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Pain of Parting.

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Chapter one.


Unable to sleep saw Harry walking quietly in the dead of the night. He knew something was wrong, all day during lessons he had felt edgy. Opening his magic he checked the wards of Hogwart’s, feeling a slight disturbance he stopped.


Turning towards the forbidden forest he felt the disturbance growing within the walls of the wards, it was as if Hogwarts was warning him. Instantly his eyes focused on one particular entrance to the forest. Staggering out onto the pathway came a figure, which stumbled, then collapsed in a heap about 200 yards from where Harry stood.


“I knew something was bloody wrong, what as that fucking maniac done now?!” Harry spoke aloud while running towards the person who had fallen.


“Snape! Fucking hell what as he done to you?” Quickly he pointed his wand and uttered “Mobiliarbus” raising Snape’s body off the damp earth. He then literally started to run, with his Professor magically attached to him towards the Castle’s Grand Hall fireplace.


Finally reaching the hall Harry looked down at his Professor and actually squirmed. “Bloody hell, it’s even worse in the light.” Placing some floo powder on the flames he shouted “Infirmary!” Holding on tight to Snape he walked into the flames, as soon as he arrived at the infirmary Harry called out, “Madam Pomfrey, please come, its Professor Snape he’s in a very bad way.”


Poppy Pomfrey came running and instantly charmed a bed ready on the ward. Helping Harry to get the Hogwarts Professor to the bed charming his clothes off and Scourgifying his body, then magically placed pyjama’s on the Professor.


“Madam Pomfrey what have they done to him? I have never seen anything like this.” Harry said staring in disbelief at his potions Professor’s body.


“They have used a vile and dark magic spell. Mr. Potter please go fire call Professor Dumbledore and ask him to send for Remus Lupin.” Madam Pomfrey ordered knowing that some animistic magic was responsible for Snape’s problems. Immediately Harry went off to use her fireplace in the office.


Poppy started to charm the open wounds which were numerous closed. Working methodically she had just completed this task except for one, when Albus Dumbledore came onto the ward, followed by Harry and Remus Lupin.


“Madam Pomfrey what appears to be the problem?” Albus asked coming to stand at the bedside.


“Professor Snape has been hexed and there is a charm on this wound that I do not recognize.” Poppy answered turning Snape’s face towards the Headmaster.


The face was distorted and huge scabs were already forming over a large open scar. A green sludge was still oozing from the top of the wound, even though she had magically and physically cleansed the area.


“He’s been bitten, but with what or how I do not know.” Poppy stated.


“Headmaster it reminds me of Arthur Weasley’s injures at the ministry two years ago.” Remus Lupin stated, “Wasn’t it the Dark Lord’s snake that attacked Arthur and left him with injuries such as those? Obviously Severus has been to a revel, perhaps he’s been tortured this time.”


“Unfortunately Remus, I am afraid that Severus is often injured after attending a revel, Voldemort likes to torture his Death Eaters.” Dumbledore stated. Taking his wand he whispered a healing charm of great age. Still the wound remained.

“Sir?” Harry interrupted, “if Voldemort has used Nagini to torture Snape he would have ordered Nagini in Parseltongue, perhaps therefore the healing charm should be given in Parseltongue.” Harry said his gaze never leaving his Professor whom he intensely hated.

“Harry I have told you many times, its Professor Snape. However you may have a point. The spell is,


“Mother Earth we request this night,
To cleanse the area within our sight,
To bring Good from Bad,
And Dark to Light, to form a unity,
Of pure healing capacity.”



Harry read and spoke the words Dumbledore had written in the air, speaking the incantation in Parseltongue. At first it appeared that the spell had not worked, then the whole of Hogwarts shook and within a moment a blinding light shone over Snape’s body and surrounded Harry.


Many minutes passed, and then the light started to fade. Harry looked in astonishment at Dumbledore and then at Snape, before fainting where he stood.


“Albus Dumbledore what the hell have you done?” Poppy exclaimed while charming Harry on top the nearest bed.


“My dear Poppy, I know I am usually the cause of many upsets within the walls of Hogwarts Castle, but I can honestly state, that this time I had nothing to do with what just happened. Is Harry alright?” Dumbledore asked completed flummoxed.


“He appears to be fine, just fainted. What I do not understand was that light which completely circled around young Mr. Potter and Severus. What was it?” Poppy asked.


“Well whatever it was, it was pure magic.” Remus said, “I felt overwhelmed with joy, and my werewolf side of me calmed, which is bewildering, seeing how close to a full moon we are on the calendar. Where did that spell come from Headmaster?”


“I was taught it by a very old Druid teacher during the war with Grindelwald; I used it many times during the last battle. However, it never had that effect.” Dumbledore said and then added, “Good gracious! Now that is peculiar.”


“What?” Poppy asked, then she glanced down to where the Headmaster was pointing.


Severus Snape’s injuries were completely healed. He also appeared to have de-aged back to his late teenage years.


“My goodness, it’s impossible.” Poppy stated. Quickly saying charms over the young wizard she stared at the two older wizards.


“Albus and Remus, Severus is just 17 years 9 months of age. He has none of the scars that I have catalogued in his magical notes. Neither does he have the Death Mark.”


“Poppy that’s impossible! You cannot loose the Dark Mark. Headmaster have you any idea what’s happening?” Remus asked completely stunned at the events of the last few minutes.


“Remus my boy, I will state once again that I have no idea what is happening. But, you said only pure magic was within the light, so…I surmise that a power greater than we know, as been at work this night. Poppy I am going to put up stronger wards around our two boys, and I would be grateful if you would inform me as soon as either awake. Come Remus I will get you settled in a guest suite, I know you will want to be close to Harry at this time.


Dumbledore and Lupin flooed out of the infirmary. Poppy Pomfrey returned to her quarters, having left an alert alarm over the sleeping wizards.


three hours later


Harry came awake slowly, at first he couldn’t recall how he came to be in the infirmary, then he remembered. *Snape!* he thought. Quickly he got off the bed and looked down at his Professor…and looked…stared and finally not sure whether he was dreaming, pinched his arm hard!!


“Ouch!” he shouted. Then a voice appeared inside his brain.


**Will you please shut up? I have the worst headache. Pray also tell me what the hell you are doing at my bedside?**


“Snape wake up…wake up now and stop talking telepathically within my mind. Snape wake the fuck up!” Harry shouted.


Poppy Pomfrey came running into the ward, dressed in her long winceyette nightgown and sleeping hat on.


“Mr. Potter why are you shouting at Professor Snape. Can you not see that he is still sleeping?”


“Madam Pomfrey look at him, he is also talking to me via Legilimens or some other dark magic. He told me within my thoughts to shut up.” Harry said still not taking his eye off the altered wizard, “Look at him?”


“Mr. Potter will you please shut up.” Snape said finally opening his eyes and seeing the stunned expression on the Gryffindor’s brats face. “Potter what have you been up to now and how did I get to the infirmary? Oh yes of course, the revel, the last thing I remember was touching my emergency Portkey.”


“Severus, you can remember the events of last night?” Pomfrey asked.


“Well of course I do, how could I forget the beating and attack the Dark Lord gave me, before attempting to feed me to his scaly familiar.” Snape paused and then added, “What healing did you use Madam Pomfrey? Only whatever it was please repeat the procedure next time I am called, I don’t think I have felt this well in the last 19 or so years.”


“Severus…I’ll just go get the Headmaster, I think it would be best if he explained what as happened.” Pomfrey said quickly walking off the ward.


Harry watched the Medi witch leave the ward, and then went back to staring at Snape. *Who the hell are you? I mean I know you’re Snape…but you look like the Snape in the picture with my mother Lily Evans, and where is your scar? There is no way that could have healed overnight.*


“Potter how did you just enter my brain? And what the hell are you going on about? What picture?” Snape snarled as he shouted at Harry.


“I don’t know what’s going on…what did he do to you? Last night your face was all distorted and had a large weeping wound across your one cheek. But, today it’s not there. In fact your not here, well you are, but not you.” Harry said trying to work out what was happening.


“Potter have you finally taken leave of your senses? Of course the wound is still there, maybe, you need new glasses, I shall…” Snape was about to continue when Remus and Dumbledore entered the ward, “Just what I need the werewolf and the meddler first thing in the morning.” Severus said lying back down on the pillows.


“Severus my dear boy, wonderful to see you looking so well. I have to inform you that Harry and you had an unusual reaction to a healing spell charmed last night. Severus your wounds wouldn’t heal, then Remus remembered the attack on Arthur Weasley, so I charmed an old Druid healing spell. It also did not work, then Harry said the charm in Parseltongue instantly a blinding light surrounded Harry and yourself…” Albus was about to continue when Harry interrupted.


“Is that why he looks 17 or 18 years old? How did that happen? And how are we hearing each other’s thoughts?” Harry asked Dumbledore.


“What the hell do you mean I look 17 years of age? Dumbledore what as Potter done now!” Snape said angrily.


“Harry has healed you, that’s what he’s done. This is not Harry’s fault without him saying the incantation; I doubt you would have survived the night. Pure poison was eating away at your face and heading towards your brain.” Remus stated firmly.


Poppy looked at Severus, and then charmed a large floating mirror right in front of him. “Professor Snape this is what you looked like approximately 10 minutes after Mr. Potter said the charm. The magic surrounding both of you was so strong that even the most powerful wizard I have ever treated, fainted from the after effects. Mr. Potter is not to blame.” Pomfrey stated firmly.


“There is one aspect of the affects of the incantation that I am sure you will be delighted about Severus. You no longer wear the Death Mark.
According to Madam Pomfrey you have de-aged to your 17th year. I am really astonished that you have retained all your memories, I definitely was not expecting that.” Dumbledore said to Severus.


“Alright, lets’ recap. My body has de-aged to 17 years old. I have none of the scars that I have gained in the last 19 years. Plus…and it’s a big plus I am not attached to the Dark Lord anymore. Yet! I still remember all that as happened to me. Headmaster I feel like I have been given a second chance. Except why are Potter and I hearing each others thoughts?”


“Severus I have to admit that I have no answer to that question. I believe that not only you have been given a second chance, but, also the order. The light now has two very strong wizards, able to telepathically talk to one another, who are also the most knowledgeable when it comes to Voldemort.” Dumbledore stated shaking his head at the way two in the room still jumped at the sound of his name.

“Now we need to make plans, obviously you cannot still teach. In fact Severus, I believe we need to use some charms to change your looks slightly and have you attend Hogwarts has an exchange student. I will have to find a new Potions Master, which will be nigh impossible to find anyone with the same standard as you. For now just relax and try to discover the full extent of the bond.” Dumbledore stated leaving Harry and Snape together looking daggers at each other.


Pomfrey ordered breakfast and a headache potion for Snape and then left the two wizards together.


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Author's notes: Harry is out after curfew when Snape returns from a revel, due to his injuries he’s dying until fate takes a twist.

Chapter 2.


Riddle Manor


“My Lord how can I serve you this day.” Lucius Malfoy asked on bended knee before Voldemort.


“I made a slight error yester eve Lucius. I appear to have killed Severus Snape, unfortunately, he angered me last night. Its Harry Potter’s seventh year at Hogwarts, and seer of some gift informed me years ago that Harry Potter must be destroyed before the end of his seventh year. Severus was supposed to bring him to me before the Yule, he had not even thought of a plan to bring Potter to me, so I Crucio’d him and then set Nagini onto him. Perhaps in hindsight, I should not have left him alone with Nagini I fear her evil venom must have eaten into his brain.” Voldemort stated calmly. “Now I cannot contact him via the mark so he is definitely dead.”


Lucius could not believe what he had heard. *Severus dead!* Lucius tried to gather his thoughts at this terrible information, looking at the thing that had killed his best friend he asked, “What do you require your servant to do now my Lord?”


“Lucius I want you to go to Hogwarts. Speak to Dumbledore; explain that you want to become a spy for the order within my ranks. You can qualify this about turn because of the death at my hands of your friend Severus Snape. Then I want you to apply for the Potions Professorship that way I will once more have a spy within Hogwarts. You must then find away of bring Harry Potter to me. Do you fully understand?”


“Yes my Lord. I swear I will do my best. With your permission I will go now and put your plan into action.” Lucius said waiting for his Lord to speak.


“Yes Lucius you may leave.” Voldemort said holding out his hand. Lucius kissed the hand and standing walked out of the room backwards, bowing all the time. Quickly he passed the Riddle Manor wards and apparated to Malfoy Manor.


“Narcissa,” Lucius shouted has he entered the large galleried hallway.


His wife of 19 years came running into the hall, worried at the sound of her husband shouting, “Lucius is everything alright? What did the Dark Lord want so early in the morning?”


“Come through to the study Narcissa, I have grave news to impart to you.” Lucius said then added quietly, “we have to change our whole future, if the Malfoy’s are to survive this war.” Lucius stated walking into the heavily warded study. Putting up further wards, he went on to tell Narcissa exactly what had happened that morning during his meeting with the Dark Lord.”


“Dead! Severus is dead! Why? When he had until the Yule to put a plan into action.” Narcissa said with tear’s in her eyes. Severus had been a good friend and had been a wonderful Godfather to Draco.


“Narcissa, he just forgot that he had set Nagini onto Severus. I am now supposed to go to Dumbledore, requesting due to Severus’s demise that we be allowed to come over to the light. I am then ordered to apply for the position of Potions Master.” Lucius paused and then continued,

“Narcissa, I’m going to obey the Dark Lords orders. However, I really am going to ask for sanctuary I want to be on the winning side of this war, and the Dark Lord has gone completely insane. Severus is the ninth Death Eater to be killed by him in the last 3 weeks, therefore for our own safety, we must turn to the light.”


“Lucius, you are going to have to be very careful. If he finds you really have betrayed him, he will not hesitate to wipe out the Malfoy family. Draco must be protected; I am relieved he will never take the mark. I have to be honest and tell you I never wanted him to. The Dark Lord always touches him when he visit’s the manor; I think he wants Draco sexually.”


“Narcissa why haven’t you told me of this before?” Lucius asked and then sighed, “I have been a fool, haven’t I Narcissa? You never wanted to follow the Dark Lord in the first place, I am sorry for how I have let Draco and you down. Well I have a chance to put my mistakes right. I will now go to Hogwarts, hopefully, Dumbledore will believe my sincerity and allow us to join the Order of Phoenix.” Kissing his wife’s cheek he left the room and went to the edge of the wards and apparated to Hogwarts.


Back in the infirmary


Harry looked at Snape who wasn’t eating. “You need to eat and I would appreciate it if you would take your headache potion, I have started to feel your pain.”


Snape looked at the brat and then without speaking picked the potion up and swallowed it in one go, instantly his headache disappeared. Looking at the arm which held the vial, Snape stared at the place where the mark had disappeared from, **I’m free…for the first time in the last 22 years, I am free.**


“Yes,” said Harry, “you are. Now we just need to rid the world of the bastard so everyone can have the same feeling.”


“Potter, I hate to agree with you, but you are right. I can hear you perfectly clear when you enter my thoughts; do my thoughts come through just as clear?” Severus asked while picking up his cup and taking a sip of the tea.


“Yes, I can hear you very clearly. It’s as though you are simply speaking to me. Snape have you ever heard of this occurrence happening before, perhaps in the dark side of magic?”


“No, I have no knowledge of this ever happening. Some couple’s who bond through love and therefore sexual feelings, after Handfast do have the ability to telepathically talk to each other. If the bond is very strong, they can even feel if one or the other is in danger. Now none of these facts apply to us, therefore our ability to telepathically talk to each other is an enigma. I will have to research our predicament in my private library.”


“Snape how are you going to do that? You no longer have private quarters; you will be sorted by the hat and will have to live in dorms. Dumbledore has forbidden us to speak to anyone about this, yet, I would like Ron and Hermione to know. Hermione especially, her research is second to none.”


“Potter, you never saw the way I researched during my school life. I can assure you; Miss Granger does not come close to my standard. However, your point about dorms is worrying. I will need private quarters, perhaps a story of losing both parents to an attack, would allow me the privilege of private rooms.” Snape said glancing down at his plate which was now empty, he smirked even his appetite had improved.


“I have to go now, lessons. I will speak to you later.” Harry said charming his clothes with a refresh spell, he stood and walked out of the ward, immediately the pain in his chest forced him to double up.


**Potter get back in here. Now!** Snape ordered via telepathic speech.

Harry literally crawled back to the ward, and then sat on the floor stunned at the horrendous pain he had experienced began fading instantly away.


“What the hell was that? Did you feel that fucking pain?”


“Potter there is no need for profanity. Yes, I felt the same pain you did. We must be bonded through life force.” Snape stated.


“O.k. I’ll bite, what the hell is life force?”


“It’s when two magical people bond through their magic and souls. I do not know how, because normally to do this magic is very complex, and then it only works on couples who have been together for many years. Even then I always believed the ‘Pain of Parting’ was a complete myth. Apparently I was wrong.” Severus stated.


“Well this is a fine mess. How are we supposed to go about our daily lives? You will definitely be sorted into Slytherin, so how will we be able to cope with the separation during the night. The day should be alright, we mostly have all our lessons together with Slytherin, well apart from Runes which Gryffindor shares with Ravenclaw,” Harry stated speaking his thoughts out loud.


“Potter I hate the thought, but there really is only one answer. We will have to share living quarters, at least until the bond settles.” Snape said smirking at the look of distaste which immediately appeared on the brat’s face.


“Share quarters with you? Including a bedroom? No! Never, that would be… so…wrong.” Harry shouted.


Reluctantly Poppy Pomfrey came back on the ward. “Whatever is the matter now? I can hear you in my own private quarters.”


“Madam we need to see the Headmaster immediately, we appear to have some problems with the bond.” Snape said firmly.


“Well you will have to wait. The Headmaster is at the moment in a meeting with Lucius Malfoy. Now just sit calmly and try to keep the shouting down.” Pomfrey said returning to her office.


“Lucius Malfoy, what the hell is that bastard doing in Hogwarts? I still don’t know how he worked his release from Azkaban, after the break in at the ministry.”


“For a start Potter, I know for a fact that Lucius Malfoy’s parents were married before his birth. So he is not a bastard, as to why he is here I do not know. Now are we going to talk calmly as Poppy Pomfrey requested?” Severus said sitting on top of the bed, just in lounging trousers.


“I suppose so. Look I regard Gryffindor common room as my sanctuary. I have no Slytherin trying to hex me, no Ravenclaw trying to dissect me, and no Hufflepuff trying to shag me, or rather the boy who lived. I do not understand why fate as once more fucked with me, especially when the other person concerned is someone who hates my fucking guts because of what my father and his group of Gryffindor’s did when they attended Hogwarts.” Harry said coming to sit on the next bed.


“Potter you’re father was a prat of the first order. Black was a nasty piece of work who found bullying other’s funny. Before he tried to kill me I actually use to respect Lupin, however I totally disagree that he was allowed to attend Hogwarts. Perhaps now we have the Wolfsbane potion those with Lycanthropy could now attend under supervision, but Remus Lupin should never have attended Hogwarts without the potion.” Severus said his face devoid of any emotion.


“You are a proper bastard! What gives you the right to say who should be allowed to attend Hogwarts? You started investigating the Dark Arts while you attended this school. You could say that you should have been excluded once caught practising dark magic. Remus did not know what Sirius had done, if he had known he would have stopped him. What really pissed you off was the life debt you owed to James Potter for saving your worthless life. Dad should have done the wizarding world a favour and let Moony kill you. My life would have been much happier. Do you know what I wish? I wish I had not been out after curfew, I wish I had not saved your life!” Harry stated, suddenly the pain came back in his chest and he passed out.


Severus had felt the pain build during Harry’s tirade. Within the moment of Harry passing out, Severus knew what had happened to them.


“Oh Hell!! We’re bloody soul bonded. Shit! Now we are in trouble.” Severus stated out loud, before falling into a deep replenishing sleep.


Poppy Pomfrey coming to bring them some morning coffee and biscuits sighed and once more charmed awaking wards over the pair. Carefully she placed Harry on the bed and taking off his shoes, charmed his clothes into soft pyjama’s, covering them both in soft blankets she went to inform the Headmaster the latest news.



Dumbledore’s Office earlier in the morning


Lucius sat opposite the wizard who had always made him feel small and yet great at the same time. He had come to realize what a tremendous talent that was.


He had under Veritaserum totally put his welfare and his family’s future in these wizards’ hands, and he still did not know how his answers had been received.


Dumbledore stared at the wizard before him. He considered Lucius Malfoy as his worst failure during his time at Hogwart’s. Lucius’s scores had been good but not spectacular; he had therefore mistaken Voldemort’s purpose in life. He had not believed in the superiority of the Pureblood, he had just wanted the most powerful, attaching themselves to his belief’s. So silly, most of the Pureblood still in existent at that time, were so weak in magic that they accentually were deeply afraid, of the muggleborn or mudblood born wizard or witch mostly showed higher rates of powder Lilly Evans being a perfect example.

