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In Want of a Child

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Chapter 1: In Want of a Child

Author: Moon of The Sea

Beta by: DmHp4evr



Three years had passed since the demise of Voldemort; four, since the death of Dumbledore. As it was now a tradition, the survivors of the war gathered at Hogwarts grounds for a reunion. Every year the tone of the proceedings changed and became a bit lighter. Of course, the ministry tried to make them as solemn as possible. Nevertheless, life had a way of… well living. People no longer bore long faces in remembrance of those who gave their lives for the cause. Sure, they remembered them, but somehow the fact that little Teddy, now three, was flying around on his little broom and causing havoc was more pressing in their minds and seemed to place very guilty smiles on their faces during the preceding.


Seeing Severus Snape on the podium was also a cause for amusement. The clever git had outwitted Voldemort and had concealed bezoars in his pocket that saved his life, becoming the second person Voldemort wanted dead but didn’t die. The kids that had fought to defend Hogwarts were now finishing their careers and finding jobs. Some were getting married, or not as in the case of one famous Harry Potter and his school sweetheart Ginny.


Ginny had fallen in love with a muggle who was camping near the Burrow, and to her and everyone’s surprise Harry had wished them luck and even attended the wedding.


Harry became completely committed to his Auror training and now was doing his best not to mess up as a rookie. This is where we find our hero when our story begins.

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In Want of a Child

Chapter 2 A baby?

By: Moon of the Sea

Beta by: DmHp4evr and Ari


First, he followed Snape with his vision then he found his body moving towards his ex potion professor. He could not think of anything that was moving Snape away from the events currently held on Hogwarts grounds. Snape knew that his presence was required during the proceedings. Severus was not one to go against protocol. What could be so important? Whatever it was, it was housed in the potion lab in the dungeon. Harry disliked going to that classroom. It brought back memories that he did not care for.

Did Snape have the sudden urge to correct essays? Of course not; he must be working on a potion. Maybe… Oh. Harry caught himself thinking that Snape might be making wolfsbane; but of course, there was no one who needed it. Harry found that this happened to him quite often. He forgot that they were gone. Even after attending so many of these events in honor of the dearly departed.


“ Mr. Potter, why may I ask, have you followed me?”

“ I thought something might be amiss. It is not like you to leave in the middle of a ceremony.”

“ As you can see I had something to tend to”, answered Snape with a sigh of defeat.

“I gather that you are off the mark with this potion. I never thought I would see the day when Severus Snape botched a potion.”

“ Well, Mr. Potter this must be your lucky year because this particular potion that I have been working on has me facing utter failure constantly”.

“ Wow! What is it that you are working on?”

“ If you do not mind, Mr. Potter, that is information that I do not wish to share.”

“ Well, I just thought that I might be able to help you.”

Snape chuckled at the suggestion. “Things have changed; haven’t they Mr. Potter? Who would have thought the day would come when you would be precisely in this classroom offering to help me with a potion?”

“ Well, we are friends. The war saw to it. We survivors have to stick together,” he looked at Snape with a shy smile.

“That it did, Mr. Potter. But be it as it may I do not wish to have you laugh at my attempts”.

“Laugh at you! No offence professor but I don’t think a wizard has been born that would dare laugh at the formidable Severus Snape.”

Harry felt very proud of the fact that he had made his former professor chuckle. That was not an easy feat and he really didn’t think that the professor did it enough. Harry was determined to put more smiles on the face of a man who gave so much during the war and got so little in return. An Order of Merlin Second Class and his old job as potions professor back that was all the wizarding world had to offer a man who had risked so much for the safety of their world. After three years of seeing the man get on with his life, Harry had grown to admire the Potions Master, this man who continued to do things for others even knowing that he would not be thanked. Like the letter of recommendation which he wrote for Neville that got him into one of the best botanical schools in London; developing the potion for Bill that had eradicated all traces of Greyback’s scars; and all of the behind the scenes work that he did at Hogwarts to help McGonagall in the proper running of the school.

“Be it as it may, I’d rather not risk it.” Snape said, banishing the inadequate potion.

“Come on, Professor. Who knows? I might actually be able to help you,” said Harry with a hopeful grin.

“Mr. Potter, do not worry with this. It is of no consequence. Just a pet project I have been working on.”

“And this project is for whom?” Harry prodded.

“I do not understand your question.”

“ Come off it, Professor. You and I both know that you are constantly looking for ways to make our lives trouble free.” He looked at Snape expecting him to deny the accusation. Snape simply ignored the innuendo and stated, “I am sorry to disappoint you, Mr. Potter, but my reason for making this potion is of a very selfish nature. In fact, this is all for me. This potion, if a success, will satisfy none but my own selfish desire.”

“ Good, and if I may add, it’s about time,” said Harry, “Will this selfish thing of yours make you happy?”

“ Yes, if I get it to work. I will be a happy man, a man that will have a purpose in life”.

“Wow! Intense. So, what is this thing that will place a smile on your face?”

“ A baby,” said the Potions Master prepared for the reaction that his statement would have.

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Chapter 3
Babies and Consequences
By: Moon of the Sea
Beta by: DmHp4evr and Ari




“Come again?” Harry asked although he had heard perfectly well.


“I want to have a baby and given the fact that I do not have a partner in life I am trying to develop a potion that will allow me to conceive a baby without the mentioned partner,” he stated in his most matter of fact tone.


“A baby?”


“Yes, Mr. Potter you know those little people that cry and sleep and say gugu gaga.”


“Professor I know what a baby is, but are you sure you want to have one? You know that in eleven years it would be a student here at Hogwarts.”


“Your point, Mr. Potter?”


“ Oh, nothing if you’re certain that you would want one of them to be with you all school term and then go home with you come the holidays; by all means, have one then.” Harry’s smirk was blunt but this did not seem to bother the Potions Master.


“Mr. Potter, I assure you that I have thought this through. I am not one to do things in haste. This is something I have always wanted and now that we are at peace I feel I can do this and give one hundred percent to this effort.”


“So you are serious?”


“That I am Mr. Potter.”




Harry found it difficult to sleep that night. Snape was serious. He was going to find a way to have a baby; to have a family. Harry did not understand the pang in his stomach. Snape was not waiting around for a miracle or a fairy tale ending in his life. He was out there making it happen. It was yet another reason to admire the man.


A baby! He couldn’t quite wrap his mind around the idea. Snape was going to have a baby. It was then and there that reality hit him. Snape couldn’t have a baby. Not in the Wizarding World.




Snape was startled out of his sleep by the yelling from his floo.


“Professor! Professor! Pro…”


“Mr. Potter, what is going on? Are you hurt? Is anyone hurt? Why are you screaming at this time in the night?”


“May I come through, Sir?”


“By all means, please do so.”


“I don’t think you have thought this through. You know you can’t have a child by yourself in our world. They will test the child to see who the mother is. Where are you getting these eggs from?”


“Mr. Potter you have said so many blunders in four sentences that I feel at lost as to where to begin correcting you. First, as I told you earlier, I have thought this through. And yes I do understand I will have to leave the Wizarding World if I succeed with my potion…”




“Mr. Potter I would appreciate it if you do not yell at me. I think we are two adults speaking here.”


“Sorry, Professor.” said Harry feeling like a schoolboy who had just been reprimanded. “But, honestly Professor you can’t be serious about leaving us.”


Severus felt a pang in the pit of his stomach at Harry’s words. Why? He had no idea.


“Mr. Potter, I have given the Wizarding World all I am capable of. Now, I feel it is time to tend to my needs. Continuing with my corrections, Mr. Potter, I am not acquiring eggs from a mother donor but sperm from a father. A wizard can only conceive with another wizard. Hence I must make this potion with sperm not an egg.”


Harry had no idea how to respond to that. He had been in the Wizarding World for almost ten years and yes, he had seen wizards pregnant. And seen this amazing world in which he lived not bat an eye at the fact that a man was pregnant. How did they do it? He had never dared ask and no one thought to explain it to him.


“I don’t get it. I have seen wizards pregnant; why can’t you get pregnant?”


“What part of ‘I don’t have a partner’ don’t you understand?”


“So what exactly are you trying to do?”


“I have been purchasing sperm from a sperm bank. It is a muggle institution- quite respectable if I must add.”


“You’re going to have a baby with a muggle father? What if the baby is a …”


“…Squib?” He looked at Harry and with his heart in his hand, he continued. “Do you believe I would not love my child because he had no magic? Mr. Potter you have seen into my pensieve. Do you not know that nothing in this world would keep me from caring for this child? From giving it what all children need to grow up strong and healthy?”


Harry knew where Snape was coming from and of course, he did not doubt for one second that Snape would give one hundred percent in this endeavor.


“Sorry Sir, I honestly didn’t mean it that way. It’s just that you are such a strong wizard… I don’t know. I guess… I don’t know what to make of all this. You tell me that you want to have a baby. You tell me that you will leave the Wizarding World. And I feel lost as if…”

“Mr. Potter, what I fail to see is why this is affecting you?”

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Chapter 4:
The Three Little Pigs
By: Moon of the Sea
Beta: DmHp4evr and Ari


Potter was once again in his flat plagued by the thoughts of Snape having a baby and leaving the wizarding world. He had such an uneasy feeling about the whole thing. Sure, he knew that Snape would make a great dad; Snape was so strong, smart, and witty. He would create the perfect setting for this kid to grow up in. Harry smiled at the thought of Snape reading bedtime stories to his child. Harry had always wanted someone to sit next to him and read him a bedtime story. When he learned how to read he would pretend to hear a voice of a strong and protective man reading to him. But those were childish dreams, dreams that Snape’s child would never have because they would be a reality to him.


He sat at his computer and browsed online until he found the book he was looking for. When he was about to check out he went back and ordered a second book. One he felt he needed even if he did not understand why.




Snape looked at him with a smile of bemusement; a smile that said, “Now what?”


“ I ordered this for you. I hope you like it. It’s a …”


“Mr. Potter, I do know what a book is and I am familiar with Fairy Tales; even if they are of the muggle kind“.


“Yeah, well sorry about that. But, as a kid I only read those and if your kid is going to grow up in a muggle world I thought you should read these to him.”


“ Indeed,” the Potions Master looked at him trying to decipher the young man in front of him. Why was this so hard on Harry? Why couldn’t he just let it go? “Mr. Potter I assure you that even when I am forced to live in the muggle world I will teach my child about the wizarding world. There is after all a fifty percent chance that the child will be magical.”


“ So it will be Beadle the Bard for little Snape and not Brothers Grimm”.


