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30 days of writing (not always drabbles though)

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A lot of things seem to have a beginning, despite the fact that most of the time; it’s already there until it is taken notice at a later time when one looks back in time and remember. For Aoi, he seems to remember some of them.

He remembers his first step into the country called America for a brief stint of apprenticeship in a teppanyaki restaurant, never knowing that he will return to the same country years later, as a singer in a band instead, doing something just as inspiring and passionate about.

He remembers when Ryohei approached him for the chance to create a band with him, never knowing that he’ll be a solo artist in the future and meeting more people than he ever did, but at the same time appreciating the hell of a ride with the band, both good and bad.

He remembers when he first met Kenzo, a young man who saw so much potential on the singer, believing that he’ll go to places as long as Aoi is there. Both of them never knew that they would eventually be together, the aspirations, awe and respect became love, romance and an enduring relationship.

He remembers when the band was at a breaking point, with him and Kenzo very much on different sides of the argument. Although he knew that they made their decisions and the breakup was hard on them, he certainly never knew that they saw each other again a year later, the fire of their love for each other never extinguished, and they are still very much in love towards each other.

As he remembers each of these beginnings towards events that later occurred, Aoi muses on the thoughts of what he had back then. The future seemed so far, and each day is a struggle of its own, yet it’s so easy to take a trip down to the past, and realised that he only remembers snippets of events that his mind regarded as important, whether or not if they really are.

He wonders when he’s a man at an older age, if he and Kenzo can still remember their memories of the past. Perhaps he can no longer remember that at one point in his life, he looked back in time and told himself to start a conversation due to it. Maybe he can go talk to Kenzo about this, just so there might be a chance that one of them can remember the beginning of a conversation that he came up.


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“Byou, I just came back from work and saw the latest announcement on TV that you’re wanted for stealing and leaking information from the government. Just what happened and tell me that’s not tru—“

Rui stops right in the doorway that separates the living room and bedroom, standing still by the shock of seeing the situation of the bedroom. The drawers are all pulled out, the safe is opened, and clothes are strewn around the floor and bed. The bed has a few bags with Byou hastily packing clothes, documents, his laptop and electronic items, and whatever perishable items he needs for the road and his escape. It confirmed Rui’s worst fears since he stepped off of the train. The accusations are true, and the proof is right in front of him.

Byou looks up to his lover, worry etched onto his face as he knew that this was coming. “Rui, I can explain what happened—“ Rui cuts him off.

“You’re on the wanted list,” he whispers, feeling at loss. “You’re going to be a criminal on the run.”

Byou kept his lips shut, biting his lips as he looks away from his lover. “You can hate me, Rui. I don’t blame you. You have all the right for hating me for having done that. I’ll make sure that your records are clean before I leave, and get some friends and acquaintances within the city to prepare safe houses for you to hide just in case the secret police is on to you until you’re off their radar.”

Rui turns silent, which Byou takes that opportunity for Rui to digest the situation at hand to turn back and continue packing. Unfortunately, he never even took the first step before Rui’s hand lands on his shoulder and he turns him back to face him.

“I do hate you,” Rui states with a firm voice, making Byou wince at hearing that, but then Rui adds, “if you ever tell me to do something like that. I didn’t say ‘I love you’ and moved in with you without being given time to do so.”

Byou blinks, surprised at first, and then feeling a swell of joy as he looks at Rui while smiling, who too, smiles back.

“You’re joining me then?” When Rui nods in response, Byou warns him, “It’s not going to be easy living outside the walls. We have to be on the move, fight against the army –hell, the government to be honest-, do raids and shit like that.”

“Yeah, and compared to coming out to our family that we’re dating and gay, I think that living outside the walls is way less stressful,” Rui comments, which led to Byou to hug him and laugh. They share a brief kiss, both men reassured of the status of their relationship. “Give me at least 30 minutes to pack up the necessities for me and Maru.”

“The cat is going to come with us too?” Byou asks incredulously, which got him a roll of eyes for that.

“Do you think I’m going to leave her behind to be dealt with, you fucking idiot?”

With a silly grin, Byou says, “I’ll wait for you by the Hilux when you’re ready.”

“Where are we going in once we’re outside the wall?” Rui asks once he and Maru were in the vehicle.

“To Mao’s. He’s been out of the city walls for years and has been waiting for me to do something like this,” Byou answers, having already turned the engines on, reversing the truck out of the parking lot and out on the road.

“Do you think Mao will mind me and Maru staying with him?”

“When we crash at his safe house, he won’t be since by then he’ll stop worrying about me doing some dirty work within the government’s surveillance centre to cover the rebels’ tracks.”

As the Hilux rammed through the safety barriers, they laughed and whooped in excitement, driving off into the night. Music blared out loud from the speakers as the truck drives off and away from the city that they lived in that they once called home, going towards a future that may seem uncertain, but as long as Byou has Rui by his side and Rui going wherever Byou goes, fate can have the middle finger instead.


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Hyde is a restless being. Not as in his working habits for the constant strive of perfection, but rather something more intimate and private.

He never tells Ken that he is really good at what he does, but there’s no one who does it like him, to completely tie Hyde up to his whims while it unknots something within the vocalist. It doesn’t take long for some people to know that if he is going towards Ken, you don’t stop him. Instead, you swerve away and pretend that you forgot as to why you went that way, for there are certain things that you don’t wish to see, nor hear.

When they’re in the bedroom, their clothes hit the floor, the hemp rope comes out of the drawer, and Hyde is completely in Ken’s control, he doesn’t have to worry about anything else for the night. He trusts the guitarist who takes good care of him, and delivers what he desires with satisfaction.

There is no one else but Ken who knows of his desires and kinks. Hyde thinks that if Ken has not been in this kind of relationship with him for years, it’s terrifying to think of anyone who can replace Ken’s place to take care of him.


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“Oh come on, you promised me that you’ll like it!”

“I did, but now I wish to reiterate what I’ve said.”

“It’s not that bad. A little change in the bedroom doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world!”

“Ruki, you bought sheets for the pillows, blanket and mattress and it’s dark blue with snowflake patterns on it.”

“You complained that time when I changed the sheets to the one with skulls on it, and you told me you wouldn’t complain to me if I buy a new set that looks brighter.”

“…Fair point,” Kai sighs.

“And winter is coming, so isn’t this fitting?”

“It’s still autumn, Ruki.”

“Well, do you think the fashion industry rather sell summer clothes on summer? It’s unthinkable!”

Another sigh, this time accompanied with a pinch on the bridge of Kai’s nose.

“I hope it’s washed and comfortable,” Kai says, resigned to the fact that he lost in the argument.

“I don't buy any sheets with less than 400 thread count on it and it's worth the price in quality.”


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“I hate this haze,” Tora swears as they step out for a break. He immediately regretted his decision as he had forgotten that Shou had told them that the haze is denser this week.

“Well, we used to have trees and greenery to keep the view bearable and breathable,” Nao says, having following Tora out. He hands the taller man his regulator, with his own regulator already attached to his mouth and nose. “Here, at least it can filter the air for us to breathe.”

“Like we haven’t dropped dead from this fucking air yet,” Tora mutters, rolling his eyes. But he still receives the regulator and puts it on. Taking a deep breath, he sighs as he tastes and smells filtered, breathable air. It may suck with that hint of chemicals and whatever is inside the regulator that filters the air outside their base, but it’s way better than getting their lungs damaged and get scolded by Hiroto.

It’s quite a shock when Nao suddenly laughs, which prompted Tora ask him what’s so funny.

“Do you think that it’s funny that I miss fresh air, even though all my life so far, I’ve only breathe filtered air?” Nao smiles towards the distant lands from the base on the mountains, where he remembers that his grandparents told him that lush forests have once existed around here. Funny how nostalgia works, despite having seen a few trees in the greenhouse section of the lab before, Nao has never seen forests that were once said to be rich in green, flowers blooming in so many different colours, the rain not acidic and the dirt once gave so much nourishment for the land.

He feels a pair of strong arms wrapped around him protectively from behind, as Tora kisses the outer shell of his right ear after taking off his regulator to do so.

“Nao-kun, we made it our mission to bring back the biodiversity and life that our grandparents have seen, and we’re not going to fail that, trust me,” Tora murmurs, his voice seeped deep with an unforgettable conviction and struggle that they put themselves upon. At that, Nao smiles, taking off his regulator and gives Tora a kiss on his cheek.

“Yeah, you’re right. Now come on, let’s go back inside before they think that they have to pick our corpses up on the rooftop.”


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Adam can sense Shota’s eyes on him. It’s not as creepy when he looks at him face to face, but when he turns his back and does something, he can’t help but feel as though Shota’s presence lingers close to him.

Shota has been hinting at him of possible romantic feelings he has towards Adam. Adam thinks it’s “possible” is because he himself is not sure whether if it’s romance or something else.

There are hints that he has noticed, like the brief, lingering touches between them with their hands, knees or body. That feeling of longing that pulls them whenever Adam is thinking of Shota, and vice versa. The nervousness that wells up and shuts Shota’s throat tight at any attempt to tell Adam that there’s something more between them than just friends and musicians working together. And the kisses –especially the kisses- that at first were harmless sources of fanservice to rile up the audience, and eventually getting hard to pull away from and getting heated.

The flames have long been ignited.

Ignorance only eventually bottled it up until Adam wants to burst and show Shota what he wants rather than tell him. When Adam got invited to Shota’s place for a discussion and a drink, Adam gave Shota no chance to run or hide away his true desires. The fire within Adam is hard to extinguish when he pulls Shota for a kiss. Shota is hesitant at first, but Adam presses on until Shota pushes his tongue against his lips, Adam can’t help but does a little victory dance in his mind.

When they take a look at each other, Shota looks away first, muttering “I’m sorry.”

“For what?” Adam wonders. “For me kissing you? For me to admit that we’re pretty much in love with each other? For me to take the first move?”

“No,” Shota forces a smile, not because he is frustrated, but more along the lines that he cannot find the right words for a while until he says, “For making you wait for me.”

“Hey, look at me,” Adam cups Shota’s cheeks to look at him face to face. For a brief moment, Adam was distracted by Shota’s eyes, as though he is looking at flames burning with emotions waiting to be burst forth. “It wasn’t only me who waited, you waited for me too. We’re done with waiting, aren’t we?”

Shota looks back at him, and then he chuckles comes forth before he leans in to kiss Adam.

“We are.”


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It’s really funny how the media presents them towards the public. It can either be squeaky clean and allowed by the person who is going to be in the news, or it can be dirty and seemingly unforgiving as it only picks the best cuts that it wants. It’s how they want others to see and agree their point of view.