Lucius Malfoy had been the exception. He had suppressed his magic strength from his father and later Voldemort, because he was not sure he wanted to follow his father as a servant of the Dark Lord. Dumbledore had only found this information out via the Legilimens scan during the time Veritaserum potion had taken hold.


“Mr. Malfoy I believe you are sincere, and because I do not wish your son to carry the vile insignia of Voldemort I will give you and your family sanctuary. However, I will not hesitate to come down hard on the Malfoy line, should events show you have lied to me. Voldemort is very powerful, and I have recently worried that he could have found an antidote to Veritaserum.” Dumbledore said with a firm tone.


“Dumbledore, I swear on my life, because Narcissa and Draco are not accountable for the deeds I have done, that the Dark Lord is not to my knowledge in receipt of an antidote to the truth potion. My life is not important. Narcissa and Draco’s life’s are! I followed the Dark Lord; my family followed me as is the way of the Malfoy’s. Severus Snapes murder finally took the shield off my eyes, to my shame it was a long time in coming. I know my friend Severus was your spy, I have shielded that information for many a year. I swear on his integrity that I will, to my best ability provide the order with an adequate alternative.”


“Thank you Lucius, well I think we have an agreement you will spy on behalf of the Order. While supposedly spying on the order, while working as our new potions master and therefore supplying Voldemort all the answers he will want and need to hear. The first being Harry Potter’s kidnap to Voldemort’s current hideaway at the time. I promise to work immediately on this problem, Voldemort is apparently out of control with regards the kidnap of Harry. Therefore, I think it would be prudent for you to have a plan in place the next time you are called. After all we do not want you to go the same way as Severus. Is that alright with you?”


“I would be grateful for that Dumbledore; I really do not want to end up like Severus. Can I ask when you are going to do the Wiccan Rites over my old friend?” Lucius asked, “I would like to attend, if possible.”


“Lucius, I am sorry, the rites were said on the dawn of today. Quietly as Severus requested at his Orkney Castle.” Dumbledore lied.


“I see, how very like Severus. I will go…” before he could finish Poppy Pomfrey appeared in the flames.


“Headmaster, I have Harry Potter in the infirmary. He has a tremendous headache and it appears to have infected his friend.”


“I see, thank you for informing me Poppy. I will be down to see Harry within the next half hour.” Dumbledore said all the time wondering what his boys had been up to now.


“I’ll go then Dumbledore, but before I do would it be possible to read Severus’s notes? So I can continue his syllabus tomorrow morning?”


“Perfectly alright Lucius. In fact I have them here.” Dumbledore said picking up a large book bag full of scrolls, “I had thought I would have to teach potions tomorrow. Voldemort has done me favour, I was not looking forward to teaching the subject. Do you wish to use my fireplace to floo home?”


“I would be grateful. Will it be alright if I bring Narcissa with me to the Slytherin dungeon quarters? It would be expected, would it not?” he said walking to the fireplace.


“Yes it would, and I am sure Narcissa will feel safer here at Hogwarts.” Dumbledore said and making sure Lucius had left the fireplace, immediately flooed to the infirmary.




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Author's notes: Harry is out after curfew when Snape returns from a revel, due to his injuries he’s dying until fate takes a twist.

Chapter 3.


Dumbledore had been brought up-to-date by Poppy about the arguments that had continued after he had left previously.


“Headmaster something is obviously wrong with the bond or whatever happened to them. Severus was looking very concerned and Harry looked like he’d been hit with a hex of high voltage.” Poppy said quietly to Headmaster in her office.


“And you say that when you went back on the ward both Harry and Severus were in a deep sleep, and still are?” Dumbledore asked while sipping some tea Poppy had provided for him.


“Yes, I just charmed Harry back into sleep clothes and covered them both with a light blanket. I did some charms and came to the conclusion that it was a replenishing sleep. However, the spell identity is one I do not know.” Poppy said taking a bite of the Scottish shortbread she had presented with the morning tea.


“I really do not know what is going on. I researched my archives when we left you the first time. I can find no reverence to a blinding light. Ah…there’s Remus, I was wondering when he would come and see what is happening. Thank you for the tea Poppy and for the wonderful care you are giving our wizards.” Dumbledore said as he left to go onto the ward.


“How does he do that? I hadn’t heard anyone come in to the infirmary. Never mind who the person was. My wards are only now signalling a breech.” Shrugging her shoulders she decided to have another biscuit.

Remus was sitting on a chair next to Harry when Dumbledore came up to him. Remus charmed another chair and once Dumbledore was sitting he spoke.


“Headmaster, why is Harry in such a heavy sleep? Not a normal sleep either, from what I can gather.”


“I am sorry to tell you my boy, but Poppy informs me that Harry and Severus were arguing one minute…well apparently Harry was yelling at Severus, if the truth be told. She then came in only seconds later, to find out what the problem was to find them both in a deep sleep. You are also correct, it is not a natural sleep, I think the bond forged last night is responsible. However, until they awake there is no way to confirm that fact.”


“Headmaster surely Poppy can do diagnostic charms, which will inform us the type of magic circling Severus and Harry?” Remus said looking down on his adopted godson, and feeling helpless.


“Yes well…Remus, Poppy has already done the charms. She does not recognize any of the magic which is surrounding Severus and Harry. Which would be very worrying, but we both know that the magic last night was so pure, therefore I do not think they are in any danger.”


“How is it possible that Poppy does not recognize healing magic? She is one of the best diagnostic Medi Witches in our world. Is this some Earth Magic Dumbledore?” Remus said in a hushed voice.


“Do you know Remus, I think it may well be Earth Magic.” Dumbledore said, just at that moment Severus started to wake. “Severus my boy are you alright?”


Severus slowly opened his eye’s and looked at Dumbledore, “No we are not alright! I don’t know how or why, however, Harry Potter and I have been Soul bonded and seem to be under the spell of what I always thought was a myth. Albus we are under ‘pain of parting’ and let me tell you the pain was horrendous. I then realized that we must be bonded through life force and magic. Mr. Potter then went into a emotional tirade, and the pain returned twofold.” Severus said sitting up, picking up his wand he charmed a bottle of Ogden’s firewhiskey and three glasses.


“A trifle early isn’t it Severus.” Dumbledore said.


“No it is not.” Severus said taking a large gulp of the whiskey, “I need it, to think I am bonded to that idiotic brat, who is exactly like his father.” Before Severus could continue, the pain in his chest became excruciating. The pain caused him to drop his glass.


Dumbledore quickly cleansed the area and then placed a calming charm on his son of heart.


“Severus I have heard of this happening once before. Of course it is obvious, you are suffering because you spoke out of turn about your bonded mate. The only other time I have heard of this was between Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin. How I do not know. But you and Harry are soul and magically bonded. You must learn to like each other, respect each other and when you are ready, or rather, when the bond is ready to love each other.” Dumbledore stated sadly knowing his two boys were in for a very painful time.


Unknown to Dumbledore and Remus Harry had heard everything, “You might has well open your eye’s Harry Potter. I know you are awake.” Severus said looking at the young wizard in the next bed.


“I was waiting to faint again after what I just heard Professor.” Harry said carefully with respect, there was no way he wanted that pain back.


“Harry are you alright?” Remus asked quietly having stood and gone nearer to Harry after hearing what the Headmaster had to say. “Here let me help you.” Carefully helping Harry up higher in the bed.


Severus felt instant hatred at the werewolf, “Move away from him!” he shouted holding his wand directly at Remus’s heart. Then looked at Dumbledore in astonishment.


“Remus I think Severus means it, move slowly away from Harry. Alright Severus, Remus has left Harry’s side. Well I must admit this bond gets more bewildering with every episode.” Dumbledore stated.


“Episode? Snape just threatened me with his wand, for helping Harry, my godson sit up in bed. That is not a episode, that’s dangerous!” Remus stated angrily.


“Professor please calm down, you are giving me a headache again. I don’t understand why you should feel jealous. Please let’s all calm down.” Harry said to both Remus and his Professor.


“I am sorry Pott…Harry. This is getting weirder, I now cannot say Harry’s surname like I usually do. Albus the bond is accelerating so fast, I can feel Harry’s worries, his emotions. But the biggest problem is going to be the fact we cannot be separated. It appears alright as long as we are in the same room.” Severus said reaching once more for the firewhiskey.


**Please Professor…Severus may I have a glass of firewhiskey, I also feel the need for alcohol.** Harry spoke in thought. Severus nodded and charmed a glass to go to his bonded.


“How did you know Harry wanted a firewhiskey?” Remus asked completely bemused at the events of the last 24 hours.


“Harry asked me for one, via our mind link. I gave him a glass because I know how he is feeling.” Severus explained, “Lupin I am sorry, I honestly had no control just now when you touched Harry. Which is worrying, how can I walk around Hogwarts without hexing someone who tries to touch, hex Harry? Albus perhaps it would be best if I went into hiding with Harry until the last battle. I could teach Harry the spells and charms he is going to have to know.”


“Severus, while I see your point of view, I do not think you will react the same with everyone. Remus and you have a history, and Harry is in bed so the situation is slightly different. But we shall see very soon, I am going to place the curtains around your bed, with a spell so you can see out, but other than Harry no one else can see in. Ronald Weasley and Miss Hermione Granger are outside, they want to see Harry. Let’s see what happens, I will be in the office should you need help should I be wrong, come Remus.” he said leaving Harry and Severus alone.


**Well here it goes Severus, sorry about the name, I cannot seem to call you anything else.** Harry spoke through the mind melt.


*Perfectly understandable Harry. You have my permission to use my name should it make it easier to use.*


**Yes I think it will. Thank you Severus.** Just then Hermione and Ron came onto the ward.


“Harry what happened mate? Did someone attack you?” Ron asked coming to the bed.


“Harry did you have a vision, was it Voldemort? You should have woken us. Are you alright?” Hermione said coming to sit on the bed, she then took Harry into her arms for a hug.


Ron sat on his other side much to Harry’s dismay. **Severus are you alright?**


*Yes Harry, Dumbledore’s right I feel no threat.* Harry sighed with relief.


“Hi guys, I couldn’t sleep last night so I went walkabout. I came upon the wizard who is still asleep, in the next bed. His family had been attacked, apparently they were killed. He was suffering serious injuries so I brought him to the infirmary via the fireplace in the great hall. Well you know me and flooing, I fell coming through and hit my head, Madam Pomfrey has been treating me for concussion.”


“Oh Harry, we really must get you practising on flooing, you are always falling through the flames.” Hermione said with a worried expression.


*Well done Harry. A superb piece of lying, I couldn’t have done better myself.* Severus said through the link. Suddenly both wizards felt supreme calmness and slight joy.


**Thank you Severus, did you notice the feeling?”


*Yes Harry, obviously the bond as a reward or pain system. You had better talk to those two, they are looking concerned.*


“Harry…what’s wrong do you want me to get Madam Pomfrey, you went to look very strange a minute ago.” Hermione asked standing ready to go and fetch the Medi witch.


“Sorry Hermione, every now and then I go slightly dizzy, there’s no need to get Madam Pomfrey it was momentary and has gone now. I missed lessons, have you taken notes for me?” Harry asked trying to change the subject.


“You’ll never believe it mate. Snape didn’t turn up for lessons, there’s a rumour going around that the Head of Slytherin has defected completely to he who must not be named.” Ron said, “I don’t think we will miss him, I always thought he was dark.”


“Ron, it is very worrying about Professor Snape and he will be missed, he was a brilliant teacher. He had to take it out on Gryffindor just like I have always stated.” Hermione said with frustration of her other best friend.


“That is worrying, who is going to take Potions then?” Harry asked, “let us also hope Professor Snape is going to be alright. I believe he saved the young wizard I found last night, bringing him to the safety of Hogwarts. Therefore Ron I believe that we have been wrong all along. Severus Snape is for the light, and will fight for the wizarding world against Voldemort.” Harry said passionately.


“You bloody well are concussed if that is what you believe. What makes you so sure?” Ron asked very heatedly.


“The young wizard told me. I cannot explain it, but I know he knows the truth about Severus Snape. Guys I also have to tell you that I will not be returning to Gryffindor common room, I have promised Raven that’s the young wizard, that until he’s more settled within the castle and his grieving I would share quarters with him.” Harry said silently patting himself on the back.


“Harry you appear to have learnt a lot about this young wizard, in such a short time. How old is he?” Hermione asked her curiosity aroused.


“Well it’s strange Hermione but, I feel I’ve known him for years, and you’re also right, I appear to be learning more each time we talk.” Harry said to have a voice say *Very clever** which made him smile.


Just then a twinkling Dumbledore came onto the ward. “Harry my dear boy, are you feeling better?” At Harry yes sir reply Dumbledore added, “I am sorry to have to ask you to leave now Mr. Weasley and Miss Granger I want to have a private word with Harry about his new quarters, so kind of him to leave the comfort of Gryffindor, to help a fellow orphan settle into Hogwarts. No doubt you will see him later tonight in the main hall.”


Hermione and Ron said their goodbyes and went to return to their common room.


The curtains instantly disappeared and Remus returned with Poppy to Harry’s bedside, being careful not to touch his young godson.


“Well my boys that went well. Harry, I do not know what you want to do with regards a job, but I wonder if you ever thought of acting. Because the scene you played a minute ago was worthy of an Oscar.” Dumbledore said with a smirk worthy of a Slytherin.


“I have to say Harry; I thought your replies to Miss Granger’s probing were perfect.” Severus said with a smirk, “Now what is Raven aka myself going to look like?” Severus asked turning to Dumbledore.


“Well my young Severus, I remember a rather dashing young wizard in my youth. I believe he was a distant relation to your Mother.” Dumbledore said, then charmed Severus’s hair much longer, trimmed down the nose to a less roman one. Charming a mirror so Severus could see the difference, “What do you think so far?”


“Not bad, Headmaster,” Harry said before Severus could speak, “however, you have to unfortunately change Severus’s lovely eyes. They are just so noticeable, and I do not think we could get away with keeping them.”


“You think my eyes are noticeable Harry? I never knew. But, you are correct, they are one of the genetically aspects of a Snape. Dark blue Albus?” So Snape’s eye’s were charmed to a piercing navy blue.


“I have to also say that something must be done about your voice. You’re only supposed to be 17, well you are 17. But, you’re voice still as it’s depth and anyone within the school, hearing you speak would instantly think of Snape.” Remus said.


“Damn!” Harry said, “That will be hard. Even when you were telling me off, which was often, your voice was enthralling quite compelling.” Harry then realized what he had said and blushed.


“Really Harry Potter, I am learning a lot more about your reactions to me, by the minute. Albus say the charm, but please don’t make me high pitched.


Dumbledore said three incantations and then nodded, “alright Severus the spell should have set, say something.”


“My kingdom for a horse,” Severus quoted in a rich mellow voice, with a tinge of a accent of a Italian, slightly similar to Blaise Zabini Harry thought.


“Wow, yes Headmaster that will be fine. Don’t you agree, Raven?” Harry said with a smirk.


“Quite acceptable.” Severus answered smirking back.


“Well we will leave you to dress.” Dumbledore said waving his hands to bring all the necessary clothes both wizards required. Harry’s tie in Gryffindor colours. Severus’s in Hogwarts colours, which would change during the sorting. “I will charm a small table for you both to sit at. Raven Dante’ you are welcomed to Hogwarts and will be sorted tonight. I have transferred all your personal items to your new quarters and have also altered your clothes to a more modern look, and size to fit you. Harry, Dobby has dealt with your transfer. Remus and I will leave you to get showered and dressed.”


Harry watched the two wizards depart and then looked at Severus, “Raven, I have an awful feeling Dumbledore is beginning to enjoy our situation just a shade to much.”


“Harry, I entirely agree.” Severus said walking with the young wizard to the showers.


It never occurred to either of them, until much later into the relationship that neither felt awkward sharing that first shower, and later dressing.




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Chapter Text

Author's notes: Harry is out after curfew when Snape returns from a revel, due to his injuries he’s dying until fate takes a twist.

Chapter 4.


Harry and the now the changed Severus walked into the Great hall together.

Those assembled went quiet and strained to check out the new wizard, that the grapevine had already informed everyone of.


Pansy Parkinson nudged Blaise Zabini, “Cor…talk about eye candy. He could keep me warm any day.” Blaise agreed, turning to Draco.


“Do you know the family? Someone told me his name was Dante’?” Blaise asked his best friend.


“I have heard of them, purebloods from your country. He is rather tasty, isn’t he?” Draco Malfoy said his gaze never leaving the two later comers.
“What’s he doing with Potter? They look very tight for new acquaintances. Look they even have a small table to themselves.”


“I was told that Harry Potter saved his life last night.” Theo Nott said quietly.


“Who told you that?” Draco asked.


“Sue Bones, from Hufflepuff. I’ve been shagging her on and off for a while now. She heard Madam Sprout talking to McGonagall.” Theo answered with a smirk.


“Dumbledorks standing. Damn! I don’t need a speech, I need food. I missed lunch.” Draco said.


“Why?” Blaise asked.


“Daphne Greengrass told me she had seen my Father at Hogwarts. I went looking for him, but either she was mistaken or he had already left.” Draco explained.


Dumbledore called for quiet and using Sonorus started to speak,


“I need everyone to have some patience, while Hogwarts welcome’s another pupil into our mist, who needs to be sorted. Would Raven Dante’ please stand.” Dumbledore asked.


Severus stood and the sorting hat instantly appeared on his head.


well, well what have we here. Ah…I see yes, well there is only one house to place you…Raven aka Severus Snape “SLYTHERIN,” the hat shouted.


Slytherin table started to shout and cheer. Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley looked very worried.


“Why would Harry feel instant sympathy with a Slytherin?” Ron asked Hermione. Who shook her head and shrugged her shoulders, having no answer to give.


Everyone then expected the hat to disappear, however it instead settled itself on Harry Potter’s head.


My dear Mr. Potter, I told you years ago you should have been in Slytherin, well now you are bonded to our new/old pupil. You must now accept your fate “HARRY POTTER IS TO BE RESORTED INTO SLYTHERIN, HAS OF THIS MOMENT.” the hat shouted. Instantly Harry’s tie and insignia on his school robes changed from Gryffindor to Slytherin.


**Oh hell!** he said telepathically to Severus, **I never expected that, and I do not think Dumbledore is very happy about it either. What are we going to do Severus?**


*Harry, don’t panic. However, I have some questions. I heard everything the hat said to you. What did it mean that you should have been sorted into Slytherin?* Severus asked sitting back down to once more listen to Dumbledore.


“Well that was quite a shock. I think the hat realized that Mr. Potter and Mr. Dante’ had so much in common, that the wards within the school wanted to keep them together.”


**Good save!** Harry thought. *Precisely!* Severus answered, both smirked.


“Well I’m sure everything will be fine as regards the Hat’s decision. Now I have some very sad news to relate to the school. I am sorry to have to inform you that Professor Severus Snape was murdered yesterday eve, by Lord Voldemort.” Dumbledore paused at the gasps coming from Slytherin and the other tables. Holding his hand up for quiet he continued, “A replacement Potions Master has been required. One of the school governors as agreed to teach Potions till the end of the year, following Professor Snapes own notes. Professor Lucius Malfoy, will begin lessons at nine am tomorrow.” Dumbledore sat down and the food on all the tables appeared.


Ron Weasley stared at Dumbledore then turned to look at Hermione, “I don’t bloody believe it! We get rid of one suspected Death Eater, only to have him replaced by a convicted Death Eater, Lucius Malfoy! What the hell is the Headmaster thinking. I really do not understand what is going on in Hogwarts at the moment. Harry resorted and very chummy with a Slytherin. Now Lucius Malfoy coming to teach. Well Gryffindor might as well hand the house cup to Slytherin, because you can be sure Malfoy senior will give Malfoy-ferret-junior all the points going.”


Hermione wanted to argue against Ron’s reasoning, knowing he always jumped to the wrong conclusions, until he had time to assess the events calmly. However, this time she had no argument. Ron had summed up the situation perfectly.


“Ron, we just have to keep faith with Harry and Dumbledore, and hope our faith in them both is justified.” Hermione said picking up her knife and fork and started to eat. Ron nodded and also started to eat.


On Slytherin table the news that Harry Potter had been resorted into their house, was disturbing. The welcome they normally would have given to a new member, would not happen until they could sum up the situation with Dante’ and Potter. This was the seventh year’s decision and the rest of the house had to agree with them.


“Draco how could the Dark Lord kill our Head of House? Snape has always been true to him and his beliefs.” Blaise asked while feeling very unsettled at this latest news.


“Blaise I cannot answer your question. I do know that my godfather is only one of several killed recently. You know what I told you last term. This only confirms my beliefs. The serious worry is father! I do not like the fact he will have access to me for this school year, I had hoped to take my Newt’s and then disappear. It looks like fate just bit me in the arse. Blaise I swear I will A.K. myself rather than take the mark and become that scaly bastard’s fuck toy.” Draco said feeling sick to his stomach.


“Draco do not worry. You can come and live in Italy with my family. Mama and Papa have assured me, that you will be very welcome.” Blaise said hoping to calm his friend.