“Mr. Potter I would appreciate it if you refrain from calling my child ‘little Snape’ and no I did not say I would not read muggle literature to my child; far from it. I will endeavor to raise my child in both cultures.”


“ Well, I have no problem in deleting ‘little Snape’ from my vocabulary as soon as you start calling me Harry and not my father’s name.” Harry looked hopeful and Snape did not disappoint him.


“Fair enough, but you do know I have long since stop thinking of you as your father’s clone,” his tone sounding like that of a man who was asking forgiveness.


Harry smiled at him showing that no forgiveness was necessary. Three years had passed since Voldermort’s demise and the years had been well-spent healing old wounds and creating strong friendships. Harry and Snape both knew that peace was something that had to be cultivated. They were both determined not to see another wizarding war during their lifetime.


“I know, Sir.”


“ Would you like to stay for tea, Mr. … Harry? I usually read The Tales of Beadle the Bard but I am sure I can start freshening up on my muggle tales.”


“You’re reading fairy tales and you said ‘my child’ earlier, does this mean you have succeeded?” asked Harry with dread.


“No, Harry I have not. But I can’t leave everything for the last minute and I am hoping that if my magic reads how determined I am it will help the potion work its magic.”


Harry looked at him with the look of a child who suddenly realizes he can’t find his mother at the shopping mall. Lost.


“I will read to my baby when I become pregnant. I have read that it helps the child feel safe and has the secondary effect of having the child become accustomed to the father’s voice.”


Harry looked at him in awe. Wow! Snape had thought this through. Snape was going to have this baby and leave the wizarding world. Leave him.




After tea, Snape invited him to sit in the sofa next to him as he took the book that Harry had brought him.


“Is there one that you like in particular?” It was then when it hit Harry. Snape was going to read to him.


“Are you going to read to me?”


“Well, I certainly do not expect my guest to sit there and watch me read silently.”


“ Yeah, of course not. Umm… Oh I know! The Three Little Pigs,” said Harry with a smug smile as if he had made the right decision in a very important matter.


“May I ask why this story in particular?”


“ As a child, I was always drawn in by it. I just couldn’t stop reading it over and over again. Every time I read it, I was always the first foolish little pig; the one that didn’t know any better and made his house out of straw and eventually got eaten by the wolf. I always wanted at least to be the second little pig; the one that learned from the first little pig’s mistake. I didn’t even dream of being the third one; the smart one. But your kid will surely be that one. He will have you to teach him how to make his house out of brick and he will have your smarts and will think of boiling water in the fireplace and making the wolf run for its life.”


Snape had no way to answer Harry, so he began to read.

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Chapter 5
The Little Mermaid
By: Moon of the Sea
Beta by: DmHp4evr and Ari



Tea and story time became a regular event for the two war heroes. Harry knew that Snape needed the time away from his pet project. He suspected that Snape was giving the potion twenty-four seven of his time only stopping for teatime. Today the Potions Master looked defeated. He could not keep up with the conversation.


“So I gather you’ve made no progress?”


Snape shook his head.


“Maybe you should try doing it like the muggles do it; you know an egg and a sperm”.


“Harry the embryo would not take in a male. I know. I tried it and was quite ill for over a week.”


“What? You are experimenting with your own body. That’s mental!”


“Only once and I can assure you I will not be doing it again anytime soon.”


Harry looked at him, trying to figure the man out. How much was Snape willing to sacrifice for this dream?


“But why won’t it take to the male body. I have seen wizards pregnant”.


“Yes, Harry but those are magical conceptions. No one really knows how it happens. The enchantment has been passed down through the generations and no one remembers where it all started. We only know that when two wizards bond and then chant the spell, a magical baby is conceived.”


“Magical? Are all of them magical? I am guessing that some might be squibs”.


“No, Harry no squib has ever resulted from a wizard/ wizard relationship”.


“So what gave you the idea to try the potion?”


“Every summer I go to a Muggle science convention. Unlike other Potions Masters, I think it is important to know what the muggles know. I have found that it is very useful in my work; in developing new and improved potions. This is where I found out about artificial insemination. The muggles have been doing it for decades and it has become a rather simple procedure. By the way, I wanted to let you know that the convention is in two weeks. I will be gone for four days.”


“Wow four days. Lately we meet every other day and on weekends. It is going to be strange not seeing you for four days.”


Snape shook his head and raised his eyebrow in amusement. “You will live.”




It was the day before Snape’s trip and Harry arrived to find a defeated Potions Master seated next to the fireplace.


“No luck?”


The Potions Master shook his head. “I do not know what else to try. I guess it was only a dream, one that I am not entitled to.”


Harry didn’t know what to say that would cheer up the professor. “Will you read to me?”


“Harry, I am sorry but I am in no mood for fairy tales and there is no point to these reading anymore”.


“Please, Professor, just this once.”


Snape gave in with a sigh “Very well Harry, what will it be?”


“The Little Mermaid,” said Harry with a very satisfied smirk on his face.


“I gather there is a reason for your selection?”


“Well, yea. You know she wanted something that was impossible. She wanted to walk like people but she had a tail like a fish and of course, fish tails are very useful in the sea but completely useless on land. However, that did not deter her. In the end, she ends up walking with her own two feet. Now tell me that is not a story of striving against all odds.”


Snape knew when he was defeated so he simply looked Harry in the eyes and said: “Get the book.”

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Chapter 6:

The Perfect Solution
By Moon of the Sea
Beta by: DmHp4evr and Ari




Chapter 6:

The Perfect Solution
By Moon of the Sea
Beta: Ari

Harry was waiting for the professor in the dungeons with take-out. Severus would arrive today and was sure to be hungry. At least this was the excuse that Harry gave himself for not giving the professor time to come home and rest before receiving guest.


“Harry!” exclaimed Snape with a broad smile on his face. “I was not expecting you to be here waiting for me. However, I am very happy that you are. The trip has proven very beneficial. It seems I will be able to beat the odds and walk on my own two feet; if I may quote a friend.”


Harry was stunned. He had never seen the professor so excited about anything. So this was it. Snape had found a way to have his baby; to make the potion work.


“So have you done it or will you be drinking the potion soon? Hang on, how are you sure it will work?”


“I am not using a potion, Harry. I am doing it the traditional way. An old friend that I reunited with at the convention said that he would be willing to be the father of my child. Well only during the conception part because he is not the father type but has no problems in letting me have the child.”


Harry was even more stunned. Snape was going to have sex with another man. Something about that did not bode well with Harry.


“Can it be done with a muggle? You said it was a simple enough process when it was wizard/wizard but will it work in a wizard/muggle situation?”


Snape had honestly not even considered it. “In all honesty… I don’t know. If a witch and a muggle can have a baby, I do not see why it would not work in a wizard/muggle situation.”


“But you said it was a magical conception and if one of the fathers does not have magic...”


“Harry, why are you doing this to me? Why are you, out of all people, trying to discourage me? To this point, you have been very supportive. Why would you do this to me now?”


“Professor it is not my intention to rain on your parade. Really but I just don’t want you getting hurt. You are talking of a one off with this bloke and if nothing is gained by it you will just feel used and simply awful.”


“Thank you Mr. Potter I feel just wonderful now that you have pointed this out to me.” Snape’s voice dripped with sarcasm, sarcasm that had not been present in such a long time. Harry could not believe that he had awoken that sleeping monster in Snape.


“Look, all I am saying is that you should not rush into things. You are not like this. You usually think things through and I understand that you are discouraged by the potion you have been trying to develop but that doesn’t mean you should put yourself through this.”


“What exactly am I putting myself through? Brian has invited me to a weekend in the Florida Keys. You might get these invitations all the time but this is a first for me and I am looking forward to it no matter the end result.”


Harry opened his mouth but closed it when he realized he had no idea what to say to that. Then found the words and opened his mouth again, “Professor, you don’t even like blokes.”


“Harry what makes you think I do not care for wizards?” asked the puzzled professor.


“I thought that the only time you were ever in love it was… well… with my mum.”


Severus closed his eyes, bowed his head and shook it “Yes, Harry I loved your mum very much, but I was not in love with your mum. I would think that you of all people would understand that. Do you not love Mrs. Hermione Weasley? Does this mean that you are in love with her?” Snape raised his eyebrow to bring home his point. “Listen, Harry I know you think of me as an old man…”


“Professor I have never thought of you as old…” Snape raised his finger to Harry in a request for silence.


“Harry you do not think of me as a sexual being and the truth is that I am a wizard in my prime. By wizarding standards forty is quite young. It is very frustrating and humbling to have such an intimate relationship with my right hand.”


Harry’s face turned all the colors in the rainbow. Snape had to bow his head in a failed attempt to hide a smile. “You see Harry you do not think of me as a man with normal urges. You think of me only as the Professor, the Potions Master, the Spy; never a man.”


“Relationships are not easy things. They can cause pain and scars, scars that do not heal very easily. Your right hand is always there. It couldn’t leave you even if it wanted to.” Snape could hear and see the meaning behind Harry’s words.


“Yes, Harry, relationships can be a very complicated affair, but do you really want to go through life denying yourself the warmth of another body for fear of losing it.”


Harry didn’t even know when the topic of their conversation had shifted, but he didn’t feel comfortable with the change and decided to end it at once.


“You must be tired after your trip I should go now and allow you to get some rest.”




Two days later Harry barged into the Potions Masters quarters. He stood nose to nose with the professor and said, “Marry me.”

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Chapter 7:
Three dates
By: Moon of the Sea
Beta by: DmHp4evr and Ari


Snape let out a loud sigh and continued preparing sandwiches for their tea.


“Well?” said Harry as Snape continued to set the table. “Professor! Did you hear what I said?”


“ Yes, Harry, I heard.”


“ Well, have you nothing to say?” asked Harry half puzzled and half annoyed.


“Very well I will play along; exactly why would you want me to marry you?”


“ Play along!!! Professor I am no longer a child. I think I have more than earned my stripes. I have thought this through and it is the best and only solution.”


“Only solution. Only solution to what if I may ask?”


“ Come off it, Professor. You know I am right. I am a wizard, you are a wizard.”


“ Congratulations Mr. Potter, you do have a knack for stating the obvious.”


“Professor! Don’t you see? All we have to do is get married and recite the chant and we will have the baby we so want.”


“We want! Mr. Potter, when exactly did this become our dream?”


“Don’t you see, Professor? You and I getting married would be the perfect solution!”


Snape took a deep breath, “Please, pray tell, Mr. Potter, when did this become a problem that you felt responsible for?”


“ It affects you therefore it affects me.”