But this isn’t the media Takanori is thinking about. He’s thinking more about how Gackt is like that in public. On the surface he has a clean cut image that makes it hard for anyone to slander him without actual evidence and proof. He is a human bounded with flaws that strives to be perfect in everyone’s eyes. Once everybody else turns away, though, Takanori can see Gackt’s true nature. That side of him that may seem exaggerated, but only if because it hides the bigger story behind it.

Here they are, in a formal restaurant, wearing suits in comply of the restaurant’s strict dress code. On the surface they look like friends who are having dinner. But underneath the covered table, Gackt’s foot rubs and kneads against Takanori’s groin, the edge of his lips subtly curl up as Takanori struggles to compose himself and not hump against Gackt’s foot. That bastard is going to pay for this.

“How’s the food?” he asks in a nonchalant way that almost gets Takanori so frustrated that he almost wanted to stand up and kiss Gackt hard. His boner sticking out like a tent will be on the back of the burner.

“Need I ask when you brought me to such an exclusive place to dine?” Takanori smiles instead, holding up his wine glass. He may be tempted, but he has played this game with Gackt before, and one way or another, he can play too.

“True,” Gackt giggles, clanking their glasses together with a ‘ting’ and drank down his wine. When Takanori drinks his, however, he feels a sudden hard rub and squeeze over the tip of his cock and almost choked.

“I’m not in the mood for dessert. Can we get the bill soon?” the darker haired man suggests. Takanori has given up, knowing that he lost this time, but the reward will still be given to him.

When they got home, they didn’t end up in the bedroom, for Gackt preferred the living room rather than walk the whole way.

“That was fun, wasn’t it?” Gackt purrs, thrusting in and out of Takanori who is on all fours, one hand gripping onto his hip while the other rubbing, squeezing and stroking his cock through the fabric of his trousers. There was pre-cum that has already made a wet spot on his underwear and dampening his trousers. He did not bother with the whole stripping them off thing; he just pulls down Takanori’s trousers and underwear down to show his bare ass instead. Just some preparation and they’re ready.

“You’re… a fucking tease,” Takanori pants, pushing his hips back to meet with the younger man’s thrusts. He can hear Gackt’s harsh breathing turn into moans, and he punches the air inwardly. A little victory for himself.

“Was I?” Gackt muses, his thrusts have not changed its speed. “What I did in the restaurant was… well, tame.”

He speeds up.

“I could’ve booked for a private room instead.”

He shifts his angle and found his prostate.

“Where it is only the two of us in there served by a personal waiter.”

He gives a squeeze and twist on the tip of Takanori’s cock in a repetitive action.

“Ask him to go away while I fuck you on the dining table.”

Loud moans and curses spill out of Takanori’s mouth.

“And don’t try me,” Gackt leans down and whispers to his ear. “I know you’d want that too.”

Takanori gives Gackt no vocal warning that he’s going to cum. When he did reach his orgasm, he shudders, moaning loudly that, “I’m cumming in my underwear!” as his cum spurts out and spreads around his underwear, even onto his trousers. Then Gackt followed suit, giving several hard thrusts while filling him up.

They collapse down into a heap on the couch. Gackt pulls Takanori for a kiss, while his hand that was on the darker haired man’s crotch gets busy on rubbing it, spreading the cum in his underwear and trousers, the wet stain getting bigger. There is a shudder and a cry from his lover underneath him, as Takanori’s over-sensitised cock is stimulated. At the same time, the wet feeling surrounding his cock makes him feel dirty and turned on when he weakly pushes back against Gackt’s hand.

“Let’s try it with your short shorts next time, what do you think?” Gackt murmurs, biting the hollow on his throat.

“If you can fuck me one more time and on the bed this time, I’ll let you pick my shorts.” Hearing that, it takes less time for Gackt to pull out of him, lift him up and carry him to the bedroom for round two.


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“Tetsu, this isn’t what I meant.”

“What?” Tetsu turns to look at him as though he rejected a 100 million yen per annum offer for something that he enjoys and can do.

“When I said I wanted a companion to spend time with me, I didn’t mean buying a slave as a birthday present for me,” Ken sighs in frustration. Even a decade after the controversial law was enacted, Ken is still not used to the fact that it isacceptable to purchase and keep a slave. And yet, here he is 10 years later, and his best friend Tetsu brought him one despite protests and resistance.

“Relax, if you don’t want him, I can keep him or… I can just return him for a refund…” Upon hearing that Ken quickly stops Tetsu on his tracks. He may be against the law but it doesn’t mean that he’s going to let a person go back to a place where the slave suffers.

“I’ll accept my present!” he exclaims, sighing again before continues on, “Just… don’t call him a slave. If he’s going to be my companion from now on, everyone should know that rather than the other.”

“Fine by me,” Tetsu shrugs. “He’s going to arrive in a couple of days after your birthday, so be prepared.”

That was easier said than done.

The information that Tetsu gave him was as easy as playing a 16x16 Rubik’s cube behind your back. So the very least that Ken managed to do is clean up the guest room that he has used as storage, pack up his pantry with food, prepare some extra clothes etc. By the time it was all done, Ken was so exhausted that he had almost forgotten that his ‘companion’ is going to arrive in less than 3 hours.

Ken guesses that being exhausted is a good thing, for it didn’t give him time to think about the sla—companion of his that Tetsu has chosen for him and what he looks like, what he likes, what Ken can do for him. So that didn’t give him much expectation, just mostly surprise when he arrived on a taxi with a small suitcase, his eyes stuck to looking at his own shoes.

“Err… I’m Ken,” Ken holds out his hand to shake the person who is going to be his companion under his contract (and probably life) and already has a few heart strings pulled.

“Hyde,” the person, now called Hyde, receives his hand with a firm shake, looking up at him for a few seconds before pulling off and looking away again.

“So,” Ken claps his hands together, “you’re going to be my companion, not a slave.”

“Whatever floats your boat,” Hyde shrugs, which Ken realises that Hyde thought it just meant something else instead of what he intended.

“No, no you don’t understand!” Ken flails his arms around. “It means that you’re not under any orders. You can do and say whatever you want, and I don’t care unless it does disturb me.

“Look,” Ken sighs loudly, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I just want someone to be by my side. Who can listen to me, talk to me, and spend time doing… whatever,” he says that with a wave of his hand. “That’s all I can ask for now. If there’s anything else, we can discuss about it later.”

Hyde now looks at him, at bit confused and not sure what to say. Ken takes that it’s time to go inside his house.

“I’ll… take your suitcase into the guest room.” With that, Ken hurriedly picks up the luggage and goes inside. Hyde follows suit. He can’t help but smile though, for all the time he has never thought that he will end up with someone like Ken. Maybe his life will have a change, a start over. He can start this by being Ken’s companion, someone who can be by his side instead of following behind him.


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Tohya is constantly on the move.

He doesn’t care as to where he goes as much as where he can hide and blend in. All his life, there seems to be no such thing as home for him. He’s always on the move, he’s always alone, he’s always sure that he can rely on himself, for people are only temporarily useful until he either leaves them or they turn on him. He never learns to remember their names. After all, getting attached to any of them makes you even more vulnerable.

His father, mother, and brother never taught him to never trust strangers. He only did when he was the only one left alive after his family got hunted down one by one.

It was all for the sake of survival, a necessity.

So why is he stuck to this guy who calls himself Umi in the first place?

He doesn’t dare to trust him. He lied about his name, yet Umi knew his name. It scares Tohya. Is he one of those bounty hunters who had a look at the reward for capturing him?

Although Umi is a serious person who seems to share the same trait of not liking people like Tohya, what actually scares Tohya is that Umi trusts him, and that he wants to be by his side. What if it is a façade that Umi puts on towards Tohya?

Tohya has tried everything. Sneaking off late at night, bail him during a fight, leave him preoccupied at a shop in town etc. Literally everything on the book he’d learned to get away from people. Yet every time he does so, Umi just mysteriously finds him and continues on as though he never thought that Tohya ditched him.

He hates Umi. He hates not knowing who he is and what his motives are for Tohya. He hates him for making him feel guilty for leaving him behind. He hates him for being so forgiving towards him. He hates that he made him feel attached towards the older man. He hates him when he smiles and get close to him, it makes him feel safe and comforted, the very two things he thought had long been forgotten since his childhood. He hates Umi for changing the life that he is so used to, leaving him vulnerable to potential traps.

Tohya has blatantly told and showed Umi that he hates him, end of story.

He should hate him back too.

So why is Umi so protective of him, putting Tohya’s life before his own?

“Because I love you,” he said, holding Tohya’s hands as he looks at him with warm eyes, showing Tohya that smile that has melted his heart before. He is so serious about it that Tohya wishes that he can tell him that he loves him too without a blink. Instead, he turns away he walks off.

It wasn’t until Tohya found a clearing to settle down for a while that for the first time in more than a decade, he broke down and cried.

He doesn’t deserve this.

He doesn’t deserve to be loved, most of all by Umi.

He hurt him by walking away from him, by saying all those nasty comments at him.

Why does he deserve someone like Umi?

When Tohya woke up later with puffy red eyes after falling asleep from the exhaustion of crying, it was dark and he finds a silhouette by the fire that looks a lot like Umi. When he approaches Tohya, he gets down to his knees and ruffles his hair.

“You should’ve at least made a fire,” Umi sighs.

“Why?” Tohya croaks. “Why are you still by my side? I can betray you. I left you behind. I hurt you. You should hate me.”

Umi looks at him for a moment, concerned at first, and then he strokes Tohya’s hair as he explains.

“You did hurt me, but you want to know something?” Umi asks. Tohya nods, letting Umi continue on. “I still trust you no matter what. I always return to you because deep down, you know how much you hate being lonely. It’s okay if you don’t love me like I love you, I’ll always be by your side no matter what the circumstances.”

Tohya wants to cry again. Maybe those above him have seen his life and actually gave him something too good to be true and to be believed. But it’s true, and real, kneeling down right in front of him is a man who went through so much to convince him so.

He can stop lying.

“I love you,” he whispers, tears falling down. “I love you. You’re too good to be with me, but I love you.”

Umi smiles at him warmly before he leans in to kiss him.

“I love you too.”

As Tohya wakes up to a cool misty morning with the camp fire still burning but now down to its embers, he knows that he has to be on the move again. Such is life that he is so used to. This time though, he’s not alone, and never be lonely as long as Umi is by his side and can be relied upon to return to him.


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“Hey Kai, do you think we’re going to win this round?” Reita leans close to their leader as the speaker announced the next warriors to be on the battlegrounds.

“It’s Ruki, what do you think will go wrong?” Kai grins.

“It’s exactly that,” Reita deadpans.

“We’ve seen him fight, you know how much he’s capable of,” Uruha chides Reita. “Never underestimate him. His brain’s got more active cells than yours do.”


“I don’t know, Kai,” Aoi shakes his head. “He’s going against a guy who is twice as big as him with an even bigger club in hand. He’s said to be notorious around here.”

