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Osomatsu was bored.

Actually, that was an understatement. Osomatsu wasn’t just bored, he was borderline comatose. In fact, he was one hundred percent certain his brain was actually shrivelling up from lack of mental stimulation; he could feel it physically losing mass with every passing second. Pretty soon there would be nothing left of it, and he would just straight up die where he was laying, back on the floor and legs propped up on the living room wall.

The sound of footsteps in the front hall broke Osomatsu from his reverie, and in half a second he was alert and on his feet. Probably Karamatsu. The footsteps were too energetic to be Ichimatsu, not nearly energetic enough to be Jyushimatsu, and Osomatsu knew for a fact that Todomatsu and Choromatsu were out of the house today, so it couldn’t be them, either. Osomatsu slid back the screen separating the living room from the entrance hall and, sure enough, there Karamatsu was, complete with his trademark douchebag shades and leather jacket.

“Heyyyyy Karamatsu!” Osomatsu called out. Karamatsu jumped in surprise. “Where’re you off to?”

One of those cheesy smirks grew on Karamatsu’s lips. “Ah, Osomatsu! Why, I was just about to embark on a journey to meet my destiny.”

Osomatsu nodded in understanding. “Off to pick up chicks, eh?”

Karamatsu brought a hand dramatically to his forehead. “Now, now, Osomatsu… Don’t refer to my Karamatsu girls so cheaply. Each is a sparkling diamond, a unique star in the tapestry of the sky! They deserve more respect than to be thought of merely as ‘chicks’ to be ‘picked up’.”

Osomatsu resisted the urge to laugh out loud. “So a real date with destiny, huh?” A thought occurred to him, suddenly – “mind if I join you? I’m actually kind of bored right now.”

“Oh?” Karamatsu raised an eyebrow. “You’re interested in joining me on this fateful quest?”

Osomatsu grinned as he walked over to where Karamatsu was standing. “You bet I am! You’re okay if your big brother comes along right?” He playfully elbowed Karamatsu’s ribs, and Karamatsu’s face broke into a small smile – a real smile, mind you, not one of his dramatic creations, and Osomatsu instantly knew Karamatsu wouldn’t decline his company, before the latter even had a chance to answer.

Sure enough, Karamatsu nodded. “Of course you’re welcome to join me, dearest brother.”

“Woooo awesome!! Let’s go meet our destiny then, right?” Osomatsu grinned and brushed a finger under his nose. “We’ll go see your Karamatsu girls, and maybe I’ll even meet a couple Osomatsu girls, eh?”

Karamatsu laughed at that. “Okay, good plan!”

Osomatsu slipped on his usual pair of beat up runners, and beside him Karamatsu pulled on… Cowboy boots? Were those cowboy boots? When had he bought cowboy boots? Where did he get the money? Osomatsu stared at Karamatsu’s feet as the latter slid the front door open, then shook his head and followed his younger brother outside.

The early September sun shone in the sky, and a warm breeze ruffled Osomatsu’s hair. To his right, Karamatsu let out a nearly imperceptible but very much contented sigh. Osomatsu glanced over at his brother, and smiled. And then raised an eyebrow.

“Honestly, Karamatsu… Where did you get that jacket.” Leather jackets had been a part of Karamatsu’s wardrobe for nearly a year now, but usually they were distinctly lacking in giant skull motifs emblazoned across the back.

Karamatsu raised an eyebrow, dramatically. “Heh… Taking an interest in my perfect fashion, are you?”

“Well, you never know. Maybe I wanna steal your look!” Osomatsu teased.

“Ah, my brother, this look cannot be snatched away from me so easily! Although, I would be willing to assist you if you were to try putting together a wardrobe of your own.” Karamatsu said in a knowing tone that fell somewhere between joking and serious, as if he didn’t expect to be taken up on his request but would still gladly comply if asked for help. That was just the way Karamatsu was, after all – caring, and always willing to help, even if no one ever asked him to. Even if no one wanted him to. Osomatsu couldn't help but feel a small spark of pride at the thought. Oh, Karamatsu, when did you turn into such a nice guy?

“If I ever need the right outfit for any occasion, I’ll know exactly who to call.” Osomatsu grinned.

“Not the ghost busters. Not this time,” Karamatsu said solemnly, and then the two brothers burst into laughter.

“God, Karamatsu, when did you get so funny?”

Karamatsu looked away, almost bashfully. “Sorry, Osomatsu, but you gave me an opportunity and I had to take it.”

