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For God and Liberty

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He pulled the wagon behind him filled with groceries and other miscellaneous items Elaine asked for in town, limping on his crudely taped together cane from town back to the small place he called home… reluctantly. Placing a hand on the knob, he opened the door only to be greeted to a very vibrant, balloon and streamer filled living room with Winslow and Elaine standing there wearing hats and yelling loudly “SURPRISE!!”

Feeling his heart stop and his body going numb, Guybrush let out a yell as he stumbled backwards and fell flat on his back, causing the wagon to tip over as the blond groaned in pain. The two rushed over and quickly kneeled down worriedly, “Guybrush, are you alright?!” Elaine asked.

“Uuuugh… y-y-yeah… peachy.” Guybrush groaned as he rubbed his lower back, he looked around the room as he tried to slow down his heartbeat. “W-what’s going on?”

Elaine frowned as Winslow took off the party hat and looked at Guybrush with concern “It’s your birthday, Sir…”

“My… that’s today?” Guybrush asked as Elaine and Winslow helped him stand up.

“Of course it is. Much like how it was last–” Elaine stopped herself and pressed her lips. Right… 

“Guybrush please.” Elaine chased after Guybrush down their mansion. How odd that the tables have turned that now she was the one chasing after him from going to those meetings. “Just five minutes. I’m sure Avery and the others can wait five minutes.” 

“Elaine, I can’t. Last time I was late by two minutes, I got an earful from Tew. I… I really have to go.” Guybrush frowned as he began to head towards the door. “Whatever it is, I’m sure it can wait. I… we can talk about it when I come back, promise!” 

When the door closed, Elaine clenched her fists angrily before sighing and letting her shoulders sag. It wasn’t unusual that he would forget… but it’s been far too long since she could recall them celebrating the blond’s birthday. She would’ve wondered if the Founders would recall, but they barely remembered his name.

By the time Guybrush returned, it was already long past midnight and past his birthday as Elaine remained fast asleep… he didn’t even remember asking her about what it was she was chasing him about and didn’t feel the need to ask the following morning.

With one hand on his back and the other hold in hand, Elaine guided him to the kitchen while the blond kept his eyes closed. “Okay… now you can open it!” She said happily. Guybrush blinked his eyes into focus and stared at the table where a clearly home-baked cake sat with a very loose (sloppy, really) ‘Happy Birthday Guybrush!’ scrawled on it.

“Happy birthday, Captain.” Winslow said quietly with a soft smile as he shook out the match that lit the candles in the dessert.

“Make a wish, love.” 

Tap. Tap.

The two looked over at Guybrush who was silently crying as he continued to look at the cake. His breathing hitched, Guybrush tried rubbing away any tears with one of his hands but felt like it was doing nothing as he continued to cry. For the life of him, he couldn’t recall a single moment he celebrated his birthday in Libertalia… even wondering so far if he even deserved it. Elaine wrapped her arms around him and held him tight as Winslow walked over and joined in on the hug.

He tried saying thank you… anything at all to indicate to the others how appreciative he was of it, and yet nothing came out save for a few gasps and sniffing. But in that moment, he was glad to be in the arms of the people he cared for most and it was apparent to them all that this birthday meant more then the others in the past. 

And they were going to be sure to celebrate it.