As soon as the siren sounds, signalling the beginning of the battle, all eyes are on the sandy pits of the battling ground.

The gladiator like brute looks down at his opponent, and gives a huff. This is going to be an easy win for him. Meanwhile, Ruki’s hands are in his pockets, pulling out some silver coins. Now the brute laughs out loud. Is this puny little sissy going to pay for him to not beat him up?

“Hey,” Ruki says.

“Hey,” the brute replies in return. Maybe he’ll play with his prey for a bit.

“You know what do coins have in common with your weapon?” Ruki asks, tilting his head as he smiles at the brute that gets happier at the idea of smashing him into mashed flesh and bones. But he still asks.


Without hesitation, Ruki takes the first move, and punches right by the jaw. Both men can hear bones cracking and a jaw being dislocated, but for the brute, it’s the sheer pain that knocks him off. That’s when he notices what is on his knuckles. Silver coins are in between each of his fingers, acting like an improvised knuckle duster.

“They’re made out of metal. Coins can be lethal weapons if you know how to use it right,” Ruki explains, already backing off with a few light steps.

Wincing at the pain which boils his anger up further, the larger man charged towards Ruki, who simply side-steps out of the way of the charger based on calculated moves. He knows that that man is going to stop before the wall, turn around and charge at him again, possibly with his overly large club swung above his head. However, Ruki is taking his chance with the heavy club.

When he sees that the brute is charging back towards him with his club high above his head, Ruki smirks. This time, he too, charges towards the brute.

He is as quick as lightning on his moves, but it doesn’t lessen the strength of his punches. A hit on his sides, which damages the left kidney, more coins thrown at his face to distract him for a brief moment, gives Ruki enough time punch the other side of his jaw, dislocating the lower jaw, and a final hit to his head from below sees the brute knocked out cold and down to the ground.

There was silence at first for the audience and the announcers alike, seeing a small man like Ruki beat down one of the more powerful warriors to be feared.

“He did it,” one of the announcers squeaked out, before a louder reply came. “HE DID IT!”

Then the loud cheers and applause came with it.

To Ruki, though, he simply smirks. Tossing the coins on his hands before shoving them back into his pockets, he walks away from the arena.

“You did well,” he found Kai by the resting area handing him a towel and a bottle of water.

“Guy’s too easy to predict in his moves,” Ruki snorts, pulling his leather gloves off and checking the bandages. “But at least knocking him out fetches us a good reward.”

Kai simply ruffles his hair and chuckles.

“Up for a late night dinner after the celebration? It’s all on me,” he asks.

“I love that.”


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“You-kun, I don’t feel like I’m prepared for this,” Gackt sighs as he adjusts his tie for the umpteenth time, his face and actions clearly shows that he is nervous.

“You’re going to be a married man for the first time in two decades since your last one,” You teases him from the doorway, leaning against the frame while crossing his arms. He is tempted to sarcastically tell Gackt that yeah, he’s really not prepared for the wedding that he and Takanori have been planning for more than half a year now, from the place they chose to married, should they go with a Western or traditional style wedding, to the invitation list that they came up, literally right down to every last detail. But he decided against it. Then he walks towards the groom and pats his shoulder, giving Gackt a warm smile. “It’s been that long, so I can’t blame you that you’re this nervous.”

“Do you think I’m making a big mist—“

“No, no you’re not,” You’s grip on his shoulder tightened. “I know that you and Takanori have been waiting for this to be legalised. I’ve seen you two together for a decade, and I can wish for nothing more than to see you be more than just a couple.”

Gackt looks at himself on the mirror, with You behind him keeping a hold on him. Truth be told, he wasn’t nervous that anything in their wedding is going to be fucked up, but rather, the reason why he doesn’t feel prepared for it is that after all of the planning and preparation, nothing prepared him to accept the fact that he is going to be married, and he is going to be standing here with You as his best man, his lover and groom-to-be at another room, the rings, the vows and all that jazz.

“Sometimes I don’t know what to do without you, You-kun,” Gackt smiles after his worry dies down, having seen that the man no longer has to.

“I’m not your best man without making sure that you’re not bailing your own wedding,” You snorts, rolling his eyes. “Besides, if you do bail, I’m not sure who’s going to be more upset: Takanori, the fans or the media.”

Despite being high-profile celebrities and it is cliché with the fact that such an announcement is going to be a parade for the media and whatnot, a low-profile wedding is more fitting than anything else. But the wedding comes first; the media can have their parade later when they send their faxes and emails, with the certificate, pictures and all as evidence.

Chachamaru later comes to tell them that it’s time, and they left the room, leaving Gackt behind with a thought: Change did come, and he’s part of it.

When Gackt meets Takanori by the door –they agreed to walk up towards the minister together- he can’t help but look at Takanori, whose smile is just as bright as it ever been, and felt just as much as in love with him in the early days together as they still do ten years later. When he looks at his eyes, he is reminded that their love did not come easy; people have tried to tear them apart, their own secrets tried to challenge their trust between each other, they have hurt each other time and again with arguments and fights.

Yet, in the end, it was worth it through it all other than for some philosophical thoughts and quotations. Life is not easy, just as love does not come on a silver platter either.

Perhaps, Gackt thinks as they hold their arms together and walked up towards the altar, friends and family smiling at them, they have waited long enough for marriage, but they didn’t have to wait to be together.


Chapter Text

Rui takes his glasses off, pinching the bridge of his nose. He’s more than tired already for having to work in the later hours. He thought that being a scientist used to be cool and all, learning knowledge that has been passed down from scientists of the past, discovering every little new thing that gives him excitement and amazement in his eyes. He still does, but work seems to have made him lose that excitement of his.

Checking the time, Rui sees that it’s 8:45PM by now. This is quite late for almost everybody, including the janitor, to want to stay in the lab. While stretching his body, Rui is thinking about going home for a nice snooze and cup of tea until he hears the sound of glass tapping and he swivels his chair to turn to look at a dark-haired man named Byou inside a tank filled with water, who holds up his whiteboard asking him “Are you tired?”

Then Rui smiles, leaving his chair and picking up a small whiteboard and marker pen in hand, going towards the giant glass wall separating between them air and water, a human and a merman (not really per say, in Rui’s opinion. Byou’s just a human who has the capability to breathe underwater for long periods of time before resurfacing for air, similar to past mammals like dolphins, seals and whales). He wears nothing but a speedo legskin for practical purposes such as for research and for decency’s sake.

Rui thinks that’s because he looks good in one and a lot of the female staffs and several male staffs (including himself) are guilty for ogling at him.

“Yeah, paperwork sucks,” he wrote on his whiteboard in reply as he shows it to Byou.

“I feel you,” Byou grins, and Rui grins back in return.

Truth to be told, Rui has never told anyone that one of the reasons that he tends to stay behind at the lab is so he can talk with Byou without interference. Granted, he does do so too when other scientists are there, but only to ask some questions that Byou sometimes think is boring when he tells it to Rui later.

Nobody actually told Rui that talking to the merman is prohibited, there’s no such rule since no one knows if the merman can talk, but neither does Rui want anyone to know that he is doing that for some time already, so this is a little secret between him and Byou, for Byou keeps him company when everyone else left and it makes sure that the merman would not feel terribly isolated and lonely from being in the tank.

“I miss the outside world,” Byou wrote on his sign, which surprises Rui. Months of being with the merman had given no hints whatsoever that Byou is homesick, then Rui remember what “going outside” meant.

“Isn’t it unsafe to go outside?” he has written. “You’ve been here for months, so surely your body wouldn’t adapt well once you leave somewhere as sterilised as this?”

There were a lot of words crammed into the whiteboard so the size of the words is smaller than usual, but still readable for Byou.

“Maybe so, but I got friends out there. They’re probably already thinking that I’m dead or a tortured science experiment.”

This worries Rui, a lot. At best, they’ve probably sent in a threatening letter telling them to let Byou go, or worse, break in and harm everyone in the building. At the same time though, he finds it hard to imagine letting Byou go after months of talking to him. His face must have shown what he thought about it because Byou is rubbing off his previous dialogue and wrote down something else.

“Meet me at the top of the tank.”

He gives Rui no time to reply back, already swimming up towards the top and waiting for him. Having no other choice, Rui turns towards the ladder that leads to the top of the tank, the area where others like him volunteer their time to bring food to feed Byou.

As soon as he arrives on the platform though, he almost fell off the edge when Byou starts talking. “Now this is a better place to talk, Rui.”

“Y-You can talk?!” Rui gawks before quickly composing himself. “Wait a minute, if you can talk this whole time, why didn’t you admit it in the first place?”

“Well, when you’re submerged in water all the time and having a glass wall between you and me, it’s easier to just not talk,” he shrugs. “And you guys never asked if I can.”

“Oh,” Rui blinks as he tries to accept the fact. It makes sense as to why Byou doesn’t talk at all even through months of written communication. However, it makes Rui feel dumb for never having done that, much less try to.

“Want to take a dip with me?” Byou suggests.

Rui hesitates.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Relax, it’s clean I promise. I use that toilet for a reason. I may live underwater but I still do my business out of it, and I live in a tank.”

“But I’m in my clo—“

“You can just wear your underwear if you want to. Not like I’ve never seen a penis before,” Byou says. “Besides, I’m not that stupid to know why you guys made me wear this cool looking legskin for nothing. I have to admit, it accentuates my legs.”

Hearing that, it’s hard for Rui not to roll his eyes so hard, and decided what to do. Taking off his clothing one by one, folding them up and keeping them somewhere far from the edge of the water, Rui is surprised as to how warm the water is when he steps in from the ladder. Swimming towards Byou, he asks, “Don’t you get tired staying in the water all the time? You could’ve just got out of it once in a while.”

Byou looks at him face to face, which Rui secretly admits that he looks good even out of water with his hair sticking to his face, swimming a bit closer towards Rui, and says, “I can get out of the water when I want to, but I can’t imagine getting tired being with you.”

When Rui pulls Byou into a kiss, he thinks of how much of an idiot he is for not immediately jumping into this. Byou pushes them slightly towards the metal ladder so that they will keep afloat while making out. It doesn’t feel wrong, nor does it feel right. To Rui, it’s straight out lust and desire right now.

“I can’t… imagine getting tired of you, or even see you gone from me,” Rui says when they pull away, a bit breathless and panting.

"Me either," Byou says, this time pulling Rui into making out again. Knowing that he has one arm wrapped around Byou's neck, Rui uses his free hand to grope Byou's crotch, feeling his cock getting hard and big, stretching the latex surrounding it. Byou is right in saying that the legskin accentuates his legs (and butt), but damn does his cock look good in latex too, even if Rui wants that out of the fabric to see what it really looks like. From what he can tell and touch, it's not a disappointment.