“I know Blaise, and I am truly grateful. However, with Father having access to Slytherin common room, I will not jeopardise your family.” Draco said with conviction. Standing he nodded to the table and left the Great hall, at the same time trying to formulate a new plan of escape, which would not cause the death of any innocent.


meanwhile at the small table


“Raven, did you notice Malfoy left rather abruptly? Why would he be upset that his Father is going to be potions professor? I feel very upset about it, as I am sure you can feel. What the hell is Dumbledore doing letting that wizard into Hogwarts? And…”


“Harry stop! I do not understand why Lucius as been given the Professorship for potions, and I know you actively dislike him. But, Lucius is not all bad. When he was younger, he shone, his magic was beautiful and his love for Narcissa was really wonderful to see. Then something went wrong with Narcissa’s first pregnancy, rumour was that a muggleborn mixed up the potions and caused her to miscarry. From that moment on Lucius hated muggleborn. When the Dark Lord,” Severus paused and then sighed, “alright, when Voldemort started to recruit wizards of power into his ranks, the first he seduced was Lucius. Narcissa was against Lucius accepting the mark. Once again I have to go to rumour, Narcissa was approached during a trip to Diagon Alley, she was informed that she was pregnant, and if she wanted to birth the child she would have to stop her objections to Lucius joining which was just a Pureblood group or club. Narcissa withdrew her objections, and the rest is history.”


“Raven I totally understand the pressure many were put under. However, I was there the night Voldie returned. Lucius Malfoy was the first to arrive, and literally licked the scaly bastards arse. Praising the God’s and Goddess’s for returning his master. He could have stood for the light, like you have. Dumbledore would have granted him sanctuary.” Harry said firmly slowly sipping pumpkin juice, while wishing it was a good glass of red wine.


“I agree about the wine. In future, we should eat our main meal in our quarters, where you will find a perfect collection of white and red wines. Harry you said Dumbledore would have granted Lucius and his family sanctuary, perhaps he has!” Severus said with a smirk.


“OH…gosh do you think so?”


“Yes I do. I am very happy about this. Once, years ago Lucius and I were close, Draco was or rather is my godson. He was destined to join the Dar…Voldemort at the end of this school year, I know, because he told me that he was going away. Now he will be able to stay in the country he loves. Let’s just see how things go. Yes?”


“Alright Raven, however, I need to know how close you and Lucius Malfoy were and if he was as close as I think, then he better not touch you in my presence.” Harry stated firmly.


Severus closing his thoughts, whispered in his mind. *Oh dear, that is precisely the feeling I had with Remus Lupin touching Harry, I have the control of a 36 year old. Harry is twice as powerful, and is a teenager in mind and body. I better start to learn how to help him control his magic…otherwise Lucius is toast, he never could stop flirting with wizard or witches, even though he loved Narcissa.*


“Raven why are you blocking me? Naughty thoughts?” Harry asked with a smirk.


“Well Mr. Harry Potter, I am only a teenager after all.” Severus said with a grin.


The whole of those still left in the Great Hall turned to see Harry Potter and the new wizard laughing very hard.


Dumbledore signalled to them and they followed him out of the hall to go to their new quarters which were attached to the dungeons, not far from Severus’s old quarters.


“Boys I have put major wards on the quarter’s and the password is ‘young love’ you can of course change it if you want.” Dumbledore stated.


*It will definitely be changed. It is to sickly sweet.* Severus said to Harry.


**Yes I quite agree. I also do not like the idea of Dumbledore having access to our quarters. Do you agree?* Harry asked with a smirk.


*Your idea’s and thoughts are pure Slytherin. Of course I agree.* Smirking back.


“Boys are you going to stand outside talking to each other via thoughts. Or are you going to enter your new quarters?* Dumbledore asked with a smirk and twinkle of his own.


Entering the rooms they both nodded in agreement. Tones of greens, blues and cream, made the main living area a calming place to sit and relax. A large chesterfield sofa in navy blue and cream and green cushions dominated the room in front of a large fireplace. In front of the fireplace was a smoked grey glass coffee table. At the back of the open plan room was a small kitchenette with cream cupboards and shiny chrome plated appliances.


“Severus look it’s a perfect kitchen. I will be able to cook you some meals. It will give us time to get to know each other, we both need to try.” Harry said, “I also think that I need a charm to ensure I call you Raven outside of our quarters. I nearly said your name twice in the hall.”


Dumbledore placed a charm within the wards, “There you are Harry, and as soon as you walk through the entrance you will automatically call Severus Raven. Now I enlarged this room, which really was just a walk in closet to make you two a study and private laboratory.” Dumbledore led them to one of three doors which opened onto a small library with two desks facing each other; at the far end of the room was an archway.


Severus liking the library space went through the archway and actually smiled. Dumbledore had actually just moved his own private lab from his old quarters to his new rooms.


“Thank you Albus, I did not really like the idea that the new potion master using my private lab. That reminds me, what’s going on with Lucius Malfoy? I need to know, it is very important.” Severus said perching on one of the preparation tables and looking Dumbledore right in the eye.


“Yes I to would like the answer to that question. Headmaster you know how much I despise that wizard, he’s a Death Eater through and through.” Harry said coming into the laboratory. “Wow what a lab, Severus it is amazing.”


“Thank you Harry, I designed it over 10 years ago now. However, I will tell you about the lab later, now I wish the Headmaster to answer my questions.”


“Severus, Lucius came to me this morning. He had been called to Lord Voldemort earlier. Apparently, Voldemort tried to call you, couldn’t, so came to the conclusion that you were dead just like we hoped. He ordered Lucius to come and ask me to allow him over to the light, and therefore be his spy in Hogwarts and to accomplish the plan to kidnap Harry.” Dumbledore put his hand up to stop Harry interrupting.


“As Lucius come over to the light Headmaster?” Severus asked quickly.


“Yes, I questioned him under Veritaserum; he pleaded for sanctuary, mostly for Narcissa and Draco. He has pledged he will spy to the best of his ability for the order, and help us to vanquish Voldemort.”


“You cannot believe him? He is Voldemort’s number 2. Even his own son is frightened of him, well I think Malfoy is.” Harry shouted, “And I definitely don’t like how Severus feels about him. I had very angry and jealous emotions as soon as you told the hall he would be coming.”


“Oh dear,” Dumbledore stated. Remembering that Severus and Lucius had once been lovers, in their school years. Looking towards Severus “I cannot understand why both of you are harking back to the past. We all need to concentrate on the future. Boys I promise you that the Castle and I will be keeping a strong eye on Lucius Malfoy. Now you should also know that Narcissa Malfoy will be residing at Hogwarts for the foreseeable future. That is another reason I believe Lucius means what he has stated.”


“If he is bringing Narcissa to share Slytherin quarters, then he definitely means what he says. This is excellent news. Now let’s see what you’ve done for our comfort in the bedroom and bathroom.” Severus stated.

All three were smirking at the blues and creams in the bathroom and bedroom. Harry was relieved to see to large canopied beds, he had been worried there would be only one bed. **It was the type of thing Dumbledore would have taken delight in.** he thought.


*What thing? Harry I do not understand what you just said.*


**Sorry just thinking, I was worried that Dumbledore might have only provided one bed.**


*Yes he would get a lot of satisfaction if you could expand the bond. However, Harry I do not think he is meddling this time, wherever the bond originated is the one who is controlling us.*


“Do you know Boys, I find it very disturbing, if not a little rude, the way you immediately return to telepathic speech. Could you try to speak normally? I would like to add to any conversation.” Dumbledore said with a smirk, “I will leave you to settle.”


“Headmaster what is the password for Slytherin common room? I think Harry and I ought to go and say hullo and clear the air, prior to lessons tomorrow.” Severus said noting Harry’s raised eyebrows.


“Adder fangs is the password, I agree it might be best if you go tonight. I really would not like hexes being thrown in the corridors. Best keep them within the wards of Slytherin.” Dumbledore stated before flooing out to his own quarters.


“Severus why are you willing to put us in danger on our first night?”


“Harry it is like an initiation test. They will ask us some questions, and then while we are feeling that everything is going alright, several hexes from different areas of the common room will be sent towards us.”


“Oh Joy! Well if you watch my back, I’ll watch yours.”


“Agreed!” Severus said smirking at Harry, “and remember Harry, we have the upper hand. We know what’s going to happen. They believe we will be ignorant about the initiation test.”


“Sneaky, I like it. Well let’s get it over with.” Harry said making sure he left the room at the same time, so as not to annoy the bond.



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Chapter Text

Author's notes: Harry is out after curfew when Snape returns from a revel, due to his injuries he’s dying until fate takes a twist.

Chapter 5.


Slytherin common room was full of 6th and 7th years.


“Perhaps they are chicken? I thought they would have been here by now.” Pansy Parkinson said to Draco and Blaise who were sitting together on a large black sofa.


“You really believe Potter is chicken? He’s fought the Dark Lord 6 times, I doubt very much if he is afraid of a few Slytherin’s Pansy.” Blaise said with Draco nodding his agreement.


“Thank you very much Mr. Zabini, and you are quite right, after facing Voldemort,” Harry said to gasps all around the common room at the mention of the Dark Lords name, “yes Voldemort or Tom Riddle, as I have said, after facing scaly face, I really do not fear anyone really.”


*Well that got there attention, watch Theo Nott, he’s come to stand to your right.*


**Thank you Severus, Crabbe and Goyle have come to stand behind you, with Daphne Greengrass.**


Draco looked at the pair and then at Blaise, who shrugged, and murmured “Later.”


“Well now you all know me. I have to confess that the hat wanted me in Slytherin in the first year. I argued against the sorting, and ended in Gryffindor. Tonight the hat would have no argument, so here I am. I would like to introduce you to Raven Dante’ who has transferred from the Roman Coliseum Conservatory of Magic. Due to the tragic death of his whole family, Raven’s magic is slightly off due to his anger. Be grateful I am here, it would seem that I am able to aide Raven in controlling his magic, at this time.”


“Hullo I am Raven.” Severus said, “You may ask me some questions if you want.”


“How strong in magic are you?” Pansy Parkinson asked while at the same time checking out the young wizard with her eyes.


“Very Strong.” Severus said quickly rebounding a hex fired at him by Crabbe, who was suffering jelly legs. Harry quickly rebounded the spell coming from Theo Nott, who lay on the floor suffering bellyache pains.
Facing back-to-back, Raven and Harry stood in a duel mode.


“Does anyone else want to take us on?” Raven asked with a smirk.


“They would be mad if they did,” Harry said, instantly another hex was reflected and Harry sent a hex back at the wizard who had fired.


Blaise started to laugh when Draco was once again turned into a ferret.


*Harry take the hex off, he’s my godson for fuck sake.* Severus sent angrily thought. Instantly both Harry and Severus felt the pain streak across their chests.


**Alright, calm down. I am sorry.** Harry sent back and immediately turned Draco back.


“You bastard Potter! You know how I hate that. I was humiliated in the 4th year when that happened.” Draco said. “How dare you fire that hex at me while in Slytherin.”


“I apologise, I should not have done that. It was just that I was angry you, seeing you tried to send a Legilimens spell at me. That to me is far worse than what I fired at you. After all, you know the rule against using Legilimens without the agreement of the other person.” Harry said firmly, still keeping his guard up.


*Sorry Harry, I should have known you would have a reason to cast that spell.* Severus said via thought.


**No worries Severus. Do you think it’s over?**


*Yes, they are scared of you. Together we make a good team.* Severus said then he turned to Draco.


“I realize this was some type of test. Did we pass?”


“Yes Raven. But, we would be grateful if you always accompany Potter in the common room. He does not like Slytherin and we definitely do not trust him.” Draco said firmly.


“Well you better start Malfoy. After all I am the only hope for any Slytherin not wanting to join Voldemort’s Death ranks.” Harry said receiving a signal from Raven, “I would like a private word with you; I have a private message from your godfather before his death.”


“Alright, Blaise and I will walk you two back to you private quarters. Which I think is damned annoying; I always wanted those quarters for myself.” Draco drawled.


Leaving the common room, Raven spoke.


“I have a message from Severus Snape. I do not understand what it means, but he asked me to deliver it. Snape said to tell you that your father coming here, will not alter the situation, he and you spoke of. Does that make sense to you?” Severus/Raven asked.


“Yes it does, but I do not at this time agree with my godfather’s statement. Time will tell.” Draco said with a nod he and Blaise returned to Slytherin common room.


Harry and Severus entered their rooms and sat down on the huge sofa. Severus charmed some firewhiskey and two glasses pouring a large and slightly smaller measure for Harry.


“Severus I have to state here and now, I hate that pain the bond keeps sending our way. I hope it goes away soon. Just think about having to go through a relationship having to agree and talk nicely all the time.” Harry said taking a sip.


“That would be totally wrong. I’ve always thought that a good argument clears the air. Harry I think the bond is trying to get us together very fast. Perhaps the bond and whoever caused the bond, knows we are going to need to be in tune with each other very soon. Before the last revel the Headmaster and I both agreed that we thought the last battle would come in this year.” Severus said standing and going to the fridge to bring back some good cheese and bread.


The two sat talking for another hour, while eating the bread and cheese with another glass of Ogden’s. Retiring they both faced each other and fell into a deep sleep, which was completely natural.


the Next Morning


Just has they were coming out of their quarters they heard raised voices, quickly they turned the corner towards the Slytherin common room, to find Draco Malfoy with his father.


“No I will not come to your rooms tonight. I will eat in the Great Hall as usual.” Draco shouted.


“Draco you will do what I say. We really need to talk.” Lucius said.


“Why don’t you leave him alone?” Harry asked, “even though you are his father, the rules states that even if a parent comes to teach at Hogwarts, that they have no further control over their son or daughter, than any other student. I believe the law was made to stop abusive relationships.” Harry said with a smirk, carefully watching the older wizard and fiddling with his wand in his pocket.


“Mr. Potter you sound like your know-it-all sidekick Miss Granger. I just need to talk to Draco in private. Good morning,” Lucius said turning to Raven, “I do not believe we have met. My name is Lucius Malfoy and I will be your professor for potions.” Lucius held out his hand to shake Ravens, who instantly pulled his hand away.


“Contrarily to what Mr. Potter might have informed you, I do not hex Hogwarts students; or rather I do not any more.” Lucius said. Giving a small nod, he went to walk away then turned. “7 o clock Draco you have detention for disobeying an order from a member of staff.”


“Your father has a very strong magical presence.” Raven said, “You will have to obey. Remember at least you have a father.”


“Malfoy I have heard several rumours regarding your stance on this war. Most very different opinions I would never have thought. Would you like Raven and I to attend detention with you?” Harry asked.


“No thank you and I have no idea what you mean. I definitely do not need Harry Potter guarding my back. I need to fully concentrate on my fathers actions, and having my enemy behind me at the same time, would be like jumping into a pit of vipers.” Draco said walking off.


“Well I tried Raven. You could have backed me up, you know.”


“Harry I believe Draco must face his father alone. Remember he doesn’t realize that Narcissa is also at Hogwarts.” Severus said.


Harry nodded and the two walked towards the great hall, only to come upon Hermione and Ron, who had been waiting for him.


**Oh hell! From the expression on Ron’s face, he is very unhappy about my resorting, I will apologise on his behalf for what is about to happen.** Harry said to Severus by thought.


*Indeed Harry, well I also have to inform you that Miss Granger is also looking out of sorts as well.* Severus replied going instantly on guard.


**Shit!! This is going to be bad.** Harry exclaimed already feeling the bond tighten.


“Good morning Hermione and Ron. Can I introduce you to Raven Dante’.” Harry stated. “Raven these are my two best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.”


“I am very pleased to meet you.” Raven said with a small grin.


“Hullo,” Hermione said before turning back to Harry, “Harry why as the hat resorted you? Ron and I are not comfortable for you to be fraternizing with Slytherin.”


“Yes mate, you know that all Slytherin are Death Eaters in the making.” Ron said not noticing Raven’s annoyed expression.


“Indeed Mr. Weasley, do you not this that is a trifle insensitive, considering I have just lost all my family to an attack by Death Eaters? I believe the hat knew Harry was the only one who could control my magic, at the moment, because of my grief which is causing my magic to go out of control, which of course is rather dangerous.” Raven said very firmly.


“Raven we are sorry for your loss. However, we feel like the hat’s decision has completely cut Harry away from us. All the Weasley clan, who are good wizards and witches, are very unhappy at this turn of events. Molly, Ronald’s mother was in tears last night. She considers Harry to be a member of her family.” Hermione stated quietly but firmly.


“I haven’t changed Hermione. I still love Molly and Arthur. My feelings towards the both of you have not changed. Guys I do not understand why you are so against my helping Raven.” Harry asked looking directly at his two best friends.


“I cannot accept that someone you met two nights ago can have you altering all your beliefs. Gryffindor was your sanctuary, how many times have you said that? Now you act like a submissive to a Slytherin. We noticed last night in the hall, your reaction of Malfoy senior coming to teach. Then he just told you to sit down, and you did.” Ron stated, and then looked towards Hermione who nodded.


“I have just been checking to see if you were under some sort of imperious, you are not. So obviously, you have abandoned us in favour of your new pretty friend. Well let’s see how the Slytherin gets you to do your work and helps when you are stuck. Let’s just see, how he copes with helping you tackle Voldemort, as we have every year at Hogwarts. Your whole persona has changed.” Hermione shouted and then the two of them turned their backs to Harry and walked away.


Harry stood watching his past walk away, with tears in his eyes. Turning back he walked slowly back to his new quarters, with Raven at his side.


*Harry…speak to me. You cannot let those to idiots affect you like this. Remember when this is all over they will learn you and I had no choice. Harry will you please speak to me, either via the mind or speech.* Severus/Raven pleaded while walking back to their quarters.


Walking though the entrance went to the kitchen area Harry started to brew a strong pot of tea.


“Harry will you please bloody talk to me.” Severus said.


“Severus, they were right. I have turned my back on them, and all my belief’s. You say it will be all right in the end…well it will not. Because then they will find out I am bonded to the wizard who has made mine and their life’s hell on earth, for the last sixth years. Severus I have betrayed them and every thought and action I have had, since walking into this world.” Harry said grimacing at the pain that was steadily increasing in strength.


“Harry please stop you know what will happen, if you continue this speech we are going to pass out again.” Severus said trying to take a calming breath, “Harry, you and I are bonded. Neither of us had any freewill with regards the bond. Surely your friends will understand that when we eventually inform them?”


Rather than calming Harry, Severus’ words came back to haunt him, “No we didn’t have freewill. What kind of magic, bonds two completely different wizards together? What right did, whoever take our freewill of choice away from us? Dumbledore said bonded soul and magic, that means I’m stuck with you for my life……” Harry collapsed in the kitchen. Hot water from the kettle pouring all over him.


Severus lifted his wand to the wards before fainting with the pain of bond.


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Chapter Text

Author's notes: Harry is out after curfew when Snape returns from a revel, due to his injuries Snape is dying until fate takes a twist.

Chapter 6.

Severus’s signal sounded an alarm in Dumbledore’s office, which instantly neutralized the wards on their fireplace and flooed through to them, calling for Poppy to come to the boy’s headquarters immediately.

“Oh Merlin boys, what have you done now?” Dumbledore lifted them both up and placed them carefully on their beds. Poppy came through and instantly started to cleanse the area badly burned by the hot water on Harry’s arm. Dumbledore placed both wizards under a healing and less stress charm.

“Headmaster, Harry is showing a very troubled mind, I am picking up a woeful sense of sadness. I have to tell you I am very worried about him.” Poppy said placing a covering charm on the burnt arm, so Harry would be able to shower or bathe.

“Poppy I know you are concerned, I too understand what you mean. Neither of our boys wanted this bond. Someone of higher magic than I forged this bond. I thought they were being so careful with each other, something must have triggered this new episode, and whatever it was caused Harry to forget he was holding a kettle of boiling water. It must have been intense; Severus only just managed to signal for help.” Dumbledore said looking around the room.

“Dumbledore I am beginning to think Severus was right. They need to get away from Hogwarts, and then hopefully they would have time to get to know each other, and become more knowledgeable about the magic that bond’s them.” Poppy said finishing her charms.

“Poppy if it had happened last year I would have agreed with your advice, and would have acted on it. Unfortunately, its Harry’s seventh year. This is the most dangerous year for him, if Voldemort can get to Harry this year before he is ready. Voldemort will win. No, the safest place for Harry is Hogwarts.” Dumbledore said with a sigh, “I’ll stay with them. Poppy, would you do me a favour? Walk back to the infirmary, and ask any of the pictures if they saw what upset our boys.”

“Certainly Headmaster, I will floo call you if I find anything out.” Pomfrey said departing the quarters.

Ten minutes later she was flooing to Dumbledore, informing him what had happened between Ron Weasley, Hermione and the two wizards, and how they felt Harry had turned his back on Gryffindor and his friends.