“ Why?” Snape drawled with an exasperated expression.


“Look, let’s just walk this through. Hear me out without any interruptions. Agreed?”


Snape nodded his head reluctantly.


“You haven’t been able to come up with a potion. With me, you wouldn’t need a potion. I am offering to marry you instead of a one off with this Brian bloke.” Snape felt the need to interject but Harry gave him a look that said ‘you agreed’. “If we get married you wouldn’t have to leave the wizarding world and let’s face it Sir, you would be miserable away from our world. I know I would. We both know what not to do to this child and we are more than willing to learn how to make his life everything ours weren’t. I am sure we would make amazing dads. You have to agree that it all makes sense.”


Snape tried to suppress a smile and looked at his young companion. “You seem to have thought this through.”


“ I have,” said an eager Harry thinking that he had won.


“There is just one thing you have not considered,” said Severus still trying to suppress a smirky smile. “You, my dear Harry, do not fancy wizards.”



“I thought you would bring that up and I have given it a lot of thought. It is true that the first two times that I fancy anyone they were witches but after thinking things over with a truthful heart, I have come to understand that I have feelings for you.”


“ Feelings for me,” said Snape in a patronizing voice.


“You may laugh, Sir, but you do not know how I felt when you said you were leaving the wizarding world and then when you barged in here saying that you were going to have sex with another man it was like nothing I have ever experienced. I wanted to yell, ‘you can’t do that’, but then I realized I had no right to say it and that depressed me even more. So I might not have fancied wizards before, but I know what I feel for you.”


Snape looked at him in total astonishment. He had expected Harry to say that he wanted to help him out of a Gryffindor sense of chivalry. But, these feelings that Harry was talking about were totally unexpected.


“Harry it may be true that you and I have similar pasts, but in all honestly, I believe that you are confused by our recent bonding. I think that the story telling time that we share and the warm feelings you get from them have led you to read your feelings all wrong. I think, if I may analyze the situation, that what you feel for me is a feeling more like one feels for a father.” It was his turn to hold up a finger in request for silence. “Now, I am asking to be heard. You never had a father figure to read to you when you were a child. Or one you could talk about your new and exciting job as an Auror. So you are seeing our friendship as something it is not.”


“You don’t think I thought of that? Honestly, Severus I have done nothing but think about this and look at it from every angle. No, I am not seeing in you a father figure. I would hope I would not be mad jealous if my dad told me he was going away on holiday with a bloke. If any proof is needed of how I am attracted to you then listen.” Harry pulled out a book and gave it to Snape. “I got that the day I got the Fairy Tale Book for you. I didn’t even know how I felt about you back then. I only got it on impulse, but as always my impulsive behavior guided me to the right path.” Snape looked at the book, knocked for six. Since when had Harry developed the ability to shock him? He looked down at the book in his hands and read the title again. ‘Sex: The Homosexual Experience’



Severus rubbed his temple in an attempt to stay in control. “Harry as always you are overreacting to this. You go in headstrong. I will admit that you have partially thought things through. More than what is usual for you. But you still have failed to see the bigger picture. Marriage! Do you even know anything about a wizard marriage? Do you understand how undoable a wizard marriage is? Harry, in our world we do mean ‘til death do us part’. Now, I will confess that I am very flattered by your words. I also have grown fond of you but it is this feeling precisely that keeps me from accepting your offer.”


“Oh, well that makes a lot of sense. You are telling be that because you have feelings for me you can’t marry me. Well, I’ve got news for you, Severus, people that care for each other usually get marry.”


“ Not when they know that by doing so they will lead their loved one to misery.”


“ Misery! That’s rich. What do you think I am going trough? I want you! How else can I spell this out for you?”


“ Then have me.”




“ Have me. What makes you think that you have to go to such drastic measures as marriage to get me to have sex with you? Did I not make it clear that I do not get these kinds of invitations? That I would be agreeable to any intimate affair with another warm body?”




“ Mr. Potter I have told you that there is no need for shouting among two adults!”


“ I am sorry, Sir, but it irks me that you sell yourself cheap. You deserve more than a one off and I am offering you this.”


“Harry, you are twenty years younger than I. You have a promising career. You are the most eligible bachelor in wizarding kingdom. I cannot let you throw that away. You will only end up hating me and in all honesty I don’t think I can revert to that.”


“I could never hate you. Look, give me a chance to prove to you that you can grow to love me. Give me three dates. That is all I am asking. If at the end of the three dates you still feel we can’t make this work than I will step back.”


“Yet again, you fail to listen. Do you think I would honestly need that much to fall in love? I have no doubt of how easy it would be to fall for you.”


“ Fine then, three dates to prove that we belong together.”


Severus knew that he had lost. Harry would not sway from his decision. He would have to play under Harry’s terms.

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Chapter 8:
Meet Miss Perfect
Moon of the Sea
Beta by: DmHp4evr and Ari


“Ready then?” said Harry with a toothy grin.


Snape eyed him from head to toe. “I am as ready as can be expected; given the fact that I have no idea where you are taking me.”


“ You will see soon enough. You are going to have to start trusting me. Trust is essential in any relationship.” Harry looked at Snape’s reaction to his words. Snape simply looked at him giving away no emotions. “You see, Severus this is what I mean. You still feel the need to keep your emotions bottled up. I want to be that special person in your life; the one that you feel comfortable enough to let your hair down with.”


Harry had closed the gap between them and was tucking a strand of Severus’ hair behind his ear. The Potions Master closed his eyes in an attempt to enjoy the gesture. Harry placed their foreheads together and said, “See how easy it is to give in to a simple caress?” He lifted Severus’ chin with his thumb and forefinger and placed a gentle kiss on the Professor’s lips. Severus kept his eyes closed as if in fear that by opening them the magic would end. Harry figured this out.


“Severus, please open your eyes. Let me see myself in your eyes.” Severus still kept them shut. “Severus, please trust me. Open your eyes. Return my kiss with one of yours.” Harry waited for what seemed like minutes but were probably just seconds.


Then Snape said, “I am not opposed to kissing, Harry.”


“I can see that, Severus,” pecking the Potions Master again. Harry took a deep breath and decided not to press the issue. There would be time. “Ready to go?” Harry asked the Potions Master who at that point decided to open his eyes and look at Harry.


“How are we getting to this undisclosed location?” answering Harry’s question with a question.


“We apparate of course.” Harry announced.


“Well, that settles it then. You will have to tell me where we are going. I will not be able to apparate if I do not know,” said Snape with a look of triumphed.


Harry chucked at this, “Ever heard of Side Along apparition?” contested the Boy-Who-Would-Not-Give-In.


Snape looked at him in horror. He was a proud and independent man. The idea of a Side Along was appalling. Harry had to laugh at the look on the professor’s face. “Come off it, Professor. I did say you would have to trust me.” Snape sighed with a loud breath and resigned himself to his date’s whim.




Soon they were at the gate of a small house. They walked up to the door and just as Harry was about to press the doorbell, the door swung open and he was embraced by his long time friend Hermione Granger, now Weasley. Severus could not believe it. Harry had brought him to his best friends’ house. Did the kid have any idea what he was doing?


“Harry! Come in. Oh Professor, please do come in,” Hermione said with a puzzled look on her face. “Ron, Harry is here,” she shouted without moving her gaze from the Potions Master. “So Harry, where is your date? What happened?” She asked wanting to understand what she was looking at.


“Oi, hi Harry! Hey Professor, this is unexpected. But, nice.” Ron added not wanting Snape to think he was unwelcomed. “So, Harry what happened to your date? Weren’t we supposed to meet this perfect person? The one that completed you,” said Ron in a mocking tone. Ron laughed and looking at Snape, he said, “You have no idea how he has been going on about this date. Apparently, she is the only thing he needs to be happy. Stick around Professor and you might see Miss Perfect in person.” Harry could see how uncomfortable Snape was and started to doubt his choice. He looked at his two best friends and said, “Ron, Hermione this is Severus, my date.”


“Mr. Potter I don’t think this was a good idea. I should take my leave. Good day Mr. and Mrs. Weasley,” and with that he turned to leave but was caught by Harry.


“No, Severus this was not a bad idea. My friends must know about us and if they have a problem with it I know we can work it out, but in the open and face to face.” Harry looked at his two friends.


“Harry, Professor, please come in,” said Hermione still stunned by what she was facing.


“Yeah mates, come in,” Ron said motioning them into the parlor.

Harry looked into Snape’s eyes with a plea. Snape closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and allowed Harry to guide him into the house.


“So, um… tea anyone?” asked Ron hoping to be able to step into the kitchen and have a minute to wrap his mind around the whole situation.


“I do hope you have something a bit stronger,” Snape said in his characteristic caustic voice.


“Yeah, I do,” said Ron relieved that it was his guest who had asked for it. This way Hermione could not badger him for it.




“Double,” Snape approved.


Harry looked to Hermione. To this point Ron was dealing with the situation much better than she was and this was rare. He had expected Ron to fly off the handle and Hermione to talk some sense into him. But it was Hermione who just sat there in bewilderment. Snape looked at her and felt the unfairness of the situation. Harry had not warned his friends about his sudden change in preference. As always, Harry was just plunging through and it was up to the rest of the mere mortals to try to keep up with him.


“Mrs. Weasley…” he began.


“Hermione..., please call me Hermione. We are not in school and well… none of Harry’s other dates have called me Mrs. Weasley.”


Other dates. Snape was not sure he liked how he felt at being dumped under the category with ‘other dates’.

Just then, Anthony came running into the parlor and ran straight into Harry’s arms and lap. “Hi, Uncle Harry,” then looked over to Severus and said, “Is this your date? Dad was telling Nana Weasley that you are off the bend over him. What’s his name?”


“Anthony this is Severus. Severus this is Anthony.”


“Pleased to meet you,” said Severus stretching out his hand. Anthony reached for the outstretched hand and said, “Yeah so nice to meet you too. Are you really getting married to Uncle Harry? Nana says he’s acting as if he found the one. Mom says that you call ‘the one’ the person you marry.”


Harry couldn’t help but to think how great and non-judgmental children are.


“Anthony, I think you should go upstairs and play in your room.”


“But Uncle Harry just got here and we always play loads.”


Harry looked at Hermione and said, “Maybe your mom doesn’t want you playing with me.”


“Harry, how could you say such a thing?”


“You have never sent him up to play when I am here. You doing so makes me think you are uncomfortable with him being in the same space as I.”


“You can’t honestly think that. I just think I need to explain something to him first.”


“Oh, funny I was under the impression that he was the one person here that got it.”


“Harry, he’s a child.”


