it’s okay. Shhh.” Harry fought to get away from his mate, but eventually calmed at the feeling of those elegant fingers running through his hair and over his neck and shoulders. “You’re tired and endorphins are working through your system, many of people have said things they don’t mean and we’re not going to hold you to it if you don’t want us to.” Draco stopped jumping and plopped down on the bed with a sullen expression that made Harry want to comfort him.

“But-“ His heart was racing and he didn’t know what to say or even how to say what he was feeling. “I did-I do mean it.” That’s what had him in such a state, the realization was as much of a shock to him as it was to his mates.

Before he could say “gotcha!” Severus sped across the room (damn vampire speed) and took his mouth in a kiss that made Harry completely lightheaded as Lucius fervently peppered Harry’s neck with kisses, all the teen could do was moan helplessly into Severus’ mouth, all thoughts of taking a nap deflating as his cock did the opposite.

“Hey! Don’t start without me!” Draco cried and all but tackled the three mates to the floor.

Damn veela.

December 25- 12:05AM

“Wake up, Wake up, Wake up, Wake up! Come on, guys it’s Christmas!” Draco whined like a child and Harry snuggled further into Lucius and pulled the comforter up over his head to block out the blonde’s voice.

“Go ‘way, ‘Raco.”

“Come on, Harry, we’ve got presents!”

“Two more hours.”

The blanket was suddenly pulled off of him, and Harry glared at Lucius who was yawning loudly as he got out of bed, wrapping the comforter around himself as did. “Might as well get up, boys, Draco won’t sleep until he’s done unwrapping gifts.”

“Spoiled Brat.” Harry whispered and turned to snuggle into Severus only to find his vampire wasn’t there and had already gotten out of bed, leaving Harry there alone. “Fine!” Harry had learned over the past weeks that no matter what he did, he could never manage to sleep without at least one of his mates to snuggle with, so there wasn’t the slightest chance of Harry getting a couple more hours of shut-eye. Remind him to kill Draco, painfully. “Get me a cup of coffee then, you little urchin.”

Harry ran a hand over his face and rolled off the mattress, laughing softly as Draco ran from the room to get his coffee since the blonde knew that Harry wasn’t a pleasant person to deal with in the mornings before his daily cup of caffeine. He looked in his mirror above his dresser for a half second, taking in his puffy eyes and disheveled hair with a groan before following Lucius and Severus into the livingroom where Draco had spent hours yesterday sorting the gifts into piles for each person. The boy was obsessed with presents.

“Okay, you three-“ Harry motioned toward his mates, “are obviously more awake then I am, why don’t you start.” Draco arrived with his steaming hot coffee and Harry took a huge gulp of the magic liquid that never burned his throat, the moment the caffeine hit his system, Harry felt more alive and found his seat in a chair beside Lucius’, quickly draining his cup before it refilled itself.

“We’ll save yours for last when you’re more awake.” Severus told him and Harry nodded, already feeling better as he eyed his gifts to his mates, wrapped in bright green paper that Hermione had picked out.
“That’s fine.”

Harry ended up downing four cups of coffee before he felt awake enough to remember what his mates were receiving. Draco opened a new broom from Lucius and a miniature dragon that immediately flew from Draco’s hand and into Harry’s bedroom where the small horntail he had received in the Triwizard Tournament resided; from Severus, he got several new books, robes, quidittch gear, and hair products that Draco seemed excited about. Severus received piles of books, old ones, new ones, ones about potions, others novels, and some in strange languages Harry could never hope to name. Lucius received a huge pile of clothes, now, Harry knew the man liked clothes, but obviously all of his friends and family did too because there was enough fabric there to fill three closets.

“Can we open yours now, Harry?” Draco asked, eyeing the green packages in front of him.

“Sure, but there’s a certain order to open them.” Harry placed his coffee on the table to his left and walked over to his gifts, picking up three identical rectangular parcels and handing them to their recipients.

The three men easily ripped the paper from the gifts, but it was Draco (of course) that lifted the lid of his box first and gasped as his picked up a lime green quill with a silver writing point. “Is this one of yours?” Draco gently ran his fingers over the soft feather as Lucius and Severus inspected their own quills.

“Yep, I was molting last month-“ all four men flinched at the memory of their rooms covered in lime green feathers. “-and thought you’d like these.” Harry reached over and gently took the quill from Draco and ran the tip over the top of the white box it had come in. A black mark appeared on the surface.

“It’s like a pen!”

“Yep, it also corrects your work as you write, and if you run your finger along the center-“ he did just that and the feather glowed red before settling back to green. “You can change the ink color to red.”

“They’re amazing Harry.” Severus said and leaned over to kiss Harry deeply, only releasing his lips when Draco loudly cleared his throat.

“Thank you, Harry.”

“You’re more than welcome. Now, those next.” He motioned to the remaining parcels and watched as his mates immediately began unwrapping the gifts.

“Harry!” Lucius cried at the huge box of candy in front of him. “Merlin, you amazing, amazing man!” The usually calm man dived into the box and pulled out a package of chocolate covered strawberries which he immediately ripped into before plopping one of the berries into his mouth. The moan that came from him should have been illegal outside of a bedroom.

“My gods.” Harry had been so focused on watching Draco and Lucius enjoying their sweets that he didn’t realized Severus had opened his own gift. “You shouldn’t have.” The vampire pulled the cauldron from the box and the look in his mate’s eyes made the gift worth it.

“But I did and I take it you like-“

Before he could finish, Harry found his lap full of vampire as the man kissed his passionately, pressing himself against Harry as though he wanted nothing more than to fuse their bodies together. “I love it.”

“Good. Now I expect incredible potions to come out of your lab.”

“As if I brew anything else.”

“True.” Harry placed a hand at the back of Severus’ neck and brought his mate’s lips back to his own to kiss for a few moments before pulling away. “And there are two more gifts for you three to share.” Severus removed himself from Harry’s lap as the teen stood and pulled his shirt over his head.

“I like this present.” Draco said as he eyed Harry’s naked chest causing the alchai to roll his eyes as he turned so all three of them could see his back.

He had gotten a tattoo a little over a week ago, but had kept a wrapping over it to keep his mates from seeing, but as he stood there, he gently undid the bandaging and smirked at the gasp as the tattoo across his shoulders was revealed. It was a moving image of Harry, Lucius, and Severus sitting on a couch with Harry in the middle and all three of them snuggling together with Draco stretched out on their laps. The image then changed to all four of them in their animagus forms, curled up together on the same sofa.

“Oh Merlin!” Draco laughed hysterically. “Harry Otter!”

“Laugh it up, rabbit.” Harry joked and jumped when…Lucius’ fingers trailed over the image.

“I love this, Harry; it’s the best present I’ve ever received.”

“I figured you’d like it, kinky bastards that you all are.” Harry laughed; the sound distorting into a low groan as Draco’s lips met his shoulder.

“Now you’ve got me curious.” Draco whispered against Harry’s skin. “What else do you have planned for us?” The blonde quickly adopted the task of kissing every last inch of Harry’s marked skin and the teen could only moan as his legs turned to jelly and he was forced to rely on Draco to hold him up.

“L-let me open my presents first. Your last gift takes awhile.” Harry stepped away from Draco and all but collapsed into his chair, the veela had a magic mouth, now if only he could use it for good instead of evil.

“Okay, but open mine first.” Draco grabbed a gift wrapped in green and red paper and placed it in Harry’s lap. “I know for a fact it’s something you desperately need.” The blonde was practically vibrating and Harry was suddenly extremely anxious about what his mate thought he “desperately needed.”

He slowing ripped away the paper and opened the plain brown box, revealing a simple black robe that Harry’s closet was full of. “Er…Thanks, Draco.” Really, what else was he supposed to say? Sure, he appreciated whatever his mates gave him, but this wasn’t something he could truly get excited about.

“No, this is awesome. Watch.” Draco took the robe from the box and slipped it over his head. “You can change it to whatever color you want.” The robe suddenly turned green, then blue, red, white, purple with silver stars, and finally back to black. “You can also make any costume with a thought. Remember the Hufflepuff uniform?” Within moments, Draco was clothed in yellow and black, just like he was on Halloween. “Or maybe you like me in red?” Seeing his mate as a Gryffindor was an image Harry would always treasure, and made a mental note to bring it up at the next “Mate Meeting” for a possible roleplaying game. “This way you’ll always have the right attire for…any occasion.” Draco slipped the robe off and returned it to Harry with a smirk. “You can’t get out of playing with us, now.”

Of course there was an ulterior motive; he was a Slytherin after all.

“Thank you, Draco.”

“No problem.” The blonde leaned down to press a quick kiss to Harry’s lips before sitting back down in his own chair.

Harry smiled at his crazy mate and reached for a familiar looking package on the pile in front of him, immediately ripping into the paper to reveal his annual Weasley jumper.

“What’s that?” Lucius asked, leaning over to inspect the gift.

“It’s a jumper, Mrs.Weasley makes them herself.” Harry immediately pulled the jumper over his head before noticing that there was another jumper in the box, this one was green and silver with a large “S” on the front. “I guess she made you one too,” Harry handed the piece of clothing to Severus and handed the other jumpers in the box to Lucius and Draco.

“That was very kind of her.” Severus said, but held the jumper as though he was afraid it would suddenly turn into a poisonous snake. “Tell her thank you for me.”

“And us.” Lucius added, but like Sev, the man didn’t seem very keen on actually putting the sweater on.
“She’ll be happy you like them.” Harry all but glared at his three mates and it was only a few seconds later that the Slytherins were sighing and pulling on their gifts. “You all should really be thankful, Molly must think of you as family to be sending you those.”

“Only because we’re mated to you.” Draco mumbled and expertly ducked as Lucius’ hand came flying toward the back of his head. “It’s the truth!”

“I know.” Harry reached for the next gift, this one from Lucius, before placing it in his lap and slowly peeling away the colored paper.

“We’re not saving the wrapping, Harry.” Lucius laughed and ripped off a large chunk of paper as Harry followed in his example.

“Oh wow.” Inside the small box was a silver ring adorned with an onyx with the Malfoy family crest carved into the surface. “It’s beautiful Lucius.” Harry didn’t usually wear a lot of jewelry, but he immediately slipped the ring onto his finger and decided that the piece of art would rarely leave its new home if he had anything to say about it. Harry gave his mate a kiss for his gift and sat back down with a sappy smile on his face as Severus handed him his present.

“I thought you could use it.” Was all that was said and Harry began tearing into the paper covering the small box.

“Thanks.” Harry held the ordinary looking potion’s vial in his hand and watched as Severus smiled (yes, he does that sometimes) and explained that the vial was indestructible, able to hold any potion it was filled with, and with just a thought would fill with any potion he needed. “Any potion?” Harry asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Any potion in my stores.”

“So any potion.”


“Thank you, very much. I’m sure it’ll come in handy.” He tucked placed the vial on the table where his other opened gifts sat and lifted the last box onto his lap since any others would be given tomorrow when he saw Ron and Hermione. This gift was from the Twins and Harry almost didn’t open the box that he knew was going to be a headache later, but he managed to find the courage to lift the lid and peer inside before slamming it back down. The twins were going to die, painfully, and slowly.

“What is it?” Draco asked as he tried to pry Harry’s hands away from the box. “It’s got to be good to put that look on your face.”

“Draco stop it, you nosey brat.” Harry fought against his mate’s grip and after a few minutes of immature fighting over a box, the blonde let go and Harry quickly placing it on the table to his left. The moment his hands left the box, Lucius easily snatched it up and danced away from Harry as he opened it and began laughing at the contents.

Inside the box was a large assortment of…toys with the Weasley Wizarding Wheezes logo printed on the packaging, and while Harry had been completely mortified by the gift, Lucius obviously thought the opposite.

The blonde pulled the card out of the box, something Harry hadn’t done in his attempt to close the damn thing as quickly as possible, and read it aloud for everyone to hear.

“Happy Christmas, Harry. We heard about the Slytherin harem you’re trying to organize and thought you’d be in need of a few of the items from our “adult” collection before they hit the market. Have fun, use protection, and send us pictures.

Gred and Forge.”

Lucius then tilted the box enough for Severus and Draco to see the contents which immediately had the other veela inspecting the gifts, causing Harry to blush brightly and cover his face with his hands. This was not happening.

“Oh, look at this one!” Draco exclaimed and Harry slowly peaked out from behind his hands to see Draco holding a solid black dildo as he read the back of the package. “It grows or shrinks depending on how loose your muscles are, so everyone from the most innocent Harry to the sluttiest me can use it.” Merlin, he did not just say that. “Look! Butt plugs, ball gags, lube…what didn’t they send you?” The veela was having way too much fun with the contents of the box and Harry was starting to rethink his plans for the day.

“Put it away.” Severus ordered from his place next to Harry. “Can you not see that’s it bothering Harry?” Lucius and Draco immediately stuffed everything back into the box and closed the lid before looking over at their mate.

“No, it’s fine, you two can have a ball later, but right now, I want to talk to you about your last gift.” Merlin, he was really going to do this.

All three of Harry’s mates instantly seemed interested at those words, probably because Harry looked moments away from a panic attack, but hey, at least he got their attention.

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, especially after I told you all that I loved you.” Harry had to look away from Draco because the damn man was smiling like a loon. “And I think I’m ready.”

“For what?” Severus asked with a knowing smirk, causing Harry to blush even brighter and for Draco to start nearly vibrating.

“You know.”

“I don’t.” Lucius said with a smile and Harry glared at the blonde.

“Please don’t make me say it.” Harry replied.

“Say what?”

“Fine! I think I’m ready for the next step.”

“Step?” Draco asked innocently.

“I think I’m ready for SEX! Do I need to spell it out? S-E-X. Sex. Intercourse. Understand what I’m trying to say, now?”

“Perfectly.” Draco whispered and before Harry knew what hit him, he a lap full of horny veela, kissing him within an inch of his life.


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Chapter Text

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Merlin it would have been so easy to just let Draco kiss him forever, to let his mate do whatever he wanted to Harry’s body, but he managed to use every last ounce of self-control he possessed and pushed Draco away, causing the blonde to fall onto the floor with a plop. “But I’m really tired right now-“ He added a fake yawn for dramatic effect, “Maybe we’ll start this up tomorrow night after the get together with Ron and Hermione.” With that, Harry stood up and calmly walked back to the bedroom, ignoring the shocked looks on his mates’ faces. “Goodnight-“

“Harry!” Lucius called out and grabbed one of Harry’s hands before he could reach the bedroom door, the teen pulled it out of his grasp and whirled around to face the blonde.

“I’m not in the mood anymore, so sue me.” Gods it was so hard to keep from jumping Lucius right then, the blonde’s eyes were practically pleading with Harry to reconsider, and he was so handsome when he was pathetic…

“Hey, no un-gifting. It’s rude, Harry.” Draco said as the alchai managed to break free of Lucius’ grip, only to have Draco wrap his arms around Harry’s waist and pull him tight against his chest.

“I’m a rude person.” Harry replied with a smirk as he slowly began littering Draco’s jaw with kisses that seemed to make the blonde melt and lightened the atmosphere in the room dramatically.

“Hmmm, never mind.” Draco whimpered and Harry just barely managed to turn around and clutch the blonde tightly before the veela’s legs went out from under him. “You can be as rude and mean as you want.”

“Good.” Harry dropped his mate onto the floor and calmly walked over the flabbergasted teen on his way toward the bedroom. “We can get back to this tomorrow…” Harry loved the feeling of having this much control over the three men and causing them to suffer after they had been total pricks earlier, was just a bonus.

Harry quickly walked through the door to his bedroom, but before he could close it behind him, he was tackled onto the large bed by Severus. “Hi, was there something you needed?” Harry asked as he looked up into those onyx eyes hovering just inches above him. “Because usually, a tap on the shoulder or yelling my name will get my atten-“ His rant was cut off as Severus kissed him roughly, forcing his tongue into Harry’s mouth, and claiming the moist cavern for himself. “-tion, just as easily.” Harry finished when was released.

“You’re such a little brat.” Severus growled before kissing him again as the Malfoys slowly snuck into the room and wiggled into bed on either side of the entwined men.

“And your point is?” Harry asked and quickly flipped himself and Severus over so that he was straddling the older man. “Maybe I like being a brat and playing hard to get, it gets you all riled up and that’s sexy as hell.” He quickly began kissing along Severus’ neck and down the portion of chest that the man’s night shirt revealed.

Someone let out a loud moan and Harry smirked against Severus’ chest when he realized it was Lucius whose was being attacked by an extremely horny Draco. And speaking of horny…Harry ground his hips down against Sev’s and whimpered at the hardness he found that felt so wonderful against his own.

“Wait!” Draco suddenly cried out just as Harry and Severus had nearly finished undressing themselves. “Playing hard to get? Does that mean…”

“Yep.” Harry replied to the silent question and wiggled around to get a better grip on Severus’ pajama bottoms. “And as soon as I get Sev undressed, he and I can start.” He pulled off the only remaining garment between himself and Severus and moaned deeply at the sight of the man’s thick flushed cock, standing straight up as though just begging for attention. Just as Harry was about to lean forward and taste it, he was knocked sideways as Lucius jumped him, pushing him into the bed and kissing every inch of exposed skin he could reach.

We can start, Harry.” Lucius growled threateningly and gently bit the teen’s nipple, causing Harry to cry out and clutch at Lucius’ long hair as he lifted his hips in search of friction.

“Gods yes, Luc, more…please Merlin don’t stop. All four of us…just promise…to be…nice…and …don’t stop…please!” That evil, evil man with a mouth so amazing it should have been illegal; made his way down Harry’s abdomen and began quite frankly molesting his belly button, flicking his tongue in and out of the little hole in an imitation of what Harry hoped to Merlin would be happening soon.

“We’re always nice.” Draco whispered and kissed Harry gently, as though he was afraid of being pushed away.

“Uh-huh…and Dumbledore never meddles.” Harry gasped against Draco’s lips and tangled one hand into the blonde’s silky hair while the other released Lucius and gripped Severus’ shoulder, urging him to lie down beside Harry and participate, which he did without complaint and softly kissed his youngest mate when Draco moved away enough to let him in.

Amazingly, Harry’s lust clouded mind managed to register that while Severus and Draco took turns kissing the living daylights out of him, Lucius had slyly moved up the bed to reach under one of the pillows to grasp one of the many bottles of lube they kept stashed there. “So how are we doing this?” Draco asked as he and Severus pulled away causing Harry to moan at the loss of his mates’ body heat and the feel of their talented lips.

“What?” Wow, that was an intelligent reply.

“Harry, with four people it can get confusing as to who wants what, even with just the three of us we have to talk about what we want beforehand or risk someone feeling left out or uncomfortable. So, what do you want to do?” Lucius made it seem so simple but when Harry opened his mouth to answer, he couldn’t quite find the words he wanted.

“It’s not a difficult question, Harry, who do you want to lose your virginity to?” Merlin, Severus shouldn’t be talking like that with that incredible voice of his, just the sound of it saying “virginity” had Harry on the edge of coming and erased any thoughts of higher brain function from Harry’s mind.

“You mean I have to choose?” He wanted sex, that much was obvious from his nearly painful erection, but he hadn’t so much as considered who he’d actually “do it” with. “How in the world am I supposed to decide something like that?”

“We could draw straws.” Severus deadpanned but no one so much as wasted a glare on him.

“No. First you have to decide if you want to top or bottom, because we all have our preference. Not saying Father wouldn’t let you top him, but I’d enjoy it more and vice-versa.” Draco told him and moved a little closer to Harry so that he was pressed up against his side.

“Er…” Damn it! He hadn’t thought this through! All he knew was that he loved his mates and wanted to have sex with them, they were so experienced that Harry thought they’d just know what to do and tell him, not force him to think with a hard on.

“Merlin this is going to be a long night.” Draco moaned and fell back on the bed, “Harry, do want to fuck one of us or get fucked?”

“Language.” Lucius hissed and Draco just looked at him like he was crazy.

“Okay then.” Draco said slowly and turned his attention back to Harry who was still staring at his mates like a deer caught in headlights. “So I’m not trying to pressure you or anything, but the sooner you decide, they sooner we can start.”

“But I don’t know.” Harry told him, “I just expected you guys to guide me through it since I’m a virgin and you’re…experienced.”

“And we will, but we don’t know what you’d like.” Severus said gently, placing a soft kiss on the side of Harry’s neck.

“And you think I know? Merlin this would be so much easier if there were just two of us, if I were with Draco then I’d top because he bottoms, if I was with you or Lucius then I’d bottom because you like to top.” Gods this was so much more difficult then he’d thought it be, how was he supposed to choose how to lose his virginity? It’s not like he could do it over again if he found out he liked it the other way.

“Maybe you can have it both ways.” Lucius whispered as he leaned in until his face was just inches away from Harry’s. “Draco and I are more than capable of making a Malfoy sandwich; you can take him while I take you.” Oh gods, Harry couldn’t control the whimper that tore itself from his throat, a whimper that soon turned into a groan when Lucius pushed the image of what he was describing into his mind.

“Merlin.” He whispered and leaned forward enough to kiss his mate desperately, pressing his erection into the blonde’s thigh to show him just how excited Harry was at the idea Lucius had given him. “But what about, Sev’rus?”

“After you discover which position you prefer more, you can show me what the Malfoy’s taught you.” Severus said, that dark chocolate voice sending shivers down Harry’s spine. “And much like Draco, I don’t mind watching.”

Speaking of Draco…Harry turned to the spot that Draco had been in not five minutes earlier, having gotten concerned when the other teen hadn’t said anything about the “Malfoy Sandwich” or so much as touched him. What he saw, very nearly had him coming then and there, Draco was lying a few feet away on his back with his legs spread and held in the air with one arm while he was thrusting his fingers in and out of his own arse.

“My gods.” Harry whispered and in a sudden burst of Gryffindor courage, he pulled away from his two elder mates, and crawled across the bed toward Draco who had stilled his fingers and was staring at Harry with unmasked hunger in his eyes.

“Going to help me, Potter?” Draco smirked and began thrusting his fingers back into himself before Harry grasped his wrist to stop him.

“I thought there were spells for stretching.” He gently began pulling each individual finger out of Draco and after casting a wandless lubrication charm, replaced them with his own, moaning at the tight heat of Draco’s arse and imagining it around his cock.

“There are but they don’t feel the same.” Draco whimpered and wrapped his legs around Harry, forcing the man against him. “Don’t you dare stop.” The words had just left his mouth before Draco began frantically pushing himself down against Harry’s fingers. “Damn it, father get your bloody arse over here so we can start!”

Harry looked over his shoulder and saw Lucius calmly break a heated kiss with Severus before moving toward the teens.

“Don’t make me gag you.” Lucius told Draco and gave Harry a soft kiss, asking him wordlessly if he was ready, which he replied to with a nod of his head.

“Kinky.” Draco moaned and pushed himself down against Harry again before screaming bloody murder and arching up against his mate when Harry’s fingers brushed over a walnut sized bump.

“What did I do?” Harry asked, afraid that he had hurt Draco in some way.

“That was his prostate gland you touched, a lot of men find that stimulating it can be extremely pleasurable.” Lucius answered when it was made apparent that Draco was no longer able to speak.