"I want your underwear off," Byou whispers to him as he moves his lips from Rui's lips towards his neck, nibbling and licking but not biting. Nodding, Rui pushes himself back to the ladder so he can stand on one of the steps whilst taking off his remaining clothing and left it on the platform.

Now naked in front of him, Byou takes in the sight of Rui. His skin is pale, his cock is quite well formed in its hardened state, and his thighs are like a temptation. Byou has already seen his tattoos but he still looks fascinated by them. The tattoos don't look out of place for someone as cute as Rui.

"So how do we start this?" Rui asks nervously, a bit not sure what to do while Byou takes interest on his body. The merman smirks, gently coaxing him to let his body go down to the water until Rui is submerged at least by waist deep.

Dipping his head down into the underwater, Byou gives his cock some long licks from the shaft to the tip of the head while his left hand busies itself on fondling his balls.

Rui holds back a moan when he sees Byou taking his cock into his mouth. Getting a blowjob is not something Rui has never done before, but getting it while underwater by Byou is something new, and he seems to know his way in pleasuring people with his mouth.

"Byou-kun...!" Rui gasps when he feels the tip of his cock bumping into the end of his throat. Byou looks up at from the water, giving him a dirty look that hints to Rui that there's more to come. And there is one already coming, when Rui feels a finger circling his entrance before it pushes in, with Rui trying his best to relax his muscles to let it in.

With water as the only source of lubricant, it's not exactly comfortable having a finger thrusting inside of him, much less so when Byou introduced a second finger after a few thrusts. Whimpering, Rui grabs Byou's hair and grips onto it. Sensing Rui's pain, Byou pulls his mouth off of his cock and comes back up to the surface.

"Is it hurting you?" Byou asks, worry clearly evident on his face.

"Yeah," Rui bites his lips. "Just give me some time."

It takes some time while Byou gives him fluttering kisses to ease him up before he starts pushing his fingers in and out of Rui, the digits rubbing against the walls until Byou finds that bundle of nerves.

"There!" Rui yelps, pulling himself closer to Byou. Playing with his prostate by touching and rubbing against that spot, it doesn't take long for Rui to be groaning at the loss of the digits and replaced by a much bigger than the fingers to be inserted into him. Rui did not noticed or know when Byou pulled his legskin down to let his cock and balls out.

"Ready?" Byou asks first, looking at him to be sure that he is.

"Yes." After saying that, Byou pushes past the ring of muscles and carefully slides in. He gives a few small thrusts just to test the waters.

"How is it?" he asks. Rui winces at first, which worries Byou, until he smiles.

"Good, but it would be better... if you go in a bit deeper."

Taking that as a cue, Byou alters his moves until he thrusts in a bit deeper each time, a little faster, enjoying the sight of Rui pinching and flicking his nipples occasionally (especially his right one, Byou takes note). Eventually he manages to push his cock with ease, the speed and strength of his fucking now fast and hard, and Rui moaning and groaning his name out loud that he has to kiss him to keep his voice down from being heard by anybody walking by the hallways.

Now full on fucking Rui in the water against the railing, Byou puts his hand behind Rui's head as a precaution just in case he knocks Rui against the ladder too hard. Rui, in the meantime, tries to keep his voice down, even though the pleasure he is receiving makes it difficult to do so while remembering to hold onto the railings to avoid slipping into the water. As much as he enjoys this, he remembers very well that Byou's tank is over 7 meters tall and that is very likely to drown him, which is not very hot and not a good idea to forget that.

Feeling a familiar tight coil on his abdomen, with Byou's hands too preoccupied with making sure that his head doesn't get knocked against the railing and his other hand gripping onto his hip and this feet on the steps to keep his thrusts on sync, Rui takes the risk to take one of his hands off the railing to stroke his neglected cock. A rational part of his mind keeps pestering him that he'll have to clean and change the water up if he cums in the water, then the sex-addled part of his mind tells him that he can have sex with Byou out of the water if he does that, and the thought of getting fucked again helped push Rui over the edge. He screams in pleasure as he reaches his climax, spurts of his cum shooting out of the water like a spectacle worth watching.

Byou follows soon after, giving a few more hard thrusts while kissing Rui to muffle his moans instead as he spills his semen inside of his lover, filling him up.

Now falling into a post-orgasmic bliss, they make out in a lazy way, tongues touching and lapping against each other. Their hands hold onto each other, one of them having prune-like skin and the other has firm, calloused ones. The dark-haired merman is giving Rui slow, gentle thrusts, as if he doesn't want this to end yet.

In Rui's opinion, this is one of the best sex he has ever had in his life so far (other than a bruised back) and it is definitely going to be fondly remembered. His brain feels like jelly although he keeps reminding himself that he has to waste his night cleaning and sterilizing the water up to hide the evidence of their tryst. Still, there's that out of the water thing...

"Hey Byou-kun, are you up for a second round while the tank gets cleaned?" Rui asks, grinning in such a silly way that Byou think it's cute.

"Hmmmm... How long does it take for it to clean up the tank?"

"About 3 hours."

Smirking, Byou pulls out of him and says, "I can fit in one more round if you're up for it."

"I got a bottle of lubricant by my desk drawer."


From then on, well... by day, Byou's a subject from the outside world to be researched for the potential to survive and thrive in a harsh environment and Rui is another scientist checking him out from time to time, asking him questions through the portable whiteboards and marker pens. By night and when everyone else is gone, they're lovers who make love or fuck hard with lust and desire in mind, or both. Merman and scientist by day, lovers through and through by night.

As long as this is kept as a secret between them, the knowledge of their newfound relationship is out of bounds from everybody else for now.


Chapter Text

Ken thought that he did a pretty good job taking care of Hyde as a companion in his household. He gives him food, clothes and a roof above his head and all he asks in return from the younger man is to just spend time with him like talking, eat, watch TV, hear Ken’s guitar playing and give critiques and his opinions, go out and do things that Hyde can never do as a slave.

All in all, Ken thinks that his and Hyde’s life is good. There was nothing wrong in letting Hyde be his companion rather than a slave.

Except that there is a problem, one that Ken realises that he was not exactly prepared for Hyde’s sexual needs.

That is not something he was completely ready to face. He thought that Hyde can deal with that by himself. After all, Hyde is not a slave under his control, so therefore, he can go out on dates or one night stands, right?

Apparently, it’s not so true, according to Tetsu and Hyde.

“He’s still a slave by law, Ken,” Tetsu says, stirring his cup of coffee as they talk in a secluded part of a café that they frequent to. Hyde busies himself by picking and choosing treats that are available by the counter while they talk. “He needs a special approval to do so. And even then, it’s mostly up to the owners.”

“But I let him do that!” Ken exclaims, his face on his hands. “Special approval can go fuck itself. He’s been with me for months by now, and when he just came up and told me that he wants to be fucked, I thought he meant that I didn’t let him go out and hook up!”

“And don’t tell me,” Tetsu holds his hand up as Ken sees that he’s on the verge of laughing. “You didn’t think that he actually really wants to be fucked by you?”

Ken groans into his hands, nodding. Now, Tetsu just breaks and laughs his ass off.

“Oh my god, you couldn’t be any more oblivious about that!” Tetsu slaps his knee, gasping for breath. “And you’re the self-proclaimed biggest pervert around!”

“I don’t know how to deal with this, Tetsu,” Ken sighs. “I don’t have any romantic interest or feelings for him.”

“Do you know what he feels towards you?” Tetsu asks after he calms down and notices Hyde is done picking his pastries and is paying for it.

“No, not really…” Ken looks away. Hyde is now coming towards them.

“Don’t sweat it, I’ll help you with this,” Tetsu says. Ken cannot even stop him when Hyde sits down beside them with his plate filled to the brim with pastries.

“Hyde-chan!” Tetsu exclaims out loud, a smile on his face and his face closer to Hyde than necessary.

“Yes?” Hyde asks, blinking.

“Do you like Ken?”

“Yes,” Hyde replies without hesitance.

“Do you want to fuck Ken?”

“Tetsu!” Ken chokes.

“Yes,” Hyde answers, as though that’s the most obvious thing that shouldn’t faze him at all.

“Do you love him and have romantic interests with him even if he’s a thick-headed idiot who thinks that he shouldn’t fall for you?” This is going into a different territory, but this is Tetsu, who can get what he wants by sheer confidence and intimidation.

“Yes,” Hyde finally answers after thinking about it for a few seconds. Ken just gapes at the two of them. This is so awkward.

“There, Ken. You got your answers,” Tetsu declares, nodding firmly.


“No buts, you can both be in self-denial or try and give him a chance,” having said that, Tetsu grins and drinks down his coffee. He feels as though he has accomplished something good for the day.

Fiddling his fingers, Ken looks up nervously to look at Hyde. Their eyes met, and they both looked away. Tetsu just keeps grinning.

Maybe later he can suggest a double date to ease those two up, and then he can finally stop listening to Hyde complaining about getting Ken’s attention that he loves him.


Chapter Text

Roads towards the mountainsides and places not close to the city generally tend to be crap. Potholes, cracks, and shifts between tarmac and dirt are something to be expected for anyone who frequents there with four wheel drive vehicles. But for once, the road to the Shou’s base close by is surprisingly paved and so smooth that Kai thought that they were hovering over the ground.

The only thing that does dampen down Kai’s excitement of a smooth paved road is that of winds blowing up so fiercely that he has to be careful when driving; otherwise the car will get blown off by the strong winds.

“I don’t see the point of having to do a drive towards that base,” Ruki complains, crossing his arms. “There’s already an underground rail to get to their base. But just when the delivery schedule gets close, maintenance problem comes up!”

“I don’t see the point of you complaining this ride,” Kai chides him. “After all, you complained about how dull it is to go on the train through the darkness and wanted a different way to get there just once in a while. So now you got what you want.”

Ruki turns away and mutters some incoherent swear words under his breath.

“Come on, it’s a road trip!” someone from behind them exclaims excitedly.

“It’s not a road trip, Miyavi. It’s a fucking delivery on land,” Ruki corrects the fellow passenger behind him.

“It’s still a road trip! Whoo!” Miyavi punches the air.

“And it has been a while since we’ve last seen what the land is like,” Kai agrees, patting Ruki’s shoulder. Ruki huffs, but does calms down.

“It’s still the same landscape that has been here,” Ruki stares on at the landscape. It’s still in a sad condition. Only the dirt shows some colour, like brown, red, yellow, orange and white with the occasional ponds of water where a river used to be struggles to bring water down from the mountains. How it is still capable of doing that, Ruki doesn’t know, but he gives credit to Mother Nature refusing to give up.

But then something caught his eye as they drove by. It was small and insignificant, but it’s something that was too good not to be ignored.

“Stop the car!”

