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it takes two to tango

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Taeyong is a nice guy. At least he keeps convincing himself that he is one for the past twenty something years of his short life. Nobody says otherwise, so he thinks it's a good sign.

The only bad trait that he has (the only one he wants to admit, anyway) is that he gains amusement by watching people throw themselves at him and their pitiful reactions when they wake up in the morning to find the bed empty. He doesn't mind being branded as the fuck boy of his band; he enjoys sex and is proud of it.

It's risky as fuck, being caught by the media, but he enjoys the thrill. Even if one of his ex-lovers decides to blab to the press, Taeyong has more than enough money to shut them up. He feels like he's on top of the world, being wanted by many and not wanting any.

Until today.

"Taeyong, meet Yuta. Your new manager," Youngho gestures to a shorter guy beside him and Johnny is so wrong if he thinks hiring a male manager is going to stop Taeyong from trying to sleep with him.

The problem is, Yuta won't even let Taeyong get into his personal space without slapping him in the face. It's not an exaggeration; it's a fact. But Taeyong is always up for a challenge, and he considers Yuta as one.








"So," Yuta starts as he rummages Taeyong's drawer for a spoon, "fan sign in two hours and radio in five. You just need to smile and sit pretty." How dare he when he's the one lounging around Taeyong's kitchen, eating his tube of chocolate ice cream, while Taeyong was ready since seven. He voices out his thoughts.

Yuta rolls his eyes, and Taeyong gets distracted by the way his long eyelashes flutter against his cheek. He jumps off from the counter and walks over to Taeyong, the spoon still in his mouth. He looks at Taeyong in such way that he can feel his heart thumping against his ribs and smacks his lips together. They look sticky, and Taeyong desperately wants to kiss them.

"Are you not even going to give your assistant a little treat?" Taeyong's eyes do not travel down to observe Yuta's lips, "He does a lot for you, you know." As if. It's only two months, and all Yuta has done was barging into his house like he owns it, wakes Taeyong up with a foot on his face, constantly stealing his things and food, and sum up his agenda. That's. All.

Logically, he should call Yuta out. Logically, he should kick Yuta out of his house so that he won't see his face ever again.

But Taeyong was never a man of logic, especially if a cute boy is included in the calculation. Or else, he would've ordered Youngho to fire this ball of sass the first time he set foot inside his house.

It's unfair how Yuta can invade his personal space whenever he wants, and Taeyong can't do the same thing.

They're not touching, but they're close enough that he can see Yuta's chest moving up and down slowly as he breathes.

"As I expected," Yuta smirks triumphantly at his lack of answer, and Taeyong vaguely wonders if Yuta knows that Taeyong has a thing for him.







They arrive at the fan sign location on time. Without waiting for Taeyong to park properly, he gets out of the car and starts waving at his bandmates. It's not even clear anymore, who's working for whom.

Yuta called shotgun as soon as they got out of the building, jumping into the passenger's seat with his legs immediately folded up on his seat. Taeyong has cramps from how he has been driving for one and a half hour. He gives Doyoung a half-smile, patting his shoulder as he passes by him.

Out of all his members, Doyoung is the only one who still seems unaffected by Yuta's charms. Taeyong used to hate his picky nature, but now it feels like Doyoung is the only one who he can consider on his side.

Yuta is always nice to anyone but him. He went to an ice cream parlor with Sicheng a few days ago, and Taeyong definitely does not feel anything when they don't ask him to come along even though Yuta is technically in charge of Taeyong only. If he continues to let Yuta win over people around him like this, Taeyong is going to be left all alone, and he doesn't like it.

"Taeyong, it's your turn," someone shouts from the corner of the room and Taeyong snaps out of his thoughts. He walks over to the chair and plops himself down on it. The girl who's doing his makeup is totally Taeyong's type, big boobs and big eyes, and they made a mistake assigning her to him.

She also keeps indulging on Taeyong's flirty attitude, moving her face unnecessarily close to his and pushing her breasts together for Taeyong's hungry eyes. He rejoices a bit on how easy it is for him to get laid.

It all happens so fast. The girl suddenly shrieks and Yuta appears beside him like magic, an empty bottle of water in his hand. It takes Taeyong longer than necessary to notice that the girl's drenched from her chest area down to her legs.