Osomatsu chuckled and threw a soft punch at his brother’s shoulder. He had a vague semblance of understanding as to why Karamatsu felt the need to put on a show with the hotshot act; it was something that boiled down to feeling insecure without it. But in all honestly, he was naturally likeable just as he was – genuinely kind, and downright hilarious, and Osomatsu always cherished the moments where Karamtsu was real with him. Although to be fair, in the past year or so that act had become rather comedic in its own right, especially now that they had bets riding on it…

Ah, dammit! Osomatsu had completely forgotten about the bet, again. Even though it had already been in effect for a month. Even though Osomatsu was the genius who had come up with the game in the first place.

(Choromatsu might’ve argued that ‘genius who came up with the game’ was a less accurate description than ‘broke coward who took advantage of an opportunity to get out of paying the bar tab’, but Choromatsu was just bitter about losing four weeks in a row.)

Osomatsu sighed. “I guess this means I’m picking up the tab at Chibita’s this Saturday, since I laughed at your joke and all.”

Karamatsu’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “Oh? I didn’t really think of it as counting towards that. I wasn’t really trying to act painful, so…” He trailed off and shrugged.

Osomatsu’s jaw dropped. “Really? Well, lucky me, then!” He pumped a fist into the air, and beside him, Karamtsu let out a quiet chuckle. Honestly, Karamatsu was such a generous guy. Must be his older brother’s good influence, Osomatsu mused.

They fell into a comfortable silence as they walked, broken only by the sound of their footsteps. Especially Karamatsu’s footsteps – those cowboy boots really made a lot of noise on the pavement. Osomatsu found himself wondering what they felt like. Did they hurt Karamatsu’s feet? Would he get blisters later from this? And those jeans he was wearing… They seemed really tight. Wasn’t he uncomfortable? What about the jacket? It was only the first week of September, so the summer's heat was still lingering in the air. If Osomatsu was a bit warm in his hoodie, then Karamatsu must have been sweating buckets wearing leather.

The more Osomatsu thought about it, the more he could hardly believe that Karamatsu was willing to put up with so many potential discomforts just to achieve a specific look; and to top it all off, that look was “edgy 80’s biker” of all things. But on the other hand, the way Karamatsu spoke with confidence, and the way he walked like he owned the world… It made the whole thing work, in a weird, cognitively dissonant way.

Osomatsu had to admit that it was actually…

Kind of…


And in that moment, having acknowledged that fact, Osomatsu wanted nothing more than to try wearing Karamatsu’s ‘perfect fashion’ himself.

He cleared his throat. “Hey, Karamatsu…”


“It’s kind of hot out, don’t you think?”

Karamatsu raised his index finger and thumb to to his chin. “Heh. The heat is nothing to me, dearest brother. I have endured far greater hardships than this one.”

“Really? Even in that leather jacket of yours?”

“If I can’t wear this jacket in this weather, then how could I call myself a true man?” Karamatsu’s eyebrows drew together, as if this was a dilemma that genuinely prevented him from sleeping at night. “How could I satisfy my Karamatsu girls if I were to be so weak?”

“Your Karamatsu girls aren’t here, so it’s fine if you want to take off your jacket for a little bit,” Osomatsu countered. “I’ll even hold it for you.”

“Ah, Osomatsu. How kind and gentle a soul you are!” (Say that about yourself, idiot.) “But I could never think to inconvenience you like that. This burden is mine alone to bear.”

With their drinking bet still floating in the back of his thoughts, Osomatsu managed to refrain from laughing out loud, or even so much as rolling his eyes. Instead, he summoned the sweetest, most innocent tone he could muster. “Don’t say that, Karamatsu! I’m here for you. Let your big brother worry about you sometimes, okay?” Let your big brother try on your leather jacket, moron.

“Really, Osomatsu, I appreciate the offer, but isn’t necessary.”

Clearly, this line of attack wasn’t working.

Osomatsu sighed. “Okay Karamatsu. Here’s how it is, no pretences. I just wanna try it on for fun.”

“So you are taking an interest in my perfect fashion!

“Let me wear it,” Osomatsu whined. “Please? You look so much cooler than me, you’re gonna get all the girls!”

Brother, this jacket is the pinnacle of my outfit today. The pièce de résistance! As much as I would love to lend it to you, I cannot take it off.”

“Aw, come on, Karamatsu!”