Lucius pressed a kiss between Harry’s shoulder blades and slowly slid a lubed finger down the crack of his arse, stopping at his opening, waiting until Draco pulled Harry’s head down to kiss him, to slip the finger into him.

“If you don’t start moving those magic fingers of yours, Harry, I’ll have to take care of myself.” Draco warned and Harry immediately began thrusting his fingers back into Draco, leaning down to kiss him when Lucius added a second finger and began scissoring them.

“Gods.” Harry moaned wantonly and he could feel his alchai side coming to the surface, mixing with already lust clouded mind to erase many thoughts Harry might have had that didn’t revolve around sex. “More.” He gasped and pushed back against Lucius, needing to be filled to the brink and needing his mate inside of him, a desire that nearly mirrored the need he had to be inside of Draco. “Please, Lucius…more.” Harry pleaded when the man continued to torture him slowly and Lucius cautiously added a third finger, causing Harry to thrust himself back against the digits, his wings unfurling of their own accord to hang by his side, over Draco.

“Harry.” Draco gasped and Harry knew his eyes had taken on their violet hue.

“Lucius.” Severus said from somewhere to the trio’s left, and must have told the elder Malfoy something silently because he leaned in over Harry, his soft skin brushing against Harry’s wings and causing him to whimper needily against Draco’s chest.

“Now, Harry.” The blonde whispered against the shell of Harry’s ear and something wrapped around the base of his cock and balls.

“What the hell!” Harry looked down to see a thin piece of leather with a bright orange “W” printed on the side wrapped around his bits.

“It’s a cock ring, Harry; it’ll keep you from coming until we take it off.” Draco told him and slid down his body a few inches until his bum was against Harry’s cock. “Now fuck me.” Those stormy grey eyes stared into his and Harry melted; he leaned down to kiss his mate and gently pressed his cock against the blonde’s opening until the guardian muscles gave way and permitted him access.

“Gods, Draco.” He moaned into the veela’s mouth, his arms coming to rest on either side of Draco’s head as his body went slack in pleasure, not even the sharp burn of Lucius pressing into him was enough to dull the mind blowing bliss of being balls deep inside of Draco, the blonde’s hot, tight channel squeezing him in a vice grip.

“Ditto.” Draco groaned and his legs tightened around Harry’s waist, bringing him as close as possible. “Are you okay?”

“More than.” Harry told him and after several moments of just trying to get enough control over his body to do more than lie there and moan, Harry slowly pulled out of Draco, impaling himself further onto Lucius’ cock before thrusting back in.

A soft groan came from behind him just before Lucius gripped his hips and began thrusting into Harry gently, setting a pace the teen could match easily and soon all three of them were all moving together. “GODS! LUCIUS!” Harry cried out as Lucius brushed a spot inside of him that had pleasure racing up his spine and caused his eyes to roll back in his head. Suddenly, Harry understood Draco’s reaction earlier.
Harry couldn’t do much more than lie there as Lucius repeatedly nailed his prostate, whispering sweet nothings into his ear with every thrust. “Not so slutty now, am I?” Draco laughed and for a moment, Harry felt annoyed that the blonde was still capable of making jokes when he couldn’t so much as catch his breath.

“Shut up, Draco.” Severus snapped and Harry looked over to see the vampire leaned against a mound of pillows while slowly stroking his cock at the scene in front of him. Harry quickly shut his eyes and looked away, pressing his forehead against Draco’s as he began quickly thrusting into his mate, allowing Lucius to set the pace.

“Merlin Sev,” Harry whispered against Draco’s lips, his balls drawn up tight against his body with the need to come that was being cruelly denied him. “I hate Malfoys.”

“Love you, too.” Draco kissed him deeply, immediately thrusting his tongue into Harry’s mouth when the other teen didn’t show any resistance. “Harry!” He moaned loudly when Harry readjusted himself, causing him to thrust directly against Draco’s prostate and the muscles around Harry’s cock clamped down as the blonde came between them without ever being touched. Harry’s eyes had snapped open the moment he felt the first splash of come on his stomach, and he gently kissed the veela he was slowly thrusting into.

“You are absolutely gorgeous.”

“And you’re still capable of conversation.” Lucius hissed out between clenched teeth and his hands tightened on Harry’s hips for a better grip as he set a punishing pace, dead set on making Harry forget his own name.

“You’re losing your touch, Lucy.” Laughed Severus, and Harry knew not to look at the man less he wanted the damned cock ring to get even tighter at the delicious sight of the naked vampire. “It’s been a whole five minutes since you last made him scream.”

“Uh-oh.” Draco whispered with a smirk and before Harry could ask what he meant, he was pressed into the blonde with Lucius’ weight on his back as his cock pistoning in and out of him; effectively giving Lucius the scream he wanted.

Any thought Harry may have had of continuing to thrust into Draco, was immediately evicted from his mind as he was turned into a puddle of goo, capable of little more than moaning and pushing back against his mate, aching for whatever the man would give him.

“Godsgodsgodmerlindon’tyoudarestopgodsgods!”Harry screamed over and over as Lucius fucked him, nailing his prostate with every thrust and panting heavily against his ear.

“Beautiful. Gorgeous. So Tight. Merlin, I love you Harry.”

It wasn’t long after Lucius began his new pace that Harry felt the older man’s rhythm beginning to falter and the words he had been whispering into Harry’s ear stopped as Lucius put even more weight onto the two teens as he leaned forward to claim Draco’s mouth in a kiss.

“Harry!” Lucius moaned against Draco’s lips just as Harry felt the man’s warm release flood his insides. Lucky Bastard. Harry thought, his own cock harder than he could ever remember it being after the ability to orgasm was taken from him by evil Malfoys.

Lucius slowly slipped out of him after he had managed to control his breathing and rolled over to the side off of Harry and Draco. Harry however didn’t have the energy to do even that, so he remained atop his mate, breathing heavily, and trying to wrap his mind around the fact that he had just lost his virginity.

“Are you okay?”

“Fine, Sev. Just…give me a minute. I can’t feel my legs.” Okay, so maybe that was an exaggeration.

“I haven’t lost my touch after all, then.”

“Nope.” Harry confirmed and with a grunt, rolled himself over onto the mattress between Severus and Draco. “You were both amazing.”

“So were you. I’m already drooling at the thought of you with a little practice.” Draco told him and both he and Lucius smiled wickedly. “You’ll never leave the bedroom again.”

“Opposed to only leaving for classes like I do now?” Harry asked and slowly sat up against the pillows.

“Father and Sev are going to have to homeschool us.”

“Hmmm. Now that sounds interesting.” Harry scrambled over to Severus and quickly straddled the man before he could stop him. “I might be tempted to be on my best behavior.” He entwined his arms around Sev’s neck and leaned in to lick a trail from his jaw to his ear, where Harry whispered, “Unless you want to punish me, Professor.”

Severus immediately gripped Harry’s waist and flipped them over so that he was on top, his face just inch above Harry’s. “You are rather cheeky, Potter.” He roughly kissed Harry for only a moment before pulling away to look him directly in the eye. “Did you learn anything from your earlier experience?”

“Sure did.” Harry gasped as Severus began sucking on the side of his neck. “And if you don’t fuck me right now, I’m going to come from your voice alone. This fucking ring be damned.” He stole a move from Draco and tightened his legs around Severus’ waist, bringing the man’s cock to rest against his arse.

There was a loud whimper from Harry’s left and without looking, he knew it was Draco and he smirked as that whimper soon turned into a long moan as the sound of a wet kiss met Harry’s ears.

Severus didn’t wait for another invitation before quickly sliding into Harry’s stretched and slightly sore opening, causing the teen to hiss at the intrusion and clutch at his mate, his finger nails digging into the man’s back. “Yes.” He hissed and leaned forward to trace the shell of Harry’s ear with his tongue. “You’re so tight, Potter, almost like you were made for me.” Severus punctuated his sentence with a hard thrust into Harry, causing him to arch up and let out a long hiss through clenched teeth.

“Just fuck me, please.” Harry pleaded and thankfully, Severus did as he was asked and began repeatedly thrusting into him, every few thrusts brushing over his prostate and ripping a scream from Harry’s throat as he moved with his mate.

Harry knew without a doubt that he would have came only moments after Severus’ first thrust if it weren’t for the ring keeping him from doing so. “Sev, please…I need” Harry whimpered and it must sparked something in Severus because he immediately leaned forward and sank his fangs into the side of Harry’s neck; lighting every one of his nerves on fire.

“GODS!” He screamed, his entire body arching up as waves of pleasure surged through him. He needed to come so badly, so badly that he could feel tears forming in the corners of his eyes and thankfully, Lucius must have noticed them from the other side of the bed because just as suddenly as it appeared, the ring was gone and Harry’s orgasm ripped through him, covering both of them in warm, sticky come.

Severus came the same time he did, his fangs sinking in even deeper as he growled and came deep inside of Harry’s channel.

“Merlin.” Harry whispered, his vision darkening, then lightening, and then darkening once again. “That was inc-“ He didn’t even finish his sentence before everything went black.


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Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

Harry stood in the middle of a large, cold room, he could feel the tiles like ice under his bare feet, and could hear the soft wimpers of pain coming from deep within the dark shadows that seemed to fill the room. The whimpers soon turned to loud piercing screams interlaced with cries of stop, please, and “don’t hurt them”, Harry had no control of his body as he slowly started moving toward the screams, the shadows retreating back with every step he took.


The screaming man was lying on his back on the floor near an ornate throne, two women and one man were shackled to the wall next to the cathedra as another figure flicked their hand to the left and then to the right, obviously causing the man extreme pain.

“You turned against me.” The mysterious figure said calmly with another swish of his hand that made a long gash to appear along the other man’s chest. “Why Alexander? Have I not given you what I promised?”

The man, Alexander, looked straight up at the other man hovering above him and then over to the three people hanging from the wall. “I’m sorry your highness, punish me for my actions but please let my mates go, they didn’t have a part in this.”


Harry stepped even closer to the scene, and for the first time saw Alexander’s bright violet eyes. He was an Alchai.

“Oh, but they did. They knew what you were doing, telling my secrets to anyone that would listen, and they even helped you didn’t they?” The unknown man said and kneeled down to run a hand down Alexander’s face. “I’m afraid they’ll all have to die. But don’t worry, it’ll be painless. They only followed your orders after all.”

“No, please don’t!” Alexander cried and fought against the invisible bonds holding him to the floor. “I’ll do anything, anything at all. Just leave them alone!” Harry could feel his heart breaking for this poor man, the thought of losing his own mates almost too much to bear, though for some reason he couldn’t move his mouth to speak, to shout a spell that would stop this.

“But you see; there’s nothing I need, nothing you could possibly do for me that’s worth the satisfaction of watching the life drain out of your eyes.”

“No, please…please no.” Alexander let out a long pain-filled screech that was more bird-like than human as the man waved his hand in the direction of the three people along the wall, all of them suddenly going limp in their chains.

“He’ll stop you. You might kill me, but he’ll stop you in the end.” Alexander said blankly, all of the fight and spark draining from his eyes.


“Harry Potter. He’s killed one Dark Lord already and you’re no different.”

Harry froze, why did this man expect him to kill this psyco?

“Potter? Voldemort was weak, his vision starting to divert, he had nothing on me. So Potter can try, but he’ll end up just like you.” The last word had just barely left the man’s mouth before all the light faded from Alexander’s eyes and collapsed bonelessly on the floor.

The man who had been obscured by shadows this entire time, finally stepped into the light, revealing a tall man with a head of sandy blonde hair wearing black tight fitting robes, the like of which, Harry had never seen. He slowly turned to face Harry, a wide grin appearing on his handsome face, “You’ll end up just like him, Potter.”

Harry sat straight up in bed as the nightmare finally broke its hold, he was covered in sweat and his sudden movement had woken Draco and Lucius, since both of them had been cuddling into his sides.

“You ‘kay?” Draco asked sleepily as he trailed a hand up Harry’s back to rest on his shoulder.

“Fine.” He gasped as he tried to get his breathing back under control. He hadn’t had a nightmare like that in nearly a year, it had felt so real, but not at the same time.

“Then lie back down and go to sleep.” Lucius grumbled and curled an arm around Harry’s waist before pulling back down onto the mattress. “We have a big day tomorrow.” Harry smirked at the near hiss that came from his mate at their “big day” and rearranged himself into a comfortable position before closing his eyes; scenes from his dream replaying themselves in his mind over and over again for the rest of the night.

“I officially hate you!” Draco moaned as the four mates reentered their suite, he immediately flug himself onto the sofa and pressed his face against a pillow. “Worst boxing day, ever!”

“You’re such a drama queen, it was a day with Ron and Hermione, it’s not like we took a tour of Azkaban or anything.” Harry replied as he settled himself on top of Draco’s legs, laughing when the blonde didn’t so much as try to move when his mate decided to sit on him.

“I would have preferred Azkaban, and it wasn’t just Ron and Hermione, it was the whole hoard of red heads PLUS extra Gryffindor’s just thrown in.”

“We also had to wear the horrid jumpers.” Lucius pointed out and Harry immediately glared at him, not so much for the comment since the jumpers did in fact look horrid on the Slytherins, but because the man was just giving his son more reasons to whine. Something the young veela definitely didn’t need.

“And keep from insulting anyone all day.” Severus mentioned causing Harry to throw his head back against the back of the couch and let out a long groan.

“Fine, I am the worst mate ever for trying to get my friends and lovers to like each other. Not even my amazing, incredible, and just plain awesome Christmas present can make up for it.”

“It helps with the sting and made the day livable.” Lucius whispered against Harry’s ear before sucking the lobe into his mouth. “But a repeat performance would definitely be appreciated.” Harry completely agreed and with his eyes still closed tightly, he leaned over to kiss his mate only to fall on top of Draco who was still lying on the couch.

“But later, the contraception Severus brewed is going to wear off in a few hours and you, my darling Harry, need your first dose.”

“But we can’t get pregnant through sex; we don’t need it right this second do we? We have time for just one round? Please?” Harry gave Lucius a poor imitation of Draco’s “I’m too cute to argue with” look, but failed miserably.

“Unfortunately sex magic is all too common, especially among teenagers that can barely control their physical selves, let alone their magic. I don’t want to take any chances.” Severus said to the group in his “professor” voice and Harry groaned into Draco’s back…

“Wait! You and Lucius can go down to the lab and finish up the potion while Draco and I stay here and have a little fun.” There you go; a perfect plan. Draco seemed to think so too because he immediately began wiggling beneath Harry until they were facing each other.

“I like that idea.”

“Hmmmm, me to.” Harry moaned as Draco began kissing his neck fervently.

“No.” Severus said coldly as he griped the back of Harry’s jumper and pulled him off of the blonde. “We are going together since I can’t trust you dunderheads not to use magic while we’re gone.”

“This bites.” Harry sighed as Severus pushed him toward the office and through a door that was connected to the potion’s classroom.


“So why don’t you just make like fifteen batches of this stuff so you don’t have to make it every month?” Harry asked from his seat behind one of the work benches, Severus was staring intently into the Thresal cauldron on his desk while Draco and Lucius were in the corner of the room practicing one of the charms from class that Draco just couldn’t grasp. Harry had spent nearly an hour working with him before Lucius had taken over, meaning Harry was now banned from using magic since his three mates already were.


“Because the effects of the potion lasts a month, possibly longer thanks to your cauldron, but it only has a shelf life of around two weeks, though it’s recommended to use it fresh. If I made extra batches, they’d spoil and that would be a waste of ingredients.”


“Yes, oh.”

Harry was so bored, no one wanted to talk with him since they were all preoccupied with their own activities, he’d even asked Severus if he need any help and nearly had his head bitten off. He finally decided to walk over to the bookshelf on the far wall of the classroom, and began browsing through the titles, none of which he found the least bit interesting, who really needed to learn the difference between lavender and violet and what those colors mean when it comes to potions brewing?

He was about three seconds away from using the heaviest book on the shelf to knock himself unconscious when one of the titles caught his attention. “The Fifty Potions That Changed the World.” It was a fairly thin book and looked like something might actually be able to tolerate for a while, so he took the tome and brought it back to the work bench he had claimed for himself.

“You sure you can read that, Potter?” Severus asked without looking up. “It doesn’t have any pictures.”

“Don’t make me hit you, Severus.” Harry replied without a hint of malice as he flipped open his book to the table of contents and quickly scanned what potions were in the book. His eyes landing the only one he had ever heard of, The Wolfsbane Potion. It was listed near the end of the book, but Harry decided to start there and flicked through the new and glossy pages until he reached the one he wanted and began reading.

The Wolfsbane potion was created on December 3, 1979 by a young up and coming potions master, Severus Snape. It is a variation on the “Homoanima” and while the original potion allows the taker to regain their human mind if they are forcefully transfigured into an animal, the Wolfsbane has a similar effect on werewolves; allowing them to keep their minds during the nights of the full moon.

There was a lot more on the page, but Harry stopped as the first sentence finally soaked in. Severus Snape created the Wolfsbane potion… his Severus.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were a smart as hell potion creator?” Harry asked cheekily, lifting his eyes away from the book to look at Severus, his stirring faltering for only a moment in surprise before continuing at the same pace.

“I thought it was already well known.” Said Severus.

“Okay, I’ll give you that. But why didn’t you tell me you created the Wolfsbane potion?”

“Because I didn’t.” Severus snapped and for the first time since he started the potion, he looked over at Harry and stepped away from the cauldron, leaving the stirring rod to do its job with a flick of his wrist.

“That’s not what this book says.” Harry lifted the book up and turned it so the cover was facing Severus.

“It was misprinted.”

“What are you two bickering about?” Lucius finally asked, cutting off anything Harry was about to say.

“We’re not bickering, I just asked Severus why he didn’t tell me he created the wolfabane potion, I mean, I am around the man every day; you’d think he would have said something, especially with Sirius and Remus around to bring it into conversation.”

“Severus created Wolfsbane?” Draco asked disbelievingly the feather in front of him suddenly going up in flames.

“No, I did not! It was a damn misprint, after the publisher was informed, the books were pulled from shelves. I knew I should have burnt my own copy.” Now Severus, believe it or not was a very bad liar when it came to his mates, he could look straight into Voldemort’s eyes and tell him the sky was pink, but he couldn’t so much as keep a secret from Harry, Lucius, or Draco.

“Uh-huh. A Misprint.” Harry said slowly and when Severus seemed to relax and turned to go back to his desk, Harry made a dash for the Malfoy’s on the other side of the room, intent on showing them the page in the book he was referring to, knocking over a jar of dried dung beetles in his haste.

“Potter!” Severus snapped when he heard the crash and Harry didn’t even think before waving his hand and vanishing the mess.

Before the last beetle had disappeared, a loud scream rang out through the room.


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Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling, I just like to play out dirty fantasies with them. *

Harry spun around to face the source of the sound and found Lucius on his knees, clutching at his stomach as he let out another cry of pain.

“Get him to the hospital wing, now!” Severus ordered and Draco, who had been kneeling next to his father, immediately levitated the older man and without so much as looking at his other mates, he raced from the room. “What part of ‘no magic’ did you not understand? All you had to do was sit there and you fucked that up!” Severus growled as he began searching through his store room, placing different potions into his pockets.

Harry had no idea what was going on, he didn’t know what he had done, he didn’t know what was wrong with Lucius, all he knew was that his mate was in pain and that Severus blamed him for it.

“What’s going on? What’s wrong with Lucius” He hated the slight crack in his voice, but the sound did manage to soften Severus’ mood.

“Congratulations, you knocked him up. He’s pregnant and going through incredible pain as his body changes enough to allow him to carry the baby. Draco took him to the infirmary so that Madam Pomfrey can monitor him to unsure the magical toll isn’t too much for him.”

“P-preg…Pregnant?” Harry felt as though he was going to fall down, and it was only Severus’ arm around his waist that kept him from falling to the floor. “I-I-”

“It’s not your fault. I’m sorry I said that. Now, you need to pull yourself together and accompany me to the hospital wing, I’m sure Lucius would appreciate our presence.

“Yeah.” Harry said weakly and allowed Severus to lead him from the room, a single thought running through his mind.

Lucius was pregnant, Harry was going to be a father, and it was all thanks to a jar of dried dung beetles.


Harry and Severus’ entered the Hospital wing and were immediately met with Draco who was standing in the far corner of the room next to a bed that was concealed on all four sides by thick white curtains.

“He’s pregnant.” Draco gasped when Harry and Severus came closer, and he immediately tucked himself between his mates as pained whimpers came from behind the curtains. “And we’re not allowed in with him.”

“Five minutes!” Madam Pomfrey’s voice called out, “This is difficult enough without four different magical signatures to sort through.”

Draco only growled at the woman.

“She’s right Draco, if we’re there it’ll take longer to finish and he can’t take level three pain potions until she’s done. He’ll be in pain longer.” Severus whispered to Draco and the blonde seemed to think about his words before accepting them and nuzzling into Harry’s side.

“It’s all your fault you know.”

“Shut up, Draco. It was an accident.” Harry said and pinched Draco’s pale arm, hard enough to get his attention, but not enough to really hurt.

“Somehow that doesn’t make up for saddling us with a rugrat.” Severus replied.

“Well if you don’t want it, then I’m sure Lucius and I can raise it ourselves.” It was meant to be a joke, just like Severus’ and Draco’s comments were… “You two are joking right? You’re not really upset?”

“No, I’m livid.” Severus said coldly. “But because you didn’t listen to us, and because I wanted to wait to have children until at least a week after we first had sex. I’m not mad that we’re going to have a child, Harry, just the circumstances leading to it.”

Harry leaned a little closer to Severus, effectively squishing Draco between the two brunettes.

“Not that I don’t mind the love, but I do need to breathe!” Draco exclaimed as he managed to wiggle himself out from between his mates. “And I just realized something. Lucius is pregnant.”

Slow one isn’t he?

“Yeah, we know, we’ve been talking about since we walked in here.” Harry told the blonde gently, lying a hand on his shoulder. “I think the stress is starting to get to you.”

“No, I meant, isn’t it funny that he would end up preggers, I mean, Mr.Top-alpha mate-never bottom unless our arses are sore, has a bun in the oven.” Draco laughed at the mental image he was painting himself and Harry reluctantly admitted that it was a little funny, not laugh out loud funny, but ironic in its own special way.

“Hilarious Draco.” Severus said with an eye roll, but a moment later he let out a soft chuckle. “I can’t imagine him gaining weight. He’s going to be completely insufferable.”

“Complaining about every little ache and pain.” Harry pointed out, slowing starting to realize just how funny the situation was.

“Especially with the mood swings. Well…more mood swings.” Draco said finally and the three mates erupted into laughter, falling over themselves as thoughts of a pregnant Lucius played through their minds.

They were still laughing hysterically when Madam Pomfrey walked out from behind the curtains surrounding Lucius’ bed. “You three can see him now, just don’t excite him too much. I called in a specialist the moment I knew what was going on and he should be here within the hour. Oh, and congratulations.” She rested a hand on Draco’s shoulder for half a second before turning on her heels and making her way back to her office.

“What are you three waiting for? Get your arses in here!” Lucius yelled out from behind the curtains when his mates didn’t immediately come in after Madam Pomfrey left. Harry, Severus, and Draco didn’t have to be told twice and the three men practically ran into the small make-shift room.