"What the fuck did you do?!" She screams in Yuta's face, and her voice is such a turn-off. He doesn't like noisy girls.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry. I didn't see you there," Yuta says, eyes widened in a mock surprise, "you need to dry yourself!" He produces a small towel out of nowhere and hands it over to her. She slaps his hand away, and Taeyong spots an annoyed look on Yuta's face before it's gone as he picks the towel up with a smile.

"You know, for someone who has a generous amount of boob fat, you have very little manners." Yuta eyes her up and down in disgust before waving his hands. "Now shoo, I'm tired of being nice to a bitch."

The girl's face turns red in embarrassment and anger, and Taeyong would've laughed at how she bumps into people while running away from the scene if he's not turned on. Yuta being authoritative does something tingly to his cock.

He meets Yuta's eyes on the mirror and flinches a bit when he sees the anger reflected on his face. He pulls a chair silently and turns Taeyong's, so they're facing each other.

"Close your eyes," Yuta instructs shortly, and Taeyong does as he was told. He feels the wet tip of eyeliner brushed against his eyelids, and Yuta pinches his thigh to stop him from opening his eyes in surprise.

In fifteen minutes he's done, and the silence treatment that Yuta has been giving him is deafening. He grabs Taeyong's face and looks at him. "If you try to make my job harder than it is by cleaning up the shit you've done, think twice because I won't hesitate to chop off your dick and force feed it to you." With that, he stands up from his seat with that sway of hips that's got Taeyong hypnotized every time without fail.

Yuta's really good at make-up.







Somehow, Jaehyun sneaked a few (read: two dozens) bottles of beer to their hotel room, and they're a little bit drunk before they know it. Now they're attempting to pour glitter all over Ten's abundant collection of clothes. Of course, at first, Taeyong said no, he didn't want to be the victim of Ten's homicide when he finds out. But then Yuta pouted and fluttered his eyelashes at him, and the second he blinked, his feet were already moving to follow Yuta and Jaehyun out of the room.

"I still think the yellow one is better," Jaehyun whispers as Yuta opens the cap. "This is gold, Jeffrey, they don't have yellow glitter," he argues back, spreading the glitter evenly on Ten's navy blue collared shirt. Oh shit, he's going to be so pissed off in the morning.

"Fuck, it's all over my hands," Yuta curses, but his hands looks so pretty covered in gold. Taeyong wisely chooses not to voice out his thoughts.

But then Jaehyun covers his hands in his larger ones and rubs on them. An attempt to share the burden or to flirt, either one leaves Taeyong unimpressed. He also sneakily bites and licks Yuta's fingertips, and Yuta doesn't even complain about it. If it were Taeyong, his head would've been forcibly removed from his body.

"What the hell are you guys doing?" Taeyong questions but the both of them ignore him like he doesn't exist and continues to open tubes and tubes of glitter.

Taeyong reevaluates his life choices.









He shouldn't be surprised. He shouldn't be, but he still is.

They pinned the blame on him even though Taeyong did not do anything to help them in their criminal acts, and the worst part is that Ten believed them, so he woke up this morning with a pink hair.

He punches Yuta's number that he remembers by heart now, and demands him to take responsibility.

Yuta snorts before hanging up on him.








"We're going out," Yuta announces loudly as he rudely slams the door of Taeyong's bedroom.

"It's one in the morning, it's too fucking early to this," Taeyong grumbles and sits himself up. He's a light sleeper, his chance of going to sleep when Yuta's within a five-meter radius is close to zero.

"Your fridge is empty, and I need to stock my ice cream! It's almost summer!" Yuta plops his body down on Taeyong's large bed, making himself comfortable. If it's anyone else, Taeyong would've nagged and asked them to remove their contaminated bodies from his clean bed, but it's Yuta so.

"Why do it now? You have a lot of free time, why drag me into this?" It's a wrong thing to say, and Taeyong's digging his own grave here, but he's still sleepy, and his sleepy brain sometimes forgets to filter words.

Yuta eyes him and crawls up to him on all fours, and he knows Yuta well enough now that it's not an attempt at seduction. Not even close.

"Isn't it obvious?" Yuta smells like the soap he bought in Paris on tour, "'Cause you're paying." Yuta pecks his cheeks, and it's so sudden that Taeyong falls over the bed with a loud thud when Yuta kicks him.