Dumbledore thanked Poppy and then went to sit on the sofa leaving the door open so he could hear if Harry or Severus awoke. Dumbledore was angry. ^^ How dare those two accuse Harry of betrayal, there is no wizard more loyal in the whole of magical Britain. I think I may have to have a word with those two, if they continue to cause problems.^^

Hearing movement he entered the bedroom to find Severus waking.

“You’re fine Severus, we found out what happened via the pictures in that particular corridor. I will have a word with those two young Gryffindor’s, and will get them to apologise.” Dumbledore said coming to Severus’s bedside.

“Miss Granger and Mr. Weasley was only half the problem. Albus, Harry realized he was stuck with me for life, he looked devastated. I felt his heartbreak. The sadness ripped through my chest at the same time as the pain of the bond.”

“Severus, how do you feel about the bond?” Dumbledore asked.

“Albus if you had told me three weeks ago, that I would de-age and be magically and soul bonded to Harry Potter, I would have A.K’d myself. Yet, I feel as though a weight has lifted off me. We shared a firewhiskey, some bread and cheese last night, it was a perfect evening. I slept so peacefully, that I believe I could easily adapt to the bond. But, it is not fair on Harry, he’s young and as had no life, his freewill was taken away. I gained a second chance; Harry gained his old professor, with whom he has been fighting with for 6 years. I have a feeling that fate has been very unkind to him, and very kind to me.”

“I think you judge yourself to harshly Severus. You made one mistake, at a very young age. Since then you have tried to atone for that mistake. Perhaps the Gods and Goddesses believe you deserve this second chance, while at the same time helping the light win this war. You are a fine magically strong wizard. Harry needs a strong wizard to help control his own magical strength, which when unleashed, will conquer Voldemort. A charming wizard like Blaise Zabini would bore Harry within a week. You would challenge him to become a complete wizard, who would finally fulfil his potential.” Dumbledore stated his gaze never leaving Severus’s.

“Albus, you keep saying wizard. I have not heard one rumour of Harry being gay! He could be bonded to me, completely against his sexuality.”

“Severus I can take that worry from you,” Harry said starting to sit up on the bed, “I am gay, so you need not have that worry. I am so sorry; I did it again, didn’t I? My emotions just overwhelmed me.”

“Harry, you have every reason to be upset with the situation. I feel emotional about the bond also. However, I have had to learn full control during the last few years on my emotions. So perhaps it is hardly surprising that I am responding to the bond more logically.” Severus said with a slight smile.

“Do you know when you talk like that you remind me of Spock from Star trek.” Harry said with a wince has he put his weight on his burnt arm.

“Are you alright? I felt that. Who is Spock?” Severus asked looking concerned.

“Severus my boy, he is a character in a muggle television series and films. Made the muggle actor very famous.” Dumbledore explained, “I can see what Harry means, you are like him in your methodical way you work.”

“Actor? I remind you an actor? Ridiculous people, hiding behind characters rather than living their own lives. Most are also very emotional, they always seem to be shouted or crying, in love or hate relationships.” Severus said.

“Yes Harry, I see what you mean. Severus don’t worry I am sure you will never need to on the stage.” Dumbledore said dryly. “I will leave you two. Have something to eat and drink, then please try to get to the lessons this afternoon.”

Later that afternoon saw Harry and Raven seated at the back of the potions classroom, making a healing balm for burns.

Theo Nott was watching the precise way the two were working together, when he threw some toads blood towards their cauldron, only to have the blood bounce off something and land on his face.

Lucius seeing the whole thing ran… shouting Scourgify towards Theo Nott’s face before the blood dried on his skin.

“What do you think you were doing you idiotic boy?” Lucius asked Nott.

“It wasn’t me it was them. They threw the blood at me.” Nott said with a slight smirk, thinking he had got Harry and Raven in trouble.

“Would you kindly explain to me Mr. Nott, how they could do that when they are surrounded by a protective bubble. I was going to ask why they had charmed that complicated piece of magic at the end of the lesson, but now I realize why, because idiots like you do not respect the need for discipline within the Potions Laboratory. Well you will in future. You will serve a weeks detention with Filch, plus 20 points from Slytherin for dangerous practice in the Potions class.” Lucius said walking away wondering why the magic bubble reminded him of a spell he had caste, years before.

Draco stared at his father then turning to Blaise whispered, “Did I just imagine that, or did my Father really take points off our house?”

“He took points, but, that is not my worry. What depth of magic would provide a protective bubble so strong, that no signal is shown via the wards from it? Draco, I know you do not want to, but I fear the S.A.V. desperately needs you to go. We have to discover what the hell went on these last few days.” Blaise stated. Draco paused for a moment, then sighed and nodded agreement to Blaise.




Draco knocked on the potions class room, to be given entrance from his father/professor.

“I am glad you disobeyed your instincts Draco. Please come with me to my private quarters, there is someone there who wishes to give you a magical hug, which solves everything.” Lucius said.

Draco stared at his father, “Please do not ridicule my mothers love for me.”

“I promise Draco, I would never do that. In fact…I want so much for you to talk about me, exactly how you spoke a moment ago about my wife, and therefore your mother.” Lucius said leading Draco into the private quarters to be pulled into a loving hug by Narcissa his mother.

Draco absorbed the love that came from his mother, when he realized that his father was watching.

“Draco it is alright. Your father, due to the death of your godfather, has switched to the light. Draco you can blame your father, but you would be wrong…I am to blame for your father going to serve the Dark Lord. I was not strong enough. I argued against your father joining the Dark Lord, but, I got pregnant. Well, after losing my first child, I was overjoyed and overwhelmed, to know I was truly pregnant once again, and had also the promise from the most powerful wizard who trod this earth, that my babe would survive.” Narcissa said with a sigh.

“The Dark Lord?” Draco asked. Narcissa nodded and then continued,

“We were falsely made to believe that the potions the Dark Lord could provide would ensure Narcissa would carry full term. So I joined, took the mark. Now I am not innocent Draco, I believed in the purity of the wizard world. However, when the Dark Lord returned, we were on a raid against some of the order when I heard Harry Potter shout out to the Dark Lord, how his followers felt about his halfblood status. Well he completely denied the allegation. I looked up his biography in the magic world’s who’s who. He was halfblood. Recently he has been behaving insane killing many of the outer circle. Severus’s being his last victim, finally made me realize that I had to turn to the light, and hopefully help them be victorious against the Dark Lord.”

“Draco I also told your father about the fascination the Dark Lord as with you. Your father has sworn a wizarding oath that you will never take the mark, or become a fuck toy for the Dark Lord.” Narcissa said reaching out to stroke her son’s back.

“Father is this true?”

“Yes son it is true, I will take Veritaserum if you wish.” Lucius said, feeling sad at the distrust in his son’s face.

“Thank Merlin! I had an escape route planned; I was going to America, now I will be able to stay. Father inform Dumbledore, I stand for the light, and will fight with the Order of Phoenix on the battlefield.” Draco stated firmly.

The whole family sat down to eat, talk mostly about past mistakes and hopes of future. Narcissa smiled, *finally we have the beginnings of a family.* she thought.

Draco returning to the Slytherin common room took Blaise aside and informed him of his father’s turning.

“Do you trust him?” Blaise asked quietly.

“No. But, I have to hope for my mother’s sake that he has decided to come over to the light. I told him I had an escape plan organized to America, not Europe as you know is my destination. Blaise, he could be telling the truth, Mother states he swore a wizard’s oath I would not be touched by the insane one, nor would I have to take the mark.”

“Draco that sounds promising. However, I think it is wise if we keep the S.A.V. to ourselves at the moment. I will contact everyone and inform them to tread carefully when around your father.” Blaise said.

“Yes alright Blaise, just a minute, do not tell anyone that my Mother is here. I know Mother has, for the moment decided to stay in Snape’s old quarters. Thinking about it, it would be the safest thing for her.” Draco said. Receiving his orders Blaise nodded and left the room.



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Chapter Text

Author's notes: Harry is out after curfew when Snape returns from a revel, due to his injuries he’s dying until fate takes a twist.

Chapter 7.


Lucius and Narcissa were sitting by the fire sipping a full Italian red. Narcissa looked at her husband.

“What’s wrong? Are you being called?” Narcissa asked.

“No, it’s just something about Harry Potter’s new friend. Narcissa they charmed up a protective bubble, which reminded me of one that Severus used once when we were surrounded by Auror is firing hexes at the raiding party we were on. Severus used the bubble to take us to the edge of the group and then apparated us to safety. How could a seventeen year old do that strength of magic?” Lucius asked is wife of 19 years.

“I should have thought that was obvious Lucius, Harry Potter! Lucius I walked pass that young wizard two years ago in Diagon Alley, the power I felt through my empathic abilities was tremendous. Also, remember the new pupil is from Italy, the Italian wizard community teach their children protection spells from a very young age. On a different theme, could you just have been feeling the remains of Severus’s magical core?” Narcissa said taking a sip of her wine.

“I suppose that could be an explanation to what happened. I made an error today. I should not have taken points from Slytherin so quickly; I noticed many of the students watching me intently afterwards. Still I have to admit to nearly hexing Nott into the infirmary, his actions could have been disastrous.” Lucius said with feeling.

“Lucius, you are enjoying teaching, I am very surprised.” Narcissa said with a laugh, “if anyone had told me, I would never have believed them.”

“Narcissa I never would have too. But, you are right, I did enjoy today. I must say I was very impressed with some of the students today.” Lucius said still puzzling about the two new Slytherin’s.

“What about this new Slytherin Dante’ and Harry Potter, were they above standard?”

“Very much so. Narcissa I think I am going to keep a sharp watch on that new student, mainly because he kept watching Draco. Narcissa I think he is a spy for the Dark Lord, who has been ordered to get close to Harry Potter, while keeping a close watch on us including Draco. If he is, then the spell they used makes sense, seeing as Severus told me the Dark Lord was the one who taught him the spell, perhaps the Dark Lord taught our new pupil.”

“Lucius if he is after my son, I will kill him!!” Narcissa said receiving a nod of agreement from Lucius.


In Harry and Severus’s quarters

“Why are you frowning?” Harry asked sipping a cup of tea while trying to revise a Charms text.

“I shouldn’t have used the bubble protection spell. I could see Lucius was puzzled at the depth of the spell we cast. Damn it, we need to be more careful. Still at least it stopped Nott, I cannot believe how stupid he was to throw the toads blood into our cauldron, it’s highly unstable if not used correctly.” Severus said charming a glass of Firewhiskey for himself.

“I cannot believe you’ve said that. For the last six years, I have had numerous potion ingredients thrown into my cauldron. Often I believe to your knowledge. In the fifth year Hermione was badly burnt, trying to stop Neville’s cauldron exploding, due to Pansy Parkinson’s efforts to get you to deduct points from Gryffindor.” Harry said shaking his head at Severus.

“Harry I had to do it. You know I did, there was no other way. Many Slytherin would have reported me to their parents, who would have sent messages to the Dark Lord that I was helping Harry Potter. The order would have lost a lot of gained information, and I would be dead.” Severus said taking a sip of his whiskey, “Harry perhaps we ought to change the subject, and I’m starting to feel an ache in my chest.”

“I know you couldn’t have done anything different. But, Severus it wasn’t just because of your spying. You liked insulting us Gryffindor’s and loved taking points off us, even though you knew we were not to blame. You hate Gryffindor, because of the stupidity of the Marauders when you were a pupil at Hogwarts. Well you are lucky, three of the group are dead, one suffers from extreme prejudice, whereas you are alive, young and have a second chance. Which is more than Sirius will ever have.” Harry said placing his cup on the saucer and holding his chest.

Dumbledore chose that moment to come through the floo system. Instantly he felt the tension within the room, and the troubled feelings of both his boys.

“Alright what has happened now?” he asked, “come on I can see you are both in pain.”

“Sir, whether you agree or not, whatever or whoever created this bond between us is insane! I may have had Slytherin tendencies but I am Gryffindor as well. The bond has destroyed what little future I might have had. Today, someone tried to sabotage our potion, Severus was appalled at this. Yet! Many Gryffindor’s didn’t even make his Newt level potions, because of his stupid bias.” Harry shouted. The pain increased but this time he used his magic and pushed against the bond. Severus passed out with the pain. Dumbledore fainted at the lack of air within the room, which was being consumed by the magic swirling within the room.

Harry didn’t pass out, but the pain he felt caused tears to run down his face. Breathing deeply, it took him over ten minutes to bring himself under control. Throwing floo powder onto the fire, he requested an emergency visit from Madam Pomfrey.

Poppy Pomfrey flooed through and immediately gasped and put her hands to her throat.

“Potter…spell, say a spell for oxygen…” she said before passing out.

Harry thought for a second, then realising he didn’t know the spell required put more floo powder on the fire.


“Hermione!” he shouted, “please help me. Hermione Granger I need a spell urgently, not for me or for Raven, but for Pomfrey and Dumbledore. What is the spell for oxygen?”

Hermione running to the Gryffindor common room fire looked into Harry’s fire, seeing the prone figures that were going blue from lack of air she shouted, “Oxus Gennan,” she shouted instantly after seeing the problem.

Harry saw the air visually swirl and the still magic air became more vibrant, light a breeze on his face.

“Thank you Hermione. Thank you, please listen, I need to speak with you and Ron. Both of you need to know the truth about the last few days. I agreed with Dumbledore and Raven, but we were wrong. If you give me a chance, I will tell you the truth. Ron and you are my family; you are my sister and brother.”

Hermione frowned and then went with her heart. “Yes Harry alright, Ron and I will join you and whoever, in the Room of Requirement tomorrow morning for breakfast. And Harry don’t do that to me again, I nearly died of a heart attack.” With a wave, she left the flames.

Madam Pomfrey was the first to awake; quickly she preformed spells to check the air quality. Slowly Dumbledore started to awake, with Severus following soon after. Once everyone was declared fit, Madam Pomfrey left, but not before swearing a witch’s oath of silence at what had happened.

Harry went to the drinks cabinet and poured a good Napoleon brandy for all of them. Sipping his drink he informed the other two what had happened.

“I also have to inform you that I promised Hermione that I would inform her and Ron, of everything that has happened in the last few days.” Harry said. The other two tried to order Harry to keep silent, “No! Please remember Headmaster, you and Severus would be dead, if I had not asked Hermione the spell I needed. She gave it me, without protest. I miss Hermione and Ron, and I trust them with my life. They will not betray us; in fact they may be able to help us.”

“Harry I know how close Miss Granger and Mr Weasley are to you. However, I do not think it wise to tell them about the bond.” Dumbledore said with agreeing nod from Severus.


“I have to!! I need Hermione’s help. No, we need Hermione and Ron’s help. I have finally found a way to kill Voldemort and his Death Eaters.
Look, I do not know what I did, obviously, I lost control, and I even felt the pain. However, I never even lost conscious, in fact I did not realise there was no oxygen in the room. I believe I was breathing my own magic to stay alive, I hope Hermione may be able to come up with a spell, which will ensure the order, will be able to breath while I do what I did tonight. Not that I understand what I did tonight, which is another reason I need to talk to Ron and Hermione.” Harry explained to Dumbledore and Severus. Both thought for a while and then agreed.

“Harry I will agree, but only if both will take a wizard’s oath. If I am outed, I will be dead; nothing or anyone could save me. However, it is not for me, that I ask for the oath, but for you. Harry we are soul bonded, if I die, so do you. Therefore, the Dark Lord will be victorious, and the wizarding world will be doomed.” Severus stated while picking up his brandy and finished the last of the drink.

“I have to agree with Severus Harry. For everyone’s benefit, you cannot tell him or her anything, until they swear the oath.

Harry thought for a moment, and agreed.


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Chapter Text

Author's notes: Harry is out after curfew when Snape returns from a revel, due to his injuries he’s dying until fate takes a twist.

Pain of Parting.


Chapter 8.


The next morning Harry woke feeling amazingly warm and loved. Puzzled he tried to engage his brain. When realization came to him he shot upright.

“What the hell are you doing in my bed?” He shouted pulling away from Severus who had been spooned against his back.

“Harry…what do you mean?” Severus asked coming slowly awake, “I am in my own bed, the sheets are silk and yours are cotton.” Severus started to sit up and realized he was completely naked, glancing around he saw his boxers and satin pyjama bottoms on the floor by his bed.

“Harry you are in my bed, however, I have to confess I do not remember you joining me, neither do I understand where your bed has gone.” Severus added.

Finally Harry became aware of what Severus was saying, rubbing his eyes he realized he was naked, his pyjama bottoms, boxers and t-shirt was on the floor on his side of the bed. Embarrassingly he was also sporting a rather hard wood!

“Severus I swear I do not know how I got into your bed. I also do not understand where my own bed as gone.”

“I think we can conclude that the bond took us over again last night. Harry I do not know if I can continue to fight this bond. This morning I feel uplifted, I do not think I have slept so well in 20 years. I should also tell you truthfully I do not know if I can fight the desire I have been feeling for you.” Severus paused seeing the astonishment on Harry’s face, “I have to conclude that you do not feel the need, I have been feeling. Harry, honestly…I have wanked off every morning in the shower since we started to live in these rooms.”

“I don’t know what to say…I haven’t had a hard on…you know what I mean, I have felt a warmth feeling since I have tried to stop fighting the bond. However, perhaps because of our past, which I cannot seem to put behind me. I find it hard to think of us as lovers. Yet! I have to admit, I to cannot remember sleeping so well.” Harry said, feeling rather bad when he saw the sadness on Severus’ face.

“I understand Harry. Hopefully, because we need to come together to stop the Dar…alright Voldemort. Harry you also need to come to terms that we are soul bound, wizards live to over 150 years old, Harry you have to come to terms of our intimate relationship, I do not think I can go over 130 years without a fuck!” Severus said with a smirk.

“Well I can always give you permission to take a lover, leaving me able to shag someone else.” Harry said needing to pee but not wanting to get out of the bed, after Severus’ confession.

“Harry, I will never give you permission to take a lover. You are fighting the bond, I am not. You are mine, no one else will ever touch you. This I swear on a wizards and lover’s oath.”

Harry stared at Severus, “Why would you do that to us?”

“Because Harry, I think the bond is right. Whoever or whatever created this bond, understood you and me, better than we understand ourselves. Looking back Harry you have always stirred me, I was often amazed at your bravery and was somewhat aroused at your power. If I cannot have you, due to your strength against the bond. Then I swear, no one else will. When we fully Handfast, which we will have to, because of the power of the bond, then that is the one promise I will demand as is my right. I will demand fidelity.” Severus said with a determined will.

“We have to get ready for the breakfast with Hermione and Ron, will you please close your eyes, while I get to the shower?”

“Harry, don’t be bloody stupid, we have been showering together for over three weeks. I have seen your wonderful body, I have lusted after your beautiful cock, which I yearn to taste and feel. I know you might be embarrassed because my cock is hard for you. I confess I would like to push my cock into your tight arse. However, I promise I will never force myself on you. Bond or no bond.”

Harry looked at Severus and sighed, *fine, but what will you do when you see that my cock is hard and pulsing? Which it has been since I woke up?”

Harry shrugged and got out of the warm bed, turning towards the bathroom, he sighed when Severus raised his eyebrow at his erect cock.

“Okay, I admit it. I would love to give in to my the feelings within my body and heart. But, perhaps because I am being stupid or just stubborn, my brain just will not allow me to give in.” Harry said before making a fast exit to the bathroom.

Severus’s eyes darkened if possible even more, and then he grinned. *I think the bond knows you need to resist your feelings Harry. Perhaps to ensure that what happened yesterday will happen again soon? If so, and the Dark Lord…no Harry you are right I must start to call him by his name…Voldemort is destroyed, then you will allow yourself to come to love me. Like I know I love you.* Severus thought. His whole body shuddered as he realized that he had finally admitted his own feelings for the first time. *I used to believe that the adage ‘Hate is the flip side of love’ was foolish. Now I know I am wrong. I have loved Harry Potter, before it was right for me to love him! I hope the bond will allow Harry time to find out how right the adage is.*

Slowly he walked into the bathroom and entered the cleansing area. “Harry are you alright? I do not want you to worry, I will continue to obey your spoken wishes, with regard to the timing of a intimate relationship. Until such time Harry, which I hope will come I will control myself, until you ask to move our bonded relationship to another level. Now I suggest we use magic to dry and dress ourselves, otherwise we are going to be late.”

Severus said already waving his hand to dry both of them at Harry’s agreeing nod.


The Room of Requirement


Dumbledore walked into the room to see the two Gryffindor’s seated at a full breakfast table, which was obviously laid for just three people.

“Miss Granger and Mr. Weasley, you need to realize that Raven and I will also be attending this breakfast meeting. I assure you that Harry will explain everything as to why we need to be here during the meeting. I am attending as a referee, because I know you dislike Harry’s closeness to our new pupil. However, I will state simply, that Harry could not attend the meeting without Raven, without making himself very ill.”

Hermione quickly replayed in her mind what Dumbledore had stated. Awareness came quickly.

“Excuse me Sir, I need to talk to Ron.” she said performing privacy charms around them.

“What’s going on Hermione? Why are you looking so stunned?”