Something about the blonde looked different to Harry, whether it was the awful hospital gown, the grimace he made when he downed the pain potion Severus handed him, or Harry’s knowledge that the man lying there was pregnant with his baby, he didn’t know.

“What are you staring at?” Lucius asked when he noticed Harry’s eyes on him, but the teen didn’t reply and simply leaned over his mate to kiss him deeply. “That’s not getting you off the hook for getting me pregnant.” The blonde whispered, but didn’t refuse a second kiss…or a third…or fourth.

“Why are all of you giving me a hard time? It’s not like I cast some pregnancy spell on you, I just vanished spilled beetles. I’m sorry.” He said once he felt sufficiently out of breath from Lucius’ kisses and pulled up one of the chairs to sit beside the bed.

“It’s what we do.” Draco said simply and instead of sitting in a chair, he kneeled on the floor next to Lucius and laid his head on the man’s stomach.

“What are you doing?”

“Shhh, Sev. I have my mother’s gift of divination. Give me a few minutes and I’ll figure out if we’re going to have a boy or a girl.”

The other men didn’t bother with arguing with Draco, if the blonde wanted to test out his divination skills on a fifty-fifty chance, then they were going to let him.

“Why did you get pregnant?” Harry asked after several minutes of just watching Draco hum to himself as he rubbed his father’s- nope, it was too weird right now- as he rubbed his mate’s stomach. Lucius immediately snapped his attention to Harry and gave him “the look” it was a Malfoy thing and could potentially turn unsuspecting people to stone. “It’s just that there’s four of us, and you’d think Draco or I would have since we’re younger and-“

“It’s simple Harry; Lucius is at the perfect age for child bearing for a veela and both magically and physically strong. Out of all four of us, he’s the best candidate to carry the child to term and give birth to a healthy baby.” Severus answered simply and reached down to grasp one of Lucius’ pale hands.

“I still think it’s strange.” He sighed and turned his attention to Draco was just now starting to hum and rub his mate’s stomach even faster. “Speaking of strange…”

“You’re just jealous because you don’t have the gift.” Draco hummed and kept his eyes closed for a minute longer before quickly sitting up and throwing his hands into the air with a loud shout of, “yes!”

The sudden outburst took Harry off guard and he flung himself backwards in the chair, losing his grip on Lucius’ hand as he stared over at his crazy mate that was currently dancing to music only he could hear.

“Is there something you need to tell us?” Lucius asked with a laugh at his deranged mate.

“We’re having a boy! He’ll be smart and gorgeous just like his daddy Draco!”

“We’ll see about that, Mister Malfoy.” Harry’s attention immediately snapped over to a tall man dressed in white healer robes, standing just inside of the curtain enclosed space. “I’m healer Reynolds, Madam Pomfrey fire-called me about a veela pregnancy.” The healer held out his hand to Draco since he was the closest, and Draco glared at the appendage for several awkward seconds before shaking it.

“She told us, you’d be coming. I’m Draco Malfoy, that’s Severus Snape, Harry Potter, and this…” Draco motioned toward Lucius with a flourish, “is the amazing Lucius Malfoy, the soon to be bearer of my child.”

“I’m well aware of who you all are, Mister Malfoy, but thank you for the introductions.” Healer Reynolds said cheekily as he effortless moved a small table from the corner of the room, to next to Lucius’ bed and placed his large Healer’s bag on top of it. “First of all, how was your transformation?” The healer asked as he pulled his wand out of its holster and ran the tip along Lucius’ stomach.

“Extremely painful.” Harry winced in sympathy as he remembered his mate screaming as his body grew the necessary parts needed to become pregnant and moved other organs around to fit everything.

“Good, that’s usually a sign of an easier pregnancy in males. Don’t ask me why.” A faint, greenish glow surrounded Lucius’ stomach as Healer Reynolds mumbled a quick spell under his breath.

“What does that mean?” Harry asked when it didn’t seem like any of his mates were going to speak up.

“Just that the embryonic cells have attached to Lucius’ womb.”

“Okay.” Lucius gripped Harry’s hand even tighter, but kept his eyes focused on the healer that was mumbling more spells and seemingly checking for anything that could have possibly been wrong with Lucius, which Harry appreciated immensely since it was practically his fault that his mate was in this position in the first place.

“So, everything looks good. You seem perfectly healthy and the scans don’t show any signs of your new equipment being rejected.”

“Thank Merlin.” Severus whispered and leaned forward to press his forehead against Lucius’ thigh.

“My thoughts exactly, though Alchai pregnancies rarely have complications this early.” With the necessary spells having been cast, Reynolds placed his wand back into the holster on his forearm and began shuffling through his bag until he eventually came up with a couple of vials of bright teal liquid and a short stack of parchment.

“These are nutrient potions, I know as a veela you don’t have to eat normal food like the rest of us, but the baby does, so these will make sure it’s-“

“He.” Draco corrected loudly and poor Healer Reynolds just smiled before continuing.

“So these will make sure HE’S getting the nutrients he needs while you can continue to eat what you want.” The potions were handed to Severus as well as one of the papers that the healer said was the instructions to make the rather simple concoction. “Next, Lucius, you are going to need a lot of magic to sustain you and the baby, especially if he ends up being an Alchai. I recommend using your magic often but in small amounts so that your body makes more thinking you’re using a lot of it, just don’t perform any spells that require a lot of energy for the next four to five months until the baby is born.

“Even if you do all of that, you’re going to need your mates to feed you some of their magic, and since you’re a veela, the only way to do that is through intercourse and you’re going to be craving it…a lot as the pregnancy goes on and I don’t want you to deny yourself so anytime you have the urge, get a mate and…mate.”

Draco looked like a child that had just been given an entire candy store for his birthday and even Severus sat up a little straighter in his chair.

“These are notes I wrote to excuse all of you from classes at any time if Lucius needs you. He should be able to just pull one of you out of the classroom and drag you to a broom closet whenever he wants.” Reynolds handed a few of the pieces of parchment to Harry, who couldn’t keep his hands from shaking as he took them. These were passes to have sex whenever he wanted, they were more valuable than gold.

“And this is just an overview of a few things you should know and everything I already told you.” The final piece of parchment was handed to Lucius who immediately began reading through it.

“So, we should be able to get the first image scan in two weeks? Will we be able to tell whether or not Draco is as physic as he says he is?” Lucius asked after reading something on the parchment in his hands.

“Yes, you’ll be able to see if your baby is male or female. I’m going to be talking with Madam Pomfrey and she should be able to take care of anything you need up until the day you’re going to give birth. But if you have any problems or questions, send me an owl or fire-call my office. Now, I really must be going, I left a fae birth to come here and the poor girl is nearly hysterical.” Healer Reynolds closed his bag and turned to leave the room once he realized that no one had any questions for him, but stopped in front of the curtains. “Make sure to get lots of rest tonight; don’t do anything too strenuous for a couple of days.”

“Will do.” Draco said with a nod. “I’ll strap him to the bed myself if I have to.” Harry knew the blonde didn’t mean it the way it sounded, but it still made him smile goofily and Mister Reynolds could barely keep a straight face as he nodded in Draco’s direction.

“Whatever you feel is necessary Mr. Malfoy.” With that said, the healer walked out of the room, leaving Draco utterly confused for a few moments before his eyes widened and a slight smirk pulled at the corner of his lips. Damn pervert.

“That actually sounds really hot.”

“Maybe tomorrow, Draco. Tonight, I just want to curl up in bed and get some rest.”

“Then lets go back to our suite.” Harry said and after a quick look around to make sure they didn’t have anything lying around that needed to go with them, he leaned forward enough to slide his arms under Lucius’ body and gently lift him from the bed.

“Woah, there. Are you sure you can carry me?” Lucius’ asked and his arms immediately wrapped around Harry’s neck as he was lifted into the air in response to his question.

“Very sure.” Harry told Lucius and kissed him before he could argue. “Now, Draco lead the way so I know you’re not checking out my arse.”

“But-but it’s so well formed!” The blonde exclaimed dramatically but did as he was asked and led the way out the curtain enclosed room, holding back the white curtains for Harry, Lucius, and Severus to walk through before immediately darting back to the front of the group when Harry gave him a glare over his shoulder.

“Why are you so opposed to him eyeing your bum?” Severus asked in a whisper next to Harry’s ear, causing the teen to jump in surprise at the sudden sound.

“Because then I can’t check out his.” Harry replied softly and titled his head in such a way that it was clear to anyone looking at him that he was staring, quite openly, at Draco’s arse. The blonde did have a cute one, it was all round and perky and moved just right with every step. Right, left, right left, right, left…

“I heard that Harry!”

“I don’t care, Draco!”

Draco spun around to face his three mates and began walking backwards, “You, my dear Harry, are completely and utterly evi-“ The blonde somehow managed to trip over his own foot and fell backwards onto his arse.

Harry didn’t even bother hiding his amusement at the scene as he laughed alongside Lucius and Severus, just a little louder than what would be considered polite. “This is not funny.”

“Yes it is.” Lucius told his son and clutched at Harry as his breath began coming in short gasps as he continued to laugh. Draco just sat there on the ground and glared at his mates, a glare that immediately made their blood run cold, and Harry didn’t stick around to see what the blonde would do before quickly walking down the corridor and leaving Severus to help Draco to his feet and face the young veela’s wrath.

“That was mean, Harry.” Lucius said as they rounded two corners and trekked their way up four staircases. “Poor Severus.”

“Better than poor us.” Harry countered and didn’t take more than two more steps forward before he felt a pair of soft lips pecking at his throat.

“So true, Harry.” Lucius’ voice against his neck immediately sent shivers down Harry’s spine and his knees suddenly felt extremely weak, very nearly giving out and sending both men toppling to the floor.

“Don’t you dare tease me, Lucius, don’t start something you don’t intend to finish.” Lucius’ lips disappeared from Harry’s neck and the teen muffled a disappointed groan at the loss.

“Who said I don’t attend to finish?”

Oh dear Merlin

Lucius’ mouth returned with a vengeance, kissing, sucking, nipping, and licking every inch of Harry’s neck he could reach. With his mate going to town on his throat, Harry could just barely croak out the password for their rooms and stumble inside.

“Let me down now.” Lucius ordered and Harry didn’t hesitate to what the older man asked, setting him gently on his feet. “Thank you.” Harry ‘s mouth was suddenly taken in a mind blowing kiss that had him whimpering pathetically as he gripped at his mate’s clothes. He didn’t even realize that Lucius was backing him up until his knees hit the back of the couch, but the blonde didn’t stop there and roughly pushed him down onto the sofa. “I vividly remember the healer saying that you weren’t to deny me. It can be very dangerous for me and the baby, Harry.”

“Whatever you want.” Harry whispered, and he wasn’t just saying that, at this point he’d strip naked and run around the castle screaming like a madman at the top of his lungs if it made Lucius happy.

“Good.” In less than a second, Lucius pulled off the horrid hospital gown he had been wearing and all but tackled Harry back onto the sofa. “Let’s give Draco and Severus a show to come home to.”

“I’m gonna kill him.” Draco muttered under his breath, his bum stinging with every step toward the suite he shared with his mates. “Damn Harry can’t even fucking help me up. He’s the worst mate EVER!”

“Are you done with your rant yet?” Severus asked, he’d been listening to the blonde go on and on about how terrible Harry was for several minutes now and if the boy didn’t stop soon, Severus feared he might strangle him.

“No! He is an evil little twerp and I have the right to rant as much as I see fit! He laughed at me when I fell then ran away without even asking me if I was okay!”

“Aren’t you upset with your father? He didn’t ask if you were alright, either.”

Draco turned to Severus and gave him a look that obviously meant he thought Severus was crazy. “He’s pregnant, that gives him immunity.”

“Of course.” With an eye roll as his insane mate, Severus decided to let Draco moan and groan about Harry as much as he wanted since fighting with the teen got him absolutely nowhere.

The rest of the walk to their rooms was spent with Severus trying desperately to block out Draco, so when they finally made it to their portrait, the vampire honestly thought he’d never seem a more beautiful sight in all this life.

“Let me go in first, Sev, I don’t want you in my way less I accidently hurt you in my attempt to kill Harry.”

”Merlin”, Severus mentally sighed and half heartedly motioned toward the portrait for Draco to go first.

Draco angrily hissed out the password and stepped through the doorway when the portrait swung open. “You are supposed to be taking it easy! I thought you said you were tired!” Draco screamed just moments after disappearing from Severus’ view and the vampire slowly poked his head into the suite to see Draco standing just inches inside of the living room and staring in shock at the couple on the couch.

Lucius was lying flat on his back with his pale legs wrapped around Harry who was gently rocking into him. From his point of view, Severus couldn’t see much, but the sight of Harry’s bum flexing with his thrusts, and the contrast between the pale and golden skin immediately made him harden in his trousers and a soft groan left his lips.

“Exhausted.” Lucius moaned, “but you know how much better I sleep after a good shag.”

“You’re such a slut sometimes.” Severus laughed and took the last few steps into the room, closing the door behind him. “But at least you’re taking it easy on him, right Harry?” The teen was so far gone that he could only nod his head frantically, his glasses slipping down his nose only to be gently pushed back up by Lucius.

“In my defense, Harry was pawing at me and I just couldn’t refuse him.”

“And I completely believe that.” Draco grumbled and plopped himself down into a fluffy armchair next to the sofa. “Can you stop? Not that it’s not hot or anything, but it’s hard to be mad at Harry when he’s naked.”

“Not until I tell him to.” Lucius said and tightened his legs around Harry, pulling the boy closer to him.

“Did you not hear the healer? He needs sex, so let him have it. You and I can go to bed and leave them to it if they’re upsetting your oh-so-delicate sensibilities.” Severus finally found the ability to walk and slowly made his way over to Draco, careful not to stare at the couple on the sofa, before gently placing a hand on the blonde’s shoulder.

“No, I’ll just wait for them to finish, it shouldn’t take long with Harry.” Draco slumped back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest like the moody teenager he was.

Why did he love that boy?

Maybe he shouldn’t have turned on when Severus and Draco walked through the door, and maybe he shouldn’t have enjoyed having his mates as an audience as he fucked Lucius, but he did.
Harry only heard some of what the two men were saying, his attention so dedicated to Lucius who kept pulling him closer and closer and letting out soft whimpers, sighs, and gasps with every thrust. Something within him felt extremely dejected by the lack-luster reaction he was getting from Lucius, especially since the man had seemed so intent on making him scream the night before.

Remembering how it had affected him the previous night; Harry changed the angle of his thrust just a hair and he smirked at the reaction he received, Lucius’ back arched up off the couch cushions, his eyes rolling back in his head as his let out a long hiss in pleasure. “Harry.”

Knowing that he was getting closer to his goal, Harry tilted his hips just a little more before thrusting back into Lucius sharply, finally giving him a muffled shout. “I’m going to make you scream, Lucius.”

A sly grin spread across the blonde’s face. “We’ll see, Potter.”



Is it just me or is my writing getting worse as time goes on instead of better?

Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling. *


Draco, who had been fiddling with the sleeve of Severus’ robe, snapped his attention over the couch at the loud shriek that tore its way through the air. Harry was now thrusting roughly into Lucius and the blonde had his head thrown backwards as he screamed out Harry’s name as well as a few other choice words.

“I’ll be damned.” Severus chuckled; his breath ghosting over Draco’s ear and making a shiver go down his spine. “Poor little Virgin Harry is all grown up.”

“I think I’m going to cry.” Even as he said that, Draco’s eyes didn’t leave the scene in front of him, watching the couple intently as Harry whispered words that Draco couldn’t hear to Lucius.

Draco tore his eyes away from the couple once he felt the familiar stirrings in his groin, focusing his attention back on Severus in an attempt to keep his head about him. The four of them really did need to talk and not about which sex position to try next.

“So the weather was pretty nice today. Not as cold as I was expecting.”

“Yes.” Severus said with an eye roll, obviously irritated with Draco’s poor attempt at starting a conversation. “How are your studies going? Your potions grade has been higher than expected, but what about your other classes? Have you been finding time to study?” The vampire’s eyes kept glancing from Draco’s face to the couple on the couch behind the blonde, and Draco quickly reached up with both hands to capture the man’s face and force him to keep his attention on him.

“Everything is going well. Blaise and I have been using our time in the study hall wisely. Straight O’s so far, according to my professors.”


”Don’t look, Draco. Don’t look, focus on Severus…NO, just close your eyes and count to ten.”


Draco quickly followed his own orders and shut his eyes tight and slowly counted to ten…and then fifteen in his head until he felt his veela self calm down enough to continue having the pseudo conversation with his mate.

“I think they’re done.” Severus whispered and Draco slowly turned his head to see Lucius and Harry collapsed in a large pile on the sofa, obviously finished…mating.

“Thank Merlin,” Draco whisked out his wand and uttered a simple spell that immediately dressed both naked men in clothes from their closet…clothes that didn’t quite match…but clothes nonetheless. “Now, we need to talk.” He spun his chair around so that he was facing his two exhausted mates.

“Do we have to right now, Draco?” Harry whined against Lucius’ neck. “I’m completely beat, can’t we wait until tomorrow?”

“No, if you’re tired that’s your fault. Plus, if we don’t talk now, then we’ll just keep pushing it back.”

“Fine, what do you need to discuss? I’m sorry for laughing at you when you fell on your arse, but it was funny. Can I go now?” Harry slowly sat up and held out his hand to Lucius to help the other man do the same.

“No. This isn’t about you laughing at me, though I’ll still have to kill you for that later-“

“Of course.”

“This is about the fact that we’re going to have a baby. The four of us have never talked about this and we only have four months to figure out what in the world we’re going to do.” Everyone in the room was staring at Draco, and while he normally loved to be the center of attention, the strange looks his mates’ were sending him, were slightly unsettling. “What?”

“Nothing. It’s just that for the last thirty seconds you actually managed to act like an adult.” Lucius told him calmly and slyly slid his arm between Harry’s waist and the back of the couch.

“But you do have a point. I’m sure none of us were expecting this situation so soon, and with you and Harry still in school while Lucius and I are working full time, we do have to discuss what to do with the little parasite.” Draco’s jaw dropped as he slowly turned to look at Severus.

“It’s our son, not a parasite!”

“Technically, right now it’s a parasite, feeding off of Lucius’ energy; it’ll only be a child after it’s born.”

“He. After HE’S born.”

“Thank you, Harry.”

“It doesn’t matter. We all know that Severus is a heartless bastard, let’s just try to keep this conversation moving.” Draco managed to give Severus one last glare before turning his attention over to Lucius. “First of all, I’m going to be discussing our situation with the headmaster in the morning so that he can have a replacement lined up for when my condition becomes a hindrance. After that, I’ll be giving birth in the castle, Harry’s room will be turned into a nursery-“


“-and we will all be moving into the Manor during the summer. Now, I’m going to bed, try to stop me and I will hex you.” Lucius let out a long yawn before ruffling Harry’s hair and stumbling his way toward the bedroom.

“But we’re not done talking yet!” Draco called after him and Harry plopped himself down in his lap.

“Let it go, he’s tired. He just found out he’s pregnant and had the best shag of his life, it’s completely understandable really.” Cocky little bastard.

“Best shag of his life? Doubtful.” Even though Harry probably wasn’t far off from what Draco saw, he still wasn’t about to admit it and give his mate that kind of satisfaction. “But I’m sure it’s in the top ten though.”

“You’re sure are you?” Harry situated himself on Draco’s lap so that he was straddling the other boy and rested his gently wrapped his tanned arms around Draco’s neck. “Maybe I should give you another sample so you can reevaluate that statement.”

”Oh Gods.”

“Maybe you should.” Draco agreed once his mind managed to refocus, “It has, after all, been so long since I last had a taste of you.” His arms came up to surround Harry’s waist, his hands resting just above the other boy’s bum.

When Harry’s eyes widened just slightly, giving Draco the impression of an innocent little doe, and any thought of keeping up Harry’s game, went straight out the window as he leaned in and captured the Alchai’s lips with his own.

Harry wasn’t a bad kisser…really…just different from what Draco wanted in a partner. Draco was a submissive veela, and he wasn’t ashamed to admit that he loved, and even craved, for his mates to throw him down and take what they wanted from him. Both Severus and Lucius understood this, but Harry was always a bit more hesitant and Draco always felt as though he had the push the other boy until he snapped and finally gave it to what they both wanted. So when the alchai immediately shoved his tongue into Draco’s mouth and took possession of the cavern, Draco thought he’d died and gone to sex-permitted-heaven.

“I’m going to follow in Lucius’ example and retire for the night.” Severus’ voice just barely managed to break through the lust induced fog that had surrounded Draco’s mind and he pulled far enough away from Harry to see his mate stand up from his chair and begin walking toward the slightly ajar bedroom door.

“Oh, come on Sev, you have two horny teenagers right here! Do you really want to sleep right now?” Harry asked and Draco nodded his head frantically in agreement. “I promise we’ll make it worth your while.” Severus stopped mid-step and just stood there between the two boys and the bedroom, and Draco knew Harry had said exactly what Severus needed to hear.

“Fine.” Severus sighed dramatically and made his way back toward his mates.

Harry found himself in a grand throne room that was at least twice the size of Hogwarts’ great hall; for a moment, it seemed as though Harry was all alone, but a deep male voice soon thundered through the previously silent space.

“Sire, I have news of Isabella.” Harry turned toward the voice and saw two men near the back of the room; the one that was speaking had short brown hair and was dressed rather plainly compared to the second man who was covered from head to toe in deep purple and gold, a stark contrast to the silvery hair that fell to his shoulders. The richly dressed man was staring intently out of a window, while he listened to his companion, Harry could have sworn he remembered him from somewhere, but since he couldn’t see either of the men’s faces, identifying him was impossible.

“She refused your offer of peace and has sided with the Alchai.” There was nothing but silence for several moments and Harry watched as the plainly dressed man fidgeted nervously on his feet, his head swiveling in different directions as though he was looking for ways to escape his current situation. Though, his worry seemed for nothing when the silver haired man nodded his head slowly in acceptance, and said gently:

“She is a fool of a woman; I expected no differently from her Daniel, you can stop your fretting.” The man slowly brought a hand up to the window and followed a raindrop with his finger as it trailed down the glass. “I will enjoy destroying her and her people, for they will all die alongside those beasts that plague this world. What news do you have of the boy?”

The man finally turned around to pour himself a glass of wine from the table behind him and Harry nearly gasped as his face was revealed. It was the same man from the dream he’d had the previous night.

“Not much, your majesty, he does live in the human world after all and my influence only goes so far, but I know for a fact that he’s found all three of his mates and just recently, the oldest has become pregnant with the monster’s child.”

“And how do you know that? Been playing dress up again, Daniel?”

“Healer Reynolds is always so forthcoming with information.” The man said, avoiding the other man’s question and Harry literally felt his knees go weak and it was only the wall against his back that kept him upright, Healer Reynolds had seemed so nice, why in the world would he be spreading this kind of knowledge?

“Then we will make our first strike soon, when all four of them are at their weakest.” The silver haired man slowly stepped toward Daniel and gently ran a hand down the man’s check. “And I’ll have you by my side?”

“You will, Sire.”

