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30 days of writing (not always drabbles though)

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“What do you think?” Byou asks as he looks on at Rui picking a ring that he likes, while at the same time, worry about the price in his head as he calculates the money in his account and the budget that he might or might not tell to his lover.

No, this is for Rui’s happiness, not his stinginess. As much as he wished Rui would go for the kind of rings that they get with their accessories, Byou is aware that the ring he is buying for Rui is for their anniversary as a couple. It’s the closest thing they can get to be known that they’re a couple.

He stares at the rings on display with a nervous glance. There were some that he can buy around the price range he is satisfied with, as long as they were not really expensive gems like diamonds, because that may be the hardest object in the world, but an overrated gem at that.

Unfortunately, Rui is looking and touching at one of the rings from the more expensive cases, the ones with diamonds on it. It was something to say goodbye to other parts of his budget when Rui wants it.

It’s for their anniversary, Byou reminds himself. They don’t get something like this all the time. Sacrifices are to be made here.

“Byou-kun, are you alright?” Rui asks, touching his shoulder. It’s the shock that pulls Byou out of his thoughts and realised that Rui has finished looking and picking his choice.

“You’re finished?” Byou asks. Rui nods, grinning.

“Yeah, I even bought two. One for me, and one for you.”

Goodbye, shopping budget.

By the time they are home, it’s quite a surprise that Byou stumbles upon when he receives the receipt -after paying with cash from his wallet that he gave to Rui so it hurts less than having to watch it happen- and his eyes widened. Rui has definitely bought two rings, alright. However, it is cheaper than the ring Rui was looking at earlier. He rereads the receipt, not seeing a single word that says diamond, and the only thing that he’d read was opal.


“Opal?” Byou stares at Rui with a dumbfounded expression.

“You’d think I wanted a diamond ring? Diamonds are overrated in my opinion, and the opal rings I saw earlier while looking through the displays were prettier, and cheaper and bigger than the diamond rings,” Rui giggles while remaining smug. “It was a win all-round for me.”

“So, then…” Byou simply gapes at his lover, unable to say anything more than that.

“We can go through a lot in our anniversaries, but it’s once in a lifetime to know that we put thought on it and have cherish in it,” Rui says with a warm smile. “We can wear it however we like, but it’ll still mean something rather than nothing.”

Giving one of the two boxes to Byou, Rui holds up his box and waits for Byou’s reaction.

“What are you waiting for?”

The vocalist smiles back and opens the box, taking the ring and putting it on Rui’s ring finger.

“I still like doing it the traditional way,” he murmurs, admiring the ring on Rui’s finger, the gem shining in different rays of colour by the light.

“I like that,” the bassist replies, putting Byou’s ring on his ring finger too.

“Diamonds may be expensive, but you’re priceless,” Byou says before he kisses Rui.

“Your cheesy lines are bad, but it’s just as priceless,” Rui counters back.

And he likes Byou’s cheesy lines the way it is.