It was Karamatsu’s turn to sigh. “Osomatsu, if you wanted to borrow something to wear, why wouldn’t you just say so before we left the house?”

Osomatsu perked up at that. “So you’d really let me borrow one of your jackets?”

“But of course. Anything for my dearest older brother.”

Osomatsu halted in his tracks and grabbed the hem of Karamatsu’s sleeve. “Okay then, let’s go home! And then we can come back after I change and then we can hit on girls.”

Karamatsu laughed. “Fear not, Osomatsu, we will find you an outfit worthy of our joint cause!”

They hadn’t actually made it very far in the first place, so getting home only took a matter of a few minutes. Osomatsu headed straight for the stairs, and did a double take as Karamatsu walked past them.

“Hey, aren’t we going upstairs?”

“In a minute,” Karamatsu answered. “Let me grab my collection first.”

Your… what now? “Huh?”

But Karamatsu had already disappeared further into the house. There was the sound of some rummaging, some doors opening and closing, and then Karamatsu reappeared in a side doorway, fighting a losing battle to keep the gigantic cardboard box he was now carrying from tumbling out of his grasp.

Osomatsu stared in awe as Karamatsu slowly made his way over to the stairs, still struggling with the box. One of the corners began to slip from his hands, and that kickstarted Osomatsu into action. In just a second he was at Karamatsu’s side, helping to support the— Good grief, what does he store in this, bricks?

“Karamatsu… What the hell?”

“Just trust me,” Karamatsu grunted as he rearranged his grip on the box. “Help me get this upstairs.”

After a few minutes of effort that included at least one near-death experience and no shortage of cursing, Osomatsu and Karamatsu successfully reached the bedroom. His job complete, Osomatsu let go of his side of the box, and the whole thing went crashing to the floor. Karamatsu bent over to pull back the flaps, then gestured at its contents. “Feel free to browse and select whatever you’d like, Osomatsu.”

Osomatsu’s jaw dropped. The box was stuffed to the brim with clothing.

He’d been expecting a quick trip home to grab one of Karamatsu’s older leather jackets and maybe a nicer shirt to wear under it, but this… Karamatsu was going to lend him anything he wanted from his entire collection? Actually, for that matter, since when had Karamatsu had a collection in the first place? A collection large enough to warrant storing it in a box hidden somewhere in the house?

“Karamatsu… when did you get all these clothes?”

Karamatsu shrugged. “I started buying things that caught my eye a few months back. It’s starting to get a bit out of hand though. The box is just so I don’t overrun our closet.”

Osomatsu simply shook his head. This was all news to him – he’d noticed that Karamatsu’s section of the sextuplets’ shared closet had acquired more items in the past months, but an entire box worth of clothes outside of that? Really?

On the other hand, Osomatsu couldn’t exactly say he was surprised. Karamatsu had really grown into his own style in the past few months, so of course it made sense that he’d have purchased a large number of new clothes in a short time span. In any case, Osomatsu would just quickly look for a jacket, or maybe something else cool, and they’d be on their way.

The first few items out of the box some plain shirts, and a pair of absurdly skinny jeans similar to the ones Karamatsu was wearing.

“Do you think I’ll even fit into these?” Osomatsu asked, holding up the jeans. Without waiting for Karamatsu to answer, he quickly removed his own pants and started to pull on the pair he’d pulled from the box. It took some amount of effort to get them past his knees and over his thighs – how in the hell does he wear such tight pants? – but Osomatsu somehow managed to get them on. There were rips in the knees – probably doctored ones, so not even naturally occurring home-grown organic wear and tear – and the faux-denim was a bit stretchy, and the way they clung to Osomatsu’s legs was reminiscent of Saran wrap.

Karamatsu flashed him a smile. “Looks good, Osomatsu!”

Osomatsu took a shaky step towards his brother. “How do you wear these, Karamatsu? I feel like I’m gonna pop right out of them. I might as well be wearing a spandex body suit!”

“Actually, spandex feels very different.” Karamatsu began rummaging through the box.

“Just pass me a plain t-shirt, wouldja? Preferably in red,” Osomatsu began, before doing a double take. “Wait, how would you know what spandex feels like?”

Osomatsu felt the press of fabric in his arms. “Here’s a shirt for you, and a leather jacket, that’s what you wanted, right? And I know because I have a pair of spandex pants in here somewhere.”

“Are you serious?”