“Use my name.” The man whispered and leaned in closer to Daniel, their lips only inches apart.

“Alex.” Daniel practically moaned and closed the gap between them quickly, kissing the other man deeply as he tangled his pale fingers in silver hair.

Harry felt extremely uncomfortable, one minute they were talking about attacking him and his mates and the next they were snogging like Lucius and Draco. But the kiss didn’t last long and Alex carefully pulled away, a soft expression on his face for only a moment before his head shot up suddenly and his ice blue eyes trained in on Harry.

“You’re not supposed to be here!” Alex flicked his hand and suddenly Harry was back in his bedroom, surrounded by his mates on the plush bed he had come to love.

Merlin, he hated nightmares.

“So am I allowed to tell Ron and Hermione?” Harry asked calmly at breakfast on the first day of the new term. He and his mates had spent the rest of their vacation in bed…on the couch…on any flat surface basically, and it wasn’t until that morning that he realized that his two best friends had no idea that he was going to be a father.

“Tell them what?” Draco asked as he eloquently speared a sliced peach and placed in his mouth.

“About Lucius, what else?”

“Of course you may, Harry. You can scream it from the astronomy tower if you need to, it’ s no big deal.” Harry shivered as Lucius’ voice whispered softly in his ear, the man’s soft hair caressing his cheek and shoulder.

Lucius noticed his reaction and quickly pulled away, allowing Harry to stare at his plate for longer than would be considered normal in order to pull himself together. “Good, I’ll probably let them know during our free period later.”

“But I was going to molest you during free period!” Harry immediately slapped a hand over Draco’s big mouth, but it was too late and several of the professors sitting at the table looked over in their direction at Draco’s outburst.

“Shut up, you maniac. I’m sure Sev or your father can satisfy you.” He slowly released his mate and let out a sigh of relief when Draco didn’t immediately start screaming about his sexual needs.

“I have a class.” Lucius said sadly and the three mates looked over to Severus who had been silent during this entire conversation. He didn’t pay them any mind and calmly continued eating as though he didn’t have three pairs of eyes staring at him.

“Meet me in my office later.”

“Have I told you I love you lately? Because I do, not because you fuck me basically whenever I want, but that does sweeten the pot a little.” Draco said and hugged Severus tightly; the man’s face immediately contorting into what Harry could only call a grimace.

“Minerva, please act as though you heard none of that.”

“Of course, Severus. Just please lock your office door, we wouldn’t want one of the students walking in on something they shouldn’t.”

The entire great hall turned their attention to Harry as he began laughing hysterically.


“So what was so funny this morning?” Hermione asked as she, Ron, and Harry navigated through the crowded halls on their way to the library for their free period.

“I’ll tell you later.” He promised and wrapped his arm around his friend, carefully sliding his hand under her bag’s shoulder strap before quickly taking it from her. The girl was nearly six months pregnant and she really didn’t need to be carrying a heavy bag around all day.

“Give it back, Harry! I swear, you are so annoying sometimes.” Hermione tried to reach over and recover her bag, but Harry expertly danced away, having been in this situation numerous times in the last month.

“Herm, you know the drill, you’ll get it when we stop and not a moment before.”

“I’m not helpless, Harry, I can carry my own rucksack.” At this point, the other students were starting to notice the strange argument that the three friends…two friends really…were having and smartly moved out of their way.

“Can and should are two completely different things.”

“Babe, stop.” Said Ron as he cleverly wrapped his arms around his girlfriend, just barely keeping her from tackling Harry to the ground. “It’s not worth the stress, just let him carry it. If it makes him happy, what’s the harm?” Hermione practically melted into his arms and said nothing more about Harry’s bag stealing.

“Fine, but he has to tell me what prompted his outburst this morning.” Hermione said, with a slight glare at her overly protective best friend. “Draco had to practically stab you with his fork to quiet you down.”

“Oh, Professor McGonagall overheard Draco saying a few inappropriate things…you had to be there.” Harry added at Ron’s confused look. “It was actually pretty funny.”

“I’ll take your word for it.” The red head said softly as the trio walked into the library.

“Uh-huh. Let’s get a table in the back.” Harry basically ordered and took off toward the back of the library, knowing his friends would follow him, not stopping until he found an unused table behind several shelves of books and far enough away that no one would hear them, even without a silencing charm. “Here you go.” He gently placed Hermione’s bag on the floor next to the chair she claimed for herself before plopping into his own seat.

“Thank you, Harry.” Said Hermione as she began pulling book after book out of her bag, “I was thinking that we could start with our Charms essay since Professor Flitwick said that-“

“Actually, Herm, I really need to talk to you guys about something pretty important, before we start studying.”

“Ha! I knew it, you owe me five galleons!” Ron exclaimed loud enough to surprise Harry and make him jump several inches out of his chair. “Told you, he didn’t want to ‘catch up on his studies’ it’s Harry for crying out loud.”

“Anyway,” Harry said slowly, trying to bring his friends’ attention back to him. “I do need to study, but I also wanted to talk to you two. So you both win whatever bet I assume you made about me.”

The two at least had the decency to look a little ashamed for their actions.

“Sorry, Harry, but you now have our full attention, say whatever it was you wanted to tell us.” Hermione made a show of pushing her stack of books a few inches closer to the center of the table and moved her chair away from Ron. “We are all yours.”

“Okay, well you both read those books about Alchai, right? The ones for DADA?” He only waited long enough for them to nod before continuing. “Then you know that we reproduce through magic?” Two more nods of confirmation. “Well, after we mated on Christmas, Severus had us all in his classroom to make sure we didn’t use magic at the same time, while he brewed the contraception potion. I was told not to use any magic of any kind, but…you know how things are for me … and now Lucius is pregnant.”

“You’re going to be a father?” Ron asked several moments after Harry had dropped the news, the new information having sunk it. “I think I’m going to cry.” Ron pretended to wipe fake tears from his eyes and Harry promptly ignored him before turning his attention to Hermione. She’d be supportive about this.

“You guys didn’t even get to make a baby the fun way!” She cried dramatically, clutching at Ron as they both pretended to sniffle and cry.

“I’m really touched by your sympathy, guys.”

“Sorry Harry.” Ron laughed, “Just so you know, since you’re the first of my friends to have to a baby, I have to be made the godfather, but you already knew that. And then if the child’s a boy, you have to name him after his uncle Ron, and if it’s a girl-“

“We think it’s a boy.” Harry interrupted through his laughter and placed his forehead on the table in front of him as he tried, and failed, to calm himself. “Draco…he thinks it’s a boy.”

“That settles it; you’ll name him, Ron.”

“I don’t think the Malfoys will be happy about that.” Hermione pointed out.

“Yeah, they all have weird Latin names…so does Severus…I’m sure the baby will keep up the tradition.” Harry said and Ron’s mock crestfallen expression was completely priceless.

Hermione rolled her eyes at her boyfriend and quickly reached across the desk to take Harry’s hands in hers. “In all seriousness, Harry, I’m super happy for you and think you’re going to be a great dad…if you can get that hysterical laughter thing under control.”

“It is kind of creepy mat-Harry.” Ron confirmed and Harry gave both of his friends a wide smile, he was really lucky to have them.

“So, how did Remus and Sirius take it? I can’t imagine they were too happy to learn that you got one of your mate’s knocked up already.” Hermione said jokingly, but her expression completely changed once she noticed Harry’s reaction.

Every ounce of blood had drained from Harry’s face at the mention of telling Remus and Sirius about Lucius, he hadn’t even thought to tell them! How would they take it? Sirius wouldn’t be too happy about it, but Remus would help him understand, right? Just the thought of either of his “godfathers” upset with him, had Harry nearly hyperventilating in his seat.

“Are you okay, Harry?” Hermione asked gently.

“Yeah, I think so. I just realized that I actually have to tell Sirius and Remus.”

Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling. *

Harry was laid out across his mates’ laps, with Lucius gently combing his fingers through Harry’s hair as his mind raced and the butterflies that had decided to take up residency in his stomach, began to swarm around in a nervous frenzy.

“So you think they’ll take it well?” Harry asked for the millionth time, causing Draco to moan in frustration.

“Yes, they’re your family. I doubt there’s anything you could do that would truly upset them.” Draco said with a hard pinch to the bottom of Harry’s foot. “Now stop worrying, this is supposed to be good news! We’re having a baby boy!”

“The gender is still unknown.”

“No, it’s a boy, Severus.”

“We don’t know that for sure.”

Harry slowly turned his head to see Severus and Draco locked in a vicious battle of glares and couldn’t help but smile at the two completely different men. How they went two days without killing each other, Harry would never know.

“Must we fight over something so trivial?” Lucius asked calmly as he removed his hand from Harry’s hair to run it down Severus’ arm. “Would it really kill you, to play along?”

“It wouldn’t.”

“I didn’t think so.” Lucius leaned in and placed a soft kiss on the side of Severus’ neck, turning the poor man into a pile of goo. Draco, meanwhile, was staring at his father in pure disbelief.

“I can’t believe that you yell at me for using the allure on people when you do the same thing! Look what you did to Sev!” He pointed to Severus who now had a goofy grin on his face and was staring at the wall as though it held the secrets of the universe.

“I, unlike you Draco, can control my allure.”

Lucius went back to stroking Harry like a big cat and the teen nearly purred at the attention while he watched the two blondes argue.

“I can control it just fine, thank you very much! You just turn into a jealous monster whenever I use it on anyone other than you!” Draco had leaned in closer to Lucius and was now yelling directly into his face.

Harry tentatively watched the two men and just when he though Lucius was mere seconds away from hexing his own lover, the blonde placed a hand on the back of Draco’s neck and pulled the teen in for a deep kiss that had Harry’s eyes going wide in surprise. He had NOT seen that coming…though by now he probably should have.

“Owww! My eyes, Remy! Good Merlin, I think I’ve been blinded!”

Harry immediately rolled off his mates at the sound of his godfather exited the fireplace and landed on the carpeted floor before jumping up to face his family as though he’d been standing there the whole time. Lucius and Draco, meanwhile, continued to snog as though the two older Gryffindors weren’t in the room.

“Siri! Remy!” Harry exclaimed and ran up to pull both of his godfathers into a hug. “I’m so glad you guys came.” A different time would have been better, but he was still happy they showed up.

“Of course we came, pup. Left the moment we got the owl.” Remus said as he squeezed Harry just a little tighter before letting him go. “Sirius!” Remus snapped and Harry noticed that his godfather had both of his hands tightly covering his eyes like a small child. “It’s not like you’ve never seen two people kiss before!”

“Not Malfoys!” Sirius said back, his hands still firmly against his face.

Remus sighed at his deranged mate and looked apologetically at Harry who was used to Sirius’ behavior and honestly couldn’t imagine the man dealing with the situation any differently. “I’m sorry, Harry, why don’t we take a seat and talk about this “very important” news you mentioned.”

Merlin, he had expected a little small talk and beating around the bush before he told them about Lucius, but apparently Remus wanted to jump right in. “Er…actually it’s kind of our news, so I should probably get them involved.” Harry motioned toward his mates and fought the temptation to slap himself in the forehead when he saw that Lucius and Draco were still kiss-fighting (a veela thing) and Severus was still drunk off Lucius’ allure. Damn, he was alone in this.

“I think they’re indisposed.” Remus smiled and Sirius began humming rather loudly to himself.

“Okay then, er…we can talk in the study.” Harry grabbed Sirius’ arm and pulled him in the direction of Severus’ study on the other side of the room. “You guys can tell me about how the appeals of the creature restriction laws are coming along.” Harry continued pulling his godfather until they were all in the study before shutting the door firmly behind them.

“Is it safe?”

“Yes, you big weirdo, Draco and Lucius are behind closed doors. You can look now.” Harry threw himself down into the nearest leather armchair and waited for his godfathers to do the same.

“I hope you know that I’ve been scarred for life.” Sirius joked and squeezed Harry’s shoulder softly before situating himself beside Remus.

“You’ll get over it. Now, what happened in the hearing last week? Nothing’s been released in the papers yet.”

“Oh, you should have seen it, Harry! They had a bunch of testimonies from werewolves, vampires, even a couple of elves and I swore that the wizagmont was going to reenact them but then Remy stood up and-“ Sirius was extremely animated as he told his story, his hands were waving wildly and his blue eyes were shinning, but before he could get too far in, Remus silenced him with a touch to his arm.

“Harry, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing’s wrong.” Harry said quickly and mentally slapped himself in the back of the head. He was a terrible liar.

“Something’s wrong, I can smell the worry coming off of you.” Remus told him gently and leaned forward just a tad to look his honorary godson in the eye. “You can tell us.”

“But, it really involves Lucius, Severus, and Draco too and I don’t think I should tell you without their support.” Really, Harry didn’t think that they would even care, but he needed them here in case Sirius didn’t take it well.


“You win; you can use your allure on whoever you want.” Lucius moaned and was just about to dive into another round of snogging with his lover when someone roughly gripped his arm and pulled him off the couch. “Severus?” He asked once he realized his assailant’s identity. “What’s going-“ That’s when the smell hit him. The scent of absolute distress that immediately had his senses on high alert. Harry was in trouble.

Lucius broke free of his mate’s grip and ran to the study door and threw it open to find his mate perfectly unharmed and having a conversation with his family. Slowly, his instincts calmed and Lucius cautiously stepped toward Harry, his eyes trailing over every inch of him to ensure the teen didn’t have so much as a scrape.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, I was just talking to Remus and Sirius.”

“Do you want me to ask them to leave?” Draco asked as he came flying into the room. “Cause I will, it wouldn’t be a problem or anything.”

“No! No, I’m just about to tell them the news, are you guys okay?”


Harry stared up at his mates, they all seemed to be completely on edge and their eyes had a wild look to them. Obviously something was going on that he wasn’t privy to.

“Fine. What news?” Lucius asked and squeezed himself into the armchair with Harry, “Something is upsetting you.”

The news, I’m sure, Luc. I doubt he’s worried about telling them he failed his potion’s test last week.”

Severus just had to get one in there, didn’t he?

Harry shot a glare at the vampire that had taken a seat on the large oak desk next to Draco before turning his attention back over to Sirius and Remus who were watching the scene with confused expressions that would have been hilarious if Harry wasn’t three seconds away from passing out.

“Yeah, it has nothing to do with potions…well, I guess it kind of does, but um-“

“We’re having a baby.” Draco cut in before Harry could completely embarrass himself in front of his family. “A boy.”

The silence was so think that Harry thought he could actually feel the weight of it pressing him into chair, so it was almost a relief when that silence was finally broken.

“Congratulations Har-“ Remus began only to be cut off by Sirius, who looked anything but happy.

“YOU GOT HIM PREGNANT?!” He seethed, standing up from his chair and looking back and forth between Harry’s three mates as he tried to decide who to blame for this. “YOU’VE ONLY BEEN MATED FOR A MONTH!”

“Mutt.” Lucius said coldly as he stood up to block Harry from Sirius’ view. “Harry is perfectly fine; I’m the one with child. Now sit your arse down before I personally escort you out of our rooms.”

As soon as Sirius realized that Harry wasn’t actually pregnant, he sat back down and took the glare Remus sent him with a sigh that sounded incredibly loud in the otherwise silent room. “Sorry I blew up.” He grumbled and sunk down into his seat like a small child that had just been reprimanded.

“You should be, Black. Harry has been on the verge of a panic attack since he sent you that owl and what do you do? You blow up at him!” Severus seethed, his eyes darkening dangerously in Sirius’ direction. “Are you okay, Harry?” It wasn’t until Sev asked that Harry realized that he was perfectly fine; he didn’t feel panicky or nervous, he actually felt better than he had in days.

“I’m great.” Harry said honestly, though slightly confused that he wasn’t more upset about all of this. “What about you guys? You’re not upset about the baby are you?” He asked his godfathers who immediately seemed alarmed by the question.

“No, of course not, Harry. Sirius was just upset that they may have gotten you pregnant. It’s dangerous for wizards to carry a child before they’re twenty-five.” Remus said quickly, squeezing Sirius’ thigh to get him to nod in confirmation of his mate’s statement.

“Is that true? I didn’t know.” Harry immediately turned to Lucius since he was sitting the closest and waited for the blonde to explain this to him.

“We thought you knew. It doesn’t matter though, your alchai nature wouldn’t let you become pregnant until it was safe, anyway.” Lucius told him gently and Harry accepted that answer, though they were all still in trouble for not telling him this from the beginning. All the books he had been reading where about creatures and he hadn’t bothered reading any on wizard pregnancy, which he probably should now that he thought about it.

“Fine. But you’re both okay with the baby right?” He had to ask, just one more time to make sure that both Sirius and Remus were supportive of the situation.

“We’re more than okay with it-“ Sirius began, but was interrupted by Draco snapping out:

“It’s a boy.”

“Wait, how far along are you?” Remus asked, his eyes going wide at Draco’s statement. “Why didn’t you tell us when you first found out?”

“We did, Lucius has only been pregnant for a few days.” Severus told Remus and Sirius, “Draco is just under the impression that he can see the future and thinks the child will be a boy. It’s best to humor him.” The vampire ignored the glare that Draco sent him.

“Mr. Potter, you’re late.” Snape hissed as Harry walked through the door of the potions classroom a whole minute and a half late.

“But sir I was-“ Harry started, but was rudely interrupted by the professor.

“Shut up and sit down!” He screamed and pointed to the empty desk next to D-Malfoy’s, which Harry quickly took. “Now, do you two know why you’re here?”

Harry and Dr-Malfoy both shook their heads slowly and waited for the professor to tell them what exactly they had done wrong.

“You insolent little brats were fondling each other in the back of my classroom.”

What? That’s what he came up with?

“And we’re very sorry about that sir, but I couldn’t help myself, I’m a veela, I can’t be held responsible for my actions when it comes to my mate.” Malfoy was far too comfortable with this.

“Be that as it may,” Professor Snape said as he stood from his seat and walked over to the front of their desks. “You still have to be punished, Mr. Potter you will be immediately dismissed from the class, don’t bother coming in on Monday, the door will be warded against your entry.”

What in the world was he supposed to say? What would Draco say…

“But professor, I need potions to be an auror! Is there any other punishment you’d be willing to give me?” That must have been the right thing to say if the glint in Severus’ eye was anything to go by.

Before Severus could reply, Lucius stepped through the door and stopped just inside of the classroom. Harry only got a glance of him before Snape began speaking, dragging his attention away from the blonde.

“There is one.” Snape said softly and grabbed Harry by the arm before dragging him out of the chair and across the room to his desk. “But I don’t think Mr. Malfoy will be happy about it.”

“What is it?” Harry asked nervously, eyeing Malfoy to see that he was glaring at Snape as though he already knew what the man had in mind.

“Your body for a place in my class. Is that a fair trade to you?”

Trade? Harry thought they were talking about punishment, ah well, he might as well go with the flow.

“I don’t know, sir. You’re my professor, won’t we get in trouble?”

“Not if you keep it to yourself.” Snape hissed and swooped down to take Harry’s mouth in a hard kiss that left him completely breathless and at a loss for what to say next.

“Gah.” Was all Harry managed after Severus finally released him, his knees nearly collapsing after the brain melting kiss.

“You bastard!” Draco shouted from his seat and made a move to stand, only to have Lucius forcefully push him back down. “He’s my mate!”

Harry had to give Draco props on his acting, the boy was really good.

“Control your son, Lucius,” was all Snape said before grabbing Harry by the arm and throwing him toward the desk., “while I take care of Mr. Potter.”

Oh, sounds naughty. Harry thought and shivered when Severus’ body pressed up against him from behind. “Bend over, Potter.” Was the hissed command Snape gave him and Harry immediately complied, leaning over the cleared off desk the moment he was asked to. Gods he loved evil Severus.

“Grffhmpfffhh!” Harry turned toward the muffled shout to see Draco trying to say something around Lucius’ cock, which was halfway down his throat. Merlin, if Harry wasn’t turned on before, he sure was now.

As he watched the two blondes on the other side of the room, Harry didn’t hear Severus muttering a simple charm from behind him and his clothes suddenly disappearing came as a complete shock that immediately brought his attention back to the situation he was now in. “In a hurry are we?” He teased and Severus gently pressed his face into the desk.

“It would be in your best interest, Potter, to keep your mouth shut.”

Merlin, his cock, which had been hard from the moment Harry walked into the room, suddenly became extremely painful as Severus’ threatening voice washed over him.

Snape stepped away from Harry, making the teen shiver as the cold air hit his body in places that had just been covered by his mate’s warmth, and Harry felt the tell-tell signs of a lubricating and stretching charm that eradicated the need for foreplay.


Harry turned to see Lucius forcefully fucking Draco’s mouth and he nearly came right then. Gods they were so hot together, especially when Draco so willingly submitted to anything his mates’ wanted to do to him.

It was only the knowledge that he was about to be thoroughly fucked that kept Harry from touching his own cock and relieving the tightness that had begun to build up within him, but if Severus didn’t hurry…

He’d thought too soon, just at that moment, Snape gripped Harry’s hips in both of his hands and slowly began breaching his youngest mate, sending shivers down Harry’s spine.

Good Merlin he loved this! Why had he waited so long to give into these men? He could have been doing this for nearly three months instead of being a damn teenager and creating all sorts of unnecessary angst.

Severus hadn’t even completely seated himself inside of Harry yet, and the teen quickly decided to take the situation into his own hands and thrust his hips back against his mate, forcing more of the man’s cock inside of him, causing waves of pleasure-pain to wash over him.

“I’m in control here, Mr. Potter.” Severus snapped and landed a hard slap on Harry’s buttocks.

And it hurt! He wasn’t going to cry over it or anything, but damn it stung.

“Hey!” Harry yelped and turned his head to look at Snape only to have his face pressed back down against the desk. At least he had an amazing view of Lucius, whose head was thrown back in pleasure as Draco did something to him that Harry couldn’t see since the blonde teen had relocated himself to under Lucius’ floor length robes. But Merlin he could imagine…

Severus finally sheathed himself inside of Harry and after only a few moments to allow the boy to adjust, he began thrusting into him roughly, turning Harry into a moaning pile of goo.

Sometime during this incredible situation, Harry’s eyes had fallen closed and with each thrust he found himself imagining Severus actually doing this before they were mated; of one of the hundreds of detentions turning out this way and for some reason, it turned Harry on. He’d never thought of himself as a person that would enjoy the thought of being completely dominated and used and he was pretty sure that later, these thoughts were going to really freak him out, but he’d cross that bridge when he came to it.

“Always wanted to do this to you, Potter.” Severus groaned into his ear, his breath coming in short gasps as his thrusts became more erratic. “Fuck the arrogance and cheek right out of you.”

Gods, he had to use the professor voice didn’t he?

It was that very voice and those words that had Harry coming all over the side of the desk as he screamed out Severus’ name until his throat was dry and sore. Severus only gave a few more untimed thrusts into Harry’s exhausted body before he too came deep inside his lover and partially collapsed on top of him, using his arms to keep from completely squishing the teen.

“What did you think?” Snape asked while still on top of him, Harry doubted the man had the strength to even stand right then, not that he blamed him, not even his teenage self wanted to even think of moving.

“Amazing and exactly what Draco said it would be. Speaking of whom…” Harry trailed off as his eyes focused on the two blondes that were sitting at the desks, their attention completely dedicated to Harry and Severus. “Did you enjoy the show?”