“Your point being?”


Ron stepped up to the middle of the room and announced, “Dinner is being served. I worked all day on this and I will be dammed if you walk out without eating.”


“Uncle Harry, Dad made devil’s food cake; it’s your favorite.”


Harry had no choice but to chuckle “It doesn’t hurt that it’s your favorite also, brat,” ruffling Anthony’s hair.




“So Uncle Harry, mum says I will be in your wedding party. I like parties.”


“Anthony I said you might be in the wedding party,” Hermione corrected.


“Oh, Mum! Uncle Harry would never have a party without inviting me. Right, Uncle Harry?”


The four adults looked at each other and, realizing what ‘party’ Anthony was speaking of and they had no other choice but to laugh.




“Rumplestiltskin!” shrieked Anthony.


“Indeed,” replied Snape. “I gather you have heard the story before.”


“Yes, it’s one of my favorites. I love that he had no idea what was coming. She got him good.”


“ Indeed, she did.” chuckled the professor.


Harry was practically in a trance seeing Anthony on Snape’s lap enjoying a bedtime story. And Snape, Snape looked perfect for the job. Harry loved to see his lover so content. His lover. He realized that that was the first time he had thought of Severus as his lover. The feeling was… warm. The feeling was… right.


“Wow mate you got it bad.”


Harry looked up at Ron’s smug face and reached out to grab the beer that was being handed to him.


“You seem to be dealing with it.” Harry questioned his long time friend.


“Harry, every time you spoke about this mystery date of yours, your eyes would light up in a way that they never did with Ginny, or Cho, for that matter. I have ‘Mione and Anthony in my life. I couldn’t ask for a better life. All I need for my happiness to be complete is to see my best mate run my same fate.”


Harry looked at his friend and could not figure out when Ron had matured so much. He guessed that Anthony had a lot to do with it. Ron and ‘Mione had found themselves expecting a baby right after the final battle. It seems that not knowing if they would survive the war, they had decided to take care of some unfinished business. They did not shy away from their responsibilities and had turned out to be excellent parents.

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Chapter 9:
Who’s On Top?
Moon of the Sea
Beta by: DmHp4evr and Ari


Back in Snape’s quarters, Harry looked at the professor with a timid smile. “See, that didn’t go so bad.”


Snape lifted his eyebrow in an ‘are you kidding’ fashion.


“No really, all things considered it went quite well. I was very unsure of Ron’s reaction and he was just brilliant about the whole thing.”


“Hermione?” asked Snape.


“Oh, I am not worried about her,” sounding so sure of himself that Severus could not bring himself to argue. “Well, um… So we are here. Alone. In your quarters. After our first date.” He looked at Snape for his reaction. Not being able to read the Potions Master. He got even closer.


“Am I welcome to stay here tonight?” he asked not sure what to expect.


“That sounds like a pleasant idea,” said the Potions Master allowing Harry to come even closer. Close enough to kiss. Snape closed his eyes and welcomed the gesture. Harry brought his lips to Severus’ and started tenderly as if afraid of scaring or hurting the professor. But, when he felt Snape responding to the kiss he decided to go a bit further. The Potions Master’s probing tongue asked for entrance into Harry’s mouth. Not being able to deny his lover anything, he granted entry. There he was given carte blanche to explore while he was enjoying Snape’s surrender to his ministrations. When they had no choice but to come up for air, they stayed together, their foreheads touching as they breathed heavily.


“So… um…. I think… Wow. I don’t know why I am so nervous. I know you will be very loving and careful. Right?” he said looking into Snape’s eyes. Severus was completely confused by Harry’s statement.


“You do understand it’s my first time. To be completely honest Severus, I didn’t even fool around in school with the other blokes.”


“Harry, I don’t understand why you would be so nervous. Remember you will be in control.”


“No Severus, you will be in control. I have never done this and I will not risk hurting you.”


“The book…”


“Severus, do you have any idea how many times I read a potion but yet managed to screw it up when I went to execute it?”


Snape’s eyebrows seemed to shoot up with endless recollections. Harry smiled. “You are going to have to teach me with a hands-on approach.”


Severus lowered his head in an attempt to hide his smile.


“Harry, listen, I can guide you through it.”


“Severus, don’t you want to make love to me?” Harry asked, looking into Snape’s eyes for any sign of rejection, rejection that did not come.


“Harry, there is pain involved in this kind of lovemaking.”


“I know Severus and I need to know how much pain. The book was not clear about how much pain was involved. I won’t know until I feel it myself.”


“Harry, I cannot do this.”


“Yes, you can. Severus, I know you will be a kind and considerate lover. You will know how to make it good for me and teach me how to be a good lover. Besides, by now you should know when I will not take no for an answer.”


The Potions Master looked at him knowing that he was right. He closed the gap between them and kissed the Boy Who Lived. He began to unbutton Harry’s shirt and Harry took this as a cue to start on Severus’ shirt.


“You know, I know a very good disrobing charm.”


“ Harry, you did say you wanted me to be in control.”


“Sorry,” he said rather shyly.


“Just relax.”


Soon clothes were disposed of and Harry found himself on Severus’ bed. His lover was lavishing him with kisses and he was in heaven. Severus was kissing his neck and trailing kisses down his chest. Harry couldn’t believe how good it felt. He closed his eyes and enjoyed every kiss, every caress his lover was giving him.


“Harry you must turn over.”


“No, I want to look at you, Severus.”


“Harry as romantic as that might seem, this is best for you. It is your first time and I want you to be able to enjoy it. You must let me take control of the situation.”


The look of disappointment in the young man’s eyes tore at the Potions Master’s heart. “Why not compromise? I will prepare you while you are facing me and then you will turn for penetration.”


Harry looked at him and nodded in agreement. As he had expected, his lover was considerate and caring. He felt safe and secure in Severus’ arms.


Severus went back to peppering kisses all over Harry’s body. Harry almost jumped out of his skin when Snape started kissing his inner thighs. Harry didn’t know what to ask for but he knew he needed more.


“Severus, please.”

“Hush Harry, you never have to beg in my bed. Just tell me what you want. What you need”.


“More. Just… more.”


Snape went back to his ministration and in one gulp swallowed Harry’s manhood.




Snape hummed his amusement sending additional vibrations through his lover’s body. He withdrew with a smile and opened the bedside table drawer, taking out the lube. Harry, knowing what was coming, held his breath.


“Relax,” Snape advised and went back to swallowing his lover. Harry immediately relaxed and enjoyed his lover’s attention.


When Snape felt that Harry was relaxed he inserted one lubed finger. Harry immediately came down from his high and tensed up. Snape didn’t move his finger but started to suck on Harry’s manhood and balls. Harry relaxed again but could not shake the feeling of dread. He had to do this for Severus. If their relationship was to be, he had to do this. Little by little, Snape inched his finger into Harry’s cavity. Harry tried to concentrate on how great it felt to have his lover giving him head. Finally, Snape’s finger was all the way in and he started hunting for the nub that would give Harry pleasure. Soon enough he found it and Harry was grateful for it. It gave him another point of pleasure to focus on. Before he new knew it, Snape had withdrawn his finger but was soon back with two fingers. Harry needed Severus to ground him.


“Severus I need your eyes. I need your voice.”

Severus let go of Harry with a pop and crept up beside him making sure not to dislodge his fingers.


“Am I hurting you?”


“No Severus, you’re not. But, I need to see you, to hear you.”


“Harry, if you want me to stop…”


“No. I don’t know how to explain it but I need this. I want this. Please Severus, I know I can do this.”


Snape crooked his finger finding Harry’s nub and was gratified by his lover’s moans of pleasure.


“Harry, I need to insert another finger.”


“ I know Severus; just keep on talking to me.”

Snape pulled out and coated his fingers with extra lube inserting the fingers with as much care as humanly possible.


“Harry, just relax. Trust me.”


“I do Severus. Is it supposed to feel like this?”


“Like what?”


Harry closed his eyes and took a deep breath, “Like, I really have to go.”


Snape chuckled and rubbed is forehead against Harry’s chest.


“Harry you are ready. We can leave it at this. The next step if fairly simple and direct I don’t have to demonstrate that to you.”


“Severus, we are doing this. We are doing it all the way. I want to be yours. You don’t understand how I crave to be yours. Please Severus you told me I would not have to beg in your bed. Don’t make me beg.”


“Never Harry. As I said before you will never have to beg in my bed. It is time to turn.” Harry understood and as soon as Snape withdrew his fingers, he flipped on to his stomach.


“Harry, get up on your knees but leave your head on the pillow.” Harry did as he was told and felt Snape spread his legs more. He could not keep from tensing up when he felt Severus’ penis at his entrance but immediately relaxed not wanting Snape to know how hard this was for him.


“Breathe, Harry. Just relax.”


Harry took a deep breath and a hard gulp of saliva. This is how long it took Severus to penetrate half way through. Harry’s whole body contracted.


“Harry, do you want me to pull out?”


“ No Severus, just give me a minute,” his voice breathy.


“Harry, listen to me, I need for you to try to push me out.”


“No Severus, we are almost there.”


“ Harry, stop trying to top and listen to me. I know what I am doing. Push, Harry.”


Harry made his anal muscles push and found that Severus was right. As Harry pushed out Severus pushed in and it was so much easier on Harry. Finally, Severus was all the way in and lost in the ecstasy of the moment. He reached around to Harry’s groin and started to stroke at the rhythm of his thrust. Harry concentrated on the hand that was pleasuring him. Within a couple of strokes, Harry came, pulling his lover’s orgasm with him.


“Oh Harry. So … so good. So… So warm. So tight. Harry, Harry, Haaaaaaaaaa…” Severus fell to Harry’s side not wanting to squish his lover.


“I guess we have established that you are not a bottom,” looking into his young lover’s eyes.


“Was I that bad?”


“ Not at all, but Harry you shouldn’t have to try so hard in order to achieve pleasure. Besides you were topping all along,” he said with his characteristic smirk.


“Caught on, did you? Severus, where are you going?”

“I am just going to get you a potion.” Soon he was back with the mentioned potion. Harry recognized it as a pain potion and was all too happy to take it when he stopped close to his lips.


“But, Severus, wouldn’t this be like taking a bath after we make love? Is it not like washing away your attentions?”


Severus looked at his young lover with a look that said ‘so young’.


“Harry first of all I will remind you that my ‘attentions’ are still lodged in your body and second, pain is not what I want you to remember from our first time.”


“See, I told you, you would be a kind and caring lover,” said the Gryffindor with a grin.