“Ron, I think Raven and Harry are bonded. Remember when we confronted Harry with Raven a while ago?” she asked, Ron nodded. “Well think about it, how many times have the pair gone missing, why is Harry who is so suspicious of strangers appear so at ease with the Italian wizard? Ron I believe something happened to Harry that night, I think magic connected between them, and going back to the confusion I saw on Harry’s face yesterday, I conclude that Harry’s magic is either going out of control, because of the bond…or…is growing because of the bond. Ron we must accept Raven and Dumbledore attending the meeting. Lets wait to see what Harry says.”

Ron thought quickly and nodded his agreement.

Taking down the charms Hermione once more looked at Dumbledore. “Sir, we will be silent about Raven and your attendance. We will also agree to listen to Harry’s explanation. However, we cannot guarantee to be at ease with whatever we hear.”

“Thank you Miss Granger and Mr. Weasley. That will be perfectly acceptable.” Dumbledore said turning the oblong small table into a large round one. Just at that moment Harry and Raven walked in.

“Headmaster on our way here, Harry and I realized you will have to nullify the charm over my name. So Harry will be able to talk freely.” Severus/Raven stated.

“I agree, however I cannot do that until Harry asks for the oath.”

“Hermione and Ron, thank you for coming. I want very much to tell you the truth of the last few weeks. But, before I can explain, I need you to swear a wizard/witch oath, that nothing you learn during the next hour will be repeated, until the vanquish of Voldemort. Please, I swear it is for the good. Please swear a vow of silence.” Harry pleaded at both of them.

Ron was the first to take his gaze from Harry, he looked at Hermione and nodded, who nodded back.

“I Ronald Bilius Weasley swear on my magic, that until Harry Potter releases me from my oath of silence, in connection with this meeting, I will never speak what I hear, except to Hermione Jane Granger.”

Hermione smirking at her boyfriends cleverness swore the oath, with only the change of emphasis.

Harry looking at Dumbledore and Raven, “Is that acceptable?” Both agreed that the oaths were alright.

Quickly Harry showed the two a pensieve he had prepared of the events which had happened on the night when he found Severus Snape, and the results of the spell.

“You are Professor Snape?” Hermione asked astounded at what she had seen.

“Obviously you were changed physically, or are you under a charm?” Ron asked confused.

Dumbledore removed the charms on Severus’s appearance and voice, at the same time removing the spell to allow Harry to speak Severus’s name.

“Bloody Hell!” Ron said in amazement.

“Precisely Mr. Weasley.” Severus said, going on to tell Hermione and Ron about the punishment he was given. “I do not remember anything more, until I woke in the early hours of the next morning, to find Harry shouting at me. Minutes later I was shown my appearance.”

“Hermione, Ron, Severus has retained all his memories. However, he has de-aged back to his late teens. Why we are not sure, how we are not sure, but we are soul bonded. A myth of the magical world is the ‘Pain of parting’ well let me assure you, its no myth! To even talk in anger, think in anger of Severus or he to me, causes us pain. To actually exit a room with out Severus by my side, well the only word to describe the pain, would be excruciating.” Harry explained.

“So what happened yesterday Harry? Because it was evident that your magic had caused harm to the Headmaster, Madam Pomfrey and your bonded mate, Professor Snape. How could the bond allow that?”

“Very good questions Miss Granger, most which we cannot answer, because we have no answer. Harry and I are as confused about the bond, as you are.” Severus replied.

Suddenly the table was overflowing with breakfast food.

“Let us eat and we will tell you what happened leading up to Harry requesting your help Miss Granger. Then hopefully we can come up with some answers to our questions.” Dumbledore said.

All five started to eat, by the time the food was all ate, theories were being examined.

“Brilliant Hermione. See Severus I knew Ron and Hermione could help us.” Harry said a smile beaming from his face. His heart was lightened.

Everyone agreed to meet back in two days time.


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Author's notes: Harry is out after curfew when Snape returns from a revel, due to his injuries he’s dying until fate takes a twist.

Pain of Parting.


Chapter 9.

Draco was once more watching the new wizard along with Harry Potter, turning to Blaise, he remembered the way the two synchronized during the test in Slytherin common room.

“Blaise cast your mind back to when we tried to get the better of Potter and Dante. Remember there seemed to be something strange about the way they seemed to communicate? Well I think they are using a spell to enable them to talk telepathically, look at the concentration evident on their faces right now. Also if you recall they knew someone was behind them, they also appeared to know who it was.” Draco said shaking his head; something was definitely going on between the two.

“I thought only bonded mates could meet the requirements to telepathically talk? In fact, I am sure my Grandfather told me that the morning after the Handfast to Grandmother; they were astonished to find they could mind talk. If a bond has to be consummated to enable the magic to combine, then I can tell you now, those two have not had sex.” Blaise said confidently.

“I know you can see aura’s Blaise, but are you sure that they are not bonded? Because I swear, they are. I’ll tell you something else; my Father is confused by them as well.” Draco said before taking another mouthful of pasta.

“Draco they do not have a bonded signature in their auras. You know how powerful I am in Divination; it’s one of the gifts the Zabini line carries. I tell you now they are not bonded. However, you are right about your Fathers fascination with the pair. During Potions yesterday he watched Raven’s cutting method and seemed to be trying to analyse his every movement.” Blaise said pushing his plate away.

“There’s just something about both of them that makes me shiver. Something about them is not right. However, this will have to wait for another time. Get everyone together at the meeting place, I will be there in twenty minutes, I want to have a word with my mother first.” Draco said getting up from the table, with a quick goodbye he walked out of the Grand hall.


“Draco Malfoy has been staring at us for the last fifteen minutes Raven. I also feel a strange sensation when Blaise Zabini is looking at us. Do you think they suspect?” Harry asked Severus verbally.

“Zabini was watching us?” Raven asked Harry for confirmation, Harry nodded, “that is worrying, the Zabini’s ancestry shows seers, divination high counsellors and many other aspects of that side of magic. Particularly the reading of aura’s. I was very surprised that Zabini didn’t take Divination in the third year. He just stated that as far as that type of magic went he had not inherited any of his family’s gifts. I wonder if I should have delved deeper. You sensed something strange when he was watching you, which leads me to believe he was reading your aura.”

“Didn’t you feel anything Raven? Because, as I stated he was watching both of us.” Harry asked very puzzled that Raven actually believed in this area of magic.

“No Harry, but I am not as sensitive to magic as you are. Why are you looking puzzled?”

“Raven I just didn’t think you had any regard to Divination magic. Yet, you seem to believe in the knowledge you have of the Zabini’s.”

“Harry this area of magic is very imprecise. However, when you get a true Seer or Empath who can read different types of Auror’s and magic cores. Then you have to believe. I attended Hogwarts at the same time as Narcissa Black, she was exceptional at Divination. Trelawney is very imprecise, but even you have to admit that sometimes she is very accurate. Such as the night Wormtail went back to Voldemort.” Raven said to be granted a wonderful smile from Harry.

“Raven you said his name without any prompting by me, that’s great.” Harry said feeling good.

“I came to the conclusion this morning when you went into the shower first, that you were correct, it was ridiculous that I still held the scaly bastard in awe. So made up my mind to use his name irreverently in future.” Raven said with a smirk. The bond sent them both a feeling of peace and happiness.

“You know Harry, I could get addicted to the way the bond makes me feel when I do something good between us.” Raven said with a grin.

“Yes, it makes you wonder how shagging would result with regards our senses, doesn’t it?”

“Yes Harry, it definitely does. However, remember you were the one who suggested in the future we would be shagging.” Raven said with a smirk. Harry just looked slightly shocked when he realized Raven was right.

Smirking at each other the two picked up their book bags and headed to DADA lesson.

*Harry keep a careful watch in this lesson, Slytherin are out to get us, and Ravenclaw appears to have taken a dislike to me. So take care and watch my back, while I watch yours.* Raven said via the mind.

**Raven, Ravenclaw has always disliked you, after all you use to deduct points for no reason from them as well.**

*Harry I notice you didn’t defend Hufflepuff. Why not?* Raven asked with a raised eyebrow.

**Mostly because Hufflepuff and potions definitely do not go together. So when you deducted points from Huff, they mostly deserved it, through sheer incompetence.** Harry said then stopped and turned towards Raven. “Raven someone is trying to breach my mind; can you feel any invasion in your blocks?”

“No Harry, none. Just a minute, I do have a slight trace on the edge of my blocks.” looking around a full corridor Raven shrugged his shoulders, “the problem is Harry there are too many students around us for me to work out who tried to use Legilimens on us.”

**My worry is that at a quick glance of those around us, I know of none who could fire that spell at us. Do you know if any of these have that power?” Harry spoke via mind talk to stop any one over hearing.

*Harry looking around me, and on my previous evidence of the students present. No I did not know of any apart from Dumbledore, you and I who could cast that spell. It just goes to prove we must be on our guard all the time.* Harry nodded in agreement and the pair went into the classroom more alerted.


in the private quarters of Lucius & Narcissa


“Draco darling, I didn’t expect to see you this morning, is anything wrong?” Narcissa asked replacing her cup on the saucer. Standing she left the table and walked towards her son.

“Mother I just wanted to speak to you alone. I worry that Father has come here to spy on Dumbledore and to try to persuade me to take the Dark Mark. I know he states he’s turned, but in all honestly I cannot believe it, Father is entrenched in dark magic and his believe in the dark lord.” Draco said to his mother after being hugged by her.

“Draco please sit down and have some tea, while I explain to you what I know for fact.” Narcissa said charming another cup and pouring Draco a fresh cup of tea.

“Right Draco, firstly you are very wrong. Yes, your father was fascinated by the dark arts, and dark areas of magic. However, you are very wrong about the Dark Lord. Your father has followed that wizard, to keep us safe. Lord Voldemort has blackmailed your father for years, using you and me as his weapons. Your father obeyed him without question, to keep us alive, but recently, even those who obeyed without question, have had their families killed. Did you know Lord and Lady Greengrass were murdered six weeks ago?” Narcissa asked her son.

“No, I hadn’t heard they had been killed. In fact, I am sure Daphne does not know. As for Father I, here what you say and I believe you believe what you have said. I just cannot trust him, mother.” Draco said taking a sip of his tea.

“Draco your father loves you very much. He is determined to keep you from taking the mark, which is why we are here. I promise you that since Severus’s death, your father has sworn an oath that you will not take the mark. Now I want to ask you something, your father is very worried about the young Italian that has pulled Harry Potter away from his house and friends. Do you know anything about this wizard? Your father is worried he is a spy for the Dark Lord, taking over from Severus, as any Slytherin heard about him from their parents?”

“I admit to have put the word out amongst several wizards and witches, asking for information about Raven Dante’ as yet I have heard nothing. I did wonder if the Italian had Potter under an Imperio, because they never seem to part, and they tend to agree all the time, well in public anyway.
Mother I must go, look I know you trust Father, just stay safe for me, keep your wand with you at all times.” Draco said walking to the door.

“Draco I say again, you can trust your father. I definitely trust him.” Narcissa said with a sigh.

Draco nodded and left the room. A student, who had returned to his house to change due to an accident in potions, wondered what Draco Malfoy was doing in the private quarters of the Potions professor. When the professor was currently teaching a lesson. ~~I must owl father, the Dark Lord will want to know who Lucius Malfoy has in his rooms.~~ He thought.


In the DADA Lesson


Blaise was watching as Potter duelled against Nott, when Draco came to stand next to him.

“Draco you are right, there is something strange going on with those two. I swear they are not bonded, I know that to be true. However, I have been observing them since the lesson begun. Potter is easily winning against Nott, but Nott got past his blocks twice, one hex he sent was a hex to the shoulder, the queer thing is, that not only did Potter wince and stroked the area where the hex had hit, but Raven did as well. Wait I’ll show you.” Blaise said carefully pointing his wand that was covered so no one could see; he fired a spraining hex at Raven’s ankle.

Raven literally fell to his knee, the pain from the ankle shooting up his leg. Amazingly, Potter also fell to one knee obviously in pain. Due to the distraction, Nott’s called for Harry’s wand and won the duel.

“What bond would cause that reaction, Blaise?” Draco asked shaking his head. “Tonight at the meeting place, this incident must be looked into.”
Draco concluded, all the time watching the two young wizards literally aiding each other, to keep upright. +What the fuck is going on+ he thought.

Back in their own rooms, Severus called for Poppy who came through and instantly healed both the sprained ankles.

“Dumbledore, we need you to come through to our rooms. I think someone fired a hex at me, to get to Harry. If I am right we are in serious trouble.” Severus said through the flames.


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Yes I know, long time no update. Well to reduce the past real life advents, Hospital, Hospital...loads of meds of every shape and size and colour. Finally, life has gotten very much improved. Hence the update, and guess what... I have several chapters completed on this and other stories. Enjoy...I will update very soon


Chapter 10.


Severus hobbled to his private stores of potions. Selecting two vials he handed one to Harry and both swallowed the potions.

“So what happened to have you both suffering from a severe sprained ankle?” Dumbledore asked worriedly at this development.

“Nott and I were dueling, I was in control and was just about to “Expelliarmus” him when suddenly my ankle just gave way and I fell to the mat. Nott took the victory and I then turned to see Severus limping towards me.” Harry said nodding to Severus to take up the tale.

“I felt my own ankle go and exactly the time Harry dropped to the mat. Nott took the victory and I then helped Harry up whispering him to act normal and try to walk out without limping. Harry did what I asked and we got here and flooed through to you.” Severus said going over to the drinks cabinet and pouring them three firewhiskey’s.

“Well this is worrying, how would anyone know that the two of you were connected? One aspect of the bond was the fact it could not be detected via any visual or magic. Did anything else happen today? Harry you are sensitive, have you felt anything?” Dumbledore looked directly at Harry, who shook his head then paused,

“Well I did think someone was trying to look in my head, not Legilimens but more of a scan.” Harry answered while rubbing his shoulder.

“Harry what’s wrong with your shoulder?” Dumbledore asked.

“Oh, earlier in the duel Nott got through and fired a hex, I ducked but it hit my shoulder, don’t know what the hex was but my shoulder felt on fire when it happened. Now it just aches.” Harry explained.

“What’s Harry’s shoulder got to do with it Albus?” Severus said sounding annoyed and worried at the same time.

“Just piecing the facts together Severus. Harry first you felt the scan, then your shoulder was hurt, then within a minute your ankle was targeted, did the hex come from Nott?”

“No Albus,” Severus answered, “Nott through the hex at Harry who ducked, but the hex hit his shoulder and he’s right it burned and now aches. However, I saw no magical spark before he went down to the mat due to the ankle injury.”

“Severus before you get really upset, I will explain my questioning. I believe that someone, perhaps even an aura reader tried to scan Harry. Why is not important at this minute, that’s for us to find out later. I think what has happened is someone saw Harry hit with the spell and then unfortunately also noticed you rubbing your shoulder Severus. Whoever they are then experimented by firing a spraining spell at Severus’s ankle, which for them the experiment was a success, because Harry fell to the mat with a sprained ankle. Therefore they know you are connected, but, I do not think they will believe you two to be bonded. Your merged magic is to high status to be revealed; well I hope that’s the case.” Dumbledore stated.

“Dumbledore we were both very surprised that Zabini never took Divination seeing his family history is littered with seers etc. Zabini was watching us when Harry felt the scan. The same wizard stood behind me during the duel, to be joined later by Malfoy junior. It would seem we have two junior Death Eaters amongst us Albus. This puts Narcissa, Lucius and us in grave danger.” Severus said finishing his firewhiskey and immediately refilling his glass.

“Why are the two of you looking so surprised, everyone I know thought Malfoy and Zabini were going to take the mark.” Harry said, “Headmaster I hate to question your convictions but are you sure about Lucius Malfoy, because I have to say that I do not trust him one inch.”

“One inch? What the hell does that mean Harry?” Severus asked puzzled.

“Muggle term Severus, Harry means he doesn’t trust Lucius at all. Harry please remember I told you that Lucius pledged his family under Veritaserum to come to the light, at the same time increasing our information about death eater activities which we had no knowledge of.”
Albus said.

“Alright, then we need to trap Malfoy and Zabini and obliterate them, after we interrogate them while under Veritaserum.” Harry said.

“Harry do not be stupid! We cannot just go around obliterating students.” Severus said before dropping his glass to clutch his stomach.

“Thank you Severus, I really enjoyed my reminder that we are bonded. Shit! The pain is getting worse; I think we must try to remain calm when we are debating. I have come to the conclusion that I am a complete coward when it comes to pain.” Harry said still rubbing his stomach which was still hurting.

“Sorry Harry, I just didn’t think.” Severus said and would have continued but Dumbledore waved him down.

“Harry the reason we are surprised about Mr. Zabini and Mr. Malfoy is because we know they are running their own DA club in the deepest dungeon known only to a few.” Dumbledore smirked, *that got your attention didn’t it my Harry.*

“They are running a club to teach the Dark Arts to other students and you’re letting them? What the hell do you think you are doing?”

“Harry stop it, you’re causing the bond to flare again. Malfoy and Zabini are teaching defense spells and counter rebounding spells for those in their group, which is called DDL, meaning Death to the Dark Lord.”

“Are you sure? Bloody hell I would never have believed that in a million years.” Harry said drinking the last of his firewhiskey absolutely stunned at what he had been told.

“Also Harry, Lucius informed us that Voldemort as taking an extreme liking to young Mr. Malfoy, and due to this fact, Mr. Malfoy was going into hiding with Mr. Zabini somewhere in Europe. So you see I cannot allow you to obliterate them, we need them on our side.” Dumbledore said with a smile, “Therefore, I suggest we arrange another meeting with Hermione and Ron and invite Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Zabini to join us. Via invitation or kidnap, whichever works?”

“Albus you want to tell Malfoy and Zabini about Harry and me?”

“Yes Severus I do. Before you start arguing with me, please hear my reasoning. Although two very intelligent wizards, for them to work out that there is a serious connection between you, even though I do not believe they are fully aware of the complete circumstances. Makes me concerned if they can put two and two together and get five, others will also begin to calculate the equation and come up with the right answer.” Dumbledore stated.

He paused for a brief moment and then continued, “My other spy in the inner circle for Voldemort informs me that Tom is really furious with his Death Eaters inability to bring Harry to him. He is also very surprised and angry that Harry has left the golden trio and become obsessed with a new exchange student. Tom therefore believes that Harry has given up on the light and turned neutral. Tom wants Harry to go before him under a magical truce. I think he wants to offer Harry a get out clause. He can have whatever he wants and needs to live elsewhere in another magical community, if he walks away from the war.”

“You’re serious; could we make it an ambush? Pretend to go there under the truce and then have the order and others arrive to capture the dark?” Harry said looking directly at Severus.

“Harry no! The magic of the truce would not allow us to do that. If you betray a magical truce you could end up stripped of your magic, and the same would be true of anyone else apparating into the area with thoughts of capturing those under the truce.”

“Severus when all of this is over, I would like to suggest a new class for Hogwarts, tradition and magical laws that muggleborn could not be expected to know.” Harry said angrily. “If Tom had connected to me before the bond and asked for a truce with the same offer of freedom from the war, if I would walk away with my friends, I think I might…no I am sure I would have thought of it as a way to finally destroy the bastard!” Harry said, “Which is why I have been asking since the fourth year for full exposure.”

“Harry had you been put into that situation, I have no doubt that Hermione would have informed you of the biding force of a truce law.” Dumbledore said with a sly smile which earned a smirk from Severus.

“You are both nuts, you have been depending on a muggleborn to keep me out of trouble? Even Hermione cannot expect to know everything.” Harry said, before he could continue Hermione came through the flames.

“Sorry to interrupt, Harry you okay, what went wrong at the duel?” Hermione asked her head floating in the flames. Harry just explained he turned his ankle which allowed Nott to achieve victory.

“Is that all you wanted Miss Granger,” Dumbledore asked.

“Oh, no! I found it; Harry has connected to his Empath magic. His element must be air. An air element was once recorded to have killed a wizard eating dragon by pulling all the air out of the cave, even though he was in the cave at the time. The wizard noticed a difference in his magical core and came to the conclusion his magic had kept him alive. Now none of the order will be able to do that. So I remembered an old James Bond flick. This is the result.” Hermione stated handing a small boiled sweet through the fire.

“And this does what?” Severus asked staring down at the raspberry looking sweet.

“Oh well it’s a charmed sweet which turns to pure oxygen when sucked by a wizard or witch.” Hermione said with a smile which didn’t look quite right due to the flames flickering around her mouth.

“Brilliant Hermione, very well done.” Harry said then noted that both Severus and Dumbledore were smirking at him.

“Okay so you were right.” Harry said, “No need to say ‘I told you so.’”

“Right about what?” Hermione asked.

“Oh just a slight disagreement that Severus and I were having with Harry. All cleared up now. Thank Miss Granger, you have excelled yourself once again.”

Nodding Hermione left the flames feeling very pleased with herself.