“Uh-huh.” Draco practically moaned and his face slipped off of his hand to land on the desk with a thunk.

“He’s stupid.” Severus whispered and slowly stood up, his aging body cracking, popping, and making a number of other sinister sounds as he moved.

“I am not!” Draco exclaimed but kept his face pressed against the wood of the desk as though he didn’t have the strength to lift it.

“You kind of are.” Lucius said; the first thing Harry had actually heard the man say since he’d walked in actually…



At the sudden noise at the door, Harry jumped up off the desk and quickly waved his hand to replace the Gryffindor robes that Severus had spelled away earlier and ran across the short distance to the desk next to Lucius. Severus, however, was charged with replacing his own clothes and answering the door.

“Headmaster.” Severus ground out as he opened the door just a fraction of an inch to peer out into the hallway. “What do I owe the pleasure?”

“I need to speak with you and your mates. May I come in?”


How did he know they were all there? In the potions classroom…at midnight…

Severus just huffed and stepped away from the door, allowing the Headmaster to push it open and walk inside.

“Good evening, gentlemen, I hope you don’t mind me interrupting your…lesson.” The old man’s eyes twinkled knowingly and Harry followed Draco’s lead and let his head drop down to the desk in an effort to hide the blush that was quickly heating up his cheeks.

“Good evening, Headmaster.” Harry said; his words only slightly muffled by the desk. Not a second after he spoke, a strong hand curled itself around his collar and yanked his head off the desk.

“Harry, please act like you have at least some manners, please.” Lucius said and Professor Dumbledore just watched the entire scene in obvious amusement.


“It’s perfectly alright, Harry. Severus, why don’t you come over and sit down, what I have to talk to you about might take some time.”

“Ugh.” Draco moaned and it was only Lucius’ grip on his robes that kept him from resting his head on the desk once again.

“What is this about?” Severus asked as he did as the headmaster asked and walked over to his teaching desk, which he immediately sat on top of. “We were discussing our contraceptive potion and brainstorming ideas to give it a longer shelf life to prevent more unwanted pregnancies.” The dark haired man’s eyes landed on Harry and the boy rolled his eyes at his drama creating mate.

“I just got word from an expert in London that I had analyze the prophecy.” Said Professor Dumbledore and Harry mentally sighed at the man.

“You mean the extremely vague prophecy and probably has nothing to do with us?”

“That’s not what I would call it, but yes. The expert I contacted believes without a doubt that it refers to you four…well, five.” He gave a pointed look to Lucius’ stomach and Harry’s instincts had him immediately pulling the blonde closer and wrapping an arm around his middle.

“It’s too vague.” Harry hissed out, “I’m not going to risk my mates or my child over a prophecy that can be about anyone or anything.”

“Son.” Draco whispered in an attempt to lighten Harry’s mood, but it just made the other teen want to strangle him.

“Harry, that’s what I’m trying to tell you. The prophecy is about you and the expert I contacted, Damon Fairfeather, believes that the elfin uprising in Esclaria might be the dire situation that’s mentioned.”

Every part of Harry wanted to scream at the headmaster, but before he had the chance, something the man said struck home. The elf uprising…

“I don’t know much about elves.” Harry said, completely changing the topic. “But do they have a leader, general, or a crazy lunatic named Alex?”

Everyone in the room just stared at him as though he’d grown a second head, but Dumbledore snapped out of it quickly and nodded slowly. “Yes, King Alexander DuVair, how did you know that?”

“Er…” How was he supposed to explain this? “I’ve been having these dreams, nightmares really, about this man with silver hair and violet eyes by the name of Alex. I didn’t think anything of them but-“

“Why didn’t you tell us, Harry?” Lucius asked, scooting his desk even closer to Harry’s so he press his forehead against his mate’s.

“I just thought they were nightmares.” Harry told him honestly and looked over at the headmaster. “What does this mean? With Voldemort, he sent me dreams through our link, but I’ve never even met this guy.” Harry ignored the shivers that went through his mates at Voldemort’s name and remained focused on Dumbledore, who looked uncharacteristically confused.

“I’ve got it!” Draco suddenly exclaimed and stood up quickly from his desk, causing it to crash loudly to the floor. “It’s because I’m psychic!”

Oh Draco.


Well here's a new chapter finally. I think this story is really starting to drain on me. I think I need to put in a crazy random plot twist and see if it keeps me interested...


Also, here's the prophecy for those of you that want to read it without going back and looking for it in one of the chapters.


In a time after sorrow
Four will be granted, what they most desire

But little do they know
In the land of Esclaria, things become dire

When four become five
Destinies will come to light

The destroyer of evil
Must prepare for his last fight

Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling. *

“You’re such an idiot. Harry’s nightmares have nothing to do with you.” Severus said harshly, though there was a softness to his eyes that told his mates that he loved Draco, even if he did think the blonde was a moron.

“No, I’m being serious. We’re mated, and part of that is being able to share powers and traits, right?”

Harry nodded slowly, understanding starting to dawn on him.

“Then why isn’t it possible that my skills at divination have been transferred to Harry, causing him to have dreams of the future?” Draco was far too smug about this, but Harry had to admit that he made sense.

“It’s not at all farfetched,” Dumbledore agreed, “the idea is extremely plausible and just leads me to believe the prophecy refers to you five, even more.” Harry had honestly had enough of this damn prophecy and Lucius must have felt the same way, because he gracefully stood up from the chair and glared at the aging headmaster.

“That is more than enough, Albus. Harry has already told you that he doesn’t want to hear about this, and I’m personally sick of your meddling. So I’m going to ask you nicely to leave before I personally escort you out.” Lucius’ voice had become dark and threatening, much like Severus’ did when Neville blew up a cauldron, and Harry couldn’t help the shiver that went down his spine. Next week they definitely needed to experiment with evil Lucius.

“I’m just trying to help-“

“I know, Professor. But I’m tired of my life revolving around what someone said decades ago. If this is meant to happen, then it will, there’s nothing I can do about it anyway.” Said Harry and he gently gripped the back of Lucius’ robes in an attempt to calm the blonde.

“Just be careful, Harry.” Was all Dumbledore said before he turned and left the potion’s classroom, much to the relief of the four mates.

Harry knew from the moment he stepped into the DADA classroom that he should have simply turned back around and hid in Severus’ office until Charms class. He was just a few minutes late thanks to Draco’s obsessive need to have every single hair lying in an exact spot; which meant he spent about an hour in the bathroom and wouldn’t allow any of his mates in until he was “perfect.”

Everyone in the class immediately turned to him in the doorway and Lucius smiled, a little smile that meant he had something evil cooking up in that blonde head of his.

“Harry!” Yep, something fishy was definitely going on here. “Two points from Gryffindor for being tardy. Now come in and stand up here with me.” Harry just stood there and stared at Lucius, who was now motioning him over excitedly. This wasn’t going to end well.

With a loud sigh, Harry walked up to the front of the class and gently dropped his knapsack on the floor next to Lucius’ desk.

“I just finished telling the class, Harry, that today we are going to be discussing Alchai and I thought you’d be a great…teaching aide.”

“Teaching aide?” Harry asked the blonde who seemed way too happy about this entire situation.

“Yes, so the class can identify characteristics in person.” Lucius said loud enough for everyone to hear and leaned over to whisper into Harry’s ear, “Do this for me and I’ll be tempted to make it up to you later.”

“Okay, what do I need to do?”

There was no way he was going to turn down Lucius’ offer.

“Just stand here while I go over the lesson.” Lucius said but Harry knew that there was a lot more to it than that and simply rolled his eyes at his smiling mate.


“Great. Before we begin, Draco, you aren’t allowed to answer any questions.”

Draco, who had been sitting in the back of class looking extremely smug, suddenly had his smile wiped clean off his face. “But-“

”No buts, Draco. Now, Alchai are humanoid creatures distantly related to Veela, though unlike Veela, Alchai are classified as dark creatures. Can anyone tell me why?”

Draco’s hand immediately shot up and he waved his arm back and forth urgently.

“Blaise?” Lucius asked and Draco looked crestfallen as he realized that he wouldn’t be earning his house any points today.

“Um… Achali are much more violent.”

“Exactly right, ten points to Slytherin. Alchai are not violent in most cases, though they are mate protective and I strongly caution you to never harm an alchai’s mate. Right Harry?” Lucius asked and Harry just nodded slowly.

“Alchai have three mates and they breed through magic, a trait unique to the species. Now let’s discuss some physical characteristics, what color are an Alchai’s eyes naturally?” Lucius quickly reached over and covered Harry’s eyes, “And name a special ability that their eyes have.”

“Purple, they have the ability to change their eye color at will and also have excellent night vision.”

Hermione answered correctly and Harry’s eyes were uncovered, though they were still the emerald green he set them to every morning.

“Correct, five points to Gryffindor. Harry, do you mind giving the class a demonstration?”

Harry really wanted to strangle Lucius for showing him off like a trained dog, but did as he asked with the promise of better things to come later that night, his only incentive.

“Alchai’s also have dark hair,” Lucius ran a hand through Harry’s hair and it took every ounce of will power Harry had, not to pur that a damn cat. “Are moderately tall, males standing around five foot eleven, and they always have a single set of feathered wings.” Lucius tapped Harry on the back and the teen felt a tingle of magic as it raced along his shirt. “Harry, could you show us, please?”

“I really want to strangle you.” Harry whispered as he unfurled his wings, slightly startled when they easily moved through his shirt.

“Sounds Kinky.” Lucius whispered back and moved to stand along side on of Harry’s lime green wings.

“Mr. Potter’s wings are fifteen feet long from tip to tip. Why is this unusual?” Only Draco’s hand shot up and this time the poor teen looked as though he was going to tip the desk over in his attempt to get noticed. “No one? Well, the average female has a wing length of around ten to eleven feet, while males have slightly longer wings in the twelve to fourteen range, they rarely reach the length of Harry’s.

“The wings come in a variety of colors, and have a perfectly exact number of feathers, how many does each wing have?”

This time, Draco actually did flip his desk.


“Yes! Each wing has exactly three hundred and seventy –two feathers.”

“Very good, now sit down. If you distrupt this class again, you will be punished.”

“Sounds kinky.” Harry whispered in retaliation of the blonde’s earlier comment and Lucius had to bite his lip to keep from laughing.

Draco sadly sat back down on his newly upright desk and Harry almost felt sorry for the blonde. Almost.

“If you are attacked by an Alchai, there’s a big chance that you honestly deserve it, but that’s not always the case. If you are confronted, it’s important to know that you’re not going to be able to kill it. Since I’m mated to Alchai, I’m not going to tell you too much, but there is one weak spot on an Alchai that when hit directly will incapacitate him or her for a limited amount of time. Does anyone know where this spot is?”

This time, Draco didn’t raise his hand, having realized Lucius really did mean business.

“No one? Well,Alchai’s are extremely vulernable in the area behind their left ear.”

Harry didn’t expect what came next, so he was extremely surprised when Lucius reached over and gently tapped the sensitive spot, causing Harry’s knees to immediately go weak as a wave of pleasure washed over him like a tidal wave.

“Merlin.” He cursed as he fell into Lucius’ arms in front of the entire class, earning himself a couple of snickers from the Gryffindor side, though none of the Slytherins dared to make a sound with both Draco and Lucius in the room. “Don’t do that!”

He couldn’t even stand up! Every last nerve in his body was vibrating deliciously and all he could do was lay there in Lucius’ arms like a swooning damsel…in front of the entire class.

Lucius Malfoy was a dead man…well, he would have been dead man if he wasn’t carrying Harry’s child.

“As you can see, a physical touch to the skin behind the left ear as an immediate reaction, however, spells will have no effect no matter where you aim them.” Lucius said to the students, his voice slightly strained in his attempt to keep from laughing at Harry.

“Don’t even think about casting a spell at me.” Harry hissed and tried to straighten himself, but only managed to stay standing for a few moments before falling back into Lucius’ awaiting arms. “Damn it.”

“Professor?” Hermione asked hesitantly, “how long will he stay like that?”

“Usually just a minute or two, which is plenty of time to get away if you’re attacked, but when he regains his ability to…stay upright…you better hope you have a good hiding spot because he will not be pleased.”

No! Really!

“Sir…you’re not afraid that he’s going to be upset with you?” Lavender asked gently as Harry once again tried to stand, this time he actually managed it and he turned to Lucius and gave the man the sharpest glare he could muster.

“Oh, I know he’s upset. It’s quite obvious, but he won’t hurt me, he’s my mate.” Lucius said it so simply and even though he was right, Harry almost wanted to punch him on shear principle.

“That won’t protect you forever.” Harry said jokingly. “Now I’m going to sit down, feel free to teach or whatever it is you do.” He pointed to his empty desk and slowly stumbled toward it, his legs not quite back to their original state.

Harry was just a few feet away from his desk when a piercing pain exploded from behind his eyelids, instantly bringing the teen to his knees. “Ow.” He mumbled, ignoring the voices asking if he was okay, and rubbed his fingers over his eyes until the pain subsided.

“Harry, are you alright?” Lucius had bent down beside Harry was now feeling his head to check for a fever and rubbing his hand up and down the Alchai’s back. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing now, I just had a real sudden head-“

Before he could get the rest of the word out, Harry’s eyes rolled back in his head and he collapsed in his mate’s arms.

“Sire, word has reached us from the Centaurs.”

Harry stared wide eyed at the scene in front of him; men and women dressed in similar royal blue uniforms filled the large throne room that Harry had seen several times now. There was a huge table in the middle of the chaos and most of the people were surrounding it, their heads bent ever so slightly to study whatever was on it.

“And? Have they made their decision?”

Harry knew that voice, Alexander, that elf king. The teen’s curiosity got the better of him and he slowly stepped toward the table and the people surrounding it. He passed easily through the uniformed bodies until he was standing next to the table and he could clearly see Alexander sitting near the head with papers shrewn all around him; under the papers was a giant map of a country Harry had never seen before, the territories were colored either red or blue in a unknown pattern.

“They’ve sided with the Alchai.” The soldier said softly and one of the uncolored spaces on the map glowed red before dulling. “No amount of gold or magic would persuade them.”

Alexander looked murderous and his violet eyes snapped closed as he took a deep calming breath. “Then it has begun. The clans have made their choices and it’s now time to see who was wise in their decision making. But first-“ The elf began shuffling through the pieces of parchment in front of him until he found whatever it was he was looking for. “We need to get rid of the Potter brat before one of the Alchai elders contacts him; I loathe to think of the trouble he’d cause if allowed to live much longer.

“What of his concubines?”

“The vampire and the young veela are nothing, spare them if they don’t get in your way. However, the pregnant one I want dead; according to the scans Jamison brought-“ Alexander held up one of the pieces of parchment he’d picked up. “Potter’s bastard will be more power than even he is. It’s a shame the boy had to be a monster, he’d have been a prince among our people.”

Ice filled Harry’s veins as he heard the elf speak about Lucius and his unborn child; it was one thing for a lunatic to threaten his life, but hearing someone threatening his mate was completely different. Every instinct in Harry’s body wanted nothing more than to throw himself at Alexander and rip the man limb from limb, but none of this was real and he’d simply fall right through the man like a ghost.

“We could transfer the boy to a proper mother.” One of the men to Alexander’s right said, but his suggestion was waved off.

“No, his blood has already been tainted; it’s kinder to simply put him down.”

Harry awoke with a start and instantly saw Lucius staring down at him. “We have to go.” He gasped and nearly pushed over everyone standing around him as he quickly stood and grabbed Lucius’ and Draco’s hands. “Now.” Harry had never understood the term “tunnel-vision” until that moment, it was like nothing else in that room, nothing else in the world mattered. Nothing except getting Lucius, Draco, and Severus out of the castle and to the other side of the planet as soon as possible.

“Harry!” Lucius cried as Harry dragged his mates out of the room, pushing past anyone that got in his way. “What happened? Harry!” Harry didn’t have time to answer him and just kept pulling his veela down halls and staircases.

“Where are we going?” Draco asked since his father wasn’t having any luck with getting through to their mate; unfortunately, Draco didn’t do much better.

“Shut up.” Harry hissed and sped up until he was literally running down the halls with the blondes in tow.
Alexander would not harm his mates, he would make sure of that if it was the last thing he did.

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Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling. *

Harry dragged Draco and Lucius down the numerous staircases and through the empty halls in silence. The anger coming off of the young man in waves made it clear that anything they said wouldn’t be heard or appreciated, though both blondes did share a concerned look when Harry took a turn so fast he very nearly slammed his body into the stone wall.

As they neared the potion’s classroom, Harry broke out into a full sprint, letting go of his mates for a split second in order to throw open the wooden door and fly into the classroom at an inhuman speed.

Severus had been standing in the front of the room, writing a list of ingredients for the third year hufflepuffs to retrieve, when Harry barged into the room and gripped him around the waist as the students screamed in shock. Harry didn’t give his mate a moment to so much as take a breath before he was pulling Severus out of the room and gathered a confused Lucius and Draco into his arms as well until all three of them were wrapped in their Alchai’s embrace.

Harry’s heart was beating a mile a minute and even though he had all of his mates with him, he knew he couldn’t rest until they were away from here; until they were in a place where no one would ever think to look for them.
“Do not let go of me.” Harry commanded, his voice shaking and cracking with the emotions that were also plastered across his face.

Even though none of his mates knew what he was referring to, they tightened their grips on Harry just as the Alchai apparated them away from Hogwarts Castle.

The group landed in the designated apparition zone of Malinsta Lane, the wizarding district of Canada. Harry remembered reading about it with Hermione last year, and it was the safest place he could think of on short notice.

Harry looked at his mate’s and saw that all three of them were staring at him as though he’d suddenly grown a second head.

“What?” he asked, looking around at the other witches and wizards walking through the streets and seemingly unaware who Harry was, besides being an Alchai thanks to that damned sign floating above his head.

“You just apparated four grown men and a child across the world and through the most powerful wards in Europe.” Severus said in mild awe, his eyes sparkling with pride and love.

“I needed to get you out of the castle, in fact, we shouldn’t even be on the streets, we need a place to stay for the night.” Harry ignored the confused and concerned looks his mates were giving him, but vowed to explain everything once they were safe as he began scanning the shops around him, looking for an inn.

“Carlisle’s Castle is two streets over.” Lucius told him, and cupped Harry’s face in his hands. “You need to calm down and tell us what is going on, Harry. We can’t help you if we don’t know what’s scarring you.”

The blonde’s voice was soothing to Harry’s overworked mind and his silver eyes made Harry want to break down and tell him everything right then and leave finding a safe place to stay until later.

“I’ll tell you everything, I promise, but we need to find a place to stay first.”

“Then follow me.” Lucius took Harry’s shaking hand and led him and their other mates down the cobblestone street and through an alley that opened up onto a new road, this one bordered by upscale restaurants and filled with people dressed in expensive dress robes. At the end of the street, Harry saw the simple sign that read “Carlisle’s Castle” in an elegant purple print.

Severus opened the highly polished wooden door and held it open for Draco to enter first, followed closely by Lucius and a nearly vibrating Harry who’s head was constantly swinging from side to side, watching for anything that may be the slightest bit out of place.

The interior of "Carlisle's Castle" was lavishly furnished, with ornate dark stained wooden furniture, thick, hand made rugs and crystal chandeliers that hung from the ceiling. Along one wall was a long desk and behind it stood a lone man with dark hair that was just starting to grey at his temples and welcomed Lucius by name with a wide smile.

"In town on business?" The man asked, and Lucius gave the man the slightest of smiles, that would have looked sincere to anyone that didn't know him as well as Harry.

"Pleasure." The blonde replied curtly, "I apologize for the late notice, but I was hoping you'd have my usual room vacant for the night."

"Of course, Lord Malfoy. Would you prefer to have the payment charged to your vault?"

"I would." Lucius' silver eyes slid ever so slightly in Harry's direction and he took that as Lucius slightly reprimanding him for leaving on such short notice that none of them could pack essentials like money.

The man smiled once more and gave the four guest a nod as he reached under the desk and pulled out a silver key that looked absolutely ancient.
"Would you need any assistance with your bags?" He asked as Lucius gently took the key from his fingers, and the question caused all three of Harry's mates to glare at him good naturedly. Well he hoped it was good naturedly, with Severus you really couldn't tell.

"No thank you, Braeden." said Lucius and led the small group of men away from the main lobby and up two sets of stairs to the third floor, which opened up to a small hallway with only one door at the end.

As it turns out, magically keys don't need to be inserted into a lock to actually unlock something, and Lucius merely twisted the doorknob and pulled the wooden door toward himself to allow his mates inside the room. The room was bright and airy, thanks to windows taking up nearly every inch of wall space and seemed to be just as big as Harry had envisioned from outside.

It was clear to Harry that Draco was itching to start exploring the vast room, but when Harry was pulled over to the couch by Severus and immediately cuddled close to the man's chest; the blonde chose to join them and his father in comforting Harry.

"What happened at the castle Harry? Why did you need to leave so badly?" asked Severus, who's amazing fingers had begun to gently comb through Harry's hair.

"I had another vision." He whispered, burrowing himself in his mate's robes. "There was this council of elves and the leader said-" Harry paused as the overwhelming need to cradle Lucius close washed over him. "He said that he wanted Lucius and the baby killed. I couldn't risk staying there, I just couldn't."
he room was perfectly silent after Harry's confession and having seen the alchai's need to touch him, Lucius leaned forward to lay himself across Harry's chest.

"You need to talk to us, when something like this happens, Harry." Lucius told Harry softly, "I agree we had to leave, but we could have packed and made preparations before hand to make this easier. We can’t possibly work together if you don’t involve us.”

“I know.” Harry replied and wrapped his arms around the blonde on his chest.
And he did know, Hermione had given him the same speech at least a dozen times; be he had that damn hero complex that gave him complete tunnel vision when it came to saving people, he didn’t see anything else but getting that person or those people to safety by any means necessary.

“Harry, before you get too cuddly, we need to make a plan.” Draco finally spoke up from the opposite side of the couch. “We can’t stay here for long, it’ll be much too easy for someone to track us and I doubt the wards here are strong enough to keep out an army of elves.”

“And we can’t be on the run, forever.” Severus added in agreement, though his fingers never stopped fiddling with Harry’s hair.

“The manor’s wards are powerful, but I don’t know how long they would hold up if someone truly wanted in and had the power to continually attack.” Murmured Lucius, his eyes starting to drift closed as the rhythmic beating of Harry’s heart lulled him into a half-sleep.

It was then that Harry realized that it wasn’t safe in this world at all, there wasn’t a place here that had wards powerful enough to keep out a large group of elves. From what he had read when Dumbledore had first told him about the possible man in his visions, elves had a different magic than that of humans. Wards had an effect on them of course, but they weren’t designed to keep out elves and thus, they were easier for them to break.

“The elves talked about having to get to you before the Alchai elders could. If we could get in contact with them and possibly go to Esclaria, wouldn’t that be safer than here? The elves and the alchai are in the middle of a war, we don’t have to deal with them on our own.” Harry said, careful not to raise his voice too high as to disturb Lucius.

