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In Which Neil Josten is a PR Nightmare

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Following the gala, Eve had woken up to a hangover of epic proportions. A full on first-sorority-gathering level of destroyed.  The first sound she was able to make was a strangled, high pitched whine that had not only woken Allison up but prompted the other woman to nearly cry through her laughter. Allison's delighted recounting of some of Eve's prime moments at the gala while multiple champagne flutes deep had not been helpful in the least.


“I… Deadpool was amazing! You looked so much better in the suit than Green Lantern. Not that you looked bad in the su - or attractive in the Deadpool - oh god, objectively, yes. But I'm with Allison. Gay for Allison. Oh god - did I just out -"


"Is Blake here? You're still so cool! But Blake... I mean, Blake."


Ryan Reynolds had at that point taken pity on her pitiful, flummoxed soul and launched into a rant in which he expressed his equal devotion to his wife, immediately pulling out his phone from his pocket - and Christ, why hadn't Eve thought to wear something with pockets, women’s dresses were so goddamn stupid - to show her some less-than-pristine candids of Blake fucking Lively.


Eve was a pile of utterly gay goo.  Although that wasn’t exactly a hidden fact when a certain celebrity had pointed out her wistful longing and at times nearly explicit looks directed towards his cousin.  Allison had looked stunning, beyond beautiful.  And since Eve had always kind of had a thing for strong women, getting to see Allison’s killer biceps and overall lofty attitude to the guys who dared approach her had essentially made her briefly swoon.


Truthfully, she’d been kind of pissed, well, very pissed off that Allison had been less than honest about the night planned.  Eve had made that clear when she had pulled the woman to the side and kept her voice even when she explained why it wasn’t okay.  Eve had gotten used to Allison’s brash and at times haughty nature, but she was earnestly apologetic and acknowledged her error when Eve’s visible discomfort and upset was made clear.


Things with Allison were… well.  Eve hadn’t ever felt this way about someone.  She’d had ex-girlfriends, yeah, but it seemed like everything Allison did entranced her.  They were weirdly comfortable.  In a way that Eve didn’t think she would ever be with a significant other.  Whether it was laughing at terrible buddy cop movies or separately lounging on the sofa with each of them reading a book or scrolling through a social media feed while their legs tangled - it was more than sex, and it sort of made up for the sense of strange longing and discomfort Eve had felt the past few years.


Plus, her takeaway from the gala was made one hundred times more positive when Andrew and Neil had given her a rundown of their own experience, with Neil utterly naive to the riot he’d likely caused.


Yes, Eve was aware that her feeling for Josten were now more ‘friendly’ than ‘client’ but the guy had so much fucking moxie and an attitude that rivaled Allison’s, so unfortunately when he caused media disasters, Eve’s initial response was a removed sense of enjoyment on the mayhem before her work-mask took place. At which point she wanted to throttle the little shit for making her life so much worse and causing at least 15 phone calls to individual editors and publishers to make sure his media coverage wouldn’t absolutely spiral.



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Soooooo… anyone want to verify that Neil and Andrew were casually chatting up David Schwimmer - a public fan of exy - and that Neil apparently called him ’the worst character on the friendship show’


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Individuals: Allison Reynolds and Ryan Reynolds

Jobs: Influencer/Fashion Designer and Actor/Director/Trophy Husband

Similarities: Petty, Obsessed with the Falconers


Outcome: THEY’RE RELATED?!?!?!?!!?!?!


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so like… anyone else find it suspicious that it was a full moon last night when neil like (based on TMZ pix so could totally be false) straight up dead eyed some random dude and overturned the champagne flute he was being offered lmao. i stg, werewolf.  lunatic.  getting edgy since he’s about to sprout a pelt. explains why he’s a quick boi problem starter


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