Kai and Miyavi got surprised by Ruki’s command, but Kai did step down on the brakes.

“Ruki, what in the heavens has gotten into you?!” Kai looks at Ruki, who is too busy putting on his regulator before pouncing out of the car and out on the barren wasteland.

Once he found what he saw, he stops, quickly bends down and digs it out. What he’s holding in his hands is going to change everything they have thought of the very lands that they lived in.

“Ruki, what did you found out there?” Miyavi asks, having put his regulator on while trying to block sand and dirt getting into his eyes. Thank goodness the regulators can still function in sandstorms.

Running back towards the four wheel drive and the two men waiting, he holds up what he has found.


They stare in disbelief at what they’re seeing. In Ruki’s hands filled with dirt, there were several small green plants, still in its growing stages, but they look healthy and growing in this harsh environment.

“No fucking way…” Kai gawks. He doesn’t know what he should be impressed, that green life is actually returning or Ruki having really good eyesight to capture the sight of these small plants.

“This is fucking history in the making here, Kai-chan! This is motherfucking hope right here!” Miyavi has a better way to describe this discovery, which is really fitting at this current situation.

“We’re going to be showing a hell of a surprise for Shou and the others,” Ruki grins widely, despite that being hidden by his regulator.

“Nao is so going to shit himself,” Miyavi responds with a hidden grin too.

Kai takes this as the time to usher them back into the car as the wind picks up speed. He can’t help but share the same grin though, because for the first time in decades, they’ve found the very proof that they can bring back something on Earth.

Once Ruki safely puts the plants on a handkerchief and his hands are free for the time being, Kai holds his hand and they look at each other. In that moment, they know that this discovery will bring them into a whole different road of challenges and struggles. But they won’t be alone to help bring back green life on Earth.


Chapter Text

When Aoi hears the sound of the doorbell ringing and immediately banging against his door, he is confused as he gets up from the couch and goes towards the door. Weird, he doesn’t remember anyone telling him that they’re going to visit him.

When he opens the door, that’s when his mind skids right into the gutter.

“Pizza delivery!”

Aoi looks at Naoki for a moment. Big smile on his face, a box of pizza and a six-pack can of beers in his hands; he looks more like someone crashing in his place than some attempt of being a pizza delivery man.

“Is your order pepperoni and cheese, beer and a hot and sexy pizza delivery man on toll?” Naoki grins. Aoi rolls his eyes. Typical Naoki.

“I didn’t remember ordering pizza, or seeing a pizza delivery man in short shorts before,” Aoi’s eyes look down at Naoki’s legs.

Special delivery just for you,” Naoki wiggles his eyebrows.

“You could’ve at least just tell me you want a pizza date in my home,” Aoi chuckles, letting Naoki in.

“But where would the fun be if I do that?” Naoki whines, putting the pizza and beer on top of the shoe storage before taking his shoes off.

“Well, we can still do that after dinner…” Aoi giggles.

Naoki leans in to kiss him.

“Can I say that I love you and your suggestions?” he asks.

“Only if we’re not shit faced drunk, or else we’re not going to get the fun we want,” Aoi smirks. “You didn’t wear those short shorts for nothing.”

“Well, I was kind of hoping… you’ll wear it for me?” Naoki smiles, hoping for something like that to happen tonight. “I’ll just be wearing my underwear.”

“Let’s eat right now, and I’ll do it,” Aoi winks at him, picking up the pizza and beer towards the living room.

Naoki thinks he’s a damn lucky man.


Chapter Text

Hyde wonders what Ken is doing messing up his room. Hyde huffs and pouts, for he had just cleaned it up this morning while Ken went out for a meeting. All that hard work was for nothing and there was not even a ‘thank you’ from Ken when he returned home so quickly today.

He keeps trying to find clothes that don’t seem like something Ken wears while going out. He wonders on what is with Ken and his sudden need to mess the bedroom up and wearing weird clothes.

Then Hyde remembers the date. October 31st. Halloween day.

“Where are you going tonight?” Hyde asks, just a bit curious of where Ken is going while dressed up for Halloween.

“Oh, there’s a Halloween party in a club I was invited to. And Tetsu told me to at least wear a costume AND makeup,” Ken explains while rolling his eyes. He doesn’t notice Hyde looking down and feel envious hearing that.

“Must be fun then,” Hyde mumbles, leaning by the doorway. He never went to parties before with past owners, unless it was to show off and flaunt around. Ken is not the kind to do that, since he kept his vow to treat him as an equal. Well, at least he’s got a laptop and PlayStation 3 to be preoccupied with, courtesy of Ken himself for buying one for him and sharing it respectively.

At least he thinks so until Ken tosses him some clothes towards him.

“You don’t mind dressing up for the party, right?” Ken asks, having found his old striped suit that he is hoping can still fit. Hyde blinks at the dress before looking up at Ken.

“I’m going to the party too?” Hyde is thinking this is too good to be true.

“No, we’re going to an opera house,” Ken sarcastically replies before he grins. “Of course you’re going too. Tetsu booked the whole place and gave me two tickets. Can’t have the other ticket wasted. So get dressed, unless you don’t want to wear a dress, I can find you something else in here somewhere—“

“No!” Hyde cuts off Ken, then quickly answers, “I don’t mind wearing a dress. As long as it fits and there’s makeup to go along with it, then I’m fine.”

Hyde can’t help but smile though walking to his room to change his attire. As much as he disliked being shown off as a trophy wife, he does enjoy parties.

Once in the dress, he notices that if he squint his eyes, it looks like some wedding dress though it’s tacky and torn. Hyde figures out that he might be some zombie bride tonight. He hears a knock, and he turns around, seeing Ken, wearing a suit and tie, nervously steps in to his room.

“I was hoping you can help me with the makeup,” he says, looking away while scratching the back of his head before he lays his eyes on Hyde wearing the dress. “…Wow, you look…”

“What?” Hyde asks, feeling a little bit uncomfortable being stared by Ken like that.

“Nothing! It’s just… you look beautiful in that dress,” Ken says in a breathless tone, as though to Hyde, he sounds like he really couldn’t believe that he does look good in a dress, and it sounded sincere in Hyde’s opinion.

“Thanks,” Hyde smiles, gesturing Ken over to him. “Come on, I’ll do your makeup. I know what we can look like.”

Once he had done Ken’s face and hair, and he does his, Ken can see what kind of theme that Hyde decided to go by with the costumes they have. He looks like Victor Van Dort while Hyde is Emily from Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride.

“Didn’t know you like that movie,” Ken comments, finding it unbelievable that Hyde is that good with makeup despite having seen him done it a few times.

“Tim Burton’s films are very interesting to me,” Hyde grins while concentrating on the mascara to his eyes. “And I always have flair in visual makeup, especially for dress ups in Halloween. In my opinion, you either go big or go home.”

“Well, there is a contest held in the party for best pair up of costumes, so we might beat everyone else,” Ken smirks.

“We’re going to kick their asses,” Hyde smirks, putting down the mascara and picking up a lipstick of his colour of choice. Ken cannot help but chuckle at that. Months after coming to his home, Hyde is now so relaxed around him that he can poke and prod at him, even after that weird conversation they’ve had with Tetsu. He loves it, though, because he can see Hyde in a more human side instead of the one he saw the first time they met.

Once Hyde is done and gives a few last minute inspections of any problems, he puts on a veil and tells Ken that he’s ready.

“Here,” Ken hands him a thick coat. “It’s cold outside and we’ll need it just in case.”

“Thanks,” Hyde puts in on and then pauses, feeling warmer in his heart and mind as he looks up at Ken. “Hey Ken?”



“It’s nothing,” Ken waves his hand.

“No, I mean thanks for everything you did for me so far,” Hyde blushes and bites his bottom lip, looking down despite the fact that the foundation on his face is hiding his blush. “I never felt so… free and happy living with you. Even though I know what I still am, you’re the best man I ever met. I’m happy that I’m your companion than anything else.”

Ken looks at him in shock for a moment upon hearing what Hyde told him, and then he smiles and pulls Hyde in a hug.

“It’s really nothing,” Ken whispers. “I never regret the day I took you in. I can’t ask for anything more from you.”

When they pull back, he sees Ken blushing too, and Hyde smirks, now figuring out what Ken is feeling towards him. He has a trick up his sleeve…

“By the way, I want to ask you. Where did you get this dress?” Hyde asks.

“Erm…” Ken looks away. “Tetsu just shoved it into my arms this afternoon and told me that this is going to be your costume. I didn’t even have time to complain when he left immediately afterwards.”

Hyde’s smirks went even wider.


He pulls Ken towards him and presses his lips against his.

“No need to be sorry,” Hyde teases. “I like it.”

Ken’s face is hilarious right now, looking shocked and surprised of the kiss. If only he can take a picture to make it last longer, but no matter, it is Hyde’s to keep in his memory.

“Now come on, or we’ll be late for the party,” Hyde says, pulling Ken’s hand and walk towards the door.

Meanwhile for Ken, the kiss sparks up something within him. He knows what that feeling is, and he is well aware he can no longer keep a façade and hide it from Hyde. Tetsu was right, and it took its damn time to let it surface.

He just hopes that Hyde can be patient to wait for him, or push him into saying those three words for him.


Chapter Text

“Hey look, a shooting star!”

“Let’s make a wish together, quick!”

They close their eyes and think of what they wish, each keeping silence over what they want.

“Hey Baru-chan, what did you wished for?”

“Not if you tell me first, Kuina.”

“No way! It’s bad luck to say it out loud!”

“Then I get to keep mine secret until it becomes true, and you’ll do the same.”

“Then let’s make a pinky promise, Baru-chan. If both of our wishes come true, we’ll finally tell it to each other.”

“Okay, pinky promise.”

“Hey, Kuina.”


“My wish came true.”

“Really?! After 4 years?”

“Yep, and you told me yours came true a couple of years ago.”

“So we’ll finally know what we wished for, right?” Kuina smirks.


“So what did you wish for, Baru-chan?”

“That our band will last longer than any of the previous ones we’ve been in.”

“Good choice.”

“What about you, Kuina?”

Kuina holds Subaru’s hands.

“I wished that we live in a home together, happy as a couple and not give a damn about it, because I love you.”

Subaru’s smile goes even wider.

“We made really good wishes.”

“Yeah, we did.”


Chapter Text

Tora stands on the stage as he peers around the seating area. It’s been a while since Alice Nine have played in an outdoor stage. He doesn’t mind playing outdoors but it has been a while since they have done so. It seems like a short time ago that they did so, even though that should be few summers ago.

The guitarist then feels something cold and wet pressed against his cheek, waking him out of his stupor. He turns around and sees Nao holding two bottles of milk tea in his hands, with one of them apparently for him.