“Wouldn’t that just put us closer to the danger? At least here we’re a world away.” Draco inquired, taking a page of Severus’ book and gently caressing his father’s long hair as he slumbered.

“A world away, but without the proper defenses to protect ourselves when and if they come after us.” Lucius slurred and opened a single eye when Draco dared to stop stroking him, only to close it when his son resumed.
Harry smiled down at the display as a thought stuck him.

“How would we send a message across worlds?” He felt that was a reasonable question. Wizarding owls were truly magical and magnificent but he doubted they had the ability to cross worlds.

As if someone had been waiting for that exact question to be asked, a deep voice from the opposite side of the room replied, “You wouldn’t have to.”


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Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling. *

All four men jumped at the sound of a deep voice and turned to find a tall, blonde haired man standing by the far window. His eyes were a bright violet that seemed to glow in the light and he was covered from the neck down in a solid black robe that highlighted his pale skin.

Within moments Harry and his mates were on their feet, their wands pointing at the stranger, who now had his hands splayed out in front of him with a cool smile playing at his lips.

"I mean no harm, I was alerted to your need of an alchai elder representative and arrived as soon as time allowed. If I have made a mistake, I apologize." The man said slowly, his smile never fading and his violet eyes sparkling in humor the entire time.

"You're an elder?" Harry asked suspiciously, though his wand did begin to lower once he realized this man was an alchai like himself and instinctually knew that the stranger wouldn't harm him or his mates.

The man didn't look much older than Harry, most likely somewhere in his mid-twenties and if he was considered an elder than Harry had a graceful aging process to look forward too.

"No, I work for them. I know when they are needed and prepare their meetings."

"And your name?" Lucius asked coldly as he replaced his wand along with Draco and Severus once it was clear Harry didn't view this man as a threat.


It was an odd word that didn't want to roll off your tongue and in fact, seemed to stall it between each syllable.

The four mates shared the same look, which was a mixture of confusion, awe, and disbelief.

"If I made a mistake in believing your desire to visit with the elders-"

"No, you didn't make a mistake," Harry cut in before the Alchai was finished. "We were just discussing how to cross into your world when you arrived."

"Your timing was impeccable." Draco agreed with a slight shake of his perfect blonde head.

Harry smiled at his mate and paused for a moment, trying to come up with a way to say "Please take us away from this world right this second, our lives truly depend on it," without sounding insane or desperate. Unfortunately, he came up with absolutely zero alternatives.

"How soon could you take us to your elders?" Lucius asked and Harry breathed a sigh of relief that all of his internal planning went completely to waste.

The blonde stepped forward ever so slightly so that he and Severus were standing just a few inches in front of Draco and Harry and while normally Harry wouldn't have noticed or thought anything of it; his senses were on high alert and he recognized the move for what it was. Lucius, despite being pregnant was trying to protect his younger mates and Harry didn't have the heart to pull him back and instead let the blonde's veela instincts take over, since it also meant his older mates would take care of the talking so he didn't look like a complete invalid.

"As soon as possible, we have reason to believe that you're in danger of a possible elf attack in the near future and the sooner we can get you to Esclaria, the better. The elders have already agreed to speak with you as soon as you arrive or after you've been settled if you prefer." Dilyian replied with a wide smile, but despite the friendly gesture, when the blonde moved forward Severus quickly moved in front of all three of his mates. Though he did manage to keep from hissing, snarling, baring his fangs, or any other rude vampric behavior.

"We are well aware of the elves and I agree that leaving at the earliest possible moment would be beneficial."

"How-" Dilyian began, but Draco cut him off.

"I'm psychic."

If this were any other time, and any other place, Harry would have broken down in fits of laughter at the haughty tone in Draco's voice, but by some miracle he managed to remain straight faced as he stared at a clearly amused Dilyian.

"Truly? That is a grand skill to have once mastered fully."

"Yes, and as much as I'm sure Draco would love to tell you all about his supposed powers, we are in danger here." Lucius interrupted with a glare to his son that had Harry smiling like a loon. His family loved each other, they just had the oddest way of showing it.

"Yes, yes, of course." Dilyian muttered and slowly extended his hand in the mates' direction, "if it's okay with you, perhaps it would be best to leave now, we have no way of tracking creatures once they enter this world and I would be rather forlorn if anything should happen to one of my own kind or his mates."

The hand remained extended as all four stared at it and contemplated leaving at that very moment.

Harry assumed that whatever magic Dilyian used to go between worlds was something like apparition and that in order to take someone along with you, physical contact was needed, so with a quick glance at the expectant looks of his mates, Harry reached out and gripped the alchai's wrist, followed immediately by Draco and Lucius and after a few drawn out moments, Severus tentatively gave in and took the man’s hand as well.

“This shouldn't hurt too badly.” Dilyian laughed just moments before Harry felt the all too common feeling of being squeezed into a tiny tube, only this tube was even smaller and seemed to burn his skin as he was shoved into it.

Thankfully, the sensation only lasted the barest moment before Harry found himself standing in the middle of what looked like a simple courtyard. Underfoot was bright green grass so perfect it was hard to believe it wasn't painted. It formed a perfect square and at it’s edges, it meet a brick walkway that completely surrounded the courtyard. On the side of the walkway that didn’t meet grass, stood walls that extended so high that Harry couldn’t see the tops with the sunlight shinning down on them.

“This is the apparition and crossing area, stay off of the grass unless you are doing one or the other, people are constantly coming and going and take it from someone who knows, you do not want to have someone apparate on top of you. It hurts.” As he spoke, Dilyian briskly led the four men off of the grass, just as a group of a dozen men and women appeared from the other side, all of them with glowing violet eyes, and took to the field before immediately disappearing with a pop.

“Would you like to meet with the elders now or would you prefer to wait until tomorrow after you’ve become situated and had a restful night’s...or in this case day's sleep?”

The four men shared a similar questioning look, before Severus replied. “We’re safe here, correct?” Even though “We’re” was said, it was plain to Severus’ mates that what he had meant was “Lucius”.

“Completely. We have the most powerful wards in the known worlds and have withstood hundreds of attempted sieges by the elves. Nothing will harm you here."

"In that case, would it be too much trouble to wait until tomorrow? I'm sure we all could use a few hours to gather ourselves after everything that's happened before jumping into anything else." Lucius replied, his hand reaching out to grasp at Severus.

"That's no trouble, in fact it'll be easier to clear a time for you. Let me show you to your room and give you a short tour of Lyntaris Castle." He gave the men a reassuring smile and began walking down the brick path, confident that his guest would follow him.

"It's alright that I want to rest first, correct?" Lucius asked softly, an arm going around Harry's waist while his opposite hand tangled with Severus'. "I didn't think any of you would mind and I am absolutely exhausted."

"Of course it's okay, we're safe here and if you need to sleep fourteen hours a day, that's perfectly fine." Harry replied, smiling as he quickly darted to the side and placed a quick kiss on Lucius' neck. "I'm low maintance."

"I'm not, and I'm slightly hurt that you ask Harry and Sev of all people if something is okay knowing full well that I'm the one you have to please." Draco joked, wrapping both arms around Lucius as they walked, causing their legs to tangle and for the tall blondes to stumble along until the younger man finally let his father go.

"He is pleasing you, brat, he wants to go back to a private room." Severus scoffed, though his hand still brushed along Draco's hair in a caress that said just how much he loved the younger blonde, no matter what he said.

"You know, my life does revolve around more than just sex, you guys. Don't get me wrong, it's a big part of it, but I have emotional needs too."


"I'm serious, Harry!"



Dilyian led the mates through the castle, pointing out important landmarks along the way and reassuring them that they only needed to think of where they were going or what they needed and the castle's magic would lead them there until they understood the layout of the huge building.

"All you really need to know is that the first floors have the medical wing, elder chamber, and banquent hall, second and third floor are reserved for full time residents and the fourth floor is for visiting guests. If you're here for very long, then you'll pick up on the miscellanous rooms, but don't worry about them for now."

Harry nodded along with his mates, the layout seemed simple enough and without staircases that moved and hallways that seemed to change direction, he was sure he'd get the hang of it pretty quickly.

They reached the fourth floor and Dilyian took them down the first hallway and followed it until near the end, where he stopped and tapped the flat of his hand against a wooden door, causing it to glow blue before the color faded.

"Any password you'd prefer?"

Lucius and Severus shared a knowing look before giving Draco and Harry a curtesy glance.

"Hyperion." They said similtaniously when their younger mates didn't seem the least bit willing to contribute.

"Password, Hyperion." The Alchai said and the door opened with a woosh. "I recomend changing the password every day if possible, it's a good habit to practice. If you need anything at all, just call for me, otherwise I'll be back after breakfast tomorrow morning to introduce you to the elders."

He stepped away from the mated pair and squeezed Harry's shoulder as he passed.

"Thank god." Lucius whispered and slumped into the room, his perfect posture seemingly melting away. "I don't think I could walk another step."

"In that case." Draco quickly scooped Lucius into his arms and led the way inside the rooms they had been assigned, Severus and Harry following close behind with smiles on their faces.

The room was very simple, the front door opened into a sitting room with a single door to the left, which Draco made a beeline for, kicking the door open gently with his foot, all the while managing to balance his father in his arms.

The bedroom was just as simple, four walls, a single dresser and huge bed that would give everyone plenty of room. There was one more door to the side, that Harry assumed was the bathroom, but didn't bother exploring when Draco gently tossed his father onto the massive bed and curled himself around the blonde, seemingly content to just relax with his mate.

"Merlin you two are sexy together." Harry groaned, and it was true, even when they were snuggling fully clothed they were the hottest things he'd ever seen.

"I'm sexy all the time, Potter. Now do us a favor and remove our shoes." Draco's eyes were softening as he rested his cheek against Lucius' chest and the older Veela seemed to have already fallen asleep.

"I'm not a house-elf." Harry laughed, but with a wave of his hand, vanished the shoes from his mates' feet.

"Of course not, I'd never let a house elf touch my clothes."

Draco and Lucius cracked open a single eye similtaniously and smirked at Harry's amused snort and eye roll.

"Why are you even tired?" Harry asked, deciding to let the house elf comment go for now, "Lucius is pregnant so I understand him wanting a nap at midday, but you slept through the night."

Harry slowly walked over to Severus who was inspecting the bathroom from the vestibule, smiling as Draco replied with a muffled.

"Wasn't sleeping the whole time."

"Are you tired?" Harry asked Severus, wrapping his arms around the taller man's waist. "A lot's happened since this morning."

The potion's master scoffed good naturedly and placed his hands on Harry's where they met in the center of his stomach.

"Quite the opposite really," He replied deeply. "I'm itching to just do something-"

"I volunteer!"

"Something, not someone, Draco." Lucius laughingly reprimanded.

"Like I said," Severus sent a bone chilling glare over his shoulder in the direction of the bed before looking down at Harry. "I keep busy when I'm nervous, normally I brew, but obviously that isn't an option."

It wasn't until that moment that Harry realized that Severus' hands were shaking, despite gripping Harry's arms tightly.

"Here." Harry untangled himself from Severus as a thought popped into his head. The alchai walked through the door into the sitting room and motioned for Severus to follow him before making his way over to the table and with a flick of his wand he transfigured a cup filled with quills into a muggle jig saw puzzle. He had a few sets at the Dursley's and despite having several missing pieces, they kept his mind busy when he didn't want to think about anything else.

"What in the name of Merlin is that?" Severus glared down at the cardboard box as though it was a first year Hufflepuff and Harry laughed at his mate's expression before pulling him down to sit on the sofa.

"It's a puzzle. There are a hundred pieces that fit together to form a picture." He quickly tore the top of the box off and dumped the pieces onto the table surface. "I find it easier to put the outside together first, but you can do it however you want as long as you make this-" He turned the lid to Severus, sitting it up so it was visible.

Severus eyed the little pieces with disdain but looked interested so Harry assumed his mate would at least try it so he stood to leave, only to have his hand immediately snatched up, stopping him mid-step.

"Where are you going?" He had never seen the half panicked look in Severus' usually cold eyes and the expression shocked Harry to the core.

"I-I was going to lie down with Lu and Dra, I thought you'd want to be alone."

"Well, I'm sure you're used to being incorrect by now. Sit." The panic was gone, and the icy mask Severus wore was back. Despite this, Harry heard Sev's words by their meaning.

"Don't leave me. I need you."

"Sure, Sev. With both of us working on it, I'm sure we'll get it done in no time." He gave his mate a wide, beaming smile which only widened when a look of relief flashed over Severus' features.

One day very soon he was going to get that man to really open up to him.

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Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling. *

Severus and Harry finished three puzzles together, talking only to ask for this piece or that one, and in Severus' case, to reprimand Harry for his foolish thinking when he tried valiantly to make a three sided piece fit in a four sided space. They worked until Severus finally decided he was tired enough for sleep and the pair moved into the bedroom, leaving the half finished puzzle and picked over dinner plates on the sitting room table for later.

Lucius and Draco were still curled up together in the center of the bed and Harry was shocked to see that both veela were still fully clothed, proof that they really had been tired.

"I do believe that this is the longest we've ever left the two of them alone without one of them bending over something." Severus said in mild fascination as his elegant fingers began to work on the million and two buttons keeping his over robe closed.

Harry watched those fingers for a few seconds before he forced his eyes away, he was tired and tomorrow was going to be a busy day, he need sleep, not Severus.

Despite his internal monologue, Harry's eyes soon trailed back over to Severus to watch him with his buttons as Harry divested himself of his own outer robe, socks and shoes.

"Do you need any help with that?" Harry finally asked, his mouth dry and his cock far harder than it should have been after a watching a man undo buttons, for Merlin's sake.

"No, I quite enjoy the look on your face as you watch me do it." Severus replied jokingly, a smile forming on his usually stoic face. "In any case, I'm more than halfway done and I recognize an attempt to get one's face near my crotch when I hear one."

"That's not-" Harry tried to defend himself but knew that the battle was already lost.

"Spoil sport."

"Get in the bed, brat." Every ounce of blood in Harry's body suddenly rushed to his nether regions at the sound and context of Severus' voice. "To sleep." He added when Harry continued to stare at him, the lust burning even brighter in his green eyes.

"Spoil sport and a tease." Harry mummered under his breath, just loud enough for Severus to hear, "I'm finally seeing who you really are, Sev."

"You knew it would happen eventually, spending everyday with someone has the awful side-effect of actually coming to know them."


The robe was off, all of the buttons carefully undone and Severus was left in just his casual clothes and his shoes and socks.

The vampire bent down to remove said items of clothing, and Harry bit his lip as he eyed his mate's body and shuffled up the bed to lie down beside Draco. His eyes never left Severus and he watched as one sock was carefully removed and placed upon the corresponding shoe, before long fingers moved to the second and final shoe and sock combo.

"Are you sure you just want to sleep?" Harry asked as Severus slowly slid into the bed beside Harry and they both turned onto their sides to face each other.

"Yes, Harry." It was said firmly and without resolve, but Harry had to be blind to miss the look of regret in those dark eyes. "We need to get some sleep before we meet with these elders of yours tomorrow morn."

"Doesn't mean we can't..." Harry allowed his voice to trail off as his fingers delicately traced the pale line of Severus' throat, causing the man to let out a soft moan of pleasure before shoving the fingers away and turning onto his side.

“Go to sleep, brat.”

Harry was not one to give up at the first obstacle and he pressed himself up against his lover’s back, pressing his hard cloth covered cock against the older man’s backside. “When was the last time it was just you and me?” He asked and smirked gleefully as he pressed a series of light kisses to Severus’ neck and the small amount of back exposed by his robe. “No blondes to get in your way, we can have it slow and simple-” he punctuated each word with another kiss, each one longer and more passionate than the one before it. “And right after we can sleep, we’ll be nice and tired.”

Honestly, Harry felt he made a few rather good points and deserved full access to his mate’s body just by coming up with them, and while Severus obviously didn’t agree, he did roll back over and glare at Harry as though he was a bee that wouldn’t stop buzzing around his ears. It was a look of love and admiration and Harry reveled in it.

“You are absolutely insatiable.” Severus whispered, eyes flicking over Harry’s shoulder and toward the sleeping pair of blondes behind him. “And if you think you’ll be quiet enough not to wake them, you are completely delusional.”

Harry sighed in frustration only to let out a surprised smile when Severus leaned over and pressed a soft kiss to the teen’s lips.

Before the older man could pull away, Harry quickly scrambled on top of him, straddling his mate’s waist as he deepened the kiss and ground his hips against Severus’.

“I’ll have you know, I can be very quiet when I want to be.” Harry whispered against Severus’ lips and moved forward to press a kiss against the side of his mate’s neck, one of the man’s most sensitive areas, only to have Severus flip them over so Harry was on his back staring up into pair of inky black eyes, forcing a shiver to travel down his spine in anticipation.

“We’ll see about that.”



Harry groaned as he felt someone nudging him roughly in the side and slowly moved away from his attacker.

“It’s time to wake up, Harry.” The nudging continued, though much rougher than before and when Harry still tried to escape the sensation to get a few more minutes of sleep, someone grabbed his shoulder and began shaking him gently.

“If you weren’t up all night fucking Sev, then this wouldn’t be such a chore. Now wake up.”

Merlin he knew that voice and it had Harry burying his head even further under his pillow

“Harry, we need to go.” Draco continued, putting his entire weight onto Harry’s side, effectively shaking the teen from side to side and making it impossible to get another five minutes of sleep that he had been craving.

With a groan, Harry rolled over and blinked open his eyes to see Draco kneeling on the bed with a smirk on his gorgeous and rather smug face.

“We have a meeting with these elders of yours in fifteen minutes, so you need to get up and get dressed.” Draco ordered and shoved Harry when he least expected it, causing Harry to roll the last few inches off the side of the bed, apparently, Draco had been forcing him closer to the edge for awhile now, the arsehole.

“I absolutely hate you,” Harry gasped after having all of the air completely knocked out of him.

“Love you too, get dressed.” Draco didn’t look over the edge of the bed to see his handy work, and Harry only saw the slight movement of the bed that told him the blonde was bouncing his way off of the mattress.

Harry rolled his eyes at his youngest mate and slowly stood from the carpeted ground and surveyed the room. He saw Draco’s back disappear into the bathroom, Lucius was sitting on one of the armchairs, looking absolutely immaculate and smirking evilly at Harry, and Severus was hastily pulling on his clothes from the previous night that had been magically ironed and freshened.

“Good morning.” Lucius said cheerfully and watched Harry intently as the boy walked past Severus to a stack of carefully folded clothes that Harry recognized as his. He hadn’t folded them the night before in his haste to remove them and he assumed one of his wonderful mates must have done it for him.

“Good morning.” Harry replied as he quickly pulled on his pants and trousers. “Draco said we had a meeting with the elders?”

“Yes, Dilyian came by this morning to alert us. Draco and I were already awake of course, and he took great pleasure in waking both you and Severus.” Not even Lucius Malfoy, a man who had spent a majority of his life controlling his facial expressions, could keep a straight face as the memory of Draco’s antics came to mind.

“Pushed me straight out of bed,” Severus grumbled, tossing Harry the teen’s t-shirt as he walked past him to sit next to Lucius, “He at least tried to wake you up before throwing you off the side.”

Harry’s mind was suddenly assaulted with the image of Draco carefully moving between Harry and Severus before shoving the older man straight onto the floor and Harry couldn’t hold back the laughter that bubbled up from his chest.

“It’s important to find small ways to amuse yourself throughout life,” Draco said as he walked out of the bathroom, looking absolutely perfect as always, and having obviously been aware of the conversation taking place in the bedroom. “And you both know I can’t stand being left out, all it would have taken was a nudge to wake me up.”

“But then we’d be having a very similar conversation right now about letting you get your beauty sleep,” Harry laughed at Draco’s frown and quickly threw on the few remaining items of clothing. “Now, can we stop talking about this and head down to meet those elders? I would hate to be late because you’re a little sore that Sev and I didn’t wake you up for a quickie.”

Severus looked absolutely afronted by the term “quickie” but didn’t say a word about it as Draco scrunched up his nose in mild disgust and opened his mouth to make some kind of comment before Lucius stood and sent his son a hardened glare that him snapping his jaw shut immediately.

“You’re absolutely right, Harry. Let’s go.” Lucius held a hand out to Severus and the two men entangled their fingers together as Sev stood as well.
The two older men led the way toward the door and Harry and Draco followed closely behind, shooting each other amused grins as they eyed their mates.


Lucius remembered every direction that Dilyian must have given him because he led his mates down staircases and through hallways without missing a beat, though about halfway there, Severus finally pulled his hand away and wrapped it around the blonde’s waist, which caused Draco to press up against Lucius’ other side and curl an arm around the other veela, his arm barely brushing Severus’, just to show he couldn’t be upstaged.

Harry watched the entire exchange with a wide grin across his face and amusement clear in his green eyes.

If either of his mates noticed his efforts to contain the laughter that wanted to bubble up and out of his chest, they didn’t say anything as their group came to a stop in front of a huge set of ornate double doors that towered over all four men and alluded to the importance of the room beyond them.

Harry dutifully pulled the door open, surprised by how easily it swung out despite the size, and followed his mates into a large yet simple reception area that took the teen by surprise. Along the wall nearest the door there was a simple desk, with a long woman sitting behind it, her massive crimson wings proudly on display behind her which made Harry’s shoulders twitch with the instinctual need to show off his own.

“Hello,” The woman greeted happily, “I take it you’re the Potter Family?” Her eyes traveled over each member of the group until they landed on Harry and the teen could feel the woman’s eyes inspecting him closely, causing an uncomfortable shiver to travel down his spine.

“We are.” Harry finally replied when it didn’t seem like any of his mates were about to admit to being the “Potter Family.” Not that Harry could really blame them, the label even sounded odd to his ears, though the baser and more instinctual part of him enjoyed the idea.

“Good, the elders are expecting you, just go through this door here, down the hallway, and the elder’s chambers will be the last door on your left.” The woman pointed to a lone door on the other side of the room and shot Harry and his mates a warm and encouraging smile that spurred them to walk toward it.

Harry fought back the tiniest bit of nervousness as Severus held the door open for him and the Malfoys, revealing a long and well lit hallway that Lucius stepped into without hesitation. Severus must have noticed the nerves affecting his youngest mate and he rested his hands gently on Harry’s shoulders as he brought up the rear of the group.

“It’s going to be fine.” Severus told him softly, yet loud enough for the others to hear.

“Yeah.” Harry replied, though his eyes remained straight ahead and his entire body was still as taunt as a bow. It was easy enough for Severus to say this was going to be fine, he was a vampire and it wasn’t the elders of his people he was about to stand in front of and ask for help.

Severus seemed to understand Harry’s unvoiced thoughts and he didn’t say another word, though he kept his hands where they were as they neared the end of the hallway and Lucius slowly opened the last door on the left hand side.

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Chapter Text

*All characters belong to J.K Rowling*

Harry didn’t know what he was expecting. In the back of his mind he had imagined that he and his mates were going to be walking into a real life version of the jedi council.

It was nothing like that.

In fact, the “Council room” and the elders that occupied it, actually looked...well, normal.

There were five, average sized desks along the back wall and a lone person sat behind each one, their heads bowed as quills scratched freverently over parchment.