Taeyong's driving again, obviously. The nearest twenty-four-hours supermarket is a little bit more than ten miles from his place, and Yuta drools all over his window the time they arrive. It's an exaggeration, but it's still so unfair for Taeyong who has been thinking about the kiss since it happened and Yuta acts like it's nothing. It's rather upsetting.

Politely greeting the counter lady, Yuta immediately runs to the ice cream section like an overexcited kid and Taeyong shakes his head. There's no one except them, and he breathes a sigh of relief. At least this time he's not going to choke himself with the infinite amount of clothes he wears to disguise himself. He loves his fans, but they're sometimes quite insane and scary, and Taeyong doesn't want to be kidnapped by hungry teenagers at his ripe age.

Yuta dumps four buckets of Häagen-Dazs to Taeyong's unready arms, and he jumps from the cold. This is not called grocery shopping to fill an empty fridge if all Yuta wants to do is drag Taeyong's ass to buy him ice cream that he's pretty sure he can afford himself. Yuta steals Taeyong's wallet and pays the counter lady, telling her to take the change. It's not even his money.

While Taeyong struggles to keep the ice cream from falling off his arms, (they're a green nation, you need to pay for the plastic) Yuta moves quickly to the driver seat, much to Taeyong's surprise.

"You're driving?" He's pretty sure he has tears in his eyes. Yuta nods with a wide smile, and he's suspicious right away.

"You're taking me somewhere aren't you?" Taeyong inquires as Yuta starts up the car, "I'll have you know, it won't be long until they find my body which will end things for you because my fans and family won't let you off no matter how much they're fond of you."

Yuta just rolls his eyes and shuts Taeyong up by turning the radio up, jamming to the Russian Roulette. He's so rude.







They arrive at a huge field. He doesn't even know it exists and he's been living in this area since he debuted four years ago.

"Where did you find this place?" Taeyong asks as Yuta sits himself down on the grass and opens the lid of the chocolate ice cream. "I just happen to pass it a couple of times," Yuta shrugs like it means nothing and scoops out a spoonful of the sweet delicacy.

"Don't just stand there," Yuta says through a mouthful, "it's turning into a milkshake."

Taeyong's still looking up the sky, admiring how beautiful it is, cloudless, making the stars which are usually concealed by the dust and smoke visible. He humbly realizes how small he is, compared to the twinkling stars above.

"Don't get all philosophical on me," Yuta comments. Taeyong doesn't realize he's voicing out his thoughts. Heck, he's letting his guard down a lot around Yuta nowadays. "It doesn't suit your image."

The laugh that comes out of his lips is inappropriate for a high-class celebrity like him, but he doesn't care. Can't care when he's got a pretty boy sitting beside him, and as cheesy as it sounds, the moonlight illuminates Yuta's features, making him as beautiful as ever.

They end up spending more time than intended, only running away when they spot a security guard doing his rounds.








When Ten said it's a boys-only night, Taeyong thought it's his boys. It looks like Ten included Yuta in their small cult because he sees Jaehyun with his arms wrapped around his PA (it's so weird to call him that when the only thing he does best is ruining Taeyong's life), walking too close to each other for it not to be intimate. Taeyong does not roll his eyes.

Yuta and Ten engage in a weird handshake as soon as they arrive at the table, and Taeyong is definitely not upset that they never taught him. Really, Taeyong should be offended by the way Yuta side hugs all of his members, even Doyoung, and only gives Taeyong, technically his boss, a kick to the shin. Rude.

His position of being a leader is deeply compromised with Yuta's presence, and it hurts a little bit when all of the boys don't seem to care. Even Doyoung. Now it's as his group name is changed to Yuta and the Gang.

The fact that Yuta kissed him, albeit on the cheeks, two weeks ago doesn't help his situation. Yuta's acting as annoying as always around him, and Taeyong's stuck imagining what Yuta tastes like. Shaking his head, he excuses himself from the table and moves to the bulky bartender to order a strong drink he desperately needs.

It's his third glass of Long Island when he hears cheers coming from the center of the dance floor. Curiosity takes the best of him, he whips his seat around and regrets it immediately. Jaehyun sits on a plastic chair, with a half empty drink in his hands, while Yuta is giving him the best lap dance Taeyong's ever seen in his years of living. The grip he has on his own drink tightens unconsciously, and Taeyong wonders why it bothers him so much, seeing the two of them like this.