Later that evening

The old jousting area in the dungeons had been a well kept secret for over twelve hundred years. No one in the one in the school had known of its existence. However, researching amongst some old school books in their attic, Draco had found an old and ancient map two summers ago.

The map had shown the entrance when a small painting of Salazar Slytherin was shown with his jousting weapon. It had taken Draco nearly three weeks to find the passage and therefore the entrance. However, it had taken him until the Yule to get Salazar Slytherin to agree to the DDL to be allowed to use the equipment and space.

Arriving at the picture Draco smirked at his mentor and stated “Junior Snakes Rule.” Salazar opened the entrance, “A minute of your time young Malfoy.” Salazar’s image asked.

Draco nodded to the others and said to Blaise, “Start them on the Patronus Charm, especially trying to order their Patronus to take a message to another at the end of the great hall.” Blaise nodded and gave a small bow to Salazar before walking into the large acreage of space.

“Can I help you Sir,” Draco asked respectively.

“No, but I think I can help you. Mr. Malfoy the paintings have been talking about a couple of young wizards. One is Harry Potter who is beyond reproach. I Salazar Slytherin have to inform you that I believe the other wizard to be under a depth of charms to conceal his actual looks and magical core. This is a worry, I would therefore warn you to take great care, and should you or any of your order find themselves at the mercy of this wizard, fire first and ask questions later.”

“Sir Blaise and I have already started to investigate the pairing. Potter hates Slytherin so therefore we are always on our guard around him. The new exchange wizard, who is called Raven Dante, is Slytherin in his actions but we have both had serious worries about him. I assure you we will listen to your warning and all of the DDL will be on our guard. Thank you sir.” Draco said before entering to ready is order to rebel the dark.

Chapter Text

Author's notes: Harry is out after curfew when Snape returns from a revel, due to his injuries Snape is dying until fate takes a twist.

Chapter 11.

The two wizards at the moment hidden under an invisibility cloak looked at each other with dismay.

**Harry,** Severus said via the mind, **I do not think now is the time for us to ask for admittance into the DDL, even though I think it was a brilliant plan.**

*Severus, he said I was to be trusted. Perhaps if I talked to him he may help us. After all he is the founder of Slytherin and as he is helping Malfoy to aid the light in the destruction of Voldemort, he will help us?*

**Harry it’s to dangerous at the moment. Think, at this very moment over fifty students from all houses are being told I am not to be trusted and that I am in fact under several charms to hide my true self. What would happen if someone came out while we were talking to Salazar trying to get in?**

*Okay, how about this for a suggestion, we come down and talk to Salazar sometime in the next 24 hours?*

**Good idea Harry, whoa!** Severus exclaimed as his cock came to life and instantly ejected making Severus and Harry experience orgasm.

“Wow, what the bloody hell happened?” Harry said holding onto the wall and feeling semen running down his leg.

**Shush Harry…I think the bond just gave us our first simultaneous orgasm. Why at this moment, I do not know.**

*What do you mean shush, no one can hear mind speak except us.**

**Harry you spoke orally, and also might I say very loudly.** Severus answer.

Suddenly a siren sounded in the jousting arena.

Harry and Severus quickly ran from the passage. **Quickly Harry follow me.** Severus said taking off the invisibility cloak and running into another passage. Severus taking out his wand said an incantation in Latin. The wall immediately opened into a small bedroom. Pulling Harry into the room Severus closed the entrance and then sat down on the bed.

“Where are we Severus?” Harry asked looking around at the 1970’s décor.

“A small room that several of us conjured in the early seventies for somewhere to bring our partners at the time.” Severus said with a smirk remembering the last time he was in the room.

Harry not liking the expression on Severus’s face connected with the bond.

“Fucking Lucius Malfoy. You fucked Lucius Malfoy? I’ll fucking kill him you were underage.” Harry shouted before falling to the ground.

Severus tried desperately to reach his wand, only inches away he passed out with the pain of the bond taking him under. Red angry swirls were bouncing off the walls.

The next morning in the great hall


Hermione looked towards the small table which was still plated up with a frown. “Ron, have you seen Raven and Harry this morning?”

Ron hastily swallowed the sausage he had just started to eat and turned to Hermione shaking his head. “No, in fact I haven’t seen Harry since the duel, still can’t believe that bugger beat Harry.”

“Ron I explained Harry twisted his ankle, therefore giving Nott time to fire “Expelliarmus,” but that doesn’t matter at the moment, look at Dumbledore he’s also watching the doors, I don’t think he is happy with Harry and Raven not attending breakfast.” Hermione lowered her voice, “do you think they have upset the bond again?”

“Good point Hermione. Perhaps we had better go and check?” Ron said abandoning his breakfast, which worried Hermione even more.

Dumbledore seeing them leave the hall quickly followed them.

“Wait up you two. Have you seen Raven and Harry at all this morning?” Dumbledore asked knowing the four sometimes met up in the Room of Requirement to talk over plans.

“No sir, the last I have seen them was through the flames last eve.” Hermione said, “Ron hasn’t seen them since way before that. Can I ask if you know where they are?”

“You can ask Hermione; unfortunately I cannot answer your question, because I do not know.” Dumbledore stated stopping at the entrance he gave the password, “POP” the entrance flew open to reveal a room that still had the three empty glasses of whiskey on the coffee table.

Hermione felt a shiver down her spine. “There must be something wrong; there is no way Harry would retire to bed, without first cleaning up the common room. It was ingrained in him by his Aunt and Uncle.” She said pausing. Ron agreed with Hermione and then looked directly at Dumbledore.

“Sir, you know the quarters are empty. Can you through the wards find out where they are?”

“I am afraid not Mr. Weasley. Normally you are correct that I can locate a missing person lost somewhere in the castle. But, at this precise moment neither Harry nor Raven are registering within the wards.” Dumbledore said quickly adding, “My dear that does not mean they are not within the castle. The magic which caused the bond may be blocking the wards, I hope that is the case, because otherwise they could be unconscious and in need of our help. The only solution is to wait awhile. Keep your eye’s peeled and your wands on alert.”

“Yes sir, you will let us know if they contact you?” Hermione asked.

“Of course I will, now off to lessons, we must continue as normal as possible.” Dumbledore ordered.

Once Hermione and Ron had departed, Dumbledore sat on the sofa in precisely the same place as the night before…


“Headmaster, what do you think of the idea of Severus and I joining the DDL. Perhaps if we follow them the next time a meeting is held, and stated we wanted to join their order, because we wanted the destruction of Voldemort?”

“To what aim Harry,” Severus asked.

“It just might stop Malfoy and Zabini looking further into our connection. If we become a member of their order we will have to in all probability give an oath of allegiance, through magic or blood. Surely Malfoy and Zabini would cease to worry about us then?”

“Harry my boy that just could work, and we are in luck for a meeting is scheduled for tonight at 9pm. Severus I think Harry’s plan is sound, do you agree?”

“Yes Albus, well done Harry, I think it might very well work. Albus Harry and I will go down to the dungeons tonight. We’ll follow them under Harry’s cloak.” Severus said, “Harry you and I will shower and change into our dueling gear.”

Harry looked at Dumbledore with a blush. “Yes, well I’ll go and shower first then.”

“Harry, I might be old but even I can remember that any bond requires close bodily contact. Therefore I will leave you and Severus to shower together, as you normally do.” Dumbledore said with a chuckle before flooing to his rooms.


end of flashback

“Yes that is what happened. The question is what happened after I left you…obviously you left your rooms, so I assume you got to the Dungeons, the question is, what happened after that.” Dumbledore taking some floo powder charmed a fire and went back to his rooms. Once there he sent and the old Headmasters and Mistresses to alert all the ex officials of Hogwarts including the old Headboy’s and girls.

Approximately one hour later, a Headboy dressed in the early eighteenth century costume appeared in the spare frame within the Headmasters office.

“Hullo young man. I do not believe I have had the pleasure.” Dumbledore said.

“No Headmaster I do not believe we have spoken before. However the old heads contacted me, I have a frame near my old quarters which are now no longer used, Stephen Bletchley is my name sir, I had the honour of serving has Headboy in the year of 1769. Sir I saw something strange last night. Two wizards came from behind which I think was a spell or cloak which enabled them to be invisible, they ran past me and then disappeared through a wall just out of my sight. Several seconds later, a group of wizards and witches with wands out searched all the corridors finally giving up. One wizard was definitely a Malfoy; the genes are obviously still pure.”

“Thank you Master Stephen Bletchley, I will question Mr. Malfoy immediately. However, would you please keep alert; the two wizards you saw disappearing into a wall are no longer showing the castle wards. We are at present fighting a war against an evil dark wizard, the two wizards you saw fight for the light, therefore we are very worried about them.” Dumbledore said.

“I will return to my frame immediately sir and I assure you I will keep a constant vigil until your wizards are found.” The young man stated before disappearing from the frame.

“Apparently Fawkes, the Bletchley’s are coming to our aid again.” Dumbledore said picking up a lemon drop from a tray, unwrapping it he popped the sweet into his mouth and started to think what their next step should be.

A few minutes later he stood and made his way to the potions classroom hoping to catch Lucius before he went to lunch.

Dumbledore entered the potions room just as the students were clearing away their potions and preparing to leave.

“Headmaster, can I help you.” Lucius asked dubiously knowing how tricky Dumbledore could be.

“Lucius I need a private word if you please.” Dumbledore said.

“Well I have finished for this morning. Would you like to come through to my quarters and share a pot of coffee with me?”

“That would be delightful Lucius, thank you.” Dumbledore stated. Both waited until the classroom emptied before walking through a charmed entrance.

“Is everything alright Dumbledore?” Narcissa asked walking towards them.

“Not really my dear. I need to talk to both of you, and unfortunately Lucius I am afraid you will have to report to Voldemort.” Dumbledore said sitting in a small armchair. He went on to tell the Malfoy’s that Harry and Raven had disappeared, keeping the fact that they were seen down in the dungeons the previous night.

“Dumbledore how the hell can Harry Potter just disappear? Surely you have tracing wards on him? Do you want me to go to the Dark Lord to find out if he has captured them?” Lucius asked, dreading the answer.

“No Lucius, I want you to report straight away what I have told you. Voldemort has a very astute spy within Hogwarts, for your wellbeing I suggest you get the information about Harry to him before his spy does.”

“Dumbledore this goes against everything I have come to believe in. If Harry Potter is out there somewhere, the Dark Lord will order searches within the area and worldwide. We could be increasing whatever danger Harry Potter find himself in. Which I believe could be very serious. Dumbledore perhaps I should have spoken out before, I do not trust that new student. I think Raven Dante is the spy for the Dark Lord, and that he has now fulfilled his orders.” Lucius said shaking his head, “if he has then Harry Potter is already dead and we have lost the war.”

Narcissa actually bit her lip, her eyes filling with tears.

Seeing the tears Dumbledore sighed. “Lucius you couldn’t be more wrong. Raven has been my spy against Voldemort for over 20 years. He is completely faithful to the order.”

“Dumbledore you must stop eating those lemon drops apparently they are impairing your brains. How can a seventeen young wizard have been your spy for the last 20 years? I know you are brilliant at magic Dumbledore, but even your magic is not that strong.” Lucius said firmly.

“Lucius I cannot answer that question at this precise moment. But, please believe me, when I state that although completely unexplainable what I have said is true. However, with your permission I will leave you with the knowledge that all is not lost, but I will charm the memory of this conversation until you return from your meeting with Voldemort. Go now Lucius, for the safety of your family, you must tell him about Harry’s disappearance. After all we do not want you to be the next Death Eater to die. My dear, do not worry we will win.” Dumbledore added with a smile.

Once he had departed Narcissa turned to Lucius, “I have no idea why, but I really believe what he said. But, I am completely bewildered how what he stated could be true. Lucius we need to talk, but Dumbledore is right you need to report to the Dark Lord with the same reverence you use to show him.”

“I will go now Narcissa. We will talk later.” Lucius stated going to his wardrobe and putting on his Death Eater robes, he pulled out of a drawer a time turner to cover for the time he would be away from the castle.


Riddle Manor


“What are you doing here Lucius; our Lord did not tell me you would be visiting today.” Wormtail asked his wand at the ready.

“I have important information for our Lord, Pettigrew will you please inform him I am here and urgently need to talk to him.” Lucius said surrendering his wand as per usual.

Peter Pettigrew aka Wormtail nodded and taking the wand with him went to inform the Dark Lord that Lucius Malfoy had apparated to the manor with urgent information.


Returning, Wormtail held open the door, “He will see you.”

Lucius walked into the large hall which was similar to a throne room in the muggle castles. Bowing he waited until the Dark Lord granted him permission to move closer.

“Lucius I have not called for you to come. What is so important that it couldn’t wait until our next meeting?” Voldemort asked stroking his wand at the same time, “You may come forward.”

“My Lord, I have to tell you I have failed in my mission. I had it all planned out, Potter was to have been given detention the day before you required me to bring him to you. I showed you my plan; however, I have failed because Harry Potter together with the new student Raven Dante has disappeared from Hogwarts. Sire, Dumbledore came to the potions room only 45 minutes ago with this news. The castle has been searched, Sire, I knew instantly my only course of action was to immediately bring this information to you.” Lucius said getting to the floor and kissing the hem of the Dark Lords robes.

“Legilimens,” Voldemort spelled, seeing everything Lucius said was true he frowned, grabbing hold of Lucius’s arm he touched his wand to the Dark Mark. Instantly the inner circle apparated in.

“Stand Lucius, you have not failed. Instead you have shown me your loyalty by bringing me this information so soon. I see you have a time turner, good, return to Hogwarts and take your lessons. You may leave.”
Voldemort ordered.

Lucius stood and walking backwards while stilling bowing he got to the door, just as he was about to leave he heard the Dark Lord say,

“Harry Potter has fled with his new lover, obviously too scared to face me. This is good news, but I still want him dead. Send news to all my Death Eaters and spies. Find him, Kill him and bring me his head. I’m not bothered about his lover; apparently he is very young and good looking. Whoever kills Potter can have his lover for their entertainment.”

Lucius quickly ran to the edge of the wards, needing to reach Dumbledore with the contents of the speech he had just heard.

Chapter Text

Author's notes: Harry and Snape bond via a earth magic, which causes many problems.

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Chapter 12.

Twenty minutes later Lucius was astonished to see Dumbledore start to smirk at the information he had just given him.

“Dumbledore, the news is really dire, why are you reacting like this?” Lucius asked completely bewildered as to why Dumbledore was not worried at the information he had given him.

“Lucius do not worry, come back to me tonight with Narcissa and I am sure I will be able to inform you why I am satisfied with your news.” Dumbledore stated. Lucius still looking mystified gave a slight bow and walked into the flames asking for his rooms.

“Lucius are you alright? What happened with the Dark Lord?” Narcissa asked impatiently.

“I am fine darling, Dumbledore was right however, giving the Dark Lord the information that Potter and Dante was missing ensured my remaining in his favour.” Lucius said, he continued to tell his wife what had happened during the time he had left her.

“Why would Dumbledore be happy that the Dark Lord has issued a kill order on Harry, Lucius? Also do you notice that the Dark Lord also gave Dante to whoever killed Harry Potter?”

“I know Narcissa; nothing is making sense at this moment in time. However, Dumbledore as asked you and I to go to his rooms tonight. In the mean time you and I desperately need to talk to Draco and his very good friend Blaise Zabini, I have a feeling that those two are up to something.”

“Like what Lucius?” Narcissa asked.

“Like where they go three times a week, and also why none of the pictures within the walls of the dungeons will not talk to me about the whereabouts of our son.” Lucius said pausing to look at Narcissa and with a smirk quickly went to the fireplace, placing some floo talk powder he shouted, “Dumbledore, are you there? I need to ask you something important.”

“Lucius, I am here. What is your question that is so urgent that could not wait till later tonight?”

“Dumbledore, where were Harry and his friend last sited? Please tell me honestly, it’s very important.”

“Lucius they were down in the deep areas within the dungeons. A portrait of an old school head boy, Mr. Stephen Bletchley stated he saw them disappearing into a wall near where his picture his placed.” Dumbledore paused and then seeing Lucius was quite engrossed with this information he continued, “Apparently your son and several others came down the same corridor, wands at the ready looking for the two.”

“Dumbledore, who is Dante? Because I know where Potter and his companion is, and only a very few Slytherin knows of the room the two escaped from the chasing pack. Dumbledore, we placed a charm on each of us, stating we were not allowed to tell anyone of the rooms, unless in need of fulfilment, or in desperate need of safety. Now, three of the six are dead, another is in America and as no wish to re-enter Britain while the Dark Lord is alive. That just leaves me, and I know I have never even told Narcissa of the room. So who is supposedly dead? Dumbledore is it Severus?”

Narcissa who had heard every word looked at her husband, and was just about to speak, when Dumbledore flooed through to their rooms.

Dumbledore increased the wards and charmed a inform no one outside of the room spell on Lucius and Narcissa.

Quickly Dumbledore told Lucius and Narcissa the events of the last few weeks.

“Very clever Dumbledore, I really believed Severus to be dead, and I know for a fact that the Dark Lord completely believes he killed Severus. Right, during our sixth year a few of us Slytherin’s were tired of having sex without the comfort of a large bedroom, bathroom and lounge area. It took a while but we succeeded in charming a suite of rooms, which we also cloaked from the wards of Hogwarts. I believe that is where we will find Severus and Harry.” Lucius said with a smirk.

“Wonderful Lucius, would you care to show us where the rooms are? Severus and Harry must be very worried and confused because they have not been able to leave the rooms.”

“Dumbledore, the rooms were also charmed to protect, should the wards of Hogwarts were sensing danger to whoever was seeking sanctuary they would lock down the rooms, until the danger had past.” Lucius answered Dumbledore.

“Lucius why have I never seen or heard of these rooms?” Narcissa asked her voice filled with anger.

“Now dear, it was a long time ago. It was also prior to our betrothal, and please remember I was a young wizard, with needs of the flesh.” Lucius said quickly hoping to calm his angry wife.

“Oh really! And pray do tell who you used to quell your needs prior to our engagement.” Narcissa asked with a smirk.

“Please Narcissa we haven’t time for you to deal with Lucius about this subject. We really need to get to Severus and Harry to ensure they are alright.” Dumbledore stated firmly. Both Narcissa and Lucius nodded in agreement, and all three immediately flooed to the potions classroom which was the nearest to the large corridor where the rooms was located.

Lucius waved his wand over the wall and immediately an entrance appeared. Quietly he whispered a very old password and the door opened without hesitation. All three were shocked to see the two wizards bound together in a sexual position, with the smell of sex obvious to all three of them.

“Thank Merlin you have come Albus, Harry and I dashed into here last night to hide from Draco and his group. Since then we have not been able to stop making love. In all honestly we are shagged out. Please get us out of here.” Severus said before passing out.

Two hours later Severus and Harry were in their rooms completely shattered and feeling very strange.

“Severus, I cannot believe what happened, but I know one thing our relationship can never go back to abstention of our sexual needs. Because, even though I am completely exhausted, I want you again.”

“I know Harry, I feel the same. The bond has accelerated to a high level and has completely taken over us. The sexual charms placed on the rooms in the dungeons only helped to spur on the bond. My cock is really sore, yet I want to pull down your trousers and fuck your arse again. It’s a good job Albus charmed us to stay apart for the next 12 hours, because if we continued fucking like we did our magic and energy levels would be dangerously low.” Severus stated picking up a large ballooned glass of age old brandy.

“I agree Severus, however, I only have to recall our time in the room for my cock to harden again, and although I am so sore, I would love to repeat our night of loving.” Harry stated looking directly at Severus; both groaned remembering their night within the room.



“In here Harry, we will be safe.” Severus said pulling Harry into a concealed entrance that magically appeared.

“How the hell did we have an orgasm Severus?” Asked Harry completely bewildered, “we were not even touching each other. I accept that I was feeling slightly strange, but that is easily explained, after all we were hiding out from over 40 wizards and witches who do not trust us. So obviously the adrenaline was overflowing in our magic.”

“Harry I have no answer. I was also; to us a muggle term very ‘hyper’ but I assure you that I was not thinking thoughts of a sexual nature, at all.
At least I do not think I was. Now I think about it, I wonder if subconsciously I was thinking about my past experiences within this room.” Severus said will a slight smirk, not realizing that Harry was feeling very jealous.

“I do not want to think about your experiences, thank you. You wait, I’ll fucking kill him for touching you, when you were underage.” Harry said his magic causing bursts of sparks coming from his wand.

“Harry, please calm down. I understand the bond is making you angry about my previous lover. But, Harry you must remember that was over twenty years ago. Lucius and I were not in love, we formed our relationship for mutual reasons. Both of us were expected to take the mark, neither of us wanted to. Also I believe that while I knew my sexual orientation, Lucius was experimenting with his gay side. Once he had seen Narcissa in a sexual way, I was pushed firmly into the background. I will not lie, I believe Lucius is bi, however, I also can guarantee you that Lucius has never betrayed Narcissa since the day they were betrothed.”

