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For God and Liberty

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Ending - General

The further he walked away from the mansion, the more numbing feeling would creep over him. He followed the instructions and made his way towards Tew’s mansion, where he and a bunch of the other Founders would gather and speak like rational men– no, Bonnie wasn’t a man, like fellow PIRATES about all of this mess.

But that dread… it lingered and he couldn’t push it away no matter how optimistic he tried being.

The tension simply standing by the doors was unbelievable. All the Captains had a hand on their belt, very clearly to draw their weapons at the ready if need be. Guybrush kind of regretted not having a gun on him just in case, but using that kind of weapon wasn’t in his nature. A cutlass? Yes. A flintlock? …No.

And besides, if things went accordingly, his only weapon he’ll need to draw is his words. Because if there’s one thing Guybrush can do that the other’s cannot, it’s talk.

Well… at least better by a smidge.


The dining room was dimly lit, there wasn’t any meals there to even snack on but Guybrush figured they would be too busy talking to eat. Mugs, however, there was exactly twelve of them and they were all placed around the table next to a card that had the image of each Pirate Captain’s sigil.

His ship was called the Screaming Narwhal, and yet his sigil had to be a monkey. Of course. THAT made sense– no. No. Focus. 

Guybrush took a seat at the far end of the table, facing Avery head on as the other pirates sat where their cards were, either angrily glaring at someone or remaining frightfully quiet… calculative, even. Even if Guybrush came for peace, he still kept his guard up. Better safe then sorry.

It was then when he heard the doors opening, and in walked Thomas Tew and Henry Avery.

The meeting was about to begin.


Uncharted Ending

“A toast to Libertalia!” Avery raised his chalice up, allowing the lights to glisten against the drink and various rings on his fingers. The other Founders also raised their mugs, Guybrush included. It seemed like Henry had SOME common sense, after all.

“For God and Liberty!”

They all chanted along side before taking a swing of their drinks when Guybrush felt his heart stop. 

This drink… this wasn’t grog or wine. Hell, it wasn’t even the sugar-coated disaster of a libation like he had back in Flotsam. This tasted… tasted like–


He dropped his chalice and grabbed his throat, feeling himself being choked from the inside as it burned. The other pirates around him all collapsing on the table, gasping for air and trying to curse Tew and Avery who appeared to have not even take a sip from their drinks and instead stared at them all with a disgusting smile on their face.

His vision was blurring, but he saw them stand there like the fucking pigs that they were. Those bastards. How could they?!

How… how could HE have been so stupid? Trusting Avery… he should’ve known better. The man was known as scum and yet… two times he fell for someone like that.

The gasping was all slowing down as one by one each of the pirates stopped breathing and he could feel his time rapidly coming to an end but he tried standing up. He couldn’t die here… not now… not when he promised Elaine he’d come back. He promised her. He couldn’t break that promise again. 

Guybrush fell back in his chair, his body no longer functioning and tears pouring. What he’d give to see her one more time… to tell her how much she means to him. He couldn’t even speak anymore.

He closed his eyes, desperately hoping that maybe this was a nightmare… that he’ll wake up back on the Narwhal with Elaine and Winslow, sailing off to the horizon… what he’d give to go back and gave his last breath before collapsing.

‘Elaine, I’m sorry.’


Alternate Ending 

“For God and Liberty!”

They all chanted along side before taking a swing of their drinks. Guybrush nearly took a sip when something about the smell didn’t feel right. Before the drink could touch his lips, he lowered the chalice and gave it another sniff. No… no this wasn’t grog or even that terrible red wine Elaine occasionally drinks, no this was…

“Poison!” Guybrush gasped, quickly throwing the lethal drink as far away from his possible, looking up and saw the other Founders gasping for air and dropping their own drinks. 

“W-what. Why?! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!” He shouted as the two older men stared at him angrily, with a feral look in their eyes. He frantically scurried out of his chair when he saw Tew and Avery pull out their weapons.

“Because the money… is our’s. And you’re a thief.”

“W-w-w-w-wait! WAIT!” Guybrush pleaded before barely dodging a gun fire from the diabolical Founders and running out the door. 

He ran as fast as he could out of Tew’s mansion, not daring to look back as he heard footsteps following him as one of them barked for their men to go after him. 

How could he have been so stupid?! So blind?! Of course they were in for the treasure, they’re… they’re… they’re fucking PIRATES!! Goddammit, he felt stupid. 

There was a loud bang as Guybrush just barely dodged another bullet making his ears ring.

Gotta keep moving.

He ran towards the jungle, the moonlight acting as his only source of light. When he gets out of here, he will NEVER trust another pirate aside from his own crew ever again. Never again. 

There was yet another loud bang and something hot pierced Guybrush’s thigh, causing an anguished cry as he fell down holding the wound, the growing dark red stain was seeping through his pants as he clutched it desperately to try and slow the blood down when he heard the other crewmen shouting.

No… no. No he can’t… not like this. He can’t die like this.

“Where did he go?!”

They… didn’t spot him?

“Search the area.”

He lowered his body into the high grass and drew out his cutlass. He had a chance to escape.

He lost track of time but he somehow managed to crawl along the dirt and avoided being caught. Slowly standing up, Guybrush planned out the pathway from New Devon towards where all the ships were. If he was even remotely lucky, he could find a rowboat, if that. 

Rushing to his former mansion, he scoffed at the sight. How stupid of him to think Avery had his best interest. No… not now. Find the ships first, hate yourself later. 

He jumped through the passageway he told Elaine about in case of any emergency. 

Guybrush clutched his thigh. It felt like it was on fire with each step he would take and he was positive crawling around in the dirt did little good to the wound. ‘Stay focus. Don’t lose sight.’ He mentally chanted to himself. He needed to focus. He needed to escape. Avery was out of his damn mind and like Hell he was going to stick around to see the man burn this island to the ground. 