“Come in and close the door behind you.” The man behind the desk in the center said without looking up and Harry immediately darted inside the room to allow his mates to come in behind him.

“Take a seat.” The same man flicked his unused hand toward the four simple, wooden chairs in front of their desks, and Harry and his mates wasted no time in doing as they were asked...or rather ordered.

Their gazes instinctively locked together once they were seated and Harry was comforted by the fact that none of his mates seemed to be as nervous as he was and each of them sent him reassuring smiles and in the case of Lucius, encouraging hand squeezes.

The elders continued to work in relative silence as their guests watched them in rapidly growing agitation and it wasn’t until several minutes after they had arrived that one after the other, the elders lowered their quills and raised their eyes to look over the room.

“Hello gentlemen.” The woman on the far left said softly with a slight inclination of her head in their direction. “It’s an honor to meet you all.”

“The honor is ours, ma’am, for seeing us on such short notice.” Lucius replied with another squeeze to Harry’s hand that had the teenager smiling like a loon.

“Yes, we do not take threats to our people lightly and your safety is of our utmost concern.” The center man, who Harry had taken to thinking of as the leader of the group of middle aged looking “elders.” “When we heard that the elves wished you ill, we made it a priority to speak with you as soon as possible.”

“Why exactly are they after us?” Harry asked to fill the stretch of silence that appeared once the elder ceased speaking. “I only just came into my inheritance a few months ago and as far as I’m aware neither my mates nor I have done anything to spite them.” None of the elders looked willing to start speaking any time soon and Harry desperately hoped he hadn’t just made a complete fool of himself.

“The elves, along with a few other choice beings have been enemies with the Alchai for as long as we’ve been in existence. Unlike they, we have more than one mate and some feel such a thing is against their idea of the laws of nature and magic. You, Mr. Potter were the only Alchai in the human realm and thus, a weaker target than attacking our city directly. You are also extremely powerful magically, as are your mates which draws unwanted attention at the best of times.”

The man who spoke looked to be the youngest of the group and was also the only one not sporting a blank look of indifference at the moment
Hearing the man’s words unsettled something in Harry and the same instinct that had him running through Hogwarts to retrieve his mates and get them as far away as possible, made an appearance. It was only Lucius’ hand in his and the knowledge that as long as they remained here, they would be safe, that calmed him enough to remain seated.

“We can’t remain here permanently,” Severus said slowly, “ we have lives in the ‘human realm’ that we all wish to return to. What are your plans to protect my mates and I once we leave here?”

“It would be in your best interest to remain in the city for as long as possible, vampire.” The woman on the left said, her tone darkening with every word as though she believed Severus to be nothing more than a bug under her shoes.

“Don’t talk to him like that.” Harry snapped, before he could think better of it. The words caught everyone by surprise with their malice and Harry even managed to shock himself into silence as his mates stared at him with a rather healthy does of concern.

He sent them a sheepish smile that was as much of an apology as his frozen vocal cords would allow and turned back to the elders who didn’t seem the least bit upset my Harry’s demand. In fact...they were smiling. Really weird smiles that looked far too happy to be normal and made Harry’s hair stand up on end.

“Your bond with him is strong.” The woman from before said as she leaned forward and rested a portion of her weight on her desk. “It’s a refreshing thing to see in a boy so young.”

Harry opened his mouth to snap at the woman that it wasn’t the bond that made him stand up for Severus, it was a sense of decency, but Lucius must have anticipated his reaction and gripped Harry’s hand so hard that the teen honestly felt that his mate had broken a bone or two.

“It is Ramalia.” The youngest man said again, meeting Harry’s eyes before casually turning toward Severus. “However, to answer Mr.Snape’s inquiry, we believe it best that you and your mates remain here, in this realm until this war has come to an end. We can not spare man power to protect the lives of one Alchai and his mates, when the rest of our people are in danger. I hope that is a reasonable solution.”

It felt like a lifetime to Harry as he watched Severus stare coldly into the elder’s eyes. If the teen didn’t know better he would have full heartedly believed that his mate was reading the man’s mind.

“That sounds reasonable enough.” Severus replied, but it was clear the professor wasn’t at all happy with the situation. None of them were, they had just survived the war with Voldemort, some more narrowly than others, and now these people were pretty much throwing them head first into another one.

“Good. I’ll have someone make you up a permanent room in the compound.”
Permanent? Nonononono. He could do elongated visits, but he was not staying here permanently, especially with a pregnant mate.

“How long is permanent?” Harry asked, turning away from his mates, who looked just moments away from asking the same thing themselves. “Lucius is pregnant, no offense, but I want my child born in my world, not here.”
“This is your world, Harry. This is where your ancestors came from, same with all of your mates. This realm is more your home than the other one could ever be.” The center elder said, but quickly continued when Harry gave him his best Slytherin glare, the same one Severus used to turn first years to stone.

“You should be home by the time the child is due.” He stated, folding his hands calmly on the desk. “The armies of Esclaria have chosen their sides, now it is only a matter of time before the elves bow to our wishes or we destroy their race as we have been itching to do since their conception.”

Okay, this guy was creepy.

The room was engulfed with silence and Harry couldn’t think of any questions that he needed answered. They knew why the elves were after them, and they had been given a safe place to stay until this had blown over. That was all they wanted, but there was still a nagging feeling in the back of Harry’s mind that told him there was more for him to ask and learn from these people. But the questions never came.

“In our ‘Realm’ there was a prophecy,” Draco began in his “prince of slytherin” tone that made Harry fall just a little bit more in love with the man. “Some believe it to be about us, do you know of it?”

Harry had honestly forgotten all about the stupid prophecy Dumbledore had brought to their attention. It felt like a lifetime since he had heard it and with everything else going on around him, the words had completely slipped from his memory.

“We do.” Replied the center elder just as coldly as Draco and with an emotionless stare that almost contended with the younger man’s.

“Then you are aware that it alludes to the fact Harry might have to participate in this war? As well as mentioning that he will be fighting AFTER our child is born. Since you have already said that you won’t be allowing us to leave, I can’t help but wonder whether or not you’re telling us the entire truth.”

Of course, Draco of all people would remember the prophecy well enough to inquire more about it. Harry couldn’t even recall what it said, let alone what it meant.

The elders, obviously knew the prophecy as well as Draco, and they shared similar looks of uncertainty before the female elder on the right replied in a soft, elegant voice.

“Mr. Malfoy, you will find that Alchai do not put the same weight on prophecies as wizards do. There are too many alternate meanings to every word spoken, that it makes them little more than guesses. If you would like to speak with our oracle about the possibilities presented in the prophecy of four, then by all means we will make you an appointment. Until that time, however, I would recommend that we proceed without presenting simple words with power they have not yet earned.”

Draco’s lips twisted to the left in an unhappy smirk, but otherwise said nothing in response to the elder’s words.

“If that is all-” The head elder said, pausing long enough that Harry or his mates could have cut in if they needed to. “Then you will find Dilyian outside, waiting to take you to your new, fully equipped suite of rooms. He’ll be more than happy to help you with anything you need or desire.”

The words had only just left the man’s mouth when Draco stood from his chair and gracefully made his way to the entrance, obviously expecting his mates to follow him.

“Thank you for your time.” Lucius said smoothly, as though to appease for his son’s behavior and stood up along with his two remaining mates. The elders didn’t say anything more, though a few did send Harry a few overly happily smiles as the three of them followed after Draco.

“I don’t like this.” Draco hissed the moment they were in the hallway. “I know they’re hiding something.”

“As hard as it is to believe, Draco, none of us are idiots.” Severus’ eyes snapped over toward Harry as he spoke but flicked right back to Draco when the Gryffindor sent him a rather powerful glare. “We know they’re hiding something. Though we have more tact than to make that abundantly clear to the only people that can protect us.”

Draco didn’t back down or look the least bit apologetic for his behavior, if anything, he seemed to puff up even more and stepped forward until he was only a few inches away from Severus.

“I don’t like this.” He repeated slowly, “They want Harry here for a reason and I don’t think it’s a good idea to get in the middle of this war if they’re going to hide things from us.” The energy in that hallway was unlike anything Harry had ever felt. He’d never seen his mates fight, not like this at any rate; there was always a sense of playfulness about their arguments, as though they expected to end the fight with a kiss. This one was very different and if Harry didn’t know first hand that these two men loved each other more than life itself, he’d wonder which one was going to speak a curse first.

“Hey.” Harry interrupted as he stepped in between the two men. “It isn’t the time for this. Lets talk when we’re alone and not standing outside of the elder chambers where anyone could be listening in.” As though to authenticate Harry’s statement, Dilyian stepped into the hallway and made his way toward the four men with a wide smile on his face.

“I’m not letting this go.” Draco whispered harshly and Harry found he hadn’t been expecting anything less from his youngest mate.


“Could you make me an appointment with your oracle?” Draco asked as Dilyian led their group once again through the castle. After the tense moments between them, they had been dosed with a hefty serving of silence and the veela was the first one to dare breaking it.

“Of course, that isn’t a problem. Is it just for you or-” The alchai motioned to the other three men as though Draco wouldn’t know who he was referring to.

“Just me. I find that my mates aren’t quite as supportive of my talents as I was formerly led to believe.”

“That’s not what was said, Draco.” Lucius snapped, “Can we please not discuss this among company?”

Draco simply let out a breathy sigh before snapping his attention forward and pointedly ignored all three of his mates. The move hurt, especially coming from Draco, the one person Harry found to give all of them unwanted amounts of attention nearly every minute of every day. He wanted nothing more than to hug the young man to him and never let him go, but with Dilyian right there and countless other people passing them every minute, he didn’t know if the display of affection would be completely welcomed or not.

“Okay, guys, this is your room.” Dilyian came to a stop in front of a simple door that didn’t look any different from the others along the hallway. “I set the password to be the same as before, but you can change it when you please. I also left a map of the city inside and a very simple world map of the realm so you can get a basic idea of where everything is. Meals are set up to arrive in your rooms, but you’re more than free to wander around the castle and the surrounding city so you can get comfortable with your surroundings.”

The blonde’s eyes travelled back and forth between the four solemn men, but when none of them immediately replied, he slowly took a step back. “Just ask someone for me, if you need anything.” He spun around on the heels of his feet and headed off in the direction they had come from, most likely anxious to be away from the stormy attitudes Harry and his mates were crackling with.

Lucius was the first one to walk up to the plain door and whisper their password, causing the piece of wood to swing open and for the blonde to walk in quickly, followed by the other three men.

“Draco,” Harry whispered the moment the door closed behind them and the four men were left alone and upset in the main living space of the suite. “I love you, and you’re right. They are hiding things from us, okay? I know.” Draco didn’t say a word, and didn’t dare to look at anyone in the room.
“But we have to stay here, back home there was an army after us and we didn’t have any backup, at least here, we have a chance.”

He took a few long steps toward his mate and pulled him into the hug he’d been desperate to give him. Draco wrapped his arms around Harry’s middle and pressed his face into the side of his neck as he let out a long, drawn out sob that wracked his entire frame.

Harry most definitely hadn’t been expecting that.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, looking over his shoulder to see that Lucius and Severus looked just as perplexed by Draco’s behavior as Harry felt.

“The destroyer of evil must prepare for his last fight,” Draco replied without removing his face from Harry’s shoulder. “That’s the last line of the prophecy, remember? Everything else is in line and if it means what I think it does-”

“It doesn’t.” Severus cut in, obviously having caught onto Draco’s thought process long before Harry had. Not that that fact was surprising, mind you. “Nothing is going to happen to Harry.”

Just like that, Harry realized Draco thought he was going to die in this war. That’s why his entire body was shaking as he leaned his weight on Harry and sobbed uncontrollably.

“Yeah, nothing’s going to happen to me.” He seconded and carded a hand through Draco’s blonde hair. The veela looked up from Harry’s shoulder and Harry’s heart broke in two seeing the grey eyes he loved rimmed in a thick circle of red.

“I don’t want to stay here, Harry. Something bad is going to happen, I can feel it in my gut.”

“I thought only Gryffindor’s acted on instinct?” Harry replied lightly. “Slytherins look at the facts and find out what move will gain them the most ground, right? And that move is to stay here, where we are the safest.”

“We’re all worried.” Lucius added, coming to stand next to Harry to take over comfortingly running his pale hand through Draco’s hair. “But Harry’s right, this is the safest place for us right now.”

Draco’s eyes hardened all over again, until he was the cold ice prince that Harry, Lucius, and Severus rarely saw when alone with him. “You can say it a thousand times, but it’s not going to change the way I feel.” He hissed lowly. “Despite what you all may think, this is far from the safest place for us.”
The blonde tore himself away from Harry’s hold and stormed off into the bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

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Chapter Text

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“I don’t know what to say to him,” Harry muttered under his breath as he stormed around the living room, hands in his hair and a series of loud groans leaving his throat. “We can’t just leave, but I don’t want him to think I’m not listening to what he’s saying either.”

“He just needs to calm down.” Lucius replied from his position on the couch next to Severus, “give him an hour and he’ll be trying to molest all of us once again.” Not even Lucius looked convinced by his words.

“But what if he’s right? What if we’re in danger here?” Asked Harry and he threw himself in between his mates with a deep sigh that left him feeling completely drained.

“That’s not even a question, Harry. An insane elven leader wants us all dead, we’re in danger no matter where we are, Draco just needs to realize that we’re in slightly less danger among thousands of other alchai and their mates than we were alone in our own world.”

Despite Severus’ statement, his knee was nervously bouncing up and down in an uncharacteristic display of anxiety.

Both of the older men were on edge over Draco’s behavior and that only made Harry even more nervous, and caused the pool of acid building in his chest to grow exponentially.

Unable to remain sitting for another minute, Harry stood up from the couch and began pacing once again, his wings breaking free from the confines of his shirt to twitch nervously in time with his steps. Neither of the three men said a word, each of them caught up in their own line of thought as they tried to discover a way to comfort their agitated mate on the other side of the door.

Harry’s eyes flicked around the room as he walked and he caught sight on a single, pristine sheet of parchment sitting on the dining room table in the small kitchen area. Curious and desperate for a distraction, he walked over toward in and stared down at the map he found.

The top of the parchment said “Alcane City” and it painted a very detailed image of the city that completely surrounded the castle. Small shops were listed in a legend along the side with small descriptions of some of the more notable ones.

“We should take him out of the castle.” Harry said, deciding that if he felt the need for a distraction from everything, then his other mates, especially Draco, probably did too. “It’s not good for us to just sit here and dwell, we need to get our minds off of everything.”

Harry handed the map to Lucius who took it and passed it over to Severus without bothering to look at it. “That sounds like a wonderful idea, Harry, why don’t you see if Draco’s up for it?”

“Sure, you two can plan our course while I lure him out of his hole.”
Severus and Lucius sent Harry aggravated glares, but didn’t protest the teen’s suggestion as he wanted over to the bedroom door and gently knocked on the solid wood. “Can I come in, Draco?”

There wasn’t a response from the other side, and Harry slowly opened the door only to duck quickly as a stinging hex was aimed directly at his head.
“Draco!” Another spell came flying from somewhere within the darkened bedroom and Harry casted a lumos just the purple stream of light narrowly missed his left hip.

Draco was sitting on the large bed, his back against the headboard and a pillow on his lap. He had his chin resting comfortably on the pillow as he glared at Harry from across the room and sent another silent spell flying toward the other teen.

“Ow!” This one actually hit it’s mark, grazing Harry’s left calf as he tried to jump out of the way, causing a mild burn to appear along his skin. “Draco stop it!” The blonde hesitated for a moment, though his eyes didn’t soften, and Harry took that as an opportunity to race forward and leap on top of his submissive mate and wrestle his wand away from his grip.

“Give it back, Harry.” Draco snarled. He was pinned beneath Harry’s body and looked absolutely murderous, despite the fact that four hours ago he would have begged to be there. “I want to be alone for a while.”

Harry didn’t know how to handle this. He didn’t know how to talk to Draco when he was like this and in an act of desperation, he leaned down and roughly pressed his mouth against the older blonde’s.

For one, terrifying moment, Draco fought him.

He didn’t just refuse to kiss Harry back, he pushed at Harry’s chest and let out bird like squawks of protest that almost had Harry pulling away in horror. However, it only took a few seconds for Draco to relax against the soft bed and curl his hands into Harry’s shirt to pull him closer.

When those agile hands began to unbutton Harry’s shirt, the teen pulled back and stared into Draco’s lust clouded eyes. “I didn’t come in here for that.” He whispered while fighting back the urge to kiss Draco again and forget for a moment that his mate was upset with him. “Lucius, Sev and I wanted to know if you wanted to get out of the castle for a bit. We could walk around and see the city. We’re in a different realm, we shouldn’t be spending our time inside of a castle.”

One did not say that everyday.

Draco just stared up into Harry’s eyes as though he wanted nothing more than to shove his wand in a few rather painful places, but he finally sighed and rose up enough to lean his forehead against Harry’s.
“That sounds good, Harry.” He whispered, though it sounded a little sad to Harry’s ears. Almost as though he honestly believed that his mate was leading him to the gallows.

“Hey,” Harry kissed him softly, “I promise everything is going to fine. I won't let anything happen to you, or Lucius, or Severus, and I will never leave you, okay? Whatever bad things happen, we’ll be fine.”


The moment all four men stepped out of the castle, Harry’s heart stopped. He’d been expecting a Hogsmeade like village, with lanterns hanging from hooks over wooden doors and cobblestone streets, but what he was met with was towering skyscrapers and strings of electric lights running between buildings and over the roads and walkways.

“Merlin.” Lucius breathed and walked around a frozen Harry to step out onto the sidewalk. “This is-”

Before Lucius could finish a figure literally flew by in a blur of orange, and nearly knocked the man on his arse if it wasn’t for Draco’s rather remarkable catch.

“Are you okay?” Harry asked, going into protective mate mode so quickly that it honestly made his head spin. He sprinted over to Lucius’ side and his hands immediately landed on the man’s stomach, as though he would be able to tell whether or not the baby was okay, just by tactile sense alone.

“I’m fine, Harry.” Lucius told him and when Harry didn’t immediately release him, he forcefully pried the teen’s fingers from his middle.

“Potter, release the veela.” Severus sighed as he turned away from the trio on the sidewalk and began walking away from them at a leisurely pace, obviously waiting for them to catch up to him without being forced to watch their antics for a moment more.

Harry’s hands immediately fell to his side at Severus’ words and he gave Lucius a sheepish smile in apology for his actions, though the older veela didn’t look the least bit perturbed.

“Wait up, you bat!” Draco hollered and after looking over at his father and Harry, ran off after Severus in order to attach himself to the vampire’s side.
“He looks better.” Lucius told Harry as he placed an arm around the teen’s shoulders and began following after their other two mates. “What did you tell him?”

“Nothing really.” He replied honestly and leaned into his mate with a sigh. “Just that I wouldn’t leave him and I won’t.” Harry wouldn’t leave any of his mates, and if that meant he would have to discover the secret of the philosophers stone in order to guarantee that, then he’d spend his life researching.
Hermione would probably love that, actually.

“That’s exactly what he needed to hear.” Lucius told him, “Each of us is terrified of something happening to one of the others. We wouldn’t recover from losing one of our mates.” A kiss was planted to the top of Harry’s head and he couldn’t stop the goofy smile that spread across his face, despite the subject of conversation. “But Draco is the most submissive of us all, while losing one of you would tear my heart into a thousand pieces, it would completely destroy him.”

Harry only nodded at Lucius’ words, understanding exactly what he meant as he stared at Draco from behind, tugging at Severus’ arm and trying rather valiantly to earn a kiss from the vampire.


They must have been miles away from the castle when the four men stumbled onto a small, town-square-like area. There was a large, open space in the center and people were stuffed in so completely that many were being pressed against the shop windows that lined the clearing.

Severus took one look at the crowd and promptly turned on his heels and started to walk away, only to be stopped by Draco, who still had both hands around the man’s arm. “Don’t you want to see what’s going on?”

“Not particularly.” The potion master replied with a scowl at the crowd that was nearly climbing over each other to get closer to the very center.

“I agree, I have no desire to be trampled.” Lucius added and Harry could only nod in agreement. He wasn’t a fan of crowds to begin with, but this one unsettled him even more than normal.

“You three are absolutely no- woah!” Two streaks of color launched into the air from the center of the crowd, like twin rockets soaring toward the heavens. The red blur made a sharp turn to the left and the blue went right, flying out of sight in a matter of moments.

The noisy crowd immediately went silent, their faces turned up toward the sky as they waited for the blurs to return. They must have sensed something Harry and his mates didn’t because their attention moved as one toward the back of the crowd where Harry, Lucius, Draco, and Severus were standing, just moments before a giant woosh went by directly over their heads, followed closely by a second rush of air.

“They were racing.” Harry said in awe as he watched a young woman with royal blue wings land on top of a low building and raise her hands up into the air in triumph.

“I didn’t think it was even possible to fly that fast.” Draco whispered and moved closer to the crowd as though getting closer to the flyers in question would grant him their super sonic flying abilities. “It didn’t even look like they were flapping their wings.”

“Amazing.” Severus drawled, his eyes clearly portraying how completely unimpressed he was by the display. “May we go now?”

“Sure, Sev.” Draco didn’t look the least bit happy about the words leaving his mouth, but he sighed dramatically and clutched even tighter to his mate before allowing the vampire to lead them away.

“Harry Potter?” A female voice called out and the loony smile that had been on Harry’s face at seeing the flyers, fell like a sack of bricks.

Apparently he was famous in more than one realm. Fan-fucking-tastic.

“Lets go.” He hissed under his breath and broke away from Lucius’ hold to grab the man’s hand and begin pulling him quickly away from the crowd and anyone that could possibly recognize him.


A burst of air blew by the four mates just moments before the blue winged female alchai appeared in front of him. She was just a tad shorter than Harry, with long ebony hair that was tied back in a ponytail, and a wide smile that actually made it all the way to her alchai violet eyes.

“You are Harry Potter, aren’t you?” The woman reached out as though to brush her fingers over Harry’s forehead, where his scar was plainly visible, but Draco’s hand shot out, faster than Harry’s eyes could follow, and gripped her wrist before it could make contact.

“I mean him no harm.” She continued, her smile never faltering. “I’ve just never seen a human with an Alchai inheritance.” Her eyes closed and she took in a deep breath through her nostrils. “Holy gods above, you are a powerful one! You’re only what, 1/20 Alchai? I can barely smell it in you.”

The knowledge that this woman was smelling him, did not sit well with Harry. Every instinct he had pushed him to free his wings and try his damndest to kill this woman.

Apparently, his mates had the same urges, though unlike Harry, they didn’t bother to control them.

Severus bared his fangs in the woman’s direction and both Draco and Lucius let out angry squawking snarls as they shoved Harry behind them. Not a good idea, since the entire race audience was watching the interaction from just a few feet behind them.

“Woah, woah, gents.” Mystery woman laughed and held her hands up in the air. “I have my own mates, thank you very much and if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be going after your young man there.” She flicked her fingers toward herself and three women stepped out of the crowd, looking extremely nervous and all but ran to the first woman’s side, pressing themselves against any bit of skin they could reach.

Seeing that this woman was mated and obviously had no interest in Harry, his mates reigned themselves in and Harry was able to step in between them.