Karamatsu looked up at him, without a hint of his flamboyant persona in sight. “Of course I am. Now try those on.”

“Only if you show me your spandex pants.”

Karamatsu chuckled. “Fine, fine, I’ll look for them.”

Osomatsu quickly changed into the shirt he’d been offered – a firetruck red tank top with some English slogan emblazoned across the front – and pulled on the jacket over top of it.

“Quick Karamatsu, how do I look? Pass me your mirror.”

“It’s over on the shelf by the couch.”

Osomatsu dashed over and picked up the mirror, stretching his arms as far as he could and tilting it to try and catch the entirety of his outfit. He raised an eyebrow at his own reflection and attempted his best smoulder. Awe, hell yeah. The girl’s are gonna love this. He grinned.

Across the room, Karamatsu laughed. “You look good, brother, but ease up on the eyebrows a little maybe? You don’t want to come across as a villain.”

“Ehhh?! Are you calling your dearest older brother a villain now?”

Non, non, non, Osomatsu, merely suggesting that you need to practice your facial expressions a little more.” And then, because the younger brother was as much of a shithead as the rest of them, Karamatsu proceeded to pull the exact face Osomatsu had been attempting in the mirror, only successful.

Osomatsu choked in indignation before bursting into laughter. “That’s not fair, you’ve probably had actual facial training back in drama club or something, you cheater. Ah well, at least I look good in this outfit, right?”

Karamatsu nodded. “You look stunning, Osomatsu. Together, we’ll be completely irresistible!”

“Hell yeah we are! No one can turn down our top-grade Matsuno charm!”

Karamatsu chuckled. “That’s the spirit! Now get over here and help me drag this box back down the stairs.” 

“What about the spandex pants you promised me?” Osomatsu whined. “We’ll leave soon, I promise, just let me take a look through your collection first. I’m curious.”

“Sure, go ahead!” Karamatsu grinned. “Feel free to try on anything you’d like.”

“Oh, that’s fine, I can’t imagine I’d come across something I’d want to wear more than this super cool jacket,” Osomatsu smirked as he crossed the room to join Karamatsu beside his collection. “Now, let’s see what what else is in here…” 

He dropped into a cross-legged position on the ground, reached into the box and pulled out what seemed to be an ordinary blue tank top. It unfolded itself as he held it up, revealing—

Osomatsu choked.

“Karamatsu, what the hell?! Did you make this yourself??”

At the centre of the tank top was an iron-on print of Karamatsu’s face.

Karamatsu smirked. “Found something you’d like to borrow more than that jacket, brother?”

“You’re lucky I’m not Todomatsu or you’d already be dead, you know,” Osomatsu laughed as he reached back into the box. There were mostly more shirts, some with more unintelligible english words, others with increasingly bright and bold colours and patterns. More jeans, too, most far too skinny to actually fit anyone. How many skinny jeans does one man need?

And then Osomatsu caught a glance of something shimmering. What in the name of all that is good could THIS be? He pulled out the offending item of clothing, which was, in fact, a pair of blue sequinned pants.

“Are you kidding me right now?! Forget the spandex pants, where the hell did you find these??”

Karamatsu laughed. “I saw them in a boutique back in the spring. I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet though… I’m saving them for the right occasion.”

“For the love of— what is the ‘right occasion’ for sequinned pants, Karamatsu?” Osomatsu broke down into fits of laughter. “God, I sound like Choromatsu right now. Can you imagine if he were here? He’d be paying our tabs on every Saturday from now until the end of time.” Wait. Shit. Osomatsu’s laughter stopped abruptly. “Ah, fuck, I forgot all about that damn bet again.”

Karamatsu waved a hand in dismissal. “Don’t mind, Osomatsu. It’s only been a month, after all. It’s easy to forget.” 

Osomatsu snorted. “Karamatsu, please. As if you’ve forgotten for even a second. I know you love these kinds of challenges.”

“It slipped my mind just now as well, though,” Karamatsu insisted. “If I forgot too, then it doesn’t count.”

Osomatsu rolled his eyes. “You’re being too lenient… But I’ll take what I can get!” He finished with a sly grin. He held the pants up against his legs and tried to imagine himself wearing them. “God… these… These are horrendous.”

Karamatsu grinned. “Aren’t they? It’s incredible.”

“This looks like something a washed-up pop star would wear.”