Most possibly it's only a dare, even though it's not, Taeyong doesn't get a say on what Yuta is supposed to do or not supposed to do with his private life.

He still can't take his eyes off Yuta though, imagining the guy sitting on the chair was him instead, enjoying the way Yuta rolls his hips against the beat, dry humping against each other. But it's not him, so Taeyong kisses the nearest decent looking girl and brings her home.








They didn't have sex. Taeyong got an earful of screams on how he were such a letdown and gave her extra cash to shut her up.

The old Taeyong who didn't know a Yuta will most definitely fuck her until she can't use her legs properly anymore. But he kept on imagining it was Yuta's soft hands instead of hers when she opened the zipper of his pants and Taeyong. Just. Can't.

He strips himself off down to his boxers and falls into a dreamless sleep as soon as his head hits the pillow.








Yuta standing in front of his door still ringing the doorbell consistently even though Taeyong has the door already opened will not surprise him. However, Yuta standing in front of his door still ringing the doorbell continuously with a backpack slung over his shoulders does surprise him.

He gives one look at Yuta's face, secretly observing whether he has marks from a previous sexual activity. There are none, and Taeyong hates to admit it, but he's relieved. Yuta pushes his way to the living room, leaving his baggage on the floor just like that and Taeyong wants to ignore it but he can't because it's a clear signal that he should be the one who picks it up and brings it inside.

"Where is my room?" Yuta asks suddenly while looking around his flat like he's never been here before, and Taeyong almost slips himself to his death. The only thing that Taeyong is capable of doing now is opening and closing his mouth like a goldfish. Yuta raises an eyebrow. "Is that so? Well then, I'm going to take your bedroom. I want your things to be out in an hour, please." He turns on his heels, but Taeyong is not having any of it.

"What makes you think you're welcome here?" For once Taeyong braves himself to slide right up into Yuta's personal space, using his height as an advantage to intimidate the other. Unfortunately and as expected, it doesn't work. Yuta has this talent of turning around the situation until it's in his favor.

The sweet smile Yuta gives him is a tad chilling. Taeyong knows this is not going to end well from the moment Yuta decides to wrap his thin arms around Taeyong's neck to bring his face closer to his. "Are you sure I'm not?" Yuta whispers sweetly, and Taeyong can feel his breath on his lips and one more centimeter they're kissing each other already. It distracts Taeyong a lot, how Yuta's lips tilt upwards to show a little bit of his perfect row of teeth. Getting distracted means that Taeyong's mouth fails to produce any coherent sentence and he can only watch as Yuta gives him an evil smirk before opening the door to his bedroom and closing it like he fucking owns it.








"I'm taking the bed, I don't care where you sleep," Yuta says conversationally. He's got one arm behind his head and one hand holding the remote control to switch on the TV channels randomly.

Like hell if Taeyong's going to sleep on the floor of his own room. The problem is, there's no way Taeyong can lay on his bed without half-lying on top of Yuta. He won't listen if Taeyong tells him to scoot over, so he switches tactics.

"I had sex in this bed yesterday." It's the best Taeyong can come up with.

"No, you didn't," Yuta doesn't even stray his eyes from the TV. Heck, he doesn't even blink.

"Oh, and how do you know that?" Taeyong crosses his arms and looks down on him. Yuta sighs and finally honors Taeyong with a side-eye, challenging him to say otherwise. Taeyong loses just like that.







It's becoming a daily routine now since Yuta unceremoniously moved into his flat. Yuta throwing socks at his face to wake him up. Yuta whining so Taeyong would make breakfast for him. Taeyong cleaning up Yuta's mess. Yuta sleeping before Taeyong, hogging all the blankets and pillows.

The guy's hopeless, can't cook, can't clean, he's possibly the most useless roommate 2k17. Oh, there's two things he's good at, washing the dishes. And cockblock Taeyong. He excels at it. Taeyong's sex life is non-existent, he can't possibly have sex when Yuta's around and is usually too tired to drive to a love motel.

Luckily, break's over, and now they're on tour again. At least for a few short months, Taeyong can finally be free of Yuta's clutches (even though he's coming with them).

He whistles happily to himself, almost jumping on his toes in excitement to the thought of singing on stage with thousands of fans screaming their names like bloody banshees. He stops in his tracks when he remembers that he forgot his watch in the bathroom.

It's probably Taeyong's brain decaying, or he's just not paying attention, but he just forgets that he lives with another person who never locks the bathroom door.