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Author's notes: Disregard the epilogue. We all know that Snape did not die and after three years of peace in the wizarding world he decides to go after a dream. What does Harry think about his dream?

Chapter 10:
The Other Friends
By Moon of the Sea
Beta by: DmHp4evr and Ari


A week later Harry and Snape were in Harry’s flat dressed in their best dress robes.


“When will I know where we will be going to dinner?”


“ Um… Well… Um”


“Harry I would have hoped that all this reading would have helped your vocabulary. Please do not tell me the effort has been futile.”


“ NO! Um… What I mean is … We will be having dinner here.”


“I see and you asked me to dress so formal; why?”


“Well, you see we are having guests and I am pretty sure that they will be in their best dress robes and I didn’t want us to feel out of place.”


“Guests? So if I understand correctly, you are expecting me to make an impression on your friends.”


“Actually, they are not my friends. Not really. They are more like, your friends.”


“My friends?”


At that instance, Minerva McGonagall stepped in from the floo.


“Good evening Harry. Oh Severus, were you invited to meet Harry’s new love interest?” Severus gave a non-committing smile. Just then Draco Malfoy stepped out of the floo followed by Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy. Severus looked at Harry with a look that said ‘you didn’t’.


“Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy, Draco.”


“Good evening Mr. Potter,” replied Lucius.


“Potter,” was Draco’s only reply with a nod and looking straight at his former professor and protector.


“Professor Snape, I see you have been invited to Potter’s mystery dinner.”


“There is no mystery, Draco. Severus and I simply wanted to spend a night with some friends.”


“Friends?” asked Narcissa.


“Well, I am hoping that any friend of my lover and soon to be husband is a friend of mine,” said Harry as he wrapped his arm around Severus’ waist. All four guests had shocked faces. Minerva opened her mouth to say something but found that she was incapable of doing so. Draco approached his former professor.


“Professor, please tell me this is a joke. You wouldn’t marry him. He is not what you need. He is a Gryffindor with Gryffindor friends that will never accept you. Why would you put yourself through that? You wouldn’t, right?”


“ Draco, my friends already know,” said the aforementioned Gryffindor.


“And? Are you going to stand there and tell me that they welcomed him with open arms?” hissed Draco.


“No, at first there was some… um…”


“Some what, Potter? Aggressiveness?”


“NO! I would have never permitted it.”


Snape discreetly dislodged himself from Harry and approached Draco.


“Draco, you have nothing to worry about. I do know how to take care of myself. This is something unexpected for all of us. It is something that will take some getting used to. But somehow I think it can work,” he said this last part looking into Harry’s eyes. Harry smiled closing his eyes in agreement.


“Professor, do not do this, please. Listen, marry me.”

Severus chuckled at that.


“No hear me out. I can give you whatever you think Potter can give you. Look, who better than I to know that he is a great bloke? He saved my life during the final battle, not once, but twice. Me! His school rival. I am sure he has the best intentions in the world but you and I know that there is no place for ex-Death Eaters in his world.”


“Draco, I would appreciate it if you stopped talking as if I were not here,” warned Harry.


“Look, like I said before, I have nothing against you. But let’s be reasonable, you know this can’t work.”


“Draco, if Ron can accept this. I know you can. It is important to us that our friends know about us. But it is not essential that they accept our relationship. Severus and I have found that we are what each other needs. We are willing to make it work with or without our friends. I rather it be with.” Now it was Harry’s turn to look into his lover’s eyes for confirmation. “Come off it, Draco you are much more sophisticated than Ron, if he can handle it surely you can.”


“Professor, marry me, please,” pleaded Draco. “Father, tell him. Tell him how it is the right thing to do. How he would be so welcomed into our family.”


“Draco is right, Severus. You would be welcomed and respected in our home.”


“Professor, we need each other. We understand what it is to be an outcast…”


So that was it. Snape understood Draco’s fears.


“Draco, I am an ex-Death Eater; I killed Professor Dumbledore, but yet I have found love.” Once again, he looked into Harry’s eyes and once again, he found agreement. “I know that you may think that no one will ever love you, but that is not the truth. It was not for me and it will not be for you.”


He looked up to see Narcissa looking at her son with teary eyes. He gave Draco a reassuring hug when Minerva said, “When do we eat in this place? I do not know about the Slytherin half of this group but the Gryffindor half has a healthy appetite.”


They all laughed as they followed Harry to the dining room

Chapter Text

Author's notes: Disregard the epilogue. We all know that Snape did not die and after three years of peace in the wizarding world he decides to go after a dream. What does Harry think about his dream?

Chapter 11: In Want of a Child
Beauty and the Beast
By: Moon of the Sea
Beta by: DmHp4evr


“That went well, don’t you think?” asked Harry with a puppy dog face. Snape was not amused.

“Mr. Potter, I would appreciate it if in the future you refrain from springing surprises on me. This could have gone so wrong.”

“Yes, but it didn’t, did it? In any relationship, friends and family play an important role. They had to know and start dealing with it.”

“I suppose you are right. In a way, I appreciate this. You seem to take every aspect of my life into consideration. This is something I am not use to. Thank you.”

“Let’s hope you are still thanking me in the morning,” Harry said with a suggestive smile.

“If I were you, I would not be worried about that,” he said with an equally suggestive smile.

“Should we go back to my place?”

“If you would like, but I do have everything we need.”

“Store brought?” the Potion MasterPotions Master asked with an arched eyebrow.

“Yea, well we both know that I am bollocks at potions.”

“Lucky for you I came prepared,” holding out a vial containing his own made lube.

“You are brilliant,” he approached his lover and placed one hand on his waist and the other around his neck. “I think things are going nicely. Don’t you think?”

“Indeed, I must confess that I did not think it would go this nicely,” he answered inclining his head. Harry moved in for the kiss that was being offered.

“I told you we were meant to be together,” and sealed it the kiss. Then he took Severus’ hand and led him to the bedroom.

“So, if I remember correctly, no disrobing spells.”

“No. they lack grace,” speaking in his teacher mode.

“Right, so scrap the very fast and efficient disrobing spell.”

“I had no idea we were in a hurry. Perhaps you have somewhere else to be after you are done with your old professor?”

“No! Of course not. I am just… you know excited. This will be my first time, you know.”

“Yes, I do know. If it is too much for you we can wait,” mocked Severus.

“Not on your life. You had your wicked way with me and now it’s my turn,” he said with bravado.

Snape looked at him trying not to laugh “Imp,” he said and went in for a kiss.

“Wow do you realize that is the first kiss you initiate?”

“If you wish, I can make it my last,” looking as impish as Harry.

“Oh come off it Severus. Stop twisting everything I say. It’s annoying.”

“What? And end the fun. I think not,” he said pressing his lips in a vain attempt to hide a smile.

“Now, who’s being an imp?” as he started on Severus’ buttons. Snape took that as a cue to resume kissing. Soon all clothes were disposed of and they lay in bed kissing for what must have seemed a long time at least to Severus.

“Harry, do you not think we should move things along,” trying to control his voice so it did not sound like an order.

“Yea… um… right… um”

“Harry it is all right. I will guide you through it. The vial is on the night stand.”

Harry nodded and reached for the vial. He opened it and dipped his middle finger. Then feeling as he had done something wrong wiped his finger with the sheet and said, “Maybe I should start with another finger. That is my longest and can go too deep. Wouldn’t want to hurt you.”

“Harry, believe me you can’t go wrong. I am looking forward to feeling you inside of me. Will you please stop worrying? You have read the book. You have seen me do it. You are ready, Harry. Trust your instincts. Your middle finger is the one you have most control over. You will be able to move it with ease.”

Harry looked at his fingers and wiggled them finding to his amazement that Severus was right. So he took a deep breath and recovered his middle finger again. Severus spread his legs for him. He was about to insert his finger when he remembered how Severus had made him feel so good that he barely minded the intrusion. He went for Severus’ cock and took it in one gulp. Big mistake. He gagged and had to release Severus.

“Easy Harry, you are trying to do too much at once. Concentrate on that finger you have been dangling at me.”

“But this is how you did it. I want you to enjoy what I do to you. I know I can do it.”

“As do I, Harry, but as in everything in life, you must learn how to crawl before you can walk. In your case, before you can run.”

“Very well, I’ll go slowly.”

“Potter, I believe the problem is that you are going too slowly.”

“Hey! No Potter in the bedroom. It is Harry or My Love or any other pet name that you can think of.”

“Do you really believe I would utter a pet name?” Snape asked as his eyebrow practically disappeared into his hairline.

“So that means you’re OK with calling me My Love?” he tested.

“May I know the second part of you protests?”


“Yes. You did say ‘first of’ that leaves me to believe that there is a second part to you protest. Am I mistaken?”

“Oh. That. No, you are not mistaken. Second, you are topping from the bottom.”

“Sorry, I thought I might guide you but obviously my guidance is not needed nor wanted.”

“No Severus, you have it all wrong. I do want you to guide me. Look, I am sorry. Let’s start from the beginning.”

“Let us start from the point in which you were actually going to place that finger inside of me.”

Harry realized that he was torturing his lover and that was the opposite of what he had wanted to accomplish. So he kissed Severus’ inner thighs as he slowly inserted the lubed digit. Severus’ sighed with relief. Harry felt his finger surrounded by the tight walls of Severus’ rectum. It felt so warm, so tight, and so right. His thought was interrupted by Severus moan of pleasure. Harry decided it was time for a second finger. He withdrew his finger to his lover’s moan of protest.

“Sh… My love I’m coming back with a second one.” Severus nodded his consent. Harry did not take as long as the first time and soon Severus was thrusting onto his fingers.

“Harry… Scissor your fingers. Arghhhh… like that.” Harry couldn’t believe how breathy his partners voice was and how much pleasure he seem to be giving him.

Bravery overtook him and he went for a third finger. This time he did not remove the two that were already inserted. Merlin! His lover felt so good. Harry couldn’t wait to be in him.

“Harry! Please! In me Now!”

“Shhh, Love. Remember, no begging in our bed. I will give you what you want.”

It was getting harder and harder for Harry to speak. The pleasure was overwhelming. He removed his fingers and promptly coated his manhood and took it to Severus’ entrance. He took a deep breath and looked into his lover’s eyes. He could see no fear in them only want and need.

“Do I not get a say in the position to be used? Do I not get a compromise?”

“I am afraid not. I need to look into your eyes. I don’t think you would tell me if I were botching things up.”

“You think I would allow you to hurt me?”

“I think you have a high tolerance for pain.” Harry looked into his lover’s eyes and saw understanding. Continuing with his ministration, he pressed on just a little. He pressed the head in and again looked for any sign of discomfort in his lover.