“The vending machine dropped down two instead of one, so I thought why not I share that lucky one with you?” Nao smiles.

“A bottle of tea given to me by a coffee lover? This is like handing me a saxophone instead of a guitar,” Tora chuckles, but still accepts it with gratitude.

“You ass,” Nao gives him a mocking glare before he opens his bottle and takes a gulp. “It’s nice to have tea once in a while.”

“From a bottle?” Tora eyes him for a moment while taking a drink.

“It’s a hot day, and I prefer a cold bottle of milk tea than a hot cup of green tea right now, anything wrong with that?” Nao asks.

“Nope, not at all.”

“By the way…”

“Yes?” Tora raises his eyebrow.

“What do you think on you and me taking that empty dressing room that we’re not using for some ‘fun’, hmm?” Nao asks, giving Tora a dirty grin. Oh, he likes where this is going.

“How soon do you want it?” he asks back.


“Ewww, get a room you two!” both men are snapped out of the conversation and turned to look at Hiroto, who shows a face of disguise at their blatant flirting. They turn back to each other, and smirked.

“Oh, we’re going there already, and you’re not invited,” Nao grabs Tora’s arms, pulling his tongue out at the young guitarist.

“I’m not interested at your invitation for a threesome,” Hiroto cringes.

“Neither do I for anyone else,” Tora huffs and pulls Nao to backstage.

They always have more fun together anyways.


Chapter Text

The first thing Subaru noticed about this place is that as soon as he stepped foot into the club, he felt a cold chill up his spine as though something strange is going on in here. All he knows is that there is a lot of foreigners in this club, all dancing to the electronic music with beats that echoed throughout the room. He didn’t know how terrifying it is until Koudai starts talking.

“Mmmm I like this club,” Koudai says in English at what sounds like a Scandinavian accent. “It makes my body all hot and bothered, like I want to dance to the electronic beats~”

What the hell, Subaru thinks.

And since when the hell did he became fluent in English?

“Koudai, are you okay?” Subaru asks.

“Why do you call me with that weird name?” Koudai tilts his head. “My name is Svenz. And this is Klüb IcE~!”

Okay, there is something definitely wrong with this place. Subaru quickly turns around to check on the others, and to his horror, they’re starting to act like Koudai too.

“Olga likes this beat,” Tomoya grins, already dancing and having fun. “It’s like it goes unce unce unce unce~!!!”

“I love how Svenz is into the party mood,” Kazuki smirks, and Subaru prays that he doesn’t have some exotic name to boot.

“Oh baby, come over here let me see your little butt bounce~” Koudai purrs.

“My name is not Baby, my name is Bruno~” Kazuki steps towards Koudai and starts dancing along with Sv—Koudai. Shit, Subaru curses inwardly, fearing that the effects of whatever the club is doing to them is closing in on him since he is the last one left not yet succumbed to whatever is doing to his bandmates.

“Seems like your friends are all having fun.” Subaru gets surprised for a moment before turning around to see a foreigner talking to him. Blond hair, blue eyes and just the right amount of muscle density seen through his unbuttoned pink shirt, he might as well be a model. “But too bad they will never leave Klüb IcE.”

“Wait, what do you mean?” Subaru asks, resisting the shock that he is speaking just like them too. The blond man grins before he quickly grabs Subaru and leans his mouth close to his ear.

“If you and your friends want to get out of here, you better be quick,” the man whispers to him, his voice and accent now sound so very different from the previous loud way he talked to Subaru. “Klüb IcE has this effect on people who step in here. And if you don’t get out of here soon, the club will take you whole and you’ll never get out of here.”

“W-What?” Subaru asks, confused but desperate enough to listen to the man for any way to get out of this place. “How do we get out of here?”

“Just tell them that if they don’t want to stay in this club forever, escape to the yacht. You better do this before the clock hits midnight.”

Subaru wonders just how the hell there is a yacht close by here since this place is not close to the bay, but before he can ask more questions, the man is gone.

“What’s wrong, Augustus?” Kuina asks, looking at Subaru and wondering why he isn’t enjoying all of this.

Subaru decides to take drastic measures. If he wants to survive this and get the others to escape this club, he better fight fire with fire.

“Look, Stefano,” Subaru places his hands on Kuina’s shoulders and looks at him straight in the eye, ignoring on how did he know that he's called Stefano at all. “Klüb IcE is a bad place, and we will be stuck here forever.”

“But I don’t want to stay in Klüb IcE forever,” Kuina looks upset, and Subaru sees that it’s working on him.

“Then we better get the others and escape to the yacht!” Subaru declares.

Somehow, he and Kuina (still under the belief that he is Stefano, not Kuina) managed to herd the others and tell them to “get to the yacht.” It convinced them to get out of the club, and Subaru is relieved that they can leave the club without anyone stopping them. He doesn’t know who that man was, and how he managed to snap out of the spell that club has put on everyone in there, but Subaru mentally thanked that man for saving them.

“Are you guys okay?” Subaru asks. The vocalist is feeling more than relieved that he is back to speaking Japanese and doesn’t have that weird accent while speaking in fluent English.

“Yeah, I am. What happened to us? It’s so weird,” Kuina says, and Subaru just wants to hug and kiss him because he’s back to normal.

“Holy shit, what the hell is that place?” Tomoya looks back at the club with unease.

“I don’t want to go back there,” Kazuki mutters.

“I don’t know, and I don’t care, let’s just leave this place and never go back,” Subaru says. Then he remembers something and swears. “Shit, we forgot—“

“Come back, everyone! Or I’ll be all alone in Klüb IcE!”

They can hear Koudai from the loud bass from the building and see him waving at them from the front door, not stepping out of the club at all.

“…Should we save Koudai?” Kuina asks.


Chapter Text

Takanori stares at Gackt in a way to wear the evil scientist’s nerves down while ignoring that his arms and legs are strapped to a chair. No, Takanori is not going to end up dead or tortured in Gackt’s hands. In fact, he always manages to get out of it and piss Gackt off for fun, or he got so self-absorbed into his plans or work that his minions just let him go.

It seems weird as to how a famous rock star and an evil scientist meet. It’s usually some spy or agent sent to do that job to deal with whatever shenanigans were come up by some megalomaniac who has a penchant for overblown ideas.

They actually met in a villain’s convention in America. Takanori went the wrong way while on the way to the Otakon convention and accidentally ended up in the wrong convention, he didn’t notice anything due to the fact that he thought all those white lab coats and outfits were all cosplayers. That’s where he bumped into Gackt, and long story short, they seem to have these kinds of encounters since the convention and their return –on the same flight no less- to Tokyo.

And since then, they met each other time and time again, only those times involved Takanori ending up getting tied up and listening to Gackt’s rambling about his “evil plan that will take over the world!” and just bear with it until the singer decides to leave, and shutting down whatever evil plans Gackt has by either pushing the self-destruct button that the scientist has a bad habit of installing it or just show him how ridiculous it is before letting it explode or melt down right in front of them.

Really, at some point, Takanori would not be surprised if some secret agency decides to hire him when he gets tired of doing this as a freelance job.

This time, Takanori wakes up to find himself strapped to the good old chair that Gackt seemingly reserves for him (he remembers something along the lines that because it was the only chair that befits someone as small as him before he got pissed off and punched Gackt for calling him short). Well, not the weirdest place to wake up from. At least he knows where he is, which was far better than waking up on top of a tree in the middle of a forest.

“So, you’re awake now,” he can hear Gackt from the darkness and visualised his smug face. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

Takanori sighs.

“What is it this time, Gackt?” he asks. “And what date is today?”

“Do you think that such actions will taunt me? Not this time,” Gackt chuckles. But after some time of silence from the other, he sighs and answers “It’s November 7th.”

“What is it this time that you want me here, Gackt?” Takanori again asks his question, not really in the mood to deal with this when he has other things to do than getting kidnapped by some evil scientist who spends his time building some take-over-the-world invention or just wants him here. “We’ve been doing this so many times that I’m not even surprised of what you can show me anymore.”

“Ah, but you’re wrong!” Gackt declares loudly, and Takanori decides to cut his upcoming ramblings of his megalomaniac plans.

“Don’t tell me, it’s some device that’s going to take down the governments of the world and kneel down to you,” Takanori says as he sighs as loud as possible. “And you got something nice and fun to torture me with. What is it, sharks? Or some potent virus that gets me to be in your servitude? Oh! Is it the very air surrounding me at this moment? Oh dear, this is so new and scary me!”

“Taka…” Gackt tries to respond to the singer but apparently he is not listening. From a distance, he can hear his minions holding back their giggling from Takanori’s dramatic act.

“Oh my god, it’s so terrifying that I don’t know whether to tremble or scream in fear! Such utter terror!”

Gackt literally -literally- smacks his palm against his face.

“Are you doing this because you want to piss me off or because you’re not impressed by anything I do?” he asks in a frustrated tone.

“Think a little of both, and you’re halfway right,” Takanori states, his right hand now simply fiddling on a stray piece of string from his shirt sleeve.

“The things you say that infuriates me…” Gackt growls in a low voice. Takanori sighs in boredom as he rolls his eyes, tapping his foot in impatience.

“Seriously though, if you got nothing else to say or threaten me and the world, I’d rather be on my way back to work. I got a schedule where I have to appear in Shin Domoto Kyoudai in a few hours and I don’t want to be late.”

If Gackt doesn’t let him go, at least Takanori has already warned Gackt’s loyal minions, You and Chachamaru, about his schedule days before that they’ll let him go before Gackt notices or gives up and sulks.

“You know what? This is getting ridiculous.” They’re surprised to hear someone and both men turn to see that it’s You stepping out of the shadows alongside with Chachamaru.

“I agree,” Chachamaru says.

“Just ask him out already, would you?” You glares at him. He was more than tired of hearing Gackt planning on how to woo the short man and asking him out and this is the tip of the iceberg in putting up with a lot of crazy things the villain has tasked them on doing.

“Wait, he was going to ask me out while I’m strapped to this chair?” Takanori looks at You for a while before turning to Gackt, not expecting this when he ended up in his lair.

“You, listen…” Gackt tries to shut You down but apparently he has other ideas in mind.

“No, you listen you wuss” You points at him. “Me and Cha have been listening to you and your feelings you got with Takanori here, and if you want us to endure another year of listening to you wallowing in pity that you can’t ask him out for date, we’re going to either quit or strap you to a chair in his place until you ask him out.”

“Now,” Chachamaru pats You’s shoulder to calm him down. “We’re going to leave you two alone to deal with your problems while me and You are going to Starbucks.”

Once they are gone, Takanori is just staring at Gackt, his face showing no emotions as he tries to comprehend his situation at hand, while the scientist does not like this silent judgement Takanori is putting him on.