Yuta is naked.

Yuta is naked.

He's not going to repeat himself but-

Yuta is fucking naked.

His back is on Taeyong, and he still doesn't realize that he's inside the room, so Taeyong takes the opportunity to admire the perfect swell of Yuta's ass. It's like all of the nutrition he ever consumes goes to his ass, that's how glorious it is.

Taeyong doesn't know what came over him, but he closes the door him like he's stupefied, eyes never leaving Yuta's body. The sound makes Yuta turn around in surprise, and for the first time, Taeyong sees the pink blush on his cheeks. He almost looks shy, even. It's so endearing in so many twisted ways, and Taeyong is not supposed to feel any sort of attraction to this boy who makes it his living goal for annoying him.

But the defiant look in Yuta's eyes comes back, and Taeyong instantly regrets his decision to stay in a room with a lovely naked boy. He turns around completely, showing Taeyong his limp pink dick, and Taeyong does not lick his lips. Swaying his hips, he saunters over to Taeyong with an evil glint in his eyes and presses the damp skin of his chest against Taeyong's covered one.

"You want to kiss me," Yuta states. His hand is on Taeyong's chest, drawing circles on it. "I don't want to kiss you," Taeyong answers, immediately contradicting himself by moving forward and pressing the entire of his hard body against Yuta's.

Yuta's expression doesn't change. "You do. In fact, you're thinking about it right now." Their noses brush against each other.

"You don't have any proof." Taeyong's hands automatically travel to Yuta's waist despite his brain's constant warnings.

Yuta clicks his tongue, and Taeyong is lost once again seeing the pink muscle. "Oh, yes I do. You stare at my lips every time I talk, don't think I haven't noticed it." Yuta's doing that thing with his lips again.

"So what if I do want to kiss you?" Taeyong's walking on thin ice here but he hasn't got a decent kiss since Yuta entered his life and he's going to make him take responsibility whether he likes it or not.

"So what if I say I want you to?" Yuta challenges back, and Taeyong decides to fuck it all as he kisses Yuta right on the lips, nibbling the lower for entrance. Taeyong would have laughed at how eagerly Yuta opens his mouth for him if not he's as turned on.

He can't stop himself from kissing him harder, triumphantly enjoying the way Yuta whimpers a bit at the force. He can't stop his dick from getting fuller and fuller either, and it's not Taeyong to ignore the needs of his cock.

But he still knows that some lines are not meant to be crossed.

He pulls back with a soft plop, smirking at the sight of Yuta's half lidded eyes. For once, he thinks he has the upper hand.

"This cannot happen again." He opens the door and walks away, leaving Yuta alone.








Of course, it happens again. Thankfully his agency hired a driver for them, or else Taeyong's going to get killed in a car crash. He has Yuta all over his lap, how can he not. Taeyong had a taste of him, and he's fucking addicted. The windows are dark, so people won't see what's happening on the inside, and the driver is polite enough not to comment. Taeyong honestly doesn't give a fuck whether he has something to say or not.

Yuta's grinding against him the way he did at the bar with Jaehyun, but this time it involves more kissing, touching, and heavy breathing. Taeyong's cock rejoices.

By the time they arrive at the airport, Doyoung keeps giving him disapproving looks when he sees the state Yuta's in; swollen lips with red and purple marks all over his skin. He silently hands Yuta a red scarf (it's summer) while continuing to glare at Taeyong like he's the only one who's at fault. It's also Yuta's for seducing him with his body like that.

The others don't seem to care about it, as Ten tangles Yuta's arm with his together, immediately attracting a lot of attention from their fans who decided to follow. Jaehyun gives him a smirk and a thumbs-up, while Sicheng is too busy playing with his brand new DS.

Come to think of it, all of them have different managers (slash assistants), and Yuta's definitely both the youngest and hottest. Taeyong feels blessed.








They never go past making out, which means they don't have sex. Taeyong doesn't even know what they are, Yuta will surely slap him if he thinks he's just his fuck buddy. But it's also too intimate and not Taeyong to call him his boyfriend.

"Thank you, Tokyo!" Taeyong shouts to the microphone as the crowd cheers. The girls that are within his field of vision are crying from being able to watch their idols real close like this.