“Excuse us madam, we have important business that needs attending too.” Lucius all but snarled and one by one, pushed his mates to begin walking away from the woman and the crowd while he remained unmoving as though to ensure they weren’t followed, before quickly catching up with the three men.

“You just had to be Harry-Freaking-Potter.” Draco mumbled softly, his harsh words dulled by the fact he was rubbing his cheek along his bite mark on Harry’s neck and chirping softly.

“I didn’t think people would know me here.” He said in his defense as Lucius began nuzzling the front of this throat where the older man’s mark was placed, while Severus rolled his eyes at the display.

“Thank Merlin one of us isn’t a slave to their instincts.”

“Well you did lower your fangs pretty quickly in defense of your mate, Mr. Vampire.” An irritatingly familiar female voice said from the opposite end of the alley Harry and his mates had chosen to hide out in for a few minutes to get control of themselves.

The same woman from before was walking toward them, with all three of her mates flanking her on both sides, they looked marginally better after establishing physical contact with their mate, but they were still obviously uncomfortable with confronting Harry and his mates a second time.

“I’m Lyra, by the way. I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself earlier.” The all female group came to a stop in front of Harry and his mates, and Lyra held her hand out for Lucius to shake, though her eyes remained on Harry.
Lucius, unsurprisingly, didn’t take the offered hand and only scowled at the other alchai.

“It’s customary for the dominant members of the mating group to introduce themselves prior to the more submissive members co-mingling.” Lyra mentioned and moved her hand even closer to Lucius, as though the proximity was the reason for his refusal.

“It’s very impolite not to accept a hand when it’s offered, Mr.Veela, since it’s obvious you don’t know the customs of the alchai, I’ll let it slip, but my patience only extends so far.”

“Please, just take it, Lucius.” Harry whispered softly enough that the women couldn’t hear. He didn’t want this turning out to be a bigger pain in the arse than it already was.

“Lucius.” The veela said calmly and took the offered hand before shaking it once and releasing.

“Good to meet you, sir.” Lyra smiled. “This is Dira, Myriu, and Ky.” She motioned to each of her mates, who smiled and offered their hands to Lucius, who hesitantly took each one.

“Severus, Harry, and Draco.” Lucius replied and Lyra shook each of their hands in turn, though neither Severus or Draco willingly offered their hands until Harry slammed a well aimed elbow against their ribs.

Sometimes violence is the only solution.

“Good, now that the introductions are done, perhaps you could kindly stop staring at me as though I killed your pet unicorn.” Lyra said to Lucius, who was indeed giving the woman a rather nasty looking glare. It wasn’t as powerful as Severus’, but the poor man didn’t have the same experience with dunderheads, so it was to be expected.

“How did you recognize me?” Harry asked as he slowly inched his arm around Lucius’ waist to calm the older man. His other hand was already being held in a death grip by Draco and there was no way in Hell he was getting it back any time soon.

“The papers.” Lyra said simply, “they wrote an article about you a few months ago, you’re the first human to come into an alchai inheritance in several centuries. Something like that doesn’t go unnoticed.”

Which was probably how the elves learned about him too.

“It takes a lot of magic to go through something like that,” Dira added, “We’re at war and hearing of a man strong enough to receive such an inheritance after destroying one of the most powerful wizards your world had ever known, was uplifting for us all.”

“Exactly.” Lyra agreed with a smile and her fingers fidgeted at her sides as though she wanted nothing more than to run them over Harry’s scar. Strangely, it wasn’t the first time someone had wanted to do that.

“I’m not magically gifted myself, so seeing the four of you, with so much of it…” Lyra’s eyes closed again, but thankfully, she didn’t seem to be scenting them. “It’s incredible and I couldn’t just let you walk away without a proper introduction.”

“But we can see that you weren’t expecting company,” Ky said pointedly in Lyra’s direction, “We should go and leave you to your day.” Harry knew that look! It was the same one Draco used when he wanted something, the one that made his dominate mates melt into a puddle of goo in the palm of his hand.

Apparently it worked on Lyra as well and she let out a disappointed sigh before flicking her fingers forward and conjuring a simple blue card between the digits. She held it out to Lucius, who took it with a scowl and immediately handed it to Harry as though it had been pulled directly from a rubbish bin. It had Lyra’s name printed in white lettering as well as what looked to be an address.


“If you need anything, while you’re here Mr.Potter,” She nodded to his mates as well, “or Mr.Potter’s mates, then don’t be afraid to contact me. This is a dangerous realm for those who do not understand it’s rules.”

In perfect synchronization, the four women rocketed into the air and were gone.

“You draw nutcases to you like bees to honey.” Severus scoffed, and Draco and Lucius chuckled along with him. However, Harry had the feeling Lyra wasn’t as much of a nutcase as his mates seemed to believe.

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Chapter 45:

Hermione called out after Harry as she watched him pull Draco and Lucius out of the Defense classroom after collapsing to the ground not five minutes before.

The class went silent as the three men disappeared, frozen in their seats as though they couldn’t believe what they had just seen. Only Ron and Hermione were used to their friend’s behavior and without saying a word to the other, they gathered their books and bags and quickly started off after Harry.

“He’s too fast.” Ron said simply once they were out in the hallway, only to find it completely devoid of Harry and his mates. Hermione wasn’t expecting her friend to be anywhere in sight: from the terror and urgency on his face, she’d be surprised if he wasn’t already in the dungeons.

“We have to go to Dumbledore, Ron, obviously something’s wrong and I have a feeling Harry isn’t heading for his office right now.” No, he was probably coming up with an incredibly ill-thought out plan that would only serve to raise Hermione’s stress levels until they were well above healthy for the baby that was currently trying to kick its way free of her stomach.

Ron must have agreed with her and after gently taking her hand and shouldering the bag he stole from her (something he had picked up from a certain alchai), he lead her through the castle’s empty hallways.

They found Dumbledore, not in his office, but a few hallways down, walking directly toward them as though on a mission to seek out the two Gryffindors. There was an unexpected look of shock and worry on the headmaster’s face and whatever fragment of peace left in Hermione, went up in metaphorical smoke.

“Come with me.” He ordered and promptly turned in the direction of his office, obviously expecting Ron and Hermione to follow him.

“Sir?” Ron said slowly, his eyes slanting over to Hermione as though waiting for her to coach him. “Something is wrong with Harry, we were just coming to-”

“I know, Mr.Weasley. I felt a disturbance in the wards as Harry, Severus, Draco, and Lucius apparated out of the castle.”

“Apparated?” Hermione asked as she replayed the numerous times people had told her that aparating anywhere near Hogwarts was impossible. How had Harry managed if no one else could, and what had terrified him so thoroughly that he needed to go through such extremes to leave the castle?

“Yes, Miss Granger, I assure you that I’m as perplexed by his actions as you are.”

Their group was suddenly plunged into silence and Ron and Hermione followed behind Dumbledore anxiously as they ascended the spiral staircase leading to his office, where Professor McGonagall was already pacing back and forth, her mouth set in a stern line and her eyebrows dipping toward the center of her forehead in worry.

“What happened, Albus?” She asked the moment Dumbledore and the two students walked in.
The headmaster didn’t answer her as he slowly walked through the office to collapse heavily in his chair. “I don’t know, Minerva.” He replied with a sigh, “I was here, doing paperwork, when the magic of the wards rippled through my office, alerting me that Mr.Potter had apparated out of the castle with his mates in tow.”

It was obvious that not knowing what was going on was weighing heavily on the aging wizard’s mind, perhaps even more so than the fact two of his students and two professors had left the castle in a near panic.

“They couldn’t have apparated out of Hogwarts!” McGonagall hissed, not paying any attention to the two students sitting in the chairs across from the headmaster. “The wards are extremely powerful and meticulously specific, no one can apparate in and out. Not even Merlin himself could break them.”

“The wards weren’t broken, dear, they were just...twisted, manipulated to allow Harry to side along his mates away from here. Though, way he would want to do such a thing is still beyond me.” With those words, Dumbledore turned to Hermione and Ron, who were watching the exchange between the two professors with an equal amount of curiosity and distress.

“He collapsed in DADA.” Hermione said quickly, her mind racing as she tried to decipher what exactly was going on with Harry. “It was only for a second and when he got up, he was absolutely frantic, like a wild animal. He took Draco and Lucius out of the class and by the time Ron and I could run after him, he was already too far for us to follow. I didn’t even imagine he’d apparate out, sir.”

“He’s been having visions,” Ron added, though Dumbledore didn’t seem the least bit surprised by that piece of news. “He must have seen something that triggered this.”

Oh Merlin.

A thought crossed Hermione’s mind, wild and reckless enough that she knew Harry would try it. Especially if he thought his mates and unborn child were at risk.

“Headmaster, could Harry be travelling for Esclaria? His visions were always about elves from what he told us, if he was scared enough, could be find his way to that world? Maybe for protection or as an instinct?”

Please say no. She hoped to every god that bothered to listen, that she was wrong, that her friend wasn’t in a parallel dimension and completely out of reach.

“It’s plausible, Miss Granger.” Professor Dumbledore said and McGonagall sighed deeply before falling into one of the chairs beside the fireplace.

“What are we going to do?”

Before Dumbledore could answer Professor McGonagall’s question, one of the golden devices began to chirp and whirl around in it’s glass covering before settling down. It was shaped like a small book and it was using it’s pages to fly about, though the moment the headmaster’s eyes landed on it, the device relaxed and spread it’s binding wide for inspection.

“Harry was last seen in Canada.” He whispered and Hermione let out a relieved sigh while Ron whistled lowly at the distance the boy had travelled with three passengers.

“What do you mean ‘last seen’?” Hermione asked, “Where is he now?” If Dumbledore had a machine that could tell her where her friend was, why couldn’t the darn thing give them an exact, current, location?

“A Locus Omnium, gives the location of any being whose essence is placed within it.” Professor McGonagall said, though her voice was less “teaching” and more horrified as she advanced on the headmaster. “How did you get it to work, Albus?”

“A hair left in my office, Minni, nothing nefarious, I promise you. I felt this was a severe enough situation to call for such action.” The man’s blue eyes weren’t sparkling as they stared at the transfiguration professor, and the tension in the room became nearly unbearable.

“It doesn’t matter how it happened.” Ron said, “It’s done, what matters is where Harry is.”

“That’s just it,” Dumbledore told him, his eyes softening as they turned to Ron. “It can’t tell me where he is now, only the last place he was located while in this realm.”

Good Merlin.

“I’m going to kill that little creatin.” Hermione whispered and leaned back in her chair with a deep sigh. “He went to Esclaria didn’t he? He panicked and instead of coming to us for help, he left the damn realm!” She ran her hands down her face, pulling at her lower eyelids as a groan left her lips.

She did not need this kind of stress right now.

“What?” Ron exclaimed, and from the corner of her eye, Hermione saw her boyfriend sit straight up in his chair and look around frantically as if the answers to the world’s questions were somewhere in the headmaster’s office.

“Esclaria, Ronald. The land that all magical creatures were thought to come from. It was thought to be a myth, but apparently it’s not if Harry can’t be found in this realm.”

“But what are we going to do?”

“Nothing, Ron. There is absolutely nothing we can do, because there’s no way to go there. We can’t figure out what scared Harry so badly that he ran from the castle, and there’s absolutely no way we can help him. It’s not like we can just send him an owl.” Just as the words left her mouth, Hermione’s eyes snapped open and she sat up straight in her chair to see that both of the professors and her boyfriend were staring at her questioningly.

“Fawkes.” She whispered and looked over at the phoenix who was sitting on his perch beside the headmaster’s desk and grooming the feathers beneath his wings, seemingly without a care in the world.

“I believe you may be onto something, Ms.Granger.” Dumbledore said and raised an arm, which was the signal for the mythical bird to glide over to him from the perch.

The headmaster didn’t say a word, though he stared into the phoenix's eyes intently, as though he was trying to read his mind. After a few moments, he turned away and the bird went back it’s previous position, albeit much more alert and ready for action.

“Fawkes should be able to travel between the two realms. I don’t believe he’s attempted it, but most magical creatures have an innate ability to realm jump. He shouldn’t have a problem with it.” As though in agreement with Dumbledore’s words, Fawkes let out a soft, song-like thrum that vibrated through every surface in the room.

“Then we can write a letter.” Hermione said, mostly to herself, but loud enough for the others in the room to hear as well. She reached down toward the side of her chair, the same place she would usually place her school bag, but her hand met nothing but empty air.

“Here.” Ron handed over her bag with a crooked smile that he tried to control, but only managed to make himself look even more amused by the situation.

She snatched the item away from her boyfriend and ruffled through her belongings before pulling out a stray sheet of parchment and the charmed, ink-filled quill Harry had made her for Christmas.

It wasn’t until she placed the items on Dumbledore's desk, intent on writing an extremely strong worded letter to her best friend, that detailed exactly how she was going to kill him, when she realized that her hands were shaking so badly that there was no way she was ever going to be able to write legibly.

“I’ve got it, dear.” Professor McGonagall said as she raced over to her student and gently took the quill from her trembling fingers. “You just relax, okay?” The woman’s second hand reached up and pushed Hermione back until she was forced to slump down in her chair.


“I love you.” Harry whispered as he ran his fingers through Draco’s hair. After the excitement with the female alchai earlier, Harry and his mates had retreated to their rooms in the massive castle. Currently, Draco was curled around Harry’s form, his feet resting on Severus’ lap, while Lucius was taking a shower to calm himself down.

Harry and Draco had offered to wash his back...and a few other choice places, but the blonde had refused them. Which was a real shame in Harry’s book: all of that pale skin and blonde hair, dripping wet and covered in suds was what his dreams were made of.

“I love you, too.” Draco replied and placed a kiss on the side of Harry’s neck. “Even when you’re causing all of us a bunch of problems.”

“Which is everyday.” Severus added, and both of his teenage mates turned to him with twin glares. Whether or not he actually saw those glares or not, was up in the air, since his eyes were glued to a ratty looking book he had found in one of the dresser drawers.

“There is no need to be snippy.”

Good Merlin.

Lucius had walked out of the bedroom, a pair of charcoal pants that must have been transfigured since Harry knew they hadn’t brought anything like that with them, and was currently buttoning up a white shirt.

For some reason, seeing all of that beautiful skin was easily ten times more erotic when it was being covered up. Strange, but oh so true.

“I’m not being snippy, princess, I’m being honest.” Severus told Lucius, though Harry was happy to see that the vampire’s eyes did in fact rise a centimeter to look over the pages of his book and see the shear perfection that was his mate.

Lucius finished the last button and stared at Severus for a moment, his head cocked to the side, before he walked forward and forcefully pulled the book out of the potion master’s fingers and gently thumped it against the side of his mate’s dark head.

“Don’t call me, princess, darling.”

The book was placed on the coffee table in front of the couch and Lucius slowly placed one knee on either side of Severus’ hips, until he was straddling him. “And you were being snippy.” Severus didn’t have time to argue the blonde’s statement, before the veela captured his lips in a deep kiss that had Harry moaning at the mere sight of it.

There was nothing sexier than seeing his mates together.

The kiss, while steamy, only lasted a few moments before Lucius pulled back, though he didn’t move from his position on Severus’ lap.

“What was that for?” He asked, clenching his fingers into the material of Lucius’ shirt. “Not that I’m complaining, mind you.”

“Just needed a pick me up,” Lucius laughed and pressed a second kiss to Severus’ lips before rolling to the side to sit between Severus and Draco.

“Have you been feeling hungry?” Harry asked, knowing that while their healer may have been a fraud, he was correct about some things, such as the fact that Lucius would crave and hunger for sex more often.

“I’m fine.”

It wasn’t an answer and Harry was just about to say something when a knock came from the front door. Odd, since they didn’t know anyone here…

His mates thought the sound was just as out of place as Harry did, if their concerned looks were anything to go by. Harry motioned for them to sit down, though he felt their eyes on his back the entire way to the door, and the tension in the room was nearly unbearable.

“Calm down.” He hissed to himself, but the sound did absolutely nothing to help.

With a sigh, he opened the door a crack to see an unknown alchai standing in the hall, his hands folded neatly in front of him, and his head swiveling back and forth as though he had other places to be and was considering leaving right then.

“Yes?” Harry asked, pulling the door open further, allowing Harry to see that a phoenix was perched on the man’s right shoulder. A phoenix that looked a lot like: “Fawkes?”

“So you do know this bird, Mr. Potter? He’s been terrorizing the owls for hours now, the wards didn’t allow him entrance into the castle and he was doing his damnest to break them.”

“Yes, I know him.” He said quickly, still in shock at seeing something familiar in this strange place. Instinctively, Harry held out his arm and Fawkes flew over to him as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

“I’ll inform the ward keepers to alter the wards to allow him future entry into the castle, sir. If there are any other creatures you plan to visit you, please let someone know in advance.” His violet eyes narrowed slightly at the phoenix on Harry’s arm, but they returned to normal quickly as he turned and retreated down the hall.

“Look who came to visit.” Harry said, holding up his arm for his mates to better see Fawkes. “The man outside said he’s been trying to get to us for hours.” As he spoke, his ran his fingers over the bird’s feathers and watched with a smile as he preened and leaned into the touch.

He didn’t even notice the way Draco and Lucius’ eyes narrowed dangerously with every caress to the magical avian.

It was halfway through one of those caresses, that Harry noticed that there was a small scroll tied tightly to the bird’s foot.

“What do you have there?” He reached forward and untied the scroll before freezing with the paper between his fingers when he realized exactly why Fawkes was here with a letter.

“We didn’t tell anyone we were leaving.” Harry said loudly enough for his mates to hear from across the room. “We just left...they’re probably going bonkers trying to figure out what happened.”

Sensing the sudden change in Harry’s mood, Fawkes flew over to one of the bookshelves in the room and perched himself on the tallest level as Harry stumbled over to the couch and retook his seat.

“Hey, we were in danger, Harry, there was no time to tell anyone. And it’s not like they could have come with us anyway! They’re safer away from us.” Severus said, reaching across his other two mates to lay a large hand on Harry’s knee. “Your responsibility was to keep us safe, not to inform all of your friends that we were leaving.”

How could that man go from being snippy and snarky one minute, to caring and sensible in the next?

Despite the change, the man’s words didn’t make the guilt in Harry lessen in the least.

Harry felt soft fingers pulling the scroll out of his grip and he let Draco have it, too frazzled and upset to actually read the damned thing at the moment.

“Severus is right, Harry. Just calm down, alright? Someone knows where we are if they thought to send Fawkes with a letter. Your friends are worried, but they know you’re okay.” Lucius told him as he came to kneel in front a shell-shocked Harry. He took the teen’s face in his hands and forced their eyes to met over the few inches separating them.

Lucius looked so sure, so utterly perfect, that Harry couldn’t help but believe every word that left his mouth and sank into the man’s embrace without bothering to fight it.

“The headmaster, along with Hermione, the weasel and McGonagall; have correctly guessed as to your location.” Draco said absent mindedly, and Harry turned his head, which was lying against Lucius’ shoulder, to look over at the blonde. He had the scroll completely unraveled and his grey eyes were scanning the written words with mild interest.

“They just want to make sure you’re okay and are wondering what caused you to run off in the first place.” Draco finished and rolled up the parchment with a practiced flick of his wrist.

“That’s it?” Harry asked skeptically, his eyes narrowing in Draco’s direction until the older teen gave an annoyed huff and sent the scroll flying over to Harry.

“Of course that’s not ‘it’, Harry. It’s nearly two feet of parchment, and most of it is complete drivel, but the jist of it is that they’re worried about you.” Draco told him as Harry pulled away from Lucius to grab the missive from the air. “As they should be, since you brought us into a fucking war zone.”

The last part was whispered, obviously not meant for anyone’s ears other than his own, but the three other men in the room heard it loud and clear.

“Draco-” Severus began, reaching out toward the young veela and quite obviously annoyed that the teen was bringing this up, again.

Draco evaded Severus’ hand and stepped away from his mates. “Just write back to them and tell them we’re okay, alright? Make sure to add in a good dollop of Gryffindor sentiment and tell Hermione ‘hello’ for me.”

With that said, the teen turned on his heel and walked into the bedroom, closing the door softly behind himself.

“I thought he was over that.” Lucius sighed a few moments later. “Though it was obviously misguided of me to believe Draco would let anything drop without drawing it out for several days and ensuring all of us feel exceptionally guilty.”

“He can pout all he wants, but I refuse to feel a shred of guilt over his childishness.” Severus replied while Harry unrolled his letter and began reading Hermione’s neat script. “If he thinks being angry and throwing temper tantrums will solve our troubles, then he’s as stupid as his mother.”

“Sev.” Harry chided sharply without looking up from the parchment. “Simmer down.”

Just as Draco had said, there was indeed, quite a bit of information crammed onto the large piece of parchment. Statements that expressed just how worried everyone was by his sudden departure were intermittently interrupted by questions asking just what had scared him enough to run off, when he’d be back, if he needed their help, and a plethora of others.

He felt horrible that he had left them to worry about him, mostly because he knew how worried and panicked he’d be if Hermione or Ron suddenly disappeared into a mysterious realm that was impossible to get to. However, Lucius and Severus had a point when they said Harry hadn’t had a choice in the matter, it was a life and death situation and if he had to pick between keeping his mates safe and preventing his friends from worrying, then it was no contest at all.

“I’m going to write a reply to this.” Harry held up the scroll as though neither of the two older men would know what he was talking about otherwise, and headed toward the bedroom door where he had seen a quill and an ink well. “Play nice.” was the last thing he said before stepping into the bedroom, fully expecting a hex to fly this way.

But nothing happened. At all.

All of the lights were on in the room and Draco was sitting in the center of the bed reading a transfigured book with a scowl on his beautiful face, but he didn’t look nearly as upset as he had earlier that day.

Merlin, Harry hoped that was a good sign, because he could not deal with an upset veela right now.

“You okay?” Harry asked stupidly and mentally cursed himself for opening up a potentially massive can of worms.

“Fine. I’m not happy, but I’m fine.” Draco replied absentmindedly.


How in the world was he supposed to respond to that?!

“I’ll be out in a bit.” Draco continued, even after Harry’s stupid reply. “I just need to collect myself first.”

Harry nodded, still unsure that anything he could say would be acceptable or even wanted at the moment, and gently took the quill and ink off the desk and made a beeline for the door.

For some ungodly reason, he stopped at the side of the bed and before Draco could curse him or he could think better of his actions, he climbed up on the bed just enough to lean over and press a soft kiss to the side of Draco’s head.

“I love you.”

“So you’ve said, dear.” Draco laughed sarcastically and he opened his mouth as though to say something else, only to slam it shut and sit straight up on the bed.

“You might want to stay in here with me for awhile if you want to get any work done.” He finally laughed, “Sev and Lucius are otherwise engaged.” Draco chuckled to himself as though he had just told a rather funny joke before relaxing back into the pillows behind him.

To be quite honest, Harry wasn’t sure if he really wanted to finish the letter that badly (and to be quite honest, he wasn’t sure if Draco was that upset either), but after a few moments of internal struggle, he decided to reply to his friends and to leave his two older mates to themselves. It was rare for any of them to get one on one time with another of their mates, and Severus and Lucius deserved a moment without their younger mates hanging around.