His eyes burned and his stomach churned at the notion.

This wasn’t suppose to happen.

It felt like hours but soon he saw the series of torches and the bright full moon. He did it, he made it!! A gasp in relief as he took a step forward when he heard the sound of a sword being unsheathed. Not wasting a second, Guybrush turned around and quickly drew out his cutlass, countering the deadly weapon that was aimed at his head.

One of Tew’s men found him and there was bloodlust in the solider’s blue eyes contrasting the fear in Guybrush’s.

“W-w-wait. I-I’m sure we can discuss this like civilized men–!”

“Shut up!”

The solider swung his sword once more but Guybrush was able to counter him. He was known as a fearsome swordsman for good reason, but even he was human and always wanted to give his opponents a chance to backdown. 

“Look, I don’t want to hurt you!” Guybrush warned a second time. It fell on deaf ears as the man swung once more, this time slicing Guybrush in the side forcing Guybrush to cry in pain.

Not wasting another swing, as the man raised his sword up, Guybrush ran his cutlass through the man. “I… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…” He whimpered as he heard the sword dropped. He pushed the body off his sword and stumbled back, clutching the now growing stain on his shirt. 

He took off the blue coat and draped it on the solider. The man didn’t LOOK like Guybrush from up close, but from far away it was enough to deceive the unobserving pirate.

Hopefully Avery and Tew will leave him alone.

Everything was becoming dizzy, but he had to keep moving… he wasn’t about to die here. He wouldn’t allow it. Not when… not when he had a promise to keep. Guybrush saw from the distance all the other ships escaping the rioted Libertalia. He had to look away, the sight was just as painful as his wounds and right now he couldn’t afford to stop. 

Looking at the harbor, he spotted on familiar ship. It’s run down constructed by sorts-look was still there… he could cry.

It was his home. 

And hopefully his family was there too.

“Mrs. Threepwood… it’s about time…” Wislow said sadly as he raised anchor. Elaine clutched her hands together, almost begging whatever it was watching over them to look for her husband. But it’s been an hour… and she promised him they would leave.

“I… alright…” Elaine spoke sadly when there was a sudden thud against the ship’s deck followed by a moan. Winslow drew his gun quickly but Elaine put her hands up to prevent the first mate form shooting.

“Wait wait!!” She pleaded, grabbing a lantern and putting it over the bloody looking corpse. Elaine squinted her eyes before it widen in shock, covering her mouth to suppress a loud gasp.


He couldn’t speak and could barely open his eyes, but Elaine held him in her arms, brushing back the strands of blond from his face.

“Stay with me… stay with me Guybrush, it’s alright. You’re safe…”

Winslow eyes widen and rushed over, but before he could kneel, Elaine ordered for him to get them out of Libertalia now as Guybrush fainted.

“For God and Liberty…” Elaine growled.

To Hell with it’s Founders and to Hell with Libertalia.

Birds were chirping and sun beamed down from the window to his face. Guybrush winced a bit at the light and slowly opened his eyes. High above him wasn’t a decorative ceiling made of stone and marble, but rather of wood. Funny, he thought he didn’t live in a wooden house anymore– wait.

He quickly sat up only to feel his body emit a wave of pain from his side, causing Guybrush to wince and clutch the wound that was bandaged. 


He shifted his body from the creaking bed and placed his feet on the wooden floor, pushing his body up until there was a shot of pain that came from his thigh causing Guybrush to crash on the floor and cursing in pain. 

Guybrush looked around. This… wasn’t the Narwhal. This wasn’t New Devon. So was this Libertalia?

No… Libertalia fell. As did the other Founders, that dream of a safe haven, and the chance of doing something right in his life for other pirates.

His throat felt tight and he remained on the floor.

He failed.

But he was alive.

And he didn’t know which felt worse.

Elaine rushed in at the sound of the crash, spotting the blond curled up on the floor. She quickly kneeled down and lifted the blond to sit upright, noting the bloodshot eyes and red nose and embracing him tightly. 

“It’s okay…” Elaine assured softly, brushing back his hair as she felt him shake and holding on to her tightly like she might disappear. 

“It’s okay.”

It’s been a few weeks since she, Guybrush, and Winslow sailed far away from Libertalia and even the Caribbean to a new region. As to where, she didn’t know but Elaine trusted Winslow to find them somewhere quiet or at the very least, where no one has heard of the dystopian island or of Guybrush. Of course the man did just that, even going to so far as to give Guybrush a quick patch up until they could find a proper medic. 

Guybrush didn’t take to waking up all that well, but it was to be expected. She would’ve honestly have been more surprised if he just brushed it off but Elaine could tell that the fall of Libertalia was eating at him, leaving him to be more and more a shell of himself but the tranquility of the town… he was still there. Just faintly.

She and Winslow made it their business to not make mention of it ever again.

By the cliff side, Elaine spotted the blond sitting and staring at the sunrise over the ocean, his cane laying next to him unattended to. How he hated that wooden stick with every fiber of his being, but he knew that without it, he would practically be bounded to a wheel chair based on how he couldn’t walk too far before he either fell or the pain would get the best of him. And THAT pissed him off more.

“Room for one more?” Elained asked, snapping Guybrush out of whatever train of thought he was in. He looked up at her and scooted a bit to let the red head sit next to him, not flinching as she rest her head on his shoulder, wrapping and arm around her. 

“What were you thinking about?”


“You looked to be in thought.”

“Oh… um… nothing, really. Just the usual cacophony of things.” Guybrush answered truthfully. 

There was more silence.



“I love you.”

He remained quiet, she could hear his thoughts of guilt shouting at him before he gave her arm a small squeeze.

“I love you, too.”