As usual, Yuta's waiting for them in the backstage, immediately demanding a piggyback from an obviously tired Jaehyun, who's too fond of Yuta to refuse. The pang in his chest when he sees Yuta cheering with the rest of the boys in Jaehyun's arms is not from jealousy. It's probably heartburn, because, you know, it's summer and all. Whatever, he's not a doctor.

When Taeyong comes out from the shower, Yuta's already sleeping, clad only in the hotel's fluffy robe. Taeyong smiles despite himself and walks over quietly to Yuta's side of the bed. It's not really often he gets to see Yuta's sleeping face, and now that he has the real chance to see it, he's quickly reminded of how beautiful he is.

His hand moves by itself to brush Yuta's brown hair from his forehead and kisses it. Despite himself.







Things go from almost heavenly to horrible in a snap of a finger when Ten brings a date to their typical drinking night. The bar is almost empty, and they can get all the privacy they need here. Trust Ten to know the corners of Bangkok and show them a nice place like this.

Ten's date is a Thai too, and he's too flamboyant and gentle for Taeyong's taste, but he's still good looking. For once, Yuta is not there to join them, much to his friends' disappointment, because he's having a conference call with Youngho and the other authorities.

Taeyong keeps checking his phone for Yuta's call or message, so he tunes out his friends' conversation until his name is mentioned.

"What? Sorry, I was not paying attention," Taeyong locks his phone and drinks his beer.

Jaehyun gives him a pointed look, and Taeyong shrugs his shoulders as if to say what. "We've been talking about how you're not fucking around anymore because you have Yuta now," Ten snickers.

Taeyong's confused. "We're not dating," he points out.

"Sure you aren't," Doyoung rolls his eyes, and Taeyong feels the sudden need to defend himself. "No, but seriously we aren't. Why would I date him anyway?"

"Pretty sure you also know the answer to that," Doyoung's being a smartass today and he's not sure whether he likes it or not.

"He sleeps in the same bed as you," Sicheng says.

"We slept in the same bed too, remember? I don't reckon we're dating."

"You pay for his food and all of his expenses."

"I treat you guys almost every time we go out, don't pretend you forget that."

"But you also buy him stuff too. I've seen you buy him clothes."

"That's because he doesn't want to pay them," Taeyong retorts but his friends are not listening.

"You skipped practice when he told you he fell down the stairs so that you can bring him to the hospital, Taeyong-ah," Doyoung says like he's talking to a kid and Taeyong has had enough.

"You guys don't know half of the shit he made me do. He's my fucking employee, and it's not a new thing to fuck around with them, right? After all of that, I still didn't get to fuck him. I can't wait to get rid of him so that I finally can get laid. He doesn't mean anything to me." Those are all lies, Taeyong doesn't even know what makes him say that. Probably he doesn't like it when only one person can influence him like this. He's about to correct his sentence not to sound like a complete asshole, but his friends are already looking at him with widened eyes when he doesn't say anything yet.

The chill that travels down his spine when he turns around to find Yuta's cold expression is probably the worst thing he ever experienced.


"Jaehyun, can I borrow your phone?" Yuta ignores him and walks over to where Jaehyun's standing, "mine went off a few hours ago. Forgot to charge it."

Jaehyun dumbly hands him what he wants, and Yuta scrolls through a collection of contact numbers and stops when he finds what he's looking for. Taeyong has a bad feeling in his gut.

"Hello? Johnny? It's me, Yuta," Yuta smiles to the phone.

"I'm quitting the job."

Taeyong's heart drops.

"Yeah, you heard me right. It looks like Taeyong is tired dealing with my shit and to be honest, I'm tired cleaning up his, too. So it's a win-win solution right?" He winks to Sicheng at the pun and Taeyong doesn't understand how he can joke at a time like this when Taeyong is this close from crying.

"I'll hand over a proper resignation letter once I'm back, don't worry." He hangs up before Youngho can comment on that. He gives the phone back to Jaehyun.

Then he stands in front of Taeyong, looking at him directly into his eyes and does something that a Yuta won't ever do.

He bows.

"Thank you for your time. I'm sorry for disturbing your life when you're already busy as it is. Thank you for putting up with me and paying me even when I have such shitty attitude," Yuta gives him a formal, tight-lipped smile, and Taeyong reaches out to touch him, but the latter flinches away as if it burns.

He turns away from them and out of his life just like that, and Taeyong hates himself for not having enough guts to apologize.