“Severus I can sense that you reflect on your time with Malfoy with very fond thoughts. I want to obliterate your memories, for new ones.” Harry stated whispering a charm that left both wizards naked.

Walking up to Severus Harry pulled his head down and took his lips into an angry kiss, forcing his tongue into Severus’s mouth Harry moaned at the sensations he was experiencing.

Severus at first stunned by Harry’s attack finally came alive and took over the kiss, while at the same time stroking his lovers back and finally coming to his gorgeous firm buttocks. Severus squeezed the firm globes, causing Harry to groan.

“More Severus, please take me,” Harry pleaded.

“Harry are you sure? I want you, Merlin knows I do! But, I think the bond has taken over us.” Severus stated, but, at the same time bringing his one hand around to fist Harry’s cock and start to firmly stroke the bulbous head with his thumb.

Harry screamed his cock becoming harder. “Merlin Severus if you don’t start fucking me soon, I swear I will body bind you and impale myself on your cock.”

Severus groaned at the vision of Harry actually impaling himself on his cock, “I hope one day to watch you go down on my cock, however for the moment I need to know when was the last time you had your ass shagged, so I’ll know how much prep you will need.” Severus said forcing himself to slow down.

“Er…Severus I have never bottomed or topped for that matter. I have just given and had blow jobs and kissed etc.” Harry said quietly, “Severus I need you, please make me yours, in all honestly I have wanted to give into the bond for the last 3 weeks.”

Severus picking us his wand refreshed the bed and gently laid Harry on the bed. Severus opened Harry’s legs and started to stroke Harry’s balls which caused Harry to scream.

“Like that did you? How about this…” Severus said with a smirk. Quickly he lowered his head and took Harry’s cock into his mouth; slowly he licked the bulbous head and tasted Harry’s essence for the first time which was leaking from the slit.

“Oh Merlin Severus, I feel so needy, I love my cock being in your mouth, but I just need you to take me, please fucking shag me.” Harry said shivering with the sensations he was experiencing.

“So be it Harry,” Severus said reaching for his wand and charming a spell to lubricate Harry’s arse passage, Severus then started to rub and caress the tight nub. Carefully Severus pushed one of his long fingers into Harry, staying still when Harry groaned in pain.

“Are you alright Harry?”

“I feel strange, not painful, but burning. Yet I still need you Severus, please don’t stop.”

“Okay Harry, I have to tell you the burn will get worse, so try to relax, I promise you it will get better.” Severus explained. Carefully he started to stroke his finger up higher into Harry, then slowly withdrew brushing Harry’s prostate as he withdrew.

Harry moaned at the feeling he had just experienced, “Merlin that feels so good…….Severus do that again.”

Severus smirked and complied with Harry’s orders while at the same time adding another digit but making sure that he brushed Harry’s prostate with every stroke. “Harry are you ready? Do you need more preparation?”

“I feel so good Severus, I know it will hurt, but, I need your cock to fill me. Please Severus take me!!”

Severus had never felt so good, whispering his love he gently kissed Harry, and then breaking the kiss he put his mouth to one of Harry’s nipples which were hard with need. Positioning his cock at the now prepared entrance Severus pushed with force and with one movement breaching the stubborn muscle causing Harry to scream at the invasion. Severus ignored Harry’s scream and pushed his cock up as high as he could reach. Once completely within Harry’s arse passage, he stopped to allow Harry to get use to him.

Harry was shocked at the pain Severus’s cock had felt against Severus’s preparing fingers. He felt so full, gradually the pain receded and another sensation started to overtake the pain. “Severus I am fine, but, I need you to move…NOW!” Harry ordered

“You are bloody brilliant Harry. Prepare to receive your reward.” Severus said with a Slytherin smirk. Quickly Severus started to fuck Harry, increasing the tempo with each stroke.

Severus was brushing Harry’s prostate within his strokes, which caused Harry to start to meet Severus’s actions and he also moved his legs over Severus’s shoulders in the need to allow Severus’s cock to get deeper. Severus actually groaned at the depth he was breaching Harry’s arse due to Harry’s actions. Seconds later they both stilled and then went over in an orgasm which caused fireworks via their magic throughout the rooms.

One hour later they woke simultaneously and without saying anything they walked to the shower room, where they once again fucked.

Over and over during the night they fucked until Severus noticed a trickle of blood coming from Harry’s arse.

Once more Harry begged Severus to fuck him, but Severus refused and gently explained to Harry that due to the charms on the room and the bond they were being compelled to keep making love.

“Harry I adore you, I am so happy at this moment that I could wave away my concerns and just continue to fuck you for the next week. However, Harry we must stop fucking, you are going to be harmed. Already you are bleeding from your arse. Harry we must be strong and stop shagging.”

Harry carefully traced a finger around his arsehole, only to stare at the blood which was running down his finger. Severus’s face was immediately shown to be very concerned and distressed.

“Severus don’t! I was willing in every time we have come together during this night. I will also state that although there are charms on this room, and the bond was also making us to need to complete our bond. However you need to take into account our personal feeling and when I felt the first orgasm you brought my body to…well then I just reacted like a teenage wizard, and wanted more and more.”

“Okay Harry, thank you for that. However, I do not know how long I can hold out, before I give way to the need to fuck you again.” Severus said groaning at his cock which was once more erect with need. Before he could take Harry again regardless of his soreness Severus saw the entrance open and Lucius Malfoy walk through.

End flashback

Severus looked at Harry with a wide smirk on his face, to see Harry grinning with his beautiful eyes twinkling.

“Severus I have to say that considering it was our first time together, we were bloody amazing!” Harry said giving into the euphoric feelings he still had and laughed out loud.

“Harry I have to totally agree, this bond is incredible. I tell you true, I have never felt such sensations during sex before. Come on let’s drink up and retire. It’s going to be a big day tomorrow; we have to inform Draco and Zabini what happened. I also have to face Lucius, I have no doubt I am in for some heavy questioning.” Severus said helping Harry to clear up the empty glasses.

Kitchen cleaned they retired to their bedroom and slept within each other’s arms.


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Chapter Text


Chapter 13.


“Lucius have you ever heard of a wizard de-aging before?” Narcissa asked as she came in from the bathroom ready for bed.

“Narcissa I am completely bewildered about what we have seen and heard tonight. I am really happy that Severus is alive and looking very well. I am also very jealous.” Lucius added quietly.

“Why are you jealous? Do you wish to be in Severus’s place?” Narcissa asked.

“No darling, I have no wish to be within a relationship with Harry Potter. I meant that Severus has the chance to live again without the stigma that I still have on my arm. Narcissa, Severus is free of the Dark Lord. That is what I am very jealous of.”

“Lucius it’s about time you started to forgive yourself. Now, I have been thinking during my shower. Severus and Harry need to stay missing, until the bond settles. Hopefully, now the relationship has been consummated, the “pain of parting” might calm down.” Narcissa stated climbing into bed.

“Good thinking Narcissa, you could be right. We ought to test out your theory.” Lucius said before turning off the lights.


Great Hall the next morning


Draco grimaced when he saw his father’s eagle owl swoop down and dropped a letter by his plate.


I need you to come to my rooms tonight at 7 o clock and bring Blaise. No arguments.


Draco looked towards the professors table and nodded to his father. Who suddenly stood up and walked out of the hall.

“Your father seemed to be in a great hurry,” Blaise said, “what did Lucius want?”

Draco passed the note to Blaise who quickly read the contents, “Are we going?”

“Yes, I want to keep an eye on my father. I still don’t trust him. As to where he was going, did you notice he touched his arm and nodded to Dumbledore? I think he’s just been called.”

Finishing their breakfast they went towards the dungeons for their first class of the day, Potions which was taught that morning by the Headmaster.

Riddle Manor


“My Lord you called me?” Lucius said bowing at the same time.

“Any news about Potter and the other wizard Lucius?” Voldemort asked at the same time signaling that Lucius could drawer nearer.

“No my Lord. The castle has been searched, Dumbledore is extremely concerned. I did hear a rumour that the Weasley boy and Granger girl, believe they have gone into hiding. Potter had apparently completely broken off their friendship.” Lucius said looking the Dark Lord directly in the eye.


“Now that is interesting. Another servant of mine confirmed that only yesterday. Which reminds me Lucius, you never asked my permission to allow Narcissa to accompany you to Hogwarts, what is she doing there anyway?” Voldemort said his eyes filled with anger.

“My Lord, Dumbledore suggested he would prefer to have Narcissa at Hogwarts, he stated it was for her own safety. I had no option but to agree, it would have seemed very odd to have refused.” Lucius said hoping his quick thinking reply would be good enough.

“I understand Lucius…but I should not have had to have been informed that Narcissa was at Hogwarts from my other spy. You should have told me. Crucio” Voldemort shouted.

Lucius immediately fell to his knees, the pain of the unforgivable echoing throughout his entire body. Voldemort smirked at the screams coming from Lucius. Nodding he took the hex off.

“Lucius I will not tolerate you keeping secrets from me. In future you will tell me everything Dumbledore or anyone else does, and that includes your wife. Do I make myself clear?”

“My Lord, I apologize. I should have instantly informed you Dumbledore had arranged for Narcissa to live within Hogwarts. I realize now that she could be used against me.” Lucius said, “I promise my Lord I am your true servant, and my family will follow me.”

“Right Lucius, I will accept your apology. Dumbledore might believe that Narcissa is safe from my wand, both he and you would be wrong to think that. Remember Lucius I can reach your wife and son whenever I want.” Voldemort stated coldly.

Lucius shivered knowing the Dark Lord had just threatened his family.

“How is young Draco Lucius, such a charming and beautiful young wizard?” Voldemort asked with a smirk.

Lucius forced himself to show no emotion, even though he wanted to kill the Dark Lord for even daring to talk about Draco. “Hard at his studying My Lord, he will do the family and therefore yourself proud when the time comes to face his enemies in battle.”

“Well said Lucius. You may go and remember I want Potter found and killed.” Voldemort said dismissing Lucius with a wave of his hand.

Lucius carefully walked out backwards while still bowing. His body still shaking from the Crucio he walked unsteadily to the edge of the wards and apparated back to Hogwarts.

On entering his quarters he was immediately helped by his wife to the sofa and offered calming and pain potions.

“Are you alright Lucius? What did he want?”

“Narcissa I was just about to ask the same thing,” Dumbledore said coming through the floo, “it’s unusual for Voldemort to call this early.”

“He’s angry with me for not informing him that Narcissa was also staying within Hogwarts. Dumbledore he stated that his reach was long, and that he could reach my family whenever he wanted. I want to know how he knew about Narcissa, apart from Draco no one else knew.”

“Good question Lucius. Narcissa have you left the quarters at any time?” Dumbledore asked.

“No, but I did escort Draco out of the rooms the other day. I don’t think anyone saw me. But I cannot be sure. Perhaps Draco saw someone in the corridor?” Narcissa said while gently massaging Lucius’s shoulders which were still spasming from the hex.

“Lucius I will put extra wards up on your quarters. Harry and Severus are staying in their rooms, I have already enhanced their wards and I will therefore be charming a fireplace in the room of requirement, so you can join us tonight. Until the spy is found I believe it will be prudent that you two should not walk the corridors. Now Lucius rest, I will continue to teach your lessons.” Dumbledore added before flooing back to the potions classroom.

Gently Narcissa helped Lucius to their bedroom where within minutes he slept, while she watched him with her wand placed on her lap.


Later that evening


At precisely 7 o clock, Draco and Blaise knocked on the door of the potions quarter, only to be let in by Dumbledore, which took them by surprise.

“Sir, is there something wrong with my parents?”

“No Mr. Malfoy they are waiting for you in their living room.” Dumbledore replied ushering the two wizards into the quarters, and then resetting the strong wards he had placed to protect the Malfoy’s.

Blaise sensing the strong wards frowned at Draco and mouthed ‘Later’.
Walking into the living room Draco was instantly aware that his father was suffering from the remnants of a hex.

“Are you alright Father?” He asked.

“I was called to the Dark Lord. He was very angry I had not informed him that your mother was residing at Hogwarts. You should know that he threatened me, saying you and your mother are not beyond his reach. Draco when you visited with your mother two days ago, did you see anyone in the corridor when you were leaving?” Lucius asked his son.

“There was someone leaving the corridor, but I do not know who it was. Do you think it may have been the spy for the Dark Lord?” Draco asked turning to Dumbledore.

“Yes Draco I think so. Draco I swear a wizards oath that I will guard you and your mother with all my magic.” Lucius said the magic of the oath swirling around him.

“Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Zabini we require you to floo to the Room of Requirement, before we do so, I would have appreciate it if you two would give an oath of silence.” Dumbledore asked.

“What’s going on sir? You employ my Father to take over from Professor Snape. Harry Potter and Dante have disappeared, now you ask for an oath of silence. I think before Blaise and I agree to that we should be given some information about the goings on at Hogwarts recently.”
Draco stated with a Blaise nodding his agreement.

“Draco, Blaise please trust us, we need the oath before we can explain the happenings you are puzzled over. Draco, please for me.” Narcissa added.

Looking at Blaise who said, “Up to you.” Draco lifted his wand, “Wizards Zabini and Malfoy hereby swear an oath of silence with regards the information we are about to be told.”

“Thank you gentlemen, now we will floo to the Room of Requirement where all will be revealed.” Dumbledore said walking to the grate flooing through first.

“Your Father and I will go next, we will perfectly understand if you two would feel happier with your wands at the ready, even though I assure you that the action will not be necessary.” Narcissa said smiling at the two young men.

Finally Blaise and Draco flooed through to the room, when instantly the fireplace disappeared in the Room of Requirement. Looking around Draco was surprised to see Harry Potter and Raven Dante seated with Weasley and the Know it all. Dumbledore and his parents then sat leaving two empty chairs for Blaise and himself. Shrugging at Blaise they both sat down. Turning to Harry Potter Blaise spoke.

“Where the hell have you been?”

“Shagging in a secret room in the dungeons.” Harry said blushing.

“I have to tell you there is an honesty spell on the room at the moment. I thought it best if Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Zabini knew we could not lie to them.” Dumbledore said to all those around the table. “Firstly Raven please drop your charms.”

Severus waved his wand and instantly appeared looking his 17th year self.

“Hello Draco, Blaise…are you going to say anything?”

“Uncle Sev?” Draco asked completely astonished at this turn of events, glancing at Blaise he realized he was equally amazed at what he was seeing.

“Yes Draco it’s me, let me explain.” Severus stated before going on to fully explain the events of last few weeks.

“What sort of spell or bond could do this sir?” Blaise asked completely confused.

“We have no idea gentlemen. A power so pure and strong could be felt while the bond was formed. Within 10 minutes the light had disappeared and Severus was de-aged and also most amazingly no longer carried the Dark Mark.” Dumbledore explained.

“But, Headmaster nothing can take away the Dark Mark. My Uncle committed suicide after the Dark Lord disappeared because he hated the stigma of the mark, but not before he had tried every magic known to man.” Blaise said.

“Zabini you are forgetting that Professor Snape has de-aged to his 17th year, which was one year prior to getting marked. Although the really strange fact is that he retained all his memories. Good and bad.” Hermione stated.

“Zabini,” Harry asked, “was it you who through the hex at Severus’s ankle?”

“Yes Potter, I noticed he felt the hex that hit your shoulder, when he rubbed his own blade. Draco knew that you had somehow bonded, even though due to my seer’s magic, I disagreed. BUGGER IT,” Blaise stated when he realized he had given away a secret Draco and he wanted kept.

“It’s alright Zabini,” Harry said, “Severus worked it out that you were a true seer, like most of your family. What I don’t understand is why you wouldn’t take a subject that you excel at.”

“Because Potter, it is my secret or was my secret weapon. Draco and I, plus many others have been learning spells etc. so we would be ready to fight the Dark Lord when the time came.” Blaise said once more annoyed that he was telling the truth.

“It would seem that apart from learning about Uncle Sev. It’s only our secrets that are being revealed.” Draco said angrily.

“Okay, if I inform you of how we are going to kill Voldie, will that balance the scales?” Harry asked with a smirk.

“Potter have you found a way to kill the Dark Lord?” Draco asked, “you really are ready to end this war?”
“Yes, I believe we are finally ready to finish Voldemort and his army, all due to some accidental magic on my part, when I nearly killed the Headmaster, our Medi witch and Severus. Which lead to some very painstaking research by Hermione…we know how to destroy Voldie. turning towards Dumbledore Harry asked, “Sir would you care to explain?”

Draco and Blaise stared at Harry in amazement, after hearing Dumbledore explain the way Harry was going to kill the Dark Lord, “Potter, how do you know that you can repeat the accidental magic?”

“Ah…well that is why we are all here today. Hermione and Ron have tested the boiled oxygen sweets. Carrying some Gillyweed just in case they dived under the lake and stayed there sucking the sweets for over fifteen minutes. However, we now need to make sure they work when I remove the oxygen in this room via my magic.” Harry explained and would have continued but was interrupted,

“Potter do you seriously expect my parents, Blaise and I to calmly suck a bloody sweet, while you are sucking out the air in the room at the same time. What the hell would we need to do that for?”

“Draco you and your group of fighters will be standing behind Harry and me, at the last confrontation. Draco, Blaise you have to believe in the magic of the sweets so you will be able to convince your group that the magic works. Harry also needs to once more work the spell so he also as belief in the magic.” Severus carefully stated.

“Draco we are also staying within the room, part of the plan is for your Father, You and I to take the two traitors, Harry and Severus, to the Dark Lord as per his orders. Therefore all of us need to have faith in Harry and Miss Grangers ingenious sweets.” Narcissa said with a reassuring smile.

Blaise whispered to Draco that he was willing to stay if Draco was. Nodding his agreement he simply said “Okay we’re ready.”

“Right Harry, now the bond has been satisfied I will no longer allow you two to share quarters or have any physical contact for the next three weeks.” Dumbledore ordered.

Harry’s magic immediately started to shake the room, catching the swirl of magic Harry started to pull the air around him into his magic core.

The others sensing the poor quality of the air around them popped the boiled blue sweets into their mouths.

Ten minutes later a graph which had appeared before them was showing that no oxygen was within the atmosphere within the room. Carefully Harry stopped the charm and said the spell to replace the oxygen in the room. Nodding to those around the table, they all spit their sweets out into tissues which appeared before them.

“How does everyone feel?” Dumbledore asked.

“Fine, at first my chest was slightly tight but once the sweet started to release its flavour, I felt like I was breathing normally.” Lucius stated with nods of agreement from the rest, “young lady you really are quite extraordinary.” He added.

“Yeah, that’s our Hermione, brilliant but very scary.” Ron said making Harry laugh and Hermione thump him on the arm.

“Ronald I just work hard and study. I am not at all scary.” Hermione protested.

“Well Miss Granger you have impressed me. I have to admit that I was very doubtful that the sweets would work, so I brought this with me.” Narcissa said revealing a small box, which when opened shouted, “Oxus Gennan,” just a precaution you understand Miss Granger.” Narcissa said making everyone laugh.

The meeting came to an end, with agreement they would meet up two days later. It was also agreed that capture of the spy, was the next top priority.

Back in their rooms Harry and Severus were sipping a nice mellow brandy while nibbling on cheese and grapes.

“Harry, you look tired, go change for bed and then I’ll check to see if the healing balm is working, you still looked sore this morning in the shower.” Severus said sipping the last of his brandy.

“Yes okay, but Dumbledore was wrong earlier, I still do not think the bond has settled completely,” Harry said while putting his glass and plate on the small kitchenette.

“Is your magic informing you of that information with regards to the bond? Or the needs of your 17 year old body?” Severus said with a smirk.

“In all probability a bit of both, however, I do feel the bond is not entirely satisfied.” Harry answered, “I just hope I heal quickly, before our first time I could easily control myself, with the help of a wank in the morning, now I seem to have a hard on, nearly all the time.”

“Well there are plenty of ways that we can solve your problem Harry, a nice blow job which I would willingly give you, or we could give each other oral sex, however there is another way you have yet to contemplate,” Severus said his voice deep with the beginnings of arousal.

“I love the sound of the blow jobs, I have always loved the position “69” but, I cannot think what else we can do.” Harry said with a puzzled look on his face.

Severus took several seconds before bursting out laughing, taking a deep breath he looked straight into Harry’s face, “Harry you could top and shag me into the bed with your beautiful thick and long cock.”

“Me, me top! Severus I have never giving topping a single thought, I have always just pictured myself bottoming.”

“Harry, there’s no reason for you always to bottom. I have always loved fucking and being fucked. I love the feeling of being filled by my lover, and look forward to feeling your cock breach my ass and fill me completely.” Severus stated.

“I just can’t see you as the subservient partner in the sexual act. Severus even though you have de-aged, your body still gives out a persona of an experienced mature man. Therefore, I still see you as the dominant partner who is in control during sex. Plus the fact I have never topped, what if I hurt you? I would never forgive myself if you were seriously damaged by my lack of knowledge.” Harry said sitting back down on the couch.