“Harry, you are torturing me. I need you in me. All of youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!” Harry had granted his wish and Severus’ was lost in ecstasy. Harry was unable to think straight. His body was in pure and unadulterated pleasure. He could not believe how wonderful it felt to be deep inside his lover.

“Severus… Severus… I am … oh Severus…”

“Harry James Potter you will tell me the three key ingredients to the polyjuice potion,” said Snape in his Potions Master’s voice.

“What! You are kidding right.”

“Did it help you regain control? We would not want you losing control so early in our endeavor.”

“So that’s what you do?”

“I do like to be a considerate lover. Therefore, I want it to last as long as possible for my partner. On that note and if you have regained control, you may continue.”

“Ok but I must warn you this feels so good I don’t know how long I can keep it up. Well, you know what I mean. Not come.”

“Harry, move,” he said with tenderness.

Harry began a slow and steady movement loving every time he got a moan out of his lover. He looked for the angle that would give Severus pleasure and once he found it, he was relentless on his pounding. Severus was breathing heavy and trashing his head from side to side. Harry had always wanted to put laughter into the Potions Master’s life and this was a great substitute. It also indicated happiness and that was the bottom line. Out of nowhere, Snape exploded onto their bellies.
Harry had done it. He had pleasured his lover. He had taken him over the edge. Harry felt as the first time he caught the snitch. He was so overwhelmed and before he could think of any potions, he too exploded inside of Snape.


Harry lay with his head on Severus’ chest.

“Beauty and the Beast,” said Snape out of nowhere. Harry looked up at Snape.

“Come again.”

Snape took a deep breath, “Beauty and the Beast was the story I obsessed about as a child.” Harry new that he should not interrupt and kept his head on Severus’ chest. “You see Harry; the prince in the story was cursed because he was foolish and unkind. He made a foolish decision in his youth towards the witch and was condemned to pay for it with a lifetime of sorrow and shame. When I was a child, all I could see in the story was that a beautiful person had seen the beauty that lay deep inside the beast. The child in me longed to find someone like the beauty. Someone that would not make fun of me or my hideous aspect.” Harry so wanted to intervene but knew that Severus was spilling his heart out and thought better of it. “As I grew older I just wanted someone to forgive my foolishness; my mistake. To understand that I had done something awful but that I was not awful, foul, appalling,” here he paused and took a deep breath grateful that Harry had not interrupted him. “Harry, when I am with you I do not feel like a monster. I feel as if I have found that beauty in my life. That beauty that is capable of seeing the person in me. For that my Harry, I will always be grateful.”

Harry kissed Severus’ chest, closed his eyes, and hoped that Severus would not feel the dampness that had leaked out of his eyes.

Chapter Text

Author's notes: Disregard the epilogue. We all know that Snape did not die and after three years of peace in the wizarding world he decides to go after a dream. What does Harry think about his dream?

Chapter 12:
Secrets in the Chamber
By Moon of the Sea
Beta by: DmHp4evr


A week later found Harry walking into Severus’ quarters. He was amazed to see Snape in a t-shirt and tight jeans.

“You did say dress casual did you not?” said Severus with a bit of discomfort at Harry’s insistent stare.

“You look brilliant. I don’t think I will be able to leave without giving you a thorough shag.”

“I believe that tradition calls for the date first then the shagging.”

“Oh, I see. You are going to make me work for it,” he said with an impish smile.

Trying to ignore Harry’s innuendoes, he decided to change the subject. “So who are we shocking today? I simply can’t imagine who is left.”

“Nope. Not visiting anyone. Today it is only you and I.”

“That will be a first. If this is so, I do not see why we cannot alter the order of events. We may indulge if no one is waiting for us.”

Harry chuckled. “No. No one is waiting for us but we really should be going. I brought my broom with me. It’s outside your door. So we can go now.”

“Broom? You are taking me on a date on your broom. I am sorry Mr. Potter but I do not do brooms. I am quite capable of apparating.”

“I am sure you are. But, to the best of my knowledge NO ONE can apparate in Hogwarts. If you wish I can fire call Hermione and she will explain why.”

“Mr. Potter I know why. Are you trying to tell me that we will not leave the Hogwart’s grounds?”

“We are not even leaving the castle,” he said as one that as the upper hand.

Snape took a deep breath, “I will play along, Harry, where are we going?”

“Severus, we are going to Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom,” he said trying not to laugh at Snape’s expression.

“Why would that surprise me? We are talking about the famous Harry Potter. He never does what is expected of him. Why would I even dream of going to a restaurant or on a nice picnic? No I get to go to a girl’s loo.”

Harry could not hold back his laughter, “Severus I love your sense of humor.”

“That is nice; considering I did not know I had one.”

“I suggest you get that little field bag of yours. The one you use to gather your potion ingredients.”

“Harry, I really do not wish to harvest ingredients found in a loo.”

“Severus, what have I told you about trusting me?”

Snape turned on his heels and went to get the bag.

“Ready?” asked Harry when Severus came back with the leather bag.

“I am as ready as can be expected. Lead the way.”

Harry grabbed his broom on his way out. Soon they reached Myrtle’s bathroom and Harry was relief that she was not there. He stood in front of the sink and spoke in parseltongue. Snape looked at him in amazement. He was still staring at Harry when the chamber opened. Harry mounted his broom and motion to Severus to hop on.

Severus did so and said, “Remind me to tell you how turn on I get when you speak parseltongue.”

“Oh I will,” said Harry zooming down into the chamber. Once there they dismounted in front of the Basilisk’s corpse. Severus looked at the giant corpse in amazement.

“Harry, is this the Basilisk that you killed in your second year?” he asked not being able to take his eyes off the corpse. Harry nodded. “Harry, you were a child.” Harry simply smiled. Snape felt the need to embrace Harry; to protect Harry. So he did.

Harry welcomed the embrace. He buried his face in Severus’ neck and began to speak in a very low, soft voice. “Severus, I need to speak but I can’t be interrupted. Will you please just listen?”

“Harry, I am listening.”

“I was afraid. I was very scared when I was running from the basilisk, when I was battling it. I thought I would never get out of here alive; that I would never see my friends. That I would never grow up,” he took a deep breath and continued. “I was scared when as a child, I would wake up in the middle of the night with bad dreams and I had no one to reassure me that it would be ok. When instead of words of comfort I would get Uncle Vernon screaming at me and telling me to shut it and go back to sleep. I was scared when they would lock the door to my cupboard and it was so dark and lonely in there. I was scared when I did not know when I would get fed. I would dread dying alone of hunger in Aunt Petunia’s house and smelling up the place. I was scared when I was trying to save the sorcerer’s stone from Quirrell. When the dementors entered the train and I heard my mum cry.” Here Snape hugged him a little tighter. “I was so scared when Sirius died leaving me so alone with no family that cared for me.” Snape lifted Harry’s chin and placed a soft chaste kiss on Harry’s lips. Tenderly he placed Harry’s head back on his shoulders. “I was scared when Dumbledore left Hogwarts leaving us alone with Umbridge. I was afraid when he died on the tower losing yet again someone dear to my heart. Was I to lose everything that was dear to me? I was so lost; so afraid. Then I had to walk into the forest where Voldemort was waiting to kill me. I knew I had to do it. I was prepared but Severus I was afraid.” Severus wiped Harry’s tears and kissed him in the forehead. “Do you know what has been the scariest thing I have ever had to do?” he paused. “Bringing you down here and baring my soul to you. I don’t know if you will still want me now that you know all my fears. That you know who I really am.”

Severus tightened his hold on Harry and took a deep breath. Waited to make sure that Harry had finished and said, “Now you will give me the same consideration I have given you. You will allow me to speak without interruptions.” Harry nodded his consent. “I was scared when as a child I woke up in the middle of the night to my parents yelling at each other. I walked into the parlor to see what was going on and my mum pushed me back in to my dark and lonely room. I was scared when I came home from school to see my dad pounding my mum. I was useless to her. I could not help her. He was so tall. So strong and I was just a child. I was so scared when I came to Hogwarts and my only friend was placed in a different house. When no one wanted to be my friend. When I discovered just how ugly I was. I was scared when I lost my only friend because of my foolish actions. I was scared when I took the dark mark and understood almost immediately that I had condemned myself. I was scared when the other death eaters discovered my inclinations and raped me.” Harry took a deep breath and tightened his grip on Severus. He felt that there was not enough air in the chamber. He kissed Severus’ neck, cheek, and forehead and then reluctantly took his place on Severus’ neck.

“I was afraid when my only friend died because of me. I was afraid when her child came to Hogwarts and I thought that I would not be able to protect him. That I would fail him like I had failed Lily. I was afraid when Dumbledore asked me to kill him. When shortly after I had to do as I was told, when I had to flea with Draco not knowing if I could keep him safe, as I had promised. I was afraid of dying in that Shack all alone without ever knowing happiness. I was so scared when I realized I had such strong feelings for you. When I realized that you make me happy. I am so afraid that now that you know who I am you will turn and leave.”

Tears were falling.
Tears were cleansing.
Tears were forgiving.




Snape woke up in his bed, not sure how he got there. He felt Harry pressed against his back. Harry had not fled. He now knew all of Severus’ shortcomings and his fears but still stayed. How did life change so drastically for the Potions Master? When had life changed? He had no idea but was not a fool. He was not going to argue with life. If life had decided to shine some happiness in his life, he was going to take it. Take it all.

“A pence for your thoughts?” said Harry snuggling closer.

“I am afraid they are not worth that much.”

“Oh I don’t know about that, everything about you is worth galleons in my book,” as he caressed Severus’s ear with his cheek.

“Flattery will get you nowhere, Mr. Potter.”

“A A A remember NO Potter in our bedroom.”

“You do realize there are a lot of NOs in our bedroom,” said the Potions Master with a raised eyebrow.

“Come off it Severus only two NOs: NO Potter and my personal favorite NO begging,” and with this he placed a kiss on Severus’ cheek. Severus moved to lay flat on the bed so to give his lover a better angle just in case he decided to continue kissing in a more passionate manner. Harry took it as a cue and proceeded to devour his lover’s mouth.

“So, I take it we can pick a date?” asked Harry hopefully.

“Mister P… Harry Please, pray tell, what are you talking about?”

“Our Wedding date of course,” with a smirk on his face. “Oh wait; I am doing this all wrong. Come on Severus get up,” he said as he pulled his lover out of bed.

“Harry, where are we going?”