“I’m sorry. I’m not really good at expressing all this romance stuff,” Gackt says, turning away from the singer in shame. “I mean, I have always been… enamoured with you and sometimes when I want to take my chance, you just leave before I can say it so it’s hard on me for the next tim—“

“Okay then.”

“Pardon?” Gackt turns back Takanori. “Okay for what?”

“Okay I’ll go out on a date with you,” Takanori smirks. “Just as long as you get me off this chair and promise never to lock me up every time we meet.”

“So, it is okay then?” Gackt asks, still in shock and wonder that Takanori actually said yes.

“It is. And now, really, unstrap me please. I have to go, I got work to do,” Takanori says as he pulls at his straps.

“Oh, okay then,” Gackt nods and proceeds to take the straps off of the singer. “So it means I’ll see you tonight—I mean, on TV, that is. Not that I have no plans on dinner or anything—“

“Just be quiet for a moment,” Takanori interrupts him ramblings, something he has never encountered before from the scientist whenever he is nervous and excited, and frankly right now, it’s getting on this nerves. “They won’t show it until Sunday.”


“And I’m free this Friday. What do you think about going for French?”

“French food is good, and I’ll be on my best behaviour!”

Takanori groans inwardly as he tunes out on Gackt’s ramblings, but at least this time he knows why he does it and can agree to going out with him.


Chapter Text

Tadashi pulls out a cigarette from the carton, lighting it with his zippo and taking a puff of it as he turns around to see what Ryutaro is doing. They’re on a retreat in a ryokan for a few days that is far away from home and is situated on a mountainside.

There were lots of things to be impressed by this place. There are onsens, both private and public, in the facilities, the food here is wonderful, the air on the mountains is fresh, the town nearby has this charming atmosphere in it that Tadashi is thinking about a future photo shoot here, and the view from the balcony is breath-taking, especially as of right now as they wait for the sun to set.

Remembering that he was supposed to check on what Ryutaro is doing, he is amused to see him playing with a cat belonging to their accommodation. Approaching the vocalist, he kneels down right beside him, petting the cat while smoking.

“This is a really great place, Tadashi,” Ryutaro says, smiling down at the cat. “I like this ryokan.”

“The sun is going to set soon,” Tadashi says.

Nodding, Ryutaro decided to pick the cat up to join them in watching the sunset. Tadashi has been reading that watching the sunset by this ryokan is beautiful and worth watching.

As they take in the view and enjoy their time together, Tadashi holds Ryutaro’s free hand and smiles. Even though he can have such romantic time to be spent at home, he loves it just as much that they can do this outside of home, enjoying the simple things in life like this.


Chapter Text

Ken is not mad at Hyde, but finding something that should be kept away from somewhere as public as the couch is not what he wants to find when he’s trying to find the remote control stuck in between the cushions. This was not what he wanted to find while he wants to watch the latest series of Breaking Bad on DVD that he rented.

“Hyde, what is this and what is it doing here?” Ken tries to be as calm as possible asking this when Hyde arrives from his bedroom.

“Huh, so that’s where my foot massager went,” Hyde simply replies.

Ken almost wants to rip his hair off, and he is not sure why because usually by now, he should be used to the weird things that Hyde can leave behind. Except for that jockstrap he found in the laundry basket. In his bathroom. With sticky stains on it.

He let the jockstrap have its own wash in the washing machine in his freak out.

“Hyde-kun, I don’t mind on whatever you do in the bedroom. I can put up with that. But this is a dildo,” Ken points at the phallic-shaped, bumpy plastic item on his hand. “And I’m not stupid. And this is a couch, and people never wish that they find something like this when they sit down.”

Hyde rolls his eyes and snatches the item off of Ken’s hand.

“It is a foot massager, Ken,” Hyde asserts, pulling the older man to his bedroom and took out a shoebox. “These are my sex toys.”

Dumping the contents of the box on to the bed, Ken wishes that he can faint at this moment.

He never wishes that he knows Hyde’s kinky preferences.

Actually, he never wishes that he knows exactly each and every one of the sex toys Hyde owns, from the comparatively tame to downright dirty ones.

“This is just one of the boxes,” Hyde comments.

Ken thinks that if he has not gone mad yet, then chances are he is already mad.


Chapter Text

Umi thinks he understands whatever Tohya is doing just by observing, if there are no other answers just by observing then he can ask. Then again, asking him is going to leave him with more questions to be answered as sometimes, Tohya’s answers can be quite cryptic for the guitarist, which says a lot considering how the drummer is like an open book to him.

For the past few days he had been observing the drummer having bought a lot of coloured paper for origami and has been folding them into paper cranes in the living room. He’s been doing this every time they’re home or in the studio, his free time mostly spent on this task while managing to do his blog, Twitter, and whatever it is possible to cram in the rest of his time to keep up with friends and family.

With the stack of papers on Tohya’s left hand side and the bunch of paper crane on his right, Umi knows that he is making a thousand paper cranes.

Granted, he understands and knows the legend behind folding a thousand paper cranes mean, but it doesn’t stop the sceptic within him that questions whether such an endeavour is worth the time and effort needed to do so or not. Sometimes, the others joined in to help for a while before they get up for other activities to be done.

Really, he shouldn’t be asking Tohya without sounding like an ignorant person, but unfortunately, he still does.

“Why do you want to fold so many paper cranes? You know you can just fold a few and still get the results.”

Surprisingly, Tohya smiles at him and giggled, as though Umi is the dumb one in the room right now, and it is partly true.

“Because I got a thousand wishes to be made, but not all of them come true, do they? So if each crane is a wish, there are at least a few that can come true, and make my chances a bit better than doing a few and be done with it,” Tohya explains. It makes sense. It does because Umi knows how hard it is to believe in wishes and yet they can still come about and surprise him at how wishes are capable of working, even though it relies on realism and how close do you hold it dearest to.

“But why a thousand?” Umi asks. “You can do a quarter of the amount of it and still get some through.”

There is some time of silence as Tohya thinks how to answer Umi’s question while folding and finishing another crane.

“I really wish I can say it but I don’t know why after all these years, I’m still doing it. I think it’s my way of coping with my past even though I moved on from something,” Tohya says with a shrug. Umi is not sure if Tohya is telling the truth that he doesn’t know or rather doesn’t want to talk about it, but he decided to just sit down beside him and pick up a piece of coloured paper.

“Here, let me help you with it. You’ll finish it faster with extra hands,” Umi says, already starting to fold the paper.

Tohya kisses him by the cheek to thank him and for joining him at this endeavour. Umi simply smiles and puts a finished red paper crane on the paper box before picking up another coloured paper.



Chapter Text

Takanori has a love and hate relationship with the pneumatic mailing tubes. When the system is good it’s really good, but when it’s bad it’s bloody. The letters he gets from his lover is can either arrive in his office in time for him to write back, or they get stuck in the system and he has to endure the wait and the embarrassment from having to pick it up from the mail office, where practically everybody knows who it is from.

But most of the time, he doesn’t mind writing letters to Gackt. Going to distant bases make it hard for wireless communication, so the Pneumo Lines are the most reliable way for getting information between bases. Takanori may find it annoying when it could’ve been easier to talk to Gackt by the computer, but this is what Gackt wants to do as a researcher and explorer, and he doesn’t mind doing this.

After all, distance might make it harder for them to stay constant in their relationship, but it also kept Takanori anticipating his return home and a few days off to have their time with each other.

Already, he has received his mail from Gackt from his current stay in the base by Tottori, helping the researchers there to try and stop the sand dunes from transforming into an actual desert. Takanori is not sure how it is possible that they did it, and yet he has to give those from Tottori prefecture credit from making it possible at all.

He loves the information that his lovers tells him about his life in Tottori so far, the pictures of the sand dunes that change seemingly every day due to the winds, the eye candy that he gets from Gackt’s selfies every time he sends his mail. Takanori is not sure what to write about his life in the main base in Tokyo though. He doesn’t go out to other bases as much as Gackt does since his job makes him stay here. And it has been awfully dull for a while since the last time they failed at another attempt to introduce grass to the outside grounds, observing that hardier grass types are needed.

Then, an alarm signal came, which perks up Takanori’s curiosity. Another mail has arrived? It would mean that a distant base have brought important news for him. Picking up the cylinder and opening it, he finds a letter with a couple of pictures. Reading the letter, his eyes widen in surprise before he looks at the pictures a few times, checking it to be sure.

In his excitement, he picks up his pen and paper, quickly scribbling down some words and shoving it into the cylinder, putting it onto the Pneumo Line.

He knows his letter going to be short, but he is sure that this is worth writing to Gackt.

“Come back home. There’s a big discovery for us to witness and do.”


Takanori yawns through his regulator, putting his coat over the plants to protect them from the sudden strong winds. He shivers at the cold spreading throughout his body, but the plants have a bigger priority than his body right now.

The plants were grafted from its original source and sent over to Tokyo for him to look after and nurture them to see if they can grow in here. If so, then they found their solution towards reintroducing the green life back to the outside world.

Suddenly, he feels something big and heavy draped over him, covering him from the winds.

“You’ll get sick if you don’t wear your coat,” a voice behind him says. Recognising whose voice it is, Takanori turns his head back and feels happy seeing Gackt back.

“Welcome home,” he says.

“So this is the big discovery that you told me about a few days ago?” Gackt asks, kneeling down next to his lover as he tries to take a peek at the plants. Takanori can see that his eyes are sparkling in amazement just like he did too, in awe that these plants actually survived on the outside world at all.

“It’s far better than growing giant mushrooms,” Takanori says, smiling down at the small plants. “And a better improvement towards our chances at making this work.”

When the winds whittled down to a soft breeze, both men went and sat down on a bench nearby.

“What do you think is going to happen now?” Takanori asks as he leans his head against Gackt’s shoulder. “I mean, we can graft the plant’s shoots when it gets bigger and send it to the other bases, and probably even further if it can survive the journey through the pneumatic tubes.”

“Just for now,” Gackt says as he pats Takanori’s shoulder. “Let’s just start slow. In whatever way we can, we’ll see what else is actually growing around the whole country. We’ll already seeing the changes happening. We just need to keep our eyes open.”

“Yeah,” Takanori sighs, staying close to Gackt and enjoying his body warmth on this cool evening. “By the way, how long are you going to stay in Tokyo this time?”

“No word from HQ so far, but I did told them to not disturb me for the next 4 months or else,” Gackt says as he smirks, pulling Takanori even closer for a cuddle. He wants to kiss him but maybe that’s for later when they get home and have a bed or a couch waiting for them.

“I like that,” Takanori replies. “Where are we going to start tonight when we get home?”

“Anywhere you wish, baby.”

Chapter Text

Ken yawns and scratches his arm, taking a peek at the alarm clock nearby. It’s morning but still too early for the shops to open, and the cold weather outside his bed makes it hard for him to leave the bed. He promised Hyde that he’ll take him out for shopping since he’s going to be Hyde’s shopping trolley for clothes and accessories for the colder weather coming ahead.

