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30 days of writing (not always drabbles though)

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Takanori has a love and hate relationship with the pneumatic mailing tubes. When the system is good it’s really good, but when it’s bad it’s bloody. The letters he gets from his lover is can either arrive in his office in time for him to write back, or they get stuck in the system and he has to endure the wait and the embarrassment from having to pick it up from the mail office, where practically everybody knows who it is from.

But most of the time, he doesn’t mind writing letters to Gackt. Going to distant bases make it hard for wireless communication, so the Pneumo Lines are the most reliable way for getting information between bases. Takanori may find it annoying when it could’ve been easier to talk to Gackt by the computer, but this is what Gackt wants to do as a researcher and explorer, and he doesn’t mind doing this.

After all, distance might make it harder for them to stay constant in their relationship, but it also kept Takanori anticipating his return home and a few days off to have their time with each other.

Already, he has received his mail from Gackt from his current stay in the base by Tottori, helping the researchers there to try and stop the sand dunes from transforming into an actual desert. Takanori is not sure how it is possible that they did it, and yet he has to give those from Tottori prefecture credit from making it possible at all.

He loves the information that his lovers tells him about his life in Tottori so far, the pictures of the sand dunes that change seemingly every day due to the winds, the eye candy that he gets from Gackt’s selfies every time he sends his mail. Takanori is not sure what to write about his life in the main base in Tokyo though. He doesn’t go out to other bases as much as Gackt does since his job makes him stay here. And it has been awfully dull for a while since the last time they failed at another attempt to introduce grass to the outside grounds, observing that hardier grass types are needed.

Then, an alarm signal came, which perks up Takanori’s curiosity. Another mail has arrived? It would mean that a distant base have brought important news for him. Picking up the cylinder and opening it, he finds a letter with a couple of pictures. Reading the letter, his eyes widen in surprise before he looks at the pictures a few times, checking it to be sure.

In his excitement, he picks up his pen and paper, quickly scribbling down some words and shoving it into the cylinder, putting it onto the Pneumo Line.

He knows his letter going to be short, but he is sure that this is worth writing to Gackt.

“Come back home. There’s a big discovery for us to witness and do.”


Takanori yawns through his regulator, putting his coat over the plants to protect them from the sudden strong winds. He shivers at the cold spreading throughout his body, but the plants have a bigger priority than his body right now.

The plants were grafted from its original source and sent over to Tokyo for him to look after and nurture them to see if they can grow in here. If so, then they found their solution towards reintroducing the green life back to the outside world.

Suddenly, he feels something big and heavy draped over him, covering him from the winds.

“You’ll get sick if you don’t wear your coat,” a voice behind him says. Recognising whose voice it is, Takanori turns his head back and feels happy seeing Gackt back.

“Welcome home,” he says.

“So this is the big discovery that you told me about a few days ago?” Gackt asks, kneeling down next to his lover as he tries to take a peek at the plants. Takanori can see that his eyes are sparkling in amazement just like he did too, in awe that these plants actually survived on the outside world at all.

“It’s far better than growing giant mushrooms,” Takanori says, smiling down at the small plants. “And a better improvement towards our chances at making this work.”

When the winds whittled down to a soft breeze, both men went and sat down on a bench nearby.

“What do you think is going to happen now?” Takanori asks as he leans his head against Gackt’s shoulder. “I mean, we can graft the plant’s shoots when it gets bigger and send it to the other bases, and probably even further if it can survive the journey through the pneumatic tubes.”

“Just for now,” Gackt says as he pats Takanori’s shoulder. “Let’s just start slow. In whatever way we can, we’ll see what else is actually growing around the whole country. We’ll already seeing the changes happening. We just need to keep our eyes open.”

“Yeah,” Takanori sighs, staying close to Gackt and enjoying his body warmth on this cool evening. “By the way, how long are you going to stay in Tokyo this time?”

“No word from HQ so far, but I did told them to not disturb me for the next 4 months or else,” Gackt says as he smirks, pulling Takanori even closer for a cuddle. He wants to kiss him but maybe that’s for later when they get home and have a bed or a couch waiting for them.

“I like that,” Takanori replies. “Where are we going to start tonight when we get home?”

“Anywhere you wish, baby.”