“Just into the sitting room.” He dragged his former professor. Once there he sat Severus in his favorite chair and went down on one knee. “Severus Snape, will you marry me?”

Severus looked into his eyes not answering and Harry grew fearful. What if Severus did not love him as he loved the Potions Master? What if… Severus saw the dread grow in Harry’s face and snorted.

“You dense Gryffindor what else could I say but Yes,” he answered looking into Harry’s eyes.


“Yes, Harry.”

“Severus, Severus, Severus… I love you.” He looked at Severus. Severus smiled at him. But there was no response. Harry decided he needed one.

“I know it is silly but can you… well… um…”

“Harry I am good but even I cannot decipher you mumblings.”

“Well, it’s just that I would like to hear you say… um… you know… um how you feel about me.” Harry looked down not daring to meet Severus’ eyes. Snape raised his lover’s face with a mere finger to his chin. He gazed into those beautiful eyes and said, “I love you.”

Harry launched himself up and hugged Severus; holding him tight as if fearful of losing something dear.

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Chapter 13: In Want of a Child
Malfoy Gardens
By Moon of the Sea
Beta by: DmHpevr

Harry apparated just beyond the Malfoy Manor’s gates and was about to ring the gate bells when he saw Draco with a pretty, blond witch in the garden. Draco spotted Harry at once and with a flick of his wand opened the gates.

“What brings you here?” asked the gray eye boy.

“Draco, where are you manners? I believe you should introduce me to your pretty friend.” Draco was about to flare up when he realized that given Harry’s recent inclination he was probably just being polite.

“This is Amanda San Sebastian she is visiting with her mum, a dear friend of mums.”

“Please to meet you, Amanda. I am Harry Potter.”

Amanda giggled, “As if I did not know this.”

“She is cute and smart,” Harry whispered into Draco’s ear.

“Harry is there a reason for your visit?”

“Oh Yeah I need to talk to your parents.”

“Ever heard of the floo network?” Amanda giggled at Draco’s wit.

“Wow she has really fallen for you; hasn’t she?” Harry whispered again.

“Don’t be daft she doesn’t even know I am alive,” Draco whispered back.

“OH God and you are calling me daft. Believe me Draco she knows. She knows,” he said with a reassuring smile.

Realizing he was being rude to his guest with all the whispering he said, “What exactly do you want to talk to my parents about?”

“Why don’t you take me to them and you will find out. That is if Miss San Sebastian would excuse us?”

“Certainly,” said the young woman.

He followed Draco to the manor. He could not miss Draco’s stolen glances toward the young lady he was leaving behind. “Wow, that bad, ha?”

“What are you on about, Potter?”

“Nothing Malfoy, you will figure it out,” said Harry with a smirk.

Draco knocked on the library’s door and entered when the doors magically opened followed by Potter.

“Father, Mother, Harry has asked to speak with you.”

“Mr. Potter,” greeted Lucius with a nod while Narcissa simply remained stoic in her pose.

“Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy,” greeted Potter also with a nod.

“To what do we owe the honor of your visit, Mr. Potter?” asked Lucius showing Harry to a large chocolate leather chair.

“Well, my visit is actually two fold. First, I am here to inform you that Severus and I have decided to bond. We want to get marry by the end of the month if this is ok with you.”

The three Malfoys looked at each other with a puzzled look on their face.
“Surely Mr. Potter you do not need our permission to get married,” said Lucius still with a puzzled look.

“Well, actually I do if I want to have our wedding in your beautiful garden. You see Severus has mentioned them more than once. In his book there is no finer garden in the whole of England.”

Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy tried to keep their chin up even when their sour face showed their displeasure. But Draco had no qualms in showing his annoyance. Through clenched teeth, he managed to say, “Harry I am asking you to please respect my parents. As it stands we have lost face in wizard society and this has been hard….”

“Draco! What are you on about? I am not here to be disrespectful. I just thought that as friends of Severus you wouldn’t mind us celebrating our union here in your beautiful gardens. But if this in any way offends you…”

“Mr. Potter, please understand people will not see it as a friend honoring a friend. They will think that we are press for money and that we have been reduced to renting out the manor as some kind of business. Furthermore, do you really want to hold your wedding in the grounds of a former Death Eater?” Lucius paused to wait for an answer from the savior of the wizarding world.

“Mr. Malfoy, do you forget that I am marring a former Death Eater?” Harry’s eyes not stirring from those of Lucius.

Lucius glanced at his wife then at his son. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, “Very well Mr. Potter I trust you will let us know the exact date of the wedding so we can find where to go.”

“Where to go? Mr. Malfoy you and your family will be attending our wedding.”

“Do you really think that is wise, Mr. Potter?” said Narcissa breaking her silence for the first time.

“Harry, Mother is right. It would be social suicide to have us attend your wedding.”

“Draco, do you really think that Severus and I give a rat’s arse about social standings? What we do care about is the fact that last year we only got three new Slytherins to attend Hogwarts. Three! It is about time that the wizarding world realizes that the war is over, that Voldermort and all his madness are over. We have to start educating our society; not giving into their simple minds.”

The three Malfoys looked at one another, then for a split second bowed their heads. In an instant, their chins were up and they thanked Harry for the gesture. Over tea, they decided on a date and Narcissa asked in a very humble manner if she could be in charge of the flowers. Harry was grateful to have one less thing to worry about. As Harry was taking his leave, he looked at Draco with a smirk “Oh, Draco, your invitation will be separate from your parents. It will say Mr. Draco Malfoy and Guest, guest meaning Amanda,” he finished with a wink at his former rival.


“Harry I don’t think you have thought this through. Do you even have a marriage contract? Do you know where you are going to live? Do you know who will stay home with the child? Do you know…” but Harry was not paying attention to Hermione he was more interested in Ron’s reaction or at this point Ron’s lack of.

“Don’t you have anything to say, mate?”

Ron simply shrugged. “What do you want me to say? If this is what makes you happy I say go for it.”

“Thanks Ron that means loads to me.”

“So is that it Harry, as long as Ron’s ok with this it is all fine.” She took long strides to her bedroom door and closed it with a loud thump.

“She is just worried about you, mate,” explained Ron.

“Ron, how many times has Hermione been opposed to one of my decisions? In fact, I can’t remember when she actually agreed with me. But she always comes around. She will be there for me, she always has. Um… Ron are you sure you’re ok with this?” said Harry a bit fidgety.

“Look Harry I really don’t understand why you would think this is so hard on me. Remember I was the one who grew up in our wizarding world. Two wizards getting bonded is a common event here. Mione has explained how taboo it is in the muggle world but not here mate.”

“So you would have no problems in being my best man?” said a hopeful Harry.

Ron looked at him with a screwed up face, “Mate, who else would be your best man?”

Harry laughed and hugged one of his best friends knowing that the other would come around.

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Chapter 14: In Want of a Child
Marriage Contract
Moon of the Sea
Beta by: DmHp4evr




“…you asked them and they said yes. Harry, I find it so hard to believe that you would do a thing like this just because I have mentioned that I find the Malfoy gardens eye-catching.”

“Severus, when are you going to understand that I would do anything to place a smile on your face?” said Harry with a grin..

“Harry, you have chosen a date and we really have not spoken about our marriage contract.”

“Yes, I know. Well, there is no better time like the present, so why don’t you start?”

“Harry, if you do not mind I would prefer if you start the negotiation.” Harry could see that his lover feared this and decided to put him at ease.

“Very well, so let’s start with what brought us together in the first place, babies.”

“Babies, as in plural, Mr. Potter?”

“Well, yeah… look Severus I was an only child and I really don’t want that for my child.” He looked into his professor’s eyes with hope..

“I am agreeable to having more than one child but I feel I must inform you that three is the most that a wizard has been able to conceive.”

“Three seems fine with me but I want you to understand that you will not have to carry all of our children. If you would like I can carry one,” said the green eye wizard, a bit uncertain.

Severus looked down into his hands and did not comment. Harry took three steps toward the tall wizard, took his hands, and guided him to the couch. “Severus we cannot negotiate if you are not willing to talk. Please, Severus, I know we can make this work but you have to do your part,” pleaded the savior of the wizarding world.

Snape took a deep breath and said, “It was quite foolish of me to think that I would carry our children. Surely you are also looking forward to it.”

“Um, Severus… I wouldn’t say I am looking forward to it. I just don’t want our relationship to be one sided. But if after you have the first one you still feel you can go at it again; by all means don’t let me stop you.”

“Harry, I only had money for one baby. I have put away enough to stay home with my… our child until he or she is ready for school. I will be able to brew from home but that will not be a steady income.”

Harry placed his finger over Snape’s lips. “OK, so this brings us to our finances. Do you want to be in charge of our Gringott’s vault?”

Snape looked dejected and Harry prodded on “Severus, speak”

“Harry, my father was not the provider type. Sure, he worked every day of his life but it was my mother who had to make do with what little we had. I never saw her happy or at ease. The stressed killed her. I really do not want our children to see me stressing over…”

“Severus, you will never have to stress over money. Between the Potter and Black inheritance we don’t have to work a day in our lives and still be able to leave our kids a nice padded vault at Gringotts.”

Snape’s eyebrow shot up in understanding and relief, “So there is no need for me to work until the children go to school?”

“Severus, even after the children go to school as far as I am concern it would be nice to come home to you. And you do not have to worry; I don’t mind being in charge of the finances. You can be my kept man,” teased Harry but to his surprise the Potions Master was not bothered by the comment.

“I have no problems with being cared for. In fact I find the idea very soothing and appealing.”

Harry laughed and said, “You know I like the idea of being the provider. The one that makes sure his family has everything they need; physically and emotionally,” he added as an afterthought.

“Harry, there is something that I need in our marriage contract.”

“What is that?”

“What will happen if we decide not to continue our union?”

“But I thought you can’t get a divorce in our world.”

“You are correct, Harry, but wizards have been known to separate and if that were to happen I do not want to lose my children.”

“Severus, what in the Merlin’s wisdom makes you think that I would take the children away from you or that I would be able to for that matter?”

“Harry you are the savior of the wizarding world and I an ex Death Eater if we would go before the Ministry of Magic, who do you think would walk away with our children?”

Harry could not argue with Severus’ points so he also took a deep breath before addressing the issue. “You have a point; one that I cannot argue with. We will have it in our contract that if at any point we decide to go our separate ways we will hold joint custody of the children. It will also be stated that their main residence will be with you. That brings us to the next point: residence. I do not think we want to raise our children in the dungeons of Hogwarts or in my flat in London. Am I right?”

“You are correct in you assumption.”

“Well, do you have any ideas?”