Karamatsu shook his head, and began digging through the pile of clothes in the box. “No, Osomatsu,” he said, pulling his arm back dramatically, “this looks like something a washed-up pop star would wear.”

Oh, dear God.

Clutched tightly in his hand was a jacket – faux-leather, pure white, with an enormous fur-lined hood. Karamatsu tugged off his own jacket, pulled on the new monstrosity, and struck a pose – chin resting between his thumb and forefinger, head slightly tilted, one eyebrow raised. “How do I look, brother?”

Osomatsu erupted into laughter. “Oh, God, Karamatsu,” he wheezed. “You have to put on the pants too. Complete the look.” He tossed the shimmering blue pants at his brother’s chest.

Chuckling, Karamatsu quickly changed into them, and then pointed a single finger-gun at Osomatsu.


Osomatsu couldn’t breathe, he was laughing so hard. “Fucking hell, Karamatsu!” Was it possible to die from laughing? Osomatsu wasn’t sure, but damn, what a way to go.

His thought process was interrupted by a bundle of fabric smacking him in the face.

“Your spandex pants await you, good sir.”

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me…” But there they were, all black and shiny and impossibly small. He hadn’t planned to change out of his current outfit, but… Shit, he had to try these on. He had to. And he needed a good top to go with it. Less than thirty seconds of rummaging brought him the exact miracle he was looking for.

“Karamatsu, turn around,” Osomatsu instructed. “This is a surprise.”

“Anything for you, brother.” There was a hint of laughter in Karamatsu’s voice as he spun around.

Getting the skinny jeans back off was something of a struggle, but getting the spandex on was somehow not nearly as difficult as Osomatsu had been expecting. He tugged off the jacket and tank top and placed them off to the side, where they wouldn’t get mixed up with the piles of clothes that were beginning to take over the bedroom floor. And then he pulled on the true pièce de résistance: a skin-tight, long-sleeved leopard print crop top.

“Okay, Karamatsu! Are you ready for this?”

“I was born ready,” Karamatsu remarked as he spun once more on the spot.

“Ta-da!” Osomatsu flung his arms out to the side (the best pose he could manage on the spot – who knew poses could be so difficult?) and gave what he hoped was a charming smile. “So, what do you think?”

Karamatsu was doubled over in an instant, any hint of his usual contrived-casual facial expressions completely gone, replaced only with pure mirth.

“Ha! I see my fashion sense is just as powerful as yours!” Osomatsu said triumphantly.

Karamatsu fought to catch his breath. “N-no, Osomatsu,” he managed to choke out. “The outfit is fine. It’s.”

“It’s what?”

“Your face.”

“What’s wrong with my face?! It’s the same as your face!!

“You don’t know how to do expressions, properly though.” Karamatsu wiped his eyes with the back of his hand, and then resumed his typical grandiose act. “You need become the master of your own facial muscles, Osomatsu! Bend them to your will, and command them!”

“And how do you know I’m not?” Osomatus countered.

“Do your cutest possible face. Like Todomatsu.”

Osomatsu widened his eyes and tried to channel as much innocence as he could muster. “What, like this?”

Karamatsu held up a mirror – the same one Osomatsu had been using earlier to check out his outfit – and Osomatsu immediately had to agree with his brother. The reflection staring back at him wasn’t cute, but some godawful mix of horror and surprise.

“Bring your eyebrows down. And tilt your head a bit,” Karamatsu instructed. Osomatsu did as he was told, and suddenly it was Todomatsu in the mirror, gazing back at him with all the innocence and naïveté of a newborn fawn.

“Ohhhh!! Look, Karamatsu!!”

Karamatsu chuckled. “See? You can make any face you want; all it takes is practicing with the mirror a bit.”

Osomatsu drew his eyebrows together and cocked his head, studying the mirror to get the angles just right. “Look, Karamatsu! I’m you!”

“Guess who I am, Osomatsu.” Osomatsu looked up from the mirror and flinched away from Choromatsu’s hallmark stare of disapproval.

“You scared me!” Osomatsu threw a hand at his chest a little more dramatically than necessary. “Although, the look isn’t quite complete.”

Karamatsu raised an eyebrow. “Oh? What’s missing.”

Osomatsu reached forward and did his best to flatten Karamatsu’s hair. “There we go… Indistinguishable from our dear little brother Choromatsu. Well, other than the fact that Choromatsu wouldn’t be caught dead in that jacket.”

Karamatsu laughed. “I should pass it off to you anyways, I think it would suit your outfit better.”

