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Pain of Parting.

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Author's notes: Summary: DISCLAIMER; THE KNOWN CHARACTERS IN THIS STORY AND THE PLACES BELONG TO J.K.R. ROWLING, I JUST WROTE A STORY FOR ENJOYMENT, NO MONEY OR GAIN CAME FROM THIS STORY. SOME CHARACTERS ARE OF MY OWN IMAGINATION. SIGNED DONAVON Harry is out after curfew when Snape returns from a revel, due to his injuries Snape is dying until fate takes a twist.

This chapter is a inbetween chapter if you know what I mean. The story needed the chapter to go to another level on the lemons front. Reviews would be good, best wishes, Threesisters aka Donavon.


Chapter 15.

Coming to the Slytherin rooms that had been allotted to Severus and Harry, Draco requested, to the snake and lion within the picture, that they really needed to talk to Dante and Harry Potter immediately.

The snake slithered away, returning seconds later to deny entrance to the trio.

“Please, I am Hermione Granger, Harry Potter is my best friend. Harry and Severus did not attend breakfast this morning, I am very concerned, so are Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Zabini on behalf of their housemates.” Hermione added.

The lion stretched and stood quietly, “The masters of the elements are still asleep due to the power of the bond. When they wake we will inform them of your concerns.”

“What do you mean Masters of the Elements, there was only one master, Merlin, and he died centuries ago.” Draco stated, “If Dante and Mr. Potter are sleeping due to a strong effects of the magic which occurred last eve, then you must allow us entrance to ensure they are magically safe.”

“Mr. Potter and his bonded mate are the strongest wizards who walk upon this earth, can you really belief that they would require your aid?” The snake hissed and turned his back to them in disgust.

“You have your answer,” the Lion roared, “as stated we will inform our Masters that you were asking for them.”

Then the trio looked in amazement as the picture they had been speaking to disappeared and in its place was the painting of Salazar Slytherin which was usually placed down in the depth of the dungeons. Draco sighed with relief.

“Sir, we desperately need your help, please can you grant us entry to these rooms, we are very concerned about the occupants.

“Young Draco, I was so wrong about this pairing. Mr. Potter was very pure within his magic, however, now also Mr. Dante is equally pure and when you put both auras together, you have a elemental bonding far beyond any which I and those which followed me understand. Miss Granger, your concern is understandable, but you have nothing to fear with regards Mr. Potter and his mate. They are simply sleeping, the magic has drained their reserves, but have no fear, for the magic I feel within their quarters makes the four founders of which I am one, insignificant. They will wake, stronger and with such purity the earth of magic will be fulfilled.”

“Alright Sir, we will depart as requested. However, can you at least confirm my findings from last night. Firstly, all the wards of each Houses have been strengthened and yet, seem to be closer together?” Hermione asked in bewilderment.

“Draco,” Blaize interrupted, “you didn’t tell me about the wards of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff has got closer to our Slytherin wards.”

“That’s because Blaize I did not know. Granger, what do you mean the wards have got closer?” Draco asked.

“Perhaps I can explain more clearly Miss Granger,” stated a picture from behind them, turning they saw Mistress Ravenclaw.

“I bow to you Rowena,” Salazar Slytherin said with a smirk.

“The wards at the time when we walked the halls, were like a jigsaw puzzle which fitted together to make the wards literally impregnable. Unfortunately, although we were thought to be perfect in our magic, we were also human. We argued and ganged up on Salazar, who had major concerns about muggleborn, we disagreed, and put Salazar’s arguments down to purity reiterate. We were wrong, muggleborn have caused problems within our world. We should have listened and acted.” Rowena Ravenclaw stated.

Hermione interrupted, “Are you saying that us muggleborn should have been excluded? Because, if you are I totally disagree, all the problems of our world is the stupidity of one dark wizard who has lied and promised to all the purebloods, in order to gain complete power.”