“A Realtor”


The black iron gates were impressive. The ride up to the house between two rows of perfectly manicures cypresses was stunning. The manor that lay at the end of the road was magnificent. Harry and Severus could do little more than gape at the vision before them.

“Didn’t I tell you? Huh? Is it magnificent or what?” said a witch that looked like Rita Skeeter’s twin.

Harry looked at Severus and Severus looked at Harry, neither wanting to show their true feelings.

“Severus?” asked Harry a bit hesitantly.

Severus closed his eyes and took a deep breath: “What do you think?” he asked with dread.

“I think it is hideous,” said Harry with fear.

Snape’s face immediately showed his relief. “Dreadful,” snarled the professor and with that both man broke into a fit of laughter.


Back at Harry’s flat they were still laughing. “Do you imagine us raising little Malfoys in our manor?” joked Harry.

“Do not forget, Mr. Potter the army of house elves that we would need to keep that place in order.”

“Oh, that would really sit well with Hermione.”

“Oh, I can just picture her outside the gates with posters ‘Free the Elves’,” said Snape falling into another fit of laughter. All of a sudden, Harry was mesmerized by his lover’s laugh. Snape noticed that he was the only one laughing and stopped immediately. He looked at Harry questionably.

“You have no idea what I feel every time I see you laugh and to know that I contribute to it, well it is just amazing.”

Severus looked at him, bowed his head, and shook his head. “What have I gotten myself into Mr. Potter?”

“Love,” said Harry with a grin.

He was about to kiss his lover when the floo flared up. It was Ron who came through as soon as permission was granted.

“Any luck house hunting?”asked Ron as he was stepping into Harry’s sitting room.

Harry and Severus looked at each other and chuckled.

“Urrrr, that’s sickening.” Taking a minute to unscrew his face he continued, “So you did find a house?”

“No” said Severus dragging the o..

“Well then I am the bearer of good news. Professor as you know my aunt Claudia passed away last spring and her children have decided to sell her cottage.” Severus’ eyes were immediately glittering with hope. Ron looked at the professor with a knowing smirk.

“Ahh, do you two care to let me in on this. Why exactly is this good news?” asked Harry still mesmerize be Severus’ hopeful face.

“My Aunt Claudia was a renowned potions maker.”

“Harry the woman had an herb garden that was the envy of every Potions Master in Great Brittan,” said the Potions Master.

Comprehension came to Harry and he immediately turned to Ron, “So when can we see our cottage?


Harry and Severus were in front of their newly acquired home. They opened the door and walked in. It felt warm. It felt peaceful. It felt like home. There was no doubt that they had made the right choice. This is where they would make their home and raise their family. They wanted to stay but it was the day before their bounding ceremony and there was much to do.

“We must go Severus.”

“I know Harry.” He looked down at the floor and Harry knew that something was wrong. He approached Severus from the rear and placed his hands around his waist. Putting his chin on Severus’ shoulder, he asked, “What’s wrong love?”

“Are we doing the right thing, Harry? Can we really make this work? Can we give our children everything we lacked? Someti…”

“Shhhh, love it’s just pre marital jitters. Everyone gets them. Just take a deep breath and think of all the wonderful memories that we will make together in our new home. Can you do that for me love?”

Severus turned in his lover’s arms, “Is there anything I can deny you, brat?” giving Harry a peck on the nose and resting his forehead against Harry’s.

“No, I don’t think there is,” said the cheeky brat.

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Chapter 15: In Want of a Child
To Chant or Not To Chant
Moon of the Sea
Beta by: DmHp4evr




Harry was waiting at the beautifully decorated arch that Mrs. Malfoy had prepared. It was done with elegance and good taste. There were not too many flowers on the arch; most were simply in the garden. The garden had decided to gift the couple with a spectacular view. Not a single stem lacked a flower. Harry thought that the Malfoys had used magic but Narcissa dismissed that notion. Harry saw it as a gift from his parents and Serious. His thoughts were interrupted by McGonagall who was walking towards him.

“Harry, I think you better go see him,” said his ex head of Gryffindor house.

Harry closed his eyes; took a deep breath and sighed, “I didn’t think this was going to be easy; did I?”

McGonagall laughed and moved to make way for Harry who walked into the manor to find his lover wringing his hands.

“Can I have you hands?” he asked stretching out his own to accommodate his mate.

“Why?” asked the overwhelmed man.

“Well, I don’t think you should be wringing them like that. You being a Potions Master I am guessing you kind of need them and they should not be so mistreated.”

“Harry we cannot do this. It sounded like a dream. A dream none of us was willing to wake up from but I am the more mature wizard and it is up to me to…”

“To what Severus, go back to our lonely lives. Go back to helping the world without any regards for our own needs. Will you condemn us to that life? You say the word Severus and we will call the whole thing off. I will become a great Auror dedicating my life to my job and you can go back to that lonely dungeon of yours. Or you can hold my hand and walk down that aisle with me and give your hundred percent efforts to our own selfish happiness. So what will it be?” said Harry with a stone face.

Severus closed his eyes pinching the bridge of his nose and taking a deep breath; he straightened up and took Harry’s hand. Harry was so afraid of showing his relief. He simply took the hand and guided his lover to the arch where Ron and Minerva awaited for them as best men. Well, best woman in Minerva’s case. Tradition dictated that they each have a best man but Severus not having any real male friends had decided to throw caution to the wind and have a best friend by his side in this important day.

Anthony was also there with a broad grin on his face and waiting with a pillow in his hands. The pillow that carried their wedding bans. When he saw Harry and Severus, he voiced “Uncle Harry I don’t like this party. Mum says I can’t run around and I don’t like these dress robes.”

Everyone present laughed and Severus addressed the issue “Oh don’t worry Anthony you will be able to run and play in a bit. Then you can smear cake all over your dress robes. Would you like that?”

“That’s brilliant, Uncle Sev” Everyone took a deep breath not knowing how Severus would react to the nickname. Severus smiled at his new nephew and told him he was doing a great job with the rings. Harry smiled at his lover and squeezed his hand in gratitude.

It was no surprise to Harry to see Hermione in a front seat and Severus sigh with relief to see Harry’s best friend present at their wedding. He was not as sure as Harry was that she would be there. Severus gave Hermione a thank you smile and she smiled back to him. No words were necessary. She was their friend.

“Who spelled the gardens?” asked Severus as they were walking up the aisle.

“My parents and godfather.”


Harry and Severus decided to spend their first night as a couple in their cottage. They were going to take a muggle aircraft the next day to the Caribbean. Harry was walking out of the bathroom when Severus handed him a parchment. Harry looked at him questioning the action.

“It is the chant, Mr. Potter.”

Harry took the parchment and placed it in the bed stand’s drawer. “Harry, what are you doing? Have you memorized the chant? I did not know that you had acquired it.”

Harry took his lover in his arms and placed his forehead against Severus’. “No, love I haven’t even seen the chant, but tonight is not the night for chants. It’s our honeymoon, Severus.”

“Harry, I thought we had agreed on having children,” said Severus with a worried look on his face.

“Yes, love, we will have children just not tonight. Severus we had a very short courtship. We need to spend time together before the invasion of the muskrats,” teased Harry.

“I would appreciate it if you refrain from calling our children muskrats,” scolded the professor.

Harry laughed as he started to take Severus’ pajama top off. “Harry, when will I be able to conceive our child?”

“This worries you, doesn’t it? OK let’s talk; when would you like to conceive our child?”

“Harry, I always thought it would be tonight. We are doing this in order to have children, are we not?”

“No, Severus, we were not bonded because we want to have children. That is just a bonus. We bonded because we love each other and we want to spend the rest of our lives together. Is this clear?”

Severus looked into the eyes of his love and said, “Crystal clear, my husband.”

“Oh, my husband, is it? I can grow use to that title. In fact Severus I do think that qualifies as a pet name.”

“No Mr. Potter it does not qualify as a pet name. A pet name has no root in reality while husband is a valid title. We are wed therefore you are my husband making it just a title and not a pet name,” clarified Harry’s new spouse.

“Well, you might be able to defend your case, my husband but you cannot change the fact that I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I hear you call me ‘my husband’,” smirked Harry.

“I must confess I understand the warm feeling you speak of.”

“A, A, A, warm ‘fuzzy’ feeling,” smirked the Gryffindor.

Severus decided that the best cause of action was to change the subject. He kissed Harry and Harry kissed him. Harry finished taking off Severus’ pjs making sure to kiss each exposed body part of his husband. Snape lay on their bed enjoying every kiss. He had never been cared for this way. Harry was kissing places he thought no one should be kissing but enjoyed every minute, every second of it. Harry was touching, smelling, licking driving him mad with pleasure. No words were needed just the sound of two souls making love.



Severus held his new baby girl in his hands while Harry and their two sons huddle around him on the bed.

“She is beautiful papa,” said Albus their firstborn.

“That she is,” said the exhausted man that had just given birth, hopefully for the last time.

“I think she looks funny; all wrinkly and stuff,” said Sirius their youngest.

“Stuff is not an adjective,” said Papa Severus with a raised eyebrow directed to his husband.

“Oh, you’re going to blame me for that also,” said Daddy Harry, or Dada, as his children prefer to call him.

“Husband, please pray tell, what else have I accused you of?”

“I distinctly remember you blaming me for your labor pain just a couple of hours ago; even when I specifically offered to have this one.”

“This one has a name, Mr. Potter.”

“Yes, Lilly Star is a beautiful name, my husband,” said Harry burying his nose in Severus hair and breathing in his husbands sent.

“Papa! Tell her, her first story,” demanded Sirius.

“Yes, do Papa,” egged Harry.

Severus decided to ignore his spouse, “Any suggestions?” asked papa.

“The Little Mermaid,” suggested Albus.

“Why that story in particular?” asked Severus looking over to Harry.

“So she will know never to give up. Right dada?” said Albus looking at his dada for approval.

“Yes, that is completely right, Albus,” said Harry ruffling his son’s hair.

“Nah, that’s too long, read the three little pigs,” said Sirius sure he had made the right choice.
This time it was Harry’s turn to ask, “Why would you pick that story, Sirius?”

“Dada, she has to learn to be smart and think before she acts, right Papa?” said the youngest Potter-Snape boy looking at his Papa but knowing that he was right in his statement.

“That is absolutely right, Albus. One always thinks before one acts,” said Papa talking to his youngest son but looking at his Auror husband.

“But, sometimes my dear son you just have to go with your instincts,” said the impetuous Gryffindor looking at his beloved Slytherin.

Severus accio the book and began “Once upon a time….”

The End