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In Want of a Child

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Chapter 15: In Want of a Child
To Chant or Not To Chant
Moon of the Sea
Beta by: DmHp4evr




Harry was waiting at the beautifully decorated arch that Mrs. Malfoy had prepared. It was done with elegance and good taste. There were not too many flowers on the arch; most were simply in the garden. The garden had decided to gift the couple with a spectacular view. Not a single stem lacked a flower. Harry thought that the Malfoys had used magic but Narcissa dismissed that notion. Harry saw it as a gift from his parents and Serious. His thoughts were interrupted by McGonagall who was walking towards him.

“Harry, I think you better go see him,” said his ex head of Gryffindor house.

Harry closed his eyes; took a deep breath and sighed, “I didn’t think this was going to be easy; did I?”

McGonagall laughed and moved to make way for Harry who walked into the manor to find his lover wringing his hands.

“Can I have you hands?” he asked stretching out his own to accommodate his mate.

“Why?” asked the overwhelmed man.

“Well, I don’t think you should be wringing them like that. You being a Potions Master I am guessing you kind of need them and they should not be so mistreated.”

“Harry we cannot do this. It sounded like a dream. A dream none of us was willing to wake up from but I am the more mature wizard and it is up to me to…”

“To what Severus, go back to our lonely lives. Go back to helping the world without any regards for our own needs. Will you condemn us to that life? You say the word Severus and we will call the whole thing off. I will become a great Auror dedicating my life to my job and you can go back to that lonely dungeon of yours. Or you can hold my hand and walk down that aisle with me and give your hundred percent efforts to our own selfish happiness. So what will it be?” said Harry with a stone face.

Severus closed his eyes pinching the bridge of his nose and taking a deep breath; he straightened up and took Harry’s hand. Harry was so afraid of showing his relief. He simply took the hand and guided his lover to the arch where Ron and Minerva awaited for them as best men. Well, best woman in Minerva’s case. Tradition dictated that they each have a best man but Severus not having any real male friends had decided to throw caution to the wind and have a best friend by his side in this important day.

Anthony was also there with a broad grin on his face and waiting with a pillow in his hands. The pillow that carried their wedding bans. When he saw Harry and Severus, he voiced “Uncle Harry I don’t like this party. Mum says I can’t run around and I don’t like these dress robes.”

Everyone present laughed and Severus addressed the issue “Oh don’t worry Anthony you will be able to run and play in a bit. Then you can smear cake all over your dress robes. Would you like that?”

“That’s brilliant, Uncle Sev” Everyone took a deep breath not knowing how Severus would react to the nickname. Severus smiled at his new nephew and told him he was doing a great job with the rings. Harry smiled at his lover and squeezed his hand in gratitude.

It was no surprise to Harry to see Hermione in a front seat and Severus sigh with relief to see Harry’s best friend present at their wedding. He was not as sure as Harry was that she would be there. Severus gave Hermione a thank you smile and she smiled back to him. No words were necessary. She was their friend.

“Who spelled the gardens?” asked Severus as they were walking up the aisle.

“My parents and godfather.”


Harry and Severus decided to spend their first night as a couple in their cottage. They were going to take a muggle aircraft the next day to the Caribbean. Harry was walking out of the bathroom when Severus handed him a parchment. Harry looked at him questioning the action.

“It is the chant, Mr. Potter.”

Harry took the parchment and placed it in the bed stand’s drawer. “Harry, what are you doing? Have you memorized the chant? I did not know that you had acquired it.”

Harry took his lover in his arms and placed his forehead against Severus’. “No, love I haven’t even seen the chant, but tonight is not the night for chants. It’s our honeymoon, Severus.”

“Harry, I thought we had agreed on having children,” said Severus with a worried look on his face.

“Yes, love, we will have children just not tonight. Severus we had a very short courtship. We need to spend time together before the invasion of the muskrats,” teased Harry.

“I would appreciate it if you refrain from calling our children muskrats,” scolded the professor.

Harry laughed as he started to take Severus’ pajama top off. “Harry, when will I be able to conceive our child?”

“This worries you, doesn’t it? OK let’s talk; when would you like to conceive our child?”

“Harry, I always thought it would be tonight. We are doing this in order to have children, are we not?”

“No, Severus, we were not bonded because we want to have children. That is just a bonus. We bonded because we love each other and we want to spend the rest of our lives together. Is this clear?”

Severus looked into the eyes of his love and said, “Crystal clear, my husband.”

“Oh, my husband, is it? I can grow use to that title. In fact Severus I do think that qualifies as a pet name.”

“No Mr. Potter it does not qualify as a pet name. A pet name has no root in reality while husband is a valid title. We are wed therefore you are my husband making it just a title and not a pet name,” clarified Harry’s new spouse.

“Well, you might be able to defend your case, my husband but you cannot change the fact that I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I hear you call me ‘my husband’,” smirked Harry.

“I must confess I understand the warm feeling you speak of.”

“A, A, A, warm ‘fuzzy’ feeling,” smirked the Gryffindor.

Severus decided that the best cause of action was to change the subject. He kissed Harry and Harry kissed him. Harry finished taking off Severus’ pjs making sure to kiss each exposed body part of his husband. Snape lay on their bed enjoying every kiss. He had never been cared for this way. Harry was kissing places he thought no one should be kissing but enjoyed every minute, every second of it. Harry was touching, smelling, licking driving him mad with pleasure. No words were needed just the sound of two souls making love.



Severus held his new baby girl in his hands while Harry and their two sons huddle around him on the bed.

“She is beautiful papa,” said Albus their firstborn.

“That she is,” said the exhausted man that had just given birth, hopefully for the last time.

“I think she looks funny; all wrinkly and stuff,” said Sirius their youngest.

“Stuff is not an adjective,” said Papa Severus with a raised eyebrow directed to his husband.

“Oh, you’re going to blame me for that also,” said Daddy Harry, or Dada, as his children prefer to call him.

“Husband, please pray tell, what else have I accused you of?”

“I distinctly remember you blaming me for your labor pain just a couple of hours ago; even when I specifically offered to have this one.”

“This one has a name, Mr. Potter.”

“Yes, Lilly Star is a beautiful name, my husband,” said Harry burying his nose in Severus hair and breathing in his husbands sent.

“Papa! Tell her, her first story,” demanded Sirius.

“Yes, do Papa,” egged Harry.

Severus decided to ignore his spouse, “Any suggestions?” asked papa.

“The Little Mermaid,” suggested Albus.

“Why that story in particular?” asked Severus looking over to Harry.

“So she will know never to give up. Right dada?” said Albus looking at his dada for approval.

“Yes, that is completely right, Albus,” said Harry ruffling his son’s hair.

“Nah, that’s too long, read the three little pigs,” said Sirius sure he had made the right choice.
This time it was Harry’s turn to ask, “Why would you pick that story, Sirius?”

“Dada, she has to learn to be smart and think before she acts, right Papa?” said the youngest Potter-Snape boy looking at his Papa but knowing that he was right in his statement.

“That is absolutely right, Albus. One always thinks before one acts,” said Papa talking to his youngest son but looking at his Auror husband.

“But, sometimes my dear son you just have to go with your instincts,” said the impetuous Gryffindor looking at his beloved Slytherin.

Severus accio the book and began “Once upon a time….”

The End