“Harry you are not going to hurt me, trust me I am a teacher. If you are that worried, you can slowly stroke yourself, while watching me prepare myself for your cock. Come Harry lets begin your first lesson in the art of topping.” Severus said pulling Harry into the bedroom.

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Author's notes: Harry is out after curfew when Snape returns from a revel, due to his injuries he’s dying until fate takes a twist.

Chapter 14.


Returning to Slytherin Draco and Blaize placed a secrecy charm around themselves and quietly discussed the events of the last few hours.

“Draco I never would have known Snape was alive, his aura has totally altered which is very good because it means that he could be standing next to the Dark Lord, without being detected.”

“Blaise are you sure about that fact?” Draco asked while charming two glasses with good measures of Ogden’s firewhiskey. Blaise nodded his confirmation while taking his first sip of his drink.

“Well that’s brilliant, because if the Dark Lord was to sense Uncle Sev, he would immediately be on his guard and our plans would be ruined. Blaise I have finally realized how clever Granger is, who would have thought you could produce a sweet which would enable someone to breathe in a vacuum?” Draco stated shaking his head.

“I have to admit that I have never been jealous of the Weasel before, but I am now, Draco just think how amazing it would be to have that amount of brain magic within your family.” Blaise exclaimed.

“Yes I see what you mean, her magic is so new it beggars believe what her children’s magic will be like, unfortunately we will never know their true potential, due to the fact she will be bonded with the idiot Weasel, who is way below average in his magic,” Draco said taking a sip of his drink before continuing, “I have also just realised I will have to talk with Mother and Father, it’s amazing that I can trust both of them, I will finally be able to have a family when we rid the world of the Dark Lord.”

“I’m very pleased for you Draco, now let’s discuss what we can tell the others to stop them from going after Harry and Severus, because remember they believe the pair was snooping down in the dungeons the other night.”

“Blaise you are right, we must find some way to take the worry away from our group, we know for sure that the magical sweet works. However, I am not sure I would have believed that it could work, just by someone telling us it could.” Draco said shaking his head, he still felt confused about the events of that evening.

“Draco I suggest we put our memories in a pensieve, just the sweet taking and Potter withdrawing the air.” Blaise stated finishing his firewhiskey and leaning forward to pour himself another.

“Blaise we cannot do that, we have taken an oath not to tell anyone what happened this evening.” Draco exclaimed.

“Damn, well how can we ensure the others that the magic to end the Dark Lords reign has been found. Adding that although we cannot explain precisely how we know, and how the magic works that we are willing to swear to our friends the magic exists.” Blaise questioned.

“We have to swear to them on our magic that we trust the new knowledge and are willing to follow the light into the final battle. Hopefully the others will believe us enough to stand with us.” Draco said.

“You do not sound very sure of yourself Draco, there must be another way. It’s late, lets sleep and in the morning discuss the problem again. Maybe, one of us might have a solution by the morn.” Blaise stated, “Goodnight Draco, I will see you in the morning.”

“Goodnight Blaise, I will follow you in a while, I just want to finish my drink and think awhile.” Draco said with a smile.


At the same time, back at Harry and Severus’ quarters


Severus pulled Harry into their bedroom only to stand there smirking. Puzzled Harry looked into the room from behind Severus and looking around he to started to smirk, finally giving into laughter.

Their bed had enlarged to a super king, the drapes were stunning, in velvet and silk. The headboard had gone from a lovely tapestry to a carved one-piece of oak, depicting the gods and goddesses from the four elements. Wind, Water, Earth and Fire, the elements started to react to the fact Harry and Severus were in the room. In the middle of the headboard was a panel of golden oak, which had all the magical creatures within the forbidden forest portrayed, fairies, pixies and goblins were dancing with happiness.

Severus watched enthralled at the beauty of the magical room, “Harry it’s stunning, with all the magic rooms I have ever seen, this is by far the best I have ever been privileged to see.” Severus said smiling down at his lover.

“Severus it’s just amazing, the room is so magical and also uplifting. My magic, and wellbeing are totally uplifted. The room is just totally in accord with both of us, it’s just like it is trying to show us that the bond is right, and at this time it needs to be brought through the elements to complete our elemental bond.”

“Harry how did you know this? Until this minute, I had know idea what had brought our bond into being. Now, it is obvious, our bond was created by the Gods and Goddess’ with the agreement of all four elements. Harry this is so astonishing that it takes my breath away. This is mythical, yet, it is fact I am completely stunned by all the aspects of our bond.” Severus said once more looking around at the bedroom and smiling.

“Severus, I agree completely to how you are feeling. I sense all your thoughts and the senses left within the room. The room wants, no needs us to complete our bond which has been made via the elements. Look Severus, they have even left the requirements for my breaching of your wonderful ass.” Harry stated pointing to the small flask of lube, plus wine and food nibbles for after.

Severus grinned down at Harry and said, “Well Harry, its time for me to teach you how to breach and stretch my ass to take completely, your cock.”

Harry all at once started to feel his body come alive. His cock instantly became hard, straining against his trousers and boxers.

Quietly Severus whispered “Divesto” within seconds they were both naked. Severus carefully positioned himself on the bed, lying on his left side, legs tucked up into his chest. Smirking with his luscious ass towards Harry he opened his crack showing Harry the darkened opening.

Harry actually gasped at the sight before him, his cock was already hard and needy. A small dew drop of pre-cum seeped from the swollen head, groaning Harry sat within the large lounge chair, and without taking his eyes from Severus he carefully took his cock within his fist and started to slowly stroke it gently, but firmly.

Severus watched Harry, his body shuddered with need when Harry sat and started to fist his cock. Severus reaching across to the bedside table took the lube and slowly, intentionally, opened the lube. Carefully he coated his finger and thumb with the luscious thick liquid, replacing the cork Severus placed the flask back onto the bedside table.

“Merlin Severus, get a move on, I just cannot control myself anymore.” Harry said pleadingly.

Severus smirked and waved his hand, smirking at the look on Harry’s face with an instant. Harry looked stunned at the sensation which had within seconds of his pleading stopped him cum.

Looking down Harry stared at the green and silver cock ring surrounding his cock tight up to his balls.

“Severus, that is hurting. Please loosen the cock ring.”

“Harry, you have the ability to loosen the ring, all you have to do is control your sexual emotions. After all I need you to have your feelings in complete control, so you can push that hard cock into my ass. I then need you to then fuck me so hard we will both cum screaming each others names.” Severus said while at the same time pushing his thumb and digit into his tight rosebud entrance.

Harry watched enthralled has Severus’ large thumb disappear within his ass hole, groaning when Severus slowly withdrew his digits and then pushed them back in with speed.

“This is what I want, need Harry. I am nearly ready for you, I am straining to hold onto my feelings and magic because I am in desperate need to have your cock fill me. I am so longing for you to fuck my ass. Please Harry, try for me, take me.” Severus said.

Harry stood and walked to the bed, bending down he took Severus’ mouth and proceeded to kiss Severus, his tongue stroking and demanding entrance into his lovers mouth. Harry’s body strained again in the enjoyment of searching Severus’ mouth, Severus’ tongue started to duel with Harry’s.

Harry looked down at Severus, and then glanced towards Severus’ entrance which was still being stretched by Severus’ digits. Slowly as though in slow motion Harry clasped Severus’ arm and pulled the digits out of his ass, licking the digits, Harry took a deep breath, lowering himself onto his lover within an instant the cock ring disappeared. Harry just before positioning himself kissed Severus and then traced his lips until reaching and biting Severus’ ear, quietly he whispered, “I have something better to fuck you with my Severus, and I am ready to fill you.”

Severus shuddered and shifted into position, Harry placed Severus’ legs over his shoulders, gently Harry rubbed and rimmed the rose bud, smiling he then pushed into Severus’ ass, groaning at the resistance. Carefully he withdrew and then grabbed his cock and placed it and pushed.

Both of them groaned at the breaching. Harry because of the feeling of Severus’ ass surrounding and grabbing hold of his cock. Severus groaned at the breach of Harry’s large bulbous head pushing through the tight rim and then pushing through.

Harry looked down at his lover, his mate. “Are you alright?”

“I feel wonderful, but you need to move Harry. I need you to fuck me hard!”

Harry smirked and needed no further encouragement, starting very slowly he pulled out of the tight passage, his cock gripped tight causing him to sigh as the muscles held onto him. He then quickly pushed back into Severus, shoving his cock as high as he could. Severus actually screamed.

Harry enjoying the feeling of his cock from top to bottom being held by Severus’ ass, he was just contemplating withdrawing his cock when Severus snarled, Harry immediately looked at his lover.

“Harry I swear to every god and goddess’s who made this bond an reality I will seriously hex your balls off if you do not fucking move NOW!”

Harry stared at his lover, never would he have thought Severus would, could, lose control. Smirking he started to move, slowly in and out. “Severus,” he said while concentrating on building the tempo, “patience is a virtue.”

“Fuck patience Harry, keep moving.” Severus said moaning at the sensation as Harry had stroked his prostrate not once but twice within seconds.

Unable to keep the tempo slow, Harry started to increase the speed, groaning as he felt Severus’ muscles clenching around his cock the faster the tempo got. Underneath him he started to feel Severus’ body beginning to tense, “Merlin Harry so close, please harder, need you to fuck me harder.” Severus screamed.

By now Harry was pounding his cock into his mate, he ensured Severus had reach orgasm when he went over himself shooting all his cum in reams up Severus’ arse.

Around them the wards trembled, Hogwarts trembled and the sky in the main hall changed colour to a thunder and lightening storm which carried on until the early morning hours.

Elves preparing the hall for breakfast pointed to the charmed ceiling which was now showing a glorious sunrise with the sky full of rays, which were every colour of the rainbow, with a fireball of a sun coming out from the storm clouds which were now in the distance.

Dumbledore came into the hall shaking his head in bemusement. The great doors were flung open and in marched the Minister of Magic accompanied by two Auror’s, Tonks and Kingsley Shacklebolt.

“Dumbledore I demand to know what you have been up to now? What was that magic which disturbed all the wards of the magical world within our country, as the Dark Lord begun his war? Plus, I have had the French and Spanish foreign offices are also asking for an explanation.”

“Cornelius, if you would just calm down,” said Albus, who offered a chair next to him for the minister, who sat slowly glancing behind to make sure the two Auror’s standing behind him had their wands at the ready, “Cornelius I have no idea what caused the disturbance within all the wards of Hogwarts, and apparently other wards within the country and abroad. I do not believe that Voldemort, yes Voldemort stop jumping at his name, had anything to do with the magic which has altered wards throughout the wizarding world, I can state that with certainty.”

“Albus how can you be so sure? Moody is on full alert, he states that he is completely foxed by what as happened.” Fudge said while excepting a calming cup of tea from a house elf.

“Cornelius, look around you, the elves are serene, look up at Hogwarts ceiling, no dark magic could have produced the strengthening of the wards, plus all the other magical places within the magical world of Britain,” Dumbledore stated pausing because Hermione Granger had walked into the hall, and could not stop looking up at the ceiling. Forgetting the minister for a minute, Dumbledore smiled at the young witch, “Good morning Miss Granger, interesting night of magic would you not agree.”

“Good morning Headmaster, good morning Minister,” Hermione said while nodding a greeting to Kingsley and Tonks, “I think you understate the happenings of last night. I would state that the magic was so powerful, that I think I can confidently state the tide turned for the light, due to the magic everyone felt.” Hermione then turned away from the head table and started to greet her house mates.

“What the hell did she mean Albus? Does she know something we do not?” Cornelius asked, “is she fey, Albus?”

“No Cornelius she is not fey, just very gifted. No doubt Miss Granger has been up all night, working the runes and the highest arithmancy equations. Obviously she has come to the same conclusion, the magic is for the light and therefore we must stay calm and wait to see what happens.” Dumbledore said while watching the students filling up the house tables.

Hermione watching Dumbledore, started to look where he was looking and suddenly realized why he was worried. Harry and Professor Snape were not in attendance.

Dumbledore looked directly at her asking her the silent question, had she seen the bonded couple. Hermione, shook her head at once, quickly finishing her drink, she excused herself from the Gryffindor table and walked slowly to the exit nearest to the Slytherin table.

Draco and Blaise watched the interplay between Dumbledore and Granger, then blinked when Granger actually walked across the room to take the Slytherin exit.

“I think we are wanted,” Blaise said quietly getting up. He nodded to his Slytherin brethren, making particular point to stop at most of their friends within the against the Dark Lord group. Draco stood completely mirroring Blaise’ actions. Both then glancing at the head table, walked straight to the exit and left the room.

Hermione had waited to see who would follow her, sighing when there was no sign of Ron. She then shrugged to herself when she saw Malfoy and Zabini had read her signals.

“Morning Malfoy and Zabini, I trust I do not have to explain to you two about the significant magic which happened last night?” Hermione asked while opening an empty classroom and warding the door.

“I was about to retire last night Granger, when the first tremor breached the wards on Slytherin. I have done the Runes and Astronomy equations, I believe that a bond of tremendous power was formed last night. One which was powerful enough to empower the wards of Hogwarts.” Draco stated and then waved to Blaise to continue.

“We know the bond which enriched the wards was completely pure. However, who bonded? After all Snape and Potter had already bonded, we thought perhaps Weasley and you, but from your persona, obviously not.” Blaise said.

“No of course not Ron and I. I think due to their absence in the great hall, Harry and Severus have increased their bond once again.” Hermione said only to be interrupted.

“Granger how can that be? Uncle Sev and Potter were already bonded to the highest level, could you explain how they could increase the bond to an even higher level, which according to fact and myth was the highest bond they could achieve?” Draco questioned.

“I can only go against all the magical facts, and state that I believe they have bonded via sex magic to reach a new level, which as yet to be documented,” Hermione answered, “look I’m really just as confused as yourselves, but it’s the only answer which makes sense.”

“Okay, lets go and check out Potter and my uncle Sev.” Draco said while un-warding the classroom door.

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Chapter 15.

Coming to the Slytherin rooms that had been allotted to Severus and Harry, Draco requested, to the snake and lion within the picture, that they really needed to talk to Dante and Harry Potter immediately.

The snake slithered away, returning seconds later to deny entrance to the trio.

“Please, I am Hermione Granger, Harry Potter is my best friend. Harry and Severus did not attend breakfast this morning, I am very concerned, so are Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Zabini on behalf of their housemates.” Hermione added.

The lion stretched and stood quietly, “The masters of the elements are still asleep due to the power of the bond. When they wake we will inform them of your concerns.”

“What do you mean Masters of the Elements, there was only one master, Merlin, and he died centuries ago.” Draco stated, “If Dante and Mr. Potter are sleeping due to a strong effects of the magic which occurred last eve, then you must allow us entrance to ensure they are magically safe.”

“Mr. Potter and his bonded mate are the strongest wizards who walk upon this earth, can you really belief that they would require your aid?” The snake hissed and turned his back to them in disgust.

“You have your answer,” the Lion roared, “as stated we will inform our Masters that you were asking for them.”

Then the trio looked in amazement as the picture they had been speaking to disappeared and in its place was the painting of Salazar Slytherin which was usually placed down in the depth of the dungeons. Draco sighed with relief.

“Sir, we desperately need your help, please can you grant us entry to these rooms, we are very concerned about the occupants.

“Young Draco, I was so wrong about this pairing. Mr. Potter was very pure within his magic, however, now also Mr. Dante is equally pure and when you put both auras together, you have a elemental bonding far beyond any which I and those which followed me understand. Miss Granger, your concern is understandable, but you have nothing to fear with regards Mr. Potter and his mate. They are simply sleeping, the magic has drained their reserves, but have no fear, for the magic I feel within their quarters makes the four founders of which I am one, insignificant. They will wake, stronger and with such purity the earth of magic will be fulfilled.”

“Alright Sir, we will depart as requested. However, can you at least confirm my findings from last night. Firstly, all the wards of each Houses have been strengthened and yet, seem to be closer together?” Hermione asked in bewilderment.

“Draco,” Blaize interrupted, “you didn’t tell me about the wards of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff has got closer to our Slytherin wards.”

“That’s because Blaize I did not know. Granger, what do you mean the wards have got closer?” Draco asked.

“Perhaps I can explain more clearly Miss Granger,” stated a picture from behind them, turning they saw Mistress Ravenclaw.

“I bow to you Rowena,” Salazar Slytherin said with a smirk.

“The wards at the time when we walked the halls, were like a jigsaw puzzle which fitted together to make the wards literally impregnable. Unfortunately, although we were thought to be perfect in our magic, we were also human. We argued and ganged up on Salazar, who had major concerns about muggleborn, we disagreed, and put Salazar’s arguments down to purity reiterate. We were wrong, muggleborn have caused problems within our world. We should have listened and acted.” Rowena Ravenclaw stated.

Hermione interrupted, “Are you saying that us muggleborn should have been excluded? Because, if you are I totally disagree, all the problems of our world is the stupidity of one dark wizard who has lied and promised to all the purebloods, in order to gain complete power.”

“If you had waited Miss Granger, I would have stated that Salazar wanted to help the muggleborn. Purebloods, who are sorted into Slytherin have been afraid of muggleborn since the first one stepped over the steps of Hogwarts. Salazar argued that we should educate muggleborn prior to them coming to Hogwarts, that the culture shock of our world was to great. We disagreed, however, he was right! Voldemort has prayed on the fear of the purebloods because we didn’t listen to Salazar and put his ideas into action. If we had the wards would have been still in place, and therefore Tom Riddle would not have fooled Hogwarts wards, and therefore Voldemort would not have existed as we know of him today.”

“But, I thought you hated muggleborn, my father and grandfather taught me that you were against muggleborn being allowed into our world.” Draco stated to Salazar.

“I never hated or wanted muggleborn to be excluded from our world. I was afraid that if Pureblood took against them, via all the power the main families held, unrest and eventually war would result. Unfortunately, I was right. Our world need muggleborn, muggleborn need Purebloods. And, all houses within Hogwarts need to be one with each other. When we lived we argued, now Harry and Severus has started to heal the argument. The highest magic of all, Earth magic has decreed that they have been bonded to such a power, that the dark, Voldemort, and his followers will be defeated. Only then will our world start to heal.” Salazar said pausing, then smiled, Harry and Severus have woken.


within the rooms


Severus was the first to stir, he smiled at the magic which was swirling all around the room, turning towards Harry he reached out to touch him, just as his fingers grazed Harry’s cheek electric sparks shot through them both causing Harry to awaken.

“Severus, Merlin what happened? I mean I know we made love and I topped, but it was beyond anything I have ever felt, last night even eclipsed the first time you shagged me. Also the energy that woke me was amazing.” Harry said while slowly reaching out to stroke Severus’ body. Once more there were sparks.

Severus looked stunned, for he realised that where Harry was stroking he was feeling 100% more sensitivity than prior the night before. “Harry I do not know what as happened, but I think our magic has grown. Your touch sent shivers down my whole body,” Severus stated, cautiously he gently stroked Harry’s chest and immediately felt the energy and the reaction Harry had felt, “Harry I touched you and I felt your bodies reaction to my touch. Somehow, and I do not know how, I believe the Pain of Parting magic has become the Pleasure of Touch, which once again I believed was pure myth. Harry, the only other who had this magic according to legend, was Merlin, who received the gift to bring our world into civilization from the Gods and Goddesses of the Elements.”

“Severus, are you saying that the night I cured you via an ancient spell, that the magic came from the Elements, therefore we were bonded via Earth magic?” Harry asked trying to understand what he was hearing, he went to continue but the picture on the wall started to speak in Parseltongue,

“The triad to be requests an audience with the two of you. They were very concerned, but having now spoke to Ravenclaw and Slytherin their concern has lessened.”

“Harry, what did the snake say? You look very worried,” Severus asked.

“Severus who are the triad to be? I do not know of a triad within Hogwarts, do you?”

“There is no triad within the halls of Hogwarts,” Severus answered, turning he spoke to the lion, “could you please tell me who the triad is, and where they are at this moment?”

The lion stretched and looked directly at Severus, “two Slytherin and one Gryffindor are standing within the corridor. I should add that the trio have no idea at this moment of their future fate.”

Harry picked up his wand and magicked them both clean and dressed. With a slight dread he walked slowly to the door and quietly opened it, turning towards Severus he stared at him with complete astonishment.

“Oh Harry, thank goodness are you alright?” Hermione asked.


“I am fine, we have some more queries with regards certain aspects with our magic and for the magic which is happening within Hogwarts, but other than that, Severus and I are fine. Good morning Malfoy and Zabini would you like to join us for brunch? You too Hermione.” Harry said turning to see the stunned looked on Severus’ face.

“Yes,” said Draco, “I think we should, we have learnt some important information from Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin, I think you are going to be very surprised.”

Harry opened the door wider, and looked towards Severus, **I don’t think we are the only one’s to be surprised in the near future.**

Severus smirked, still stunned at the three who had entered the wards, sending his thoughts to Harry, *I am in total agreement Harry. But, taking into consideration the words of the lion, I believe we should keep the other knowledge to ourselves for a while.*

Harry nodded his agreement.