However, Ken thinks it is far better and is relieved that there is no rule that says that Hyde needs someone to accompany him whenever he goes outside, which is a silver lining in the law.

But that is not the point. Ken would murder anyone (except Hyde) who dares to get him out of his warm and cosy bed.

Hyde won’t mind him sleeping in a few more minutes, right?

“Fuck, Hyde!” Ken swears when his blanket got pulled off of him.

“Wake up, Ken,” Hyde deadpans, holding onto the blanket.

“It’s still 7 in the morning! The shops don’t open till 9 today!” Ken groans and hugs his knees, trying in vain to keep warm from the frigid temperature of his room.

“Enough time to brush your teeth, wash yourself, change clothes, have breakfast and get the train to Shibuya,” Hyde puts the blanket on the floor, crossing his arms and pouting as he expects Ken to get his ass up and do so.

“Just let me sleep in for a few more minutes. I don’t always get up this early!”

Hyde huffs and rolls his eyes, seeing that pulling the blanket off of the older man did not work. He gets on to the mattress and crawls towards Ken. On his hands and knees over the older man, Hyde has an evil grin, his next plan sure to work.

“Ken-kun~” Hyde whispers to his ear. “If you don’t wake up you’ll have to face the consequences~”

Ken gulps, not wanting to participate in anything Hyde comes up, especially if it’s something dirty. He’s not ready to do dirty things with Hyde, not in this weather, or in this time.


“Tickle attack!” Hyde shouts as his hands went up in Ken’s shirt and tickling his sides.

“Hyde!” Ken exclaims, struggling to get the smaller man off of him and his fingers tickling him. He tries to push Hyde off of him with his legs, sitting up and panting and laughing.

“Alright, alright you got me up and awake,” Ken says, feeling pissed off while at the same time grinning at him.

That’s when Hyde kisses him.

They didn’t make out on his bed, but the kiss this time lingers on, giving the both of them ample time to feel each other’s lips and put it into their memories.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t give Ken any more time to enjoy it when Hyde pulls away and gets off of his bed.

“I’ll get the rice and soup out,” he says quickly, leaving Ken’s room to leave him alone.

Once Hyde is out of sight, Ken sighs and knows that he can’t go back to sleep. He had to resist picking up his carton of cigarettes and take a smoke. It’s far too early to smoke and far too early to think about Hyde’s lips on his. This is going way off of the way it started between him and Hyde, but he wants to keep it going.

There is no turning back at this stage.



Chapter Text

Aoi wonders what happened to autumn. It feels as though it barely lasted more than two months before the mercury dropped down low and he is already shivering and struggling to stay just a bit warm in winter.

Aoi pouts at Kenzo as he blatantly shows off that the weather does not affect him as much as it does to the vocalist. He is wearing a shirt, two layer of sweaters, a pair of gloves, a scarf and a thick jacket and the cold still pricks into his skin while for Kenzo, he’s just wearing a long-sleeved shirt, a leather jacket and a scarf and he should be the one to look out of place at this temperature.

“We’re just going out for a walk in the park and you already look like you’re in Siberia,” Kenzo teases, smirking in return from Aoi’s glare.

“I was the one who suggested that we stay at home. Where we don’t have to go outside during our rare day offs that match with each other, and cuddle in a warm bed,” Aoi tries his argument again. The previous time he used this tactic was before Kenzo stepped out of the bed, and somehow got him into his clothes and out into the harsh cold of winter.

“We can treat it as a date,” Kenzo grins, taking a hold of Aoi’s hand. “We’ll go shopping, buy snacks, go back shopping, and have dinner in wherever we want to eat, go shopping again and stop by an izakaya for a late night meal and beer.”

“It goes against my diet,” Aoi huffs.

“It’s winter, and the best excuse for winter is that you can eat a lot and still be fine since you need a lot of energy to keep warm,” Kenzo says, which convinces Aoi to side by him.

“On one condition,” Aoi says. “We go and watch a movie after dinner, rather than shopping.”

Kenzo pulls him close and chuckles.




Chapter Text

“What do you think?” Byou asks as he looks on at Rui picking a ring that he likes, while at the same time, worry about the price in his head as he calculates the money in his account and the budget that he might or might not tell to his lover.

No, this is for Rui’s happiness, not his stinginess. As much as he wished Rui would go for the kind of rings that they get with their accessories, Byou is aware that the ring he is buying for Rui is for their anniversary as a couple. It’s the closest thing they can get to be known that they’re a couple.

He stares at the rings on display with a nervous glance. There were some that he can buy around the price range he is satisfied with, as long as they were not really expensive gems like diamonds, because that may be the hardest object in the world, but an overrated gem at that.

Unfortunately, Rui is looking and touching at one of the rings from the more expensive cases, the ones with diamonds on it. It was something to say goodbye to other parts of his budget when Rui wants it.

It’s for their anniversary, Byou reminds himself. They don’t get something like this all the time. Sacrifices are to be made here.

“Byou-kun, are you alright?” Rui asks, touching his shoulder. It’s the shock that pulls Byou out of his thoughts and realised that Rui has finished looking and picking his choice.

“You’re finished?” Byou asks. Rui nods, grinning.

“Yeah, I even bought two. One for me, and one for you.”

Goodbye, shopping budget.

By the time they are home, it’s quite a surprise that Byou stumbles upon when he receives the receipt -after paying with cash from his wallet that he gave to Rui so it hurts less than having to watch it happen- and his eyes widened. Rui has definitely bought two rings, alright. However, it is cheaper than the ring Rui was looking at earlier. He rereads the receipt, not seeing a single word that says diamond, and the only thing that he’d read was opal.


“Opal?” Byou stares at Rui with a dumbfounded expression.

“You’d think I wanted a diamond ring? Diamonds are overrated in my opinion, and the opal rings I saw earlier while looking through the displays were prettier, and cheaper and bigger than the diamond rings,” Rui giggles while remaining smug. “It was a win all-round for me.”

“So, then…” Byou simply gapes at his lover, unable to say anything more than that.

“We can go through a lot in our anniversaries, but it’s once in a lifetime to know that we put thought on it and have cherish in it,” Rui says with a warm smile. “We can wear it however we like, but it’ll still mean something rather than nothing.”

Giving one of the two boxes to Byou, Rui holds up his box and waits for Byou’s reaction.

“What are you waiting for?”

The vocalist smiles back and opens the box, taking the ring and putting it on Rui’s ring finger.

“I still like doing it the traditional way,” he murmurs, admiring the ring on Rui’s finger, the gem shining in different rays of colour by the light.

“I like that,” the bassist replies, putting Byou’s ring on his ring finger too.

“Diamonds may be expensive, but you’re priceless,” Byou says before he kisses Rui.

“Your cheesy lines are bad, but it’s just as priceless,” Rui counters back.

And he likes Byou’s cheesy lines the way it is.



Chapter Text

“You sure you want to do this?” Tetsu asks Ken as he rereads several lines on the paper. “It might be like shock therapy for him. Hyde’s been a slave since he was 16.”

“I’m sure,” Ken nods, his lips sealed up with a grim line. “Or else there isn’t any other way.”

“Are you really sure, Ken?” Tetsu asks one more time, handing the papers over to Ken as they prepare to hand it over to the guitarist’s lawyer.

“I am,” Ken says, before he hesitates on what he says next. “I’m just not sure if Hyde wants to get on the next stage of this.”

Looking at the papers in Ken’s hand, Tetsu speaks up.

“Just promise me one thing, Ken.”

“What’s that?”

“Don’t hurt him that much, or else I’ll make you be sorry even if you apologised.”

Without questioning Tetsu, Ken answers “No, I won’t.”


As predicted by Tetsu, Hyde did not take it very well.

“You’re letting me go?” Hyde asks after a long, agonising time for Ken seeing Hyde shudder in his breaths, tighten and untightening his grip on the papers as he read the contract, and take the difficult decision of accepting it.

“No, not so,” Ken says, already ready to answer this to Hyde. “It means that you’re no longer a slave. You’re free to do what you want and no one can stop or blame you as a slave. No bound contracts, no returns to the market or auction, no payment for a renewal period. Once you got your money from your previous sales and from the government, you’re free, Hyde.”

Grinding his teeth, Hyde glares at Ken as though he had betrayed him before he speaks out, letting Ken feel his anger, pride and sadness.

“What’s the point of being free when I’m not sure what happens next? Even if I have freedom that I got by effort, I still don’t know what to do with it,” Hyde looks down on his knees, blinking back tears in his eyes and refusing to look back up at Ken. “I’m lost, Ken. What do I do with it?”

For the first time in a while, Ken is at loss of words. He had expected a lot of possibilities on how many ways this can play out, including this one. But he did not think up on how to react to this, and he isn’t sure of what he and Hyde are. They weren’t owner and slave; neither are they some vanilla couple. So far, everything they do hints them as a couple, but in reality, it was barely on towards that stage. No one who knows the both of them that well can mistake it as so.

“You can use that freedom to make choices. Make your own decisions and go with it rather than have it approved by me,” Ken suggests.

“But you allowed me choices on those first days stepping into your house!” Hyde bites his lips. “I don’t—I… I don’t want to leave this home, Ken.”

Tears dropped onto the floor when Hyde looks back up at Ken.

“I don’t want to leave you,” he whimpers.

Ken remains silent, but he gets up and moves over to Hyde’s side, sitting right beside him and hugging him, which the shorter man allowed it.

“I just… I was so scared that after all the time we had together… was meaningless, and it will hurt me,” Hyde says, slowly calming down by Ken’s hand stroking his back.

Kissing Hyde’s forehead, Ken continues his stroking and say out what should have come out of him a long time ago. “I can see why… you’re scared. It wasn’t meaningless. To tell the truth, I was just as scared, because I thought that if you waited too long for me, you’ll leave me and I wouldn’t find anybody like you again, taking patience to go through with me.”

After saying that, they stay on the couch, silence comforting them while their actions confirm that they don’t need to worry much more. The hug turned into cuddling, eyes that looked away turned in ones that gaze at each other with longing, and close contact became rounds of sweet kisses and make out sessions.

“You can be relieved to know that I wouldn’t leave you,” Hyde says, a grin emerging on his face. “And I rather stay with you than leave.”

“Then you can be relieved to know that I already love the idea of us together,” Ken chuckles, before adding, “And also, that I noticed some of your stuff has been slowly invading my bedroom lately.”

“Damn,” Hyde curses softly. “I thought you wouldn’t notice.”

“You can join them in my bedroom too, particularly on my bed,” Ken suggests, leaning towards Hyde and rubbing their noses together.

“That, I wouldn’t mind.”