“If you had waited Miss Granger, I would have stated that Salazar wanted to help the muggleborn. Purebloods, who are sorted into Slytherin have been afraid of muggleborn since the first one stepped over the steps of Hogwarts. Salazar argued that we should educate muggleborn prior to them coming to Hogwarts, that the culture shock of our world was to great. We disagreed, however, he was right! Voldemort has prayed on the fear of the purebloods because we didn’t listen to Salazar and put his ideas into action. If we had the wards would have been still in place, and therefore Tom Riddle would not have fooled Hogwarts wards, and therefore Voldemort would not have existed as we know of him today.”

“But, I thought you hated muggleborn, my father and grandfather taught me that you were against muggleborn being allowed into our world.” Draco stated to Salazar.

“I never hated or wanted muggleborn to be excluded from our world. I was afraid that if Pureblood took against them, via all the power the main families held, unrest and eventually war would result. Unfortunately, I was right. Our world need muggleborn, muggleborn need Purebloods. And, all houses within Hogwarts need to be one with each other. When we lived we argued, now Harry and Severus has started to heal the argument. The highest magic of all, Earth magic has decreed that they have been bonded to such a power, that the dark, Voldemort, and his followers will be defeated. Only then will our world start to heal.” Salazar said pausing, then smiled, Harry and Severus have woken.


within the rooms


Severus was the first to stir, he smiled at the magic which was swirling all around the room, turning towards Harry he reached out to touch him, just as his fingers grazed Harry’s cheek electric sparks shot through them both causing Harry to awaken.

“Severus, Merlin what happened? I mean I know we made love and I topped, but it was beyond anything I have ever felt, last night even eclipsed the first time you shagged me. Also the energy that woke me was amazing.” Harry said while slowly reaching out to stroke Severus’ body. Once more there were sparks.

Severus looked stunned, for he realised that where Harry was stroking he was feeling 100% more sensitivity than prior the night before. “Harry I do not know what as happened, but I think our magic has grown. Your touch sent shivers down my whole body,” Severus stated, cautiously he gently stroked Harry’s chest and immediately felt the energy and the reaction Harry had felt, “Harry I touched you and I felt your bodies reaction to my touch. Somehow, and I do not know how, I believe the Pain of Parting magic has become the Pleasure of Touch, which once again I believed was pure myth. Harry, the only other who had this magic according to legend, was Merlin, who received the gift to bring our world into civilization from the Gods and Goddesses of the Elements.”

“Severus, are you saying that the night I cured you via an ancient spell, that the magic came from the Elements, therefore we were bonded via Earth magic?” Harry asked trying to understand what he was hearing, he went to continue but the picture on the wall started to speak in Parseltongue,

“The triad to be requests an audience with the two of you. They were very concerned, but having now spoke to Ravenclaw and Slytherin their concern has lessened.”

“Harry, what did the snake say? You look very worried,” Severus asked.

“Severus who are the triad to be? I do not know of a triad within Hogwarts, do you?”

“There is no triad within the halls of Hogwarts,” Severus answered, turning he spoke to the lion, “could you please tell me who the triad is, and where they are at this moment?”

The lion stretched and looked directly at Severus, “two Slytherin and one Gryffindor are standing within the corridor. I should add that the trio have no idea at this moment of their future fate.”

Harry picked up his wand and magicked them both clean and dressed. With a slight dread he walked slowly to the door and quietly opened it, turning towards Severus he stared at him with complete astonishment.

“Oh Harry, thank goodness are you alright?” Hermione asked.


“I am fine, we have some more queries with regards certain aspects with our magic and for the magic which is happening within Hogwarts, but other than that, Severus and I are fine. Good morning Malfoy and Zabini would you like to join us for brunch? You too Hermione.” Harry said turning to see the stunned looked on Severus’ face.

“Yes,” said Draco, “I think we should, we have learnt some important information from Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin, I think you are going to be very surprised.”

Harry opened the door wider, and looked towards Severus, **I don’t think we are the only one’s to be surprised in the near future.**

Severus smirked, still stunned at the three who had entered the wards, sending his thoughts to Harry, *I am in total agreement Harry. But, taking into consideration the words of the lion, I believe we should keep the other knowledge to ourselves for a while.*

Harry nodded his agreement.