“What? No, oh Gods above, no!!” Osomatsu let out a highly exaggerated gasp that failed to completely hide his laughter. “Not the jacket! Anything but the jacket!”

“Ah, but you must, dearest brother! The jacket has chosen you! You must heed its call.” Karamatsu pulled the jacket off and took a single, menacing step towards Osomatsu.

“Oh no you don’t Kara—”

But it was too late, Osomatsu was already halfway to the floor in Karamatsu’s tackle before he could respond properly. Less than a minute later, he’d been successfully wrestled into the eyesore of a coat and was lying on the ground, in absolute hysterics. Beside him, Karamatsu’s face was stretched into a pure, prideful grin. Another minute passed, and finally Osomatsu had his breathing more or less under control, with the exception of the odd giggle.

“Alright, so I definitely lost the bet this week.”

Karamatsu’s expression shifted into one of fond exasperation. “I told you already, Osomatsu, it doesn’t count.”

“It should, though! Even if you didn’t mean to, you got me real good a whole bunch of times,” Osomatsu insisted.

Karamatsu opened his mouth to respond, but his objection was interrupted by the familiar slide and slam of the front door, and voices announcing their return. Osomatsu glanced up at the clock, and his jaw dropped. “Seriously? It’s already almost dinner time?”

“Ah, I guess we should pack all of this up and put it away, then.” Karamatsu said in a very matter-of-fact tone, although Osomatsu could have sworn he caught a hint of something morose.

“Yeah… Leave the mirror out though. I wanna keep practicing making faces with you after we eat!”

Karamatsu perked up. “So you wish to commit to learning the ways of true facial mastery?”

Osomatsu laughed as he reached for something he could fold up and put away.

“Hell yeah, you bet I do!”

Osomatsu stretched his arms back and let out a loud sigh of contentment. Damn, Chibita’s oden had really hit the spot tonight! Down the bench, his brothers were each caught in their own state of bliss – Todomatsu was leaning up on the bar, smiling at his phone, Jyushimatsu and Ichimatsu were both dozing off, Choromatsu was staring off into space with a dreamy look in his eyes, and Karamatsu was digging through his pockets—

Wait a minute.

Karamatsu caught his older brother’s eye, and nodded his head in the direction of the younger four. “It’s probably time to head home,” he said, pulling out his wallet. “Here, Chibita—”

“Oh, no you don’t!” Osomatsu leapt to his feet and pulled out his own wallet. In a flash, he had a handful of bills on the bar. “Chibita, don’t take his money. Take mine.”

Chibita raised an eyebrow. “What, is his counterfeit or something?” He narrowed his eyes. “Is yours counterfeit?”

Osomatsu shook his head. “No, it’s just that I lost our bet this week.”

“You guys are still doing that?” Chibita looked surprised for a moment, then shrugged. “I figured it would’ve lasted a week or two at most, but hey, whatever gets you idjits to pay your tab.”

“Osomatsu,” Karamatsu said in a serious tone. “I told you already, you didn’t lose.”

“No, I lost, fair and square.”

“Are you dumbasses seriously arguing about this,” Choromatsu interjected, “as if paying the tab is some kind of privilege? Shouldn’t you be trying to pass it off on each other?”

“Let them argue, Choromatsu-niisan,” Todomatsu piped up from the end of the bar. “Who cares which one of them pays, as long as it’s one of them and not one of us.”

Karamatsu pushed his pile of money forward on the bar, and Osomatsu pushed his even further forward to retaliate.

Chibita sighed in exasperation. “Look, I’ll just take half from each of you, okay? Geez.” He shook his head and muttered something sounding vaguely like ‘what the hell has gotten into you, damnit’ under his breath.

Eventually, the whole group of brothers managed to gather themselves together, say their goodbyes to Chibita, and slowly make their way home. They had made it to the end of their street; the house was in sight, just down the block.

Osomatsu drew his eyebrows together.

“Say, Karamatsu.”

Karamatsu hummed in acknowledgement.

“We never made it very far to our Karamatsu and Osomatsu girls, did we?”

Karamatsu’s pace paused for half a second. “I suppose not,” he agreed solemnly. “It’s okay though. Even if our date with destiny needs to be put on hold, it’s a quest that we can always take up again whenever we want to!”

Osomatsu chuckled, and threw a soft punch at Karamatsu’s shoulder.

“Hell yeah, you bet we can!”