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30 days of writing (not always drabbles though)

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Tadashi pulls out a cigarette from the carton, lighting it with his zippo and taking a puff of it as he turns around to see what Ryutaro is doing. They’re on a retreat in a ryokan for a few days that is far away from home and is situated on a mountainside.

There were lots of things to be impressed by this place. There are onsens, both private and public, in the facilities, the food here is wonderful, the air on the mountains is fresh, the town nearby has this charming atmosphere in it that Tadashi is thinking about a future photo shoot here, and the view from the balcony is breath-taking, especially as of right now as they wait for the sun to set.

Remembering that he was supposed to check on what Ryutaro is doing, he is amused to see him playing with a cat belonging to their accommodation. Approaching the vocalist, he kneels down right beside him, petting the cat while smoking.

“This is a really great place, Tadashi,” Ryutaro says, smiling down at the cat. “I like this ryokan.”

“The sun is going to set soon,” Tadashi says.

Nodding, Ryutaro decided to pick the cat up to join them in watching the sunset. Tadashi has been reading that watching the sunset by this ryokan is beautiful and worth watching.

As they take in the view and enjoy their time together, Tadashi holds Ryutaro’s free hand and smiles. Even though he can have such romantic time to be spent at home, he loves it just as much that they can do this outside of home, enjoying the simple things in life like this.